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 Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.

Our lady of Health province. INDIA

 “Do Always Good”

 “If the love of God is not expressed in our love for the neighbour
it would be a tragedy’

 “Jesus Christ is our only treasure, and our hearts must be

constantly set on him”

 “Be Zealous in your search for fraternal charity so as to be helpful

to others”

 “The same goodness of the Lord visits us with his gifts and

 “Do not keep anyone who knocks at your door waiting”

 “All our life must be confirmed to the humility and mercifulness

of our lord Jesus Christ”

 “I can do nothing without the mercy of God and the protection of


 God is always merciful to us’

 “if you want to be like God …be in everything a gleam of the

poverty which he loved so much”

 “Do not be afraid even if you have to live in any part of the world”

 “Be confident that the Lord who knows you well will be merciful to

 “By your conversation, affection and happiness try to give peace

to your brothers and sisters”

A. province Leadership



Sr. Nakshatram Ramneedi born in Velmakanne Andrapradesh has taken first

profession of religious vows in 1988 and the final commitment in 1995.

God called me to work for the poor, I have worked for many years for leprosy
affected people and rendered my service to them with love and care. I also offered
my service for differently abled children, being with these children I enjoyed a lot and
learned how to be patient, kind and supportive. To be with these groups need full
commitment, dedication love and concern.
Jesus said “Do not be Afraid I am with you” with this consoling and encouraging
words I start my day



Sr. Kevina Rodrigues, Place: Shiroda, Goa. Join the congregation: 1991 after
completing B. Com, and one year of work, 1st profession :1995 final profession 1999
Bible quotation: We are God’s work of art, created in Christ Jesus for the good works
which God has already designated to make up our way of life. (Eph- 2:10)

Let everything you do be done in Love. (ICor.16:14)

Vocation: Inspired by the St. Francis of Assisi- simplicity of lifestyle, living with joy in
fraternity and love of the Nature.
Passion: To come closer to God by praying and obeying His commandment to Love
and serve the poor and the needy.

My other interest is listening to music, walking in the nature and reading.

Work: worked in Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre - Sumanhalli, formation, Sneha

Nilaya home for the poor and needy children- Langford Gardens and Province



Sr. Antony Mary Soosai born in Enayam , Kanyakumari, Tamil nadu has taken first
profession of religious vows in 1994 and the final commitment in 1999.
My mother was a great inspiration in my life to choose my vocation, from childhood I
used to admire the religious sisters the way they speak about Jesus and bible,
always there is desire to serve the lord, the quotation which always inspire me is,
“What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses or forfeits his very
self?” (LK 9:25) there is this question what am I going to gain in this life? I do not
have answer still.
I experience the merciful presence of God in my daily events, have great satisfaction
when I work for the poor and needy. My service to leprosy patients, and working with
AIDS affected people and their families in Kenya was a beautiful experience of Gods
Love and compassion
I give thanks to God always for the gift of my religious vocation, the experience of
love and to be loved is a great blessing.



Life is constantly faced with multiple choices, so also my vocation story began with
such choices. But the decision that I made to follow Jesus I have no regrets, I am
happy and satisfied. Devotion to Mother Mary and the inspiration of my dear parents
has been a great source of strength, to give my life selflessly for others.
Life is always a mixture of joys and sorrows, fears and doubts, achievements and
struggles but there is always an inner force that keeps us going forward. 2Cor. 12:9
“My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness”. This
quotation from bible has enabled me to live my religious life effectively with joy and
My dream is strengthened with the motto of our Foundress Mother Francisca “ Do
Good Always” I want to spread the goodness of Lord in whatever ways I can.
Three important things in my life brought great satisfaction in my religious life that
are; one to be with Leprosy patients. After my first profession, one year being with
Leprosy patient, taught me to experience God’s presence even in the least of the
brethren. These experiences taught me to live the Franciscan way of life, living in
simplicity and joy. The second aspect that I treasure is being with the formess in
formation. It truly energized my religious life, to be in tune with the Spirit and to
deepen my relationship with God and others. Thirdly, getting involved in the pastoral
activities and working with self- help group, I discovered joy in giving my service for



We the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate form a Congregation

of Pontifical Right, founded in Valencia, Spain, on 27th February,
1876 by Mother Francisca Pascual Domenech. It was approved
definitively, by the Holy See on April 16th ,1991. We follow the
Rule and life of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis and our
own Constitutions.
We assume the Gospel as our pattern of life and we faithfully
follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with the
We live in Fraternity and Minority, and in accordance with the
spirit of the Beatitudes we observe the Evangelical counsels of
chastity, Poverty and Obedience. We want to make our
consecration a constant and growing love for Jesus.
The Foundress adopted Mary of Immaculate Conception as
Patroness, (Feast on 8th December) and St. Francis of Assisi as
Patron of the Congregation (Feast on 4th October)

Mother Francisca Pascual Domenech (1833- 1903)

Mother Francisca was born on October 13th in 1833, at a

small Orchard village called Moncada, Valencia, Spain. Her parents
Jaime Pascual and Mariana Domenech Montagud were a simple family, a
small farm was the only means of their livelihood.
She lived her childhood in an atmosphere of family love and
understanding, mutual help and trust in the Divine Providence. She
attended the primary school, which was "sufficient" for her family-
village and socio-cultural environment. In those days, the woman neither
did have too many possibilities, nor the society demanded to study. At the
age of twelve, she worked as a domestic worker due to the precarious
situation of the family. In the middle of the 19th century there was a social
change in the country leading to the rise in industries and thus Francisca
went to work in the industry like any other workers.
Francisca was outstanding for her practical sense and openness, gained at
once confidence, love, affection of the rest of the group. The
circumstances made good use of her to take consciousness of the
necessity of culture and of living the faith in community, defending
their rights, etc. This experience of friendship and the life shared
with her co-worker, helped to confirm her vocation and years later
on it carried her to the "Beaterio" to search for a Fraternity.
Right from the beginning, Francisca felt that her vocation was to dedicate
herself to the service of women who were in most need. At the age of 30 she
decided to join the Congregation of "Adoratrices" but since she had to pay
money (Dowry), couldn't join them. She then decided to join the "Beaterio". It
was in 1863, she started her life of Consecration.
Little by little in the silence of prayer and the analysis of the
historical realities, it has seen that the will of God as the REFORM of the
"Beaterio". the difficulties to carry out this project was strong and vigorous.
Thus, on 27th February 1876 founded the Fraternity along with 13 members
from Beaterio. The Motto of Mother Francisca is " If the love of God is not
expanded to the neighbours it would be a farce".
She knew for certain that the abandonment and love are expansive
that life sprouts out from life. Around the sisters of her fraternity she always
created a consciousness of sharing all that they have, on favouring and helping
the poor. The principal mission always is EVANGELIZATION.
On 26th April 1903, just two years after the approval of the
Congregation Mother Francisca died at Moncada her native place with the same
trust and simplicity with which she had lived. Her work, the intuition of the
fraternal and merciful love which God had inspired to her, she had left it at the
hands of her sisters.


Charism, Apostolate, Spirituality: The Charism of FSI is Option for the poor,
merciful presence and living in the fraternity. Following the Franciscan
Spirituality, we take up different Apostolate like Education of the normal
children, visually impaired, mentally challenged, hearing impaired children,
care of the Leprosy patients, care of the elderly, medical care, Evangelization
and any urgent needs of the church.


The Charism of the Congregation is still alive in the works of Evangelization,

the Education of the Children giving priority to special Education (hearing and
visual impaired, mentally challenged), attention to the Leprosy Patients,
Medical aid, Orphanages, Aged homes, Promotion of Women, Pastoral Care
and those deserved in the society.
We are working in 12 Countries and 4 Continents. The Generalate is in
Valencia, Spain. At present, there are 350 sisters in the Congregation. There are
Three Provinces and one Delegation and Communities directly depend on
General House.
In the Year 1974, the first two sisters came from Spain to Nalgonda, Andhra
Pradesh with the objective to serve the Leprosy Patient. In 1980 started in
Langford gardens and Sumanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka to offer service to
leprosy patients. In 1987 Hospital and Kindergarten was established in
Cavelosim and Curtorim- Goa. In 1990 formation House started in
Bannarghatta, Bangalore. In 1992 Harapanahalli Mission was established to
provide resident care for Leprosy affected persons, in 1996 Home for the
destitute women was started with the help of St. Vicente de Paul Society
members. In 2000 Brahmavar-Udupi district, Home for the destitute women
was started with the help Franciscan Capuchin Fathers. In 2004 Kadiri
Anathapur mission was established to offer service to Physically Challenged,
Deaf and dumb Collaboration with Vicente Ferror project, in the same year
2004 established a community to offer service in the school in Ambajogai with
Diocese of Aurangabad. In the year 2006 collaborative mission started in
Odisha and kerala to teach in the school, in the year 2008 Khandwa Diocese
invited sisters to offer service in the school. In the year 2014 sisters offer their
service to Physically challenged in Vicente Ferror project, Bathalapally and the
same year 2014 sisters were invited by Aurangabad Diocese to offer service in
the school.
Sisters offer their service in Africa, Rome, Spain, Peru, Portugal, Honduras etc.


Map ( spain ,Portugal ,Chile , Colombia, Peru ,Venezuela , Puerto Rico,
Honduras , Kenya, Tanger , Italy ,India )


A Frternity Transformed by the Love of Jesus Christ to serve the poor and

Faithful to our Charism we serve the Leprosy patients , Special Education ,
Women Empowerment ,Care of the Aged and any urgent need of the Church

Strategic Goals
1. To deepen the experience of faith in the person of Jesus in our
contemplation by living the word of God and revitalising our spiritual life .
2. To build and strengthen our Fraternities by living in communion with God ,
Humanity and Creation .

3. To establish a financial system for sustainability of all our mission with the
values of Christ .

4. To carryout the mission of Jesus Christ with Option for Good and
preferential Love for Poor .

5. To revitalise our vocation that will enable us to have a deeper experience

and personal encounter with God .

B. People behind us
o Spain – Generalate; Arzobispo Mayoral, Valencia
o Provincia Francisca Pascual: C/ Dr. Sumsí, Valencia
o Centro de Espiritualidad: Moncada
o Portugal: Nuestra Señora de Fátima Rua P. Hispano, Porto.
o Chile:
 Casilla 1890, Correo, 21 Sargento Aldea
o Colombia:
 Santa Lucía. Manzana E, Lote 2
o Perú:
 Manuel Fuente Chávez, 305
o Venezuela:
 Avda. Rosario 9ª Transversal
o Puerto Rico:
 Pro 19, Ne-Puerto Nuevo PO Box 360347.San Juan.
o Honduras:
 Colonia Prado Alto Apdo. 223 Sta. Rosa de Copán.
o Kenia:
 30300 P.O.Box 268 Kapsabet (Nandi Distric)
o Tánger:
Casa Riera, 1. Tánger
o Italia:
 Via della Pisana, 323 00163 Roma.
Teléfono: 39 06 661 52 390.

C. Number of organization associated with us

 Sneha nilaya / St. Josephs girls Hostel
 Leprosy Health Centre

 Adiyathma nilaya, Jyothi Bhavan,

Bannarghatta Road, Bangalore

 Leprosy Rehabilitation and Training Center

Sumanahalli, Bangalore

 Casa Serena
Curtorim, Goa

 CBR – Centre,
Kadiri Ananthpur

 RDT – Campus
Bathalapally ,Ananthpur

 Arogyamatha Health Centre / Assisi nilaya

Harapanahalli ,Davanegere

 Karunalaya
Brahmavar– Udupi

 Cambridge school,
Cuttack, ORISA

 Assisi Bhavan
Kasaragod ,KERALA

 Shanthi Bhavan, St. Francis School


 Assisi Bhavan, St.Anthony’s English School.

Ambajogai, Beed

 Little Flower High School

St. Jhon mary Vianny convent, Aurangabad
 Jerome’s Home for the Aged

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E. Contact us


Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

N0 11, Langford Gardens
Bangalore, 560025.
Tel. No :00 91 80 222 402 88.


Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Leprosy Health Centre
Duppalapalli Road
Nalgonda – 508001

Franciscan Sisters of the immaculate

Jyothi Bhavan , Gottegere – P O
Bannarghatta Road
Bangalore 560083

Franciscan Sisters of the immaculate

Sumanahalli L.R.T.C
Magadi road – viswaneedam post
Bangalore - 560091

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Batora House No: 837
Curtorim, Salcete – 403709

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

CBR – Centre, Kadiri
RDT – Motukupally, 515591
Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
RDT – Campus
Ananthpur Dist 515661

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Arogyamatha Health Centre
Hadagalli Road
Davanegere (Dist)
Harapanahalli - 583131

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Doopadakatte Heroor Post
Brahmavar 576213 –
Udupi (Dist)

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

C/o Cambridge school,
Cantonment road,
Cuttack – 753001

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Assisi Bhavan
Panathady P.O.
Kasaragod (Dist)
KERALA - 671532

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Shanthi Bhavan
C/O ST.Francis School
Jaswadi Road
Madya Pradesh.

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Assisi Bhavan,
c/o St.Anthony’s English School.
Mariam bagh Dak Banglow Road.
Ambajogai, Beed (Dist)
Aurangabad – 431517

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Bishop’s House’ Aurangabad Cantt.
St. Jhon mary Vianny convent Road
Aurangabad – 431002

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Jerome’s Home for the Aged
13 Pettigrew Street
Bangalore - 560001

Contact Number

Tel. No :00 91 80 222 402 88. / 00 91 80 22210432

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