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True Panther Sounds Co. Ltd.

694 Rock star Lane

Brooklyn, NYC 27708

16th May, 2010

Sub Pop Co. Ltd
6123 Farrington Road
Apt. B11
Chapel Hill, NYC 27514

Dear Sirs,

We have today received two parcels containing two kinds of raincoats, and find to our
surprise that the second parcels contains 250 Swan weatherproof Ladies’ large size instead of
250 Swan weatherproof Ladies’ medium size as ordered.

This mistake is most unfortunate because, as we know, we have given 250 Swan
weatherproof Ladies’ medium size a special display in our front board and need the copies
urgently as we have only a few left. Please dispatch the replacements soon.

We think that we may be able to dispose of them and await your answers as to whether you
agree to our proposal.

Yours faithfully,
For Langgeng Export Co. Ltd.

Thurston Moore
Marketing manager
Sub Pop Co. Ltd
6123 Farrington Road Apt. B11
Chapel Hill, NYC 27514

18th May, 2010

True Panther Sounds Co. Ltd.
694 Rock star Lane
Brooklyn, NYC 27708

Dear Sirs,

We were really distressed when we received your letter yesterday that the most unfortunate
error has occurred in the execution of your order. We are completely at a loss to understand
how this error could happen as all parcels are checked out at every stage before dispatch. It is,
we think, the first time in all these years that you have had cause to complaint and we shall
take every care to avoid giving you any future cause of complaint.

The correct copies were dispatched today by the 12 o’clock car will definitely be in your
possession tomorrow afternoon, to meet the anticipated demand for the raincoats.

We much appreciate your suggestion to retain the wrong raincoats on sale or return. You
know that as a rule we do not supply on this basic, but we shall make an exception in this
case to compensate you to some extent for the inconvenience you have been cause. We have
accordingly instructed our Invoice Department to charge the wrong raincoats for 3 days and
would ask you to let us have an account for them on 21st May.
We wish that the matter is thus settled to our mutual satisfaction.

Yours faithfully,
Langgeng Export Co. Ltd.

Cassie Ramone
Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Full Name : Kim Gordon

Sex : Female
Place, Date of Birth : Probolinggo, August 5, 1979
Nationality : Indonesia
Marital Status : Married
Height, Weight : 165 cm, 53 kg
Health : Perfect
Religion : Moslem
Address : Perum Bojong Depok Baru 1, Blok ZT No.3, Cibinong 16913
Mobile : 0817 9854 203
Phone : 021 - 87903802
E-mail :

Educational Background

1985 – 1991 : Gajahmada Elementary School, Probolinggo

1991 - 1994 : Junior High School No.1, Probolinggo
1994 - 1997 : Senior High School No.1, Probolinggo
1997 – 2001 : Accounting Department at the University of Pancasila, Jakarta

Course & Education

1998 – 1999 : Computer & Internet Course at Puskom Gilland Ganesha, Jakarta
1999 - 2002 : English Language Course at LBA Gilland Ganesha, Jakarta
2004 – 2004 : Tax Course (Brevet A & B) di FAIUP, Jakarta


1. Accounting & Administration Skills (Journal Printing & Calculation, Ledger, Petty Cash
Payroll & Calculation, Inventory Controls, Project Data Updating, Teller, Salary Caldulation).
2. Taxation System.
3. Computer Literate (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Outlook).
4. Internet Literate.

Business English Correspondence Assignment

Name : Romandani Adyan

SRN : 0713042042






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