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Vol. I, Issue 6 • October 7, 2010

A grand re-opening
New poll:
Perriello 44% pack Liberty’s
17 Williams Stadium
Regional liquor for 52-14 rout
outlets would 11
jump in plan 3

Energy drinks
out of Lynchburg
City schools,
ghosts in 9

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Privatization would increase state, regional liquor outlets

McDonnell plan would He also said that even with the increase,
Virginia remains on the low end of liquor
triple number of liquor outlets per capita. Currently, the Com- Estimates from the Virginia Senate Finance Staff:
monwealth has the fewest number of
outlets in state, but pro- stores per capita in the country, at 1.4 per Proposed
ponents say many would 10,000 adults. If privatization is passed,
McDonnell’s aides estimate the number
Number of
just be adding shelves to would increase to 1.8 outlets per 10,000 Current Liquor Outlets
adults. This would only be slightly higher Number of Under
existing businesses. than the average in control states, which
sits at 1.6 outlets per 10,000 adults. Locality ABC Stores Governor’s Plan
By Stephen Groves
Virginia Statehouse News
The effects of this increase are disputed.
McDonnell points to a study by the Vir-
Amherst County 2 4
The liquor privatization plan being
ginia Institute for Public Policy, a think
tank advocating for smaller government.
Appomattox County 1 2
pushed by Gov. Bob McDonnell has The study, done by researchers from Bedford City 1 1
enough numbers in it to make a 10th- George Mason University, said public
grade math story problem look easy, but health and safety wouldn’t be affected. Bedford County 1 9
one figure that will hit close to home for But the Marin Institute – which de-
Virginians is the number of liquor retail- scribes itself as an “alcohol industry Campbell County 3 7
ers that will end up in their neighbor-
hoods if the plan is passed.
watchdog,” — estimated that Virginia
could see 220 more alcohol-related deaths
Lynchburg City 3 9
Based on examples in the privatization
proposal, the Senate Finance staff esti-
per year, based on a 2006 study published
in the journal Accident Analysis and
Nelson County 2 2
mated the number of liquor retailers in Prevention reported in the Washington Regional Total 13 34
each locality in the Commonwealth. The Post.
governor’s plan would sell licenses to re- Another concern is how these new li-
tailers, increasing the number from 332 quor outlets will fit into the community.
to around 1,000. The estimates were done McDonnell’s aides said that liquor out-
at the request of Sen. Mary Margaret
Whipple, D- Arlington.
They show, not surprisingly, that areas
lets will have similar regulations as beer
and wine retailers.
To get a beer or wine license, retailers
with the highest population would have must apply through the ABC board. They
the greatest percentage of retailers. Fair-
fax County, which currently has 34 Al-
also must face a hearing in which anyone
can voice objections to the license. The The Lynchburg Times is currently looking for a top-notch
coholic Beverage Control (ABC) stores, board can also decide to deny the license
would have 132. Cities such as Alexandria if the outlet would “adversely affect” the advertising sales representative for the Lynchburg area.
will see an increase from seven stores to operations of a school, church, or park.
18 retailers. Local governments can regulate where
“The vast majority [of localities] are go- and at what hours beer and wine are sold, The ideal candidate will be organized and self-motivated. Great people skills and a profes-
ing to have … quite large increases in the and McDonnell’s aides indicated liquor sional demeanor are key. This individual should enjoy the freedom of setting his or her own
number of outlets that are going to be in would also be subject to local regulation.
their communities,” said Whipple. McDonnell’s aide Melissa Luchau said hours and meeting new people. Previous advertising sales experience is a plus. The candidate
There would be one outlet for every stores would be regulated with “Virginia must be dependable, reliable and a self-starter. The successful applicant must be able to learn
8,000 people. Under the proposal, there traditions and values,” meaning absent of to use our customer relations management software, be creative in ad design, able to track
would be 600 licenses for grocery stores, neon signs and excessive advertising.
150 licenses for larger specialty stores, But the exact regulations would be ham- customer payments, work well with others and be customer oriented. If you want a position
150 licenses for smaller chain stores, and mered out if privatization can be passed where you can set your own hours and earn great commissions, please send us your recent
100 licenses for small businesses. in the General Assembly. Right now, Mc- work experience. Start selling immediately. Only serious inquires please.
McDonnell’s aides insist that the in- Donnell is trying to sell legislators on the
crease in liquor retailers is safe and re- plan, but gaining traction with Democrat
sponsible. Most retailers would sell more opponents appears tough. This is a commission-based position with excellent earnings potential.
than just alcohol. The governor wants to call a special ses-
“You’re not talking about a prolifera- sion in November to pass privatization
tion of new stores,” said Eric Finkbeiner, and other reform measures, but said he If you are poised and ready to take the next step in your sales career, email us!
McDonnell’s policy adviser. “You’re talk- would only do so if he has the necessary
ing about new shelves in existing stores.” support from lawmakers.
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asked to click a link, which either downloads mers create a website or e-mail address
a virus or brings up a webpage that asks for that is only one letter off from a legitimate
login and credit-card information. Since so site. All it would take is a small typo to put
many people buy from, the purchasers in contact with the scammers
scammers actually are hitting large num- instead of the actual dealership. Purchas-
bers of purchasers. With personal informa- ers would inquire about buying a vehicle,
tion in hand, they go on a spending spree. and the scammers would tell them how and
Hotels are notorious for lack of secu- where to wire the money ... and of course,
rity in their computers, and scammers are the vehicle is never delivered.
having a field day with it. It’s thought that Anytime there’s a disaster or storm, be-
hotel computers are the No. 1 location for ware of phony solicitations. With the BP oil
Scammers Add to credit-card scammers to attack. And it’s not spill, it’s said that some creative scammers
just the mom-and-pop motels -- the major were even taking money to get clean-up
Bag of Tricks chains are getting hit too. There’s not much
that can be done, except to check your
jobs for people who applied. Hurricanes,
deep snow, floods -- they’re all perfect for
The scammers who want to separate us credit-card statements the minute you get the scammers who prey on our generous
from our money never sleep. And they’ve them. There’s a movement afoot to have spirits.
gotten more creative than ever. credit-card holders check their purchases
Scammers are targeting those who make and balances on a daily basis to stop the David Uffington regrets that he cannot per-
purchases on and are rak- frauds faster. However, there is danger in sonally answer reader questions, but will
ing in millions of dollars. They send out a that as well, especially if you use WiFi and incorporate them into his column whenever
mass e-mail, complete with a duplicate of check your account from an unprotected lo- possible. Write to him in care of King Fea-
the Amazon logo, with a thanks for the most cation. tures Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475,
recent purchase. A variation is to send an e- There must be money in online auto sales, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
mail saying that the account because scammers have targeted that
has been compromised. The purchaser is area, too. To accomplish the fraud, scam-
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Virginia School of Arts successfully raises money while dancing the night away
and applause as many people danced along. the room breathed a happy sigh, watching as
The song ended and amid the laughter I the couple mimicked the same dance moves
heard a man call out “I think I blew out my from the movie–even the lifts.
knee!” Lynchburg College’s President Ken and
The judges for the evening were Lynch- First Lady Sheila Garren showed off their
burg Mayor Joan Foster, last year’s com- spirit dance called the ‘Hornet Hop’ to the
petitor David Heppner, former president of once famous song ‘Wild Wild West’ by Will
VSA and Donna Barringer-Neighbors, local Smith.
owner and operator of the VA Dance Studio The Final Dance of the evening was by
located in Forest. WSET news anchor Len Stevens and song-
To kick things off the first dance of the writer Caroline Moore, both dressed to the
evening was a fun, hip jive dance to ‘I Gotta nines in seventies get-ups. The two did a
Feeling’ by the Black Eyed Peas. The danc- disco fever dance to ‘We Are Family’ by Sis-
ers Turner Perrow, City Councilman and ter Sledge.
Sue Tatom, on the VSA board of directors The last votes were accounted for and the
really got down and gave the other 7 couples judges went to convene for twenty minutes
something to compete against. Judge Hep- while the dance floor opened up to any and
pner stated that, “My Great Aunt is rolling everyone.
over in her grave tonight!” while judge Bar- Finally the winners were announced.
ringger-Neighbors hollered out, “Is there a The judges choice winners were Mary and
chiropractor in the house?” Micheal Sloan and the audiences picked
Newlywed couple Kurt and Blair Sydnor opener Perrow and Tatum. Although there
Schulz did a cute jitterbug dance that was were only two winning couples everyone
followed by a sultry cha-cha to Santana’s hit ended up feeling like a star because not only
song ‘Smooth’ danced by Virginia Tech grad did they dance and have a great time, they
Local couples strut their stuff at the second annual Va. School of Ted Kraje and award-winning performer helped raise money for The Virginia School
the Arts ‘Dancing with the Lynchburg Stars fundraiser Oct. 2. and songwriter Paddy Dougherty. Foster of Arts students.
was the first to judge and the first to learn
By Lauren Satterfield eryone had the chance to mingle, place a few
about the angry mob in the room when she
The Lynchburg Times votes and just have a good time.
announced she was giving the couple a nine.
I had a chance to steal a couple of seconds
Foster quickly threw up a ten instead for fear
For one night, and one night only, Lynch- from Noreen Toryn from WSET Channel
of being eaten alive by Dougherty’s friends
burg’s local stars loosened their ties and put 13 News as I complimented her on the gor-
and family.
on their boogie shoes to participate in the geous sheer and white dress that she was
After Noreen Turyn’s elegant Slow Bole-
second annual Dancing With the Lynchburg wearing. I asked her how she felt about the
ro dance with partner Cameron McNinch,
Stars fundraiser. dancing tonight and she hugged her arms
Artistic Director of VSA, Foster said with
The Virginia School of Arts (VSA) came together jokingly saying that she was “ex-
a laugh, “You should really make it on the
up with the idea to mix the hit TV show cited and freezing!” We had a laugh and I
news tonight!”
with some local flare and after a very excit- wished her luck as she disappeared into an-
One big surprise of the evening was the
ing and fruitful event last year, they have re- other crowd of encouraging friends.
dance between Emily Garbee and Finley
peated the fundraiser and added some fresh The show began promptly at 8:30 with
Walker, both dancers, who performed a
new faces to the challenge. the VSA students as the opening act with
slow waltz to ‘Remember When It Rained’
The evening started off with a cocktail a whimsical tap dance to “Come On Get
by Josh Groban before spicing it up with a
hour outside under the real stars, while ev- Happy.” After the number the students went
salsa dance number to Jamaican hit ‘Wav-
to change into their second-act outfits and
ing Flag’ by David Bisbol. After the applause
the President of the VSA board took center
died down Heppner told the audience that
stage to welcome everyone and announce a
AMCAR RENTAL LLC few of the upcoming acts. The second dance
that followed was an African tribal dance.
all the couples have been rehearsing for at
least a month together but due to an inci-
dent this couple just paired up a week ago
As the VSA dancers left the room the mas-
and nailed their dance. The applause and
ter of ceremony Charlie Cantalano decided
cheers began again for Garbee and Walker.
to welcome us all in a different fashion than
Next Michael and Mary Sloan did a
just him talking.
pre-victory lap around the stage, Michael
“Well ladies and gentlemen, I could just
dressed up in a boxing cloak and dancing
stand here and chat, or I could start this eve-
to the Rocky Theme song which instanta-
ning off with a bang.” And with those words
neously turned into the song ‘Foot Loose.’
said Lady Gaga’s chart topping hit ‘Just
The crowd hooped and hollered as they
RENT BUY Dance’ filled the speakers in the room and
Cantalano strutted his best dance moves,
watched. The final song of their mash-up
434-528-4111 encouraging everyone to “get up and dance!”
was the Dirty Dancing Anthem ‘(I’ve Had)
The Time of My Life,’ to which everyone in The room was ablaze in laughter, whoops
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ful displays. When you do, bring home plenty of zuc- hole at the bottom of the tank) to find a matching size.
A toilet tank flush valve replacement kit should come with the
chini, and try this mild zucchini soup. Since you don’t
have to peel this vegetable, the recipe goes together To install, turn off the water supply valve to the toilet and flush the
in minutes. toilet to drain the tank. Scoop or sponge out remaining water. Using
a wrench, disconnect the water supply pipe from the underside of
the tank and lift the flush valve assembly up and out. Then remove
EASY ZUCCHINI SOUP the large connector bolts that attach the tank to the toilet bowl.
With a helper, lift the tank up. This may be difficult at first as you
4 tablespoons butter get it past the old valve seal. Place the tank safely out of the way,
then remove the valve seal, trying not to damage it too much. If your
1 large onion, roughly chopped
tank replacement kit doesn’t have a new seal, take the old one to
4 cups chicken stock the home-improvement store to find the correct size replacement.
5-6 medium-size zucchini (about 2 1/4 pounds) (By the way, there’s a great instructive video by expertvillage on
1 1/2 teaspoons nutmeg YouTube at
Once the valve seal has been replaced, prepare the new tank by
Salt to taste Cracked Toilet Tank Is Beyond Repair inserting the bolts and washers that came with it into the bolt holes.
Easy Zucchini Soup Is 1/2 cup half-and-half
Q: After noticing that the floor around the base of my
downstairs toilet was constantly damp, I found a very
Hit With Kids 1. Let your school-age child wash the zucchini and
cut it into 1-inch chunks with a butter knife on a cut- thin crack inside the toilet tank, running out from the
Always enlist a strong help-
er for projects that require a
opening in the bottom where the water drains (note:
ting board. Be sure ends are trimmed off. the flapper valve). It’s not very big, but there is a very
lot of heavy lifting or com-
“Go pick anything that’s bigger than your arm!” 2. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a large soup pot. plex or dangerous tasks.
slow seepage from it. How can I patch this up? -- Ger-
says Becca Newhouse as 4-year-old son Ellis grabs Add onion and cook until the onions are soft but not aldine S., Longwood, Fla.
a bucket and scampers off to the zucchini patch in brown, about 5 minutes.
their family garden. “If he sees a veggie that’s too 3. Add stock and the zucchini. The broth should just A: Unfortunately, patching a cracked toilet tank will only delay the If the kit has both metal and fiber washers, the fiber washers should
inevitable. The patch won’t hold for long, and the stresses placed be the only ones contacting the tank -- the metal washers should
ripe, he chucks it over the fence to the chickens,” cover the chunks. Add nutmeg and salt. Bring to a on the tank by daily draining and refilling of water, temperature be behind them. Lift the tank and carefully lower into position so the
she adds with a smile. boil, stirring frequently. Lower heat, and simmer until changes, etc. will widen the crack and even cause more cracks to bolts go through the holes of the bowl and settle it gently onto the
Becca, a 35-year-old professional fundraiser for zucchini is very soft, about 12-15 minutes. form. You’ll need to replace the tank. flush valve.
Fortunately, tank replacement is not very difficult, nor too expen- Tighten the nuts on the tank bolts. Do not overtighten, as this
sive. The tanks themselves range in price from $30 to more than could crack the tank. Once the tank is securely placed, test for leaks
$300. by pouring some water into the tank; tighten or loosen the bolts until
You’ll need to get the brand name (such as American Standard) leaking stops.
as well as the model name and if possible, the model number. This Finally, reattach the water supply connector to the underside of
is usually printed right on the tank or the toilet. Then contact your lo- the tank and the flush valve assembly. Again, don’t overtighten.
cal home-improvement or plumbing-supply store to see if they carry Slowly turn on the water, watching for leaks. If there aren’t any, fill
it. If your model is no longer made, you can measure the width and the tank and flush.
height of the tank, as well as the diameter of the flush valve (the
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

the “Mississippi River Fund,” and mom of Ellis and 4. Use an immersion hand blender to blend ingre-
14-month-old Phelan, knows firsthand that when dients. Or, let soup cool (important!) and process in
kids dig in and help in the garden, the experience batches in a blender or food processor until smooth.
informs their eating habits. “Ellis actually asked for Return the soup to the pot.
beets for lunch recently, a food he wouldn’t touch if 5. Stir in half-and-half, season with more salt if you
he saw them in the grocery store. He eats handfuls wish, and heat through. Serve in a mug or soup bowl
of flavorful lettuce, although he still hesitates on the with a sandwich and fresh fruit on the side. Makes
chard,” she admits. 6-8 servings.
Now that zucchini are in abundance, the nutritious Note: Freezes well.
squash will go from their plot to their plates in tempt-
ing presentations, whether grilled, baked, boiled, Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s
sauteed or hiding in a home-baked bread. Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To
Even if you didn’t “grow your own” this summer, find more of her creative family recipes and activi-
you can provide a hands-on learning experience with ties, visit and link to the NEW
your kids by taking a weekend jaunt to designated Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is
pick-your-own farms and orchards. Or, bike together “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.”
to an urban farmer’s market and check out the color- © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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Sheffield Elementary teacher gets surprise gift of office supplies

grades with so many hand-on activities,” she
Lynchburg OfficeMax store manager Mat-
thew Luckie says that while this is the fourth
year the company has done the program, it’s
the second year he has been able to make
the presentation. “I get real excited. It’s great
surprising teachers and being able to give
them, honestly, a token of what they mean
to us. I love seeing the surprise on their face.
The kids are always great. I enjoy this per-
sonally a lot.”
Luckie is no stranger to education. His
mother, wife and a sister are all teachers of
grades 4 to 8. “Since I have so many relatives
who are teachers I know it takes a lot of
personal money to buy supplies and things
like that and to be able to give them a little
something, to provide something is nice,” he
OfficeMax has participated in the “A Day
Made Better” program for four years. About
1,000 teachers are presented with supplies
across the United States on the same day.
More information is available at adaymade-
Not to be left out of all the fun, students in Sheffield Elementary School teacher Sheila Haden’s first
grade class also got boxes of school supplies and fun stuff after OfficeMax representatives presented
Haden with $1,000 worth of supplies and materials.

By Dan McDermott
The Lynchburg Times
Representatives from Lynchburg’s Office- The
TheONLY Candidatewith
ONLY Candidate with
Max made a surprise visit Oct. 5 to Sheffield the experience that counts!
Elementary School to present first grade
teacher Sheila Haden with $1,000 in school
Haden was nominated by her principal,
Diane Swain, for her “hard work and dedi-
cation to students.”
“I chose Sheila because she is sort of an
unsung hero. She goes above and beyond
her duty to serve the children. She never
On November 2nd Vote

Ronald Irvine
complains and is always willing to help. I felt
she needed to be recognized for that,” Swain
“It’s important to build morale, to let For Circuit Court Clerk
teachers know that people really do care Present Clerk of Lynchburg
about what they are doing and the sacrific- Circuit Court with over 23 years
es that they make. Teachers spend a lot of of experience in the Clerks
money–their own money–on instructional
supplies for the students and they don’t
make that much to start with.” For more information, to contribute
Swain said that when she retired from or volunteer, please contact
teaching she had fifty boxes of supplies she Ronald Irvine’s campaign at:
had purchased over her 17 years in the class- 1001 Lindsay Street, Lynchburg
Sheffield Elementary first grade teacher Sheila Haden (seated) room. VA 24502 (434) 239-2075
was presented with $1,000 worth of school supplies by represen- Haden was thrilled. “I feel very lucky and
tatives of Lynchburg’s OfficeMax store. From left are Shelly Sud- ZZZURQIRUFRXUWFOHUNFRP
very honored. It’s great. Any kind of resourc-
dith, OfficeMax store manager Matthew Luckie and Sheffield El- es we can get are wonderful. We go through Authorized and Paid for by:
Friends of Ron Irvine Clerk
ementary principal Diane Swain. so many things, especially in the younger
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with rubber spatula until coated with dressing.

1. In 4-quart saucepan, place potatoes, 2 Let potato mixture stand 30 minutes to absorb
teaspoons salt and enough water to cover; dressing, stirring occasionally. Serve warm or
heat to boiling over high heat. Reduce heat to cover and refrigerate up to 1 day to serve cold.
Potato Salad Vinaigrette low; cover and simmer 10 to 15 minutes or until Yields: 10 cups. Serves: 16.
potatoes are fork-tender. Drain; cool slightly.
4 pounds medium red potatoes, unpeeled 2. Meanwhile, in blender, combine oil, vinegar, • Each serving: About 165 calories, 7g total fat
3 tablespoons salt mustard, sugar, parsley and remaining 1 tea- (1g saturated), 0g cholesterol, 235mg sodium,
1/2 cup vegetable oil spoon salt; blend until smooth. Transfer to large 24g total carbohydrate, 2g dietary fiber, 2g • It was Polish-born British novelist Joseph
1/2 cup cider vinegar serving bowl. protein.
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
Conrad who made the following sage ob-
3. When potatoes are cool enough to handle, servation: “Being a woman is a terribly
1 tablespoon sugar cut each into quarters, or eighths if large. Add For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our web-
1/2 cup (loosely packed) fresh parsley leaves site at difficult task since it consists principally in
warm potatoes to dressing in bowl; gently stir
and stems dealing with men.”

• Contrary to popular belief, seagulls don’t

are lousy amateur sociologists and political sci- really explode if they eat Alka-Seltzer.
entists. Whenever the public rejects them, it’s
a “temper tantrum,” in late ABC News anchor • Pizza is one of the most popular foods
Peter Jennings’ term for the 1994 electoral rout. around the world, but in other countries it
Liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene doesn’t always look the way it does when
Robinson has teed up that tried-and-true ex- you order out here in the United States. For
planation for this fall: “The American people are instance, in India you’re likely to find top-
acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.” pings like pickled ginger, minced mutton
Obama has his own theory of voter irrational- and a kind of cottage cheese. Brazilians like
ity. In his view, if only economic conditions were
1. What is the stage name of Stuart Leslie green peas on their pizzas, Costa Ricans
stronger, reasonable people would be Obama-
Goddard? What was the name of his group? like coconut and Pakistanis favor curry. A
supporting secularists with liberal mores. During
2. Who wrote and released “Roll Over,
Beethoven,” and when? Against the Voters the 2008 primaries, he infamously explained that
people in rural areas who weren’t supporting
popular pizza in Japan has potato, bacon
and mayonnaise, while eel and squid also
3. Name the group that released “Eight Miles him were clinging to guns and religion because are common toppings.
High,” and give the year. When John Kerry calls you out of touch, you
must be so far out of touch that you need to call of the poor economy. It’s the all-purpose expla-
4. What was the first single released by Diana nation for any public sentiment that discomfits • If you’re in the mood to indulge yourself
Ross after she left The Supremes? Mazlan Othman, the U.N.’s designated liaison to
liberals. -- and have the means to do it -- you can
5. Name the No. 1 song on the Rolling Stone space aliens, to re-establish contact with Planet
Earth. Not far behind is the plaint that “the system” is vacation in the penthouse suite at Hotel
magazine list of 500 greatest songs. broken so people are understandably frustrated Martinez in Cannes, France. At a rate of
6. What was George Michael’s first No. 1 So it was a signal moment when the Massa-
chusetts senator took it upon himself to explain by the “pace of change.” This is the same sys- more than $35,000 per night, it’s one of the
song as a solo artist after leaving Wham!? tem through which Democrats forced a historic
the outlandish folkways of the American people: world’s most expensive hotel rooms.
“We have an electorate that doesn’t always $800 billion stimulus bill, a historic health-care
Answers law and a historic financial-regulation bill.
pay that much attention to what’s going on, so • An electronics shop in Seattle once ad-
people are influenced by a simple slogan rather Republican Rep. Mike Pence likes to point out vertised that it was selling stereos for “299
1. Adam Ant. Adam and the Ants had three that annual deficit figures for much of the Bush
No. 1 hits from 1977-1982. Ant was once vot-
than the facts or truth or what’s happening.” bananas.” As it turns out, 30-some odd
Take that, Velma Hart. Those who saw Hart, administration have now become monthly deficit customers showed up to take advantage of
ed sexiest man in America by MTV viewers. figures. The public’s reaction against the debt
a middle-class, African-American mother of two, the special -- in a literal fashion. They each
2. Chuck Berry, in 1956. Rolling Stone maga- and the manifest failure of the stimuli should be
confront President Barack Obama at a CNBC brought -- you guessed it -- 299 actual ba-
zine listed the song at No. 97 on its list of 500 easily understandable.
town-hall meeting last month thought they had nanas. The local zoo ended up being the
greatest songs. If John Kerry’s prognosis has any force, it ap-
heard a genuine voice of dismay at the state of beneficiary of all the extra produce.
3. The Byrds, in 1966. plies to the dew-eyed Obama supporters who
the economy and Obama’s failure to deliver on
4. “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” bought the fairy tale two years ago and won’t
his golden promises.
in 1970. The song didn’t do well. It was quickly bother to show up at the polls in November. • The first state in the Union to declare
If we take Hart as representative of the pub-
followed by “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” These so-called surge voters, many of them Christmas an official legal holiday was Ala-
lic mood, though, Kerry must have instead dis-
which hit the No. 1 spot. young people, are exactly the ones who be- bama, and it happened in 1836.
cerned a clueless complainer. If only Hart were
5. Oddly enough, “Like a Rolling Stone” by lieved what Kerry calls “simple slogans” -- “hope
sufficiently plugged in, she’d have the sense to
Bob Dylan came in at No. 1. “Satisfaction” by and change,” “yes, we can” and other timeless Thought for the Day: “Travel is fatal to
get over her economic anxiety. So what if she
The Rolling Stones was No. 2, followed by gems of vapid marketing. prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness,
fears returning to frank-and-beans dinners?
“Imagine” by John Lennon. When the late Democratic Sen. Mo Udall ran and many of our people need it sorely on
Does John Kerry carp when he’s forced to move
6. “Faith,” off the 1987 album of the same for president in 1976, he commented after one these accounts. Broad, wholesome, chari-
his $7 million yacht from Rhode Island to Mas-
name. The first single released from the al- primary loss, “The voters have spoken ... the table views of men and things cannot be
sachusetts, where he has to shoulder an addi-
bum was “I Want Your Sex,” which reached bastards.” That’s a great line, but a poor mes-
tional $500,000 tax bill? acquired by vegetating in one little corner of
No. 2. Whatever else you think of Democrats, they sage for a political party. the earth all one’s lifetime.” -- Mark Twain
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Energy drinks out of schools, ghosts in

By Dan McDermott Lynchburg City Schools is projected to • To possibly pay increased health care permission would aid in the fundraising
The Lynchburg Times receive $1,976,551 from the Education costs for employees during the 2011-12 efforts. The board endorsed the concept
Jobs Fund legislation that was signed into year. of the wall unanimously. The group indi-
Members of the Lynchburg City School law on August 10. • Not to hire additional staff that would cated they would keep the school board
Board were presented with proposed new From his report: need to be funded beyond 2011. informed as plans mature.
rules for the use of facilities by outside The funds are available for obligations
groups Oct. 5 and even though Hallow- that occur as of August 10, 2010. Any Other matters • An open house is being planned to sup-
een is coming up soon, groups searching funds remaining after the 2010-11 school port the efforts of the E. C. Glass Art
for ghosts in school buildings need not year must be spent by September 30, • The school system has banned the use
apply. 2012. of certain high-caffeine energy drinks.
Assistant Superintendent of Opera- There are restrictions in the use of McKendrick said some students had been
tions & Administration Edward “Sonny” these funds. For example, school divi- using these energy drinks as a substitute
Witt presented the new rules. He said sions may use the funds to pay for sala- for fluids. “From a standpoint of health,
that groups who do not pay a rental fee ries of teachers and other employees who beverages that have a lot of caffeine can
may have to pay an employee to be pres- provide school-level education and re- be detrimental. The Virginia High School
ent and those who do pay a fee will have lated services. However, school divisions League has banned them effective im-
costs for personnel for such things as cannot use the funds for administrative mediately. A school can be banned from
opening and securing buildings will be expenditures related to the operation of participating in VSHL sports if they al-
added to contracts. Programs must be the superintendent’s office and/or for di- low the use of energy drinks by students,”
suitable to the nature of a school, must be vision-level employees. Schools also may he said. Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star
lawful and must conform to school board not use the funds for payment of expen- were specifically mentioned as being fre- 1. HUMAN ANATOMY: Where is the hyoid
policy. ditures for fiscal services, program plan- quently used. McKendrick said the poli- bone located in the human body?
The plan classifies groups as either ning, or human resource services. cy has been implemented by Lynchburg 2. MEASUREMENTS: When would an ante-
schools, educational and community The school administration has recom- City Schools and indicated that sports penultimate event be held?
programs, non-profits, private citizens or mendations regarding the use of these drinks such as Gatorade which are not 3. LANGUAGE: What is another name for a
for-profit and commercial groups. Rates funds. These recommendations repre- high in caffeine are not effected. virgule, a type of punctuation?
are different for each classification. sent the initial discussions on this point, 4. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: Who once said,
Groups will have to have insurance and for other employees may bring forward • Members of the Dunbar High School “An onion can make people cry, but there has
assume liability for injury or damage to other ideas. However, the school ad- Memorial Wall Committee asked the never been a vegetable invented to make
property. Payment is due 10 days prior to ministration would recommend that the school board to endorse the concept of a them laugh”?
an event and damage charges will be due school division use the funds: wall to be built at the site of the Paul Lau- 5. INVENTIONS: When was Astroturf pat-
within 30 days. rence Dunbar High School, which served ented?
There are 18 site rules including ban • To provide staffing that would assist in Lynchburg’s African American commu- 6. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of
of tobacco and alcohol and 6 additional scheduling planning time at the elemen- nity from 1923 to 1970. Members indicat- unicorns called?
rules involve the use of athletic fields. tary school level. ed that they were working to raise funds 7. PSYCHOLOGY: What is Iatrophobia?
Some fields and auxiliary gyms were not • To provide bonuses for staff as allowed for the wall by selling spots for names of 8. MONEY: What is the term for the ridges
previously listed, Witt said. by these funds. persons who attended. Some people have that are on the sides of some coins?
Witt said the fees are structured to be • To assume the cost of benefits given to asked, “Has the school board given you 9. MATH: What is a division sign also known
similar to those of surrounding counties. employees as noted in this general oper- permission to build the wall” according as?
School Board Vice Chairman Thomas ating budget. to a member who indicated that such 10. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Which is the
H. Webb asked if historically the system only inanimate symbol in the zodiac signs?
had turned down a lot of facilities rental
requests. Answers
Superintendent Dr. Paul McKendrick 1. The throat
said they had turned down some wres- 2. Third from the last event
tling groups, a few fundraisers and a 3. Slash mark
group that believed a school building was 4. Will Rogers
haunted. “I didn’t want any part of that,” 5. 1967
he said. 6. A blessing
“And if it was haunted then that 7. A fear of doctors
wouldn’t be good either,” he joked. 8. Reeding
9. An obelus
Stimulus funds 10. Libra, the Scales

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Superintendent McKendrick said that
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The Grand Old Man
Once derided as an “NFL reject,” the twice-released,
twice-retired George Blanda was the game’s first real
In a league where the average career of a player
onship. His quick recovery at Dover was typical spans just three and a half years, Blanda hung on for 26
of past performances. He and crew chief Chad years while playing in four different decades, the league
Knaus have forged a relationship that serves as record. But it was his 10 record-smashing years in the
pre-merger American Football League that Blanda was
a model for every other such combination in the
most proud of, a time period where he never missed a
sport. game.
For much of the AAA 400, A.J. Allmendinger “We were ridiculed, we were maligned,” Blanda re-
membered at his 1981 Hall of Fame induction, the first
year of his eligibility. “We weren’t recognized. We tried
hard, and we played hard.”
He grew up in the western Pennsylvania town of
Youngwood, a small blue-collar steel town known as
a railroad hub, where his parents raised a family of 11
children. The weekly workload was interrupted only by
football, something Youngwood was particularly known
for in the region. It was that work ethic that inspired
1. Who was the last Boston Red Sox player be-
Champ Jimmie Lurks fore Dustin Pedroia in 2008 to win an A.L. MVP
Blanda, and he often talked about his heritage.
“I developed a lot of character in the early days and
Award? learned that hard work, dedication and discipline and
The King is far from dead. The King lives. 2. Name the last time a starting pitcher was on the tenacity and never giving up, you can succeed in im-
With apologies to Richard Petty, Jimmie John- mound for the final out of a World Series. proving your life,” Blanda said.
3. When was the last time the San Francisco Of course, it helped to have a good head on your shoul-
son has been king of the Sprint Cup Series for ders -- having the right mentors helps, too. Blanda had
four years and seems unlikely to abdicate the 49ers had a winning NFL season?
throne. Maybe Petty’s King with a capital K, and 4. Name the only two University of Texas men’s It was at Kentucky that he had the fortune of playing
Johnson’s just king with a little one. basketball players to win the Naismith Award as for a coach named Bear Bryant, who turned Blanda into
The latest victory, his 53rd, was at Dover In- Four-time Cup champion Jimmie the top player in college basketball. a double-threat quarterback and kicker. “He reinforced
ternational Speedway, where Johnson has won Johnson has won 19 of the 62 rac- 5. Three teams have been in the NHL playoffs ev- my spirit of hard work, dedication and discipline and
es during the seven-year history of ery year since the 2004-05 lockout. Name them. never giving up.”
three of the last four Cup races.
NASCAR’s playoff season. (John 6. Who holds the record for most goals in one After graduation, Blanda didn’t think he had a future
“The tire that Goodyear brought back -- it’s the in the game of football. But when he was offered a $600
Clark/NASCAR This Week photo) World Cup men’s soccer tournament?
same as it was in the spring -- blackened up the 7. In 2010, bowler Tommy Gollick set a national signing bonus to play for George Halas and the Chicago
track in a hurry, but really made it challenging af- record for most consecutive strikes. How many
Bears, he jumped at the opportunity. It wasn’t an easy
dominated. Johnson bided his time and ended up time for Blanda -- Halas didn’t treat him very well, and
ter 30 or 40 laps. ... I had to fall back on my dirt- was it?
rising to the front and staying there for the final when he relegated Blanda to kicker-only status, Blanda
racing background.”
stages. retired. Then the AFL came calling, where his storybook
For the record, Johnson’s “dirt-racing back- career eventually took him to Canton.
“We played it smart,” he said. “He (Allmend-
ground” wasn’t at Eldora or Knoxville. It was Not surprising for a man who grew up with 11 siblings,
inger) wasn’t ‘a Chase guy,’ so I didn’t feel good
through deserts. Johnson first made his reputa- to him, the enshrinement meant more than recognition
about letting him go, but when he got to me and for his individual accomplishments, it provided a place
tion in off-road racing.
put pressure on me, I let him by. for his family to visit after his passing, which happened
At 35 years of age, Johnson, a native of El Ca-
“Come the end of the race, he wasn’t there to Answers Sept. 27 at the age of 83.
jon, Calif., has already won four Cup champion-
have to fight with.” “I am so proud that my family will always be remem-
ships. Only two drivers, Richard Petty and Dale bered in that Hall when they come through and see my
1. Mo Vaughn, in 1995.
Earnhardt, have ever won more. Neither ever won bust along with ... the other greats there,” Blanda said.
Monte Dutton has covered motorsports for The 2. Josh Beckett of Florida, in 2003.
four in a row, an unprecedented achievement. “They will take pride and say that their dad played 26
Gaston (N.C.) Gazette since 1993. He was 3. It was 2002, when the 49ers were 10-6. years of football, gave it 110 percent effort every time
Now Johnson seems on track to make it five.
named writer of the year by the National Motor- 4. T.J. Ford (2003) and Kevin Durant (2007). he was out there and tried to win when it was against all
Johnson isn’t boastful by nature, even though 5. Detroit, New Jersey and San Jose.
sports Press Association in 2008. His blog NAS- odds.”
he has every right to be. He laughs easily but sel- 6. Just Fontaine had 13 goals for France in 1958.
CAR This Week ( features
dom jokes. Some find him boring off the track. 7. He had 47 consecutive strikes. Mark Vasto is a veteran sportswriter and publisher of
all of his reporting on racing, roots music and life
But not on it. He opened the Chase with a The Kansas City Luminary.
on the road. E-mail Monte at nascar_thisweek@
25th-place finish. Guess what? He opened it with
a 39th in 2006 and went on to win the champi- © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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LU re-opens stadium in record-setting style

The one that wasn’t! #20 Danny Broggin thrilled the almost 20,000 person crowd when he returned the opening kick 88 yards. Unfortu-
nately, the ball was called back because of a penalty. (The Flames mascot Sparky did not appear amused...)
By Todd Wetmore 2 on the season and ended a two-game to score. Following two 10-plus yard pass then returned the loose ball 22 yards for
Special to The Lynchburg Times slide for the Flames, was played in front plays from Mike Brown to Pat Kelly and a score. The 22-yard return was the first
of 19,314 fans. The previous attendance Chris Summers, Brown called his own opponent blocked punt returned for a
It took an extra month to complete, but record was 16,112 for last year’s home number and scored from 18 yards out to score since Lafayette did so on Oct. 18,
the record-setting crowd that saw Liberty opener against North Carolina Central provide Liberty’s first score of the eve- 2008.
roll to a 52-14 victory over visiting Savan- on Sept. 12. ning. But momentum did not remain on the
nah State inside of a renovated Williams A burst of excitement helped the Flames Liberty forced Savannah State to punt Tigers’ side for long, as a pair of 30-yard
Stadium Saturday evening saw quite a quickly jump out to a lead, almost from the ball away and B.J. Hayes gave Liberty plays pushed Liberty’s lead to 21-7 with
show, both on and off the field. the first time Liberty touched the foot- great field position, following a 45-yard 4:27 left in the first quarter.
During the last nine months, Williams ball. The Flames won the opening coin punt return. Two plays after SirChauncey Holloway
Stadium, Liberty’s on-campus football fa- toss and elected to receive. Four plays later, Brown lofted a ball into took a handoff 32 yards, his longest run of
cility since 1989, underwent a major ren- Danny Broggin took the opening kick- the near corner of the end zone and ju- the season, Brown hooked up with Sum-
ovation. The stadium received additional off the length of the field, returning Derek nior Summers hauled in his first score of mers again. The quick three-play, 62-yard
seating, expanding the seating to 19,200, Williams’ kick for what the record-setting the night on a nine-yard pass play to give drive was finished off when Summers
while adding a five-story press box with crowd thought was an 88-yard return for the Flames a 14-0 edge. leaped up to pull in a 30-yard touchdown
18 luxury suites and an 11,000-square a score. But half the yardage on the play Liberty forced a three-and-out series on reception.
foot Flames Club Pavilion room. was negated following a personal foul. the next drive, but Mike Larsson’s punt
The victory, which moved Liberty to 3- However, it didn’t take long for Liberty was blocked by Rashaud Ferrell, who See LIBERTY, 13
Page 12 • The Lynchburg Times • October 7 - 13, 2010 Read every issue online at

• “Let your dough rise in the oven --

while it’s off, of course. It’s the perfect
temperature, and it’s draft-free!” -- R.F.
in Texas

• Breakfast in bed? It’s muffin-tin time.

Small portions are easily separated, and
small glasses are less likely to turn over
when placed in one of the wells.

• “To keep small screws in place, like the

ones in sunglasses or eyeglasses, dab
the screw with clear nail polish. It gets
into the cracks and keeps it in place,
but you can unscrew it if you need to.”
-- S.L. in Colorado

• Rub a little petroleum jelly over the Albuquerque telephone directory. Ask for references,
shower-curtain rod to help metal curtain and don’t be shy about asking about the appraiser’s
rings glide better. If you use a plastic training and expertise. If you can’t find one in the tele-
phone book, there are two websites that might be help-
nonslip mat in the bottom of your tub, be ful: and www.appraisers.
sure to throw it in the washer with towels org.
to keep mildew at bay.
Q: I have a vinyl blow-up astronaut that was made
in Japan. I would like to find out more about it. --
• “Use hairspray to preserve flowers you Leone, Baltimore, Md.
might want to display in your home. After
they’ve dried, arrange them as you like Lunchbox A: I was unable to find your item in any of my reference
books, nor was I able to locate it on eBay or other In- 1. Is the Book of Galatians in the Old or New Testa-
them and then give them a big dose of Q: I recently purchased a “Gentle Ben” lunchbox at ternet auction site. The picture you sent suggests that ment or neither?
hairspray.” -- Y.E. in Alabama a yard sale in Phoenix for $6. I think that it’s worth it was probably made in either the 1970s or ‘80s. I have 2. From which book’s 10:35 does Jesus say the scrip-
much more than that, but can’t seem to find it ref- seen similar items from this period sell in the $10 to ture cannot be broken? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
erenced in any of the price guides I have. Can you $20 range. 3. In order to see Jesus, Zacchaeus climbed what
• Never, never, never serve roasted help me? -- Louise, Sun City, Ariz. type tree? Fig, Carob, Sycamore, Cedar
poultry right away. Always let it stand for Q: I have a bottle that was issued to commemorate 4. From Matthew 17, what did Peter find with a coin
15 to 25 minutes after roasting to allow A: Your lunchbox was manufactured by Aladdin in 1968. the inauguration of Dwight Eisenhower in 1953. Is in its mouth? Ram, Fish, Viper, Raven
According to Warman’s Lunch Boxes Field Guide by it worth anything? -- John, Salem, Ill. 5. In Mark 3:17, who were called “The Sons of Thun-
the juices to redistribute. You will have Joe Soucy (Krause, $12.99), it is worth about $225. der”? James/John, Thomas/Judas, Peter/Andrew,
juicier meat, and the bird will be easier A: I assume your bottle is a liquor bottle. I found one Philip/Matthew
to carve. Q: I recently inherited three small tables that have listed in Warman’s Political Collectibles by Dr. Enoch L. 6. From Luke 8, Jesus caused swine to rush into
been in my family since the early 1930s. The origi- Nappen (Krause, $24.99). If so, it is valued in the $35 what body of water? River Jordan, Dead Sea, Nile,
nal owner was in the import/export business in to $50 range. Sea of Galilee
Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o New York. I would like to determine their value. -
Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly ANSWERS: 1) New; 2) John; 3) Sycamore; 4) Fish;
King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box - Norma, Albuquerque, N.M.
Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or 5) James/John; 6) Sea of Galilee
536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e- send e-mail to Due to the
A: You need to contact a certified appraiser, and you
mail JoAnn at should be prepared to pay a fee for his or her services.
large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to Wilson Casey’s trivia book “Know It? ... or Not?” is
personally answer all reader questions. Do not send available from
You should be able to find an appraiser in your city by
any materials requiring return mail.
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. looking under “Appraisers” in the business pages of the
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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LIBERTY, from 11 opened on the right side of the line. Bolt each finished the game with seven Williams Stadium for the Homecoming
The next play, Bostick, who entered the stops, led by Fogg’s career-best five solo game. Kickoff is slated for 3:30 p.m., and
The score remained the same until mid- game as Savannah State’s back-up quar- tackles. the contest will begin Liberty’s quest for
way through the second quarter, when terback, completed a 32-yard flea-flicker Liberty will conclude a brief two-game a fourth-straight Big South Conference
Liberty kept the ball on the ground seven play to an open Brian Lackey in the end homestand next weekend, when the title.
times during a nine-play, 73-yard drive. zone to trim Liberty’s lead back to 38-14 Flames welcome Charleston Southern to
However, the last play saw Liberty take with 6:16 left to play.
to the air again, as Brown found a wide- But that would be as close as the Tigers
open Matthias Wrede for his first career would get, as Liberty would tack on two
reception. The four-yard scoring strike at fourth-quarter touchdowns to complete
9:59 pushed Liberty’s lead to 28-7. the evening.
Liberty almost added its fourth passing Tyler Brennan completed a nine-play,
touchdown of the first half eight minutes 76-yard scoring drive on Liberty’s first
later, when Brown found Ervin Garner possession of the fourth quarter by find-
deep downfield. But the 45-yard pass was ing Summers open for his third touch-
just a bit underthrown and the junior had down pass of the night. The 17-yard strike
to come back for the reception and was came with 8:51 left in the football game.
tackled at the two-yard line. After a three-and-out series forced the
Two plays later, SirChauncey Holloway Tigers to punt the ball away, back-to-back
found a hole open on the right side of the bursts by Chase Barnett allowed Liberty
line, scoring from two yards out to give to post its ninth 50-point game under
Liberty a 35-7 margin with 1:54 left to head coach Danny Rocco. The second
play in the period. run was a 24-yard scamper for Barnett,
Both teams tried to tack on additional his first collegiate rushing touchdown,
points during the final two minutes of the giving Liberty its final score of the night.
half, but both squads missed field goals. Liberty finished the game with 564 total
Williams’ 44-yard attempt fell well short offensive yards, the team’s second-high-
of the goal posts, while Matt Bevins’ 38 est offensive output of the year.
yarder as time expired missed wide to the For the first time this season, the
right. Flames’ rushing numbers surpassed their
Liberty nearly tripled Savannah State’s passing totals. Liberty finished with 288
total offensive production during the rushing yards on 37 carries, while posting
opening 30 minutes of play. The Flames 276 passing yards on 18 completions. Sa-
finished with 350 yards of total offense vannah State finished the game with 304
on 35 plays, while Savannah State posted total offensive yards.
123 yards on 30 plays. Brown only completed two additional
Brown was Liberty’s top offensive weap- passes during the second half, finishing
on, as the junior completed 12-of-16 pass the contest with 231 passing yards on
attempts for 216 yards and three touch- 14-of-19 completions and three touch-
downs. Six of his 12 completions were to downs.
Summers, who tallied 106 yards and two Brown has now passed for 200 or more
scores during the opening 30 minutes. yards in five-straight games, leaving him
On the ground, Holloway rushed for 77 one shy of the school record (Robby Jus-
yards and a score on 10 carries, followed tino [1990] and Brock Smith [2007-08]
by Brown’s six carries for 54 yards and the had six-straight games with 200 or more
team’s other rushing touchdown. passing yards.)
Big plays continued to be the theme of Holloway became the 31st player in
the second half, as all three touchdowns program history to post a 100-yard rush-
scored came during plays that resulted in ing contest, as the sophomore finished
10 or more yards. the game with a career-high 140 yards on
The first three of Liberty’s 17 second- 16 carries. Barnett finished behind him
half points came on a 27-yard field goal by with 56 yards on eight rushing attempts
Bevins with 7:31 left in the third quarter, and a score.
completing an eight-play, 78-yard scoring Summers posted his third 100-yard
drive. game of the season, finishing with 132
The Tigers quickly answered back on yards on eight receptions. The junior also
three big plays. The first of the trio was posted three touchdown receptions, giv-
a 15-yard pass by Antonio Bostick to ing him eight on the season, which leads Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. looks out at the
Alakan Thomas, followed by a 22-yard all FCS receivers in the country. almost 20,000 fans who came to cheer on the Flames at the grand
run by Sheldon Barnes, thanks to a hole Kevin Fogg, Kyle O’Donnell and Doncel re-opening of Williams Stadium.
Page 14 • The Lynchburg Times • October 7 - 13, 2010 Read every issue online at
SCHOOLS, from  to have a city council member chair the

© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

8. Death At a Funeral (R) Chris Rock
Heritage Task Force and have a school 9. Clash of the Titans (PG-13) Sam Worthington
Foundation which displays and main-
board member vice-chair since the city 10. Furry Vengeance (PG) (Summit)
tains a large collection of art throughout
would be the funding agency. School
the school. The art has been gathered for Top 10 DVD Sales
Board members had previously indi- 1. Killers (PG-13) (Lionsgate)
over 100 years. A representative indicat-
cated they felt slighted that the commit- 2. The Office: Season Six (NR) (Universal)
ed that there are needs such as lighting
tee would not be co-chaired by a mem- 3. Supernatural: The Complete 5th Season(NR) (Warner)
and restoring and securing some of the Top 10 Video Rentals 4. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? (PG-13) (Li-
ber from each body. District 3 member 1. Killers (PG-13) Ashton Kutcher
older works. The event will be open to onsgate)
Albert Billingsly said the board should 2. Date Night (PG-13) Steve Carell 5. Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season (NR) (Warner)
the public. Donations will be accepted.
move forward without further “banter- 3. The Back-up Plan (PG-13) Jennifer Lopez 6. Marmaduke (PG) (20th Century Fox)
ing back and forth” over the issue. 4. Marmaduke (PG) Owen Wilson 7. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (NR) (Buena Vista)
• Board Chairman Mary Ann Barker read 5. Solitary Man (R) Michael Douglas 8. Date Night (PG-13) (20th Century Fox)
a letter from Lynchburg Mayor Joan Fos- 6. The Last Song (PG) Miley Cyrus 9. Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue (NR) (Lionsgate)
ter saying that City Council still intended 7. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? (PG-13) 10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) (20th Century Fox)

of documentaries and a 24-page booklet.

“Psycho 50th Anniversary Edition” (R) -- You

probably could fill a library wing with all the mate-
rial that’s been written about this movie, and given
Top 10 Pop Singles 9. Katy Perry ..................................................No. 4 the many, many releases of “Psycho” on home video
“Teenage Dream” (Capitol) through the years, chances are you’ve seen most
This Week................................................. Last Week 10. Justin Bieber . ..........................................No. 8 of the special features included in this version. That
1. Bruno Mars ................................................No. 3 “My World 2.0” (SchoolBoy/Raymond Braun/Island) said, if you’re a film purist, then you’ll want this new
“Just the Way You Are” (Elektra) Blu-Ray release because it’s the only video release
2. Eminem feat. Rihanna . .............................No. 2 of the movie in its original aspect ratio.
“Love the Way You Lie” (Web/Shady/Aftermath) PICKS OF THE WEEK
3. Rihanna ....................................................No. 75 “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl” (Unrated)
“Only Girl (In the World)” (SRP/Def Jam) “Predators” (R) -- Produced by, and based on a -- This is the latest in the new wave of low-budget
4. Katy Perry ..................................................No. 1 script by Robert Rodriguez (“Grindhouse,” “From Japanese extreme schlock cinema (“Machine Girl,”
“Teenage Dream” (Capitol) Dusk Til Dawn”), “Predators” breathes new life into “Robogeisha”), a genre that features shocking
5. Usher feat. Pitbull . ....................................No. 6 an embarrassingly awful franchise and offers up a scenes of over-the-top gore and horror so extreme
“DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” (LaFace) healthy dose of cheesy good fun. A buffed-up Adrien that it goes beyond grotesque into the realm of the
6. Taio Cruz ....................................................No. 4 Brody stars as the leader of a group of eight people ridiculous. Because this is a family-friendly column, I
“Dynamite” (Mercury) who are mysteriously deposited on an alien planet to can’t even begin to describe how deliciously bizarre
7. Enrique Iglsias feat. Pitbull ......................No. 5 be hunted as sport by an alien species. Thanks to an this movie is. Trust me though, watching this movie
“I Like It” (Universal Republic) R rating, there’s gore aplenty, but also a few laughs, could screw you up for life.
8. Nelly . ..........................................................No. 7 a couple of shocking moments and twist ending.
Robert Plant “Predators” isn’t a great film by any stretch of the
“Just A Dream” (Derrty)
9. Flo Rida feat. David Guetta . .....................No. 9 imagination, but it’s a solid B-movie and ripping good
“Club Can’t Handle Me” (Poe Boy) Top 10 Hot Country Singles guilty pleasure.
10. Far East Movement feat. Cataracs & Dev . .... No. 16
“Like a G6” (Cherrytree) This Week................................................. Last Week “Apocalypse Now Three-Disc Full Disclosure
1. Lady Antebellum .......................................No. 1 Edition” [Blu-Ray] (R) -- This collection is a must-
“Our Kind of Love” (Capitol Nashville) have for fans of Francis Ford Coppola’s opus set
Top 10 Albums 2. Kenny Chesney .........................................No. 3 during the Vietnam War. The three-disc collection
“The Boys of Fall” (BNA) contains “Apocalypse Now” and “Apocalypse Now
This Week................................................. Last Week Redux” in 1080p high-def and -- for the first time -
3. Josh Turner . ..............................................No. 5
1. Linkin Park entry - in their original aspect ratio. Included is the riveting
“All Over Me” (MCA Nashville)
“A Thousand Suns” (Warner Bros.) making-of documentary “Hearts of Darkness,” which Anthony Perkins stars in “Psycho”
4. Easton Corbin . ..........................................No. 6
2. Trey Songz entry contains a commentary track with Eleanor and Fran-
“Roll With It” (Mercury)
“Passion” (Songbook/Atlantic) cis Ford Coppola. There also are tons of new special TV SERIES
5. Billy Currington .........................................No. 2
3. Eminem ......................................................No. 2 features, including interviews with Martin Sheen and
“Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer” (Mercury)
“Recovery” (Web/Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) John Milius, a 48-page book with behind-the-scenes “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” The Complete Collection
6. Darius Rucker ............................................No. 9
4. Jamey Johnson entry photos and too many more goodies to mention. “Alias Smith and Jones” The Complete Series
“Come Back Song” (Capitol Nashville)
“The Guitar Song” (Mercury Nashville) “The Dead Zone” The Complete Series
7. Little Big Town . .......................................No. 10
5. Robert Plant entry “The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniver- “Accidentally on Purpose” The First Season
“Little White Church” (Capitol Nashville)
“Band of Joy” (Concord) sary Edition” (R) -- Remastered from the original “The Bionic Woman” Season One
8. Blake Shelton . ...........................................No. 4
6. Weezer . entry negative and featuring 7.1 audio and a picture-in- “Shaun the Sheep” Season 1
“All About Tonight” (Reprise)
“Hurley” (Epitaph) picture “Shadowcast” option that gives the illusion “Tales From the Darkside” Final Season
9. Sugarland . ...............................................No. 12
7. Various Artists . .........................................No. 3 of the Rocky Horror theatrical experience, this an- “Real L Word” The First Season
“Stuck Like Glue” (Mercury)
“NOW 35” (Universal/EI/Sony) niversary release, like the young Susan Sarandon, is “Scooby Doo Where Are You” Season One
10. Taylor Swift ............................................ No. 11
8. Brandon Flowers entry a really well-put-together package. Special features “Jonathan Creek” The Specials
“Mine” (Big Machine)
“Flamingo” (Island) include a karaoke option, audio commentary, a slew
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The news
arriving on the scene, officers located arrived. The victim was transport- plus your message” to 274637.
the 47 year old victim, Gregory Mat- ed by the Lynchburg Fire and EMS
thews. Shortly before police were dis- Department to Lynchburg General Lynchburg Police to host Turkmen
patched to the scene, the victim and where he underwent treatment. The visitors
his brother, Walter Louis Matthews victim is expected to recover from his
(D.O.B. 10/30/47) had a verbal alter- injuries. Walter Matthews, (pictured The Lynchburg Police Department
cation. The verbal altercation soon above) is wanted for Aggravated Ma- is honored to serve as hosts to 5 of-
turned physical. According to the licious Wounding in connection with ficials from Turkmenistan as part of
victim and witness, Walter attacked the stabbing. He was last seen in the an ongoing partnership that began
Gregory with a large kitchen knife. 1st St. and Jackson St. area. three years ago. Crime scene training
Anyone with any information re- courses have been conducted by the
garding this crime or the location of Lynchburg Police in Turkmenistan
the suspect is asked to contact Detec- and police from all five provinces have
tive R.G. Miller at (434)455-6160 or received the specialized training.
Crime Stoppers at 1-888-798-5900, The visitors, who will be in Lynch-
visit the Central Virginia Crime Stop- burg on October 14th and 15th, rep-
pers website at www.cvcrimestoppers.
org to enter a web tip, or text “CVCS See NEWS, 16

On 9/30/2010 at approximately
11:12 p.m. officers with the Lynchburg Gregory sustained numerous cuts
Local pet of the week
Police Department responded to 85 to the facial, neck, and hand areas.
Jackson St. for a report of a male who The suspect, Walter Matthews left the
had been stabbed in the neck. Upon scene before responding police units

meaning humans feed them, they become more

than a nuisance: They’re then a danger.
Let the Vermont Fish & Wildlife office (http:// near you know about
the bear. Unlike some states and urban areas, the
office may not be able to come out and capture or
kill the bear, but they will give you advice on how
to reduce the risk of another surprise visit.
Meantime, follow these steps as well:
• Don’t leave garbage cans outdoors; store in a
shed or garage and have a well-latched cover.
• Don’t place garbage on the curb the night before
trash pickup.
• Feed your pets indoors.

There’s a Bear • After a barbecue, clean the grill well. Store inside
if possible.
• If you have a bird feeder, empty it or take it inside

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I moved into a home in for at least four weeks.
rural Vermont this summer and was rather ter- Keep in contact with your neighbors about the
rified one morning when I walked out into my bear. If you or they continue to have problems,
backyard and found myself face to face with a stay in contact with Vermont Fish & Wildlife. The
bear. I ran back in the house, and it trundled USDA Animal Damage Control Unit is another re- Flash, a two year-old Jack Russell made needed before his larger siblings barreled
off into the woods. Later, my neighbors told source ( his first visit to PetSmart Oct. 6. in.
me the bear is well-known in the area and that age/). Amid all the excitement Flash still re- These days Flash still keeps to his fast
some residents, including my home’s former
owner, used to feed it. What can I do to keep it membered his manners and greeted ev- movements, slowimg down only to be
Have a question about your pet? Contact Sam eryone with a whine of “why aren’t you petted and loved on.
out of my yard? -- Jessica, via e-mail at, or write to Paw’s Cor- petting me?” Some of Flash’s favorite things are chew
ner, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box Named for the thunderbolt on his toys, digging and golf balls.
DEAR JESSICA: Bears can be a real nuisance -- 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Find more pet
although in many places it’s human encroachment neck, Flash was the runt of his litter and Got a great story & photo of your pet?
advice and resources at
that exacerbates the problem -- and when well- © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
learned how to be fast at getting what he
Page 16 • The Lynchburg Times • October 7 - 13, 2010 Read every issue online at
NEWS, from 15 tigative Training Assistance Program velopment is partnering with Lynch- ing, E-materials, online digital photo
(DOJ/ICITAP). ICITAP works with burg City Schools to make sure that storage, web design, Microsoft Word
resent the Ministry of Internal Affairs foreign governments to develop pro- all 8th graders get the opportunity to 2007, and Internet Explorer. The
(their law enforcement arm), Cus- fessional and transparent law enforce- attend the Fifth Annual Future Fo- course topics being offered will vary
toms, Counter Narcotics Service and ment institutions that protect human cus EXPO on October 12 at Liberty according to library location. All
the United States Embassy. They re- rights, combat corruption, and reduce University’s Tolsma Indoor Track. courses will be instructed using Mi-
portedly “want to see the Lynchburg the threat of transnational crime and Specifically, the Office of Economic crosoft Office 2007 software products
Police Department up close and per- terrorism. Development is sponsoring travel ar- and Internet Explorer.
sonal, meet the officers, and under- rangements for these students. This To find a list of classes being offered
stand the Department’s day-to-day NEW DATE ANNOUNCED: gesture will allow all 600 students at your library location, please visit
activities and challenges.” One special Middle school students will stay up to fulfill their Academic and Career or call your li-
guest, Vepa Nurnazarov, is a five-time all night for the love of reading Planning curriculum. “Events like Fu- brary. Bedford Central Library (540)
world record holder in power lifting ture Focus make our students aware 586-8911; Big Island Library (540)
and has expressed an interest in visit- Roughly 100 Linkhorne Middle of the job opportunities right in their 425-7000; Forest Library (540) 425-
ing the Department’s new gym. School students will be part of a Read- own backyard”, says Economic Devel- 7002; Moneta/SML Library (540)
Over the past several years Lynch- A-Thon from 7 p.m. on November 12 opment director Marjette Upshur. 425-7004; Montvale Library (540)
burg has worked with the Ministry until 7 a.m. on November 13. Students From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. these stu- 425-7006; Stewartsville Library (540)
of Internal Affairs, State Counter will get to see an exciting new collec- dents, along with 250 students from 425-7008.
Narcotics, Prosecutor General’s Of- tion of books added to the Linkhorne Lynchburg City School’s Gear Up
fice and other Ministries within the library as well as get reacquainted program for 11th graders, will learn Community Briefing to be held on
Turkmen government teaching crime with literary greats. The new books about career and education opportu- Route 29 North Bridge Project
scene processing. Law Enforce- were purchased with a 21st Century nities from more than 70 area compa-
ment Agencies in Turkmenistan hold Community Learning Centers Grant. nies, learn networking and interview- Tye River Bridge and approaches to
Lynchburg in high regard for its role in The Read-A-Thon is being coordi- ing skills, and participate in several be reconstructed
developing and delivering training to nated and promoted by the Link- hand-on learning activities. Upshur American Infrastructure, Design-
their nation’s experts. Over the past horne Middle TEAM – Tutoring, says it’s a win-win for the community Build Contractor on the Route 29
six years basic and advanced crime Enrichment, Athletics, and Mentor- and students. “It reinforces that good North Tye River Reconstruction proj-
scene courses have been delivered by ing. Through these four components jobs require a good education and re- ect and representatives with the Vir-
Lynchburg Police Officers operating students are given the opportunity to minds our businesses the workforce ginia Department of Transportation
on their own time in Turkmenistan, as grow as a whole and to experience op- starts here in our schools.” (VDOT) will meet with citizens about
well as, in Kenya and in Azerbaijan. portunities that will help them grow Held each October, the Future Focus the project.
Detective Jonathan Pelletier of the into productive citizens. Expo is an event that brings together A community briefing is scheduled
Lynchburg Crime Scene Unit, a Cer- industry and education in a trade- on Wednesday, October 6 from 6:00
tified Senior Crime Analyst by the City, schools collaborate to show format where students can ex- to 8:00 p.m. at Nelson County High
International Association of Identi- expose eighth graders to career plore science and technology career School . No formal presentation will
fication, has developed the training opportunities opportunities within Region 2000 and be made; however, staff will available
for the United States Department of participate in a series of technology to answer questions concerning the
Justice’s International Criminal Inves- Lynchburg’s Office of Economic De- challenges. construction schedule and traffic im-
There will be over 1500 middle pacts.
school students and 11th graders from The project will begin approximate-
Lynchburg City Schools and Bedford ly 1000 feet south of the northbound
County Schools in attendance be- bridge and end approximately 1000
tween the hours of 11am and 3pm. feet north of the bridge. During con-
There will be door prizes and give- struction one lane of traffic in either
aways including a Nintendo Wii game direction will use the southbound
system and an iPod Touch. bridge. Crossovers will be construct-
ed at either end of the structure to fa-
Bedford Public Library System cilitate this movement.
Offers Free Computer Skills Work on the approximately $6.7 mil-
Classes lion project is scheduled for comple-
tion in late 2012.
The Bedford Public Library System
is offering free instructional beginner Send your news tips and briefs to:
classes in various areas of computer
usage. Topics include social network-
Read every issue online at October 7 - 13, 2010 • The Lynchburg Times • Page 17

McDonnell predicts a modern rise of the South

Virginia governor gives vision and charm, but innovative in technology South are changing. People are mov-
and education. ing to the South, and they are a diverse
of the South’s future at Oxford
“In fact, we try to change our name crowd.
American Symposium; promises from the Old Dominion to the Silicon “While many may fairly stereotype, or
• On Oct. 24, 1775, a British naval fleet of six
to hold cost of higher education Dominion to rival the Silicon Valley in think of the South as a sleepy, homoge-
and produce more graduates. the number of high tech jobs that we’ve nous region, it is absolutely not the case,”
ships sails up the James River to destroy the
town of Norfolk, Va. Expecting the Patriots and got,” the governor joked. But he did take McDonnell said. “It is increasingly di-
local militia to come charging and to engage By Stephen Groves a serious approach to Virginia’s higher verse and heterogeneous.” In fact, many
in open combat, the British were surprised to Virginia Statehouse News education and bragged about the quality immigrants now call the South home.
come under fire from expert riflemen, who be- colleges in the Commonwealth. One out of 10 Virginians is foreign-born
gan striking down British troops at a distance. At the Oxford American’s Symposium “To get that done, we need to moti- said McDonnell.
on “The Future of the South” held last vate and incentivize our people that we And as populations rise, politicians
• On Oct. 18, 1867, the U.S. formally takes pos- Tuesday at the National Archives, Gov- need more opportunity and more access like McDonnell see increasing opportu-
session of Alaska after purchasing the territory ernor Bob McDonnell gave the keynote to higher education, at a less cost,” Mc- nity for influence. He said that states like
from Russia for less than 2 cents an acre, a pur- Donnell said. “Tuition doubling every 10 Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina,
address, casting his vision for a modern
chase championed by Secretary of State Wil- years is absolutely unacceptable.” and North Carolina could be gaining
liam Seward. The American public believed the
rise of Virginia.
The magazine’s conference is part of its He said that the success of Virginia is House of Representatives seats in 2011.
land to be barren and worthless, and dubbed
Future issue, which was released Sept. tied to top-performing universities and “More and more you’ll see an increas-
the purchase “Seward’s Folly.”
1. It addresses trends and issues that promised an increased investment in ing political influence of leaders in the
• On Oct. 23, 1921, in France, U.S. Army Sgt. will change the South over the next 40 higher education. On of the goal’s of his American south,” he predicted.
Edward Younger selects from four caskets the years. In the issue, McDonnell and other administration is to create 100,000 new As McDonnell spoke of a rising South,
body of the first “Unknown Soldier” to be hon- southern governors answer questions on degrees in Virginia I the next 15 years. his political stock also seems to be on the
ored among the approximately 77,000 United how they see the region shaping. He pledged that he would reveal a plan rise.
States servicemen killed during World War I. He At the symposium, McDonnell spoke to get that started next week. “Two of the last three presidents were
marked the casket with a spray of white roses. of a South not only steeped in tradition McDonnell said demographics of the southern governors,” he said.

• On Oct. 20, 1947, the notorious Red Scare

kicks into high gear as a Congressional com-
mittee begins investigating Communist influ-
ence in Hollywood. Pressured by Congress, With weeks to go, polls show close races in 2nd and 5th districts
the Hollywood establishment started a blacklist By Stephen Groves other candidate besides the Republican services and independence from Presi-
policy, banning the work of 325 screenwriters, Virginia Statehouse News or Democrat. In the second district race, dent Barack Obama’s administration.
actors and directors who had not been cleared
three percent said they would, and two Both incumbents received the National
by the committee.
As candidates look at the Nov. 2 elec- percent said they would in the fifth dis- Rifle Association’s (NRA) endorsement,
• On Oct. 21, 1959, on New York City’s Fifth Av- tions just weeks away, independent polls trict. which will sit well with conservatives.
enue, thousands of people line up for a debut of released Oct. 6 show that two freshmen The Hill, a Washington publication, But this doesn’t necessarily mean the
a bizarrely shaped white concrete building that Democrats are narrowly trailing their sponsored the polling of 40 close Con- Democrats are more gun-friendly than
resembled a giant upside-down cupcake, the Republican challengers. gressional races. Penn Schoen Berland, the Republicans- the NRA’s endorse-
new Guggenheim Museum. In the second district, Rep. Glenn Nye a communications firm, conducted the ment favors incumbents with proven
is favored by 36 percent of voters, while polls. voting records over challengers.
• On Oct. 22, 1965, President Lyndon B. John- his challenger, Republican Scott Rigell, Both polls reveal that these seats are Nye has focused his efforts on the Joint
son signs the Highway Beautification Act, which leads him with 42 percent. The survey still up for grabs. All parties have been Forces Command center in Hampton
attempts to limit billboards and other forms of also revealed there is still room for im- campaigning aggressively, and both rac- Roads, trying to convince voters he has
outdoor advertising, as well as junkyards and provement for either side, with 19 per- es have seen negative campaigning. It the ability to keep it open. And Perriello
other unsightly roadside messes, along Amer- cent of those polled saying they were will only heat up as Nov. 2 draws near. is focused on job creation. This message
ica’s interstate highways.
undecided. Sabato’s Crystal Ball, a leading election is especially important in the rural fifth
In the fifth district, state legislator Sen. predictor by Larry Sabato of the Univer- district where jobs can be hard to come
• On Oct. 19, 1985, the first Blockbuster video-
rental store opens, in Dallas. At a time when Robert Hurt led Democrat incumbent sity of Virginia Center for Politics, re- by. For example, the poll revealed that
most video stores were small-scale operations Rep. Tom Perriello by just one percent- cently said both races lean Republican. 18 percent of likely voters have house-
featuring a limited selection of titles, Blockbust- age point. In that race, nine percent of They were previously rated as a “toss- hold incomes less than $25,000 a year.
er opened with some 8,000 tapes displayed on voters are undecided. up.” But as the elections draw near, the key
shelves around the store and a computerized Polls in both races did not ask specifi- But don’t tell Perriello or Nye that. As sector in both races will be the elusive
check-out process. cally about third party candidates, who various advocacy groups roll out their voters who are still undecided. The polls
have played a factor in the races. They endorsements, both Democrats have show that segment could determine the
did ask if likely voters would vote for an- been selling themselves on constituent elections.
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watch some of the newer personalities falling all over her as 3. The Town (R) Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm
they jockeyed for position. Our Jill wouldn’t have any of it -- as
far as she was concerned, she was just plain folk! 4. Easy A (PG-13) Emma Stone, Penn
It was one of Jill’s last requests that I continue her column Badgley
and not disappoint loyal readers who have been following her 5. You Again (PG) Kirsten Bell, Jamie Lee
for decades. I’ve written for many movie magazines, among
them the immortal Photoplay Magazine, and edited and wrote Curtis
for my own publication, The Soap Set. It will be a difficult task 6. Devil (PG-13) Chris Messina, Bojana Nova-
to fill the shoes of a true pioneer such as Jill Jackson, but I will kovic
HOLLYWOOD -- Dear loyal readers of Jill Jackson’s Hol- try to carry on the excellence of her reporting with the class
lywood, I was greatly saddened to learn, as you have, that our she brought to it.
7. Resident Evil: Afterlife (R) Milla Jovovich,
wonderful, adorable Jill has joined her many friends and loved I welcome your input and suggestions about who you Ali Larter
ones in Hollywood heaven. Right now she’s probably having
drinks with some of her famous friends like Errol Flynn, Ron-
would like to read about, and maybe together we can make 1. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG-13) 8. Alpha and Omega (PG) animated
this transition an easy one.
ald Reagan, Mario Lanza, Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers, Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf 9. Takers (PG-13) Matt Dillon, Chris Brown
Marlon Brando, Rosemary Clooney and hundreds of others 2. Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of 10. Inception (PG-13) Leonardo DiCaprio,
who adored her.
Ga’Hoole (PG) animated Ken Watanabe
I have known Jill for 40 years and worked closely with her © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
for the past three years. She often fascinated me with stories
of her native New Orleans at Tulane University and her early
days in broadcasting that led her to being the first female
sportscaster in the U.S.
cast of the hit 1965 musical will reunite on “Oprah”
In the 1940s and ‘50s, she first had a radio show, and then on Oct. 29 in honor of the film’s 45th anniversary. All
added a television show as well. As one of the most famous the cast members will be on hand, including stars
ladies in New Orleans, she interviewed every major entertain- Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Color me
er who came to town -- wining and dining them. Word soon ecstatic!
got around Hollywood that you had to party with Jill if you went
to New Orleans. They did, including celebrities such as Gene
Jill Jackson with Zsa Zsa Gabor
Kelly, Robert Mitchum and even a hip-swinging singer by the
BITS ‘N’ PIECES: Jill’s friends toasted her at a get-together,
name of Elvis Presley. (She had the pictures to prove it!).
showing how revered and loved she was. ... In the last three
Jill eventually moved to Hollywood and lived at the swank
years, Jill stayed close to home, keeping in touch with her
Chateau Marmont for $250 a month. Today, that wouldn’t be
best friends Joan Fontaine (of “Rebecca” fame) and Gloria
enough for even one night. Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio now
Henry (mother to the titular mischief maker on the “Dennis the
keep rooms there to be close to where it’s all happening on
Menace” TV show). ... Jill would laugh at all the hoopla now
the famed Sunset Strip.
being made over her. I can just hear her say, “Stop making
When Jill went to premieres, parties or movie screenings,
such a fuss. I’m just a simple Southern girl!”
she was treated like Hollywood royalty, and it was funny to Q: My husband and I think “Men of a Certain Age”
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. was the best show on TV last year. Can you tell us
if it’s been picked up for a second season? We
sure hope so. -- Carmen G., via e-mail
ing a friend or relative. But while the issues appear to
be cut and dried, they might not be. Get more facts A: I am happy to report that TNT’s hit comedy starring
before you act. Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula has
LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A suggestion been renewed for a second season, which will pre- Ray Romano
about a policy change could create heated reactions. miere Nov. 29. You can relive the first season soon, Q: I was so sad to read that Gloria Stuart had
Keep your mind open and resist joining in with nay- as Season One will make its DVD debut Nov. 2. The passed away. “Titanic” is one of my all-time fa-
sayers unless they can show a real basis for their two-disc DVD set will include all 10 episodes from vorite movies, and Gloria did a wonderful job in it.
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Your moodier side might position. the first season. Bonus features include commentary, What other films has this beautiful actress been
emerge this week. But the dark period should pass in SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) While poten- deleted scenes, gag reel and behind-the-scenes foot- in? -- Phyllis S., via e-mail
time for the party-loving Lamb to go on a happy gam- tial career changes warrant your interest, don’t ignore age.
bol with some very special people this weekend. current job responsibilities. A personal relationship A: Gloria Stuart, who passed away Sept. 26 of re-
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Yet again, you show can also benefit from more of your attention. Q: I just found out that actors Bradley Whitford spiratory failure at the age of 100, got her start early
your skill at being able to indulge in your love of the SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Don’t and Jane Kaczmarek have divorced. How are they in Hollywood. She was a blond beauty who starred
arts this week while still taking care of practical mat- guess at what the facts might be if you hope to make doing, and how do they make it work with their in “The Invisible Man,” “Gold Diggers of 1935” and
ters, including some still-unfinished business mat- the best decision possible. The wise course is to ask children? -- Sasha F., Ontario, Canada “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.” She was semiretired
ters. direct questions and act on the answers you get. by the 1940s, and returned to acting in the ‘70s with
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A potential change CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Your ef- A: I spoke with Jane recently while she was promoting sporadic roles in TV and film.
might appear to be what you’ve been looking for. In forts involving that pesky problem should soon show her Lifetime movie “Reviving Ophelia” (which I highly She returned to the acting forefront in the 1997
any event, consider both the negative as well as the positive signs of being resolved. This would allow you recommend), and she told me how she and Brad are epic romance/disaster film “Titanic,” and both she and
positive possibilities before making any sort of deci- to shift some of your focus in another direction. able to make it work since getting divorced in 2009: Kate Winslet were nominated for an Academy Award
sion. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) While you “Brad and I have a really wonderful relationship. The for the same role (Kate playing Young Rose, and
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Relationships continue enjoy well-deserved praise for getting a difficult job marriage couldn’t work anymore, but I think that we Gloria playing Older Rose), which was an Oscar first.
to dominate your aspect this week on a mostly positive done, there’s no time to relax. A new challenge looms. still have an incredible fondness and love for each Upon hearing of Gloria’s passing, Kate released this
level, with just a few problem areas you can smooth Expect more support from a once-strong critic. other that we really want our kids to see as we be- statement: “I feel blessed to have met her, known her
over. Also, try to be flexible about travel plans. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) You might still come friends. We just think of it as a family that lives and to have acted alongside her. She will be deeply
LEO (July 23 to August 22) You love being on cen- have explaining to do about your decision, but sup- in two different houses.” missed.”
ter stage, and while you absolutely purr at the sound port grows as you continue to make your case. You
of all that praise, be careful not to take on too many also might want to start making plans for the upcom- Q: What are these rumors I’m hearing about a Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O.
commitments at the expense of time spent with loved ing holidays. “Sound of Music” reunion? -- Gerry D., Wilming- Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at
ones. BORN THIS WEEK: You insist on making decisions ton, Del. For more news and extended
VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) You might feel based on facts, not on popular opinions. Have you interviews, visit and twitter.
that you need to get involved in a matter concern- considered a career in science? A: I think you’re referring to the news that the entire com/Celebrity_Extra.
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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City Council looks at block grant funding

By Yvonne Behrens tinue participation in the Virginia Initiative for come. • The rebuilding of a predominately residential
The Lynchburg Times Employment not Welfare Program (VIEW) that Every five years, the City reviews its use of neighborhood and areas that were historically
encourages welfare recipients to take advantage funds. With the end of this fiscal year, it was active and flourishing commercial “hubs” of the
At its retreat last month, Lynchburg City of job opportunities that will promote work and time for that review. Accordingly City Council community like the Fifth Street Revitalization
Council discussed whether to continue provid- encourage the formation and maintenance of has been charged to provide broad programmat- Plan;
ing 15% of the monies the City receives from the stable families.” ic policy guidance regarding use of these funds. • Creating housing opportunities and support-
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Point (5) is a crucial piece of wording that [may] City Council was given directives to focus on ive services and amenities for low and low-to-
for non-profit public services. Another option have largely impacted the decision that the Com- infrastructure and targeted capital investments moderate-income persons; and
discussed was to re-absorb these monies into the munity Council reached with regard to provid- towards improving inner city neighborhoods. • The rehabilitation and improvement of deteri-
larger capital improvements structure of which ing funding to those serving the needy. The City has had an ongoing funding commit- orating housing stock, for both owner and tenant
85% of the CDBG funds are presently being used. Both Vice Mayor Ceasor T. Johnson and Coun- ment to the Lynchburg Redevelopment & Hous- occupied, in order to increase their functional
At the City Council Meeting of September 28, cilman J. Randolph Nelson voted against phasing ing Authority (LRHA) for the support of such and economic lives.
2010, the Council voted 5-2 for eventual re-ab- out the monies allotted to public service activity. community developments efforts and neighbor- The City and LHRA will work together on
sorption. Johnson stated: “I have concerns about dropping hood revitalization activities as identified below. eligible projects approved by City Council to
As with any subject that deals with large non-profits that serve a real need in our commu- The support that the City provides to LRHA, oversee projects in partnership with other enti-
amounts of money and the question of invest- nity and turning around and using the monies to which is listed as an “external” service provider, ties such as Community Housing Development
ments, the topic is complicated and multi-lay- pay off a loan for the Bluffwalk Center.” will mostly be funded by CDBG. LRHA will posi-
ered. Following are some of the layers. [CDBG funds are being used to repay a loan tively contribute to: See COUNCIL, 21
During the September retreat, Deputy City for the Craddock-Terry Hotel, a privately owned
Manager and Acting Director of Community boutique hotel that is having some financial

Crime of the week

Development Bonnie Svrcek, presented three struggles. The City has one loan with an out-
options for restructuring the CDBG and HOME standing principal of $2,480,000 for the Bluff-
program: walk area (in which the Craddock-Terry Hotel
1. Retain 85% of CDBG funds for city admin- was built). Allocations of $325,772 in fiscal year
istration, CIP projects, and Housing Authority; (FY) 2009 and $318,284 for FY 2010 were paid
15% for public service initiatives that support the from the CDBG funds towards that loan.]
Consolidated and Annual Action Plan Goals. Nelson pointed out that “there is a persuasive
2. Continue current practice of allocating 85% need in our community to continue to provide
to eligible applicants, including City administra- services and the social blight is just as much a
tion; 15% dedicated to public service agencies problem as the physical blight.” By voting on this
that support the Consolidated and Annual Ac- measure, Nelson continued, “we will be doing a
tion Plan Goals. disservice to many of our groups.”
or Ward IV Councilman Turner Perrow stated,
3. Retain 100% of CDBG funds for CIP projects “There are social needs in the community. They
that support the Consolidated and Annual Ac- are needs that need to be addressed. The Com-
tion Plan Goals as well as Lynchburg Redevel- munity Development Block Grant funding is not
opment and Housing Authority’s (LRHA) spot the right way to do it, though. Any of the down-
blight and rental rehabilitation programs. town work qualifies [however]. We could be do-
The consensus reached during the retreat was ing new sidewalks to the schools–especially the
to implement a revised Option 1: phase out the neighborhood schools in the downtown com-
maximum allocation of 15% CDBG funds for munity. Those are all CDBG-eligible projects,”

public services over a two year period so that by Perrow continued.
FY 2013, Option 3 would become operational, Mayor Joan Foster also reflected, “I have
that is, no funds for public services. thought long and hard about this. I am going to
According to the Consolidated Annual Perfor- vote for this. There are many very worthy orga-
mance and Evaluation Report (CAPER), a report nizations that have received funding, organiza-
the City provides to its funders, “The City’s goal tions that are essential to the community. We
is to encourage more commercial and industrial did not have measurable outcomes in place to
development in order to provide more jobs in see whether we are making a difference with the
the CDBG-targeted neighborhoods. To facilitate dollars. So we are looking at more tangible plac-
this, the City will use the following strategies: (1) es to allocate the monies.” Foster added, “We are
continue participation in downtown redevelop- talking 10% of a million dollars. We have time to The Lynchburg Police Department is inves-
ment and revitalization especially to support the re-evaluate this decision before [FY2013].” tigating a grand larceny that occurred at
majority of residents who are low and moderate In FY 2010, the City received CDBG funds in Wal-Mart, 3900 Wards Rd. Lynchburg. On
income; (2) continue to provide support for fa- the amount of $845,313 and HOME funds in the September 7, 2010 at approximately 10:00
cade improvements to businesses in the down- amount of $471,162 for programs and activities p.m. an unknown suspect entered the store
town census tract to further redevelopment in to assist the community. Added to this amount and stole five COMPAQ laptop computers.
this area and instill pride in our Main Street; were program incomes in the amount of $79,596 The unknown suspect is described as be-
(3) encourage continued support from the area for the CDBG program and $7,800 in the HOME ing a black male, approximately 5’10”, and
banks in the privately-funded Enterprise Zone program, making a total of $995,078.61 and weighing around 210 lbs. The five laptop
Loan Pool, which provides reduced rate loans $542,941.19 respectively. This funding was uti- computers were valued at over $2000. The asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-798-
to eligible businesses; (4) continue to support lized to facilitate the City’s and HUD’s mutual suspect can be seen in these video surveil- 5900, visit the Central Virginia Crime Stop-
the Business Development Centre, a non-profit goals of providing decent housing, creating a lance photos. pers website at
organization which provides Small Business Ad- suitable living environment, and expanding eco- Anyone with any information regarding to enter a web tip, or text “CVCS plus your
ministration loans, other loans, and technical nomic opportunity for individuals and families this crime or the identity of the suspect is message” to 274637.
assistance to emerging businesses; and (5) con- earning at or below 80% of the area median in-
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will allow you to grab one quickly if the lights go

Do you have drafty windows? Have someone
help you install those clear plastic sheets on
the inside of windows. Once they’re stretched
with a hair dryer, you can’t even see them.
If you have a space heater, be careful with
it. They need to be placed well away from cur-
Are You Ready for Winter? tains and furniture.
Add a few canned goods and frozen food
There’s definitely a nip in the air at my house. items to your shopping list. Don’t forget extra
Chances are your weather has turned cooler, food for your pet, if you have one, as well as
too. It’s time to brace ourselves for winter, no bathroom tissue. That way when the weather is
matter where we live. extremely cold, you won’t have to go out.
If you haven’t had a flu and pneumonia shot, Put new batteries in your smoke detector be-
and if your doctors thinks you need one, do it fore you turn on the furnace for the year. another thing that can take you a while to reach.
now. Plan some regular outings with friends or sign Don’t try to do all this on the first day. Start out
Check your winter clothing. Mittens are warm- up for a class, especially one involving indoor by taking an extra 200 steps a day, and gradually
er than gloves. Go for layers instead of one walking. There’s no need for us to stay huddled work your way to 10,000 over a couple of months.
heavy parka. A shirt, sweater, scarf and coat inside all winter! You can’t count these steps without driving your-
are better at keeping you warm. Don’t forget self crazy. You need a pedometer, a gadget that
to wear a hat! Do you have non-slip footwear? Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot per- records your steps. Pedometers range in cost from
sonally answer reader questions, but will $17 to $80. They can be worn on a belt, put in a
Stay warm inside the house, too. A lightweight
incorporate them into her column whenever pocket or worn around the leg. They register steps
vest is perfect for that.
possible. Write to her in care of King Features by the movement of the hips or the impact of the
Stock up on antiseptic wipes and use them foot against the ground.
frequently, especially on grocery-cart handles. Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL
If you want to be really healthy, you have to add
Is your area subject to power outages? A se- 32853-6475, or send e-mail to columnreply@
some resistance exercise to your program. Resis-
lection of flashlights placed around the house
© Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
tance exercise is lifting weights.
The booklet on fitness explains the benefits of
walking and other aerobic exercise in clear lan-
will tell you exactly what you need. Once you 10,000 Steps a Day Keep the guage. Readers can order a copy by writing: Dr.
Donohue -- No. 1301W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL
have that in hand, scroll to the bottom and click Doctor Away 32853-6475. Enclose a check or money order (no
on “Request Military Records.” Note that you cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipi-
have to send a signature verification by mail. DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I hear that taking 10,000 ent’s printed name and address. Please allow four
If you’re not a veteran, but are the unmar- steps a day is all that a person needs to stay weeks for delivery.
ried surviving spouse of a deceased veteran or healthy. Is this so? How much time does that
next of kin (father, mother, son, daughter, sister take? Do you count all the steps you take in DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Would you kindly advise
a day, or are these 10,000 steps in addition to us on fatty liver? What can be done for it? What
or brother), you’ll need to complete Standard
what you normally take? -- G.D. does it lead to? -- H.C.
Form 180. That’s also available on the same
page. You’ll need proof of death in the form of a ANSWER: The 10,000-steps-a-day program origi-
Getting Records death certificate, obituary or letter from funeral
home. Start the same online process as above,
nated in the Surgeon General’s office some years
back. It’s been shown, more than once, that peo-
ANSWER: The liver should have no fat. Fat infil-
trates it for a couple of reasons. One is excessive
alcohol. Another is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease,

and pay attention to the notes on the right side ple who increase their total daily steps to 10,000 a common occurrence. It doesn’t always cause
of the screen. (counting the ones they normally take) have less damage, but it can progress to something called
If you want to order military or pension re- body fat, lower blood sugar and lower blood pres- NASH, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis -- a condition
More and more information is available online cords that are pre-1917, click the link on the sure. There is more to staying fit than taking 10,000 that can further progress to cirrhosis. This stage
when it comes to getting copies of our records. right for more information. You’ll need form leisurely steps. Strength building is also important. is best discovered through a liver biopsy. The first
At you can request a NATF 86. Ten thousand steps are approximately 5 miles treatment for liver fat, including NASH, is weight
If you want to make a change in your mili- (3.6 to 4.9 miles; 6 to 8 kilometers). How much
number of types of information: copies of your loss. For many, it’s the only treatment needed to
tary service record, you’ll need a DD Form 149, time does this take? The walking should be brisk. correct the situation.
military records, health records before certain
That’s defined as taking 90 to 100 steps a minute.
dates, and old records and pension informa- Application for Correction of Military Records,
For the entire time involved, you can do the math.
tion. You can order your DD-214 online, as well which is available online. Don’t send this form
However, these steps don’t all have to be taken in Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer
as replacement medals. to the National Archives. Check your branch of one session. You can amass them throughout the
service for the correct address. individual letters, but he will incorporate them in
To order your records online, you’ll need day. A hundred steps a minute is a quick pace. You
If you have questions that aren’t answered on his column whenever possible. Readers may write
information such as complete name, service might not be up to it. It’s OK to start more slowly him or request an order form of available health
number, Social Security number, branch of ser- the website, you can call the records center at and gradually work your way to the 100-steps-a- newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL
vice, dates of service, date and place of birth, 314-801-0800. minute goal, and not all the 10,000 steps have 32853-6475.
and more. The list on the online VetRecs page to be such fast ones. The goal of 10,000 steps is
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Local author hosts reading and signing of hit debut novel

her mind, would not rest. They had a story to tell gling to stay steady as she read about Lavinia re-
her. All she had to do was listen. living the night her mother drown in the water.
“I could see and hear them just as clearly as Once she finished, I looked around the room
if they were real people.” Grissom gestured to- through my own tear-studded eyes at the audi-
wards us and then continued. “Their personali- ence. Many were wiping away tears, others were
ties were so distinct and so colorful, it was very looking hopefully at Grissom and everyone was
hard to ignore them.” feeling remorse for the little girl who lives in the
Grissom went into depth with us about her book.
characters and the story that they were inter- The reading ended after Grissom answered a
twined in. A young orphaned white girl named few questions about her novel and then she went
Lavinia comes to live with a black family, deals over to the corner to sign everyone’s copy and
with her traumatic amnesia and tries to find a have a few minutes of one on one chat. I stood
family within her new home. in line patiently among a few of the book club
The Kitchen House is full of emotion, drama members and asked them what they thought of
and the hope of love. This novel is guaranteed the book. All three of the ladies could not say
to keep you reading hours into the night, just to enough good things about the book and highly
find out what happens next. recommended that I read it myself. Also the la-
One of the final passages that Grissom read to dies all agreed on how real the characters felt,
us dealt with the little girl Lavinia remembering describing to me how each one of them was
the tragic death of her parents on the sea. Gris- pulled deep into the story and felt so much for
som hesitated, then spoke about how difficult it each person that they read about.
was while writing the words that she was about The Kitchen House is available at the local
to share with us. “As a mother it was hard for Givens Books-Little Dickens located on 2236
me to write this scene of such pain, so every day Lakeside Drive or you can find it on Amazon.
I would sit down, write a little, then pace, then com used, new or for your Kindle. On Amazon,
write a little more,” she said. The Kitchen House has 142 reviews and 4.5 out
Local author Kathleen Gris- Grissom read aloud the scene, her voice strug- of a possible 5 stars.
som’s debut novel “The Kitch- Kathleen Grissom describes
en House” is available at the lo- the inspiration for her debut
cal Givens Books-Little Dickens novel “The Kitchen House.” “A COUNCIL, from 19 targeted neighborhoods.”
located on 2236 Lakeside Drive few years ago, my husband and One could determine that this intent has had
Organizations (CHDO) which needs to re- its pros and cons. The good news is that pri-
or you can find it on Amazon. I restored an old plantation tav-
ceive at least 15% of funds from HOME. 75% vate development continues to increase in the
com used, new or for your Kin- ern in Virginia. While research- of the funds would go to LRHA’s spot blight downtown area, including new restaurants,
dle. On Amazon, The Kitchen ing its past, I found an old map and rental rehabilitation programs, payments stores, and offices. However the BluffWalk
House has 142 reviews and 4.5 on which, near out home, was a on Section 108 of HUD loan, if necessary, and Center, as stated previously, is not doing so
out of a possible 5 stars. notation: Negro Hill. Unable to other programs as determined by City Council well
determine the story of its ori- after input from CDAC and the public. These Add to this the fact that according to the
programs would include capital projects in report that the City provided its funders, The
By Lauren Satterfield gin, local historians suggested
eligible areas, physical improvements in neigh- City… ”encountered some crucial program-
The Lynchburg Times that it most likely suggested a borhoods, property acquisition, weatheriza- matic and operational challenges in this cur-
tragedy.” tion, etc., which would be managed by LRHA rent program year [2009]. These challenges
While working for The Lynchburg Times it in partnership with the City. Other agencies adversely impacted and immobilized both
“For months it played on my mind. Each
has been my honor to meet many wonderful and could be engaged by LRHA to fulfill program the internal and external productivity and ad-
morning I walked across our land to go down
interesting people. This past Thursday evening, objectives. Responsibilities of oversight, docu- ministration of our grants. However,… we are
to the stream where I would meditate. On my
Sept 30th, it was a treat to be introduced to Mrs. mentation, and regulatory compliance will re- making significant strides to adopt a more reg-
return trip, I faced the direction of Negro Hill
Kathleen Grissom, author of her debut histori- main with the City. ulated and structured approach to the way our
and–to my self–wondered aloud what had hap-
cal novel ‘The Kitchen House’. The City staff reviews the quarterly reports grant programs and funds are administered.”
pened there.
A reading and signing of Grissom’s book was for each CDBG and HOME project that is (p. 85, CAPER)
“Finally, one morning when I returned from
being hosted by a local book club at the Forest funded to ensure that the City is meeting the The City is doing this by developing new sub-
that walk, I sat down to do my daily journal-
Public Library. goals and objectives stated in the Consoli- recipient agreements, updating and revising
ing. What happened next left me baffled. In my
I settled in cozily amongst the audience and dated Plan. For projects that are not meeting policies and procedures, providing additional
mind’s eye, I saw a scene play out as clear as a
breathed in the excitement and anticipation. the goals, City staff contacts the agency and a oversight and monitoring of agencies utilizing
movie. I began to write and the words flew onto
A short introduction was done and then Gris- review is made on what actions are required in federal funds, and providing training for non-
the paper. I followed in the footsteps of a terri- profits and entities applying for and receiving
som took the podium. Having all the grace order for the project to meet its requirements.
fied little white girl, running up the hill behind CDBG and HOME funds. The training will
and eloquence of an experienced speaker she The City has two Enterprise Zones: Down-
her frantic mother. When they reached the top, be designed to provide a foundation for non-
breezed through greeting the crowd and began town and Lynchpin. Again, according to the
through their eyes, I saw a black woman hanging profits to operate within program guidelines
to talk about her back story and how her novel CAPER report, “Most of the downtown re-
from the limb of a large oak tree. I set my pencil and regulations, as they work for the greater
came to be. development and commercial and industrial
down, appalled at the story line. I had written good of the Lynchburg community. In addition
“A few years ago, my husband and I restored development will increase the number of
the prologue to The Kitchen House.” to the training, recipients of federal funds will
an old plantation tavern in Virginia. While re- jobs and wages for low-to-moderate-income
Grissom stopped talking and looked around at be provided one-on-one technical assistance
searching its past, I found an old map on which, persons, decrease vacant and/or dilapidated
the audience, making eye contact with everyone non-revenue producing properties, increase based upon their individual needs.
near out home, was a notation: Negro Hill. Un-
before continuing. She spoke of how she hated business sales volume in the revitalized neigh-
able to determine the story of its origin, local
going into the past and studying the acts of slav- borhoods and increase small business loans in
historians suggested that it most likely suggest-
ery and the horrible things that went along with
ed a tragedy.
it, but her characters, the same ones she saw in
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Author John Grisham stumps for Perriello in Bedford

By Yvonne Behrens appointed by the previous Congress- not have always voted the way I would
The Lynchburg Times man. have wanted him to, but that is not the
The author, whose literary career has point. It is whether the candidate has
John Grisham, author of 22 best-sell- delved into the ease with which corrup- his constituents best interest in mind
ing novels, including The Pelican Brief, tion can erode systems and individuals, and Tom clearly does.”
The Client and The Firm, a work of continued, “We had a few token chal- Another audience member asked
non-fiction, The Innocent Man and a lengers who didn’t make a dent. But Grisham when his next book was com-
recent collection of short stories, Ford then in 2008, Tom came along. Here ing out. “Bless you, my dear, for asking,”
County, came to Bedford this past week was a refreshing new individual who replied Grisham, to laughter. “My next
to stump for 5th District Congressman clearly had integrity. We met for lunch book is slated to come out, actually,
Tom Perriello. Grisham has a home in and I looked at him and asked him: three Mondays from today.”
Albermarle County, which is in the 5th ’Why in the world do you want to go When the author was asked why he
district. into politics?”’ and his family had moved to Virginia
Grisham, who came to Virginia from He told me that he “was not interested originally, Grisham said that they had
Mississippi 16 years ago shared with in money or in power. He was running totally lost their privacy in Oxford, Mis-
the audience that in his mid-twenties because he felt the people were not be- sissippi after The Firm came out and
he had been elected to the Mississippi ing served properly and he wanted to decided that they would move away for
House of Representatives. From his ex- get into government to make a differ- a year. They found an old house in Al-
perience with government, he learned ence.” So I asked him, ‘Yes, but Tom, bermarle County “…and now 16 years weather was better, or at least it used
that it is very easy to waste time and get why in the world would you want to get later, here we still are.” to be. Better schools for the children.
distracted by big money interests. into politics?’” “What made you decide to stay?” Many, many reasons.”
When asked by an audience mem- “Anyway,” Grisham concluded, “Tom asked another person. The author’s next book, The Confes-
ber why he was supporting Perriello, has not disappointed. He is hard work- “So many reasons,” Replied Grisham. sion, hits bookstores this month.
Grisham replied that he had been dis- ing. He has kept his promises. He may “My wife discovered horses. The

true story of these two beautiful, complex people

who, despite their international fame, were incred-
ibly unhappy.
Olivia de Havilland was usually portrayed as a
great lady and America’s sweetheart in her films,
but Matzen maintains she also had a wild side.
Her love interests included actor James Stewart,
Howard Hughes and the very-married writer-direc-
tor John Huston. She also was the one who sued
Jack L. Warner for her right to work independently,
thereby bringing an end to the so-called studio
“Errol and Olivia: Ego and Obsession in Gold- Erroll Flynn’s private life was, needless to say,
en Era Hollywood” not so private. He built a reputation for one-night
by Robert Matzen stands with women from all walks of life. His
(GoodKnight Books, $39.95) drunken brawls often were splashed across the
Reviewed by Larry Cox front pages of newspapers. His short temper trig-
gered fights, especially with men who were also
In 1935, Olivia de Havilland was just 19 years attracted to de Havilland. One of those men was
old when she stepped onto a soundstage in Holly- Ronald Reagan.
wood to make a screen test with Errol Flynn. Flynn “Errol and Olivia” is especially appealing because
was immediately smitten, despite the fact that he of the dozens of illustrations scattered throughout
was already married to French actress Lili Damita. the text, some of which are being published for
Flynn and de Havilland would go on to become the first time. As de Havilland approaches her 95th
one of the top Hollywood box-office love teams of birthday in Paris, this book is both a fitting tribute
the 1930s and ‘40s, co-starring in eight films that to the contributions she made to her craft and an
earned millions of dollars for Warner Brothers, in- exploration of the incendiary relationship she had
cluding such classics as “The Adventures of Robin with Flynn, an association that reverberates even
Hood” and “They Died With Their Boots On.” after the passage of 75 years.
Robert Matzen’s extensive research reveals the
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The Lynchburg Times Crossword: LABOR-INTENSIVE The Lynchburg Times The Lynchburg Times

Sudoku! Hocus-Focus
ACROSS 75 Elwes or Grant 6 Tune 65 “Tosca” tenor
76 Dodge 7 Street urchin 66 Problem solvers?
1 Tumult 78 Spirited steed 8 History division 68 Sgt. or cpl.
7 Singer Dottie 79 Attempt 9 Offense 69 Cheesemaker’s need by Henry Boltinoff
11 Ignominy 82 Obstacle 10 Make lace 70 A Karamazov brother
16 Hydrotherapy site 83 Salt serving 11 Bondage 71 It’s a long story by Linda Thistle
19 Disquiet 87 Mediterranean port 12 Take on board 74 Cleopatra’s Needle,
20 “Nabucco” number 88 Skater Babilonia 13 Maintain for one
21 Bile producer 89 Sciorra of “Jungle Fe 14 Competition 77 Swimmer Gertrude
22 Son of Noah ver” 15 Drop a brick 79 Empedocles’ last
23 ‘79 Judy Davis film 91 “Double, double __” 16 Rocker Cassidy stand?
26 Literary collection (“Macbeth” refrain) 17 Lose control 80 Lose luster
27 Bit of butter 97 Heavenly hunter 18 Stun 81 Robust
28 Lummox 98 “Dies __” 24 Housman’s “A 82 Taco topping
29 Forestall 99 Jim Varney character Shropshire __” 84 Landed
30 Surprise test 100 Had a knight job? 25 Lake sight 85 Gin flavoring
31 Funnyman Foxx 101 Clear the slate 30 Malaria treatment 86 Round of applause
33 Feta marinade 104 Dutch export 31 Leaves work? 90 Cook in a cauldron
36 Light weight 105 Take-out order? 32 Small businessman? 92 Exist
37 Telescope view 106 Pull sharply 33 Fair 93 Gets back
40 Donahue of “Get a 107 Valhalla VIP 34 __ Tin Tin 94 Maine town
Life” 110 Calendar abbr. 35 Cephalopod’s squirt 95 Burmese statesman
41 Besch or Andersson 111 “__ Wiedersehen” 36 Kimono closer 96 You can retire on it
43 Came around 114 Goal 37 Rubberneck 100 More nervous
44 ‘31 Marx Brothers 115 Peter Graves series 38 Way off base? 101 Tape-deck button
movie 121 Middling mark 39 “Damn Yankees” siren 102 Actress Adoree How to play: Place a number in the empty boxes
49 Toody and Muldoon 122 Comic Sherman 40 Materialize 103 “As You Like It” setting in such a way that each row across, each column
52 Monte Rosa, e.g. 123 Hodgepodge 41 Vatican document 105 Couple down and each small 9-box square contains all of
53 Machu Picchu native 124 Verdi hero 42 Culp/Cosby series 107 Unrestrained
54 Vivacity 125 Hamilton bill 45 Spoiled 108 ‘52 Winter Olympics
the numbers from one to nine.
55 “My Sweet __” 126 Effluvia 46 Foe site
(‘70 smash) 127 Wording 47 Word form for “view” 109 Tyrant Difficulty this week: HOO BOY!
56 With enthusiasm 128 Basket material 48 Upscale shop 110 Detect
59 “The Subject Was 50 “__ Coming” (‘69 song) 111 Blind as __ © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Copyright 2010 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Roses” star DOWN 51 Berg and Drabowsky 112 Radius’ sidekick?
60 Norwegian composer 56 Put on guard 113 Sinn __
62 Bridge term 1 Phrenology term 57 Be different 115 Hua’s predecessor
63 Conductor’s concern 2 “Orinoco Flow” singer 58 Rapscallion 116 “I kid you __”
64 Mini, to MacTavish 3 Liability 61 Furrow 117 __ du Diable This space is reserved for you. To help your business grow.
67 Kirk’s command 4 Household deity 62 Firmament feature 118 Combine
72 Itch 5 “A Fool Such __” 63 Rocker Nugent 119 Mexican Mrs.
73 Explorer Sebastian (‘59 hit) 64 Barely there 120 Part of UPI
We really do care. And it costs a lot less than you think.

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