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Net Briefs
Various news items from the Internet

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Special Report

The Social Earthquake in Chile Roger Burbach on the results of neoliberal policies, further exposed by the quake

Big Government, Budget Deficits, Entitlements, and the “Centrist” Ploy Edward S. Herman on classic double standards DECISIONS: Court’s Money Ruling is a Red Herring Jane Anne Morris on the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling MEDIA MATTERS: Ethan Bronner’s Ties to the IDF: The Rule Not the Exception? Alison Weir on conflict of interest among reporters/editors/bureau chief GENDER & SPORTS: NBC’s Olympics: From Homophobia To The Cult of Personality Sue Katz on ski jumping, figure skating, and Apolo Ohno’s headband

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Teamster’s Election Victory: How to Succeed After Failing Carl Finamore on door-to-door efforts that paid off PHOTO ESSAY: Protesting School Funding Cuts Various photographers document student/faculty/worker actions

12 13

Fortunate Rebel Son: An interview with Mark Rudd Bill Nevins Dolls and Drudges Don Pants: An interview with Gail Collins Martha Rosenberg A Journalist’s Responsibility: An interview with Dahr Jamail Seth Kershner The New Apostolic Reformation: An interview with Rachel Tabachnick Bill Berkowitz I Don’t See Much Difference: An interview with Noam Chomsky Jon Hochschartner

15 17 18 19 21

Obama’s Ironic Public Rob Larson on shortchange we can believe in GREEN TIDE: Land: The Greatest Excuse of All Rachel Smolker on accounting tricks instead of climate crisis solutions ECONOMIC POLICY: Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression? Jack Rasmus on an alternative program for the financial crisis, part III LOOKING FORWARD: Searching for Democratic Alternatives Ideas for a New International (from zcommunications)

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In Vitro, In Vivo! John Esther reviews some selections from the Sundance Film Festival 2010 The War Before by Safiya Bukhari, edited by Laura Whitehorn Review by Hans Bennett New York For Sale by Tom Angotti, foreword by Peter Marcuse Review by James Tracy Capitalizing on Disaster by Kenneth J. Saltman Review by Robert Ovetz American Counterinsurgency by Roberto Gonzalez The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual by Concerned Anthropologists Network Reviews by Kristian Williams

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Hotel Satire

In Truth
which businesses are influencing a given election, and to what extent.


ourcewatch.org alerts us to an Interpress News Service article (March 8, 2010). Apparently, the U.S. media reported that a big, offensive battle was taking place in Marja, Afghanistan, a “city of 80,000 people” in Helmand province, which was also the “logistical hub of the Taliban.” The description gave the impression that the U.S. presence in Marja was a major strategic objective. In truth, Marja is not a city or even a town, but a few farmers’ homes and farmland encompassing much of the southern Helmand River Valley. The fiction that Marja was a city of 80,000 got started at a briefing given by officials on February 2 at the U.S. Marine base, Camp Leatherneck. Officials referred to Marja as a populous city. The Associated Press subsequently reported, that same day, that they expected up to 1,000 insurgents were “holed up” in the “southern Afghan town of 80,000 people,” a statement that evoked a picture of house-to-house urban street fighting. The rest of the news media fell in line, giving fake descriptions of a densely populated Marja. Finally, on February 22, the Washington Post reported that the decision to launch the big offensive against Marja was intended largely to impress U.S. public opinion with the military’s effectiveness in Afghanistan by showing that it could achieve a “large and loud victory.” The false idea that Marja was a significantly large city center was an essential part of that disinformation message.

Move to Amend


ovetoamend.org informs us that activists against corporate “personhood” have formed a new movement “that holds that large business corporations are the most powerful institutions in our society and the main obstacles to rule by the people—or democracy. Move to Amend is a multiyear project of the Campaign to Legalize Democracy and is circulating a citizens’ petition, signed by 71,330 as of March 11, which reads as follows (online at www.movetoamend.org).
We, the people of the United States of America, reject the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United, and move to amend our Constitution to:

Wildlife Refuge, as well as hydroelectric power, wind power, oil shale, natural gas, gas hydrates, hydrogen, biofuels, solar power, clean coal, and nuclear power. Another Citizens United documentary, Generation Zero, attributes the “U.S. fiscal meltdown to undisciplined baby boomers coming to maturity and gaining power.” Generation Zero is Citizens United’s name for baby boomers who were “born into unprecedented prosperity.... In the 1950s, because parents determined that their children should be sheltered from the economic hardships of the 1930s and the wartime sacrifices of the 1940s; their offspring were coddled, growing up in a childhood of Beaver Cleaver suburbs.”

You’re Kidding


þ Firmly establish that money is not
speech and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights

þ Guarantee the right to vote and to
participate, and to have our votes and participation count

þ Protect local communities, their
economies, and democracies against illegitimate “preemption” actions by global, national, and state governments





R Watch.org reports on U.S. Chamber of Commerce activities post-Citizen’s United v FEC decision, noting that the Chamber had spent more than $144 million on lobbying and grassroots organizing in 2009, before the decision, far beyond the spending of individual labor unions or the Democratic and Republican national committees. The Chamber is expected to exceed that spending level in 2010. It has developed a system where corporations give them money and they, in turn, produce issue ads targeting individual candidates without revealing the names of the businesses who are funding the ads. The Chamber’s system keeps secret

he group behind Citizens United v. FEC is an organization “dedicated to restoring our government to citizens’ control.... Citizens United seeks to reassert the traditional American values of limited government, freedom of enterprise, strong families, and national sovereignty and security. Citizens United’s goal is to restore the founding fathers’ vision of a free nation, guided by the honesty, common sense, and good will of its citizens.” Citizens United has produced 11 documentaries since 2004, including Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich and We Have The Power, which “highlights America’s need to adopt our World War II mentality” of “Do It All, Do It All Now” by exploring the vast amount of oil and gas in the Outer Continental Shelf, Alaska’s Arctic National

ruthout.org makes note of the new law allowing weapons to be carried in national parks and wildlife refuges and of the existence of a loosely organized Bay Area Open Carry Movement, a group that has been turning up at coffee shops (Starbucks is a favorite) with (unloaded) handguns holstered to their belts to raise awareness about gun rights. David LaTour, a student at San Jose State University, has been carrying his Springfield XD 9mm handgun on his hip for about a month. California allows its citizens to openly display and carry unloaded weapons without a permit, but many gun advocates complain that the state is too restrictive when it comes to issuing licenses to carry concealed weapons. “I looked into concealed carry permits, but unless you’re well-connected, it’s impossible to obtain,” says LaTour. However, he says, “I personally prefer open carry because of the visual deterrent. While we can’t legally carry loaded guns, we can have ammunition, as long as it’s not attached to our weapons. You can, of course, have a functioning loaded weapon in two seconds.” Nathan Wolanyk, an open carry advocate from San Diego, says the movement is about informing the public. “If all you see are guns in the media used in a violent manner, that’s your perception of guns,” he says. “When we’re out in public with them, we’re interacting with the public in a very nice manner.”

Special Report
Fault Lines

The Social Earthquake in Chile
By Roger Burbach


hile is experiencing a social earthquake in the aftermath of the 8.8 magnitude quake that struck the country on February 27. “The fault lines of the Chilean economic miracle have been exposed,” said Elias Padilla, an anthropology professor at the Academic University of Christian Humanism in Santiago. “The free market, neo-liberal economic model that Chile has followed since the Pinochet dictatorship has feet of mud.” Chile is one of the most inequitable societies in the world. Today, 14 percent of the population lives in abject poverty. The top 20 percent captures 50 percent of the national income, while the bottom 20 percent earns only 5 percent. In a 2005 World Bank survey of 124 countries, Chile ranked 12th in the list of countries with the worst income distribution. The rampant ideology of the free market has produced a deep sense of alienation among much of the population. Although a coalition of center-left parties replaced the Pinochet regime 20 years ago, it opted to depoliticize the country, to rule from the top down, and to only allow controlled elections every few years, shunting aside the popular organizations and social movements that had brought down the dictatorship. This explains the scenes of looting and social chaos in the southern part of the country that were transmitted around the world on the third day after the earthquake. In Concepcion, Chile’s second largest city, which was virtually leveled by the earthquake, the population had received absolutely no assistance from the central government

Bachelet Pinochet


for two days. The chain supermarkets and malls that had replaced local stores and shops over the years remained firmly shuttered.

Settling Accounts


opular frustration exploded as people descended on the commercial center, carting off everything, not just food from the supermarkets, but also shoes, clothing, plasma TVs, and cell phones. This wasn’t simple looting, but the settling of accounts with an

economic system that dictates that only possessions and commodities matter. The “gente decente” (the decent people) and the media began referring to them as lumpens, vandals, and delinquents. “The greater the social inequities, the greater the delinquency,” explained Hugo Fruhling of the Center for the Study of Citizen Security at the University of Chile. In the two days leading up to the riots, the government of Michele Bachelet revealed its incapacity to understand and deal with the human tragedy wrecked on the country. Many of the ministers were on summer vacations or licking their wounds as they prepared to turn over their offices to the incoming right-wing government of billionaire Sebastian Piñera, who was sworn in on Thursday, March 11. Bachelet declared that the country’s needs had to be studied and surveyed before any assistance could be sent. On the day of the quake, she ordered the military to place a helicopter at her disposal to fly over Concepcion to assess the damage, but no helicopter appeared and the trip was abandoned. As an anonymous Carlos L. wrote in an email widely circulated in Chile: “It would be very difficult in the history of the country to find a government with so many powerful resources—technological, economic, poZ MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 3

Having campaigned on a platform of bringing security to the cities and moving against vandalism and crime.Special Report litical.” Z Roger Burbach lived in Chile during the Allende years. the Center of Journalistic Investigation and Information. but several thousand soldiers and police transported in trucks and planes. She brought 20 satellite phones and a technician. U. Building codes had been skirted and “. Thanks largely to him. running an article by Bret Stephens. There are two problems with this view. the country has endured a tragedy that elsewhere would have been an apocalypse. Milton Friedman’s Legacy T he Wall Street Journal joined in the fray. organizational—that has been unable to provide any response to the urgent social demands of entire regions gripped by fear. Other citizens took up arms to protect their homes and barrios as the city appeared to be on the brink of an urban war. along with more troops. turning the southern region into a militarized zone. greater Santiago has 23 residential complexes and high rises built over the last 15 years that suffered severe quake damage.” Chile had adopted “some of the world’s strictest building codes. He is author of The Pinochet Affair: State Terrorism and Global Justice (Zed Books) and director of the Center for the Study of the Americas (CENSA) based in Berkeley. over 700. CA. “How Mil ton Fried man Saved Chile. housing and homeless committees. There is little hope that the incoming government of Sebastian Piñera will rectify the social inequities that the quake exposed. not by Pinochet.” It went unsaid that. and hope.” What arrived in Concepcion on March1 was not relief or assistance. Signs of Resistance T here are signs that the historic Chile of popular organizations and grass-roots mobilizing may be reawakening.S. the U.responsibility for the construc- tion and real estate enterprises is now the subject of public debate. or ga nized cit i zens have proven capable of providing urgent. relief assistance finally began to arrive. saying one of the “biggest problems has been communications as we found in Haiti in those days after the quake. flew to Santiago on Tuesday to meet with Bachelet and Piñera. “It’s not by chance that Chilean’s were liv ing in houses of brick—and Hai tians in houses of straw—when the wolf arrived to try to blow them down.” In the country at large. as people were ordered to stay in their homes.” Stephens went on to declare. informal workforce for the country’s big businesses and industries.” as the economy boomed due to Pinochet’s appointment of Friedman-trained economists to cabinet ministries and the subsequent civilian gov ern ment’s com mit ment to neoliberalism. They were later strengthened. food. just as in Chile. he and several of his advisers and ministers are implicated as major shareholders in construction projects that were severely damaged by the quake because building codes were ignored. First. it was the socialist government of Salvador Allende in 1972 that established the first earthquake building codes. rapid. he criticized Bachelet for not deploying the military sooner in the aftermath of the earthquake. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. sent the military to take control of Port-au-Prince before any significant relief assistance was distributed.. Students protest in Santiago. water. March 2. The most diverse organizations— trade unions.000 students struck in 2006 over increased fees under Bachelet 4 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . environmental groups are mobilizing. but by the restored civilian government in the 1990s. and creative responses to the social crisis that millions of families are experiencing.” The declaration concludes by demanding of the Piñera government the right to “monitor the plans and models of reconstruction so that they include the full participation of the communities. reported on March 6. A coalition of over 60 social and non-governmental organizations released a declaration (on March 10) stating: “In these dramatic circumstances. demonstrating the imaginative potential and solidarity of communities. university federations and student centers. 2 million people out of a population of 17 million are homeless. neighborhood associations. cultural organizations. need of shelter. many in the shantytowns that have sprung up to provide a cheap. Most of the houses destroyed by the earthquake were built of adobe or other improvised materials. as Naomi Klein points out in “Chile’s Socialist Rebar” on the Huffington Post. Pitched battles were fought in the streets of Concepcion as buildings were set on fire.” He asserted that Friedman’s “spirit was surely hovering protectively over Chile in the early morning hours of Saturday. The richest person in Chile.S. as part of a Latin American tour scheduled before the quake. Second. as CIPER.. On Tuesday.

” large size results mainly from the effects of the severe recession and the inheritance of tax cuts and wars from the Bush years (although the wars continue and even expand under Obama). although the federal government and budget were growing. and the “Centrist” Ploy By Edward S. hence the muting of deficit fears. Reagan’s deficits almost tripled the national debt. I refer back to my old definition of conservatism: “An ideology whose central tenet is that the government is too big.” In the Reagan years.g. and this fed into the “free” press keeping expressions of concern over budget deficits at a low key. as evidenced by the very low rates of interest on government securities. in the alleged interest of “national security. Entitlements.Commentary Fog Watch military-industrial complex (MIC).. And they don’t really worry the financial community much. also. Admittedly. Bush’s term. but their Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 5 . With Obama. so the business-financial-MIC communities were happy. The Congressional Budget Office estimated in 2004 that a continuation of Bush’s policies would triple the national debt by the end of fiscal 2013. the his differential treatment naturally also applies to concern over budget deficits. except for the police and military establishment. but the outcries from the establishment were muted in light of his service to them. During George W. organized labor. with social budgets. Big government was not featured by the right wing or business during the recent (2001-09) Bush years because. and environmental protections under attack. There were no Tea Party-like campaigns to protest this growth in government and attack on constitutional (and state’s) rights in the Bush years. but this was not objectionable to the elite establishment because the growth was in military expenditures. there has been a new surge of worry over budget deficits. matching the performance of “conservative” Ronald Reagan. allowing the feds to override state authority on matters such as environmental rules (the EPA disallowed California’s attempt to limit auto tailpipe emissions in 2007) and medical practice (the Department of Justice sought to overturn an Oregon law legalizing physician-assisted suicide in 2002 and later). It is only when it gets into the wrong hands and there is the threat that government will serve the undeserving poor—or even the middle class—and neglect the corporate community and national “security” that business. the size of government grew. which he quickly turned into large deficits. But he did this by cutting taxes in a highly regressive way and generously servicing the MIC. he was an effective class warrior. it was via an enlargement of the military and police budgets and an attack on the privacy and civil rights of ordinary citizens. because the growing and encroaching government was in the right hands. Bush inherited a $230 billion bud get sur plus from Clinton. Herman Deficit Fears T T hese are words that come into prominence whenever the right wing and business community go on the offensive. In a classic illustration of the double standard based on fear of positive Democratic responses to the needs of Big Government. But like Reagan.” e. Budget Deficits. with a ten trillion dollar increment. and right-wing protest cadres get agitated about big government. there were a number of encroachments by the federal government on “state’s rights. these deficits are large.

as there is “near balance in the operating budget. and that the normal household does not treat its home as a current expense. Could it be that what Bush’s “base” wants is the “center” that the media also want? And that 6 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . In the evolving system of class war the elite targets such programs for cost savings to themselves (and profits to Wall Street with the hoped-for privatization of Social Security).” A centrist may be defined as one who recognizes and presses establishment perspectives on “big govern ment. But this never suffices. The current prize entitlements demanding attention are Social Security. So is the neglect of. and the rationalizations followed accordingly. is not trustworthy. after they have lost them) or to get legislation passed in a bipartisan fashion. Centrist A nother choice term linked to these politically loaded word usages is “centrist. but not by raising taxes—the centrists uniformly supported the great Bush (regressive) tax cuts of 2001-03. Of course. With a George W. The media did not press Bush to move to the center. however skimpy that something and promised action may be. like Carter or Clinton. so that we need not worry. and systematic attack on. even though a very large part of it is wasteful. or bailed-out bankers. Presumably. but not military contractors. Of course.” But with Reagan in office in 1988. or will be later. fat-cat military officials. and pointless. even though. in the Carter years. gov ern ment def i cits and entitlements. not just the elite. We must curb big government. Bush or a Reagan in office the service to what Bush—speaking to an elite fund-raising audience of “haves and have mores” that he only half-jokingly called “my base”—is more assured. But the phrase “national security” is a marvelous protective cover that rules out the use of a word with negative connotations like “entitlements. in 1978. Obama. But those surpluses were used by the political elites to fund ordinary expenses—including vast outlays for MIC weapons purchases and wars— rather then to build an infrastructure that would enhance future productivity and help provide the resources for entitlement payouts. Only a reduction in the federal deficit would reverse this trend. Hence the renewed focus on the threat of government deficits. Medicare. the Social Security “entitlements” were paid for by those who are currently. but worries about the solvency of Social Security and the need to get it and the Medicare-Medicaid programs under sound fiscal management. We must work hard on eliminating the budget deficit. Money for the varied components of the MIC is never referred to as an entitlement.Commentary ordinary citizens and faith in Republican commitment to the business-financial elite. Wriston said that we must distinguish between capital and operating budgets. or even a public option. getting payments. but not at the expense of national security. and any wars in hand or contemplated. fraud-ridden. as a Clinton or Obama will have to do something for their base beyond feeling their pain and vowing real action. like his predecessor Democrats he leans over backwards to prove his reliability to the election-funding community and his rejection of “populism” and any substantial action that might meet the needs of his popular base. tax-paying Americans.” Welfare mothers get entitlements. It represents capture by a segment of the powerful—the real and important “special interests”—in the same fashion as does the TARP money that flowed so quickly and massively to the banksters who engineered the current economic crisis. The mainstream media love centrists and constantly call on the Democrats to move toward the center in order to win elections (notoriously. and Medicaid. Carter should not. because government is not a good manager and such proposals are not politically feasible. former Citibank CEO Walter Wriston said that federal deficits were “diverting available capital from productive private investments to finance public expenditures. The business-trustworthy Reagan could run deficits. he had a “mandate” (from the Republican majority of the Supreme Court). But the main reason these social programs are entitlements is that they service the general citizenry. the centrist will not support a single-payer health-care financial program. suggesting claims that may be excessive and at the expense of hard-working.” A centrist regularly supports de facto MIC entitlements. Entitlement E ntitlement is another word that has taken on negative connotations.” There had been no distinction between operating and capital budgets with Carter. the underlying population. even perverse in relation to any supposed “defense” function.

social. campaign contributions. shredded in the 1976 Valeo decision. Decisions Court’s Money Ruling Is a Red Herring By Jane Anne Morris B efore trying to counter the recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. that corporations can spend treasury funds on initiatives and referendums. The McCain-Feingold Act transformed elections into paragons of open discussion. He is the author of numerous articles and books. and Push Agendas. fending off or just ignoring whatever the underlying population wants? Obama recognizes this call and has behaved accordingly.) The previous major national paroxysm of campaign reform was hardly more effective. (For a current example. or corporate cash affected elected officials’ votes on legislation or positions on issues. The main claim to fame of the Federal Election Campaign Act—passed in 1971. After the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act went into effect. Austin also affirms that corporations are “persons” with constitutional rights and that they have both First Amendment speech rights and Fourteenth Amendment equal protection rights. and entitlements has been to support establishing a commission to study entitlements. The class war goes on. and redecorated the loopholes used to determine how election money flows and is tallied. The Citizens United case was presented in a false frame: “Must we limit speech in order to have free and fair elections? Or must we accept corporate-dominated political debate in order to preserve free speech?” This false dilemma disappears if we reject corporate personhood with constitutional rights. Z Edward S. and media critic. etc. Michigan Chamber of Commerce case. That such a case is regarded as the Magna Carta of campaign reform efforts must leave corporate counsel hiding their smirks. deficits. at Lavish Events. Let’s review where we were before the Citizens United case was decided. and that Political Action Committees’ (PACs) use of segregated funds are legal and constitutional. McCain-Feingold recalibrated. Nope. look at the New York Times front-page article on corporate influence: “In Black Caucus.” New York Times. right? Look at any index: the role of money in elections. 2010. the proportion of legislation clearly designed to benefit some corporate interest group. the public no longer had reason to suspect that corporate lobbying. but because of the way that many in the mainstream media have reacted to it. The Austin case accepts that money equals speech (following the Supreme Court’s 1976 Buckley v. That law specifically defined “person” to include corporations. non-partisan. One of his responses to the threat of big government. Austin affirmed an extremely mild Michigan law that essentially prevents the Michigan Chamber of Commerce (one type of nonprofit corporation) from spending general funds to support or oppose a political candidate. and heartfelt. free sharing of ideas. Herman is an economist and political. we ought to sort out what this decision does and does not do. hailed by many as a ray of hope in the morass of campaign finance reform efforts. Despite dire claims that the decision is the nail in the coffin that it will shake the current election system to its core. pro-civic engagement orgies. but those benefiting the underlying population. including the classic Washington Connection and Third World Fascism. rearranged. Not the massive and nationally debilitating and unaffordable entitlements of the MIC. not the way many pundits claim. February 14.Commentary the “centrists” they love struggle to achieve those same Bush-base ends. Federal Election Commission (FEC). amended in 1974. and correlative diminution of political corruption in the years after its passage. Just how small a change it will bring can be illustrated by looking at one of the cases overruled by Citizens United —the 1990 Austin v. Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 7 . the decision changes very little of the current situation. the quality of debate. Valeo decision). It did not eliminate that money or the influence it reflects. a Fund-Raising Powerhouse: Corporate Donors Buy Access. The Supreme Court decision in Citizens United is a gift to the right wing. liquefied in the 1978 Bellotti ruling—was legalizing PACs. unrelated to the Citizens United case. Do those of us who lived through the Nixon years recall a sudden elevation of the quality of elections and political discussion. voting records that mirror campaign contribution patterns. thoughtful parrying. in full denial that it is a red herring.

Finally. was based in Israel for many years. Family partisanship in an editor covering a foreign conflict is troubling—especially given the Times’ record of Israel-centric journalism. how. and wallowing in the usual moaning and groaning about corporate influence. and happiness—are now used with great (and seemingly invisible) regularity to shield corporations from government “interference. beginning in the 1870s and 1880s. Rights we the people fought for—at the cost of much life. how many have served in the past. the New York Times Israel-Palestine bureau chief.Commentary Only if we pretend that corporations are persons under the Constitution is limiting corporate “speech” a constitutional infringement. but after he was already publishing in the Times from Israel—served in the Israeli army Ø Media pundit and Atlantic staffer Jeffrey Goldberg also served in the The New York Times’ other correspondent from the region. Editor Bill Keller declined to do so. a previous Times was an Israeli sniper and may still be in the Israeli reserves. liberty. Is it possible that Times Foreign Editor Susan Chira has such connections? The Times refuses to answer. While Lerner has been a strong critic of many Israeli policies. taking over the rights and protections that we wrote for humans and then using them against us. Tikkun’s editor Michael Lerner has a son who served in the Israeli military. Peek outside the democracy theme park and repeat after me: only if we pretend that corporations are “persons” under the Constitution is limiting corporate “speech” a constitutional infringement. served in the Israeli military bureau chief—before he was bureau chief. federal judges have worked hand-in-hand with corporate counsel to haul into place the edifice of constitutional protections that exempt corporations from the authority of the very states that created them. wrote a book whitewashing Israeli spying on the U. as are her children and husband Ø Mitch Weinstock. Corporations function like retroviruses. Bronner’s ties to the Israeli military are not the rarity one might expect. have been Israeli citizens and/or have Israeli families. offering measures that tiptoe around the fundamental problem. public outcry forced Public Editor Clark Hoyt to confront the problem in a February 7 column. Many Associated Press writers and editors are Israeli citizens or have Israeli families.S. Isabel Kershner. is an Israeli citizen. None of this is divulged to CNN viewers. AP will not reveal how many of the journalists in its control bureau for the region currently serve in the Israeli military. After the Citizens United ruling. Israel has universal compulsory military service. Maryland Congressperson Donna Edwards’s proposed Constitutional Amendment. Do they have family connections to the Israeli military? Time Magazine’s bureau chief several years ago became an Israeli citizen after he had assumed his post. or even if his military service ended Ø Richard Chesnoff. while not an Israeli citizen.S. is cited in an amicus brief filed in support of the Federal Elections Commission in the Citizens United case. inspired by the Citizens United decision. instead writing a column describing Bronner’s connections to Israel valuable because they “supply a measure of sophistication about Israel and its adversaries that someone with no connections would lack.” Would this amendment end corporate domination of our political process? Clearly not. Similarly. had a son serving in the Israeli military while he covered Israel as US News & World Report’s senior foreign correspondent Ø NPR’s Linda Gradstein’s husband R ecent exposés revealing that Ethan Bronner. 8 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 Media Matters Israeli military. And kick that red herring out of the way. The Times refuses to answer questions about whether she and/or family members have served or are currently serving in the Israeli military. and used to work for the Israel lobby in the U. many TV correspondents. Rather than overstating the significance of the Citizens United decision. She is working on a book about the Supreme Court. national editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune. NPR refuses to disclose whether Gradstein herself is also an Israeli citizen.. Does he have relatives in the military? CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. which suggests that Kershner and/or family members may have military connections. It’s unclear when.” If such “sophistication” is valuable. then refused to comment on it. Some examples include: Ø Joel Greenberg. the Times’ espoused commitment to the “impartiality and neutrality of the company’s newsrooms” would seem to require it to have a balancing editor equally sophisticated about Palestine and its adversary. let’s address the problem directly. would guarantee that. he ex- . and how many have family members with this connection. “Congress and the states may regulate the expenditure of funds for political speech by any corporation. something we should have done generations ago. limited liability company. in an interview with Jewish Week. Gaveling Down the Rabble: How “Free Trade” is Stealing Our Democracy (Apex Press. their human hosts. Times management at first refused to confirm Bronner’s situation. who has been Ethan Bronner’s Ties To The IDF: The Rule Not The Exception? By Alison Weir covering Mideast events for more than 40 years. has a son in the Israeli military have caused a storm of controversy that continues to swirl and generate further revelations. The opinion of the Court is chock full of paeans to the nobility and preciousness of unfettered free speech—of corporations. but Keller did not address that.” In response. Z Corporate anthropologist Jane Anne Morris’s book. Hoyt ultimately opined that Bronner should be reassigned to a different sphere of reporting to avoid the “appearance” of bias. After bending over backwards to praise the institution that employs him. this is still true. 2008). or other corporate entity. since. such as Martin Fletcher.

as the Times’ Keller insists. not the exception. cooperative. Project Censored’s series on investigative journalism. however. NBC once again demonstrated its inability to understand this global competition and the sports within it. experience of the Vancouver Winter Olympics was shaped. they promoted certain individuals who had been deemed sufficiently white-bread. that changes at the whim of the current military governor ruling over a subject population Ø Fails to inform its readers that 40 he U.Commentary plained: “Having a son in the Israeli army was a manifestation of my love for Israel and I assume that having a son in the Israeli army is a manifestation of Bronner’s love of Israel. the record for all jumpers at Vancouver’s Whistler Mountain was held by an Amer i can.5m for the normal hill at Whistler until Swiss legend Simon Ammann bettered it on the way to the gold medal in the 2010 Games.000) Ø Neglects to report that hundreds of one another about their Zionist credentials. NBC’s nationalistic coverage. not just those that Israel’s family members decree reportable. Until these Olympics. we were treated to the gorgeous sport of ski jumping. which n the first day of competition. that its collective punishment of 1. and that its use of American weaponry is routinely in violation of American laws Ø Covers the one Israeli (a soldier) T held by Palestinians at a rate incalculably higher than it reports on the Palestinian men.” studies indicate that the Times: Ø Covers international reports docu- provides information and media analysis on Israel-Palestine. CounterPunch. Apparently. I can think of a dozen foreign bureau chiefs responsible for covering both Israel and the Palestinians. or the loyal service of their children. who have served in the Israeli army.” Apparently. Lindsey Van. intimate ties to Israel are among the many open secrets in the region that are hidden from the American public. have kids in the Israeli army. I don’t deny it. according to NBC. Her articles have appeared in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. these ties present no problem or even. wasn’t really about American athletic superiority. why do the news agencies consistently refuse to admit them? Quite likely the news media refuse to answer questions about their journalists’ affiliations because they suspect. they didn’t get the memo telling them that the Winter Olympics is supposed to be about the world coming together in a shared love of sports. While Keller claims that the New York Times is covering this conflict “even-handedly. their service in the Israeli army.” Jonathan Cook. want and need all the facts. it is also illegal. even though there are vastly more of the latter Ø Fails to inform its readers that Is- NBC’s Olympics: From Homophobia To The Cult Of Personality By Sue Katz rael’s Jewish-only colonies on confiscated Palestinian Christian and Muslim land are illegal. complete with wretched production values. and homophobic bullies. exposing viewers to new and old sports. that the public would Israel’s captives have never even been charged with a crime and that those who have were tried in Israeli military courts under an array of bizarre military statutes that make even the planting of onions without a permit a criminal offense—a legal system. if one can call it that.” Cook writes that the bureau chief explained: “It is common to hear Western reporters boasting to be displeased to learn that the reporters and editors charged with supplying news on a foreign nation and conflict are. like Bronner.S. women. and photogenic.” Lerner goes on to make a fundamental point: “[T]here is a difference in my emotional and spiritual connection to these two sides [Israelis and Palestinians]. by viewers’ access to broadcasts and reports. NBC turned the broad canvas of the Olympics into a tabloid soap opera. I want to support human beings all over the planet but I have a special connection to my family. “held the jump record of 105. whose elected representatives give Israel uniquely gargantuan sums of our tax money (a situation also not covered by the media). who explained: “Bronner’s situation is the rule. and elsewhere. and children imprisoned by Israel (currently over 7. writes of a recent meeting with a Jerusalem-based bureau chief. If. on the other side are decent human beings. exclusions. and children in Gaza is not only cruel and ruthless. percent of Palestinian males have been imprisoned by Israel X on XX’s Ski Jumping Americans.” Ammann was able to out-jump Van for at least one obvious reason: women Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 9 . Z O Former journalist Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew. partisans. We’re not getting them. women. who. a British journalist based in Nazareth.5 million men. On the one side is my family. accurately. menting Israeli human rights abuses at a rate 19 times lower than it reports on the far smaller number of international reports documenting Palestinian human rights abuses Ø Covers Israeli children’s deaths at Gender & Sports rates seven times greater than they cover Palestinian children’s deaths. and another dozen who. Instead of actually covering the American teams. in fact. as the news media insist. baddies. unfortunately. enhance the journalists’ work. pre-selected stars.

Johnny Weir refuses to discuss his sexuality.com. despite receiving criticism after the Summer Olympics. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wouldn’t agree to a women’s event or allow women to compete against men—with whom they train. For some athletes. Despite Weir’s prominence in his field. One side effect of the IOC’s stand is that it diminishes Ammann’s achievement by sidelining top competitors. the respectful NBC commentator Mary Carillo asked Weir. who “let me be an individual. A facebook page was quickly established named “Eddie McGuire is ruining the 2010 Winter Olympics coverage. The fans feel otherwise. They chose him as winner of the 2008 Reader’s Choice Award for Skater of the Year (Skating Magazine) and the U. he Vancouver Olympics did not utterly lack queer content. and taught me to believe in myself before anyone else would believe in me. At a subsequent press conference and power. NBC broadcasters described his behavior as “flamboyant” and his often eloquent and elegant words as “sound bites”—in an attempt to marginalize his joyful gender-bending. transphobia. where the major partying was reputed to go on.com that he only identifies with skating that has “masculinity. “Every little boy should be so lucky as to turn into me. This is enough to provoke open horror from skating officials who like their men butch and their women sweet. if not childlike. which he sees as a private matter. As a home away from home. a member of the American figure skating team.S.” Then the former Canadian champion Elvis Stojko struck out against “effeminate” male skaters. often pushing the boundaries of camp.” he expanded on his response by talking about his hopes that more children would have both his opportunities and supportive parents like his. Set up as an educational and social center. who criticized Weir for 10 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 “femininity” and for setting a “bad example” by making boys who skate worry that they “will end up like him. showing the events. “Could you have done something that could have gotten you on that podium?” He replied with gracious comments about both his longtime rival and teammate gold medalist Evan Lycecek and the tough-guy Russian silver medalist Evgeni Plushenko. the second Olympic setting. In a February 19 interview. Stojko told Salon. despite a beautiful. does photo shoots in stilettos. Weir responded with impressive grace to this frantic gender stereotyping. NBC again provided tabloid-like coverage that fetishized a few selected Americans at the expense of.d. He struts down fashion show runways.” he told her. By conflating their homophobia. away from the Olympic facilities. And figure skating is a political sport…. Figure Skating Association was forced to announce this additional achievement. I don’t think it was possible for me to be on the podium. “But it definitely wasn’t this guy. which bars gender discrimination—only to be told that it’s up to the IOC. forced into so-called “gender testing” after a winning run in a 2009 international meet. Paris Childers. clean routine.” Later. As long as he’s been in the world of competitive skating. is a three-time U.” This from a guy who admits to having been called “twinkle toes” as a young skater. and sexism. I kinda knew coming into these games that a medal wasn’t really within my grasp for me. two Pride Houses were opened by the Vancouver LGBT community to serve athletes from around the world. whom he blamed for preventing hockey fans from loving figure skating. in the documentary Pop Star on Ice. there were five openly lesbian competitors in Vancouver. irrelevant to his work on the ice. A dozen women ski jumpers took a lawsuit all the way to the BC Supreme Court—pointing to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. after Weir was ranked a disappointing sixth. strength. The Quebec Gay and Lesbian Council has since demanded an apology. Australian sportscasters Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy sneered about the skaters’ costumes and a rumor that one skater was straight. The opening ceremony included at least two out gay Canadian performers on center stage—fiddle player Ashley MacIsaac and the singer k.” Other outlets sought to match the French Canadians’ comments. and parents. Speaking afterwards with Olympian skater Dorothy Hamill on “Access Hollywood. the latter insisted that Weir deserved the silver medal. The Cult Of Personality R egarding NBC’s approach. One Pride House was located in the heart of Van cou ver’s gay vil lage. he has been the object of homo pho bic rid i cule and scorn. According to OutSports. figure skating is forever on the defensive.” Weir was unapologetic. and is filmed taking a bubble bath with his best boy-pal. Throughout the Vancouver Olympics.Commentary were prevented from competing. He designs and sews his own glorious costumes. coaches. lang. these history-making safe spaces were an invaluable break from the pressures of the closet. National Champion. They’ve unsuccessfully challenged this discriminatory ban year after year. these sports announcers raised the specter of the attacks on the South African runner Caster Semenya.” Goldberg called for Weir to pass a “gender test” and Mailhot answered that Weir should be made to compete in the women’s event.S. “I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that indeed I am a man. Bullying On Ice S tuck in the Win ter Olym pics among such hy per-dan ger ous sports as the luge and moguls. well.” referring to Weir. Lots Of Gay Goldberg called for Weir to pass a “gender test” and Mailhot answered that Weir should be made to compete in the women’s event T where Weir joked. Johnny Weir. Then he answered philosophically.S. who gave me freedom. So even as we were deprived of anything but . none of them from the U. in a discussion between Carillo and Stephen Colbert. it provided visitors with resource materials about queer places of interest. all assumptions about Canadian good manners and good sense were negated by remarks made by the French-language RDS broadcast network’s Claude Mailhot and Alain Goldberg. “Politically. The other Pride House was established in Whistler.

and I would have been happy to see her interviewed once. Petter Northug Jr. Apolo Ohno. came second in the overall standings with four medals— two gold. her performances were impressive. Not only does the undue attention on a few athletes affect the performance of everyone involved. Their success. it also impacts their future. could not escape NBCs intrusive parent-adoring cameras. known for his bravado. there were over 2. and compelling stories should add to their growing stable of sponsorship deals with a variety of companies. who won the Olympic bronze just days after her mother passed away.Commentary snippets of many events. Rochette’s story was indeed moving. Her father. Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 11 . she has been in year-long discussions to appear on NBC’s “Law and Order. She singlehandedly brought down the McCain/Palin ticket with her book. But where were his competitors? What was going on while we stared at him chilling? Where was the wide view of the rink and the fans? Were there any fans other than his dad? And what about Lindsey Vonn. and Shaun White. Perhaps I missed NBC’s profiles of alpine skiers Anna Berecz from Hungary and Leyti Seck from Senegal or of cross-country skiers ErdeneOchir Ochirsuren from Mongolia. sex. I could have taken three times. and Shaun White’s cascading auburn curls. good looks. who Roch- ette said was very shy. Meanwhile. American viewers came away with clear impressions of Apolo Anton Ohno’s neck mole. Lindsey Vonn’s eyeliner. competitors. while the competitors and trainers were doing their jobs. journalist and blogger offering frank talk about aging. a silver. and ballroom dancing. NBC turned this into a duel. In fact.” In its only nod to international feeling. and the rink. Even worse. There was the homophobic “joke” in the Verizon ad. winning medals at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver is their ticket to future endorsements.500 athletes in Vancouver. There was more cult of personality. “For Lindsey Vonn. in which the father of a family blushes over accidentally admitting that he watches figure skating. Thanks But No Thanks: The Voter’s Guide to Sarah Palin.” So even during the breaks. this 29-year-old won three golds. NBC’s cameras were caressing Ohno’s headband and Vonn’s pearly whites. We repeatedly saw him composing himself before the race.. But she became part of the rotating stable of pretty faces used as fillers while competitive events were left sight unseen or relegated to channels no one could get. Z Sue Katz is an activist. Okay. There was a torrent of sexist and maudlin P&G ads under the slogan “Proud Sponsor of Moms. Pakistan’s Muhammed Abbas. there was no escaping the poverty of the Olympic experience we were given and the frustration of knowing that.” An earlier cover photo of her ass up in the air sold a lot of copies of Sports Illustrated. and a bronze. Before the matches we saw scene after scene of Ohno yawning—long after we got the point. Julia Mancuso (two silver medals—about equal to Vonn’s gold and bronze) became the evil one when she quite sensibly pointed out that the relentless focus on Vonn throughout the competition hurt the rest of the American team. NBC saturated the airwaves with their coverage of Canada’s six-time national figure skating champion Joannie Rochette. the Middle East. one silver. as we found out later. grilling Mancuso about her “attack” on Vonn and interviewing Vonn so often that viewers were left begging for a bit of actual Olympic coverage instead. Do you recognize the names of these champions? Even the Ads Collaborated T he ads on NBC during the Olympics were echoes of what we were or were not seeing. entirely severed from skating. what did we hear about the Norweigan cross-country skier Marit Bjørgen who won the most medals of any 2010 Olympian? An asthmatic with several piercings. and Kazakhstan’s Elana Antonova. author. marketing experts say. Twice. and one bronze at her third medal-winning Olympics. According to the New York Times on March 1. At one point the cameras followed Ohno’s floating head around the ring. the Alpine skier? One wonders if she was promoted so much more than her medal-winning teammates because. Another Norweigan. I wonder how many other athletes at this Olympics were functioning under personal tragedies and challenges. to the scornful frowns of his entire family. despite his obvious discomfort in the public cheerleading role her mother had played. class rage. which also didn’t hurt her NBC-constructed super-stardom. with Apolo Ohno a ubiquitous huckster.

The Employee Free Choice Act is needed to allow workers to indicate their choice of a union away from intimidating employer scrutiny. giving them an advantage in recovering some of the lost ground over the last few years. The airline’s pilots. chair of the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition.102 workers who voted for the union were an overwhelming majority of those voting.600 ground workers at Continental Airlines shows that old-fashioned hard work might be making a comeback when several hundred union organizers fanned out across the country and knocked on doors in 24 cities in preparation for the vote. but labor is confident the NMB recommendations will prevail. This time the Teamsters narrowly won their election. combined with post-September 11. . Local Lodge 1781. as other unions had done in failed organizing efforts over the last 12 years. lead agents earn a little more than $21 an hour. Teamster volunteers did not limit themselves to the large Continental hubs in Cleveland. where the outcome is decided by a majority of those who actually cast a ballot and not on a majority of the total eligible electorate. 2001 draconian layoffs. mechanics. which covers nonRLA workers.” passing this threshold by 300 votes.S. Teamster’s Election Victory: How to Succeed After Failing By Carl Finamore “We Took A Gamble” I Outrageous Railroad Labor Act Workers celebrate the vote—photo from the Teamsters P T he Teamsters Union’s February 12. union elections are still tainted by well-documented employer threats of recrimination. “We’ve been through this five times and I can say hands down that this is the best campaign. airline unions would have won every single contest in the past 20 years. Airline workers are only asking for the same rights as other voting Americans. and Newark. The Machinists (IAMAW) union lost at Continental under the same circumstances a few years earlier. This is unlike any other election in the United States. While air transportation remains among the most heavily-unionized in12 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 rob a bly the most out ra geous anachronism in U. Now they have made the nation’s fourth-largest airline a union shop from top to bottom.” Gary Welsch told Teamster Magazine in September 2009. 2010 election victory to represent 7. IAMAW and a delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council. but the achievements of the Teamster’s national strategy must also be recognized. Modernizing and democratizing election rights. the bargaining unit includes those on layoff who are difficult to contact. Other unions. The rule states that the union must win the support of the majority of the total class and craft bargaining unit. though the 4. in both the RLA and NLRA. has recommended changing the rule to a simple majority of those voting. until the new rule change. To make it even worse. and now ground workers all have collective bargaining rights.” After 10 years. for example.Activism Labor Today dustries in the country. flight attendants. Fortunately. sur- t was a remarkable risk for the Teamsters to proceed with the Continental election under the old rules. Workers at Continental spoke for millions who desperately need collective bargaining rights. which administers RLA. With genuine majority rule elections.” said Teamster President James Hoffa. the National Mediation Board (NMB). the Transport Workers Union (TWU) won a clear majority of those voting. and discrimination. Continental ramp agents were among the largest single group of non-union employees. such as the Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA) and the Machinists have postponed elections at Delta. but lost the election for Continental ground workers because they fell short of this “super majority” requirement by 314 votes.000 new members in 2008. certainly increased union awareness among employees. termination. The lingering issue of low pay. which is expected to take effect in a few months.” said Chris Moore. affirmation of their strategy to train hundreds of dedicated rank and file members at organizer “boot camp. will greatly advance opportunities for working people to organize themselves and to express their demands and desires for a better life. Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The Teamsters organized 43. Houston. the strongest campaign we’ve had. “Wages for the ramp workers start at about $10 an hour. labor law is the 1926 Railroad Labor Act (RLA) regulation governing union elections for rail and airline workers. he said. In 2008. Air and rail carriers are protesting. He is a former president of Air Transport Employees. AFL-CIO. but only “about half work full time. Z Carl Finamore has worked on several Continental Airlines organizing drives with the Machinists Union. “We took a gamble and it worked.


demonstrated against draconian budget cuts and privatizations—photos from Indymedia and student activist websites. students and education workers around the U.S.Protesting School Funding Cuts BOSTON NEW YORK CHICAGO MILWAUKEE PORTLAND MINNEAPOLIS SEATTLE On March 4. 14 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 .

devoted much of its screen time to Rudd. Also. What do your coming years likely hold for you? I’m doing a lot of speaking and writing on “organizing. the 40-year-old was always beating up on the 20year-old Mark Rudd. The first version was a set of essays on the Vietnam War. to deflate the momentum of the anti-war U. photogenic personality. and embarked on a futile. later. Rudd eventually settled in New Mexico under his own name and made a career teaching remedial math at an Albuquerque community college.” Last semester I taught an American Studies course at the University of New Mexico on “The Organizing Tradition in American Social Movements. Rudd. and also lets him tell his story. I hadn’t figured it out. I’m also working on various organizing projects. Rudd kept in touch with his doting parents. issued a bombastic declaration of war against American imperialism. such as a progressive’s run for Lt. Rudd expresses profound regret for this in the book. arguably. the Weather faction deserted it. he was wanted by the Feds and forced to hide under false names from 1970 until 1977.) Rudd grew up in a comfortable middle class family in suburban New Jersey. Then I realized that my strength was in telling my story. soldiers and police misfired in a Manhattan apartment—tried to quit the Weatherman. and they with him.” I’ve found that young people have little awareness of the fact that movements don’t happen spontaneously. he was picked up by the media and made the visible white male star of the student New Left. On the eve of this spring’s publication of the paperback edition of Underground. placed on federal wanted lists. Tragically. a wryly humorous recollection and. When SDS imploded. by conspiring to introduce proactive violence into the student movement—via the Weatherman faction which took over SDS in a 1969 putsch—Rudd helped destroy SDS and. you explain that there were earlier By Bill Nevins U nderground: My Life with the SDS and the Weatherman is Mark Rudd’s candid story of his years in Columbia University’s chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and. when Reagan was re-elected. I was never a member of Weatherman [sic]. etc. It’s a study of what not to do. it propelled Rudd into a second bout of fame. However. consequently. Have you read some of the other Weather Underground memoirs by Bill Ayers. student movement. too. While the movie has been criticized as less than fully accurate. A charismatic.S. though I did have some peripheral association with SDS in the late 1960s and early 1970s. also know colloquially as the Weathermen. (Full disclosure: I first met Mark Rudd in New Mexico two decades after his underground days ended. Weather Underground. as a reluctant fugitive associate—though technically never a member—of the Weather Underground.? Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 15 . but in reverse: I go from telling a story of good organizing (Columbia) to bad organizing (the demise of SDS and Weatherman) to even worse (the Weather Underground). the youthful indulgences of the time—seemed to have warped his judgment and direction. NEVINS: In your preface. When Rudd surfaced and surrendered in 1977. terrorist bombing campaign. But the draft I finished in 1989 didn’t sufficiently address the problem of why I chose violence. if largely symbolic. I’d like to see the Democratic Party turned in a center-left direction. the federal charges against him were dropped because they had been tainted by illegal government actions. Governor of New Mexico. My book takes up this issue. including a contract to produce this book for a major publisher. and became heavily involved in anti-racist and anti-war organizing in the late 1960s’ Students for a Democratic Society. In 2002. The fame—and.S. attended Columbia University in New York City as a promising student. But he also offers advice.INTERVIEWS Fortunate Rebel Son A talk with Mark Rudd League college. It might be possible in a small place like New Mexico. and I taught at the Albuquerque college where he taught. which had renamed itself the Weather Underground Organization (WUO). despite having been expelled from an Ivy drafts of this book which you shelved. The published version is a hell of a lot kinder and gentler toward the kid. Underground is. a documentary film. Rudd took the time to answer a few questions. It took me 20 more years to gain any sort of balance and equanimity toward that kid. shocked and appalled by the deaths of three of his Weather comrades—when explosives they were arming for an attack on U. How does Underground differ from your earlier efforts? RUDD: The book has been sitting around—in my mind and on a shelf—since about 1984. in many ways. as he confesses in his book. and driven into outlawry.

Capitalism won that round. in general. I was still a good Jewish boy. I found this both the most touching and. You have been a successful teacher for decades now. I can always use the material for further writing. It was our response to the earlier call for Black Power that had emerged from SNCC. I like to think. I don’t think I ever engaged in kill-your-parents stuff myself. the final stage of capitalism. He cut it out completely. in your opinion? As an indictment of U. Would you care to comment on this and. you and your parents maintained contact and they got material help to you on several occasions. I wanted to prove myself the way 20-year-old males have always proved themselves. Following a political line with which you disagreed. The motives were mixed. Cathy Wilkerson’s book.” Since it was the era of decolonization. I was more of the off-the-pig school. Speaking only for myself. like all great revolutionaries. In a sense. perhaps. Can you comment? Yes. Actually. though they were not radicals themselves. a magazine called Ossawatomie. Maybe there was a deep need among some Germans to transcend the good german Nazi history. You also helped form a faculty union at your college. Marx. which he very well may have been. but which prevailed in the organization. they degenerated into cops and robbers. Mao. Little did we know that we were the last recruits to a war that was already lost. more generally. Susan Stern’s book from the mid-1970s. What did you think of the two dramatic films about 20th century armed revolutionaries: Che directed by Steven Soderbergh and the German film The Baader Meinhof Complex? I appreciated the trajectory of Soderbergh’s two-part Che. the Weather Underground tried to build an insurgent army in the United States for the purposes of opening a military front in solidarity with the Vietnamese and Black revolutionaries in America. The first was all heroism and victory. well thought out. one could even now get caught up in the heroism of the whole endeavor. I wanted to name the book. even in hiding. Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Times As a Weatherman. which worked out okay. Bill gives too much credit for good intentions and doesn’t take crappy results into account. including the Weatherman. So if you look at it that way. For worse. Yet. Why succeeding generations of kids joined them. I tried to be accurate about that in my book. Also. which would have put me into Costco. Karl Rove or Bernardine Dohrn? I’ll vote for Bernardine. it’s a fairly accurate description. I didn’t help write it. and Lenin and knew well that it was the age of decolonization. though. saying that the story should stop in 1977 when I turned myself in. to push history to the next stage. Do you see these professional roles as linked to your earlier organizing and revolutionary efforts? Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weatherman by Mark Rudd. As you acknowledge in your book. Did the publisher or your editor suggest or insist on any significant changes? The draft I turned in to the editor included a long section covering 1978 to 2008 in Albuquerque. she portrays herself as being much more passive than I remember her. This seemed then. You recount that a Black Panther made a grossly offensive speech advocating sexual exploitation. All of this is absolutely unintelligible now. Is that an accurate description? Yes. however. I still don’t know. Grandpa Was a Terrorist.” but most SDS and Weather activists came from privileged or at least middle class backgrounds. I wanted to be a hero like Che Guevara. I helped build a printshop to produce the successor to Prairie Fire. on male sexist. As a blueprint for revolution it’s absurd. for better or worse. Prairie Fire is still useful. He did give me a 25-page epilogue. As Marxists. Harper Paperbacks. His theory was crap. I wish we had been much smarter than we were. as their parents did not. There was a very ugly side to some 1960s-1970s radicalism. 352 pages . to have been an absurd and futile undertaking. I did help write the original Weatherman paper. an organization I still have deep respect for. However. in combat. there was a kill-your-parents rhetoric and attitude in some of the New Left. is always of interest. history and of imperialism. with its own way of looking at the world. With the Weathermen. is comprehensive as a history of the times. violence-tripping attitudes then and now? 16 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 We fell for the whole black leadership line. I also wanted to be “an agent of history. too.S. but my editor and my wife nixed that.” We had studied Fanon. Andreas Baader was portrayed as a sociopath. A lot of it is fiction. who’s more rational. we saw ourselves as heirs to the great tradition of socialist revolution. the most disturbing aspect of your story. Well-researched. Unfortunately. though. The Baader Meinhof Complex was good at creating the context for why some German New Leftists might have thought that they were living in fascist times and felt the need to take up arms against it. it was absurd and futile.Interviews Billy’s book Fugitive Days is very moving. we liked to reduce the world to “central contradictions. The rhetoric was the politics of transgression. It’s accurate. Some Panthers came from what they described as “the lumpen proletariat. Also. Marxism is its own religion. It was quite utopian and grandiose. especially about the townhouse where he lost his girlfriend and his best friend. I often recommend it to students of the new left. the second pure defeat. You needed guts. Did you help to write the statement issued by the Weather Underground in the later 1970s in the booklet Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism? Does that position paper hold up over the years. race oppression trumped sexism in the hierarchy of oppression. which would dismantle imperialism. He was right. In the long run. to many of us. but it made perfect sense to us at the time.

the right to their own credit rating. she stepped down in order to finish her new book. My book recounts the story of the women’s rights parade in Washington in 1913 in which the feminist leader Alice Paul. ordered black suffragists to march at the back of the parade. she became the first woman to be appointed editor of the Times’s editorial page. coming after the Fourteenth Amendment. As far as not remembering what it was like. we probably wouldn’t have seen her standing there either. Recently. former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s wife Silda and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s wife Jenny. She returned to the Times as a columnist in 2007. From what Jenny Sanford has said. Recently Nona Willis Aronowitz. Ida Wells-Barnett. when the white Illinois delegation passed by. Silda Spitzer is a pretty formidable woman and if her disaster had happened about six months down the line. Certainly. and be called Ms. and Emma Bee Bernstein took the pulse of feminism on college campuses in their book. He now teaches Creative Writing and Rhetoric for the University of New Mexico. Why was this second women’s rights movement necessary 50 years after women won the right to vote? COLLINS: While the suffragists succeeded in getting the Nineteenth Amendment ratified in 1920. young people are not particularly comfortable focusing on a time when their rights or freedoms were not there. There have only been about three seconds in history when women weren’t hostile to the term. They found that many young women were hostile to the term feminism. Here in Chicago. They both involve people in changing their lives. they also believed that women’s roles should be at home as mothers and wives. who were feminists and abolitionists in the 1830s. They both involve long-term commitment and perspective. But the bottom line in any marital crisis is always the question of whether you think your life would be better with or without him. And the teacher/organizer is always learning. In 2001. daughter of feminist writer Ellen Willis.Interviews Organizing and teaching are the same. joined and integrated it. people were shocked when Angelina married the good looking abolitionist Theodore Weld. Without the economic power of participating in the workplace and positions of influence in society. Z Bill Nevins is a teacher and writer who was fired in 2003 for permitting his high school poetry students to speak out against Bush’s Iraq War policy. Yet her feminism and temperance stances sometimes put her at odds with the earlier abolition movement. The lives of women today are more complicated and lack those clearly marked lines. though its precepts—equal rights and opportunities—were widely accepted. suffragist Frances Willard is remembered for becoming the first Dean of Women of the Women’s College at Northwestern University in 1871. the right to wear pants. He has conducted many interviews with socially conscious artists that appeared in Z and other magazines in recent years. That is no surprise. women’s status after getting the vote could not really change much. Redefining Feminism. some feminists were embittered. They both involve dialogue. They both involve the question of how people learn things. when women’s right to vote was not forth- . which was always linked to images of unattractive man-hating women in ugly shoes. Girl Drive: Criss-Crossing America. looking brave. waited on the side of the parade and. When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present. At the beginning of 2007. the Chicago suffragist. Working for an issue that you knew was right and knew was going to win was a lot of fun. Even in the days of Sarah and Angelina Grimké. not wanting to alienate Southern sympathizers. Did these women handle the situation differently than they would have before everything changed? I think the Spitzer case marked the end of the days when the wife would stand next to her straying husband. ROSENBERG: Your book When Everything Changed covers the cascade of rights women won between 1964 and 1972—equal pay. it’s pretty clear she’s decided happiness is going on her own and leaving her ex-husband to pick up the Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 17 Dolls and Drudges Don Pants An interview with Gail Collins By Martha Rosenberg G ail Collins joined the New York Times in 1995 as a member of the editorial board and later as an “Op-Ed” columnist. Even then the attitude was: you mean you can work for women’s rights and still land a “handsome hunk?” College women and women born since 1980 seem to lack appreciation for the rights that were won for them—and even awareness of what it was like for their mothers and grandmothers. we’ve seen two governor’s wives engulfed in infidelity scandals.

S. While researching your book. If we’re not doing that. and I’m not prepared to second guess that decision. that the guy has the potential of being a leader in a GI resistance movement. I think it’s our job as journalists to monitor the centers of power and take them to task. At the same time. was the Pentagon trying to clamp down on dissent? Or is it harder to see where the brass stands on the issue? I think they take it on a case-by-case basis. In most instances. pushing papers at a desk. In less than ten years. A Journalist’s Responsibility An interview with Dahr Jamail By Seth Kershner A s one of the first and only “unembedded” American journalists to report from Iraq. to make them prove what they’re saying and to make them give evidence. Silda Spitzer seems to feel she and her daughters are better off with Eliot in their lives. the Nation. to this day. and then go back to base after their shift is done. then I think we could really see some fundamental change. I should point out that. the U. still waiting for resolution. Z Martha Rosenberg is a columnist and cartoonist based in Chicago. he hasn’t yet done a day in jail or had to go back to Iraq. etc. . that’s a compliment and that’s how I’d like to be perceived. most of the time. How did you transform from editor of the Times Op-Ed page to history writer? As the year 2000 approached.Interviews pieces of his mess. Z pated in this and it’s been going on since the beginning of the occupation. This is a situation where he is the highest-ranking person to refuse orders to go to Iraq. They’ve become completely disgruntled by the situation and they’re doing things called search and avoid missions. at some point. I’ve talked with soldiers who’ve partici18 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 Seth Kershner is a graduate student and freelance writer based in Western Massachusetts. They’ve realized that their patrols are not serving any purpose. Could you talk about what military resisters are doing? JAMAIL: I’ve found through inter- viewing dozens and dozens of soldiers that there have been many instances of overt resistance in Iraq. If. They’ll park in fields. Jamai’s dispatches have been published in the Guardian (UK). As a journalist.S. a U. Watada is in legal limbo.S.000 years of dogma about women was reversed. It’s really astounding. The problem is that they don’t have a voice in the mainstream media or to elected officials. Do you see military resisters playing a constructive role in discussions of U. so they go out on fake patrols. to name just a few. Ehren Watada—where the military decides that it’s a high profile case. There are many women now who are speaking out about being sexually assaulted in the military. But that’s the exception to the rule. I feel it’s my job to go where the silence is. foreign policy? Absolutely. there have been a few instances—like with Lt. I’ve been accused of being a populist. is to sweep it under the carpet. A former mountain guide with no formal journalistic training. military chooses to do things like they did with Ronn Cantu. and Le Monde Diplomatique. Other things that are happening—both in Iraq and back home—are instances of soldiers standing up against parts of the system that they don’t agree with. currently. An exception to that would be the Winter Soldier hearings on the Hill that occurred last year. Would you ally yourself more with the European model of journalism. then we’re not doing our jobs as journalists. Writing When Everything Changed gave me a chance to interview some of these women who did amazing things that are still having effects today. so they’re going to throw the book at this guy. However. women had undergone as I did the research. who testified at the Winter Soldier hearings on Iraq and Afghanistan. Army interrogator. whereby reporters and their papers quite openly place themselves somewhere specific on the political spectrum? I think that I would.S. they could be tapped for their information. radio in every hour at scheduled times telling their base that they’re searching for weapons caches. KERSHNER: As you discuss in your book The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse To Fight In Iraq and Afghanistan. Their overall objective. They’re either going to promote him so maybe that’ll shut him up or ignore it and not do anything (probably the most common response). to give people a voice who are outside the government or major media outlets. Soldiers have really low morale. over 1. And.. the Times asked me to write an introduction for their millennium issue and I was astonished to realize the breadth of changes U. more and more American GIs have been openly opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dahr Jamail’s work offers an unfiltered look at the lives of Iraqis affected by the occupation.

but the New Apostolics have now co-opted it. Such schemes used to be called shepherding. made up of born again. as well as “post-denominational” churches. a key figure in the movement. Peter Wagner. What do the terms spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare mean and where do they come from? Spiritual warfare is not a new term. and about 40 nations. Wagner. Wagner’s Leadership Institute teaches courses in prophecy. Leaders are encouraged to get involved in social services to expand their influence in government and society. media. Cell churches are organized like a pyramid marketing scheme with small groups. Other Christian dominion movements propose austere biblical law. but Wagner explains in his 2008 book Dominion that theocracy will not Reformation (NAR). communications. but also in foreign currency exchange. but. Poland. C. because of bad press and reports of coercive and abusive practices. How has this movement grown so rapidly? Church growth is the key concept. streamlined the ideology and named it the “New Apostolic Reformation. and claims exclusive agreements for over a half billion dollars of products and services. Tell us what we should know? TABACHNICK: Imagine for a moment that a large block of the evangelical world decided to re-organize themselves in a hierarchy resembling the Roman Catholic Church. For instance there is an apostle in Toronto whose ministry includes an oil and gas company.S. This also resembles a military structure—each cell has a leader and lower level leaders are accountable to their superiors on up the chain. a former fitness instructor.Interviews The New Apostolic Reformation An interview with Rachel Tabachnick By Bill Berkowitz R achel Tabachnick is an independent researcher who specializes in End Times narratives. Imagine that every person—from the congregants to the top leaders—has someone to whom they are accountable. Those in the top tier each have apostolic authority over other ministries. a business matchmaking system that connects Kingdom business customers and suppliers. who will be 80 this year. are signs and wonders that will help evangelize unbelievers in preparation for the End Times. But this is not just a church movement.” Wagner serves as the presiding apostle of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA). BERKOWITZ: Most people aren’t aware of the New Apostolic businesses. She continues to provide research on the Religious Right for political campaigns from local school boards to national organizations and was a presenter at the recent PA Progressive Summit 2010 in Harrisburg. is now listed as a policy expert at the Heritage Foundation and claims to have distributed $30 million in gifts and donations during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One apostle. They believe that spiritual gifts. Although this is not the first time this has been tried. “Kingdom” businesses play an important role. finance. a strategy which began in Asia and South America and has resulted in congregations of tens of thousands.” Laypeople in cells perform many of the functions that would normally be carried out by pastors—and pastors then become like corporate CEOs. the more God will bless you. and Southeast Asia. sometimes hundreds or even thousands. He believes rapid growth of the movement will allow Christians to take dominion inside a democratic framework. Wagner promoted unique evangelizZ MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 19 . this “second reformation” is having more success. In 2008 she assisted Bruce Wilson in publishing a video of John Hagee’s sermon about Hitler being sent from God as a hunter of Jews. The New Apostolics are now trying to apply shepherding to entire communities and even nations. He has expanded his organizations to Fiji. He has mainstreamed cell church ideology. casting out demons. With the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. and faith-healing powers. they have been re-named “discipling. which includes several hundred apostles across the U. such as speaking in tongues. usually with no more than 12. Market apostles work in business. It’s heavily charismatic. Many of the leaders teach prosperity doctrine—or the belief that the more you give to ministries. and “prayer warrior” networks in all 50 states and worldwide. with leaders in authority over each nation and region. was a professor of church growth for 30 years at Fuller Theological Seminary. international training centers. Two ICA Apostles head Markets Unlocked. ICA Apostles work closely with the International Christian Chamber of Commerce. and lead the “Reclaiming the Seven Mountains of Culture” mandate. Wagner teaches that there will soon be a great transfer of wealth from the ungodly to the godly and has set up structures to prepare. Pennsylvania where she spoke on the “sacralization” of economic and political issues by the Religious Right. Trained intercessors are now paid to pray for be necessary. tasked with spinning off new cell groups and growing the church. It is organizing within a mega-block of Protestants larger than all the traditional denominations put together. but also “spirit-filled” Christians—sometimes called neo-charismatics or neo-pentecostal.

Spiritual mapping is the reconnaissance mission for spiritual warfare and involves the literal mapping of neighborhoods and cities to determine where the demons are. Another political area in which New Apostolics is deeply entrenched is John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel. This is the ultimate faith-based initiative—remove the demons and society will be healed. a citywide project in which every precinct and street has been assigned to a volunteer and mapped out for prayer. evangelicals. Jr. the same operation that is “transforming” Uganda. Then the community supposedly experiences a foretaste of “God’s Kingdom on Earth. and even claims that the prayers of the movement have killed other humans are featured in films shown worldwide. Wilson has written about PrayforNewark. a prophet in Wagner’s inner circle. Engle led another televised event in which he prayed over Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee. are promotional “documentaries” showing prototypes of this process in which supernatural transformation of a community takes place. Ugandan Julius Oyet. including a glossary of new terms. Wagner. Since altering their AIDS programs to abstinence-only. videos. In May.589 of U. who heads the Strang charismatic publishing empire. speeding up the process. spontaneous destruction of property of other belief systems.S. and promoting the belief that homosexuals are possessed by literal demons. including to mainline Protestant churches and “renewal” groups. is a key figure in the recent proposed draconian anti-gay legislation in that county. at a conference in January where she was described as an Apostle in the promotional literature. as well as significant sums from other public sources. Jr. Wagner proposed that entire geographic areas and people groups be targeted. Instead of slowly winning souls one by one. This includes “generational curses” or those things in a city’s history that allowed demons to take hold of the entire populous. After expulsion of the demons. instantaneous purifying of polluted streams. and Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN). her Miami organizations have received $3. from Fiji to South America to Africa. The New Apostolic movement more closely resembles a political campaign than a denomination. The Transformation DVDs produced by George Otis. Ed Silvoso. PrayforNewark is part of Ed Silvoso’s ITN. and others created an entire genre of books. who publishes a New Apostolic journal titled Kairos. and Transformation organizations are attempting to replicate these prototypes in their local communities. and Cindy Trimm. Governor Aiona.000 churches worldwide. Ted Haggard. which have subsequently broken from their parent denominations.” These mini-utopias are advertised as having reduced poverty. Supernatural healings of AIDS. and regional director Robert Stearns. promoted by U. These new strategies include strategic level spiritual warfare and spiritual mapping designed to win territory. however. John Dawson of Youth With a Mission. Stearns also leads the largest single international Christian Zionist event. Since 2001. The movies appear to have played a role in encouraging mythology that flourishes in the Religious Right and beyond. This is accomplished by doing battle with demons or principalities that they believe cause entire ethnicities. Hagee is still teaching that the Rapture may happen any moment.147. How are these strategies put into practice? Although many of the claims made in the Transformation movies can be easily disproved. as well as virulent attacks on Catholicism and other faiths. Medical leaders are warning these claims are interfering with their HIV/AIDS treatment. consider one of the most celebrated abstinence-only programs in the U. These include ICA Apostle Stephen Strang. who has spoken at conferences and written for the movement. 20 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 To give you an idea of how deeply entrenched the New Apostolics are in this policy. but many of his directors and leaders teach that they must take dominion over the earth. Her relationship with the Apostles is not new. Department of Health and Human Services grant money. and even growth of huge vegetables. Uganda has had an increase. texts. particularly in their assertion that thousands of cases of AIDS in Uganda have been miraculously cured.S. who claims that a . the evangelized population can take “dominion” over local government and culture. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS). including Israel. California. including the healing of AIDS. the movement’s advancement appears to be partially due to the promotion of Transformations prototypes.Interviews ing tools as part of a frenzied effort in the 1990s to evangelize the world before 2000. “Recapturing the Vision” and “Vessels of Honor” are names for abstinence-only programs headed by Jacqueline del Rosario. among others. However. described as a “general in the art of strategic warfare. religions.S. Where does Sarah Palin fit into all this? The movement made early inroads in Alaska through an ICA apostle named Mary Glazier. and disease. and other media teaching spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare. Spiritual mapping is the ideological foundation for the now popular “prayer walking” and the formation of many citywide prayer groups. George Otis. The Transformation ideology originated from western evangelicals—witch-hunting and all—and the prototypes have included cities like Hemet. She incorporated her organizations in the mid-1990s with leading Florida Apostle Diane Buker. has recently been in the news leading an anti-health-care reform prayercast with Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC). federally-funded study that showed no measurable results.” Buker is the author of God’s Power to Multiply for Wealth and her Battle Axe Brigade ministry website features a graphic of an arm swinging a medieval mace. and geographic areas to resist conversion. Transformation Hawaii has the full participation of Lt. His ministry has been endorsed by the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus and by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. not decrease. who starred in one of the Transformation movies.. head of Battle Axe ministries. This funding came despite the fact that her organization was one of four in a long-term. of new AIDS cases. Del Rosario was a speaker. along with Wagner and other top apostles. Are there well-known politicians involved with the NAR? The Transformation movies show that they have access to many political figures. Lou Engle. involving 200. before Jesus can return. These movies have been shown to millions globally. who testified for Title V abstinence-based funding in Congressional hearings in 2002. corruption.

S. not the more important fact that Palin has ties to top leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation. Among intellectual luminaries of all eras. So they organized a military coup and established a neo-Nazi style national security state. is moving towards integration for the first time and paying a little attention—in some cases. He wouldn’t call it a military coup. The U. Chomsky placed eighth. That was the norm. which is new.S. finally.S. . These networks allow apostles to communicate and disseminate new prophecy to their prayer warriors. Wagner’s ideas have spread widely into mainstream evangelicalism with little public notice. He joined the Organization of American States in criticizing the coup. supported coups outright or carried them out for that matter. Obama did it indirectly. just behind Plato and Sigmund Freud. During the presidential election this included such prophecies about Palin. as when Glazier described a vision that Palin would take the mantle of leadership after a period of national mourning following the death of John McCain. it could be described as Haggard’s other secret. Explain what you meant. after 500 years. Forty-five years ago the Kennedy administration didn’t like the government in Brazil. former president of the National Association of Evangelicals. It’s printed here with their permission. Why should the American people be concerned about NAR? I believe this movement’s threat to separation of church and state is greater than some of the more overtly theocratic movements of the Religious Right.Interview 24-year-old Palin joined her spiritual warfare network. like Bolivia. It now has seven new ones in Colombia. but in a softer way than usual. for the Industrial Worker. Despite the fact that Haggard has written books on New Apostolic strategies. The U. the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs. withdrew their ambassadors. Kenya. Unfortunately. Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 21 By Jon Hochschartner N oam Chomsky is a renowned linguist who is perhaps better known for his radical critique of America’s economic and foreign policies. even in Europe. didn’t. The first Transformation movie so impressed pastors in Wasilla. In fact. That’s made the continent a little more independent of the U. which is the last holdout. It was a monstrosity. The U. the press picked up on the witch part of the story. his participation in promoting this massive reformation of both church and society is so little known. but they didn’t do much at first. Then. was almost the only country that recognized the elections under military rule. the Obama administration ended up essentially supporting the coup regime. the U. he’s “the most often cited living author.” I interviewed him on January 26. Unsuspecting people are becoming involved in New Apostolic activities without understanding its agenda. What do you mean by that? Latin America’s become a lot more independent. as it proceeded. of course. Almost every country. They didn’t try to use their influence. HOCHSCHARTNER: You wrote that Obama “broke ground” in supporting the Honduras coup. It was the usual support for right-wing military coups. has enormous influence in Honduras. They have very close connections. partnered with Wagner in founding the New Apostolic Reformation and building its early headquarters. The Wasilla Assembly of God developed an ongoing relationship with Muthee and a 2005 church video shows him anointing Palin. Latin America. shown driving a “witch” out of Kiambu. in 2004.S. According to the Chicago Tribune. The U.. The military’s trained by the United States. one country after another through the 1980s. a lot of attention—to the needs of the poor majority. they carried out the coup in Haiti and in 2002 openly supported the coup in Venezuela. I Don’t See Much Difference An interview with Noam Chomsky years. Take Brazil. That’s partly a reflection of the change in power relations.S. the IWW’s newspaper. Z CHOMSKY: I don’t remember putting it that way. In earlier Bill Berkowitz is a freelance writer covering conservative movements.S. Haggard. He kind of dragged his feet. Alaska that they contacted some of the religious leaders featured in the movie—including Thomas Muthee. It was a kind of mildly social democratic government not very different from [current] President Lula’s. was kicked out of its last military base in Ecuador in September 2009.

So they have every right to be mad. “Look. Management is the corporations.” There’s about 85 percent opposition to that. we’ll continue the policy of not negotiating with you. a majority of the population is opposed to Obama’s health-care program. Democratic areas. Everybody has to vote the same way. even with all of their flaws. so I didn’t have to. Benefits. They gave away the public option. the Supreme Court gave corporations free rein to spend as much money they wanted on elections. What’s your take on the situation? The election in Massachusetts was interesting. which gives the population some voice. we don’t like the way you’re giving everything away to the rich. They’re not allowed to do anything else. How would you rate Obama’s first year in office? I remember you quoting Condi Rice—that it was an extension of the second Bush term. have declined. work for the benefit of their members. devious ways.” So they just mostly stayed home. For this campaign spending. are democratic. These are people with real grievances. I thought it was important to keep McCain and Palin out. 22 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 “Yeah. But if you look at the polls. For the past 30 years—years of financialization and neo-liberalism—for the majority. “no. which there’s a strong majority for. But there are times when I think it matters. but not much. A century ago. After the Republican victory in Massachusetts. So.Interview In Citizens United v.” But the idea that the unions are going to raise anything comparable… Not only that. at least. There’s a limited functioning democracy. Democrats have said they don’t think they have the votes for health care. But one of the things they’ve gotten them to agree on is that everything has to go to a filibuster. of course. I just don’t see much difference. Elections are pretty much bought. This is bad. They’ve gone into debt to try to preserve the consumerist lifestyle that’s rammed down their throats by the advertising industry. they’re a mixed group. urban. So what you get is a Republican minority that can block any legislation just by threatening a filibuster. Z Jon Hochschartner is a freelance writer from Lake Placid. He’s been a little bit more open to negotiations on Iran. corporations were identified by the courts with management. The public wants cost-cutting. The population is saying. The Republicans are not like any political party in American history. The Republicans are like the old Communist Party. but. You can cut around the edges somewhere. I’m in Massachusetts. Those people. . say in 2004. they’re mostly opposed to it because it doesn’t go far enough. but that would be a lot worse. they’d make it illegal. He made a deal with the drug companies saying. That’s what the headlines say and that’s true. But until now they had to do it in kind of indirect. The program’s out of sight. and rightly. people are very upset. but you can’t deal with the essence of the problem. you can buy them off directly if you like. So the rich want even more. management doesn’t even have to consult with shareholders. “Well. Its workers who get together and are supposed to be able to make decisions. He gave away everything. Those are the things the left ought to be organizing around. and sometimes a lot of voice when they get active and organized.” They’ve gotten the Democrats to concede on issue after issue—primarily because they don’t disagree all that much. The Supreme Court has now said. there’s been a lot of talk about the tea party. holding your nose. He’s done nothing on Israel/Palestine. They’re pure tyrannies. Again. So they’re in bad shape. the unions are going to be able to do it too. Similarly in 2008. Do you see a third party coming from the left? The tea party thing is a real sign of the failure of the left. basically. in the manufacturing industry it’s back to the level of the Great Depression. Brown won because of very strong support in the wealthy suburbs and because of pretty much apathy in the poorer. You can predict the victor in an election by who’s outspending whom. What effect will have? It’s a significant step beyond what was already intolerable.” Do you subscribe to that kind of non-participation in electoral politics? I often don’t vote or I vote Green or something like that. industrial country is supposed to be. I thought it mattered to keep Bush out. Nothing’s ever enough. but bad shape by the standards of the way a rich. “Look. Corporations are required by law to work only for profit and for material gain. Filibusters have been used in the past. He’s escalated the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan beyond what Bush was saying he was going to do. Returning to health care.” Anything the Democrats propose. The mainstream media’s tried to balance what’s going to be a huge influx of corporate spending by saying. And people are not going to get those jobs back. You can run ads in favor of a particular candidate with corporate money. But you can’t have cost-cutting when you hand it over to private insurance companies that are unregulated. very strong majority. on Latin America. about the giveaway to the banks and the high unemployment. mostly traces back to corporations in one way or another. There’s only one word in their vocabulary: “no. but many of them—I would say probably most of them—are the people who ought to be organized by the left. wages have stagnated.” That’s even more extreme than campaign funding. which makes sense. Labor unions are supposed to. “If voting changed anything. unions. If you look at unemployment figures. They gave away the Medicare buy in at 55. He’s approximately the same as Bush. but the left is not offering them anything. which were never very great. Emma Goldman—I’m paraphrasing—said. but they’re not the routine way of responding to proposed legislation. I think that’s about what’s happened—a little variation here and there. If you were in a swing state. the Federal Election Commission. Not Third World-style bad shape. That’s not what a corporation is. which are always understated. How can you compare them? It’s just a joke. I thought it was important to vote for Kerry. The statistics came out on the voting. Right now. Working hours have shot way up. So it’s not as extreme as Goldman said. On the right. And the funding.

” 12/21/09).” meaning create and then sell to others. Ironically. The document sheds a lot of light on the current neoliberal policy. This is an effort to somewhat “internalize” the risk posed to other “external” parties when systemically important banks make decisions. what they would have heard was a strong recognition…that it is important to make sure that the market is working for ordinary people. as Paul Street and others have observed (Z Magazine.000 demonstrators and a roughly equal number of heavily armed riot police. or had spent heavily on lobbying (NYT. The $700 billion bailout program was monumentally unpopular.” 12/19/09). “Banks With Political Ties Got Bailouts. “There Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 23 By Rob Larson I n September 2009. The bank bailout is a prime example. if they had been paying attention to what was taking place inside the summit itself. and global climate change. with some small-business window dressing (NYT.” 10/15/08). It was accompanied by 3. Pennsylvania.. the Obama administration recently announced its plan to continue the program.S. This is because the U. including large volumes of speculative capital. if they’re actually interested in knowing what was taking place here. the reappearance of the IMF. clearly the megabanks have a strong hold on finance policy. “Paulson Says Banks Must Deploy Capital. Asked for his response to the demonstrations. the serious change promised in 2008. These modest regulations are somewhat valuable.. which focus on quite limited measures. “injecting capital” into banks near failure. President Obama suggested that “many of the protests are just directed generically at capitalism. a high-profile meeting of the G-20 organization of developed countries took place in Pittsburgh.000 to 4. Obama’s pioneering candidacy was probably part of the reason for his heavy support from finance. The G-20 meeting endorsed the new international banking rules proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. let alone accomplish.” Reading the summit communiqué (pittsburghsummit. securitization of debt. “Dividend and Bonus Rules Face Reform. like higher liquidity ratios and leverage limits for big banks. and the expectation by large banks of a public safety net. Of course. Another indication of this investment in politics is the failure by regulators to seriously reform the practices that got the banks in so much trouble in the first place. as well as attempts to adjust reserves to reflect the risk posed to insurers (Financial Times. but they clearly leave in place the basis of the banking crisis. This was confirmed when the New York Times reported that banks were far more likely to get a public rescue if an executive had sat on a Federal Reserve Bank.gov) reveals that the real “irony” is that Obama has failed to even propose. to read the communiqué that was issued. Such relationships suggests that the large banks shaped the government policy that will affect them.Communiqué Obama’s Ironic Public Shortchange we can believe in money were those large enough to be politically connected.” 12/17/09).. and still maintains an adversarial public posture toward the banks. that government has a role in regulating the market…so I would recommend those who are out there protesting. including the economic crisis. the “too big to fail” banks that received the majority of the bailout . “Geithner Outlines Future for TARP. was uncommon among the developed nations bailing out their banks in 2008 in not requiring the rescued banks to make any loans that would relieve the credit crisis (NYT. Other possible changes include forcing banks to hold a small part of the risk associated with loans which they “securitize. Nevertheless. It could also be noted in this connection that the enormous banks were not required to make any loans with the public’s bailout money—banks have not increased lending and so the credit crisis has continued. While Obama promised change. to the point that Congress was forced (at first) to deviate from its usual role of banking industry rubber-stamper and instead reject rescuing the biggest banks. had some relationship with a finance committee member. In fact.

its traditional neoliberal function. as shown by the use of them by the G-20 nations when they get into trouble.Communiqu¾ Is No Peace Dividend. since expansionary Keynesian fiscal and monetary policy are what led to growth. the rich nations have finally agreed to a small reapportionment of the IMF quota system. with Asian currency stockpiles and oil export surpluses being prime sources. when Citigroup was itself bailed out a decade later. privatization of industries and liberalization of markets. The SAPs became infamous for “the strikes. including its pledge to reinvigorate the IMF. its importance to the global capitalist system declined along with its clout. To augment their own strained resources. the fund demanded tough cuts in budget deficits. the Pittsburgh summit did commit to revitalizing the Fund—partly to deal with the risk of collapse of small countries.S. In other words. it went so far as to appeal to Russia for capital before turning to the IMF. The package consisted of tax increases. But in an ahistorical culture like ours. The Return of the Fund N evertheless. on account of the angry turn-of-the-century movement that prevented them from enjoying their meetings (“IMF Weary of Criticism.” as the conservative Financial Times put it (“Price May be High for Spurning Tough Economic Reforms. came on the heels of the 10th anniversary of Ecuador’s acceptance of a typically draconian International Monetary Fund SAP. however.S. the IMF was in part chartered to regulate capital flow before becoming a leading force to expand its power. In light of the response of the U. Ironically. a dramatic lowering of the minimum-taxable income. and don’t feel like suffering in silence any longer. “All the World’s a Stage as Fear Grows. as some countries like Argentina sought successfully to “rid themselves” of the IMF. one response is “reducing the economic disruption from sudden swings in capital flows. it accepted nothing like this imposition of harsh conditions against its will.-backed military dictatorship. but.” 6/24/99).” insisting. resentful and frustrated. a further complication emerged for. “During past crises. When Brazil sought an emergency refinancing of its debt in 1998. and western Europe to the current crisis. Citigroup advised the Ecuadoran executive on the process. These SAPs involved heavy cutbacks in public services. such incongruity is rarely recognized. and privatization of public institutions. people inside the IMF are bewildered. their key profit activities have been left effectively unmolested. the IMF must moderate its depressionary demands on debtor nations. Further. if a few quota percent will bring them around.” 9/22/00). More recently. riots.” 8/30/99). which included sharply regressive tax hikes. This suggests that the investment theory of party competition has passed yet another test: despite strong expectations and public announcements to the effect that the banks would be dealt with harshly. and cuts to gas subsidies for the poor majority. This uncharacteristically generous move can be explained by the need to collect new capital for the organization.” January 2009).” 10/28/98).S. “Ecuador Nears Agreement With IMF. but also to coordinate some multilateral policy responses. the IMF insisted that credit could come only with a severe SAP. fuel subsidy reductions. Structural Suffering T his same commitment to basic unchanging policies can be seen in the Democratic leadership’s revitalization of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a means of managing the economic crisis. tax and interest rate hikes. as the business press puts it. Few noticed that the 2009 Pittsburgh meeting.” Of course. and public service cutbacks that even the Wall Street Journal recognized “would mean a period of severe austerity for Brazilians” (“Brazil Promises Severe Steps to Win IMF Aid. and mass job cuts that the…orthodox reforms provoked. if only to save face. In the intervening decade the IMF has fallen on harsher times: “As with the U. which were a major focus of popular protest movements prior to 9/11. such conditions are clearly not tenable now. mostly from the 1980s era of U. Keeping the IMF in place to dictate depression to the world’s majority is 24 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . the developed nations condescended to increase the global south’s share of the IMF voting quota by “at least five percent. The passage was difficult due to the “recalcitrant Ecuadoran Congress” and its minimally democratic character (Wall Street Journal. that the present quota formula be the basis from which to work. The IMF has to soften its stance” (FT. When Iceland was headed for insolvency last year. military during the Vietnam War.” 10/27/08). The primary means of doing so have been the structural adjustment programs (SAPs).” the Wall Street Journal tearfully related. In a moment of great munificence. This new mandate for the IMF requires significant capital. of course.

U. but the call was more imperative this year due to the steep fall in global commerce. The collapse of the Doha Round. China’s move also makes some sense in light of the fact that the developed nations are responsible for the overwhelming majority of total historical greenhouse emissions and therefore might be seen to bear the major share of the responsibility. They have opened their markets when it was convenient and maintained trade barriers when it was not—in agriculture above all—but also in certain manufacturing industries” (FT. They see imports and immigrants as a threat to their livelihoods. and China. both investment playgrounds. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. in spite of low Wal-Mart prices. admits that “people are afraid” of further trade deals. As the Wall Street Journal wrote. This “has exposed the North’s hypocrisy. The U. as the major states of the south continue to struggle to cope with surges of subsidized imports into their countries under the neoliberal regime.” Meetings of the developed nations routinely call for continuation of the Doha Round of free trade talks. agreeing only to toZ MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 25 . as long as the policies benefit the great corporations and banks. “Blame Goes Global at WTO. Obama is a “Washington liberal. “Road from Cancun Leads to Brussels. donated heavily to Obama’s 2008 campaign.-backed dictators and International Monetary Fund SAPs. Their reasons are easy to understand. was a manifestation of the far greater strength of this movement in the south. Another key thrust of the G-20 statement that the protesters “ironically” missed dealt with carrying forward the stalled fight for global “free trade. the direct successor to Pittsburgh. by over 10 percent from 2008. The cause of the delay is simple enough: “Multilateral trade liberalization has largely benefited the developed economies of the North. since the fundamental power relations have historically favored the North to the point that it could dictate terms of trade. because “the pain of trade is very real” (WSJ. This was the background of the neoliberal fail- ure at Cancun (2003).” but a “Copenhagen conservative. The EU is livid in Copenhagen’s aftermath.” 12/3/09). On the other hand. and with China and the U. “New Rules Have Potential to Alter Path of Global Trade.” busy “supporting the least-aggressive steps. The Battle of Seattle at trade talks in 1999 was a manifestation of the late arrival of this consciousness in the north. of course.S.” which would not normally be a big deal. Copenhagen Conservative. and as popular “anti-globalization” movements in civil society in the north and south make demands for a greater public role. Even the current leader of America’s free trade process.S. the point is common in the business press: “Conventional wisdom is that the big challenge to trade comes from embittered workers. Copenhagen Cop-Out T he Copenhagen climate summit (December 2009). having benefited economically from the emitting industries. The energy industry.Communiqu¾ hardly the change the world hoped for when the Democrats took office. advancing the conservative position of opposition to strict world-wide limits on emissions that ask much more of developed nations than of poorer countries…the leader of the ‘haves’ in their dispute with the ‘have-nots’” (“Obama: Washington Liberal.S.” 9/16/03). meant to further loosen trade and investment regulations and barriers.S. The message from Pittsburgh is a continuation of quite unpopular policies by Obama. and press elected politicians to protect them” (WSJ. was a perfect instance of the Obama Democrats’ commitment to unpopular business as usual. the IMF has long had the reputation of being the “credit community’s enforcer” and its new role in stabilizing world finance is in line with the demands of world capital. But lately. The economics are simple: low prices don’t make up for lost employment and lower wages nor do they benefit the countries firms choose to invest in. this has begun to change as the major states of the global south have partially freed themselves from U. many of whom didn’t enjoy much of the gain from trade in the good times.” 12/16/09). Shocking as this may sound to the ear of an orthodox economist. blocked anything more than lip service to binding emission reductions. which is surely the design of the International Monetary Fund SAPs and the Doha Round requiring poor countries to do without what the rich countries insist on.” 5/14/09).

. social services. Likewise. it should be noted that the Obama administration is being confronted with a budget-balancing hysteria similar to that which met the Clinton administration. What this suggests is a bipartisan rotating door in state policy where the right pursues its regressive tax goals and imperial designs and center-right Democrats put the pain on the population in order to pursue a centrist budget-balancing agenda. This is because even the U. not by cutting imperial intervention or re-taxing the billionaires at previous rates. As recently as 1997 the Senate voted unanimously to recommend the U. with prominent corporate giants like Apple and utility colossus Exelon splitting from the U. the director of BusinessEurope is threatening that European corporations will move operations to world regions with less emission regulation (NYT. Indiana. it may be Obama who oversees the next great wave of austerity measures in the U.S. and the Humanist. It was Clinton who decapitated AFDC. with some retail energy providers and utilities recognizing they will benefit from future public spending to reinvent the energy system. Terrifying scientific findings don’t scare policymakers unless they affect their power and privilege.” 12/23/09).S. Chamber of Commerce over its heavy spending to fight climate change legislation. Finally. are considered most legitimate—increased military spending and decreased taxes on the richest households. and EU may impose tariff duties on goods made in economies with no carbon taxation. yet now the prospects for the (still inadequate) American Clean Energy and Security Act and its cap-and-trade emissions regime are considered to be decent. Unless a popular movement arises to demand the change they believed in. The modern political system has developed into a good cop-bad cop capitalist management team.S.S. the U. is internally moving toward a very modest greenhouse emissions taxing regime.” 9/4/09). in order to shrink budget deficits run up by Reagan’s wars and upper-class tax chopping. In the end. not sign the Kyoto Protocol. absent a powerful countervailing public movement in defense of public services. The division has recently become quite serious. But each of the high points is a continuation of the neoliberal status quo which the demonstrators condemned and which Obama implied he would alter. The reason this small change has been allowed to move forward is the break within the powerful energy industry. Obama said the anti-G-20 protestors were “ironic” because the issues they made such an impolite fuss over are already addressed in the summit communiqué. If there is no progress on binding global emissions limits. but by slicing back at the withered remains of U. This has been anticipated by a number of analysts on the left. This has led to emissions legislation suddenly becoming politically viable. 26 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . as it reflects the recognition by large-scale capital that the changing investment climate now requires federal spending to finance a major change in the industry. you can’t put your money where your mouth is if you want to stay in office. perhaps focused in severe cutbacks in funding for state services. Climate change is now an issue because large-scale capital has split opinions and public awareness and organized support for emission reforms has grown. The situation is quite similar to Clinton’s years. the main welfare program for poor families with children. actually. A previous Republican administration ran up monumental budget deficits in those areas which in the U.” 10/19/09). while the energy industry proper is still in opposition (NYT. a prescription for a great trade war with unpredictable consequences.S. Dollars & Sense. The difference. “EU Blames Others for ‘Great Failure’ on Climate. “Energy Firms Are Split on Bill to Battle Climate Change. notably Doug Henwood (of the Left Business Observer). but with an economy run by all-powerful corporate networks. the historic Obama presidency won’t be changing a hell of a lot.S. The Democrats can promise all the change they want. of course. His writing has appeared in Z Magazine. Irony loves company. Obama hardly deserves credit for this development. Z Rob Larson is assistant professor of economics at Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington.Communiqu¾ ken future goals. is not that several respected geologists and climatologists recently published a paper in Science describing how Arctic ice core and tree ring records indicate that the 1999-2008 decade “was the warmest of the past 200 decades” (“Recent Warming Reverses Long-Term Arctic Cooling. The break in the normally monolithic energy industry and the hard work by environmental organizers are the necessary conditions for this political maneuvering. Then the succeeding Democrats are obliged to cut down the deficit run up by the GOP.S.

S. Countries with a lot of forest and farmland could count the carbon sequestered in those lands as an offset for rather substantial greenhouse gas emissions. A huge debate ensued.S. 2009.” and. government has supported research in carbon sequestration and understanding the carbon cycle in hopes to use the results to maximize seZ MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 27 . are suddenly agreeing to “reduce” their emissions (even if only by a paltry amount).S. This may seem too crazy to be true. a way out of this dilemma. who stated that Australia would be able to commit to a 25 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 if proposed land-use rule changes pushed by developed countries were accepted as part of a new global climate deal. it requires us to do pretty much nothing at all. but it is happening and it is why countries like Australia and the U. Australia has now proposed to offset 100 percent of their emissions. the U. And the good news is that it won’t be hard at all. “And all that without having to impose a nasty tax. After all the negotiating and hand wringing there is. and other ecosystems on the “assets” side of their greenhouse gas accounting worksheets. considered the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. inside and outside Australia.. In the early stages of the Kyoto negotiations. It is no more than an accounting trick. Meanwhile. The U.Green Tide Land: The Greatest Excuse Of All Offsets and accounting tricks instead of real solutions to the climate crisis By Rachel Smolker G reat news. with allies like Canada and Australia. This was not exactly met with smiles by the rest of the world. A proposal has been made to set aside a large area of their boreal forest to “offset” the Athabasca tar sands project. By pushing land-based “sinks” into carbon markets. grasslands. We have found a solution to climate change. countries can conveniently count their forests. proposed that countries should be permitted to include their forests and grasslands as sinks in part of their carbon accounting equations. you’ve got an excuse to keep on polluting. It is a political win-win. Why didn’t we think of this earlier? We did. Is this reducing emissions? Of course not. Canada is similarly champing at the bit to take advantage of the new land-based sinks accounting game. Just put a fence around a piece of the back 40 and christen it “offset. the essence of which is captured in this report on the UN climate conference in 2000 (COP6) from the American Geological Institute: “Negotiations at The Hague ultimately broke down over disagreements between the United States and the European Union on the role of carbon sequestration.” reports a “candid remark” from a climate negotiator in a private briefing in Copenhagen. An article by Guy Pearse and Gregg Borschmann in the Sydney Morning Herald on December 14. In fact. set up a complicated emissions trading scheme. Language in the Kyoto Protocol focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions but leaves the door open for developed countries to receive credit for sequestering carbon in long-term sinks such as forests and agricultural soil or by injection into deep wells. “Green Pot of Gold Lures Politicians.” Indeed. or clean up a single polluting pipe. Understanding the history that got us to this point is revealing. having exempted their agricultural sector from an emissions cap and offered unlimited offsets from “soil carbon sequestration” as well as forests and tree plantations. voila. at long last.

including land-based sinks. On top of that. the bill provided two billion tons of offsets. they were to be supplied almost entirely by agriculture and forestry.” which is the practice of leaving residues on the fields and planting seeds for the following crop by drilling them into the soil through residues. Colin Peterson.” The debates and disagreements were based on the fact that forests (and other ecological systems). all manner of possible disruptions could result in the carbon being released into the atmosphere making it difficult to claim “permanence. unjust. “Isn’t industrial agriculture a major source of emissions? How can it provide offsets?” Well. alarmingly. the debate over carbon sinks is likely to remain heated. chair of the House Agriculture Committee. the U. This does not bode well for its capacity to offset anything. Not so. would not actually need to reduce emissions for close to 30 years. Cargill. has persisted over the years in promoting carbon markets. The extraction of heavy crude oil from tar sand there is the reason Canada now has among the world’s highest rates of deforestation. Monsanto’s fabled glyphosate herbicide. you say. The areas to be set aside as offsets would be privatized. A number of studies seriously challenge the whole assumption that no till reduces CO2 emissions at all. Pretending to offset fossil fuel emissions by supporting GM soy and herbicide use may seem a bit off. this is a concern for industrial growers of genetically modified (GM) soy and corn—those vast monocultures that feed the machinery of Monsanto. there are problems of “leakage. soil.” when land use changes in one place result in a domino impact elsewhere. In addition to the fallacy of offsets being offsety (i. House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act in June 2009. And they also opted to ignore the impacts that large-scale tree plantations have on people and the environment. and agriculture technologies that will supposedly sequester carbon or avoid emissions. and a suite of land. Is that a lot? According to International Rivers. essentially held the entire climate bill hostage by demanding that changes in agriculture practices should be subsidized by being made eligible to earn offset credits (under USDA. it should have been no surprise that forestry and agricultural (soils) offsets were featured prominently. tree plantations. The U. but those more willing to compromise might accept the idea if it at least reduced emissions significantly below current practice. No-till is already marketed extensively as an offset in the voluntary markets on the Chicago Climate Exchange. destruction of ozone depleting substances. What changes in agriculture practices will benefit? There is a list of eligible technologies for agriculture offsets for the house bill and another for the Senate partner bill (Stabenow’s “Clean Energy Partnerships Act”). as demonstrated by the Rodale Institute and others. the forest.) The absurdity of using land-based sinks as offsets for fossil fuel emissions is nowhere more clear than in Canada. are unreliable as carbon sinks. They grow a bunch of different crops in a diversified farm system. diverse organic farming methods not only “reduce” emissions. but actually build soil carbon. they are a lie. a compromise (the Marrakesh Accord) was reached that enabled some use of land-based sinks but limited them to “afforestation and reforestation” (tree plantations) and further limited their use by Annex 1 (industrialized) countries to only 1 percent of greenhouse gas emission reduction obligations. Monsanto knows full well that if farmers growing their Roundup-ready GM soy can get offset credits for practicing no till. as well as plantations.e. sales of their proprietary seed will skyrocket. (The Stabenow bill does in fact list organic farming methods.S. The European Union argued that doing so would short-circuit the treaty’s central goal of emissions reduction. For instance. droughts. But the bigger problem is that the boreal forest is dying. amounting to the largest act of enclosure in world history. No matter how the election works out here at home. Monsanto already clears more than $1 billion per year in profits from the Roundup cash cow alone. Instead of completely closing the negotiations.” but rather “part of the solution” in the grand carbon marketing scheme that is supposedly going to rescue us. not reductions. Meanwhile. if they 28 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 were taken advantage of.” Land-Based Sinks As Offsets? E ventually. cutting to meet the demand will simply move to a different parcel resulting in no net gain in protected forest. and there is no scientific basis for a target number to begin with. our wise leaders just decided that agriculture should not be a “capped sector. This is not a practice that your local farmers’ market provider cares about much. is shifting from being a carbon sink to a carbon source. but we can hope organic farmers will not accept hav- .Green Tide questration credits. including various sorts of methane collection. unreliable etc. Included are a long list of practices. With massive areas infested by pine beetle.). When farmers refrain from tilling the soil for weed control. they resort instead to using more Roundup. A big winner is likely to be “chemical no till. not EPA jurisdiction). No. rather than tilling. impacts of rapid warming. So even the tiny “better than the worst case” benefit may be illusory. At the time. Trees die unexpectedly—forest fires. the World Rainforest Movement responded: “Climate negotiators chose to ignore the increasing number of scientific studies which question the capacity of tree plantations to be a long-term solution to climate change. representatives have suspended the discussion until the COP7 meeting in Morocco in May or June of next year.S. such as increasing forest fires. very complex. and other forest health issues.S.. They also chose to ignore that this mechanism will in fact result in a net increase of fossil-fuel emissions in the North. Monsanto has already been pushing to get chemical no-till agriculture into the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (offsets) since 1998.” The science of measuring carbon flows in and out of forests or other ecosystems is in its infancy. and as variable as the ecosystems themselves. and Archer Daniels Midland. beetle infestations. This has the ancilliary benefit of providing profitable opportunities for developing and marketing technologies for measuring and assessing carbon flows through ecosystems. carbon capture and sequestration. Wait a minute. (The classic example: if a parcel of forest is set aside and protected while demand for timber products remains the same. initially over whether to accept them and eventually over how to measure them. The U. Among other little horrors. when it came time for a climate bill.

Is it fair to assume our modern biochar will behave like terra preta? Not likely. Studies of biochar indicate that it can provide a boost in fertility. again). which claims to offset their coal burning emissions by paying farmers in Uganda to feed their cows pills that make them burp and fart less. but others are ludicrous—for example. as are the properties of charcoal. and provide various other benefits. charcoal is a form of black carbon. So far we have failed to replicate their success. an entity comprised of entrepreneurs and academics. as they are known to do. in mind. depending on how and from what they are made of. This means you can claim that you were thinking of converting a piece of forested land into pasture. the creators of genetically engineered (GE) eucalyptus.3 billion hectares of cropland worldwide. which could then find their way from the soil into waterways and the food chain.) Biochar to Sequester Carbon? A nother big winner would be biochar. and burying the resulting charcoal in soils as a means of reducing atmospheric CO2 levels. Mantria Industries. Some have suggested planting from 500 million to over one billion hectares of industrial tree plantations. or at least “soil carbon sequestration. the largest energy utility in Canada. Wait.) Meanwhile. On top of that. The International Biochar Initiative. This. therefore. there is a famous offset project involving TransAlta. Finally. is proof that biochar is a reliable means of storing carbon in soils and. “Eternagreen. has diligently lobbied for inclusion of biochar. made by pyrolysis of garbage. they reported that over 30 percent of the biochar “blew away” during application before it was tilled into the soil. Their vision is to provide fast growing pulp Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 29 . (The parent company. the Amazonian Indians produced their “terra preta” using a complex mixture of charcoal with other organic materials. but in some cases biochar additions stimulate soil microbial action that oxidizes the preexisting soil organic matter (oops. burning them.” That was clearly written with Arborgen. decrease agrochemical runoff. In a recent test trial in Quebec.” in carbon markets to ensure that finances flow in their direction. turned out to be engaged in a Ponzi scheme targeting elderly people with a desire to invest in “green practices” and has since folded under pressure from the Securities Exchange Commission. Soot particles present a serious threat to human health as they bypass the upper respiratory system and contribute to lung disease. if not as offsets. Forestry offsets include such vague phrases as “sequestration of greenhouse gases through management of tree crops” and the deeply troubling “adaptation of plant traits or new technologies that increase sequestration by forests.S. “Avoided conversion” is another useful trick. and proponents claim that burying this charcoal in soils is one of the most “promising” means of sequestering carbon. created by indigenous peoples thousands of years ago.” the second leading cause of warming besides CO2. The first self-proclaimed commercial retailer of biochar. Some of the carbon in biochar may be retained over long periods.Green Tide ing their practices prostituted in the name of offsetting fossil fuel burning. which still retain their fertility and carbon content. but as a viable climate geo-engineering technique. But this ignores the serious implications of such massive land-use change—there are now about 1. And if all your “wastes and residues” have been charred.000 GE trees across the southern U. biochar advocates claim that biochar will increase soil fertility. When biochar particles break down. where biochar was applied to a large soy field. biochar should be considered not only for offsets.” Indeed. Arborgen seeks to field test close to 300. However. in some cases followed by a decline or even collapse in soil fertility (oops). the very small particles can become airborne and contribute greatly to global warming as “soot. including plastics and old tires. based on the Terra Preta soils of the Amazon. there are serious concerns about the concentration of toxins in char.” was. they say.” you will change your mind. there is little left to compost for nutrients. Isn’t tilling supposed to be a bad thing? Some Ludicrous Offsets S ome of the technologies proposed make sense. they claimed. but if you get paid enough by someone seeking to “offset. This is essentially charcoal created by burning plant matter under conditions of low oxygen. “changes in diet for livestock that reduce methane. but this may be temporary due to nutrients in the ash. But soils are highly variable. Some portion of the carbon from the original plant material is retained in the charcoal. They claim biochar carbon is stable in soils for thousands of years.

But doing so as an offset for ongoing pollution is a definite path to failure. Carbon Counting and Other Tricks Implications T o make it all seem more reliable. inclusion of land-based sinks—forests. pulp used for mail order cataloges. food. All this makes sense to someone. “Copenhagen Accord” took center stage.S.Green Tide and chips to satisfy new demands for biomass resulting from mandates for cellulosic biofuels. Choosing the wrong techniques has the potential to make things worse rather than better. results from land-use not fossil fuel burning. there is a push to include “durable harvested wood products” as offset eligible. which is where most federal subsidies for “renewable energy” are currently going. say. it seems likely that a large part of their mission will be to propose methods for including soils and agriculture practices into the CDM and eligible for credits in various carbon markets.S. 30 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . there is nothing worse than being deprived of that gift. Recognizing the important role of land-use is essential. they say. wood-burning electricity. Before REDD has even been ratified it has resulted in bloody conflicts in several locations around the world. new carbon counting tricks are being developed. When other ecosystems.” Nothing a little “creative accounting” can’t take care of. have acted as stewards of forest ecosystems for thousands of years. Already we are seeing the impact as projects for testing REDD are getting underway.” Conversely. at least for now. climate bills are now snaking their way into the postKyoto agreement text. many of whom are forest dependent. Text to that effect was included in late drafts of the Copenhagen agreement. Such large-scale commodification of the commons is the biggest threat to human rights and well being imagineable. As Wendell Berry stated many years ago. Discussions of “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation” (REDD) have been ongoing. Finally. we will see massive escalation in conflicts over access to land. She has a PhD in biology from the University of Michigan and lives in Vermont. The trick is to devise ways to skirt the annoying problem that fossil fuel emissions are permanent and ecosystem carbon sequestration is—not. but then (mercifully) all fell into disregard. those who can afford to pay for it become owners. credit reserves. with the help of the geniuses at the 25x’25 organization—who’s mantra is to provide 25 percent of America’s renewable energy from farms and forests by 2025. however. and bundling of numerous short-term credits as supposedly equivalent to “permanent. “There is no gift greater than a piece of good land. soils. The Accord refers to REDD. judging from membership. They are now being evicted from their lands while entrepreneurs seeking to profit from the income generated by forest carbon buy land out from under their feet. The agriculture and forestry offset provisions in the U. they will indeed be included in whatever comes out of the next stages of negotiations. as the D iscussions of causes and solutions to climate change tend to focus on fossil fuels. Also in Copenhagen. A recent study from Georgia Tech concluded that more than half of greenhouse gas emissions from the U. There is no question that restoring and regenerating lands could provide a huge benefit in helping to reduce the damages of warming already in the pipeline. When carbon becomes valuable. I suppose this means that the old wooden rocker on your porch can offset coal burning since that wood will be around longer than. and agriculture come into carbon markets. agriculture practices—will effectively turn all of the earth’s surface into a commodity of value to polluters. Further. Now there is talk of extending REDD to include soils and agriculture or including them in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). and various climate justice networks. Rest assured. grasslands. Thus. apparently. we can get around using buffers. Indigenous peoples. insurance schemes. and farming. but does not specifically mention soils and agriculture. soils. and heat production. Z Rachel Smolker is codirector of Biofuelwatch and an organizer with Climate SOS. a Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases was established and. as is clear from the state of displaced rural farm and forest dwellers forced to exist on the edges of slums in the world’s big cities. somewhere.

More than 2. hardly representing a recovery. Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 31 By Jack Rasmus A year ago the Obama administration assured the nation its $787 billion economic stimulus bill.5 million). it is still almost certain that there will be a slowdown in GDP growth in the first quarter of 2010. have begun to tighten spending. February and March 2009) was that it would fail to generate any sustained economic recovery.S. The result is that in February the Index of U. resulting at year end 2009 in auto sales immediately retrenching once again.5 (50. has either continued to fall or remained flat throughout the past year despite the stimulus.S. and three-part bank bailout plan would generate an economic recovery from the current economic crisis. And the far more important Services Industry Index. and the Federal Reserve pumping trillions into the banks.S. and did virtually nothing to stop home foreclosures.Economic Policy Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression? Part III: An alternative program for 2010 and beyond by Congress. The construction industry declined by $200 billion in 2009 and shows no sign of turnaround with new home sales and home prices falling once again. and with technicalities involving inventory adjustments to GDP plus some manufacturing growth tied to U. 2010 and has remained flat to falling since. hesitant recovery in the second half of 2009 had more to do with special programs like the first time homebuyers subsidy and cash for clunkers added mid-year. too little on immediate job creation.4 to 56. And despite the first time homebuyer program’s extension . Nor can one assume other major sectors of the economy have recovered. the bank bailout program would prove equally unsuccessful. even the stock market peaked on January 19. The $787 billion stimulus had only minimal impact in 2009 on the economy and that will begin to fade by mid-year 2010. failing to jumpstart bank lending in the U. and the continuing surge in foreclosures (soon to surpass 7 million) with 20 percent-plus in mortgages in negative equity (predicted to reach 10 million). exports.000 a month. Profits of some of the big 19 banks have indeed risen. it all adds up to a scenario representing anything but a sustained economic recovery. But the cash for clunkers program has been discontinued. falling from 58. (now 15 percent higher over last quarter).S. To make matters worse.S. Reflecting the new reality. The Obama administration maintained the bailout and finance programs (PIPP. Manufacturing in the U.5 million manufacturing jobs have been lost in 2008-2009. in the last week of February. In addition. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) turned positive in the second half of 2009.S.0 represents no growth). TALF. But lending declined every month throughout 2009.S. once more reversed. While U. Finally. the inventory technicalities are no longer a major factor adding to GDP growth and China and Asia. there appeared a renewed decline in consumer confidence. the tax cuts. and HAMP) were necessary to get bank credit flowing again. What produced the extremely modest. exports growth and more robust recoveries occurring in China and elsewhere. So the export push in manufacturing is now fading. a rise once again in new jobless claims to 500. 11. The stimulus was not large enough for the U. new home sales once again retreated in early 2010. And it too is scheduled to soon expire. economy. My prediction at the time (Z Magazine. In short. nearly ten times the size of manufacturing in terms of jobs (95 million vs. once absorbing U. but not due to the Obama administration’s early 2009 three-part bailout program. and its composition focused too heavily on business tax cuts. and most recently.

sensitive to implosion) while the rest of the real economy becomes correspondingly more consumption fragile. In theoretical terms. market forces have been unable to generate a sustained recovery. but not for what I call an epic recession. and special one-time programs—all were designed to simply put a floor under the escalating economic collapse at the time. To simply transfer it from banks and businesses to the public balance sheet (U. which drive debt and asset price inflation to dangerous levels. as in the case of Greece and elsewhere. which are now failing by the hundreds. A paltry $15 billion so-called jobs bill.000 small and regional banks. economy has been simply moving sideways—neither collapsing further nor able to enter a sustained recovery. Unfortunately. obstructing a return to normal lending.S.S. but only shifts the crisis to the public sector. the bank bailout programs. commodities. and that is primarily the reason for their relative ineffectiveness in generating a sustained recovery. with more than $20 trillion on hand. to be led by the banks renewing lending once again. the most fundamental forces are the consequence of escalating global income inequality. drives the speculative boom. Both forms of fragility—financial and consumption—fracture when the bust occurs.5 billion for foreclosure aid to five states. They are essentially policies appropriate for normal recessions. They have approached the crisis as if it were a normal recession. Moving through Congress is the more generous $145 billion to continue unemployment benefits and medical insurance subsidies for 6 million workers whose benefits and coverage expires in March. Putting a floor under the toxic economic waste may prevent a meltdown 32 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . or else they do and refuse to acknowledge the differences. deficit and debt) does nothing to remove it. On the other hand. These programs—the original stimulus.e. Much of it remains. but it will do nothing to generate jobs or a sustained recovery. offshore properties. and household consumption. those financial busts are the consequence of prior speculative investing excesses. but normal nonetheless. a good part of which is more business tax cuts that will have little effect. and the stock markets. speculative phase. the U. in turn exacerbating the debt-deflation-default processes that drive the economy in a downward spiral. But the banks didn’t lend. Epic Recessions are the consequence of major financial system implosions. the current crisis is driven by a set of unique characteristics quite different from normal recessions that have occurred in the post-1945 period in the U. and except for the big banks. sustained economic recovery.Economic Policy Banks instead borrowed funds from the Federal Reserve at zero percent interest rates and loaned to hedge funds and others at double digit rates to speculate in foreign currency. A year later it is now abundantly clear that the Obama administration’s programs were never intended to generate an economic recovery. with another 702 on the FDIC’s danger list. Policies designed for normal recessions do not address that mountain of debt overhang. only part of the debt is unwound. The global money parade. Obama administration policymakers have yet to understand this. their new shadow financial institutions. big multinational companies. not sustained recovery. essentially nothing has been done to aid the 8.. and stock markets—or else they speculated directly in their own stocks or bet on foreign government bonds collapsing. However. exploding global liquidity with an expanding global money parade of speculators. is mere tokenism at best. When the bust occurs. To allow the logjam of debt to be slowly worked off only results in an extended period of relative economic stagnation. it produces greater than normal debt unwinding that leads to deflation and defaults. and new markets and financial instruments created for those markets (most notably derivatives). That is quite different than the government generating a true.S. During the boom. Following the bust. It appears the Obama administration’s strategy will continue into 2010. the financial system becomes more fragile (i. investing. That explains at least in part why the current Administration’s policies have failed to generate a sustained economic recovery. perhaps somewhat worse in its dimensions. One can support this latter legislation. A similar criticism is appropriate for the recent Reid bill (introduced by Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid) providing a mere $1. Putting a temporary floor under the collapse means the Obama strategy was designed simply to buy time to allow a market driven recovery to take hold. Theory and History A s Part 1 of this series noted. in the process creating a mountain of debt in the system.

in other words. 15 percent homeowners tax credit All homeowners with mortgages. The resets may also extend to small business property mortgages. The HSBLC would provide direct lending to homeowners and small businesses. as well as purchases of home consumer appliances like refrigerators. resetting rates and principal according to the aforementioned formulas. Moratorium on residential foreclosures and small business property and industrial business loans Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 33 . The HSBLC would be the primary agency administering nationalized residential mortgage and small business property markets. Job Creation & Housing Stabilization T here can be no sustained recovery so long as jobless numbers remain in excess of 20 million (today roughly at 22-23 million when properly calculated) and so long as housing foreclosures. expansion. but because of major consumption fragility. etc. Both must be resolved simultaneously. the HSBLC mortgage purchases. Housing is a problem not simply because of foreclosures. The following is a brief summary of the major points of an alternative program (detailed more fully in my forthcoming book).. must be accelerated and expunged. not just those facing foreclosure or default. and major maintenance and improvements. The Obama administration has sidestepped both. This measure also has the further effect of avoiding the necessity of additional deficit creation. to administer nationalized residential mortgage and small business property markets Reset mortgage rates and mortgage principle to 2002-2007 levels All loans issued between 2002-07 are included in this provision. Create new federal agency. not normal fiscal-monetary policies. not just those at risk of default and foreclosure. ovens. The purpose of the provision is to allow homeowners not participating in the resets. but does not remove the poisonous material from the economic building. a refocusing of spending in a major way on job creation and foreclosure prevention. or excess debt. . and those having paid their mortgages in full. not simply shifted or transferred. It must be done with major structural reforms. If it affected just 25 million of the 55 million residential mortgages outstanding and reduced mortgage rates by 2 percent on average. Thereafter. but to serve as a general economy-wide consumption enhancing measure as well. long-term consumption effect—unlike one-time government spending stimulus which. at least for a while. once spent. has no further effect. a sector constituting more than 70 percent of all economic activity. the result is more than $200 billion in ongoing consumption every year. HSBLC (Federal Homeowner-business Loan Corporation). The initial task of the HSBLC would be to purchase existing mortgages in foreclosure. of income distribution by various measures.Economic Policy of the economy’s foundation and core. are eligible for a 15 percent homeowners investment tax credit on their annual tax returns. washer-dryers. etc. Resetting all loans. The HSBLC would compensate current mortgage lenders not willing to participate in the interest rate and principal resets at a rate of 25 percent of their loan balance in the first year of the resets. and addresses the problem of the global money parade of professional speculators. . . individual and institutional alike. The debt load workoff. Boosting consumption in this manner provides a continued. That cannot be achieved piecemeal and incrementally. is designed not only to reduce excess housing supply coming on the market and driving down housing prices and causing further financial institution write downs and losses. defaults and delinquencies continue to rise. . that is a major logjam to the return of consumption levels. where small business is defined as businesses with less than 50 employees and less than $1 million in annual net income. Housing is the debt issue. or new issues to benefit from housingrelated consumption measures. and another 25 percent amortized over the remaining 30 years of the reset loans. What is called for is a fundamental restructuring of the financial and tax systems. The credit would cover investment in items and categories such as home repair. it would extend mortgage financing to all potential home financing in the future. jobs are the income side of the problem. and prices and equity net worth continue to fall. Consumption fragility is a function of both excess debt and insufficient income. The proposals that follow treat the jobs-housing problem as a consumption fragility problem. home upgrades.

The wealthiest 1 percent. and job retraining assistance.87 trillion should yield annual revenues of around $280 billion. it may be safely assumed that U. interest and rental incomes for business—to 1981 levels. . $300 billion for public sector jobs.S.S. mostly island nations. the $1.S.87 trillion in U. on behalf of earners of capital incomes at the expense of earners of wage incomes.S. . which the IRS refers to as special jurisdictions. U. have provided an important basis for the diversion of trillions of dollars by wealthy investors and corporations to the 27 offshore tax havens. . This 24 percent share is equivalent to that which existed for the wealthiest 1 percent in 1928. due to long delays in job creation for new emerging technologies and industries. not primarily by creating new industries from scratch.S. Treasury roughly $140 billion a year in new revenue. including credit default swaps and other second and third generation financial derivatives products. . A quick path to jobs creation is direct hiring by government.S. This proposal rolls back tax cuts on capital incomes—i. That is.. The moratorium will apply to small businesses facing Chapter 7 default.1 million.S. .S. food stamps). such as health care. Other more recent estimates place the amount up to $11 trillion. dividends. A fast path is promoting hiring in those industries having shown in the past high job growth rates. which thereafter would be taxed. with workers receiving a pay level of $40K and benefits load of $10K. 34 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 This proposal provides for a 70 percent excess profits surtax on returns from speculative investments that exceed a reasonable long-run average (10-15 percent). back to that point at which the major tax restructuring began in the U. per this proposal. Assuming a long-run return on assets when repatriated to the U.S. in particular state and local government and school districts.74 trillion at minimum. Offshore corporate retained earnings are likely now in excess of $1 trillion. investors share of the $11 trillion held in the 27 offshore tax havens is likely around 34 percent.S. trade job loss assistance. . according to the business consulting firm McKinsey & Co. and job retraining There are approximately 114 million taxpaying households in the U. Foreign profits tax recovery $800 billion for job creation and retention An effective alternative jobs program must carefully consider the composition of employment generation. The quickest way to retain and grow jobs is within existing industries and businesses. have increased their share of IRS reported income from 8 percent in 1978 to more than 24 percent in 2007.S. not 1993. Capital incomes tax cuts rollbacks $200 billion for social safety net (unemployment insurance. investors’ and corporations’ share of total world assets estimated at approximately $47 trillion out of a world total of $140 trillion in 2006. starting with capital incomes taxation.S. No long-term recovery is therefore possible without a basic restructuring of the tax system in the U. or 1. .. medical coverage. economy would yield a tax revenue stream of at least $100 billion a year. suspending default on C&I (commercial and industrial) business loans incurred between 2002-2007 as well. That translates into roughly $3. food stamps. In 2004 the estimated amount of shielded corporate funds in this area amounted to as much as $700 billion. with another $75 billion for full coverage for medical. and $100 billion for relocating manufacturing jobs back to the U. Proof of new hiring must precede government payments. $100 billion for growth sector jobs like health care. The job creation and retention program targets $300 billion for infrastructure jobs. The tax would extend to contracts on all forms of derivatives. Excess speculative profits surtax Unemployment benefits coverage for one year costs approximately $125 billion.Economic Policy Tax Restructuring and Program Financing T hree-decades of growing income inequality in the U. financial institutions located in the U. investors must repatriate at least half their offshore shelter assets A one-year moratorium on residential and small business property foreclosures is proposed in order to prevent further consumption collapse from 4-5 million new foreclosures. capital gains. of around 15 percent. Alternative industry infrastructure and energy jobs are part of the program but not its primary focus. The alternative job creation-retention program also targets jobs in the $50K-$60K annual range on average. The return of those earnings reinvested in the U. This proposal means investors must withdraw and redeposit the $1..S. With U.e. A conservative estimate in 2005 by the investment bank Morgan Stanley found that total holdings in offshore shelters had risen from $250 billion in the mid-1980s to $6 trillion by 2005. at the new capital gains rate of 50 percent and yield the U.

.S. (measured as deteriorating coverage. Each account within the pool would be 100 percent portable and immediately vested. government to nationalize the employer-provided and managed 401k plan system and create a single national 401k pool. this proposal creates an interim single payer system for the 91 million households earning less than $160. These would include. The level of the VAT on intermediate goods would vary by industry.S.000 per year.Economic Policy . commodities. . already in a dire state. for the first 90 days of noncompliance. The retroactive windfall tax provision extends. This retroactive windfall provision also applies to other companies that reaped rentier profits during the period since 2001. and pharmaceuticals. rising costs.S. That condition will severely exacerbate consumption fragility within the general economy. Social Security must not only be stabilized but expanded. Each participant would be able to make individual deposits to the pool and withdraw limited amounts from it annually. (The excess speculative profits tax is an additional measure that applies thereafter to profits that may exceed a defined threshold limit. corporations that refuse to return foreign profits income to the U. as well as with the funding requirements of the national 401k retirement pool. Retroactive windfall taxes This proposal includes penalty provisions as disincentives to resistance and non-compliance. . Long-Term Income Restructuring & Consumption Fragility T here can be no long-term solution to the health-care crisis in the U. wealthy investors who refuse to repatriate their offshored sheltered earnings will have an unreimbursable 10 percent penalty levied on their remaining earnings or property in the U. apart from the 10 percent financial transactions tax). The entire proceeds from the tax are allocated to provide financing for a national 401k retirement pool. just as under present employer-managed 401ks. . This proposal is for a 10 percent tax on all such financial transactions. The proposal is therefore not a tax on final. . The penalty fee may be increased further with continued non-compliance. .000 and above) at the current payroll tax rate. Thus. until compliance occurs. but could participate for a fee that would scale up with their income level. and declining quality of care for the majority) so long as the insurance companies remain a primary player in the system. For example. An interim single payer system Value-added tax on intermediate goods Intermediate goods are products and services sold by companies to companies before the final product is sold at retail to consumers. retail sales.000 today by adding a new provision that taxes all capital incomes of the wealthiest 1 percent households (with threshold earnings of $332. This proposal re-captures taxes the oil-energy companies should have paid on earnings above the companies’ preceding ten year average.S. as well as all securitized asset sales and other forms of financial derivatives assets.S.000 (households within the top 20 percent income distribution) would be exempt. Households earning above $160. more than 70 million retirees in the next decade will experience inadequate levels of income to sustain a reasonable standard of living. An initial tax level of 2 percent is proposed. Similarly. to excess compensation received by individuals in these companies and industries. at minimum. Financial transactions tax This means financial transactions covering traditional financial assets—such as sales of stocks and bonds. in particular CEOs and their senior management teams who have typically received excess compensation as a consequence of their companies’ excess rentier profits position. dominant companies in industries like banking. in addition. Voluntary deposits by individuals into the pool in With the collapse of defined benefit pension plans and the total failure of private 401k pensions to adequately provide for retirement. this proposal provides extending the current payroll tax rate for Social Security from earned incomes with a ceiling of $107. As a step toward a Universal Single Payer system. insurance. for taxation will be levied a 10 percent tariff on all their goods sold in the U. 10 percent penalty tariffs and non-compliance fees Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 35 . National 401k pool Payroll tax on incomes of wealthiest 1 percent households This proposal requires the U.

Tame the global money parade Banking System Restructuring & Financial Fragility C onsumer credit markets are too critical and necessary for the functioning of the consumption side of the economy to allow these markets to remain exposed to speculative investing. green technology. These groups’ numbers have risen close to 50 million. and until the ever-rising edifice of speculation is prohibited in what is a still growing house of cards derivatives system—the financial instability and fragility in the global system will continue to increase. Government matching contributions to the pool would be funded by means of the introduction of a 2 percent national value added tax on the sale of intermediate goods (i. The following series of proposals provides for restructuring the financial and banking system. Other proposals would further democratize the Fed and all Federal Reserve deliberations would be public record within 24 hours of meeting. destabilizing the economic system in recent decades. banking system and run it based on a new concept of utility banking conducted at cost on behalf of consumers and not for profit on behalf of private financial institutions. sometimes regulated.Economic Policy their own name would be matched by equivalent government contributions. their unions. Part-time workers mostly receive no benefits and typically half-time pay. focusing on three areas of the financial system that require major changes: the consumer credit markets. . multi-directional flows. functioning as a lender of primary resort. Contingent workers receive. To effectively tame the global money parade requires getting control over its sources of money capital creation as well as its multiple. and controlled. This proposal for the first time also introduces a legislated minimum for wages and benefit levels for contingent labor. for-profit. The alternative program proposes the minimum wage be adjusted annually according to changes in inflation. the Fed could be restructured in a new way that democratizes how it operates. Re-unionization of the private sector workforce A long-term program for restoring income to the bottom 80 percent includes policies and measures to restore the unionization rate to at least the 22 percent level of 1980. Democratize the Federal Reserve De-privatizing the student loan market The student loan market returns to a completely de-privatized program where it will function according to its original objective of providing financing to students at cost. . casino banking Low and contingent wage indexation Contingent workers include those who are part time. New local financial institutions in this system function on a non-profit basis. banking activity and administered through a new structure of utility banking. approaching one-third of the workforce. on average. regulated. They may be local government based. and repeatedly. especially involuntary part time. or community credit-union like financial institutions. until capital flows are taxed. . This begins with implementation of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). only 70 percent of wages of permanent employed and 10 percent of benefits. A new kind of Federal Reserve system should provide necessary liquidity directly to consumer credit markets. Utility banking vs. which permits a fairer process for union organizing. Their purpose is to provide the essential service of credit provisioning for consumer markets. small business property mortgages. . and installment credit for big ticket consumer durables products. Utility banking means credit extended at cost and without a profit mark up in the key consumer credit markets. . regulated credit unions. monitored. or other non-profit institutional networks. The utility sector includes the now nationalized (according to my earlier proposals) residential mortgage and small business property mortgage markets and consumer credit markets. perhaps. The first step toward re-unionization must include reforms to level the playing field between workers. and management regarding legal rights.e. the Federal Reserve. reduce its likelihood of transitioning to a consequent classic global depression in the coming two to five years. in the form of either grants or subsidized loans. and the like. Two-thirds of Fed Board of Governors would be elected at large by popular vote. It means the creation of a new network of local financial institutions that take household deposits and issue interest payments equivalent to no more than the cost of credit. and the escalating numbers of workers transferred to various kinds of temporary work status. Government investing of the pooled funds would be restricted to public ownership-public works projects or government loans to publicly beneficial joint government-business projects such as alternative energy. a business-to-business sales tax) that all businesses with annual sales revenues of more than $1 million would be required to make. Until the global money parade is routed at minimum from its secretive tax haven dens. and the global money parade of speculators that have been increasingly. with the credit disbursed by a new network of local credit institutions administered through local government. student loans. There is a fundamental contradiction between the two principles of banking—banking as a utility and as a speculative profits center. non-government local non-profits. much like social security payments to the retired are adjusted annually. walled off from speculative and profit-seeking 36 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . . These proposals raise talking points for a debate on how to address the continuing epic recession and.. Z Nationalization of consumer credit markets Jack Rasmus is the author of Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression (forthcoming in May from PalgraveMacmillan and Pluto Press). especially for autos. Providing cost-only loans through the Federal Reserve. . Residential mortgage. and student and auto loans markets should be nationalized. It is necessary to take critical consumer credit markets outside the private.

sexuality. John Pilger. which includes equitable access for all to quality education. “Fifth International!?” in response to a call by President Chavez of Venezuela to host an April gathering to discuss a new International. to a number of individuals seeking their endorsement. which includes ending all forms of oppression of women while providing day care. since (a) all will critically affect the character of a new world. Since there seemed to be significant agreement with the proposal’s specific points. and procreation. Pervez Hoodbhoy. exchange. Susan George. food. including relations of law and legislation • international relations. and since many people thought pursuing those points made sense. and the instruments and conditions for personal fulfillment • gender/kinship. • culture and community relations among races. assess. consumption. • economic production. including class relations • kinship nurturance. consumption. Trevor Ngwane. ethnocentric. Noam Chomsky. Fernando Vegas. OUR VISION for a Participatory Socialist future should (at least) include that: • economic production. including gender. meaningful and dignified work. but what this proposal seeks in the eyes of its very first endorsers is only to: (a) specify a set of features/values/procedures that the endorsers feel are worthy and workable for a new International (b) urge that any process to create a new International should discuss. water. and allocation. A new International should be primarily concerned (at least) with: A The Proposal PURPOSE: Different people could conceivably have different agendas. including race. and otherwise bigoted structures while simultaneously securing the prosperity and rights of indigenous people Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 37 . debate. sexual. and other cultural communities protect the rights and identity of each community up to equally respecting those of all other communities. (b) unaddressed each could subvert efforts to reach a new world. including matters of mutual aid. housekeeping.320 others. socialization. This proposal is simply a group of people urging that efforts to create a new International should involve wide discussion and debate. It has been signed by Vandana Shiva. which includes an end to racist. with a cover letter. Nor is it a gathering of people intent on somehow themselves creating a new International. nationality. sexual preference. and (c) the constituencies most affected by each would be intensely alienated if their prime concerns were relegated to secondary importance.Looking Forward Searching for Democratic Alternatives A New International? proposal for a new International has been circulating online and collecting endorsements for some months now. housing. including considering the points raised here. health care. sanitation. refine. 2. Albert’s article received a favorable response from visitors to the Z Communications site. and allocation be classless. Francois Houtart. etc. or gender any one group above others. including relations with the natural environment and other species The new International should address these concerns without elevating any one focus above the rest. What follows is the proposal. recreation. Boris Kagarlitsky. and family relations not privilege by age. ethnic groups. a draft of a “Proposal for a Participatory Socialist International” was created and sent. health care. and immigration • ecology. and age • cultural community relations. and implement these and other features that emerge from a wide discussion and gain favor among founding members The purpose of the proposal is to promote discussion and debate and also offer some broad ideas for features that ought to be included in the discussion and debate. 1. and nearly 1. The proposal originated with an article by Michael Albert titled. and religion • politics. religions. This proposal is not a call for a new International much less a map of all attributes a new International could have.

of each new International member organization would in turn gain membership in the International • individuals who want to be members of the International but have no member group that they belong too. and for support of member organizations against repression. and projects worldwide escape single-issue loneliness by becoming part of a larger process encompassing diverse focuses and united by agreements to implement various shared endeavors More at www. assume that differences over policy are about substance and not motive. but.Looking Forward • political decision making. and implementation of shared programs deliver “people’s power” in ways that do not elevate any one sector or constituency above others. but also autonomy • member groups would have a wide range of sizes. to foster participation and equitable influence for all 4. organizations. an International might also undertake a massive international focus on immigration. To achieve this the new International should: • members.. employees. among other possibilities. but since the International’s decisions would not bind groups other than regarding the collective International agenda. but.htm . etc. some examples include: • include and celebrate “currents” to serve as vehicles for contending views. etc. The GUIDING VALUES AND PRINCIPLES informing internal strategic and programmatic deliberations of an International highlight at least the following values. on ending a war. movements. help ward off sectarianism. to con38 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 • a new International might call for international events and days of dissent. MEMBERS of the new International would be political parties. and agendas of the International establishing solidarity. to seek wealth and income fairness • peace with justice. followed by refinements of proposals to seek greater support and to allow dissidents to make their case. to seek human survival and interconnection • “democracy” or perhaps even a more inspiring conception of people’s power. for support campaigns for existing struggles by member organizations.org/newinternational. and other interactions attain peace and justice while dismantling all vestiges of colonialism and imperialism. culminating in final votes of the membership 6. followed by polls of the whole International membership to see peoples’ leanings. That a new International be THE GREATEST SUM of all its parts. which includes implementing whatever structural steps prove essential to organizationally embody the values as well as possible in the present: tinue developing their views to establish their merit or discover their inadequacies 5. carry out boycotts.zcommunications. It might prepare materials. adjudication of disputes. to help align worldwide movements and projects into mutual aid and collective benefit • diversity. participatory democracy. if they don’t prevail. staff. but care for the environment in accord with our highest aspirations for ourselves and our world. and pursue substantive debate as a serious part of the whole project • afford each current means to openly engage with all other currents to try to advance new insights bearing on policy and program • guarantee that as long as any particular current accepts the basic tenets of the International and operates in accord with its norms and methods. to spur creative innovation. to realize international fairness and fulfillment • ecological sustainability and wisdom. which includes climate justice and energy innovation 3. on shortening the work week worldwide. • general programs would be up to member organizations to decide how to relate to. movements. undertake education. communication. which includes participation and justice for all • international trade. as well as undertake widespread debates and campaigns to advance related understanding and mutual knowledge • more ambitiously. PROGRAMMATICALLY what a new International chooses to do will be contextual and a product of its members’ desires. or self management. including rejecting confining itself to a single line to capture all views in one narrow pattern. its minority positions would be given space not only to argue. yet there would be considerable collective momentum for each member organization to participate and contribute as best it could in collective campaigns and projects since clearly one reason to have an International is to help organizations. where: • solidarity. and recognize that minority views thought to be crazy today can lead to what is brilliant tomorrow • equity. pursue actions. a good way to arrive at decisions might be serious discussion and exploration. and aid constant growth • establish that currents should respect the intentions of other currents. respect dissent. or even projects. would have to join one • every member group would have its own agenda for its separate operations which would be inviolable • each member group would be strongly urged to make its own operations consistent with the norms. practices. support local endeavors. which includes canceling the debt of nations of the global south and reconstructing international norms and relations to move toward an equitable and just community of equally endowed nations • ecological choices not only be sustainable. and/or on averting climatic catastrophe.

cane toads have been indigenous to Central and South America for millions of years. this year’s festival ran from January 21-31. One part is essentially theater. some with better storytelling skills than others.. an estimated 50 countries are predicted to disappear within the next 20-30 years. Nearly 150 Million Bangladeshis live at sea level. Rather than replicate David Guggenheim’s An Inconvenient Truth. a sugarcane pest. In Vivo! Sundance Film Festival 2010 By John Esther inematic rebellion was the artistic anthem of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. director Michael Nash’s documentary puts the issue of climate change in terms of geopolitics. Ferlinghetti). Today. Here are a few of the films coming to you—some day. The second part uses animation (designed by Eric Drooker) to illustrate an interpretation of the poem. authors.Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Sundance can help because it really is grassroots and I think the power is going to come from the collective. in alarming numbers. others have lost their dog. which went on trial for obscenity (People v. Since most humans live by the sea. I hope the festival can help tell these stories because there’s not a whole lot left of this planet.” According to the public face of Sundance. and pariah. cat. it seems almost trivial to debate if humans are responsible for climate change. wait until Bangladesh meets the rising tide. but a little more icky than The March of Penguins. and auteurs “to fight against the establishment of the expected” and “to battle for brave new ideas. pest. This has led to great fear and misunderstanding of the toad—which is hardly a threat to humans—producing hysterical reactions.Cute little creatures defying kooky bigger creatures. themes. while learning a lesson about ecological tampering. Rather than kick out the vermin. often progressive. From script to screen. what are nations going to do when hundreds of millions of refugees start fleeing to foreign lands or to other parts of their country? In light of these predictions. during a post-screening discussion of the documentary The Shock Doctrine: “The entire system is constipated at the top. snake. was implemented. when they ate one of the poisonous creatures. with Ginsberg (played by James Franco) reading his poem at the Six Gallery on October 7. etc.Reviews In Vi tro. Climate change is here and people will be coming. As seawater continues to rise. director Mark Lewis’s Howl . Many of the films (and panels) had overt political. Presented in 3D. Divided into four equal parts. While the poem “Howl” said many things about America.If you think Haiti is a crisis. 1955. Howl looks at Allen Ginsberg. But in 1935 an ill-fated idea to bring over 100 of the amphibians to the northeastern part of Australia to eat the greyback cane beetle. and going.5 billion cane toads have taken on mythological portions as pet. Similar to. And the fourth is a pseudo-documentary where Ginsberg answers questions from an off-screen interviewer. cane toads multiplied by the thousands and started to go west across the continent. the most important film festival in the country asked audiences. Climate Refugees . starring Al Gore. and his first published poem. audiences of most ages should have a three-dimensional blast watching.” and thus free speech. this film uses different mediums to convey the power the poet and his poem “Howl” had on people and the powers-that-be.” Under the new leadership of John Cooper. actor-director Robert Redford. the greatness in the film lies in the fact that the producers managed to capture both Ginsberg Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 39 . C Cane Toad: The Conquest . circa age 29. While some Australians keep the cane toad as a companion. The third part is the dramatic poetic justice of “Howl. approximately 1. Cane Toads: The Conquest is a lot of fun.

drugs. And thanks to the artistic license used in The Shock Doctrine. A rebellious sort. Anyone who has watched a movie about rich kids in the last ten years has a good idea what is coming—money makes misery and all that sex. or paralysis. Friedman and friends have created problems in the name of profit by taking advantage of confusion and pushing through reactionary legislation. it will be easier for critics to dismiss the documentary than Chomsky. but.Directed by Sam Taylor Wood (Love You More) and written by Matt Greenhalgh (Control). As white cops wail on the poor. Nowhere Boy . Unfortunately. puts together a band called the Quarrymen with Paul McCartney (Thomas Sangster) and George Harrison (Sam Bell). Twelve . Then. Nowhere Boy disappears into a pointless void.Reviews and the essence of his work: the voice of desire and fulfillment by and for those who have been ignored by society.The Hollywood director who brought us Flatliners. His comrades question his loyalty. The only comrade he can trust is Patricia (Kerry Washington) who has become a sort of foundation for the troubled neighborhood. many who are familiar with the Beatles and Lennon probably already know John had a strained relationship with his mother and that her sister raised him for most of his early life. Julia Lennon (Anna-Marie Duff). Naturally. John gets into all sorts of trouble at school. There is hardly anything shocking about the observations found in The Shock Doctrine for anyone who has read the likes of Noam Chomsky. such as the ones with illness.Stuck on the streets of Los Angeles in more ways than one. as well as trust and love among the oppressed. this nostalgic biopic focuses on the late teenage years of John Lennon (played by Aaron Johnson). As tensions mount. others discover Delicious has the hands of God and can cure approximately 72 percent of the people he touches. Lennon lives with his Aunt Mimi (Kristin Scott Thomas) while trying to reconnect with his mother. In a time . From Augusto Pinochet’s Chile to Boris Yeltin’s Russia to our current economic woes. the storyline of Sympathy for Delicious is a mixed bag. violence and mistrust between cops and citizens arise. Finely crafted.Philadelphia. Co-starring and competently directed by Mark Ruffalo. and Batman Forever. something has to give and it will not be police misconduct. Joel Schumacher. a former Black Panther named Marcus (Anthony Mackie) needs to watch his step. this documentary traces 40 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 the rise of Milton Friedman’s theories and disaster capitalism. The Shock Doctrine . whose acting career was launched in 2000 with the Sundance Film Festival hit You Can Count on Me. one day. and guns can only be fun for so long. It is interesting to watch how Delicious and others make money off his talent. Night Catches Us . 1976. Rather than add anything psychologically productive to Lennon’s formative years. has adapted Nick McDonell’s novel about contemporary privileged youth on the upper eastside of Manhattan. crime. At least there is no underground fighting ring. Delicious needs an immediate fix. in this day and age. Like the people around him.Based on Naomi Klein’s bestselling book of the same name and co-directed by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross. the idea of someone having supernatural healing powers is rather delirious. Sympathy for Delicious . Falling Down. writer-director Tanya Hamilton’s Night Catches Us offers an insightful look at what it means to be black and poor in America. blindness. This leads to many kinds of exploitation and manipulation by Delicious and others. disability. life for DJ Delicious (screenwriter Christopher Thornton) has been too tough for too long—unemployment.

the Panthers had gone much further to address the problem. like a few at the Sundance screening (including me). I told the police that the brother had a constitutional right to disseminate political literature anywhere. Women were involved in the party at every level and. While the film’s appreciation of nature/body as art is admirable. The stench of meat is everywhere and she will not participate in such behavior. Twelve attempts to lay a “rich people are unhappy” sentiment to the public. a teenage girl gets a nose job. decides to clandestinely assist his pretty.After a series of nightmares stemming from repressed childhood memories. sister-in-law through the art of body flower power. Z John Esther writes about culture and politics via cinema. 2010. As the FBI and NYPD’s infamous COINTELPRO repression escalated. My friend went to say something and one of the police officers threatened to ram his nightstick up her if she opened her mouth again and then ran on in a monologue about Black people. Bukhari joined the Panthers and was a full-time member by 1970. Min-ho (Kim Hyun-sung). in 1970. shopping is habitual. edited by former political prisoner Laura Whitehorn at the request of Bukhari’s daughter. he late Safiya Bukhari (1950-2003) is not the most famous veteran of the Black Panther Party (BPP). including its examination of women in the BPP. if we could only change places with the beautiful brats. Scene after scene in Twelve gives images of beautiful. Twelve presents kids who are out of control.” Bukhari was a 19-year-old pre-med student in New York City when she was first introduced to BPP as a volunteer for their free breakfast program for children. But we did bring the problem out in the open and put the question on the floor. Huey Newton issued an important public statement of support for the women’s and gay liberation movements. Wonda Jones. Newton. the bestiality began to show. This perpetuates various sorts of other behaviors. but argues that this was symptomatic of the Left in general and. His work has appeared in Z Magazine and numerous other publications in print and online. but induces us to believe that. Bukhari reflects: “I had never been arrested before and I was naïve enough to believe that all you had to do was be honest and everything would work out all right. some vegetarian filmgoers. Bukhari writes that the Panthers “may not have completed the task of eradicating sexist attitudes within the Party and in the community. The War Before makes many significant contributions to scholarship. Vegetarian . but the compilation of her writings. rich people moving about in a milieu where there are more servants than working teenagers. and there is barely a parent in sight. “Without a thought. In her family. As soon as the police got us into the back seat of their car and pulled away from the crowd. Yeong-hye (Chae Min-seo) decides to become a vegetarian. however. 320 pp. Ji-hye (Kim Yeo-jin). Later. putting Yeong-hye further into suicidal drive. along with the Panther. The War Before. Review by Hans Bennett T when the super rich are sticking it to people. edited by Laura Whitehorn The Feminist Press. & Fighting for Those Left Behind By Safiya Bukhari. a life without meat is just crazy.Reviews The War Before The True Life Story of Becoming a Black Panther. while still inducing the masses of working class teenagers to wish for such unhappiness. Bukhari recognizes serious problems of sexism and misogyny. she became the communications and information officer of the East Coast Panthers. Her older sister. many Panthers were forced underground into the Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 41 . a Porsche is crashed and daddy will be angry. should be required reading alongside the memoirs of BPP cofounders Bobby Seale and Huey P. does not know what to do about her sister’s change of diet so her video artist husband.” After her release. we could handle it. relative to other leftist groups. Bukhari and a friend witnessed police harassing a Panther for selling their newspaper on a Harlem street corner. Keeping the Faith in Prison. Police responded by arresting her and her friend. though gaunt. were a bit nonplussed at the title and the association the film makes between vegetarianism and madness. I was wrong again. Following the Party’s East Coast/West Coast split in 1971. I listened and got angry.” writes Bukhari.

S. On January 25. the Jericho Movement and NYFMAJC have continued to grow. Tom Angotti maps out another urban future where the development of cities are shaped by ordinary working class people through progressive community planning methods. largely Latino renters and small businesspeople mobilized to confront a developer who would have displaced over 78 homeowners. Her bodyguard had not drawn his weapon. Hopefully it will teach us respect and reverence for the organizer. Davis writes that Bukhari’s “words compel us to recognize how much unacknowledged labor dwells inside and behind social justice movements…. Bukhari suffered from fibroid tumors. so she made an important decision: “I knew then that the only way I would get the medical care I needed was to go out and get it for myself. she was taken to the hospital for medical care. Bukhari was arrested and later convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to 40 years. one of the prisoners who had been supported by Bukhari. the tragedy was that more people didn’t know her. Bukhari fled to the BLA as well. On entering the state prison in Goochland. “She found out what we thought and what we needed. Color Lines. In June 1978. 323 pp. which organized a large demonstration in front of the White House in 1998. New York For Sale Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate By Tom Angotti. after eight years and eight months in prison. Angotti’s vision of city planning is an ambitious one. 400 tenants. the We Stay group made the city accept a plan based in 168 neighborhood consultations. Bukhari also created the New York Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYFMAJC) in support of her former comrade.” Bukhari joined political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim and former political prisoner Herman Ferguson in creating the Jericho Movement.” As punishment for her escape. but was shot and then stomped to death by the store manager and his son. 2008. They succeeded and. Through strategic community organizing. former political prisoner Angela Y. now on death row. Her co-defendant. 42 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 who so often remain the unknown and unacknowledged figures behind progressive mass movements. So I followed the prison rules. In 1973. so only two are explored in detail: the 1961 Cooper Square Alternative plan and the We Stay!/Nos Quedamos Plan in the Melrose Commons section of the South Bronx. he points to over 70 community-driven plans in New York City alone. Bukhari was granted parole and released. In Melrose Commons. she was put in solitary confinement from March 1978 to November 1980. She recounts how she and two other members of the BLA’s Amistad Collective entered a delicatessan in Virginia without intending to rob it. was shot in the face. determined activists moved from protest to planning and forced the city’s developers to severely curtail a Robert Moses urban renewal scheme. director of Hunter College’s Community Planning and Development Department. learn from her. writes that. A comprehensive survey of all such plans would take several volumes. but that the store manager initiated a gunfight (that Bukhari did not participate in). 1975. I filed a grievance. Masai Ehehosi. through the growth of community development corporations. Bukhari escaped. In New York for Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate. this future may well exist within the shell of today’s economy. but the Commonwealth attorney said that it was “justifiable” homicide. Following her arrest. he told me to come back to see him in 10…. and 500 workers. or grow from her fund of hard-won wisdom. Mumia Abu-Jamal writes in The War Before’s afterword that “her passing wasn’t the only tragedy. The disinvestment of Detroit and Flint serve as symbols of the fickleness of globalization. Upside Down World. She jumped headfirst into organizing support networks for U. She was able to see two doctors before being recaptured two months later and they both told her that she could endure the pain or get surgery. Review by James Tracy L eft to their own devices. After being recaptured. According to Angotti. and other activist media. political prisoners. many of which have sprung from the city’s fights against displacement in the past 4 decades. Truthout. whom she’d worked with at the New York City Panther office. He has written for Alternet. He uses the term progressive . Bukhari tried to press countercharges against them.” In the foreword. calling for the release of all political prisoners. As evidence.” Following the prison rules did nothing to get her the treatment needed. I was told that the lack of medical treatment constituted a difference of opinion between myself and the doctor on whether treatment was needed at this point. foreword by Peter Marcuse MIT Press. Black Commentator. markets tend to drop large American cities in two equally precarious positions. Since Bukhari’s tragic death in 2003. In the case of Cooper Square. In response. Bukhari writes: “During my initial examination upon arrival. Laura Whitehorn. she writes: “I decided to use the lack of medical care as my defense for the escape to accomplish two things: (1) expose the level of medical care at the prison and (2) put pressure on them to give me the care I needed. but was denied medical treatment at the city jail. were able to create new affordable housing and preserve existing stock. encouraging them to support us and all the political prisoners she encountered. I told him 40 years. a doctor told me the tumors were the size of oranges and asked me how long my sentence was.” After two years at Goochland. 80 businesses. In August 1983. then met with activists outside.” Z Hans Bennett is an independent media journalist and cofounder of Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal.Reviews newly-formed Black Liberation Army (BLA).

S. campaigns for community-controlled develop ment have taken root. For Saltman. The invasion and occupation of Iraq. invasion occurred. Saltman documents how the business sector’s Renaissance 2010 plan was picked up by local school districts and city elites in order to pave the way for gentrification and backdoor privatization of public education. in a global economy. contain legions of unintended consequences. New York for Sale is a tool to show what happened before in order to build global cities rooted in global justice. but so also is displacement without development. The irony is that the decisions that robbed the community of good paying jobs were often made by the same people. land banking. and setting up new schools run for profit and non-profit charter corporations. the post-World War II struggles against urban renewal. Yet Angotti isn’t content to rest on simplistic formulas of “working-class good” and “developers evil. They inherently require compromise. the call is for participatory planning and safeguards of the right of place as well as class and racial justice. more recently. New York for Sale is meant to be useful to grassroots activists and progressive planners alike. In fact. As communities of color have challenged both corporate America and the priorities of mainstream environmentalists. natural catastrophes.S. the central focus of Saltman’s book is the privatization of Chicago’s public schools under the leadership of current Secretary of Education Arne Duncan while he was superintendent of Chicago Public Schools. The Asian tsunami.” His multilayered approach takes complexity and contradiction head-on. dignifying the work of organizers and academics alike. Interestingly. Accessible from the start. is no easy task. neoliberal model being applied to education is the first to go beyond a focus on Iraq’s oil and agriculture sectors. Saltman’s book Capitalizing on Disaster explores these interconnections in the struggle over public education. the book contends that community plans are but a point in a long history of resistance in New York City—connecting slave rebellions. such as creating community land trusts. Behind each point. Yet. smashing unions. movements are necessary. and the era of economic globalization.S. At its conclusion. in an age of privatization. Saltman’s analysis of the U. Most of the organizations Angotti listens to are rooted in low-income communities of color.” In part. prop up the Haiti coup government. What do these all have in common? For Kenneth Saltman.S. Creative Associates International Inc. the public sphere. harter schools. the Depression-era unemployed workers movement. At Cooper and Melrose. As a professor at DePaul University in Chicago. and. CAII has figured prominently in U. social inclusion. did not plan for the occupation. Indeed. it’s clear that someone will emerge as a winner from the latest phase of the housing crisis. and public ownership over natural resources among other vital social services. Throughout the book. A crucial question is that of development in the global city. Saltman Paradigm: Boulder.” which serve to exclude and further dislocate low-income communities. setting them up for failure under the onerous mandate of NCLB. Saltman details the rise and emergence of a little known defense contractor. housing. abandonment and disinvestment is. Henry George’s run for mayor in 1886. acts of war and education policies can each provide a context to “set up public schools to be dismantled and made into investment opportunities. Displacement by development is common. Heavy on context. this description is made as an attempt to differentiate the planning Angotti proposes from racist. No Child Left Behind (NCLB). and environmental justice. Reclaiming the commons. foreign policy projects.S. Z Capitalizing on Disaster Taking and Breaking Public Schools By Kenneth J. This “smash and grab” is hardly restricted to the U. a prerequisite for gentrification. Historical disinvestment in public housing and public education has become a perfect storm. New York for Sale offers a ten-point plan—one specific enough to be of practical use while broad enough to avoid being overly prescriptive.Reviews community planning to describe a process that can “achieve local and global equality. progressive community planning’s clearest lineage descends from the environmental justice movement. asking the questions that all concerned with the American city should be contemplating. The groups here do not conform to simple “antidevelopment” stereotypes of neighborhood groups. knowledge and expertise are found within and outside the walls of the university. Such stands might make some sections of the anti-displacement movement uncomfortable. to privatize Iraq’s public education system. development corporations are often able to out-organize organizers by appealing to a community’s need for jobs and income. and offer the ever-present possibility of cooptation. 2007. CAII received its Iraq contract months before the U. Saltman describes in detail how schools located in areas with prime real estate are unilaterally declared “failures” and privatized by stripping local community control over the schools. While each social movement shares a logic of people before profit. both of which have gotten nearly all the atZ MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 43 . NIMBY-driven “community plans. Angotti recognizes that in order for communities to win. in most cases. they are illustrations of the latest phase of the neoliberal assault on the hard-won gains of people to ensure public education. and re-regulation. Saltman has a personal stake in what is happening in that city. with contracts to train demobilized contras. He has created something more powerful than a road map for those who would take up the fight. The destruction of New Orleans. Review by Robert Ovetz C James Tracy is a Bay area-based organizer active in a San Francisco community land trust and housing partnership. Gentrification. 173 pp. lie enormous and costly fights. closing schools. thus raising new doubts about the claim that the U.” Meticulously documented.

and cultures found in the U. After 30 years of vicious assaults. a pro-insurgency handbook. as well as economic.” which only represent a modest liberal menu: † † † † † † withdrawal from Iraq a “police-based counterterrorist strategy” in Afghanistan and Pakistan reductions in military spending multilateralism and adherence to international law developmental aid and poverty reduction research toward clean and renewable energy 44 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . American Counterinsurgency Human Science and the Human Terrain By Roberto J. This struggle. despite the logical implication of its title. it seeks to capture and reform education. Z turally specific propaganda campaigns. analyses of specific elements of contemporary military practice. González then details the current collaborations between anthropologists and the military and relates them to the discipline’s historical complicity in colonialism. 134 pages The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual Notes on Demilitarizing American Society By the Network of Concerned Anthropologists Steering Committee Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press. which used broad data collection to target what was euphemistically called Viet Cong “infrastructure. and the corrosive effects it has had on related disciplines. By doing so. Saltman insists. or target suspected enemies for abduction or assassination. tighter. because it has been defended so adamantly by students. 2009.Reviews tention. 2009. HTTs. provides an overview of the emergence of the Human Terrain Teams. especially in Mesopotamia and Nigeria. Robert Ovetz is an adjunct professor at two California community colleges. Andrew Bickford considers the similarities and. T Reviews by Kristian Williams T wo recent books from Prickly Paradigm Press examine current U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine and consider its implications for society and.000 assassinations. Saltman convincingly confirms David Harvey’s premise in A Brief History of Neoliberalism that neoliberalism is also a cultural. project. Greg Feldman argues that the radical new counterinsurgency approach is really just the old. González Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press. reactionary colonial system with a new label. must mean that “public education remains a crucial site and stake of struggle for critical forms of public democracy” from below. norms. more powerful version of the argument from his book. yet thorough. and other ideological institutions in order to shift public beliefs.S. Roberto González offers a shorter. Kanhong Lin relates the pressures and dilemmas facing new anthropologists as they enter an increasingly militarized discipline. staff. more particularly.” The contributors attack the military guide from every angle. societies. Catherine Lutz critiques the culture of militarism that makes public and academic acceptance of counterinsurgency theory possible. He is one of the organizers against budget cuts and neoliberal attacks at these colleges. And David Vine offers some “Proposals for a Humanpolitik. co-opt local leaders. the U. He traces the term human terrain back to a House Un-American Activities Committee report on the Black Panther Party. David Price attacks the quality and integrity of the manual’s scholarship. The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual is not. He compares the HTT approach to that of the CIA’s notorious Phoenix Program. the differences between anthropology and spying. Roberto González’s American Counterinsurgency and the Network of Concerned Anthropologists’ Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual each offer concise. The information they collect and the insights they produce are then used to form counterinsurgency strategies tailored to the local context. González writes: “HTS [the Human Terrain System] represents a subversion of social science because it puts at risk Afghans and Iraqis who share information about their lives with embedded social scientists. Catherine Besteman weighs the implications of the counterinsurgency doctrine for Africa. American Counterinsurgency. and families from across the political spectrum. military’s areas of operation. Army’s “Counterinsurgency Field Manual. which conduct what (broadly speaking) might be considered anthropological research into the people. especially. but a collection of essays thematically centered on responses to FM 3-24. faculty. The first of the pair. Brigade commanders to which HTT members are assigned can use data to create cul- he second book.” González places the human terrain concept at the intersection of several historical narratives. popularization. 195 pp. for the social sciences. As a cultural project. Each book focuses particular attention on the role anthropology and anthropologists have played in the formulation.S.” resulting in approximately 25. Hugh Gusterson describes the military’s co-optation of academic research. media. and values so that the hegemony of the market over every aspect of life is ultimately seen as commonplace and unquestioned. neoliberalism has hopefully made fewer inroads into public education. accusing the authors of outright plagiarism. and implementation of counterinsurgency theory.

While the military anthropologists in the Human Terrain Teams may be behaving unethically. and the propaganda-value of counterinsurgency.participation in Counterinsurgency.) This requirement. The political arguments are actually the stronger. and how it is best served. is not a question of professional ethics. but the audience they seek to influence is defined professionally. would have been very different. is whether the emphasis on professional ethics may not itself be part of the problem. the Vietnam War. The result is political criticism couched in terms of professional ethics. The essays present new insights into the theory. If the arguments seem a bit raw and unformed. in short. and its ties to colonialism. The book offers a refreshing anecdote to the media’s cheerleading for General Petraeus and his clique of warrior scholars. faking your evidence). unfortunately. One need not refer to the norms of one’s profession to find reasons to object to wars of aggression.) In other words. the subjugation of foreign peoples. often as though they do not see the difference. the vague conclusions. and in response to. and a commitment to human rights The book includes a two-page “Pledge of Non. practice. (It was conceived during. responses to and interventions in conditions that are themselves evolving. social scientists ought not use their professional skills to help immiserate or oppress other human beings. gets lost in the translation. In a military context. Certainly. or war and militarism per se? The question becomes: is this an ethical critique or a political critique? Does it concern only the narrow professional responsibilities of anthropologists or does it concern the relationship between the university and the military. that compels us to subordinate our own judgment to the standards of the institutions of which we are a part. history. Z Kristian Williams is the author of American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination (South End Press. and the uses to which they are put? The authors move between these questions without definitely seizing on one or the other. the contributors understand the difference between the stated principles of an institution and the actual norms governing its behavior. The bigger question. we must remember that the ethics statement is itself the product of political processes and subject to political pressures. and the militarization of our culture. if the latter. It is true that the American Anthropological Association’s Code of Ethics demands that. (Much of The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual is devoted to teasing apart just these differences with regard to the military. is just alienation in nicer clothes. dignity. (It is a separate matter as to whether their work aids or harms the interests of the particular people they happen to study. quite the opposite. which leads us back to politics. for example. Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 45 .pologists. Professionalism substitutes the ends inherent in “the work” for the ends of the people who do the work. but of humanity. That’s not to dismiss the contribution the authors make to the study of counterinsurgency—in fact. the professional ethics rely on the politics and one cannot expect a statement of principles to do the political work of demilitarizing the discipline. It may. it is just a question of ethics.) If the principles of the Code of Ethics really were inherent to the project of anthropology in such a way that violation of the norms would represent a fundamental betrayal of the anthological project (similar to. it is a question of justice. B oth books have the marks of a critique that remains under construction.” But surely. it doesn’t seem fair to say that they are behaving unprofessionally. and the weak proposals all point to this fact. after all. Professionalism. “Anthropological researchers must ensure that they do not harm the safety. Yet the greatest ambivalence concerns the nature of the critique itself: is the problem under consideration that anthropologists are participating in counterinsurgency or is the problem counterinsurgency itself? And. And people are liable to disagree about what justice means. though. or privacy of the people…who might reasonably be thought to be affected by their research. then the history of anthropology. the role of these institutions in our society. be their consummate professionalism that allows them to put aside their personal feelings about the military or their doubts about its mission in the Middle East. 2006). show us something of the process by which ideas unfold and knowledge develops. as experts in culture. however. In particular. On the other hand. The passion of the arguments. Quite a lot. it’s because they represent an ongoing discussion rather than a final conclusion. Instead. in fact.” which can be signed and mailed in to the Network of Concerned Anthro. These two books. it’s not at all clear that the professional ethics the authors cite are sufficient for the job at hand. The relevant standards for debating military policy and people’s participation in or resistance to it are not those of anthropology. I suspect the reason is that the motives behind the arguments of American Counterinsurgency and The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual are fundamentally political.Reviews † abolition of nuclear weapons. isn’t this exactly what “professionalism” means? It is the sense of professionalism. do the authors object to the counterinsurgency strategy or to the wars in which it is being employed? Is it these wars in particular (as unjustified wars of aggression).

may1. www. California on Saturday and Sunday.justicewith peace. com. April 25 from 3-6 PM at UMass Boston Campus Center. MEDIA . 212-633-6646.zweig @stony brook. org. The School of the Americas Watch works in solidarity with the people of Latin America and the Caribbean to close the U. Brunswick. consulates and corporate headquarters in support of human rights.soaw. policy. Contact: Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal. plus a slide show. CLASS CONFERENCE . Bolivia. Contact: water4gazaboston@ gmail. 510-451-8200. Just and Sustainable World. film/video. Contact: Nomenus Wolf Creek Sanctuary.stony brook. in NYC. PO Box 312. There will be an exposition of books. DC 20017. 284 Amory St. farmerzakk@ hotmail. RADIO .The annual Contact: info@anarchist bookfair. and Ziad Abbas. info@ peaceandjusticenow. “The Union Makes Us Strong: Inspiration. NY 10011. SUNY. 617-522-0222. Contact: Bikes Not Bombs. Massachusetts.SBEarthDay. in conjunction with other international events centered around the UN’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. Nancy Murray. globalnet@ mindspring. 631-6327536.The Pacific Northwest are scheduled for San Francisco (April 10-11) and Chicago (May 22-23). and other events.org. from wildcrafting to grey water harvesting. mail @bikesnotbombs.org/permaculture. Wolf Creek. CA 94612.org. Contact: National Federation of Community Broadcasters. ABORTION RIGHTS .A May Day Unity BIKING .edu. 207-443-9502.Eco Homo: A Queer Co-Creative Permaculture Gathering is scheduled for April 3-11 at Wolf Creek Sanctuary in Oregon and will feature a hands-on ecological exploration of sustainable living and culture preservation. Green Fests feature speakers. and to celebrate an International Day of Action Against Nuclear Weapons on May 2 with a march from Times Square to the UN for a Peace Festival. Jamaica Plain. clpp.Anti-nuclear Center for Study of Working Class Life is hosting its 2010 conference How Class Works June 3-4 at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. presentations. 55 West 17 Street. with speakers Laila Farsakh. June 6 for their 23rd annual Bike-A-Thon and Green Roots Festival in Boston. and dozens of workshops. commuter trains. Amherst. Massachusetts. and carpooling to New York City to take peaceful action in front of embassies. art.hampshire.The Making Media munity Radio Conference is scheduled for June 9-12 in St. #5C. foreign policy.org.greenfestivals. 2010 in NYC. Contact: www. peaceandjusticenow.The CLPP conference “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom” is scheduled for April 9-11 at Hampshire College in Amherst. Sponsored by Amnesty International USA Local Group 133 of Somerville. Contact: May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights. clpp@hampshire. Contact: Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. and lobbying. www. LABOR . www. HUMAN RIGHTS . 413-5595416. BENEFIT .S. DC.org. A joint project of Global Exchange and Green America.cmpcc. MAY DAY . workshops. Guidance. www. Minnesota. Day. MA 02130. Contact: International Planning Committee.edu. conference@nfcb. Contact: Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program. The events are timed to coincide with a meeting of government leaders for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference starting in May. with speakers (Vijay Prashad. NY.The 4th Annual Maia Project for clean drinking water and the Middle East Children’s Alliance is scheduled for Sunday. affinity groups. and alternative/in- Labor History Association’s 42nd annual conference. Kathleen Cleaver) in the evening. sponsored by SOA Watch. www. music.org. Contact: mmp2010@yorku. with discussion.org. com. C/o Peace Action New York State. www. 893 West Street.. space4peace.info. membership meeting of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space is scheduled for May 9 in NYC.The 35th Annual Com- Peoples’ World Conference on Climate Change is scheduled for April 19-22 in Cochabamba.ca. PO Box 600. nual Get On The Bus for Human Rights. New York.word press. NY 10116. JAF Station. www. and a benefit sale.A one-day conference.org/ upcoming-events. OR 97497. organizing. 1970 Broadway. Barnard College Campus. military’s infamous death squad school and to change oppressive U. www.net. April 17-18. org. www. www.org. Public Conference is scheduled for May 6-9 in Toronto. GREENFEST . Peaceful. Contact: School of the Americas Watch. ME 04011.org. PERMACULTURE . www. www. Paul. 646 723 1749.gotb. EARTH DAY .org. Workshops are scheduled during the day. plus panels. pamphlets.” on April 30 through May 1.The annual “Live From Death Row: Mumia at the Crossroads in the Age of Obama.net. bikesnotbombs.edu.” is sched- 46 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 . Stony Brook. Hampshire College.org. Educating. PO Box 652. Canada.com.net. PO Box 4566.A fundraiser for the dependent and community media.The 15th an- Contact: www. and other media productions.Green festivals groups and activists from around the world are coming to New York City for a two-day conference. labor.html. “For a Nuclear Free.com.anarchist bookfair.edu/workingclass. BOOKFAIR . www. music. Massachusetts. and skillshares). 541-8662678. www. are scheduled for April 17-19 in Washington. michael. scheduled for April 16. SPACE WEAPONS .ZAPS Events MUMIA .net.emajonline.nfcb. info@soaw. and a festival scheduled for Santa Barbara.S.Join Bikes Not Bombs Sunday. draws upwards of 1. NY 11794. Noam Chomsky. Department of Economics. zines. Oakland. MayDay 2010@peoplesmail. with diverse local actions around the world promoting a sustainable ecology. The conference was announced by President Morales in response to the failure of the UN Copenhagen conference to address the underlying causes in the capitalist model. Contact: www. Contact: kelly@amnesty133. displays.earthday.200 participants riding buses.com.org. and instead offer real solutions and plans. MA 01002. workshops. 202-234-3440.org. focused on focused on four interrelated themes: history.April 22 is Earth Coalition is planning events for May 1. The event features more than 40 workshops and trainings.nomenus. PEOPLE’S LOBBYING - NUKE TREATY . Washington. and Hope During Hard Times.” is scheduled for April 3 at Columbia University. Suite 1000. CLIMATE CONFERENCE .makingmediapublic.The NYC Anarchist Bookfair is scheduled for April 17-18 at the Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan. Contact: Center for Study of Working Class Life.

org. Another U. www. and Canada collecting aid and educating about Council of La Raza (NCLR) Conference is scheduled for July for Radical Political Economics (URPE) holds a 4-day workshop/retreat with papers and Millennium Prize Foundation invites submissions to the 2010 Daniel Singer Prize competition. 1126 16th Street. pnlh1@aol. talks. 520-323-8697.warresisters.ussf2010. www. Contact: PNLHA.org..The celebrates its 25th anniversary at this year’s annual convention August 25-29 in Portland. Graham. Maine. events. alliancecm. Detroit MI 48201.coop. COMMUNITIES . Contact: Twin Oaks Communities Conference. www. www. Nukewatch.000 words. nuke resister@igc.org. info@DUHC. www. www. www. the Union Wanted ESSAYS .The Communi- TAX RESISTERS . 877-515-8773.nclr. Is Necessary. Federation of Worker Cooperatives. nwtrcc@nwtrcc. New York. Contact: Socialism 2010. Contact: fwilson@aurora. 773-583-7884 info@socialism conference. University of Massachusetts. teaching people how to make a difference and have fun doing it.The Daniel Singer Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba is scheduled for July 3 through August 3. Participatory workshops and skillshares will emphasize DIY alternative media to advance visions of a just and creative world. 707-269-0984. donating materials..org. nukewatch1 @lakeland. pastorsforpeace. Info sheet with suggestions available at the DUHC website...ZAPS uled for June 11-13 in Portland. URPE . where OREPA has sustained a nonviolent campaign for over 20 years. 1100 G Street.S. 27920 68th Ave. 253-875-9498.org.The second United States Social Forum is scheduled for June 22-26 in Detroit.net. followed by travel to and from Cuba until August 3. The social forum movement has brought together thousands of people around the world working for participatory grassroots alternatives to a hierarchical system of corporate exploitation of peoples and the environment. www. from floats in town parades to sit-ins and giant Monopoly boards. Resources Rouge Forum 2010 conference.Find out more information about the huge costs of militarism and the war tax resisters who courageously oppose it. Pleasant St. Brooklyn. and strategy sessions. cucaravan@igc. www. Suite 740.coop. 540894-5126. with a final day rally and march. MEDIA . Michigan.org/ deepDemocracy. CA 94117. Gordon Hall. East. com. Contact: Allied Media Projects. 202-776-1718. Nevada. Meramec Ave. Chicago. DemocracyFest is a political festival for liberal and progressive activists. www. IL 60625. wrl@ warresisters. San Francisco.socialism conference.html. what proposals for radi- Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 47 . VA 23093. Tennessee to declare independence from nuclear weapons and power. c/o Center for Economic Research and Social Change. COMMUNITY MEDIA . up to 5. Contact: War Resisters League.org. with workshops.org.org. New York 11215.org. and panel discussions.org. Bonnie Urfer and John LaForge. Learn the facts to counter the coming spin by the right and corporate media.vfpnationalconvention.The Cam- Annual DemocracyFest will be held July 23-24 in Las Vegas. conference @twin oaks.democracyfest.Veterans for Peace Media Conference will be held June 18-20 in the McGregor Conference Center at Wayne State University in Detroit. DIRECT ACTIONS . www.S. 339 Lafayette St.Each summer. Through mid-July. www. detroitinfo@ussf 2010. DEMOCRACYFEST . Contact: IFCO/Pastors for Peace. 216 S. Texas.org.org.The 201st annual paign to Legalize Democracy has called for communities to declare their independence and demonstrate against corporate rule and “personhood” on July 4. Contact: U. St.org. which features training. featuring talks and panel discussions. on the topic: “Given the devastating effects of the present crisis on working people. People can participate by attending or hosting local events. “Education in the Public Interest. or traveling along. Contact: Contact Veterans For Peace. 418 W. 418 N. This year’s event is titled “Capitalism and Global Climate Change” and is scheduled for August 15-18 in Camp Deer Run in Pine Bush.The 2010 National SOCIAL FORUM .nukewatch. 715-472-4185. www. VETERANS . Contact: Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa. SOCIALISM . 420 Cass Ave. Raul Yzaguirre Building.. Oregon. and the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA) are hosting a national gathering July 3-5 at Maryville College in Maryville. Washington. 415-379-9201. Virginia. speakers.alliedmediaconference. And the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.The Alli- Worker Cooperative Conference is scheduled for August 6-9 at Clark Kerr Conference Center at UC Berkeley in California. sister. Contact: USSF Detroit 2010. Contact: Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County. New York. before an orientation in Texas July 18-20. 212-228-0450.org.communities conference. PO Box 610. www. The Nuclear Resister. Wisconsin from August 2-5.org. volunteers will travel across the U. CARAVAN . DC 20005. ance for Community Media 2010 National Conference is scheduled for July 7-10 in Pittsburgh. NY 10012.pnlha. urpe@labornet. Hands-on workshops and skillshares will be offered by this grassroots coalition of community media groups. NUKE-FREE .org. 10-13 in San Antonio. Washington.org.The 7th Socialism Conference (with two sessions) is scheduled for Chicago (June 17-20) and San Francisco (July 1-4).org.The annual National ties Conference is a networking and learning opportunity for anyone interested or involved in co-operative or communal lifestyles. PO Box 170701. NW.urpe. info@ usworker. org. Louisa. www. presentations. MA 01002. www.org.ws. LA RAZA . Contact: ACM. with workshops.nuclear resister.org CO-OPS . 138 Twin Oaks Road. Pennsylvania. Amherst. with workshops. 800-269-7464.The 12th annual Allied Contact: Union for Radical Political Economics. NY 10031. Louis. 314-7256005. Contact: NCLR Headquarters Office. EDUCATION FORUM .us worker.The Nuclear Re- workshops. org. and entertainment.com. Eureka. www. 202-393-2653. WA 98338. 145th St. culminating with nonviolent direct action at nearby Oak Ridge. Nukewatch. Contact: DemocracyFest. 212-926-5757.nwtrcc. DC 20036.edu.” will be held at George Williams College conference center in Williams Bay. New York.duhc. CA 95502.net. www. formal and informal.rougeforumconference. and entertainment scheduled for August 13-15 at the Twin Oaks Community in Louisa. MO 63105. 413-577-0806. NW.S. PO Box 150553. PO Box 258082. The theme of the USSF is Another World Is Possible. info@democracyfest.org.This year’s annual the unjust blockade against Cuba.

www.ZAPS cal reform can be raised which are both practical to the vast majority while moving us towards the goal of socialism?” Deadline is July 31. 800-543-3764. com. Contact: PM Press. instead of the terrible conditions that exist today. LYND . Contact: The Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation. orders @orbooks. Contact: fwilson@aurora. PO Box 2371. 773-583-7884. political animations available online. youtube.From Here To There: Forum for progressive educators is scheduled for August 2-5 in Chicago. New York.org.In This Time We Went Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives by Leo Panitch.com. or performances are being accepted through mid-April. PO Box 23912. com.climatehopebook. and prone to intermittent crises—available online or in print. Inc. LAW .. Contact: PM Press. info@pm press.The Yes Men Fix the Contact: Penguin Group. Development House.daniel singer.com.In God and His De- delves beyond the surface of the seas to reveal a troubling truth beneath: an ocean increasingly empty of fish. PO Box 180165. Contact: Berrett-Koehler. Contact: OR Books. CA 94623. www. 212-696-8562. Ithaca. filmmak- 48 Z MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 .com. and proposals for papers. NY 10185. Norman Finkelstein shows how the massive destruction visited on Gaza was not an accidental byproduct of the Israeli invasion but its barely concealed objective.com.Creative Com- ANIMATIONS .us. Contact: www. London EC2A 4LT UK.waronwant. 510-658-3906.haymarket books. www.com. David Barsamian offers five wide-ranging interviews with the internationally renowned Palestinian scholar and critic Edward Said from 1987-94. www. turbing the Universe. New York 14228. COOPERATION . Activists.In Climate Hope: On the Front Lines of the Fight Against Coal.org.. NY 14851. mons.org. James A. info@pmpress.. along with David Essman.The End of the Line COAL . BLACK RADIO . New York.” and the threat posed by fundamentalists. based on the book by Charles Clover. PO Box 23912. Docurama Films. The Staughton Lynd Reader offers a new collection of the longtime left activist and author’s writings. YES MEN . and Greg Albo analyzes the relations between politics and economics and the possibility of left alternatives within the current recession. www. 750 Cascadilla St. www. info@cmNOW. PA 19547. PO Box 349. Contact: PM Press. Contact: Bullfrog Films. disappearingvoices@blackwaxx.org. Contact: www. www. 56-64 Leonard St. Contact: Prometheus Books.rall. destroyed by decades of over-fishing. 415-288-0260. www.penguin group. www. 235 Montgomery Street. org.org. bor‘s Civil War in California: The NUHW Healthcare Workers‘ Rebellion by Cal Winslow documents the grassroots rise and struggles of a new healthcare union. El Cerrito.prometheusbooks. IRAQ . ORIENTALISM . Contact: Black Waxx Multimedia. Suite 650.disturbingthe universe. HEALTHCARE WORKERS . and Quiet Lovers of Justice by Si Kahn offers an inspirational biography and educational motivation to act. bkpub @bkpub.com. Oley. CA 94623.In Disappear- Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion.edu. written by Sean Michael Wilson and illustrated by Lee O’Connor. CA 94104. Operation Corporate Takeover. 510-658-3906.The 2010 Rouge ers Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler explore the life of their father. Oakland. CA 94623. FISH . outlines how present day Iraq is a classic example of how corporations reap profit from conflict. Haymarket Books. 510-658-3906. Box 6525. www. 1254 Utah St. Oakland. MELTDOWN .cornell. the late radical civil rights lawyer. danielsingerfdn @gmail. info@bullfrog films.lowwagecapitalism. re-released with new preface.Political cartoon- ist Ted Rall is producing. www. 212-2069001. Gross issues a call for the transformation of the American workplace based on genuine respect for human rights.com. CA 94530.com/user/tedralltoons.In William Kunstler: Dis- ing Power: From the Personal to the Political. 375 Hudson St.edu. RELIGION .edu. PO Box 149. www.. San Francisco. IL 60618. org.pmpress. Amherst. PO Box 23912. Oakland. cupressinfo@cornell.com.com.com. 607-2772211. org. panels. 415-206-0906. info@haymarket books. www.The graphic novel Iraq: the Sword: Conversations with Edward Said. 800-421-0351.org. Chicago.com.theyesmenfixthe world.In A Shameful munity Organizing: A Strategy Manual for Rabble-Rousers.org..disappearing voices. Contact: Cornell University Press. CA 94110.orbooks. NY 10014.In The Pen and ing Voices: The Decline of Black Radio offers a history of African American radio and suggestions for a revival. GAZA .In Low Wage Videos Capitalism. Contact: www. with bitingly humorous results. Rockefeller Center. Fred Goldstein describes this economic approach as demonstrably unfair.La- Contact: War on Want. New Video.In Transform- Business: The Case for Human Rights in the American Workplace. ORGANIZING .cornellpress. www. San Francisco.rougeforumconference. www. activist Judy Rebick advocates for methods of co-operation and consensus over confrontation and partisanship in achieving political goals.newvideo. 800-314-8822.org World is the true story of two conscientious mischief-makers who pose as the representatives of companies they despise. Michael Parenti explores the evil created in the name of “god.com. www. info@pmpress. Sam Gindin. HUMAN RIGHTS . www. Contact: CoalSwarm.pmpress.docurama.In And Out Of Books CAPITALISM .bkconnection.. irrational.com. 59 John Glenn Dr.org. com. edited and with an introduction by Andrej Grubacic.com.bullfrog films. Contact: www.pmpress. www. com. Ted Nace reveals the organizing methods and political tactics that enabled underdog activists in state after state to take on and defeat Big Coal. PROPOSALS .

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