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Arte of Gardening,
wherunto is added much neceflfarie
matter, with a number of Secrets t and tiae
Phificke helps belonging to each hearb,
which are cafilj prepared,

Heer-vnto is annexed two proper Treatifes, the

fii'ft Intituled ThemeruailousgoHerment.fropertie^
& of'Bees ^ mth the rarefecrets oftht
Hofiieandwase : the othcrj Tbeyearlj
Conieilures, verie neceffarjfor

To chcfe is likcwifc ioyned a Treacifc of the Arte of

GraiFing and planting of trees.

Gathered byThomasHill.Cmx^m of

Imprinted by Edward <i/[lUe.
1, <5 o S.
^h e <tA uthours out ofvphich this T»or^e
of Gardening is gaihcrei

Sotfon Grccke writer.

Hortnticus a Grccke writer^
C Plinius.
M Cato,
Junius ColumcU^fc
M. Varro.
Ariftoilc, T (L/uounr
! nooM —
Hieronimus Cardanit^
To the right worfhipfull Sir Henry
SeAYncx Kiiij;ht, Thomas Hill w ifheth all

Hen I had cndeithcfe trauclsardhborsof

aiinc(rjght VVoiflifptul' Su) i! called lore-
membraiic? the cwu nocabl ! laymgs ohhz
wdi learned and worthy Vhiloij^Mcx Xena*
ph&ft, who did not onely conkfTc, biK rathe c

With o[hcrwue men viidag/ce, cbaichac Arrc was malic

commendable, and ot all men mofte won hy co be allowed
&acccptcd>whichcoacomnion wcahh brought any kindc
ofprofftand comiDoduie. Andbccaufe this Ait olGard-
ning is ofu fclfc vcrry profitable, and oringech inoftc nc c?f-
farie commodities, bOi.h co Cittics and Towncs, therefore
in my Cmple iudgemcnr, it Jeiei uetfa no (m dl commenda-
tion. The beginning cf it is very ancient Jo that ot no new
iniicntion,but long ago found ouc,firft bv dame Naiurc, Sc
after continued and augmrnrcd by the diUigcnt careand vi«
gilant paines of the wile Sc skiltull Gardencis, by whole in^
duflrie 5i mean^ s, it is now growcn to ruch/perfcaion,as I
thinkc i t therctorc mofte wonhie to be accounted amoagft
othcrfuchgoodarrcs,ascuciycommon wcalrh hadmccd
of. Andalrhougbicmayappcare fomcwhit infer our too-
ther aites, yet notwithllandmgthelame is as profit ihlt,&:
aUogithcr as necellary as the oiher^ are : toriomuch as this
isfo linked and chained co the noble arces,bofhoi Ph licko
and Surgcrie, as by no meanes pohible it ciay be (cpeiatcd
from theoihcrjbur rather as a dayiy handmaiden, continu-
ally ferueth them boih, the which cwo (at this day)art had
Ax ^


inno fmal reputation Sc renown, Sc that not without good
caufc for To much as no common-weakh can bs without

thvni,&: bccaufc tbefe two cannot wel be performed with

out men haue cotinually fought to bring
this thirdjcherforc
ittopcrfeaion. And firft the ancient Husbandmeu t03ke
great paincstheiein-afi:erihcm the learned Philofophers
&c other Wif:m:n,whicb from time to time haue obfcru-d
^ noted iuch notable Icirons c'^iniT:ru6lions,as(ai this day)
are common amongthem in all countries. Thisartbeing
onceknowne.and the vfefo necdTarieefteem:djhaehcau-
fed wife men by a kind ^ ofcommon confent, to place G ar-
dens nere vnio Cities^To wnes Sc Villages, as a florehoufe
fit for the helch ^^ prefer nation of mans body> as alfo al ma-

u^rof plcafant fl jurcs Sddelcftable herbs as are duily fought

for and required of the common people; and this Art now,
whatlongexperience,& long contiiiuanceof painful men,
intryingand fearchingthe condition and natureoJeuery
groundj and their apaies in bearing fuch feeds as (hould be
fowen thcrin^is growen to fuch a pafeftio.that now euery
good Gardener can tell what ground is fit for fuch and fuch
feedsjhowitoughtto be digged, dfiged^SC cafl orderly in-
to beds ,and after thefeeds are fowen,how they ought to
be watered 3c weeded, that therby the plants in commg vp
might the better profpcrand come forward. Befidesthefe
necedary points, in ordering the ground, in chnfing feedes
apt for euery foile^and in obferuing the time fie for fowing^
tbey haue left bchinde chcm certainc meanes and wayes to
auoid and driue away al fuch beafl:5,worm2Sjflics,with the
like^ascommonly annoy SC hurt the workmanfhip of Gar-
deners : yea fuch cunning, wir and wifdom is conteined in
jhisArt of Gardning, that the wife and mighty Emperour
DmkJim,ihvo\xg\\ the delight andpleafiure he tooke theriii
^as wtitech Jdms S^mimui)^\a
be had icigned iS.yeres*
The Epiftlc.
left for a feafbnthc.whole gouernmet SC rule of the cm*
pirc:5<: forfaking thccoiuc, went vnto a nieati hou(e,hai»
iiing a garden adioyningtherto, where he with his pro-
per ,hands,both fowed/et , &c weeded the hcarbsof his

garde; vvh.'ch kind of life fo pleiCcd him.thac hardlye hee

was incieated to rake vpon him again the goucnmeniof
ih.^Empirr/o much did this quietiife&: beaiuieoftbc
Garden plcafe him. This examplcmaymoue all other
meanermentohauethclike felicitie &:plea(iu*einGar-
dening/eeingfo noble an Emperor chole rathertoj or-
fakc his regal aiithoridc and power, and ftiil ta conti-
nue in that flare of q .11 :t lifc> affirming ic farre better and
happier eftate to line quieciy among the faire 3c pleafant

flourcs of the Garden, then iarLiiej6^ be daily called on

^ troubled wich the ferious and weightic affaires ot the
Empire. But heere I wiliffay my pen, leaft I feemoucc
tedious vnto yonr worftiip m lofmal a Treatife,defiring
your goodncs to pardon my bold atcempt,and ratlier to
behold the eatncft zeale dc affedion of my willing mind
born,towardsyoLi,then to confider the fimplenes of the
ftyicj and want oFeloqiience. I fhouldhaue beeaafha-
nied(right worfiiipfull {ir)co haue ventured fo far, as to
dedicate this my thirdincrcafc vntoyour goodaes.werc
it not that the argument of the matter is both profitable

and pleafant to be read: wherin is taught a number of

worthieXecrets, in the Towing and fettingof the mode
plants, with the greatcommodities they feiuc for in the
vfeofPhifick.'Sr were it not againe that I fully perfwade
my fclfe, that your worihipwill rather accept the minde
of the writer, then the manner of wri ring. Thus
almightie God to fend your worfhip loag healthy and
she jercs of the worthy l^JIor,
Your mod humble,
Xhsmas iBlL
The prcfaceto the Reader and dilligcnc trauailcr in
the Art ofg^rJema^*

ITfccmcth(loulngRcadcr)uot without rcafon which Af.

rerentiHtVarrQ writeth, that the ancient Philofophcrs na-
Bicd the Earth, the mother ofall plants and crcf^cnt thing*,
and the manuring and dreiTing of it,(0 be ao excercifc both
vcrtuous and nroStable, which the antient \««r4« / diii* &
gent Husbandmen AA well obferue, in that they from time
to time did i<^ painfully labor,6c dilligently feek out the vn«
derRaoding & knowledge* not only ofeuery kmd ofearth,
beds euery groundtand after the fame,thcy diihgcntiy lear-
ned the apt times which were rood conuenicnt tofoweor
pi ant m, according to the incrcafe 6c decreafc of the MooiiCp
>vith the afpe£isoty MooacvntofuchplanctSjas moft apt-
ly ferucvnto the firac. When the fccdes were the sot dctly
fowcn,and fom what come vp, then they throughly learned
that ihcofttn weeding and watring of the yong plantcs.did
caufe them the fafter so come vp« And in fuch places where
t|»cplants grow thick togethet^thcy by their painfull indu-
Jtry learned to fet them thinner : to the end ihcy might the
bettcrincreafe <&^vaxebigger:andbefideschcfc,they carc«
^ully lab-ured,<Sc diligently
fought out all fuch mcanes,that
miirhthappcly expellanddcflroy themoft kindcofvcnc-
mou; and harmfuii b.artes,wormes,flyesand fuch hkc,that
coMinionly ahnoy &
e^te yp the feedi &
yong plants com-
ming vpjAnd a. thrjf diliggccgreat care,& p nnfiill traucls
beftjwcdmthe AitofGardning,dcffruedof«iilnicn wor-
thy comendati^ I vpon this occdlion,thinkjt not much
digreii ingfiomtnepurpofe to f«;t of mine,
torrh this trcatifc
novvths fift ym,- 1 ncea fed,
to which haiu added I fuch
f rofitiblci* ;d pleaf^ntftiaacr , as I found wricten either in
the/M/Mvor, thatiturcatcdofthis Art; whofc
n^mc$(Arthcmol> -fcnciT.)do before i»ppcare, dfgcft'sdia-
tothcformeofa r.bie.AndbciiJesthefe,Ihaueadioyned
ftindncpleafantfecrtti^andtKcneccfrarie commoditictal-
fc^which molt oJ the hcarbs Icruc vnto m the vfc ofphifick:

wWch nowIhaucpcrformcJin the like fiitfier-

to hath not been publidied in the Englifh tung. And for rc^
compenceofmyindurtric, Icrau€noothero[th£:c(gcntic
Reader) but frendly reporting of this Trcaiife* Which if [
finde,it Thaiencouragt mc Co publiQi the other part,*pfly to
this belonging: which onelytcachcth the ptrfe<ft order of
planting &grafF.n^ of the mcft trees in vfc with vsjwich the
pfopcrfecrctstaughc in dieorderingofihe/n right protita-
blc to be vndcrftood# But in the nieanc ;:nie look for a pro<.
per Trcatifeioyned to this ofGrirdenin;:^,named The Ku
bandmiiDS conjectures , vttcring the right prcfi-ablenoies,
not oncly of the codition of the yere,butv^r her husbadiy in-
ftru^ons, feruingneccilanly to the vie and dcfcnceof cat-
teUwiththe fpccial goucrnemet to be folio weci each month
throughout the yere,for the prcferuatjon of heal h : snddi-
ucrs other inftru(Sicns right profitablr to bee ynder ftood^
Vnto which bcfides^is ancxed a right pleafant 6c profitable
the Bccs.with the great commcditie both of [heir honnie 6c
waxc,with theirvfcand rare fccretsafAclimPhifick as Sui.
eerie. And this haue I rather ioyocd to tny Book eofGar-
deoingifor that the honny Bees (iter the minde of the an-
cient Gardner5)befo profitable in a Garden* A I folooke for

aTreatifcofmine^being in readincs with the Piinter,& in»

tituled,Ccrtain pleafant problcmes with othcrapt anfwers,
icachingfrutefulllefiTons for the preferuatio of health, with
otherphilofophicalldcmaundsjaod thcirlearned anfwer?,
Vttering fuch vnknowcn matter, as hetherto hath not been
publiQicdin the EngliiL toung , gathered firft by a learned
Cardinall andphilofopher,named/'fr*4»^/»/ ToKz^entui^oiit
cfthc Arabians^gretk^es-, and ancient Phifitions in the Littme^
tung.&novf Engli/hcdby me for the commodity ofmany*
Alfo fundry other Treatifcsbcin a like readincs with other
Rinters, whofc names and titles I hauc hcerc omitted^
or rather oucf paffed for tedioufncs ofthe Readcr.Thus lea«
^'"g (gci^^lc Reader) to trouble you further, I commit y oa
toGodjwifhingonely your gentle fanor to further thelc my
ffudeattcmpts* EtfelkiterVaie.
A friend to the Reader
BTtrac^ oftime things mofl oh [cure Aremmtfefieif Uine:
In time the dr'te and h xrdejiflint ispearfl with drop ofrainc
By time vreioy.time leades our life Joy time we doepejje^e^
In time ive haue that we defire.edch thin^ both more andlej^e.
Sith time ofright deferues to haue more praife th^tung cm tel
In tfmeUt H v veceine reward.that hath begunfo well,

Experiencephcde in wit profsand, in time hath made toy eddy

To him that wmUme ciptiue was^a conqueft in thefeeld.
With painfull pen the Writer hath expreft in Engli/hplatne
The needfull aid &
mightieforee.that doth in hearbs rem^inel
The time toplant, the time tofet^the time to raife againcj
This man by treble diligence, hath brought to light withpaine.
Ofthings thatwere/ohighvfprice jhis Author by his skill (fil
Hiith br oughtfuchplentie /hat each wight may haue thereofhis
For which this Author askes nogood,nor gaineofglee^
Hecouets no <z*aine glorious praije^asycu may eafilyfee^
His quaking quillhathfoYCedmore^a goodreport to haue,
ui light reward.afrnatlreturne.. this Authorfeemes to crane,
Whereforeyoung man or agedfyre^elfe whofo ere thou be^
7 hat by m'lfuenlure or by willfhalt chance this Booke to fee:
Let cankred(enuie meete for hell) ^abandon et^riefenfe:
And rather grant tofaue than ffill, to help than worke offence
Yeeldth^u duepraife to him that meant not to offend^
So (Joalt thou fee and wellper Cfitie, whereto his worke doth tend.
So (halt thou know the goodfro il.the right from wrong difcern
Sofhallthy verdiclframed force the Writer more t& learne-


^rt of Gardening:
Shewing the skilful ordering & care
to be bellowed on Gardens,with rieceflary
helves .defences ^mdjecrets»

What three points arc to be learned of eiierie Gardncrjinin-

ding to hauc a iruitfull Garden the health that may be

recoucred by walking in the fame, and the conaoditis of

Gardens placed ncere the Cittic^ Chap. I
ip^Tj^M^^ Cueing afrmtfuUanDpleafant C^acti^n, rmii
not be !}aU iDitljout tlje geoD ffeill aiiD t^i\\m\t
nett^ec can anp p,:o6t atife bi? C^atDning, of maifter c*:
toit^outfofianDcljargestijemn beftotueo: Gardinera
mxtW perfcaip can tt be attairteo tnto tort jj^ ^ uitefuU Gar-
out at:t,intJcntttns tlje tjuc feafons of tfje peare: 3t is; tljece^
fojemeetet^attfjefe t!)mgei!bef[cl{ careofo;, p^ouiocDano I':
fenotone: ttJ^icfj being tione^tlje ©aruen i0 mat!epei:ri^ct,i3eletJ»
table^ano profitable, anoUieetljenreceiucb^rt tlDofpeciaU
Cfjefica is p;iofit, tofjicl) nretl)tl)^ou0^ t!)eencceafeof
^earbd anD aoloer^ tl)e otliec is pleafuce , tierie Delectable

t!)^oag^ tl)ei^eligl)tof tualbingin tlje fame^tofjicl^ bot!) giuetl^ '

l^calt^ to mans boD?,ano cecouecie of ftcengt^ after long fieh^ ...

«es,bi^ commoortie of taking tlje ftel^ a^^e^ano ftoeet fmelof 7'

in tl)e ranie.ano of ti^efc ttoo, Vano ant) Palladia ^f ^^ii drcflc4
tije eiotDecs
us, totUeti).^ dPatDens be placHneere to a Citie,boti) fo;^t^e Gardens^
fommooitie of tljo'e l^eacbes anD l^ootes ferutng to piji- .

ficfee, as l^eaibs ano iflotoecs, \x>W^ be p;iofitablc

all otljer

fo.; t^z citie^feemg ttjat gacoens placeo fatftom t^e riti?>5o ca^

S5 ti)ec
2 The Art of Gardning,
t^tt f)hx^tt t\)Z apte b^m^m^ or aU kims of ^twAc$ am
why Gardens ^J3i^j,.g^„jg^j5^^^^l^gjj3l3gf0»5e, ^n^ foU[)i^ Dot[) Ca-

nc^c h^d '^ cammeitD gceati^, tljat gcoanD o ? farms place i^ id» Wth
tmtz^nkxt^ato a citie: ^nS:0^ii^ groimo , alfobe fet little
t?ec5 anDplanti^s to beare tip tjhtes ,aiiDti)at Ci^liHotoesaitu
S>im$ Uitt in UmI'Cj:^ ano iDct places ne^re to ciuer$, ana
tl)at t^e gcouHD beSoesi ^atb mor^ aa^ kjatecp places oi
f^m^eBiniU mttzaBly^^^c^ms alfo inmoa fcuitfuU
m^ opn places 1:115 aun^eo , in t^e ui<)ic?> all
r^atare ^sjell

kirt^esof fcmtmaBba! feUn^ planted #Iace n^Ke tot^e

€itk (faitlj Caco) man^ an^ Tun^zs ktoes of^Bacs^n? , fet
anB oacfeeo 'C3it!) all feiiioes of pleafant ^rmts^ all cootea; tfjat
betourtti ,t'0z (mzzt gpirtle tcee, aiamaii^ otijecnecedane
tjjmsesof lifeero>t to befetan^ fobjett. aa^a^oroen (cf^
peciall^ fo^ pot^Ijearbes ) mu a be mi3^tt of it ftife^o; elfe eafite
to be Ujateceo fo^ fectili tie fafee.

Oftheftanding of Gardens, the water ncceffaric to them,

r and of the properties ofthc ground j with the qualitic
and tempcratencs ofthe Aire, and condicion belxdcs o£
thcwindes* Chap, z
•viiercthcbcft \ i!^2DndUJ totlje fcitttation ano Handling of aCBacDen.

&iawdabieii l\ 2Dt)0 tttoft commaoities aitV pioStablett placinj of

placing of a cPac^ea, i^ ( as Paladius tD^itet^ ) t^at t!)e fame be neece to a[
pj^i^j^^ g^lu. (ometnljat Idling adope, I if mm t^Joa^lj it fmall
coacfe^orujatei: canmiiga^ btczttatm oiftances onefvom
ttjeot^ect^joagl; tljeC^acDem. ^ut^etbetxiacetljattlierebe
notouecgceatcourfe^, fo? t^jattljeeaKe aati fmall coucfes be
mo;:ccommo:)ioui5» ^it3tl;isoilligentl^^ei?, tljat bztUiis

alittle gcounD ano labouceo.t^n

of fielu.being toell^^zeflTeD a
lacpgcoimo Ijauing no paiaM laboui: bei^olueu on it at all.

anofisct^ectnoecttano ,taattc&aue a UieUna^acoen,

^^^^°'J)J^°i0tig;)tneceSane,emp ot^zt'mik be^joateces
Wa weUinloit^ rom^Con^utte jozfrnallllceamecumiin^b^ jOzeUebe
a Garden, tzt^ neace Mto a cuanin^ toatecjfo; uj itec is a gceat noaci^
mngb^,t[jenai«a son ^jig apit (altjiougf) t f*j«^ ^^l ^^ bec^
TheArtofGardning. 3
laboutous) tQti^m toatectljeceout, iniijata ©acoenofrtc-
tet[itic oug^t to be often UiatcceD , t^;Jongf) Uif)ic|) ( as Plinic
lu^itcs) it caufctl; ttjc rce^0 fQliut, t|)c fajnei: to fprms tp.fp^eD ^ p^^^^^ ^^
ab;joa:i>anDtobetl)cnio;e plentiftill* ^nei t^erfeetf ronbecaufewatcito
ininDeD to fjaue a tiulo,: pit t()at 0jouia continue laitfjiDa- continue long
Uty tfjenfas Coilumella teadjet^) ^oa nmfctm^t tfjc fame to «therinpit cy
beDtggeti.tDljentlic ^'jniBinti)cU%^ pactofVirgo^luljicJ^"*
15 in t^e monti) of ^eptembet, before t!)e Equinoaial ^arueft
fi^entringoft^e ^imtnto Libra: ^o.^attljatfearon^omen
cfpedalli? trie aitu finos out , liJljatfo.sreanti tjcrtue ti)e fe'cis
timt t\}z gcounD t^.jougfj lije long D?o«g!)t
tijen tjaue: at Ivijjat
flfttjefommei;, wt[)en Dcp.nueD bottj ofmoi^llute anu ra^ne.
315uttfpii cannot k:eU Dig apit, t^cnniafee a little ^onooj
CeHerne ( as Paladius teacfjctlj) in tl)e ground, liiijerebi? t[)c
raine falling allt^elnintcr, uia\?cunt|)ereinto,anDb\? tljat
meanes ^ou ma^ toell water ^ouc OauDen in tije Ijot fommec.
an;)ifnoU)^ou lachealltl^ere meanes before taugljtj fo^tlje
Catering oftour(©ur3en 5 tljen fl^all ^ou tiig ano ma'ae t^e
be3s of tlje c^acoen in mot o^t! places , tij.zee 0.: foiice foite Dis^
par anu l04»ec 5 tljat tlje banhg about thereof bc^ng fjato ma^c

together, ma^ fo uecp in t^e Itiatcr, tuijicl) o.:meD on t^i^ W(z

tioet^ luell Defeno tljetj^ines t'rjeceof, fojtijat in time of tlje
great D^oug^t, it is b^ t^at meanes ioatceD , ano t^z ^oung i
final plants be tfjerb^t^e better p.:ocureD to fpnng fa(lei:t)p.
i5ut iftlje €>acDen be ouecclo^eo mVg vuatei: tljen oig( af- ,

ter tft^Difcretion) fieejiguttecs^eceanotbecein tt)e<5ai:Den,

ijDl)ecebT? t^e toatei: falling into t^cm , ma^ be fo leo into fomc
ti^pe pit in t^e eno of tlie <I3acocn,maDe onli> ^0; tbat purpofe,
m^con^ii^tttJ^^tintl^z giounoanti j?atme places bo^ueiing
neace bnto tl)e Citie, tl)e (Bacoens an^ j^^c^acos flt^oulD anD
ougljttobe neacedtijeboafe, anDbotbUjelltiiggeD f tumtt^
mu)ttpun3 J tlj^zoug^ t))z luijic!) fatningftl^ei? ma^ aptlpec
fpnngf p'^ntifuUiergi*o\xi» anubetoaie i?ou mal^enoti^ouc
i^acoenneace toan^bacne, liable oz^a^ loftfonigfjasDOii
can/ieaft tljecfjafFe t DuUbotb or ttje Co.:ne ano bav? bloliicn a#
hmz bv, tJ^ toinoe>fal tpo t^^e berbs,t fo b^ cleuing on.peicce
tJ;ougl) t^ teaues> tol;icb fo peicceD, 00 bn ano b^ aitec faume
Ji5 a t^entj

8 Th: Art of GardnincT.

Fiorentinu sin ^tsmSruitranofljufbauD^^.
;anBberiue$,tI)cl)arDcUustng anl3 gatl)ei:in(5 tagitfjec of fuc^
HiaUies ,anDDua oflja^biouien ab;o.ii3 bigtl^etonDemt^e
gaiDcn.Dotliro caufc a great annoyance, bot!jtot|je^eatb0
$ plants atn\}sm^t\)tttinfMn fuit^ec tafee l)e^o,tf^at tljeaice
u hat annoy- about tl)e gacDen be not euilU anD infcaeD lo^it^ t^c tjapo^s of
ance the Va- tiitdjes ano HmcUiaij puDDlcs, ftansing ncere tinto
iUfQ^ tljat
^^^'^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^'^^ "^^^^ ^"^ corrupt tjje plants, but onllmens
doSi caufL" 0nts htconQDeration iieeceofci^oii
»1pi^^^^^ ^"^ lr.allnng tisercin.

^all bnoecHanOjtljat euer^ aire, tiJijic!) ig foine colDe after tl&e

^unbe fet, ant) fconeljot after t^e &an be rtfen, is bot^ fub^
tile ant) iD^olfome : Wut t^at aire Uibic!) is contrary to t^is

iJDO^kct^ t^e contrary ^ni befi^e^ ? tlje aire moll to be

cefi:arHeD,tstt?at,tobicii Uj;ingetl)anobinDeti> ^arutiieliart
ant) tjott) make araigt)t t^e attraction of aire.
;^nu as concernmg ttie tempecatnes of tbe aire , antJ tobol^

incoid^coua- romenesoftl)eplace5
agarDcn incoloe countries anD places*
tries ought to ous^jt to Imue t^t fxtz ffe^ 0^ ficmament open toUjaco tbe eaft
lie, 0^ totoaros t^c foutl) part c'peciaUr if tbc fame be in fuc^ a

gacoen o;j o^rbacD, tl)at ^atb ^oung plants qx tcees fet it; ta- m
king tjeeo, leaft t^at b^ anr great bigl) bill ftanoingbetlsD^ne
it$tbofe parts of l^eauen, it be To evclubeDfromtl)ecom^o.:t
anoaioeoftbefetujo parts, anofo citljcrttjiougbtb^ ji^o^i*
tobere (to Ds } t!)3^an is farttieft off, o;^ tbe late ^nn d^inin^
eftbetoeft, Ipljeretljc fan oneli'iljinetb at t)ts going Dotnne,
tl)eplants,reeDs ano fets,befo mppeo ano oettvOieo ujiti; t^e
colDejfo long t-cicing tl}tin^
How in hot 3i5ut if t^ou cantt (faitb Cato) let tf)\? guoen be at tbe foote
countries a
ofantjUUnD tliat it b^ljOiDetb oMiet^ Open tottje foutl) part

moft^'iy to *" ^°'^^ toholfome place, ano tbat tbe bill Qefenoetb tl)e (^arpe
ftand* ^ol^^ of ^l)^ Jlio2t|)^(iDe ^ tpat mig^t otlierloife nip ano Ijarme
tl)eplants ano <et4(commingt)p«
:^ut in bot conmdes, le* t^efaces of gardens be looljing oj
l^ing open to tbe no:t^ part y tDl)icb not on! p is mo.:e p;tofita-
ble,but alio plea'antr r ant) commoiiourer to bealtl) 3nD ai
ttiarr^H^e groano?s euermo?ctoh? rem'e^ ,1)o\o foeuertlje
fame be j efpeciaU^ if it Ire open tou^aro t^e ^otttl) o; WitVt
The Art of Gardning 5
cuaomablr in t^t fommer, tlje fame ht t&:toug^^
patt^aitD t!)at
UeD^teDUppes tuljtcljfo ensennereti) t^epeJIilenccanDm-
uewno^fome ano^uctfuU Diieafe^, tljatgi:eatl^f)at:me3at:-'

aitDcflnfiDcc alfot^c natuccoft^e ^ote landing about, . .

o^t^etoater running br\?oui;gatDen,iDl)etl)ei:tf)e fame fen' of Molest*

Deti)o.jDapoui;ett>fo.:t{) (fo^tljemoapact) euec^notifomeoHout gardens
linking aice, tobtcb mtgl^t fo anno^ ^ou , 0; t^z feti? , ^eacbs, are tobe con-
^«ic i^d.
ano plantiSJ, fo.: fuc^ is ttje pjopect^ of m?.np little ttuecs? ano
tljecefo^je to^iece ani? fuclj like iie;,D;eire 0^ plant no gacoen neec

Unto rije fame.

;analall,tf)etoiniiseat:etobe con(iDereD,fojt^att^efontl^ The

l»tnoe0 be bot ano raoi?tt, t tbe nojtl lointjes coloe ano o^ie,
^^'' l^^^^^
ano tbe ead iDtnoei^ be betliieene l^otneUe ano colones temper
t:ate; ^et o^iec tben tbe toeft mn^zs : ano tbe (Baft ttitno$ ge^

necall^ be alkiai?e0 bottet tben tbe MtUt ano ret t^e MeH^

^inoe5 be fomeui^at moiltet: tljen tt)$ Call. ,

Oftheconfidcrationsndchofingoutofgood & excellent

grouncl,and the knovv ledge of cucry earth. Chap,3.

A^o tbere tie; mucb to be conitoereo beRoeisi tbofe tbinges

tobicb iJ^ebaaebitbectofpoi^en of in tbe nature ano gooo*
nesofagcouaonflobe ro« ^cfti:etoknotnearcuttful,p^ofi;j
table a^o battle g^-oano : eacr i^ gcouno ootb not k inoelie
jf 0;
b.:irtgbp (^acoendeaubes, ^mtl)Ztzfoiz aftectbemtnOcof
tbe ancient Ji^afbano-men; t^oa O^aU conOiDer in tbis mannecj
bl? taking acloo of tlje fame eactb uu'cacbano , ano marking Thenaturc

fcobetbectbefamebelob tean^bace.o;tleaneU)itb ranutoitb^ anu gqodnc-

oatanr militate of eactb: eitbccall cbalke, c: naag^eieano o^ «"«/
0.3 Horn?
fiitb^ fano c; gc^^aell , 0; o:ie baccen gceat gcaaell
batcenano glitteringOua,o;ifitbcfaltie oj bitter, o;:onti*'^
fj^" Wne
nuaU\> tuct ano motft ifo: all tbofe be rigbt noi^oas ano
gteat Oefaultsi ano inccmmooities , contrari: to a fcuittaU
anopouf^all alfo trie a rotten c!oo, iftbefamebcalmoS
blacbe, ano able enougl; to coaec \t feife toitb ^is^oume g'jaSe,
515 3 anD
6 The Art of Gardning.
The triali of atiD of futtUai^ co\mt$ t tDl)ic]^ if tt fee t^in o;^ moulD^ie , muff
garden gioud [jg faftneu aiiD b.:oug!)t togttfjec b^ fat eartl) mif ei tljeretoit^*
5i5atnoli3 rouHjal! Hnclwe a fat ground ? ifputafeeafmall
Kowyon mfiy clcB, auti fp^^tnulc t^c fame luit^ floeet Ujater, anti fo l^neao tt:
know a good f^^^ici), if tlje fame be danuu? um dtcfee to rour fingerg^tljeit
^^ j^^ ^^^ ^ of Doubt, tljat it i$ fat gacti)*aifo Dig a fuu'otoe

anoautljefamc againetott^ cattlj, lcljicl^iftl)e eact^uoot^

after ga^e o;j open^ tl)cn it is a flenuei: ano leane gc ounu , but

The tiiaii of ^'^^ tcacljet^ out , t^H It is n fat ground Sim tjjat alfo is a .

fweetcanhfirmeanegrounDjiDljicliBct^ gape but little, ant)tl)i0gcouno

for gardens, alfo mtiil be fuiccte , tDl)ic|j ^ou fi^all eafiilr tcie out bt? tatte
ti^ercof, if t^atout of a pact of tl)c gcoun^ , to^icl^ moft i?ou
luiflike, ^ou tafee a don, putting tlje fame into an eactljcn pan^
anunioiamngit iDitl) fcel^ am mtctz Ujatec, into lnl)ic^Dip
pur finger, anrjfo tatle on^our twiguel)oUi it reliftetljanD
fauourett), fo;t b)? ttjat Cl^aU rou fenotue tlje Oxieetnedeof tl^c
ant) tliat ground alfo is t^oug^t to be t^ebeS^ fo^ dPar^ens,
What earthis ^^{^i^ i^ Hj^ (oitmtt its txtt^tt 0210, \wj. tluvity mi fauoie^ no J

Grrden?"" ^^"^^ "°^^ tt)?ougl) t^e ^eat of ^ommec full of c^aps ^o;^
tl)at tlje grouno UJ^icl) is fo nm in t^t foinmer,t)ot^ peri(| all
fuel) feeos b? plants fo^joen o.: fet tljerem, o^ elfe maftet^ t^tm
i^ootebp tec^fmallanDllenoer: ftljecla^ie ground binoet^
Afatandiofet©Saro tt)jcugt)tf)e|eat0ftl)e ^unne, anotfjefanop anD
ground IS beftrougljgrouno tcoahecontrarieto tl)e0t^er^int^attbei?nei-
commended t^etnoucia^ctije^oungplants no^feeepe t^e toateran^ timz

for Gaidens*
fg|i(ng qu t fjem . ^uo to be (^o)t , ^ou muti euenno?0 c^oofe
afatanolooregroano,Uil)ic§neetietl)but fmalllabour, ano
i^^lut^ alfo plentifulfet anu greatell fruite • 3i5ut tfjat
^ .
„ ground is mod to be iefufeD,lv5ic!) is o.:ie anD tl)icfe,anobot!^
le^sne ano coloe . Sno among ail kinise of grounds , t^ecljal-

iround» feieantj reD grounD areaioHetobe refufeu* Sno of tijis, Varro
totb commenti f:^.U grountj t lo^ic^ of it felfebein^ gentle anli
pliable, b;ingetb fouf) mi3\)xitixt\)3 , ot&ertoire nameo S>a«-
i^mtB Sim tljat giounD alfoDot^ Collumella comment;

^^;c^ naturaUr b.::ngctf) fo.:tH of ^is otone acco;t) botb elmes

anotoiloi pRngfp^uigC;^? anotfjofe tress to^etjjer tijevbe
The Art of Gardning/ 7
^loteettee^o^ BuUa(rett:ee0> mr> ^tlotnso.: Ctab-ttee^^

b^fac^ t^mieflfio':)idj t^z(mnzb)m'H^ fojjtljbut^eoiteli?

Damgofj^a'ace* 5lno ^^t gaei:^ gcomi^ at times coitpcm- by;iun.,fi^
ent,m^^bHt'^e3uii5'-^^3>iJ^^405 ma^efaiitfall an^pled^i^ maybcVad

How a Garden may diucrsivaies be fenced and incbfcd:

the raanef and fecrct in making a liucly and ftrong hedge
Ghap. 3

T rV 7i^ett ^ott JauctFjag d^ofgna^aptantjgvUaiotfe of

V V gcomiotooiga <2S>^:t}zninyV0znm\xftyion in l&an^
(omcman0r,(caCtm$t^e tjttec coinp^OTsqc itaeeit^ecfoate
fqua}:e ^ tounD > e; otljeriotre ) fame rouno about,
enclofe ti)C
ano beftt ari:> fence it ti):Dug!)3ut ^ before non goeaboatto
o^efeit tjp^oifoiJD^ an? tljtrt^ m t(je famj-ifa? t^at dSacoens
being not toell fenced atto cloteo abaut bm^z t^e foUiing anQ
fetting of an^ tbing in t{ie fame , be mann lua^e^ inoamageu
n& tuellbB bea(le5)a6 b^ t^tttiZB breaking into tljem.
aino t^ere be mani? ano funs.:^ fo^t^j of fencing ano doling
inofgacoeng^asactec D^all appeate. asfic^ Varro nainetft
OKountetb tljata natural! inclofute tobicb is fet about toit^
^ong tcees o; t^omcs^ l^aixin^ in it t^e coots of a quick fjeoge,
iDljic^ IsecaU a quicafet besgcfo tbe fame li^all not be Dan^ m
gecoftbetoantontoaifaidng mans fireb.5 ano paJTingbr, al^
tjougbbeftouio putfiectott^ano t^iatisnameD a Ujiloeano
(uoe tnclofuce ^ u^bic^eitbec ismai^z oftuoe anon^.:ubbeo
lnooo, o; of tpiUoUi90.}bul]bes ^auingno life » iDbicl) lue name
a oeao beoge ano in oloe time t^e Hiamans bfeo to inclofe

ano fence tbeicgacoens iiuit'p fiiikesauo lat^^jfettjeci? tbicke

ino.:oec,ano iDitb fmall coDstcatlco in togitbec, o.zelfeb^
boating large ^oles tb^ougb greatllocfes of trees , tl).:ougb
U)!)icb ratles o^ great poles mtgb^ ^«« ^'^o togctber , o; t{)izz
togetljer: ano To tben raife an?3 fallen a bpo^o alon^jO.j Heclies
of trees , o,: fucb li^e tljinges .•
\s^)it^ mmmt Mt notu
nams ^^\in^ , toljen tljefame is Done fcuitt), tgoaroe*
4^ ThcArtofGardnmg.
aiKO t^at fenfingjof t^e ancient 2int^o^$ ii5 nameD a toariifec
mclofuce, intiicljis fcameoliUetot^attDtjictjtliefeoul^iecs
niafee as a tjefcnce about t^eic Stents, ant> fuel) a one ougrjt to
bee maise ne^ce common \iiqfy toaies ,.d^ bt! Uiuerg, ttjat tfje
(25at:tjen mig!)t not be intianiage^ hv beafl0,tljeeuc8i no: lanD .

toDs^^no fo; tSjt0 caufe t^c ancient men fcameo t^efe on tU$
Wut as fica a conuenient anD apt Ditclj o.: tcenc^ Uias call ^p

anD niaDe about tije gacDen o;^ fielD itl)at it migl)t fo ttctiuz all
t^c caine toatec faUing tt)ereabout : ano it fjao alfo a tioge o.:
flopepalTasein it,t|iat t^e toater mig^t t\\z fcfelperpadeftom
tbe bottome.anu t^ere bas beCtJcs^n ^ig^ Ijeape of eactlj on;
t^e in-fioe nevt aoto^ningts t|)eoitc^ b,nnhe, foD.neano
^ato, tl)at a man coulo not eafili? cltmbe o^ paHe ouec it
Mo t^ece mere cectain toljiclj maoe fuel) fteepe ftepj; toitfj-
out ant? sitc^,iDt)ict) t^t^ nameo tDalle03nD tl)e\? of olu time
alfo nameD tjat a builDeuinclofuce , U)&icl)toasrtiaoeofD.:ie
ltones,oj flate laiue one t pon anotl^ec,! trjat in mztti fornix
^0^ either tl)e fame toas maoe toitfj clai? i ftone0,\Bo jfeman-
lMn0 finely built (in t^ofe places efpeciall^) b^ tofjic^ quar**

ties of Hone IneceneeceDnto, o^ of fuel) as toece of abilitie to

get doje ot^ectoife^ an^ eittiec t^e^ maoe t^etc inclofures of
bafeeDo,:t3nbatob:tcfee,ojluit^eactb f ftonesmo^teceOto-
get^ec^anti fcameo Uke to ttje iuaiies of anl)oure.
The profit 5c 3i5ut ti)e p^ofitablett ^ei3rge of all (efpcciall? in tl)e ftelDes)
comoditie of maoe ioit^ Bpars, f t^o^tnest
gj^^ j^^ij of coft;is tl)at Ui^ic^ is
mi):eDojfettogett)er:fo^tl|is^eDge anDinclofuce tDillinDucc
an infinite timz* anu t^ecefo^e t!)is l^etige of tl)e ancient |)ar!»
bantjmen toas moft c0mmenoeD,if o: t^at t^e fame tjoas \»tll
fenotone to tbem,tf)at tlje ll5;tiac tooulD not ligljtl^ pecifl^ anD
Decai? , Dnleffe t^e fame IjaD beene plucfeeD tp br t^e tootes:
^nt» after t^einiuriealfo of t^efire^tt botl) renuet^ ano fp^in-
getfttl)e better
The making %^^ P^ace ttjat !>ou tietermiue to enclofe^muff after t^e be-
©fa quickfet gtning of ^eptember.\»i)en tl)e grouno l)atl) beene loell fefeeo
teitl)raine, be trencl^eo about U)it^ tl»o fucrotees, a paro
from § ot^er : tbe ^eaptb anD bjeaDtl) of euerie
Diltant one
ineoftl;emmutitoe ttuofoate, U)^ic^ !!oa mufi^ fu^er to

The Art of Gardning. ,1^

ItecmptfeaUlomtct* p^outDing mtfje meane fimetfjefeeDc^i Coiiumeiiti

tfyat rou ineane to folr)0 in t^^tin^ toljir^ mutJ te t^e tcriU0 ci

vviUeth ate
(^acptljojiTCjai , b;iecs , fjoUre, tuiliJeCglanttne, ttJijiff) tljCp^^j^^^^^ .
Greckcbcal Kunosbaron.Dogfa;tet SLljcbeide^of t^c^ercu *^

muHgjUjcc Qfii rtpeas roti»^i'JT'> anDniiiigJetlcn: ]militl}t

fio&ec o^mealeef tare^, tx^fcidj to^jen it is rp;inch!eD Untfj

tudter muS beput tjppon olsie copes of (l)ippcs , c; nn^ ct^rc

tope^ tl)c copes be ing, thus bantifeo ano tjrt?ci> mud Lc larco

tp in rcmeboo.:oeo aoo;c» :ano in tlje place rountr about Uit)ere

t^r tjcDge t^xill run, tlje^ toil, tl»o furlong to be eaixD anD ti^^
ge9> t^jeefootcafunoec, antJafcotanoaljalfeDfepe: tijis

tfjrt?Mltob0Donem tbeeiio oftijt CriuinoctiaUcrtfjcljai:-

ued, tol^en as tlje gtouno is toell msfftnea u^iti; (^olwcrs*
^ino t^e^ Unll alfo tljat tljofe farro toe^; fee l^e all tfje tuinttc
openeo ano tjncouereo, in preparing tlje feezes in a reatiines to
foU)eagaintlt[jetime. anDaftei:tl)at,intl)ecnDDfj?tb;ua^ - .

ne, tJ)ci? toil! to lap t^e fatoeropes at lengtlj in tlje fuccotoes,

anDcouertf)eHi(foli?tng)it»it|)tt)inaHOligl)teait^, anotolija-^ of agardcn,
U% tl^t feeittjs againe, if neene of tic feafon fiiallfo require
iPljicl) t\)tv l»iU foto be oiuereD, intljat tfjefc feeoes oftfje
tlw;jnes,caKn0tot^rtotre l^ootctjp anDgroto, iftljeplnere
ouermucf) couereo toittj eartl) : astJjis oaptJjep tniil not to Another way
be DonetBl)entjjeU3inDebIoUjetl)outoftl)e^out^loe(I:. ^oofmaking a
ipit^in %n oai?es after Doe tlje tt)o;nes fi)(Btt t3p,U)^ul) bp p;ie^ quickc-rw
tie^elpes ano a)o;jtp^op8 cugl)t tobeDlreaeD, t^at C^ootingi ^ s^*

Up further, tbep map fo fupplptijetjopofpaces. anotfjertoa^

i$ t^ts: if irft t^ep plant poung eloer trees,tb;ee fcote afunter,
anD tl)ep taHc t^c brambles i uiilDc b.:iac , f ^ut tl}tm in long
lumps of clapeozeaitj), i fet tl)eml)eicanD t^ece bettoeene
tlje eloec trees, couering t^em o^Declp tuitl; eart| , anD in tfje

(omminsbpoftlie poungplantes, tijep Dig about anD toatec

t|>em»ifneeDe fo require :fluit^tn s^pearesafter^tlje IjeDgt
srolDtl),t^eanctent busbanDmen \3^iil t^at tl)r£( lieDgeil^oulD
be burnt euerp peace once, fo; tljat bp tbe bucning tfjep f^oote
0ut t tuare Qtfer,j^ar Dec anD Oiarper anD to conduDe) tbts 10
anUmuerfaUtDap? itiierurelt manectoenclofeallsarDen^.
C oi
lO TheArtofGardning.

Ofiliefi-ftMaze* Chip. 5,

HcSre b^ tlje tx^m ( pntle l^^atitt ) i dob place ti»o p^opet

^aj03,tl}0onebe^o?ett)i2djapter, ano t'^eot^ec after,
m p^opei: aoo.2uements bppon picafure to a CDaruen , ttiat
to!)o fo liitetl) iiauing fuclj roome in tf)cii: ©acoen, uta^ place

tijeonc oftfjcm, Uitjicl? likettj ti^^t^-ibtlt , intM tjoiu place

ofttie (25ai:tJeiitl)atnB? beHbs i\ureDfo,i tijeoael^pucpafc

tofpo;ittljem tnat titties \x.i}ic^ i^a^tB being u;o:k0nian-

lifee ^anDlea bi! t^e ©acDinec , (^aU tnucl; beatUiftc tt)em> m

diuiftng foucefunQxii raiit£! tohzfiatf^iA eacii or t!jeio;nef3
oftJie^a^e, ant) in tljcniiD'Ue ofit, a proper liecbcc t?ecacD
iDtt^ ItoCes , 0: elfe ^omr tree of J^ofeuiaric , d^ ot^c*; ftuite

at tl)e Diftceticn of t ^c ©acoinei:.

Ofthc dung and dunging of Gardens, with the digging,

drefling, leucUinganddifpofing of the quarters and
beds. Chap. 6
"H^D: femtul&as lit tl)e l^auuellaito ^pnnatintc, bemani?
F:rirtgefiiQl»enmt^?<I15ii:oen,tt)crefb:ettbe^cDuetb to Dig
grouidfor ^ ^P; 5'^^^^ ^ ^3bo J c!)at part of tl)e grountj 1:1 tl)e fp.iing time,
euerickafoii. DD^iic!) iiouiitteito to Totpe lu facttett; ttjattpe fawemaj'fa
, .

The Art of Gardning. ii

feme all t?)cU)intecth;oue5l). ant^t'oofe pattsofeije cSactcn

W')ic{) roti iHtenu to fo udc m tlja fpjing time, tljat t!)c^ mrl>
hi'm ^oitl) tt)cir fiuitein t^c ^i\nmtt,V;)Qk{)att0 tipplp antJ
tucnetjp lcU)acDt?)e jjioUI) anotljisftaU i^oti fGtiiggeauD

DaeCre.isjtjamai tljc c^rt^P^ml not Oe oner moi?!JiW?)rie^

to-omin V^z i$atuttt, mtiltbcturneo tipm tl)C mciict!)of

^a^i , lo'oerebi? t^c ijeatc of t[ie ^unnc auo all tfje S^ uiiinici:

t\)i^i tf^c rootesf of ti?c ^utbt^ left in t^^e eai tlj

0ntJ after: tfjat tije quactec^aniSbeDgoftlje^actienjbcWfiatought

t!)tts fineli' x^m^f an^ folDen aifc ^° ^^ ^^"^ ^^'
oJOeceD ana turn^u in \x)it\)

m t^t mnttt t^cntn tt)e co'3 lumtet feafou

before tlje pong
[ers ofthr*
plants be coinetp t^cv mix^ be Qefena^o anu nourii^eD toitiji g den be

Hang (asbpfpjinckUngitontliebcfis) tljat it ma^ t&ebet^ thus oidred

tec oefenD t^e vortg plants fcom tfje ruperauons coloe ano co;^ ^^^^ fowenfor
tuptingm t^e Deepe of toinfer iBut t^e gtounos inflict) \!cu
iotllfo\»eintt)efp;ras5. mutluciJtgseD abojittfjeCakntJBDf
^oaember,! yion Oiall fo let
it Uc Diggeo \3p aftet tbe ^acueH,

to be burnt ano confamgD b^ t^c coiD ano tl^atpe ^oarie ftalf s.

Ifo? Ube a6 mtlie aummec t^e ^eat of t^ie ^un tJotti reett)c f
fauH) t^z gconno, eoeu fo oott) t^e btttecne^ oi t^e coio ^nlofe
It The AitofGardnmg.

makethT^ ^"^ ^^^^^ ^5)^ U)inteci5 gnuei) , t^en mal! tl^at pact oftbe
good ground gacocit beouiipD 1 ^ot^atteftant^etime offolDtngisnecc
thebetter,and dtfjantJ, tfjeiittjat place of tlje tS^acDen Sue Dares before fl^aU
greatly arae m [j^ teecDeD, SoiietJ , mx^ DungctJ agaii je zm ntizt t^at Dtggei

^5^^"' ^^^ ^^'?^ ^!^^ mligent ano often oigg^ ng, fo tucrteo tjp,
How dang ttiat t&e cartli ana ssurtg be tsjcU mtpeo togif^ec, aao not to
ought to be Ire altcget[)0c attljs cootea of t^jeplantcs , bat^aticfttfic
ordred: eactljbet^mcaS, am afiec tl)e oung, att^ t'^eitt^e eart^ia^

The worthy- S^^s to couei: t^e fame, ^oibyt tl)at me^nes flj ill neit^ect&e
nesofdungs; ^ourtg plants bc bumcD , Ho^tljetisate oft^e oung^aW^e
Afles beft 3,^0 g„^ U3o;t{itca fo.i tljis putpofe, is aires t)ung,
(lij. I30(j
feecaufe it b;jmietb tjp leaH testies auD tbcnerttottiisis

^""25 Of mine, ffl) feut i^o^fes.&I^cepe, anD €5oates , fa t\i^t it

Next Kme,
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vnprofitabFc altJjoujb it be tboagljt moft ercellent , ^et it is not fo neeDfull
for Gardens, fo beDeOceD^bnlest^ateitOec t[)0 gcoun^ be barren, graasN
lT> moS loofe fanD.ljauing no ttcengtb o.: fo;:ce in iU to?)icf)
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^^^ F^^ a{^0S(to Dung txiitb)is tbougbt "b?f ? goost^ni^ efpeci-
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turallbeatDotb notoneli? refretlitbe eattb, batfla\?et??ano
ti;iuetb attoap allfir^s , an^ all hinoeof ^iio.:meS) fnailcs, anD
facb like beafes tljat anno^ tlpc beacbes.
Hno tbeliUe in a maner Dotb tbepigeons Dunn; tljat t^e
fame be fcatteteD \ikt fceos on tlje gcouno isobeccb^^ tofcafon ,

gcounDtbe better: anii not on ?)eapes,liHe ttjelariitgofttje

:anD ti);s alio concciue , t?jat a toatr^ (SarDengrounD nee-
Ut^ ino;e Dungings f a m gcouno t^e letter oungingtanD bc-
The Art of Gardning. 15

iffobe^oR can get no cattels oung, anBt^e ct)ato o;oucr|^orcmthc

^^"^^ of uung»
t!)icRe gcoun^, pou im^ Dung kJieJ) grauell , fo.: the lacke of 0*
t^econng Sn:) bp tijat meaner, (uc\} gatuen gcountis fee nut
mtlt tttaue battle an^ gooD cf ?eelD , bat become alfo beauti-
fnlUasUJiit'^t!) CoilamcUa*
janbPlinicto;ttet^, ttiattu^en^ou Bung pour gartjenj!et
(^ luirtDe tqen blo^joe out of tfje WLzHa^^ ttje ^cone oectea^ obfemcd in
fing of lii^I) t, anD o^ie tfjac feafon fo nig^ m pou can if 0^ bp danging the
t^at imams oot^ tb^ grouno pcslD tbe plentifuUei:* Ga/da.s.

:3no note aftectSeneto Digging an^tumingtjpagaine^a'

bout tbe miDDle of Bjanuarie, ti^c (PaiDen mud t^en be gac^
nil^eo mil) ^caibes 5 before t\}t qiiaiters anD beos be caft out
an!J oeuifeD ano poa map ma^e tbe bcrbecs eitber ftcaigbt
running bp . o^elfe baulte) 0; clofe oucr i\it l)eao > Ithe to tl^o
tine l)0cbecs no a3 aDaies maDe.
anoiftbep bemaDeU)itb3wnipertD0oD,pouneeDeto re^ xunfpcrpoies
pa^!re nctbtng tijeueof fo; ttn peaces after : but beft commen
irt})ep be maoe
luitD ujiliojopole^.to^nmuUpouneUirepairetbemeuecp 3. ^^^^'^'^^^^
peace after: anDl)eu\I)ici)li3ilirct Hofesto runalcngabout
Ijjsljciber, obeDsrouno about ^isl)ecber, muafetttjem in
^m tlje bci55ofKoresbe commonip fet in a moflfe ti^^^t ^^^YLokt
fuctoais, o,:bepl^eeo bp ailcps roun9 about tbe gaiDen* tolje- ought to be
tljc*: p8 fet tt)em in aips ,o.:rou)e t'nem in feeDe^f. anoPaiU- feu
dius ijDutetb »t^at tuemap nott^inUe t^ofetob.^ t^c itct^ZB of
ti)eKore>lo^ic^gcoU)ein t^emiDDleoit^cfloteecin colour Y'^^^^^^^^c
lifie to tfje 30i3e but tbat tl)z fecDes hz intt^at \Dl}Xt\} is like ^^fj^o^".

to a ^maUpearc in tl;e tapper enD of ttjeftallie.

£n^ t!}e fecDcs be tt)en ripe to be gati3crcD,Uibcn tbe grapes
beaiU ripe , ixi^icl) ripe?ieue of tbem bp tljea ifue^tl^anD
b:0Uinc colour, anD bp tbetr fo^tnes mapbehnoluen.^nbin
tl)eU'ae manner poumap ooe ,if pou ml fou^e t\)at imttt tree
o.:floU\:enameo3acemin^.H0rettmrp , o^fb^pome^^ranufe
pou l;at> fatljer Decike pour berbecs comelier lintli
f eei3es/on!es

Sim Wiftn t!j0 l)crbers be 'et 1 maDg about t*ge Uiallfee uf tbe
C3 ©ssth
14 ThcArtofGardning
v/aiices & ai- ^attiztiytlim tljegcouiiu neb) oigseu .muU beneufeeuhtfo
lies Denecef-i)o^tiei:£fanDbe5s,leautngapattt^atroomeatttifpac0, l»|iic|
faiieina gar. anD botoUngnl'ies.tfjcUi^ic^
pmDtUbettoljDe tjpoH toalfecjEJ
aUtejianU toalkcg ^ouC^allfift oucc toitlj t[)efineftfaiiD,leall

b^ laine nm ll^ckvers , tlje eactljU^oulo dcaue ana dagge on

t^oar fcete: antj tins Done , ^ouCi^aU Icueiivour bcD^i bo^*
sees of a \im\)t alio b^eaot'o b-gaime la^Dout, icljeeebi? to

Why beddes
anD fo,: tl^is caufe tljc fame ou^^t to he maue, leaS tliat m
ly^^^j^^ ^^^^ Ijearbgjt'D?!? tccao tr)cr;? f t()f ^ong fecD^ Doiune,
reuluc'cTci'tn '2n^t^erefo;e (et t^t Iceeoc's gosbp tljc patfjs anoailers,
ef abreith. toesDui^ tljc oite ^alfeSift) ano tije otpc after ^nu ti?e beD5 .

vvhatiength fatt^ Palladius, itiuUbe mai3£ loag anB itaccolxic , t^jat t$ rtu
^bredthPai- aao fpace^betn^scrtetljelar^
fgof ijtjengt^, anufinnbiCDtl),

IhTcdVtobe sec, li:i!)£rebi> tiie bzi>snm m bcttcc be U}eei3eo cieaneo^

Sntilect^e bo.JCersoje^igcsofbeUDes beraifcDtUJC foote

l^igf) in moti o; toatt:^ places : but in ojie piacea; j it ft^all be

fufftcient to tatfe t^tm one foote ijisl)-

How t^ em- SCt)erg muflpbemaDeatfo cectaine little allies o^ gatterjj,
\y^ ^^(^t, t^0 moiHttce in toatt^ placesf ma? fo cun fo^t&.
ters lying in
l!!fi ^aT
3nD t^ofe allies befiocs mul! be oeepec tljen t\}z beos , f fjat
S'acctoXc * tbetoatetsentli^poaceDfoon^, b?a watcinspot, fcomt&g
tppec pact, ma? tbe lig^tliei: foafee into tlje gutters o; allies*
^D ^^txt tbe beDS be Inell InatereD, ano tbat tctat ei: ftm*
isetti in t^e allies b?, tl^en ma? rou fcom thence leaoe t^e loa*

tzt into fome t>t^tt neceOarie place; ip^ic^ neeoetj^ toatnng^

The Art of Gardning, 15

OfthefeconJMazc* Chap. 7

^afe, mar be
A^S> beeccalfo t^e
li^0o;iDer0Dant)t>feo,a3 3
place otljtr tD^ttFj
fpak0bero;je,ani>tt mai?ci-
ffjecbefette tnitlj 3fope ano SCune, o^tJDit^ tDintcc ^auc-
rr aiiD i^tme : fo: tlje'e ooe UjcU cntJucc all tfjc minttt tJ^o^
to'Degrecne.anvi t^eiebe fometo^tcl) fcttNtO^a^eslritd
ilauen^er Cotten Spfec; qBaiiozam
, am fuel; liUe 5i5ut

lettl)ciib0ozo$reoin[tfit^po''it asUaetli 'ae:5 t^.c d^aroner,

anu To an cats . j?o: 3 do not Ijcece ^ct fo.:tl) tljis , o=r t^c otfeeu
$^a50 nefo.ie0tp;^e!Ie3, fo.: ani? r5ccci!^:5rie ccmmomtie in a gac^
Ueit bui ritiietappoint eitbcc of t^ele (u-f}ic!} liijeti) i?ou bcS)
as;abzvdtilyiim ^t\to t?oui: gartjen : fcj tijat r-iuK* '^^'^ ^"^tiJ
aptt^ Hiaoe, Doe muc^ fct fo;tl) a gacDcn tuHc^ nencctfjclciFe

3 renerce to ^our oifccetion ? (0^ t^at all pesfons: bz mt of lids


Ccrtakcprccepts5c ruUsofancifntmen,botlun thcchcifc

and proper fowing of {eed€S..Cbap, §*

T^e ©atDen^asPalladiusano
gentle iloljoireme aire ,
tjDntetfj.feljtdj lT?ct]^
t)at^ a ifountaiue , pf^imt
I 6 The Art of Gardning.
e; r^^f e ^nttt tunnms b^ it jiaina manner gcoti tmu^ of
itrelfe,anDneeD0t!)leff0 inttcuctions fo; t^ie foUiing t^tttot

The tempe- ^C^*^ ^^^^^ ^^^^" ^" ^^ ^^^^^" ^^^^ ^

^^ coacecning tlje
latenesof IweatbcanD tfje^oonejOoetfre foonec conic tjp: but fotoenm
timenecefiv -tDacmcant) funni^cplacesi 5 ojUJcUlrinsmtlje^unnei tJotfj
lietoCowmg, fp^otiicH b^zdkt fcD.Ul) anO O^ootetjp*

, anobeluareoffolnuigan^ feeu^ieis tfieiutn^etfjenbloto-

fonsfoweTot tngoatol' t^c no;t!),o>int)crH colcei>arcj , fo^jtfjatmtfjofc


Dai'CS tt^e fceD0 bs muc!) ijino.ieo tij^ougt) tlje colDe an?3 ttjctc- ^,

fe^efo^ tljefctnm^ofijouc feetie^cljoore Uiarme ani3 temper!

rate oa^cs , fo; t^e better comforting ano fpjeaoing forU)ai:D
of i?auc fee^ejs Iring on tlje eactb
^.nc if after tl)e fecoes foiJDcn , ^ou Doubt eitljec tlie colones
c.:f)otnesi of tfjefeafon, tntfje fcf^wljingo; burning of^our
fewne/ fceO0j5:» tijencouccpouc beODes u>icbtl)cct)a^eofco;ne, auD
" toitl) tticiis a ccoUc ouet t!)e fame anD fmaU reeoes oj tu^igs

airo laioe aptl^ bppon t^em , fo,: t^e better Defence , as Colu-

When plants 0nD all {learbes in a manner ma^ teell be remooueD , toljen
are to be tfje]? fl^allbe ano come tip , ano tbe eartb(at
fometol^at grouien
t^eremooutngfl^aUnotbeouerojse* ffibeneiDerfeeDeii t^at
DO fboned fp^^ing tp be tliefe: t^ie Leelkei^tue, Cucumber auD
tf)e dE^ourDe.
-. dnD
t^e olDe feeDes tijat Do fpeeoilier fprtnn bp be tfjefe t

i commie t^eparcelr,^ecte«,€;reltes,&aueri?,$pano.:am,penn5^
ypofnewandrorall, auD ColiauDec : anD t\)t feeoes Totuen in^ot places
eidreedes» DO fpeeDil^erH^ootetptnt^cfialkes, auD fooner ^eelDefo^t^
0nDtI)ereeDe£tt^atrooneS b;ea&ean^comebp,bell5atslU
J^pinage^^auetDe^ljofricbi^fafeinDeofHapes, anDl^ocfeet:
for all tbefe attbe tbtro Dai?es folding ^ appeate aboue t^t
grounD^f ^ett^iefloto^ft ofallfeeDeicommetljtjp is^arceli?*
jQlnD to put manr TeeDeii into one^ole in tbe grounD , C^all
A fccTct ta all g^tber into one rubftance,anB bring fort^ t^e greater ttutet
^*^^>"^"ilibea0i!ou^^^^^ IjeaDs of fLeeke^; or ©nion^into

tinXVad/ oneiiole togetljer, anD treaDing t^t blaDejEJ often Dotone in

t{)e sroU; ing ano ll^ooting t)j?«
The Art of Gardning. T 7
antj t??at tt)cLctt:ce,l^fUfeli? llockrt^ Bami, mar gtolu ^^'^^^^'^^^
altogitljetcutof cHeaemo;ealfee. take 2 0.2 3 fmaU bailee;
Gft\)t C3aat 0? llj^pcs Dung, anD tljofc b^caUc, anD mingle tlje
to grow out
fccocs i'ogittierm ti)cm,^aftcit:clc altcaitljrr mtcaiotinDofonciUkc.
balU u bid) aftec fcruitDncU^CoiD-Dimg, anncoumngtlje
fuJiicbJitrjiucUD^circDanD finccacfl), t!)at gently U)atct:.

unD fcmcDotahetirioo.: tf).2e0Dfti;clI)ecpc orgeats Bung,

aiiD b^ralung tt/cm, og fo mmglc ttie fecoes a-.m Duag tcgitijei*, ^' j'^^^^'^^not

Uilncf) tl)Ci' afteclap ma iinnea clot^ , ano omc t^efame in fomuT

t'gccstonm as atoms tima\)t*
inD tijat manp rauouu3 ^ tate0 mar be felt itx one bcaib,
!ahe of tijrJLettice tUioo.z ilj^eefeeces, oftbeC^nDiuefo Amarueious

manv^ ottoe g^mallagc tpliUc : oftljc HBafili, t^e LccUe ano Secret cau- m
0f t[)epaiflct (ofaUtberct^:eej fo mani^efeeBs asoftfjeotbci:: ^ng^i^^y^^-
thzn pur all tl)e feedes into a i^olt to^tttjtt , auQ in fuel) Tone ""^^^
tbat t?)e fcf D3 mav toucl) one anott)ei; : but i\)is before rcmcm^ ilcarU,
b:ei3itf)at y^ou put ti)em togetijei: in tfje Uung of a t)o:re 02 ^ re
Untljout aniP eactl) mingleo \sjit}) tl)cm . ilh tS}ui5 foiDcii,

tijece U)ill a^tec fpnng tip a plant , Ijauing fo mani^ faueuc0 cz

tades^as tijere \jaeie foiDcn togctijcc*

Ofjthe times in fo wing and proper ordering offeeds, with

the &
wacrmg weeding of the yong plants in the comining
vprthediuers manersof remooiungandfetting againeof
the hcarbes being fomewhatgrownevp,
Ciiap* 9
Attljougl) ancient [)usbaniDmen appoint cci:tatnep2e- Thcnatureof

fccipt b^ montljs anD Daies, vM t\)t fame ougl;t the ground &
tobecontiDeceD acwomg
to tbe nature of tfjeplace anacon- q^ai'tieof the

mtion of t^e ar;e,fo tljat ^ou ujep tf)iB U)itl) ^^ouc felfe Ujfjicl;
con JeVed it
feeei^altafrei;teac^,ti)at tbeceb^ecectaine leeDes loIjicbDoe the fowmgof
mo.2e fpeeDiliec fp^ing bp.ano cectaine otlitc feeoes to^ir^ reedes. nu
mo;^e later ccmmingtjp.
)3ni)as teucbing t\)t dPactJen ^earbes^ tljs^ (affe^rtljeic
fouling) require no otl)ec Diligence anD cace,butonel^ra!tmcr, whatisreqm./
lt{eeDingaHDU)atring*ifo;t?)at brDuerahing^botljtfjeaones
are ^31020 au)ar from tijenelxi fp^ingingfeeDes; , ano all tbc garden [cU$

iS The ArtofGardning
nsi^ous ^tttitt^ t\fat fimtJ^r t'^e Ijearbs commino; ^jj, are tl^tn
butler IjDo^ncatua?.
whatkinde 0ntJi?ett&e cleaner inec^mgano plucIimgtjporaU tootts
of wcedaig mut be Done l»it^ tlje Ijano : ta^icl) oifferctt) from ttie killing
hcarbcsisbeft gf £^Jei>Des b\? tahmg* ^ntjoftfjefe alfc tu^tdj moE^tjarme
conmend^d, ij^j,^^^
^j^j, net^ c folisen , ts , to tualfee ttiiicljb^ t&em, o;j ta

moDue tlje dDactp , lo^en t^c fame l^all be taeri? loofe; fc:
ktUti) fail t^c groans t\^.it it m'ketb toeeues
tijeceb?? It ,

t^cijaroectobepluc^cotjp, afcect^g falling ofgceatfltoae of

SnDt^e ^atcctng of ^ouc I5^^e be^tje^ ta^icl^ often fiap^
K^^^^o^^^^^^of rameauomoTillare, about tbe bot an^D^iio
bietimeof " S^osgcoai^cSj Hiul! cbtefeii? be Doneteitt) luketoacme \s>a^
watehng,ana tec, auut^at euet^e moaning anDeuemu^ as Pliaic ti;w
whatkijidcof tet() , if ns^etse To require, \s)it^ t^^t mtitu^&^itl) timd?m
t^e mo.jntng 10 D^aiseK out of 110 Deepe a:i2l , anu referns)
fo cv erf *
^^^^ tnooDOen DeS^eU fjo;^ t'0 jee bol».:e5 before, 0; a$ foinc

DO 'a3^ite, t\)at ii be fet ^noer t^e ^fe^e fo; ttuo 0.2 tij zee oa^es
fo^itbectbat tfje Attune tm^ tbe better luo^Hc bppon it*
Themanner ^"^ ^'^^^^ "^^ ^^"^ be':)0c5 to) uiucb, fo,2 t|iat tbef^me
and forme ^cf ^amietb SHO teesfeenetb t';c rootes: an^ pUntes :^no to tbii^
watering of \^^tti alfo nun^le a little Bang , tbe \^!)ic[) ll^all gtue a bet-
Hearbes. Koattibment iDitb tftc it^atcc to t^e Sjearbes anorouns

planter comrmiigbp, ifitbclearu.eli^ anisgcntlBe loatere^

Snoffje poaii3 tender plaite3iueti»r^,:ongtp , lutultftz
IjDatcins tben tlje ilronger gioujen, u^bicl) nthtc a great oeale
tbe mo^c uutecing rec tlj? fame to be leafurcli? ucuc, tfjat

all ttie rootes ma^ ix.:iRkeaiiUe ofit, atitJ not beb^^^i't ^^0^^
itei3Ujttb';»atei:» li5atc3l^e>aisDialtetJDater u.iatsen out of
molt ba^tfull tjnto all plantes an5 !)carbej,
tjaepe iS^itUcB , is

tmv^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^> certaiire IjOaJjesin tljepot^unne,

ano be UiatersD ioarme on tbe plantes.
:ant)ftid) fceocsa3oa3l)t onti^ tobefolsen uearet^eenD
tf^araelr , asintbemonetbofg>eptembero:iIDctobec, tbat
tb^p mar aU tlje \aiintei: co:ttinae.aii5 be ioa'teo in Vqz gcoaua
be tl)efe; ©aclAe , ®
anions, ^calion^ , ^oung LeeUe*
. D

The Artof Gardning. i^

f)?at)0, grent <15at:Ufe2 aix^ ^«aaio-r$0?jc. what h to be
31f ef nccefTttie i?ou mail plant o.j fofese am t^m in ^^oone in ^c^h
faltescounD > t^en t!?at UJljatfocuer it be , im^ be p!antcD in S'°'^^*^'

t^ccntJ of l!;)a rued >c;folueot^eUh0> tl^atttjeeuilhtes, an^

WcuptncCrcoft^egccunu^, nmU
U^attjeDaujai^luttfj tfje

;^nD'ifi?ou fctsnp i?oiuig ULtees tntljat^rsunDe; Icttfiat

tijecc-about, bz mm^ luitl) a quantitie 6f r^'cete C^att!) ariu
iftiuei fans.
anD v'Oiii: fe0it^5 (tljat ^cu minne to faluc ) mai? mtbt a^
bous a r^are olDc , am t'oat b;uife9,ibe \s>'nitct i^itl}in > anD be-
aiei;> lead being co^uipt b|? oloeues, t^ep caitnot caccsaCe £o^.^QYvi^^"^
SD!)c tl)icD monetJ) fslt^^ng agceretl) ui coloe ani) fnotos
places, iuljere tcje qualitie of ^onunec 10 mo|?il> b^it felDomc
in ctj^i: places tl)c lifee fjap coircfponoet^*
^nDfeeDes tt^mmomt^B ol^t,kn\lbzttc\:aq}:tz, iftfjat
in i}ot piaceg tl)c^ be foUJCitint^e l^atuef
jC^no^oa \m^ pla^t ano rou?e in wm
grcuntr ( if poa Icill)
t^e bed fenoe;^ of eaer^ fcaite , fee^e* (ltppsi> o;i graffcs bu
, ,

fet ano fotoe t^at ( U)l)ic!? poa kno\»e b^ erpecicncc ) toili beS
p,:orpei:an«3come fozvuacoin pourgroanD.
^atani? netoe kmoe of fecaes, ano not tcreo berc;je m
^oorgcoano, poatnat>notpatvoacl2)l)olc|iopc tfjntbnocu-
tetslvtt^e^ U)iUp;of^«, in tl)atttij5 tjoabtfail ^ijtt^ciV^c'2
ano m rno^H placesf , t{)e feeDes Do fooner fp,:ing tp tlm ,

intljeDJie: anDt^is tjnDerdanD, acrozDing tot^efetnceani>

pjopecnataceoitljem. anooftbt^^ tI)ec{)oice of groans in
tjje 'olwin^ ol t^oat ^coes mac^ aaailctb*
an3 all fac'afdtesan^ feezes Doe feloomcpzorper, to|)«'c?)(jjajovYpi3^s
|jcfo\»cn 0: feti in i^^Dolnei? placei^ f ^m faclj tl)ingei5 alfo jmi-tfui to

as^paaisjcc , in t|ie time of tljeic fiomtt bearing, are not to pUiue,

hz ?)anole?) . ^m all tjinog of palfe^ ^ as peafon , jf itc?)e0,
s;areif:fc. (as tfjf (Breeze aat!)o;5 teilletlj) mafltbefoijueii
mtim gcoanO£{ , ercept tfie liSeane^j* tol;ic{j oaglit onl^ to
befpiven inim^li groanD^.
20 The Art of Gardning.
Sim fucM^coes , \3^Ut\) at toill ano p\ta(utc mapbefo-
\Vh?-tfcedcsItmi (asb8tbinl)aiU0ftanD fpnngtimc) tntoFoartjreantJ
may be Town commoDitie. iim tl)at iH a toatme anti fomfo;tai3le reafon, ants
at plcifureof fcuitfuU QtoumMt\)tk :tl)cllettice, tf)c ColcU)ao;tes,ti)e
parfiups , tijeCaicets, tl)e U^tjite^oppi? , tf^e^ctec^ofee^,
anB inccltse Ccuntties tl)el)atue2 fouling maftlje Dene

onTth/fow' "^^ folrms mua

be later, anSD tlje fp;iing tim$irer»

ingoffeec'sin antJlsDtjatfceuer reuU)iilfoli5e, let t[)eramcfae Ooneaftcc

hot and coide tj)0 fcurtl) tia^ of tt}e ncUi ^CDRcanD fo continue tnto tlje fa!
ground, Dftt)e^Gone,but nolongei:: m t\)iitit oftentimes fo fjap^
net^,t[)att^ercU)ing offeeuesintfie Uecreafeo^ teaneoftfje
anDfucljtijinpalfoag^oa iptUcutDotDn o^jgatljecjef t^e
fsmebe Done intfcetoaneofttje^oone i5utfucl)tf)ingsas
rou niinDe to fell, let tljofe be gat|)ereD in t^iefull SSoone£{>be-
caufe tlje sceatec tlje^ Do tl^^en ablDe, tl)e t^^nDibher , o; teaDi^
glnoallfeeDcslJubtcl) be feinDlp foU)en>betat[)ei:foUTenm
temperate Ujetljec, Uifjen as fome (l^otoers of tame motttning
whatfeafon tlje gtouttD , fall a Dal? D.:ttDobefo;^e , tatljec tl)en m a r^;^ fea-
fonanDc0loeaH:e:jFo;^tl)attl)c fceoes fo fotoen, Dofpceithec
rowing of fp^iingtpt^^oaglj tlje Ujannenes anocomfon oftbefcafon,
fecdes- t^en in a colDe aice , Intjiclj or paopertic Dotl) botl; incluDe t^eni
tntlje eact^, anD hcepctij tljem long in comming*
^nn ^et it oftentimes fo t^appenet^ , ttjat altl^ougfj tlje

feeDes be perfect gooD, ret tl)zy! fp;ring not after tljeic fotoing,
tl).:ougl) feme malice oUift celeHtallboDtes^^nD fo.: tljatcaufe
fctoe funD;t^ feeDes tcgitl)er,fo;tt)efurcrtriallanD p^oofeof
whenpiants BttD after all !l)efe,tl)emoti o: greatetl number of plants,
maybeftbe ma^
tncUbeccinQucD , liii)cnti)ei>befomelx)l)at fp.:ong tip, fo
t^at tlje grounD be not oucc D^ie no: ouer mo!?ft»
ofSe com
ditybyr^° ifo^bp cemoumg.fac!) pUuts ma? t^e better bs toeeDeD(be^
uingthcm. tng tljin fet) anDgroiut^ebettertjnto ttietr fullbtgnes, ano
faealfofdj^ter, fot^jattijeu gentligioofeanDUjeeoeatoaval^
The Art of Gardning, 2.1

toai^es allf {)e tui\ tcecDes tljat fp^ing tp amongfi tfiem tijl^tcf)
otijctvuife liioultrjuiDer anDtafee atoa^ t\)tit mmi^mmt.
anu ffjofe i}^.tbcs alfoiDl^icl) oug{)tnottobetemouei3,af.
tertljcicrongcommmgtp, niuftbctf)innerotD$n^ ^"^ ^^0^^ inXides.'^^"
ljDl)Ul) oiig^t to be rettiOHeD.wuftbe tljicfeefoUtcntogettjen

Certainc hclpes and fecret? for the garden feeds, as wel be-
fore^ as after thcfowingofthem, that they may not be
harmcdby any inward or outward meanes. Chap. lo.

Ajjlt) noU) in t3aine Ijath tfje ( o;i ani' otFjec) be-
koU^cD^ts pains, intl}e diligent labo;jmg of ^iggcotmo,
artti cnnmitttng of feeDs to tlic eartl) if in like manner |)e Ceefe

not tl)ofe ineancs ti>][)ic^inaiP beil aiiotfie ttie'ljacme of t\)z

toDs fccaping tjp tlje feeues jano tl)e otfjec beaftcs ant) \iiG;m0
creeping in t^t ear t^ « ^no to auoro tbefe ijarmeg ano Dama-
ges, macfee tiihe^entli? tftefe tnftcuctions b^ereaftee taugbt.
ano fir G if 1 our feeoeg a little before tl)e foluing, be tteepeo |^*"
0^2 foateD in tlje iuice of tlje beacb nameo t^e l)oafe ileeke, 0^ the feeds fow-

fo;> lacft of fufficient plentie of tbc fjeacbe, to la^ tlje feeoes all en m the earth

a nayf anu nigbt m, t?ou ma^ in Heat) thereof, feetlj tbe tieaebe without harm
infatreluatec, ano tettbtbattDatecrou ma\?fp.:incklepui:
feezes fotoen in t\)t betis, tbat tljer mar To o^^aU) to tbem,anD
tmkt in of tbat iuice , tvUt^ b^ t!;at meanes ootb oni^ oef-
centJ,tl;atneitbei:tl)e)15irt)s, gnts 5 0.:j|Bifmtecs^ificlomice,
no? anr otbee tjecmine , feull at ani? time after touclje tbofe
fccDs oa ^cung plants after fp^^ung tpjbut caufe tljem encreafe
tbe better, as toutetf) tbe tDo.UI;^ Collumella lo^o of eicpe- ,

rience is often uotcD true*

0no Afryc3nuslu;titet(), ttjatif^oufeetb aliftlelxtljeatoj Afecretthat
barlr in U)ine,o?foabe it in t^etDine,tnitI) tbercote Hellebor, the feedesbe
0; otbertDifejpofetDOZt, kattait intljepatbsi ab
ano after notdcftroyed
leis about tljegaroen.tbattlje fame notonel^ tiefenotbtbe
(ms fro tbe rnturr of biros, but ma!tetb tfjem feeme as ueati,
o;^ratberas D.:onHenbi? eatuigtijereof? toljicl? being on tbis

tnife^b^ toilletbtoljang br tbe legs onafiticfee^ tjntotlje fea-

ring of tfjeotljer biros.
12 T^ie Art of Gardning,
A maruclous Sitl^ t^t f^De Africanii $ tD^ttCf?^ , tijat t])t UecOCtiotTOf tl»e
matter of the ji^juet tttui(t» , fp^nchleD Oil tljC fceDOS, Ootf) botl^ DefenD t^0

R^^*^*^ mfL
^^^^^' ^^^^ ^^ ^°""^ ^^^^^ ^m^Q of t^e ra:tie5 , £^at Rcitler
tl)e^irt)6,no;anT!ot|cccceepinstl)mg,luiUftct ( amattec
greatlrtobemarueiieDat) neu0i:toncf)tlj£m* anDtl}erelje
fonie^ U5l)tcl) li^tli, aftct tlje i^oung plaiit5 be fornetiJljat rp;ung
t}p5 rpaincfel0 ctte!T!oftl;e Ijuatcc &)f)£rem r^ecrcuifesbc
fOvjj5cn,asa fucet-efCKoe, toi/k^ maniUmiss fjattjbenetneo
ant> founotcuc b^ fanD^i^ if fobe tljefajne beocne atacer^
taint timt of f Ije ^oone.
. .
., SnD tlje pstuoei: of tlje i^artf! l)o^ne , cither nitt o; n^aucit,'

Gretke^na la ^^ ^^^ ^^-^^^'^ infufet) til iixittt luatcc , ano t'p0 feeus befo^ie t[)e
tinhu(l)and. fcUung foa^eD therein, o.: fp.jinchleu Uiit^tljat toatecattec
mcnfoi prefer ti)e fouling, Heti) toell nefeno tlje ^oung plaiUsi fcom being
niag of ieedcs
g^aHnic 6f au^crcepuigtljmg*
^nD t^e fce^s aftct: tJje fcUJins , fp^inclileo ^itl^tljthiim
iDat0t:raa9eot Nitre, Dctl)U»elloefenDfi)em from beetng ea-
ten of tDojmes, ants, anu Mt^ Itfee , as Virgili in \^is^ ^ui ban^
ano t^z <3tt^ht a«tl)0.j Apuleus toattef^^tfie ond^ fp^^mh-
Itng of Uiine on t!)e feeoes anti i^eung plants y to be a mcanciS
ofti)t better llcengtf) anD encreafe of t^em.
SuD cectatne (Dttthz ^nttts of fjuf banuai! alloliJcD of Pli-
fiic,CollunDclla>anDPalladius, affirnie,tl)att^eroot0S of
t^e^ilDcColncumbei:, fofeet^in fiseett^atecfojaea^anDa
«isljt,ans tl)at Inater often fpjtncfeleu on tljt feeoes,! tlje nejct
Dap follolDtng ( t^ofe feeues coueceo luitl; a blanket ) anti after
foiucn in i'gz gceunc . tijat tl)m tlm ^
^efentjeo from all ncr^
feme too^mea ano otJjer ciceeping Cl)inges»
5lnDtl>e ©reehe Mt^o; Apuleus toaitet^ ,asafafejg(aj;D
tjnto i^otn: feezes , sio^ng ano caHtng ^f
tljat if befo,je t^e
ofi?oucbeDS5i?ouo^aUi about rfje ©acoen tIjefpccMeo tooc
ano ^nttiiv^ \^im into an earthen pot , ^oa not aftec bncp ^im
*" ^^^ ^ni^Dle 0? ^ouc (iPamen,o; ouec-tojjelra Ijim U)it|) eattfr
fecrettof th-
fpeckl«d toie i" aoeeps
fuicouje, tDl)icl) let tljece cemaine tnto t^e fotoinjg
timt , ano aftec otgge {)iin tppe , casing ^im a great U)a? of
lead t^e plants gcou^ino; t^eceabout; mtg^t become bietic
. -

The Art of Gardiilno;, 23

antj %nfauo)ie . 3im t^t <^mtim ano dSredtc atifljoucg of
^ jfbano^S tju:itc , t^at tfje coring plants (\^x\lnot be gnatJD
en 0; {jaciiie^of m^ axepingt^jin^, iftl;e fee^^be fQloena-

^n0 Dvmocrif.a> tDjiCct^, £!)at tf ^onptit ten ^ea 0; itiuer AphiAcke esc-
CrsaifesmiOatieir^lifallo^Bjatei:, anocouerutgitj ^oixttt pcntr.entof
tl)^ fame ab.:oaD to be Tunrteo fo^tmun^ , ffoke^oar fceD5 ^j^^"^^^''*"'?

fo^otijeceigl^toa^e^fin efjaCto iecsr, uj^ic!) aftecti^emmDeofpi^^'j^i^'eco^^^

Dcnijcrirus fotDe in vonz bt:if$: aiti3 aftec tfje ^oung plants of rp,ihcy laaii
tl^gfe feeoeiei be fp^ng op tfj >i? uiiUnot onel^ ojtue cattle ano n^t (k harmed

ot^ecfmallbeaiibsfn.^tl^ catucjof ttiem» ll3at fuctfiec of
t^ofe f;el je^ l^ illbe tau^^ijtta tfjdt C'japtec , tu?je:e u-e tante ^;,;\"h^i^';/^^
of omec0 cemeoie j a^amil fuao^p b^ifl$3Mv^tn^Ait$,
t|)e '"

anofa4}U^ej t^at commonly anrioggacocn^*

Ccrtainc fpcciall times to be noted and obftrucd either for ,

their aide &

fau our co be chofcn: or for their annoyance
and inconiiBoditie to bcefchewed forfowing. planangt
Chap. II.

T^^emojeoftalure onr l^uffeaiiD labour t^wabout w,

t^cinoiedrcumfpca iJDeeoug;l)ttc fece, anDtl)eiWJeatDe
i^z reto luemi^ get>o; rlje gceatec oanpttljeuetn ixiee ma^ a'
noiDe, tlje moje ni:e:u!! eucc^ ijoifc man UuU be.
j^nD t!)c Day Ip ecpeiience is oiic kljoolcHtatf cc to mSrtict t3«
IjolD mtJCi) it p^euaiieei) 02 l)irt^:cc[) fo^feeDasto bcfoUieit,
plants to be fet ,o^ftennes to be gcaffeo in tl)i^ 0; r^^it trme,^-
uin3rerpednotonelrtuti)et:me oHgz ^t:itz, ast^ie^un al-
tecctint^butalfototlje eacceafeoiir.aneoftije ©oottiotfje
figne H^^ 10 iUj an3 to tie piai'C^ of !)?au2n viboue, oi tnoe c t^e
eastb aittJaifo to tijc afp^ct^ of otljer plants , tuljofebeaines of
lig'^t anDinflacnce, berlj qiuckeri , comfoit, pieferue, t main-
taine, oj els nip, oj^^jluit^ei;, csnftnn^janti BeHco^ b^ fun ti;iie
U)aie3 tl)e tenDec feeos ,p!ant5 ^ and gcaftis^ acco^Oin#ii t^jcij:
watuce, m^ twz naturall 0^ acciDentail
2,4 T he Alt of Gardnmg,
^ttttin] firtt pjefupp'cfitig tlje nuecticumfpectton of tf)e
cljotce of grouuD , l ot^iei: tljinge^? genciallv rcquttcsj m tt)t» •

^nD tbcrfo^e acfoaDu-gfcot^to tVjcmt^^cntit ofttelrifcanO

evTCit aarcnsitietfl, a£5 aUo ttjetuat^ anD p.mecnt ei:pEn^
uieritcc0 ,m tit\)tt fotuingo.: planting, o^ioti^thlcp^actire
about ijearbes, plants, t; tuts.^mt Mt t)nto tjs fo; ouccomj'
moDitie tijcle rules folloUnng> tljatacc to be tJUDerffcDOano
feept in caufes of importance, anu ijo^ext occaConmar be
mutjtnS ztmne anD tfjc ggcDHeare eitfjec ti);ec^(cm^t^tk$
c!f tt!0 -ZODi ac^^e afuntjcr , ( Uji)tcl) Difference ig callcD a fertile

afpect , ti)U6 conimcnlv^ matfeeo ^

iuf^cn t^er areafunDci:,
) 2.:

126. Degrees , tn^icl) is callen a triangle , Ti igon , 0,3 Sl^ricnt

afpect 5 tl)en is It gooo to labour tljeeartl) , fo^uit^erfotuing,

tilling, garoning:» t)ining, 0; builDing.

115utU)!)entl)eratea quarter of tl;e z:ooiach afunDci:? cal-
ico a quartEle aipett , l»l)ic!j is 90. Degrees, t^m meoDle not in
fuel)matters, jfo; toljen t^ei? are in places oppofiteoneto a-
as if tlie one be
tiottier , m
Anes , ano tt^t otljec in lifee number
of Degrees in Libra , ano fo of Tauru s anD Scorpio f c.
%\)t full spoons are not gocD fo^ftjat purpofe,fpeabingge<»
nerall!? as Hie noto Doe: t^e ep cone being neere t\)z S>.;agons
taile,isnot gooD,but neeretlje D;»agons ^eaD is gooD.^llot^ec
things be p^efoppofeD equall : anD moft b^teflp fo? tt)is little
tceatife tofenittjpot^er obferuatiosDepenDingoftljemooneje;
places onlT? , confiDer tljefe follolDing.
a^^e sp^nebeingbetteeen tl)e 28. Degree of Taurus, anD tfic
tieuent^ of G cm'mt. , folue. lanD tlje mtnne being berte^eene tbe
28 of Gemini,anD t^t fivt of Cancer, foU)e not. j^nD from tfjc
iirt of Cancer,tnto tfje i9» of tbefame, fo^eanoploto *anD
fi:onitbe28.of Leojtinto 1 2i« ofVirgo,folneanDplant*anD
fromtljence tinto t&e 24* of Virgo, buil9,rotoe anD plant: and
fromt^e24 ofVirgo tntotlje i9.of Libra,foU)eiploii3,anD
fromt|encetintotljei9»rol»eanD plant* ^nD fromtl)e5,of
CapricornuSjtintOttje I9 ofCapricornusroUJC^nOfromtljC
24.ofPifccs,t3ntotl)e7»of Aries, fotoe. li5efiiDesallt{)cre,
tmm^t b^ i?wic naturall reafon , eafiil^ finoe t^is rule of t^z
The Artof Gardning a-
olDie \x>^itct$fobe toll notcD to ts, tljat titlitt maberre
wioi?ftic gcounD, o: elfe tl)c feetiefl rcu folue, be feeoesof
gceat mojfture, ttjat tljen row fl^^H commoDioufli?e cljoofc
t[)e eno of t^je ^ooncs toane, to^cn l^e ts tetrncace fjei*

change, butifeit^ecT>oui: grounD becftfje D^ied, o;pcui:

feeDes:t{)eijpoonc lomngano totDai:Dttjefull,i0frttea,n0
mo^e of tfjefe r ou can finDe at roue time of cone uc-
0titj tl)g
ring, tl)c it 10 : as in gooD grouno Vcell o >effeD , in tue
fearonoftf)er<^ai:e,m Due time of tijc g^oones age, in Due
time of t)et' place, in tlje -^oDiafke,in Due afpecte ofSacurne,
kiell placcD in tt)e figijt of i^eauen u* 0nD tmles roue ttuffe
begooD, alltt)is p^euailetfjnot. ;9nDbefiDes5 tljat, t&e com-
mon iaimanacto bppon pecticuler afpecrs inciDent fo; tlje
time, Doe noU) anDtljen cractlr luame rou of times gcoD to
plant in, as ccmmonlr iD^en t[)eTaurus ano
^goone is in
Aquarius, o.:toCoU5e in, as Ixiljenl^e is in Taurus, Cancer,
Virgo, Libra anD Capricornuj , o^U^ljcnanroftljererignes
ace afcenDing in tljeCaft angle, anoltiljen Marsneitljecce-
gacDet^ tl)e afcenDant , 0^ tl)e ^oone, but t^at Ije be loeefeelf
placeD in tlje Situation of tlje fjeauens fo^ tljat time.
gt'cat raanr of otfjec rules as concerning tl)e pertirus'
lar fauouco.j [)mDecance of tl^e b^auens , migbt ( and tbat ne-

ceir3!:ilp)bauebeneb;0ugbt inti)is place, but ntitlfttifsitin

mr purpole , fo.: t|)is p;e[entj titl^zt to be long in lD.:igi)ting 0^
Dacfee in fence.
2no peccbance, t^e moft pact of tlje common ro:t of people
tuill t^inU tljofe tbinges fometo^at aboue t^tit capdcitiCy
retmr confciencebounD mefomeiDbat to putlucti matttt
intotljeicljeaDes occafioning t^tmtijtubv (ix)l;ete tljeDain*'
tines anD tjaleUj oftbe feeDes o^fets fo require) to tfe tSje

councellof fome fucljasbotbmar eppounDtfiem tfjefe rules,

anD giue tbem ouer alike if nceo be»
Ci;ucn becre roumullp;jefupporeaIl tbinges on r our part
fullranDonelrficft p^pareD anD VoellappointeD , anD tben
totoaite fo;j,o;take5eeDe tofucb times as ijeere are noten,
fo;^ t^e ipo^Wng of tlje ]3!annets tljerein.
(£ Cerriinc
2 6 7 he Art ofGardning,
Certaine helps 3c fecrets again(lhailc;lightniBg,tsmpcfts^
miftes^ruftjfrofts and burning heat* Chap. i2.

SC£eing t\)t feeDC3 , plautijano ^eatbe^ folDeit aito fee in tljz

lloanieDj^atljet:, lis!)ic^ peatl^ Difcomfit^ tt)c©diOitci:,o;

(at t{>e leaS ).facl) tuijiclj oopto i^auep^oSt ano commomttg
b^tl)c^eai:bs5 folDnean^iretut tlje (5acO0ii:I^^ecefo^efo;
tljeijettcc auoi^tjing of tljefe fiangccSjt^e aancipnt ^asban^^
men anD skillfull ©aroncc^ Ijaucfouni^out b/pMetice> fwn-
0;g cemeC'iejeJ an;atnll fuci; tacafc^ec.

ainD ficd agalnH ijatie , tl)z andmt bufbantjm en cminfafle

to compas t()caUi^03 m tlje gacoeii , about ttjitl) t\)c tDjtte
„ T
Philuftratus iBillctl) ^ t^at tDl)m toefsettjeljaUe

CTGM, againft rt^ace at iiatt^^t^cn to cojnpas iaUies aboatlottl) tbe sfeinne

haile neere ae Of t^C a^eacalfCjO^ Cli3 tl)0beaix Hiena 0^ t!j0 Cro^dilc,anU
Jj^ana. to!)aitsani! oftpcfesikmncs air0attl)eentcaiKeo;cci;iinms
^iiotlje <Srecke3iDrvts,t!jattl)c garden D^all net be Ijac-
Helps againft Ug^tttlngs, t^att{)0fame about be concusD luit^
jjig^jj^ if
jj^^ tjti3eof t^e ClUCt l^Ojfe^nameO <:Iippotamon. ^no Col u-
lumella if^oucompastbeaUi^es of ^aatgapen
aboutloit^ , o: b^tag aa£D^l0itttbe<E5ar-
ttjeUJijitc tline
jjen luitb tbe lomges ab.:oai» , t^^t eit^et of tbefe do ocfsnB
tbegacDcnfcom Ug'^tnings. ^nofunts^ictjoe plant tljeBai?
tcce in nirnt^ places of tl)g gacDca , as a tjefcncc to it aptnfi
^WtJ Archibius ipjotebntO Antiochus&agofSiria,attD
nimts aanctent xnta tt)? like , t^at if ^oa bacp t'gs fpecUleD
fXo?)0mclofeQ mancaj earthen pot, intbc mioolc ofi^oat;
C3acDai,t!)attbefame oefenoet^ itfvom IjactruUlis^atSei:

HoTps a^^^nft
^oii;cairof)i^qc tbc-^a^Ies featljers, o: tl|e ^himt of t^e
thkke myftes ^ea-Calx iH it)e mi^oie of tbc gacDcn, o.: in tbe foai: corners
^ni froHes* of tbe faiue as a piaDuaa oefence to tempeSes ^ao
it agatnix
tftbtcks mioses ootjatmetb^ gacoen^ttjenbame^eap^s af
Cliaffe U^?j?oes j o,j %zub«^s ia funD^ie pUces, fo; tbat tbe
The Alt ofGardning. 17
fntcafeefl^allmuc!) l)tl^tl)iB imtttt* j^stti Diophanesmljt^
rp.iC0 of {jiii'bariD^v' , tuilletfj to gat^ci: tt^\ti}i t Deat) UieeD^s
c^fiiff) lihc niattcr, pnistutne t{jcnion!}ca{:c0 himanv|:!a-
tc^ about tljj oaCDen ,lat efperiallr tn tljac part luljiel) U)av'
ti;cix}mDe t&cn blotrjct^^tljat it ira^ fo carde tljefmcafe^

t^.^ougl) tljc (SaiiiCH- fo; br tfjat mcancs , it is tfjoua^t ic a-

ncri5e ana put aluai' tJjeemll ano^atme oftljenirlleto^ic!;
is; i-^ci! p;erent,o.: at ftanD.
anD UUjcnruCf ts falling on t^e f^eacbes t t^cnBeritias in h^p« as»»p^

an £)rc, Unti) C^reDung, m'O to mafeea gieat imoafeefe^tij^

luitl; cotiJiD about gacDcit hnt efprnallp tl)at toa? luijir ^
tt)c ,

t[)e bintie tljeii bloiuetl) toljcceb^ all tf)C fmoa^f tl);oug!) tl)$

tuintie, mai? be fo caar eo agaiH^ t!)c tjiol^KC e cf tije iKd falU

liiigtcfjjct) br ttjat immtB l^albeare oSf tlje Ho^fomc occafi-
£nD Ap ulcus iu>itet^,t§at if vou malfeeafmo^etoitljtlje Afdcreta.
burning afCceuifeg I ^reo: goats Dung ojctjdtTe.tbc fame gamiu;oft|,
tobeamo!!^ p^iefent remeDie againftti)ci:utx* BnDrcitaine
(305:fes to^tte,tf3at a gatticn folune U)it() faeane^f botip tDittjiit ,

ano U)itl)out, t^e^ Do DcfcnD it icom bang ^acmeD b\> fiolls»

BentiusanD Anotaliusto.itte ,tbati( poufoaktt^ercotts
^^^^^ ^ ^^^
o^leauesof eitljert^e twilDeCotocambero^ Colloquintida ^uft^Wat^a^Ua
b;ufeD in t»atec,f rp.:infe?eT?oac fieaibcs taUen iint*^ riift. be? bcforetheiun
fo;0 t^EriGng of t^e ^un, tbat ttjefamc rccouetetl) t^em. miiig.

^no tjje faioe Aaocalius U).:itet!)4&at it poti fti^p vouc feeD6

intije tuater oftfretootcs oftlje tuiloe CoU'Cumbec,bcfoj0
t?oa fotoe t^cm,t[iattt)0 •ameDe^cnDcto t^^^ra from all Ijacrii^s
fif tlie too.:niC£i. flies anD all ottjec aeeping tljinge^.
^m Apuleus Ui^tfetfj , tljat if fDu plant tbe^ai? tree in
manv places o^'pour garoen, tl)at tlje ^'auic putteli alpa-^ t^e
Jacmes of ttie tuft, as batC) often bene evsecienceo*
0no tbat burning beate l)d!nicnQCV«utC5aii}ert.rijir^ A^e^rrtta-
commonly commetl^ abnutt^c Camculer c? ^ogiie Dares^ H?i abur*,
Phme tDiUett) to burne mn maUc a fmoatt of tt);ee Cccat'cs a nghtm
about vdnt gcouno aao l^ncec ^om Cl.«e> ai? a gees tcrr.cDte
©1 CcruittC.
, -

28 The Art ofGardning.

Certaine helpes and fecrcts againft the Garden vvormes, the
greeneFlycs, the Canker woormesjthe great Mothsj the
Snailes with fliellcs and without fliellcs that harmc and
gnawc as well the leaucs of Trees & Fruits, as thchearbs
and young Plants comming vpf Chap. 1 3

^^^^^? \ ^ E> fo.jafmac^ a% it i^ appacant titito aUmeits e^es^t^at

med b diucr's
^^^^\^^-^^^ ^HD votxm plantes after tfiep bee come tap* be
^iuecdieinDaungecto cectaine fmall llSeaftcs auB cceeping
tl)mges, liuirtg afssDell t)noect&eeart^ as aboue,t^atcaufe
t^e plants oftentimes to become toeake, iftljep bee notfpee-
Ahard expel. oilg loofeeo tjnto foj cemeuie ^no fuc^ alfo ts t^at gceat e«
LngfometimefcegfeartD abottnoance of tljem> t^at b^ all meanes polTible
f^^tcanbee DeuifeD eitljecUiitljece > fuioafee o^Jcon, tlje^
cSr' "^3^ not af tec be Dttecl^ e^pelleo ano ^.ziuen out of t^e ©at*'
Den , being t^ztz once loDgeD in t^e gcoimo : wm^ato^z t^at
t^efeannoiancestot^e©ai:Den,mai> b? Diligent inouftcieof
t^e ©acDnec be t^e better Deftco^eD,aniJ t^at ^ee ma^ ceceiue
t^e mo.:e commooitie anD profit b^ \)i$ i^eacbes, aotoers ano
cootes,tl)ecefo;e fl^all ^eecebee oeclaceD,rucb fpeciallcemeDiesf
as t^e ancient ano late to^itecs ^aue inuenteo, ano b^ t\)zit

Diligence p.Jactifeo,tnto ttje great comfo.:t of t^e (BacDnecano

to Ijim t^at Jatb Delight in a CBacoen^
Remediesa- ^no fictt Africanus,in^ts leacneD tpo^tfeeof bu0banDjie,
gamft the gar iputetlj, tbat it pourmoafeet()e!)oles of t^etoo^mestoitf) D,jie
dea wormes, ^j.^ q, coluDung,
tljat laljicl) tt)e \symz ttjen blolnetfi,

tdat it Dot^eppelUftem from tljeeatmg anDgnatoing after of

l?our Ijearbes^ i^no Plinie U)ntetl),tl)at tt)e pure mother oz
fome oftDe oi?le(tDttf)outt[)emii:tai:eoffalt)fp^inckleDontl)e
ljDO^mes,Dot|alfoD;iue t^ematjoai?*
ano if t^e iso^mes ^ang to t^e rootes of t^e plants 0^
. l^earbes t!):oug|) tbe naag^tineUe of t^e Dung, t^zn toeeDe t^z
315eDsaiiD plants berte Diligently?*
of t^e (CatDen ^li^eiif t^at b^ a natural meanes ^ou Doe plant
0.: foioe in man^ places amongft ^ouc j^earbes^t^e j^earbe na-

The ArtofGardning. i^
ant) Anatolius m ^is IjusbanD^ic inftcucttoitd tt).:itetlj,tl)aC
tljz sKOeitiFlies bekiUeuixntl) tijerp.uncklmgof ftatptmine^ Remedies*;- '^
gacminglciJ ioitdjtljDiuiceof l|eabaiteonit^ein» ano tIjeliJte gamftthe
Doot^t^eroOtjenUqaojo;\Batcc0ftl)e l^^acb^aameojFlea- greene flics
of the garden,
bone,a0to.ntetbPamphiliust!)e(25i:e0ke,inlDl)icl)tbe beacb
itameu Nigella Romana, i)st^ fo.ja ttmeberte foafce^ f fp^in-

bleD,hilltbesaci3ert flies.
an9 if ^ou tpill not Jaue i?our (ems aftec f ^0 fotoins, to be
gnaU)en 0: eaten of ang creeping t^tngesi in t^e (Sacuen, tben
before t[)eroUjitt5roakei?OHcreeDe3 in t^eiaice oft^e^^eacbe
namcD ^engceene 0; ^3uflifee,as befo.ze teas taught
j^lnD Anatolius to^itetb,t|)at tbe feeoes fl^al not be gnatoen
tf^oafoteeoKettjiemint^egcounD , in t^efl^ell of aSCo;*
anD Palladiustojitetljitfjat^ottciaot^l^eacbes D^alnot en-
genoec nogfome too.jmeis,o.j otber creeping tbinges>if tbat ?oa
tbe feAes before t^efoUiing in a 2no;toiresfeinne>
o.2ie o;^ tUz
fettle beacbe ^ints in mmv
places^ano efpeciall^ among
tbe Coletoo.:t5 : as tbe like as tome to;ite,Dotl) a little quanti-
tieoftljebittectitcbeso;taces(roU)ne among!!) p^jeuaile^ef^
peciallB if tbe fame be fo tone amongft tfje i$aoi(^es,anD capes*
aifo, t^eanncientte^itecstoiU, tbattbeiFitcbes,tobic&
bee a gcaine lifee to ^^eafon , be fomenin man^ places among
t^z^ot^^utbzB , fo.J a fucec Defence againtt all creeping
ano Frontius tD jitetb^ljat if t^e |^ot-ljeacbes be fp^mcfelet)
toitb t()eb;inemaoe of 0oofe Dung , tbattbefame ocfenDetlj
"^zatkts from being gnaben of tlje (Sacoen too,:mes , 0^ otljec
creeping things.
anonotoas tontl^m t^^ Caterpillars tobtcb tbegreeftcs
nameo ^almcrtxio:mes.tbatgreatlreannot? anD fpoinetljaDiueis helps
l)eacbesoftl)e(Pacoen: Piinie\»i!let!),t&at pou fp.:incMe tljeandfecrets
plants o;t trees \x^it^ blouD^ tujigs,as afpeciallremeDB to
anbotljerauncient lo.ziters teacbi tijatifroufjaue turner

creuifes in man^ places of tljt ©aroen^tliat t^e fame ootlj liUe-

toife D^iue atuai! tjie Caterpillers*
e 3
30 ThcArtofGardning.

%)im^t Betr-g of tijat Icatei: , m

tol^tc!) t^t tiine a^cis feaue

bene apaefcnt rcmcDie.

^nu tl)ei:e be otl)t t U)|jtc^ toiU , f l^at abcu t t^e bD^ieief anD
arniiC0 cf ttje tires? re rantile anD imU
a fmoKe cf b^imffcne
anijlinneaUeti lime tcgit^ei: ^ ts a fpeciall rtmeoie toD;iue

3n^ tijctc are ccrtaine ct^etilD^icIf ficfi to foften t^e firDs

mt^atHrelvljic^ig ojalraie animate Dft|ie jf!gaC^85,be^
foie t^£i> fclue tljcni in Vt}t giounti^o? ratljsr in tlje b!©D of tlje
CateiptI leig 5 D,zintl)eiuic0 of tf)c!jearbc nameUtfjcijoufe^
lafec aiiO fomc luUI alfo , to fi^nakie ^tt^z fig al^es fcpon t&e

ano ceitaine rather t»tll, tljatiPoufoUjeljfeljearbemfa^
fl^ion to a big £)mon) aiiB naweo of t^e ^ipotljccadejs Squilla
tn tl)c CDavtcn ^ o^ f^ang tije fcime beete anottjcEe about t^g
Cacoen , fo; a p.;erent mnmt- againft t^t CattcrpiU

0nt> fome UnlI,to bucne ttjc SCoaoe tJooIes o; ui§^®mg, ®

to^ic^ grolu out of tbe Maf nut tree , ano be JJifTc baco, am
tt^atmtt} t^eHcons fauouc of ttiem, t^e^ mas robeoettcon^

ani> fome 1500 to^ite, t^atafaucuc ma?3e of tfjeonel^ Dung

of 5IBacfeesi m
mani? places or tl>cgarDen teiUOeftcoijtbem:
3no tf tlje CateiptUer? to i^et loU^gano tbefe fo^^niei; Ijelpg,
tben tife tbis p.^actife beece tinoer taugbt ts, tbat vow
f^iogit^cCjaftei: fettle fame ouec tbe fiec tintill it betjot,
ano tafting tue ^ame of, let it coole.tobifb being colOjCpzinfele
on tbe potbeacbcs anD tcees, %m t\)t lame l^all Oi^Ilro^ t^em
di; Aiiotabus mnUih of crpecience*

anoPalladiusiDutetf) , tbatif^oobamefmaUbuttDlesof
©aclt&e blanes luitbout t)eaDs - mantng a fmoKe tDitj) tl^em,
int^t alUcsano pat^e oftljecDai-oen about, tjiactlieCams
SoiUfleatbem toitf) tbeonel^ fauouCi
^aao cectaine ©ceefee t^::tets mill . tl)^t ^ou tafee a fetn of
i^eCavei:?(li^i;)5in t^znm^Mm r^i^^c^m^ m^^^^ti)
The Alt of Gardning, 31


fele on r^z tjcatbes 0; tm&.um in far!) places Ui?jes:e mi

be, ^'^f "en a"
anotfje fame iljaU Deacon tijem. ait ta^c t^cr^ tJiiligcntgainftthecat

Ijeerje , t^at none of tl;isJ luatev fall , eJtfjet: on i^out face 0^ cerpUki s.
aino fome toill, to bume of Galbanum, 0^ t&e lioouei of
goatisf, O.:t|j0l^artsl)o,ju^,maltmgafmoafeemtb^ (Sar^asr,
liiljiGf) loa^j tfie toinoe t^zn bloljuet^, a$ a fpcciall rcmeOi^ fa

fleat^mi. .

ano toercbe fome isjl;tc|) totll , tfjat tcu tteepe t^e taine a^ ^ fingu
{l)e0 at toatccfo^ tl)m Dare5,anJ3 aftec (?.:utk!c plenttfulli? of ^Tto di™
t^e fame on tjouc \)eathz^ an^ trees , as a p^efent remeoie to away the ca-
t>;ma%}at€ditetpil\t}:$. tci^iiiers,

ano Diophancstlje dPt'^fee^toritet^jtfiat tlje ^ct^si t)^iz^

U\t^z\ak$ ma? be mScQ^eD ontljtsU)ire,iftl)ati^o«taHe
t^z malu of a iueat^jec l^eepe nelu UiUeD/iiot ls3a^eo,bat Ija^
um 3U t^e filtl) tjanr^n^ tijeceon, tBljicijUgl)tl^ coneco;

poulaec Uiitb eartlj in tljat place.Uiyete t^e^ moft ftoacme in

companieof ^otij:3 m\^ ot^ei: Sies jjeapeu t^eteupoii ixiijtc'^

eitljec caa? attia^ , 0; buri^ tie r^ oeepe in t^at pL^ce, t^at

t^ei? rife mt again, iaiiit* vjsljen^ou baue t^us oone but tUjife
6.nij.nretogiif)ei:, X'ou H^all titterl^ oeCtcoi? t^iem fo? com-
mingan!?mo;e. tj ? «^^ •
anij againU tnmk^. fcotfj tcitfj (lell anBlute^out (bzl tlje fnX^"'^
tte\jD mottjer oz fo-ne of o^le fpniit^leD on ti)tm, t^oi^ gccati^
p,:iuaiie,an5 tljcUkeDottj fcDtofCljiiumeisfjrcatieceoontije
beDs, o;iiue tljem ali\ir*
£nD luliys Froiiio U);:ttet!5j tfjatallpotfjcarbc^bcsreafi^ Afecrccfor
f)o!pen auD uefenises from novfome Wza^zB ii bg tficm It? e pothearbs out


ix T he Arte of Gardcnirig,

Certaine helpcs and fccrets agamft the Garden xMoIes , Pif-

mircsjGnatSjFlies with long hinderlegs, Breefis, Fjcld-
Mice, Backcs, Scrpents^Frogs^andTodeSjwhich gnawe,
harnic,anddcftroy5 asvutU the trees and fruits, as ocher
hcarbes and flour e$, Chap. 14.

A#^ f°^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^" ^"^"^ P^^^^^ of gai:tjeni5,t^;o«g5
relaifqukt /^tljeicmsgmgantjcaamgtjppe, Doe leaue bare bottit^ie
»nd grkfc to feeoesi, ano rong planteis comming tp, to t^e tttermotte 00^
Gardners^ ficuction of tlje gooo mtttak of t^em tol^ic^ b^ t^at me^nas

Dotl) not a little Difqiriet 0: gceeae t[)e ©aroenec , to fee !)t0

patnefuU laboursi foto be fubuecteo anD come tnto t:utrte>
contcarieto Ijts eppediation tiopeoaftec anot^ecefojefuc^
lielpeg agamU tl)eir malltce , as ettijec t^e aunctent €^i:eebe0,
0;^ t^e ilatiniiles i)aue tp^ittett of ? ^all tjeece at large be
aino ficft tlje ©reekej; to.ute 5 tljat t^z ^oles toill at no time
apropcrfccrettjigo^ call t3p in t^egacoen.lxi^ere t^e bearbe nameo 2Eicli-
co ^nucavvay^^j,|5^Q^^^j.^jf0 jj^jj^g(illPaljna Chrifti,Dotl)eitbeCgi:Otoaf
Moiesin the
^^^ -^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^j^^^ gtouno , o; b^ougljt ot^ertoife be
^tiD botl) Paxamu J fSotion tl)e ©rcehe tunte , tljat if rou

tafee a Uialnut, ano bo.:e a l)oUotD fiUmg t^e fame a(tec-

t)ole ,

tDacDtott^Cl)affe, Hofen, anoB^tmdone, anocaufeDts

fmoafee 5 puttee fame into t^e bigger ano netoer ljo!e of^is
comming fo.:tl)oft^eeart{), Hopping oiligcntli? alllji^ ot§er
Ijoles , ant) t^at none of t^e fmoke paCTe fo;tl),ano in fuc^ fo^jt
leaue tljat one ano bigger bole Ijoioe open , t^at ti)e aire ma^
tbe better Dnuetbe fmoke into tbe eaitb> tobicb after tbe
apole feeletb ttje fauour thereof, Botb either fo^rtbtoitb runne
fomeotber toar from tljence^o^ isfonnod^oaheo o^iOeaDin
Aneafiepnc- SnD fome lu^te, t!)at i?ou ma^ tafee all tlje^olcs in ^our
aifeof the an- garoenb^ an ealier manner:3f t|iat pou get a quick ^ole^put
ticnt huCband tije fame into a oeepe earthen potjfetting tbe eoge to tfje eartb
^ole>af^ec a toliile feeling |)imfelfe tljuu inclofeu>tDiU
oi Motes.

The Art of Gardening* j5

cde out, ^oie^mtfjatgrounti uoet!;u3
ant) after tljeotfjer
rjeareliim cc^,tl)e^ U)ill^aflili^ B^atoneere tontoJjim anD ,

nunDing to Ijelp bim fo:tt) , IniU fo f^all into ttje pot* ^nD nolo
hv t\)is gafie mcan5,if jou tuil, ^ou mai^ take nno DcSrcu all
tlje ^^olesiin^oar garocn.
^no fomeujaito tahetljecoteoft^etitliitc JlioreU)o;tt,ma^ Di^^^^ ^

femgt^e fame mtc fine pouDer, anoaftecmmngit toitpar^ remedies ci-^

l^ mealcto toozke it togttljcc toiti) milke ano triine,anD a;'tei: ther to k,u or

nuUe It tjp into little balls, tol)ici) la^ Untf)iE5 tlje ^olcs of tlje *^^'^"« ^^ay
Sgoles* anD Albertus iu.jitct!),tl)at if \?ou ftop tl)0 Ijoks of
^oUs mti)tit^tt(5at\i^t.,^nionB, o;ltcekcs,t^atan^ of
t^rre>Doceitl|0rfo.:cet)tin fo.:tl)tDitt) to run from tjiat place,
0^ to ti^di op a mVo in (oim otljer place.
ano lometDill, tob^iagc Cat0 tocunne onelT^m ^p^^ofyj^""*
e^c^aroen, fo.J tf)c better D;tumg of t\)tm alear ^no urn|Tway'of

fomealfo uo b^ing tame, letting t'^tm af^ moUsoutof

\)pp ^XeerelljS
ter runne bppe an^ Dcume int\)t d^acoen, ano to lunn^ the gaiden*
into tjje ^oa!?5 0i' t\)z ^oles, UiW tfjjoug^tl^eirftincfee
ini)untiflg after tl)e^oles,tioeuenroij;iuet^emoutof t^g
jano fowe toilU to fill t^e moutfj of t^e fjoale luitf) tfje pou^
Dcr of t!)e rco macking ttone , 0.2 rei3 £Dher , nnres luit^ tljc

iuiccof tlje UHloCotoumbec^no fonie Unlto talte Galba-

num^auD B^imllone.filling a IlS^alnut ll^ell tljerc^ toitlj.ano
touiahea fmoaheinto ttje^oale,toijicl)ro o;^ipetl)tf)ema^
an0 Palladius tDUtetlj, t^jat if rou bettrifee t^e lotuer part
of ?our ttcc tbitl) reDDe £)her>miveD UJitlj Carce-ano tjang a
3ai? tf?ec0bi?,t^at t^e fame act^ fo gatlj-cr pifmieris al in one
place, t^at rou map after eaQl^ oellrop tljem.
dnt) cectatneot^ecstuill, to annointt^eaal^^df plant's
Untl)tl)epfluD0rofLupincs,mtreoi»it!)^ile» ^nofuno;^^
^ntt.t^at t&ep mar be tettroieo Uiit^ t^eonelr motljer ano
fome of ^ile fp;inch!ei5 on tliem.
ano Palladius t»;itet^,tl)atroumai? o^jiueatoa^ t^e great
l^eape ant} flioarmes of ti)e ^ifmier^ gat^ereo toget^ec^rf tn^
if ^0
34 The Art of Gardening.
^'-^^ '^^ ^^^^ ^'^^ ^^^^' ^^^ ^^^'^^ piMtt$
vr^a^r^'^'t ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^P ^^"
^"«*^^^ ^i*^ ^^'^^ ^^^"^^ tn r our gacDgn,t{)cn Uteto oa Sft ;a-
0jC3 in t^z allies, snl» patljen absut lx5|;ei'e tfjei' tun. ^no it
test!) UUeluifeauatle againti t!;Stt(n;a^jng ab^oao, tft^at
Vca betlrike tlje patljes about Uiljcce t^ef rumte, titijtt

0nDftsfe'D5 PilkdiustDjitellj, t(jatrouttiai?D.:uiea-

poU)Dcraft?)0 ©i'^anieanuiSjimltoKemireB togetijer,e;if

roei ai! antj du^e t|}e ||sUs of t^e pirmices \i)itl) t^e poVuOei;
n^a5e of o.;t^ S't'ttcr-ajeUcs buvHeD> it oot^ lifeeUJife ccllco^

^uD Paxamus t»:ttet!i, f^attf rou tafeeoftljcptrmtrcir,

ano burnc of tficm in tpc mtDDle of t[)V' (Saroen, tijat t^z cell
loiUfo.jralJCttj05counD. anotfjefat^e ^utljo^iDjitctlj.t^at
if vou inaUe a Hinhc isit^ Kofgn befo:e t^tit l)ole5,t^er toill
Kot after come ro.;tlj5 but fo^fake tlje place.
3ttQ Ije alCo ^s^nttt^y t^at it i?ou coinpas t^tm toitlj 1jD5it0
Other praai. li5©U, c'oalfee, o; resoalit!:, ozelfe CceUie countJ about t^ein
/esagajnft the tlie^ei^bc natncD^^gan^jbutefpetiari? tfjofelDatcsiD^ens
Pifaiires? tlje^ |?ai?c ccinmou caucfe iro: t?jen nctttjec luUi ti)e pif-

mires come neere tljat plant Uj^jereitis, uonunnebptljat

tt^ iT'tjici) is bouna a'jgat tbe boD? toitp tljis '^earb : fe mixc^
t^e^ !5atc tl)e fauouc t'^erecf*
;aut5Pailaaiusl:;jritctr5. tfjatifroubcunlieantj snndnt
tbe plants m^ treen Ivitl) itn c-ahcc, ta^ie, ano bHttei: mireD
togetliei', tijat tl;e fanto Dnnetp tJjsm aoja^.
anDccrtainc C^ceheUiriters U)ill, to anncint t:t)e plants
anD tXiCft i^iV^ tlje gall ofa liSiilUtije motfjer of £D!?le,ani3 Ut
tempe^eD to^ctljer, Uil^ieofo D;iaeti;t^^matDai?.aaDtlje?
alfo to :ite> ttjatif I'cu ^^miz of t«0p;op?ec D;oppin3 GitvjC
po'mcv^irx^\j^itti ^lin^serinto tijeicfjoles, tljefameDot^j

2!ro (rm ts>:Jtte, f '^at ^on ma^ DsSco)? t^c pifmires luit^
tljeoneIi?faaoacoft^saiiTS$ oKmaaUe^ of t^e UJiSos CclP^
The Art of Gardening. 3 y
antj cecf ain feil.tfiat if f fjc pitmitts crctp tpcn v^our Insd ^^'^i^ n^'oa
to ii^al^c bjoati tount) tings about t|)0 boisic^ mm
aimg of tbe youTuces.''*

trits3ljDit'^lT)9itec&aife5:fo;e^cit fei' tU)iceo;tl).2tce,o;cfm2C

fooom^jVflu %iUcaufet^enito fs^ftifee t|je creeping tpmi^

tljat^iOUtloptfjeir l}Qit^$jtiVott lisittjfeamuii.o^luttljai^eSj. pimrfor^tks

jfti)0PbeuGtuict.?inDi'Ste!)e!)cai:bj?ncltotrcpiori(txj'jicij kiihngof
fcnieruppoictobct^c:^adgoiO)b}?Scc^in(5t!5e leaner on Himii-ts.

f be l^okB, toe t'git^v Uilto\! Vgztr,. ^m

cttx^nc XDiiiz^^xt
thz ujatcr , in la'yicl) t [)e t)iiba'a03 tilts ijatl^ beitc rokco .pou-
red tjpon t^e ^olcs. ootl) i^cucoi? tljem: anti aous tljcfc iailca*
doni:apmStIjeptrmia*5^'4!l^0ei:erritFice. ^
^ntJ Diiiiocritus in l)is rulers Cf fjUSban^^t! tP)iteffl*tll5t Sundry v cn-.e
t!5e0.ta'«itu'^ic^»jaisntaii3rec(5 m gardens ma?>b2 3ri?ieii ai-sbrthe

Calamyntc. of bnats,
^earbOrganycmtjinepcain fpjmmlctj on tljem^ sorij
IcncUufe Dime tljem Rtr5ai?jas !)atl; bene crpertenceD.
^m ti)$ vl^iiaU alfo 05 c^afeD a\s5X^y if t^at ^oa ft^cpe tlis
^ jarb 3 Uu e,o.J Ijearb 5 grace in li3.itei:,anD Iprinchle t\)^ (amt^
cjafcri aljua? toitlj tl}e fmoiic maue of G albanum, b^imUmt
anD Comtamiyeuftgettjcr, aaDUijeUjifecljareo a\ua^ UJitlj

t^c Decoction ott^t ^earbc narneD Ficbane, fg.zinCiJlcD on t|^s

ant5 certatnc (©resides to.zite, tfj3tt&e flalto of© empe^ AfpHnckk
fiouciag.Doe D.^iueatoa^ tljefjoarme, c^ljuge covnpanpcf m.-idcot the
<5nattes; an^tljeli^e Dootlj tlje faijalic nuo^ortljc^^i^ lump flouring
iBoitl) t^z adjes 0: b.3,:ni5 ba :ne^, nito trjc fame
fpnncMeo on Vgz belJ5,Dotl) D;iue tije gnats alsai^ auo Ph ayr
l23;iteti)t&at arnio^cma5eonel^ortk)e gumuaJucoGaiba-
jiuiH, Dot^D^iuealnati t^e (3naH.
3no Byricius t^$<I?j;e^tia ^^tieet^, t^at if ^ou rp;ir»cl^le t^s
^2 ploca

3^ The Arc of Gardening.

Certain»^ pri- place molle toarmin^ of tfjofe fim ({r>itl) t\)t \m% j^toet
^^^^ leases )ttjepou^ec of ji^Dfc-iDao^t, £D;ptment, anomil^^e
^[^jj^'i' 'fl;,5
nilrcD toget^ec,tl)at tt)e fam j Uiill zii^u i\i\\ , mm
o^ D;iiue

withtiK Ion- t&em quite aUrap.anD U;e fame Byritius U)ntet[),t^aC :afom
hiaderlegs/ uiitl)fl)cf;eai*be Organie Vtzz^^ixi milfee, ant) t^g fame
fprincklcD ontftebeos anDl)earb?3,lettetl) t^em from tout^^
ing tbofe ljeacbc£{ aftet'* ilnD tlje ifia^Icaues o.j ^eacbes bea^
tentopouDecUjitljtljccodteo'f tt)e blac^ejjiorc^'tDO.U, aiiO
tempereD jjon^mirco top-
eittiecin milUeo;^ in yoatecoz
tijec.tlje on t!)e Ijeaiibes^ootl) eitijer: Qea i\)zm
fanie fp^inckleo
til t};iue tfjem quite aluar
A fccretfor 3^0 cetatne '3 cee^es lu;ite, tijat iri?o« burne of tljofe
^''^^'"^J'' flies in tljmioolc of iPourdBacQen, tljattlje fauoucoft^eni
way ot thole ^
.^ ^^ .^^ ^^^^ ^j^^ ^.^^ . ^^^ ^^^ ^ j^^ ^^^j^ ^j^^ letting Of

fome oft^em,anD after couenng tljemt^ece \si\t\) toet

anti B viitiu s tDiJttett) ,l5at tfje :^lte0 \i^it\^ t^e long Ijtn^ec
legs iBtl jiot after toucl) ani? of t^ofe Ijcarbs ipbicft be fp;in^ *
leD luit^ t^e U)atei:,tJDl)et:ein ttieHeeke o; vCento;ie l)at!) bene
Oi^imus pra. fteepeD.
ftife againit ^no agaittH t^e B^eefes (ta^icl) bee ^lies tbat eat^ tlje
theBreefe. Co3neasitgi:o\»t^)anOOocbalioesmacl) bacme to Ijearbs,
DiditiiusioiUet^ to folJD t^jeegcaines o; ce;jnes ofmuHacOi'
feeoe^neere to tbecooteoffucb a tceetano among tl)e Ijeacbcs
eaten k)it&t!)em,tuliicb foo^iuetbtljemaUja^. 0noagainft
tljeSclDantjOaroenj^micc, Apuleus toiUetbtoftecpe^oac
feeoes before t^e foiuingin an iaDre o^ CotoeiJ gall * ^Stt) cec^
taineU)ill,to ftoptljeic bcalestoitbtlie Icauesof RhoJo-
daphnesjfo^t^at UJb^ntb^D feeufi to come fo;tl) auD gnatue
t^oreleaue5,tl)ep after Die.
Hcmcdies a- ^itt^ cettaine (S c^^eUcs ^ill ,to take t^e potoDer mane of
gainft the gar- t{)e toilos Cotti'cumber .^^cnbane &«eues > bitter aimonus
den and Held- gj^^ ^lacfee ^ore^U)o;jt ( of caclj aliSe quantitte ) ano tbe
^^^* fame fo iwo^fee togctijec Ss^it^ o^le,U)^ic^ laioc o; put into tlje
(Saroen of iFielD-mice,o;i«eti; tljem fpeeoilie a^
|)oales of tl)e
luai?. tljat tfje <Sacoen ^kz mat? bee
^n^ Plinie tontetl)
o^wenaU)a^,tf ^09 rp,;iHrkle tljebc^s isitlj tlje ^i^es of t\)t
. '

The Art of Gardening. 37

m&ttU^ ixiith tut iuatec rp;mcfelcD on t^t bm, in lDl)ic5
n Cattc IjaCfj bin tuaHieD^ antj tljs fce^s alfo (be fo.:i^ tfts foks^'
ing ) fteepeo in tfje gall of an £D re, Doctlj D^iue tljem fcom t^$
gattitg of tbe fecos at ang time after*
^no Florentine U3;jitet^, tljatStfje S^nafee 0: ^Dtjer U)ill
^ug\jDo;t;o;&a3t[)emiiio^,beaptl^ planted in t!)eco;ngi:0,
o;coun!3 about t[)egacDe;i. :anD iftl)ev^auntani?(IDa!:oen,
t^tn mt\) tlje fmoahe raaoe of tl)e D;ie ililli? roote> 0: il^artis

|[jo?nc, o.zoftf^e l^ooues of t!)e (Baate, tljep mai! fpeeDilpbe

D^iuen atoar. ^nD Democricus to^itet^, c|)at if ^oucall tlje
gceenejDhen leaueetjpon eitlject^eS^naUe 0; ^ooer, t^at Howrnakess?
5eDietf)fo^tJ)toitl); c;ifani^fpitetf)falltnjj intotJieicmoHt^ adders may be
open. kiid.

0n Florentine U):itet J, tljat neither tjie^nafee no, an-

^er UjUI come neere tfjat place, tu^ece eiti)ec tlie fat of a ^act
lizt^ bucieD 0.: t^e tcote of a Cento;ie}0^ tt^n Sone of Gagatcs
©? ti^ Bung of a Mtt l^etlj.
0nD|?oumapu;^iaeatDn^ani^l3eneniou5 cceepirtgtF)mg, howanypUtc
maOe of Nigdla.Pelitory ,Galba' may be free
if t^at T?OU tafee tt)e pourjer
of tlje goat, miring all tljefe togct^cc b^ equall portions, anD
«no mitt\ f^c fame mafee a fmofee,ani5 it D j^uet^ al fo;jt^t)Dit^
to fo^fafee tfje gcouno tpon tlic fauouc tf)ereof
2in^tl}t^ ^ateallflti'ong fonours, to^icbbeeitfjec matie
iDft^ d^acUke oz iDnion blaDe0,ant) hxt\) like: anD tlje flame the addersani
of fier alfo lubtc^ gceatl^ Dimmett) t^tit fig^t.
, ^m
t^c 2i^'< rnakes loy to
Do liltelDifeloue t^c ^auine tcce, ano t^z ^^*
J)eri5 tlje 3 uie tcee,
ifenell,astbc ICDaoc0 Doetlje^age, anotlje&nafect^g
^nu tbe ^nafeejs anti atJtiers (of all other tl)inge0)Do moU
{jatc tt)e all) tcce, fo; ti)at tl)0r cannst abi^e tlje toucljing of ,'^^',"j^^^^^^^^

tlje long O^aDoki in tl;e mo?ning,no: tljat in tl)z cucningbut thTaVh asd the
1^ afl)tcee,foufarnattc(rMti)l)e)be compares abontiBitl)t^ie wo thy to be

gcecnc aKj tcec leaues.ans a fizt mmt m tlje miD^cH/t'pit tjs ^o'^^'^'

if I toiU
\^% The Art of Gardening,
tatljet tuit into tljc bacninj5gi:e,t^en tstoaco^:
t^$ It^visi

uiucl) tjatctl) tlje af^ tree.

fo tje

OFthe VMt ^.mttttmtmttymt a rmDhcma^esft^et^^ieiFeme

againftfaikes jjnmeo , DoettjD^inealuai^ ^naUe;5 auDao^crigQatof tt)at
i^uQ Palbdius fe;ittct!),t^at t!)2 ^
jtake nn5 a^5cc^ aat) all

fitter t2cnsnicu3 tcrminc l*c D^iuen aUiai' luit^ tueii) ftacp

auD Ixiiutiing fauour fumct) ab^c-au*

Howtosdes ^j^^ ^^g £D9a?3S Kiai? bc D^iuen atoap n«t> ml!^t)(as ta^itg
may be dimen ani) remebiejj,
^^^^ (i5,;0c^e^ aiit) Itattiies ) tDitlj tfjofe i)eli3e5

Suj} AfVicanus iB^it^t5>tant t!);j Backs tDil not a i^e fep anu
Bo\3)iie in t^at satucn/a}pei:e t^m& tlje isaHes ani) ?at^5
-driumgaway, I'&u ^ang of t^e^ougl)e5 01 b.:anc^cs a: tljc IBianc tree* Snu
and killing of t^t ^^ ^i^o UiUco loit^ tl)z cncli) fjnsaltg nia^e of Jup b:an^
;Ik Backes.
^^^g ^^^ alUes about.

anD againtl the cljitpin?; of t(;S frcgs,ti>l)tc!j peif)apj5 tkmt

antjfccrct to^ittmof tljev^reek Africans , Ss^^it}^ toillet^

to ret a br^g^t iig^t befo;e tijcm , o; to |).ina: a b.ngT)t ILan^.

ttmz li^it on fomc tiee, fame lig'^t ma^ (l^ine bpow
ttjat tbe
tijem UHe tl)e Ug^t of tl^e ^unne, in'iiic^ cautet^ tl)tm bp tlje
flg^t tljeccof, to ceafe t^cic chirping, as tJatl; bcene trrco bi
|ioUj (gentle reader) 31 'oaue Jeere tttece 5 tjofe fpedal m^
commoDtties topics Ijappcn tn CDacuens, ^nto tofjiclj 5 Ijaa^
«5io^neD tbe moSt p;ou2D anB tcu: c jcpenences ,asaintl t^oxe
emldi out of tbebsd ^utljour^^botl) of tl^eolo anD n$Ui
to;itci:sin tl)i5 ^ct:leaft tbatan^ (baaing oeligljt
in ^Daconirtg ) (b^alo be fcuftate of tijafe
|^elipei?<0nd tbuiet an eno ot

The fecond Booke inftru(aetli di-
uers manner of fowing/ctting,and ordc-
ling ofthc mod Pat -hcarbcs^ Flowers,&c*with
the care and rccretstau^htjafwcll for thchealch
of the bodif , as to the pi eafurc and dc-
light ofthe eye.

as it igitj mino fj^ce to enter into t^e feccno,

Jn kJljic^ d^all be catteateB of t^c fiiuers
mannec, care, c.:Deniig> aiiD Sfilligeme tu
be facSotoeD, bot^ in t^c rolling, fctting,
antJ remoouingoftpcmoU pctijer»rbsTteeDl
fmelling l|cacbC0, anD plea^dnC floloers, as toell foU^e
tfeof pijidc^e , nsi fo: plea'nreta came in tl)Z ?jani>, ano

Btl^erlt)irefD fiTiietljepot, Sin^ t^efe, bi? oilligeace cftlie

aut^o.:, giitijereDoutoftlietrcafwre^oft^ebeil U)^iter$ of
t|ie s^reekeg ano fL^tim^ in f !;(« art : ana ej:pertcnce9 bp t^^
tfttnp^AAikSQuunrjmsh:i\fvi\[0xc^ixcts in hiatts realms;
anDcoiintcieg » bntooa5:gceatt)rean!3cormno^ttic» ilnO
fuc^ tDQ^tijr recretg alfo t^n^'^t in t^.zic matters, as tfje Iik$
Ijatl) not htzm t)ttercD in t^e (i];ngli!^ loitgne* EnD fo; t[)at

3 uieancnot toree.ticlcngini'c'oea!;ral o: tijebcneutof tijefe

tnto ttiansf Ij^aitl) anD Delight; : 3 mmoe t^ctjjfoje (a0Si
Mamberofitviiers oo)toc*^tr'}atfirOcQf tptkseli ttiiotenc
Jjeacbe, botl) t-nt t^c Ciltie auss Cciuiaie 5 nanieo tlje ^^tt^
tucet lefjofe nature, earej^^oper-vie^, ano benefits alfo to t^$
fcealt^, ftaU after appcai;^,

OFthc ordering, care, and fecrsfs of the Lcttuco

Chap. I
Set! tfjiD ©arDcn Hcttnce (of Isjljiclj !»e min^ ^ere in
mttcat)^zzt[) Deligijttoug (ctsncin afatt^anDteli
iJi>?ougijt$coun5, besing BungcB befo jc/anD uio^ll^ at tije fo^
feini; fo^ Co itaf^tsiizt^ b^ tp^ fourth Da^aSer fje foising.
j^o The fowing & fetting of Hearbes.
fo t|)at tlie fecDs be not otfjecUjifg burnt, am tljc gtcuntJ &«•
^itD It m
ai? aire be fotonc
all tl)B vtatt tlj^oug^.if fo be tf)e

-giounu be ^Dell Bunget) ani3 u^edeo, anD tl)e feetis often U)a*
tereo,fo?rotl)ci^ccnie tf^efaftei; and plentifullei: bp . ^nD
fet eis tuljicl) I'OU CoUi in tf;e fjatuelt. ma^ luell be remocueD
an^ ret apine in t^emonctl) of a^ecembec, am in btmt^iif
Ijou toill) teit^ 0tl)ec t)catbr$: fo; fo it toell abioetb tl^e coioe

iDintci: time, am i^ alfo muclj coinfo^teo tticceb?, fo? tbat it

nia^ luell agree aiiDcome bppe tuitlj otl}ei: beatbes>t5nto tlje
^a:o4tme* ^m
to wiaUe it fp;eaD of b^eaoti) in tbe scotDing,
^outtiufttljenremooueeac^ ftoniotl)ec, Vo^mnBtixltam^
be fp^ung \3ppe , ano fet t^em a gocu fpace afuni3cc,lt)t)eceb^
tljer ma^ rp;jcat) t^e larpr: aniD tfje p.:cCring tovpne of tbem,
mull efpeciall^ be Done tn Icarnie Bates , m ligbtir cutting
ttieleanes about, antjaftcc lading tfjeH^acDesofSDiles^ej
tuftn of eartii to pjelfe ttjem Dotone*
anoleaft t^eLettuce C^oulD groto ^ara it ougl^t to be of#

ten fet,ai|0 plentifuUi? toatceD^fo; b^ tljat means? t^t leaneis;

iuill gcoto bot^ tenoerec anb foftec, fotbat tbe r ootes before
bee fteepea ano couereb \s)it^ fort Dung in t^e neto fetting a-
t^ebeD0,anDrounD about tbem, becftenfirebseDtlienuei:
o;fea^anD,ti)atIeaue6 boil fo become bPbite>tftbeIeaueiES
before be gatfjewDanD t^eD bp^e togeatbec ;anDtDmafee .

t^e ILetttce groboe lotoe bie tbe grounD, anD to be tbicke anii
b;oaD in tf)e^eaD,ron mull tben temcoue anD fet tbcm \s>}^tn
as tl)ep be gcob^ne bp an IjanDfuU big^ anD often ciippe ttie

top0 of tl^e leaueis touno about^ anD in t^e ne^ fetting again
fctapefatre tberootesoftlje llettice> anD after Dipt^emin
foft anD neio Cot9 Dungs anD fet tbem fo in tbe grouD,U)bic^
after tbe fetttng, often anD plentifully t^ater, anD tnt^e
0rotDingbppealtpaie£( beepebnDer, brcitppingtt)etoppe£S
of tbe leaues;, anD lading ttle O^arbes on V^t ^eaoes of t^em^
fo; b^ tbat mcaneis; t^es increafe into a b^aDt|i' anD not to a
with their phifical! helps. ^x
guD tfjei' be alfo m^u fujeetec^t eating, if in tfje gro^
f ^0

iuiiTg be often temougD ano fet apuie, ano tljat in t&e


fettins,ai5t[)0^ begin togcoixi tpinfomc^eig^t, tl;att{)eif

tfieleaueB tobetgetJtjpclofe together, ano being gtoitme
alittierao^cinbeigbt, t&entop^e3:etIjem 5ofene,b^ lading
tileOiacDs 0.: fomcot^ec t[)ings f6nr«s^at toaig^tte on t^tm*
^notomaketfjempleafantoffmelWafeeanD put tijefeetjes
ix^it^m i\)t toeete €itm\z feeD ^anti fet tl;em fo in tfje gcouo
0^ elfe l^ecpe tfje f0eD(fo.; ttitmt MitB)m fuacete i^ofe U)a-
tei::ano Ijeere note,tliat of t^ijs^tfje leaner become t!)e tentse-
ler, if t^e tootes (before t&e fettrugagaine bee E^ippetiin
nrUiColD Qung(asiiSabonermtie)ano ti^atresj often tpitl^
rnnning toater^o? foj ttoo j>ai?eiss before t^eplttc!^ing,t^e !ea=*

The Phifick^e helpes.

And now as tiucliing the Phificke helpsof tliis hcrb,you
flial fiifl vnderRand that the fameis cold and temperately
moid in thefecond degree* And Ac(r'tti€ta writ.:th,that the
Lettuce ciooth nianifciliy coolcandmoiften andprouokc
fleep: and as it doth nouriiL like other pothcrbsjfo it doth
cau^e^ood blood in man.
And yet the often eacin:;rawc ofthishearb, doth harmc
colde ftomakes,and caufeth dimnes of fight:therfore they
ought oftnerro be eaten fod then rawe.
But the cholerick, may as fafcly eat them raw as fodden,
andfinde commoditietothebody by eating of them raw.
And the eating ofihem while ihey be yono; is more profi*
table to the f^omacks, and tncrcafeth miike in womens
brefisrbut when the fame is growcntobc hard in eating,
then it is both drie and bitter 5 oc throu oh his heat then the
more op ening, and yet doth the earing then engender e«
iiiil blood, and fo caufeth harmc oftento fuch as eat there-

of^asby hindringthefighr and corrupiing the matter ot

SperHie* And the eating of them whiles they be yong and
•; tcdcr,dothhclpanague.3swel fodd€n,3s being eaten ra';r.
Andfodwith vinegarandalitiefafron put wi the fame,.
^a The Towing & fetting of Iiearbs
doth help both t^^Soppingof theLi'^cr and milt, Alfo
tat€nraw,orroci,andbcingniixed with vinegar andfugar,
doth open the Liuer andmiU, andcaufeth good bloodj
and hdpeth the tertian ague*
And the Lettuce fodden and mixed with oylc Oliuc doth
heale the drop fie being eaten with meat. And a plaifter
made of Lettuce, with oyle Oliue, doth mightily affWagc
hot impofluraes. And the fccdes earen of milch women
in meat, dothincrcafemilkcjandamendeth the fight*
Alfo thefeeds dnmkin wine^do procurefleep. And the
feeds brufed snd druaicjdo fray the often ijnaginations of
theluftin the Oeep.andabatcththecourage thereof, And
itprouokcthiiccpjif the feeds be bru(d and tempered with
themiikeofa woman childeaodthc whitcof aneggcbi
iaidc plaifttr wife on all the forhead and temples. And the
pow cicr of the feeds mixt with the milkc of a woman child
do prouokc and caufeflcep. And the like the feeds workc
to him which hath an aguc,giuenhim to drink with warm
water. And the feeds giucn in drinkc, do for the moft part
fpcedily help the fhedding of nature. 6c he which drink-
cth the iuce of Lcttuce?fafting|fiial net be drunk that day*
And the Lettuce plucked vp by the rootcs,with the left
hand,before the funne rifing &the fame laid viader the co-
aftercaufethcperfontoflcepc, Andif fiue}eaues,threcor
oneleafe,belaidpriuilyvndcr the bolflcr of the fick body-
but in fuch fort that the leafe or Icaucs plucked oflPthe next
ftalk,be laid beneath and vnder his fcet,afKi the leaus pi uc«
kcd off from thctop of it be laid vnder his head:they caufc
fleep as before faid:and the often eating of LcttucCjis both
dagerous to fuch wome as be apt toconceiuc with child 8c
fuch a$ be with child(as ancient men write) for they do "not
ondy caufc barrencs,butthor€ which then be with child,
ihall after be deliucrcd of children far vnhkc their Fathers
ill that they fhalbc both raging in mindc3& foolifli ia wit:
•Andtherforcthe much vfe of them, is to becfchewedof
fuchwomjcn,cucn|$ihcy vvouldfroip a furious doggc or
With tlieir phifical 1 helps."
addei-jwhofe biting they greatly fcr;cd. Alfotlievcryof-
ten eating of Lettuce doth greatly harmcfuch asbcfhcrt
ivindedjiieginatickperrons, ^cfuchasfpitblood. And al-
though the verie often eating of the raw or fodden Lettuce
be no Ics dangerous then the heai b Hemlock : yet wc JTiay
often cat ofthcm in the foinmer. rather as a medicine then
for any nour!flimcnr,as both to coolc and moil^en the flo-
inack.Andthccacingoftheindotha3akemenfolublc, in
that through the coldncs and moiflnesof them, theyfo
coole 6c temper the exccffiue heat of the li«er. And fomc
vvrite^that the eating of Lettuce at nigh t after other meals,
doth the better procure ilecp that night follov«ing«
And as the manner of the preparation oftheLcttuce
(now in our time) is vvith vinegar, fait and oylc,whcrby to
caufe abetter appetite to the mcat,then to be eatcn:,6c both
to temper ths heat of the bloody and mittigate the heatc of
the liuer and hart; and yet the often vfc of diis doth great-
ly hinder the increafeoifpermc^as is aboue faids*
Thefe hitherto of the Phiii eke helps and properties of
Ofthe ort^frmr^cdfe anlfecrct.fyboth of^ndme an^ ^nccorj*
Chsp, z*

ing,fa;un3 tljattfj^apn^ui^bpttarabtQer^ a;e colonel

SnD of tS)i0 m cclr:e €uv:c%ttits it ir.n;^ ht fciuiu lurttt i^t

t\)iUukZ^ti^'Mt'^^t^^itiy fauts. antJ often ij^nltcs^cino tijat

tcit!; areat Reisers cfra^ne, ilitbt^xzt ccurrconnoU)«<

an^ after tlydttwu of tl>c leases be fufaucntls? fprt:!:??

tjp, t^enmar tljz fanie fcu tcinoctieD,ar.^ fst ap;nc tii « IdcU
Uunseis place.

in frci^ CciDiJung be:a:c tlje retting agate ia ^ie eacf ?)

G z Endiyc
44 The fowIn$5 & fetting of Hearbes
Endiue coolcth ?.nd dricth in the fecond degree : and (he
leaucs an d feeds bee vfed in medicines,
but the rootc hath
no propcrtie at al in phificke. And the greene lea ues be pro-

fitable, butthedrie leaueshaue

no vfe in medicines, for
that they then woxke nothing atall*
And Endiue coinforteth the heart,in thai it cooleth and
without Imrme Jn thatby nature^ithath fuch a quahtie and
properlieof it fdf» And againft that difeafc called thekings
cuill, take the hrropoftheEndinelimplyjVvith the which
mix the water of the deco^lion of Harts tongue, which
giuc to the patient to drinke, for it is a (inguler remedies
nd th e iuice of the leaucs annointed on burning pujlies
doth qualifie the heat ofthem*
And the hearbe bruifed andiaide plaifterwife on hot im-
poftumcs doth mightily helpe.
And the hearbe laid without on the fide, doth delay and
ceafetheheatofthe liuer.
And ifthc ^reenherbccannct be had jthenaply the feeds
la) ing ibem brufed on fuch hot griefes,which greatly help.
And the bndiae may in like maner be eaten a» the Lettuce,,
as cither any way beeatcn rawe30r fodd^ n with mec t And
the Endiue fodden with vinegnr^dotii bind ihe belly* A nd
brufed with vinegar^andthcit laid on the kit papjdoth help
the Cardiak paflion without doubt. And it helpcth the ho-
ly fire, hot iinpofturac$5andhocfwellings, if the fame be
bruifcd and mixed with Ccrufeand vinegar, andfo hide
plaiflcr-wife on fuch places^And the iuice ofit mixt with vi-
negar and rofe watcr,doth eafe the paincs of the he^d com-
mingofheatand the hcarb drunk with wine, doth amend
both the default and griefe of the liuer and bladder*
And in thefpittingOibloud and theexceflc of SpcrmCjit
hclpeth by drinking ofit two or three daies together. And
all fuch partes which may be holpen by coolin g^tnay with

theiuice of it, the Cerufc and vinegar mixed c ogcchcr,and

fb annojQtcd on ihofe places, doc greatly auailc.
. AndthediftilicdwaterofEndiucjdrunk vnto ihc quanti-
with their phificali helps. 4^
ty of two ounces at a ccrtaine time, and that morning and
cucning,cloth help the Rraig,htnes 6c liopping of che bred.
Anciintheramemancf andcjuantity drunkejis proficable
to women with childe, forihatit ftrcngthnechthcm anda-
inci^dsth their knfes, andth^^ famewaier drunk morning
and eticn:ng, Vntr^ the Quantity of fourc or fiueouncej; at a
time^doihiielp the plague, pucteth away thekings cuill,
ceafeth thirll, beingrncrc laigcly drunckof, andquJifi-
cththe burningofthebii£r»Andiihelpeth.igain(hhepainc
ofthcljde,andfhe pricking which jsfcltabout rhchart; if
there be drunke three or foure ounces at a time, both mor- andeuening* Thefe hitherto ohhepopertiesofEn-
The 'Thifickj he/pef afS^eceyv^
Saccory is ob cold and dry quality, and ^omwhatmore
then the Endme, But A e^wit a y/vntcih^ thatitcoolethand
dricth fn the firfi: degree, &: halh the quahtie of binding*
And now this hcarb foddcn with wine,& eaten with meat
profitcth iheRomack and helpeth degi{l;on,and the fl jvv

crs hruifed with theRofcSjandlaidephiRer-wife vpon the

C!out,doch forthwith cafe thcpaine thereof And this plai-

i] on the holy fire,doth delay the g^e^t heat thereof.
er laide
And a potion made of the iuice of Succor y ,Endiue,and the
harrstougue, mixed fogither with fogar, and after boyled
with a little water and vinegar together, and ifany vfethe
faTic oftencimes.itdoth help the flopping
of thehucr, and
purging pilh of
milt fo that after the fame be taken: the

Rubarb,(Sc (afrcr that) the Lmecoforter, which they name

thethr^-eSandcrSjpreparedofthe Apothecaries, Andthc
iuiccofthe Succory boyled, dothl >ofc thcbeily^andneU
p£th!h.-ftomacK,thehuerandthekidneis. Anditpurteth
away thepeftilent puflies^ifHnn.ncloathes dipped the m
water of it.bc laide on thofe pufhes* And the hearb
v\ hich
with the rootf>6c of the fame made flat round cakes,
after beingniixedanddifloluedinRofewater.anfiOint
fcabbcdplaccthere-withiandit will both healc^andmakc
Succory^caft a-
the skinnefairc after. And the flowers of
4^ The Towing & retting of Hearbs
mongahcap^ofpifmirescr Ant5, v^illfoone after become
fo red as bloud: And c he Ho .ver of Succory gathered in the

morning and ai'csr diflilied in 'B.ilmd A4ai m, doth help di-

iiers difcafesofthe cies; asthcpinncand wcb^dierrilf of
theeics hincerinG: the {ight,the vlcersof the cics, and many
other dircafesofchecJcs. Thcfc hitherto of the properties
Offthe ordcrirt^^ Caret andfccret ofthe h^rhe
^'Blete. Chap 5*
fti:^ oft'oc ^letc, ti/Dic be ekjo fenBjai,t|»e one rcD n

a n:^ncr/u5ljicb after t^c Icagei* ^t'sbmg, becommeilj pucp^e

t!}e fame of fome iscalltiJ tlj^bUdceiolete* ;?int)tl)0b^its

groU?etf) lihc to tlje tu :5it$ bi^ts >botl; in tljc ll^l^js anB Ieaue.5
Lemi^tjitr^jsua^ $bitett3tJeii?Urtle. c.:orariKa!li^ari}ne0:

ga^ bott? kins,^ co tuell fp;tns ^pm garoen. §tl}at fpcc^ilt'.


an^ tt mav be fosoen m an gronn*;): but cattjec in a ^ell


SJi^iTeD crt:o«Mv3, antj after tijs fame be laeil r-j;i(irjg t3p^tt n^c^
i50t'^nota?ecrtflb0ts)ccQ2^o: toma.
0nt} P0t Jome tii^ttc, t^at t!jc iSIete ioi?0tl) \\\ a fat groun??,
feciitg Uielltnuxt^ luit^ Bung, fca fo t'^c? fsi? it luiil beft p;t«^
fpei:*an!5 ij&ljcn tfjcp be fpii^ng ^ppe t^nto tJjcit le^bino^, t[)c»
t^ci? Dcc«!! itot after m
ctjat; ftj^u t Ij^g rcntic '^cac-

ll^ t^^oii|Tf) tl)C failing of t^js fcass: fo tijat it a nun \^3alD-.t5£3

Hjall fcarcelrtaceotoem out oftljegrcuria but t^rtt t^e? l^il
centiime itsanr scares aftec, Ir.itljcnt ani> MV^zt teuell.
^ri5 Palhdiu st^inket;) it bci^ to be fo'mns va nucco sua af;^ ,

tet it once pjafperet^ ( aftcc t^c ro'a)i«3 2; fgtinc^} it iicni^c

Blete which commonly men eat^ is cold and raoift in the

fcconddegrce* And now the fameisfonieiimcs eaten wicK
jueat, fo that it firft be fodden in w^^tcr,^ frycd with Oy le
aad burteriand after that feafon ed with fait or vinegar, or
vlriucej& thtn the eacing of it in fuch fort dothlitlc harn),
with thei r phificall helps 47
it the fame be not often vfed For by this experience hath

bin noted fudry timcs.that the often eating ofit(althoug?i

jnHicn forrpteparcd)docaufc vomiting^paineoftlicbow-
eh and fucconng ofcholicr by fiu}€c,And
ri;omaclc,Jnd the
a phii'ler made of it with Oilc.and that laid
on the place o f
thcn::ilr,dofhhcipe the grccfc thereof, and by eatingof
thish.'urbr, as wthaueabouefaid^ it doth loofc tlicbdly
of propsrticjw hen as the fame is become coftiue or bouad,
by any clammy macfer* Thcfe hitherto of the properdes
Of the &rdereng-) c0f, andfarm of the hcarhe
Spin Age, p}/^pf 4»

Spillage 10 fol^^n ^er^ loell in tFje mon$t& of ^eptcmbec

an9i5)^9bei: toieruebotfjintijcioaitetfime , anDHent

folio »uing , in tuel! sangeD gcouna Snti tfje ^pmage alfo

tiia^ be fetiine alone in betis : i^t gcoano becmg fat am UJtU
turncD m h)it^ Dung 0no tpljen t^e fame i£s icell come lappe,
t'o^n ma^ Fou cat aUjap ti)e one ^alfe of t^e tucfe «t one time
and tljeoi^er^alfeat aaotljec time, ifo^zfot^e tieitueanu
(cmmoottieoftt U)tll injure a longtime*

The Pbificke helps;

Spinagei^coldeandmoifiintheendofthefirft degree,
and the fame foddcn and eaten with meat, doth foftenthe
hardnefTcof the belly, and takcth away the paiiies and
gricfes both of thcbrclland iungs.
Alfo it nourirheth better then doch the Orach as writcth
cVrf**^^/^;;, for that it dothqualifiechoUer, clcanfcthebo-

dy,and ftrengthcn the ilomake.and the deco£lion of this

hcarb dmnkjexpelleth the euill humors,andcauA*th cafie
drawing of breath* Both the often and daily eating of it
with meat, doth engender Melancholic, like asthcLct-
tocedoth* And whofocuer fhall hauegreuous painesin
thcbacke,and a coftiue belly, let them cat of this herb fod-
den^anddrinke, orfuppeofrhebroth, and they fliaihauc
wfe and remedy in (hort time by Gods help*
48 The fo'wing & fttting of Hearbcs.
bloudandrcd cholUr^ Tbcfe hitherto of the propertiesof
theSpinagc! ^

Ojths ordering care^ andfecrets of the Orach or


Avage* Ch'^V' S*
T^eFjeatbe nameD i^m\) o^^frase maig be fo tone from
t\)t beginmng of tlje Mto i^arneft : fl^at isi frsm
ifefenacr, qgaicfj^p^ill, ano aUotfjeniionct^sfoUotoiKg
tDutafjacuelt^ ]i5ut fome of tti^feu^ne in t^emonet^ of ©c^
cembcc, m
eartl) todl tnmmeo ano tsungitj, anD tl;e better it
tommtti) tjp; bemn: tl)in (olunc* ^!fo it nmtl) Deligl)t0t{) to be
often f^DlBUlj plcntieof moiaure, aiiDiftlje feafon beD^ie,
tljen in continuall imi^utt* Sno tb fceos of ttje iiD;acf) im^
tuell be hept fo: fcuue i^eares
^ )15ut tbe rce?3£5 fo fociie as iFie?

be ftcetuDe o: folun ab;o4D,inuIl be couercD loitl) eartlj.;^nD

tljetoeeDcs groUjite among tijeigoang plants i mud be ftill
an entj pUicfeeo bp b\? tbe rootes : ^no it lequiretb net to be
remoooeo, pet tbe fame CsroUjetlj tl)e better, if it be fst ti)in:
ano Palladius toiiletl) it to be fo^Dnetn^pzill, ano to be
tuatere^ all fjot mtnetb^ tfjo^oujc tjnto Ijacueil > to^ t^t it
ioretj) in contiauaU moidttve.
Thepht[icke he/pfs*
The hcarbe named Orach or Aragc,as writeth A.^ginettt
doth moiften in the fecond d€grec,and cooleth in the firft,
of the which caufcit fofteneth the belly, and the fccdcs do
cleanfe, through which they profit the flopping of the U-
uer, and help the laundies.
And the Arage bruifcd and mixed with hony, doth take
away the paincof the gout,ifthe fame be laideplaifter- wife
And CM.-icer affirmeth the like, that the hcarbc b riii k(^
and miKcd with fair Niter, honic,and vinegar^and tiicf^i-rne
layd plaifter wife on a hotgout, doth eafe the raging painc
thereof: and the fcedes of the Arage bruifed and drunke
with water and honie mixed together^doth help the flica-
ding of the galL Likcwife the inice laide on the holy fire,
& &
on any other inflama£ion,doth ceafs qualifie it. And
with their phificali helps. 4^
this hearb applied vntothcwomans priuy place, doth a-
niend thecuils vvithin,and ccafeth forth-with the paine of
themarrice; and fodd^nlike vnto another pot hcarband
Co eatcn,doth loofc the coftiuencs of the beIly,proceeding
of heacc,and afwageth diucrs fwellings* And the hearb laid
plaiflerwifc on any member harmed either withthornc,
fplentcr of \^ood, or nailc, xloth after drawc out the (arac
without paine,and healeth the wound. And this hearb
boylcd v^i th hoiiy,and layd on rough nailcs of the fingers,
doth after loofe them without painc: and the feeds often
drunkecoth expehvormes,&prouoketh vomiting* And
cateth the hearb Mercury and Aragc,fcddcn together like
pottageuhe often eating of this portage^dofh loofe the bcl-
ly,&: take away the pinching paine of the bladder. And ifa-
nyoftenvfe toeatof Arage,herb Mercury,&the Bectcs
fodden togcthcr^hc fhall be dcliuc?^ed of the ague in fhort
time after* Thefe hitherto of the bcarb Aragc*

off he ordmnjr^ cayc^ 4ndfccrets of B fetes ^ Chap. 6,

B® ets Defice a fat txcV^y fo^ To i^tq bedm « ano tt)e fame

U)i;)ic^ 15 eaten tDtt^ meat, ma^ be folutte m t^z mont^^;

ofJdDccembei:, Januacp, iFeb;uai:i?anD a0accli,^0aanDaU
t^e ^eaie tljaougl) (in a manner ) it ma? be fotone, ift^c
gcounD before be toeUD;jeirci3, antJ tunieD in Ujit^ Dung and
to|)Cutfee?becomBt3pt!)ick2togit()ei*, tl;en ma^tlje^bece^
mflueu ano fet tl)innec a funDec, but tatbec tbeig ougb^ ^?)^"
to be i:cmeucD,lDt)en a0 four 02 fiue \tmu be fp^ung \3p; anu
atttiefctttng againebeDipp^D tnnelpcotuDuiig, fo;bi?t&at
meanestbei? giQ\»t\x:^itt. janDtbcrfieUg'gtairstobecften
cemoueD an^ cig^cia about, fo: fo t^e? p.:orpec tbe bettec.-anD
a man mar rolt» t^em in Vot%t gcounD )a>'^ziz\\\z\\m^ytittm$
0; gourcs be, ans Uiljen t^ss be alittle come tp, t\^txi to la^3
fljem often.'tbat tbe? nui? appeace to gcols^ alone. ^InU
tljofeB^etes foum: foKeeoes, beaptcafotonetn
tbcmonetbof4ugufl,anDC5moueo after ti)em3netlj of 3a-
nuaue, intljc fuao'oje^ ozloiue places of t&cp^aen:rs^ To
© tl}ei

50 The fowing & fetting of Hearbes,

tjjci? biim foitl) tf)e b2ttct kt^ta* 3nu note tfjat t^e Beef
fomgfo<:tf)n9 rceO0ofan!? talueint^^ficlf tfeace, but bet-
ter in t^.e fee ond i?^3re j^ns bet! in tfje t^icD ^eaKcMU^ t^m
BUfjfjt tob2 refeinstJ tit^tt to eatc 0; otljertDife* flno t^cfe
fceci^ enoure fo; fcuce reares in gooD effect* *

Beetej are colde &
moift in the third dcgrce^and engen-
drcth good bloudjand (he white hath the propertie to puri-
fieand clcanfe all the cnill humours ofthebody* And the
head waihed with the water in which thcwhitc Bectesarc
foddcn, dcth clcnfc the head of the Dandrie,or that like to
branneon the head: and the often eating ofthis hearb is not
good, for that it encreafetheuili humors afwcl in healthful
as fickc perfons: and the hearb is betjcr commeded foddcn
then rawe for the ftomaclce. And foddcn with muflardfecd
doth hclpc the difcafe of the fplene: and the iucc of it doth
qualifie the holy firc# And the root of the Beet fodden> if
ofthefamcbc dropped 3. or4. drops hotintothe cares,
doth help the paincof them. And tnciuce of the Bcctc ta-
ken with the feeds of Commin or Dill,doth after put away
the gripings ofthebelly, 6ctheiuicedrawn vpby thcnofc
with the oylcof bitter Almondsj doth purgcthe head: and
theiuice rubbed on the gummcs, doth ccafe the raging
paine of the teeth. And this herb profitcth by racdicinc,for
it nouriiLeth little, and by much eating of it, it doth gnaw

and torment the (lomack. The Bcete groweth broad,

ifbcforeitbc growne vp with a ftalke there be laideforuc
broad flatc-flcne ortylc to make it grow into a breadth,
through the waightlaydonit* Thcfc hitherto of the pro-
perties of Beets.
Oftheo'fdermg^care-anAfeCretsof^okwortt* C^ap, 7
Tl^eColcteo^tsccmetjpm euecp ai^^e,anDma^ be fotune
D;cct!:e0uet)aU i\t reare tl)?oug^, in tefjicb ^^"^^ tjje
groans i^all not be fcc^ene^Uomucfj D;^eD,tijat it cannot be
^iggcBo; o^clFet!. SnD V^tit fet^^es alfo continue ano ma?
fcefecpt fo; feur Herejei,ano t^e^ alfo mm a mean fat gcounn.
Vitli their PhificalJhelpes.^ ' 51
uangeti ant) tjiggcu : X5»t (f ab§o.jret^ tfje ftiffe cla^ anD grsr#
uell? gcouD^anu refufctl) alfo ff^cfjslUte ano lam^ gronnfi:
fiH9 it ioiietl) in cung lato about t^a root, anu cemmeff) tcsil
fe^tuarD b? toecding, aao t^c ftsrmtgcc it tjDepeffjjifttta teell

MueceD abou! ioiti; eartfj* ^no it MiQ^ttt^ l-ot J) coloe ano

cai?meCounti:icj5, anoti)^en (tF!eayc£{ bccometjp, t^m
mat it be rcmoue^, but roamat bcSafeetl^e ixote before
Unt^feftCoti^^iiHsig: anorouraa^ ceinoueit tdjicc, ip{)Cii
asicisintl^e gieatett leaner, tefjicl) fo caufetM^ to S^'^tDS
t^obiggccan^tofeslo t\)ztm:.tkc^t$* anDifwtcan, let
t^^ fame be Done in a toarme 5a^ if it be in t^e ^^atintet time,
5no tolsjaiB t^e cuemng if i[?on 130 t^e fame in t ^e ^ommer*
aim t|)srealfctD|)ictjber0tDne tn5)ecembec, S'eb.zuatr.
f^ai:c[)iap;^iU an5 ^a?, ma^ feme all tfje fouimet: au^ iein^
tec, tintiUt'ge^arcfetlleDb^ Ions fi'oai5 ana onecmae&colae,
^nonot onl^t^e^ong Cole5»e.Jt0fetin ®awl| 0: ^p^illAue
filfo t!)ore tp^tc^ ace fet in June, Julv anb anguS, i^ali be iti
lointccgcent.fot^attfje^befet alone toljece nothing els iu,
unot^atint^e gcolsingtbe ^eaoea e^ tops of t^e leaner be
sftenclippeB m^
cut olf . U)!)i(^ fo lettet^ tljeir gcol»tng into
|eigl|)t,anomafeet^t^emgr:otr»einto a b^oaunes anDt[jicl;#
nesin tl^e^eao* ^not^e t^innec t^e? fre fet, t^ebiggec t^es
lutU be : ano t^ecefo^e t^e? maft be fet tij.iee foote afu n^ec*
^Ifo ta^e ^eed tljat ^ou couer tf)e ColetDo;^t£: U)eU aboaf
teiti eact^int^e fetttngifo;b? lining bare of t^zz^tt^, t^a
plant fooneaftecDi?et^.
\ ano nolo all tfjefe before to;titten. botfj in f fje oJDccingt
li^eiring,anDnaeuceofit,ma^ Ufeeiwifcte tjnoecttooooft^c
Cabai)jge to bi 9;^^eD ano t^reo»

Cokworts be coldcand raoift in the fecond degree,
thou gh oiAHteeti thought to be cold and
al And no w drict
againft the hardnc^ ofmaking watcr^takc of Colcwortes,
\vhich put into fcalding water, and boy ling them a little,
fo that they be halferawc, and after powring the water al-
moft clcan«from thejn, vnto which put & little oy le, fake.
52. The fowing & fettino; of hearbs
and commln^ and after heat the fame together afittle more,
and when this broth is fomwhatcold^thcnfupof the fame
and eate likcwifc ofthe Cole-worts To fconc as it hath firfl
foddeajand this dayly do vntill you be throughly holpcn.
AndagainftJil fweliingsand all vlccrs^bruk Cole worts
which haue but yong tender Hal ks and leaues, thofe lay
plaiftei-wifeon cankers, anditwilboth piirgeand healc
them, which no other medicine ofpropertie doih, and yet
before the fame be laid oa>the c^ker muft be wa /hed with
warme water twice a day,6c the fame yong Coleworts bru-
fed and laid on twice a day, And with the fame remedie alfo
may be holpenloofe and brufed places,and both vlcers and
cankers on thcpappe«,andiftbefaBiebeoftenapplied and
vfed as is aboue faidc:and if the vlcer be fuch that it cannot
abidethe fliarpnes therof, then may it be mingled with
barly mealc and fo laid plaifterwife on« And the raw Colc-^
wort eaten with thehcarb .grace or Ruc,and the hearb Co-
liander/hrcdtogetherjor a little fait and barly meale with
Oxiraell mixed togither, and w ith all to annoint the gree-
ned place^doth healethegowt^ andhelpe the acheofthe
And for deafencsoftheeare$,brufe the fame hcarbs with
v>inejand the iuiccpreflcd out,drop warme into the eare,&
the patient fhal finde cafcftiortly after. And the Cole wore
fodden inpleafantwine^ and thatdrunk^bringethdownc
the tearmesinwomcB.
And the iuceof the fameherb mixed with the pureft ho-
nyjdothhelp certain cpaincs of the eie$,ifthe fame be drop
pedin the corners of them* And ihciuce drunk for 40 daies
with white winc,doth cureboth the iaundice 5c the difeafc
of the milt, as hath bene experienced. And three partes of
the iuce of this hearb,aiid two partes of alo m infufcd in vi-
negcr and milled together, doth heale both the foulcfcur-
uines and Icapry by annoint ing thereupon
And the iuce ofthe Colcwortes piixed with the mealc
ofFenigreeke and Vincgcr, and that laid plaifter-wifc
er^aaojriucdonthcgowtcjaches ofthcioyntcsand filthy
wirh their Phifica II heJpcs. yj
vlcers, doth cafe, clcnfc, and hcalcthcra*
And thciuicc alfo drawnc vp by the nofcjdoth purge the
head. And the iuce ofthc Colcwort drunk with winc,doth
helpc the bite of an Adder or Snake: and the iuicc drunkc
with red w'inc,doth help thecough:3c the iuice taken with
oyle,and holdcn a good while in the mouth,doth hcalc the
bliRcring thereof* And he leaiicscfthe Colewort catefl

ravvjdoinakeaperfonflccp well without dre^ining; and

the green ftalks and root ofthe Col wort roRcd vnderthc
hot imbcrs^and tempered with olde barrowes greace ( the
fame applied in plaifter forme ) dothhealc the continuali
paines and flitches in the fides.
And eaten raw with vinegar, it doth helpethe difeafed
with the Splene, it the fame be oftc n vfcd*
And %^tiicen writcth, that eatenalonc it doth engender
troubled bloud, andmelanchollie,and his nourifhmcntis
fmall,butthcraoreandtcndereritisrodden with fat flcQij
or Hens flv:fh»the better and wholfonaer it is to be eaten*
And the firft broih of this hearb eaten, doth fof ten the
bclly,andprouok€th vrine,butthe eating of the fubftancc,
dothbindethe belly. Andifyouwill inakedricamoyft
bellie, then after the hearbe hath boylcd a while, and that
the firrt water be poured forth, pourin quickly the other
fecthing water,and fo boyle it new againe, vntill it become
very foft and tender, and then cate of the fubftance there-
of, fcafoned with pepper and fait, and fo it bindeththc
belly. But in eating the broth and fubftance together, ic
then workcth temperately , for the broth of the firft fee-
thing Coleworts eaten alone, doth loofc the belly, and the
fnbftance tenderly foddenand eaten,dothbinde the belly.
And by this appeareth, that the broth of the firlUcething
of this hearbjdothloofethe belly^and tiiebroth oftheiat*
terfeethingduth bindc the belly.
And T/fWfwriteth, that the leaucs of the Cole woites
bruifcd, and laid plaifter-wife, dj marueilouily healethe
woundcsof Dogges and the Colewort tenderly foddca,

andgiuen to young children to cate, d»th caufc them xhz

H 3
54 Tnc fowmg & fettins of hearbs
Qjonettogoc on footer and if you will drinkc much at a
fcaftot banquet, and not to be dri:nlcc( and tofnppcwdl
and freilily atdic ftipper after) then eate before your going
tofLipper^raw Cole'A'ort kaueswiih vincgcr^fomuch as
you wil ,and after you hane fuppedjtncn catc again four or
fiue raw Icaues, and they wil after m ike y ou (o iacPn hun- &
gri^^as though you had neither drunk nor eaten any thing
at your Tapper before*
By this meanesyou U)ay drinke fo much wine as you li{},
and no tbe ouercome or drunke with Wine: yea,<Sc make
great wagers vpon the fame* And if any droppcthccrtainc
droppcsofwineintoColewortSjboylingfalfonthefire, it
forth, with ceafeth(fiomboyling any more) and changcth
the colour, cucn as a dead thing initfelfc* Thcfehitherso
©f the properties of the Colcvvorts.
Ofthfordtrmgt carey undfecrets cfthe L^nd
Crfffef*Chap* 8

Win t^tit &iiUeC0, bat it ma^ rwt bt eaten ijiit^ont

foolatgl)earb55jUfee as t^eilettuce>^8.:i:eU anu pntulm,
inl;icl) t)o fo Um^zt t Jje fieri? Galen \»nttt\)*^n^
nob) tf)0LanD Crefejs; ma)^ befatoentott^ ileteuce, fo; it fa
lo^et^anrj comnictljtpt^c better, t^no ostfjalfo uc!tg|tui
t^e often isjatcing, anQmal^a^otoiepIacr, lo^ecet^e^iiii
i3ot^(I)meUttlet)yon?ano^atet^ t^euan^. ^noPalladius
tDtlletf) it to be foUjen in tljc monett) of ^^nuarie.
Land Cre(res,a$ writcth Plantcarmyhs hot and dric in t!ie
fourth degree, and the feeds do efpccially feruc vntothc
vfcofmcdicincandmaywellbekeptforfiueycarcs. And
the greene hcarb alfo is of great cff-fift, beting dried fomc-
*vhat before theminirtring of it and now the (cedes hauc

the properties ofheating and drying vp fupcrfluo ushu-

mo urs, and workcth in a manner fo much as doth the Mu-
Ibrd Tecdiand alfo the feedes bruifcd and drunken in wine
dothcxpeli thedeadyongling: anddrui%ke with Vmegcr,
and eaten with the
\vith their pliificall heJps. 5^5

fceftHonie,thcy do help the cough, and open the bred:

and the feedcs chawed, and holdcnin the mouth, do h;lpe
And the CrefTes may not be eaten alone^as we hauc aboue-
f^df for that it diminiOieth mans ftrength,and en^cndrcth
cuill humours* Fuither,thc(cedesdo{taythediftill;ng or
running ofihc head without harmcjif they be talccn whole,
andthepouderof thefcedes drawne vpbythenofe^ do
purge the braine, and help the paines of the head: and the
feeds help the pal(ie,if they be foddeo in wineinalidc Im*
Ecn bag,laj^ To hot to the palfic place as may beluffered.^^c
in the litharge or fi^epingoutof mcaCure^ let a fncezebe
made of the pouder of the feedcs, and blownevp: anda*
C€cdingofcoldc,boyle the feeds in 3 bag of wine, and lay
that hot vnto the grccued place : and the like difeafc and
thc(lranguric,thc green hearbe foddeninwine andoylc
logcthcr,and the fomelaid hot on thebelly* A nd the hearb
drunk with mints in wine, doth driue forth both th^ long
andflatwormesin beaRes.
And againft the hardncfl? offetching ofbrc* th, and the
cotJgh,feeth the feeds of Organy in pleafant wine- And the
iuicc of the heat b anncinted, doth (lay the /lieading ofthc
haircs of theheadiand the iuceof the hcarbdropped in ths
care, dothhclpethejche and painc in the teeth. And the
often eating of this hearbe in Sallcts^doth giue a ibarpnes
Land Crcfles*
Of the Qydering^CArcynHd fecrets oftht ^Arcdy*

abouc t\)t eactlj^fo; tljat it; appeace t^ not in irM o^ fiftg

feaic3aftect&croUJtn3,a,8U)ciit2t!) Pimie; Ii5ut)?ett&eal5e
{tt^c& Dfic fooncc tm\z tjp» ^n^ nolu toljete tf)z feezes hzt
tzS^m^ tbet>tJ02 t^!entifuU|?e come tip ,an9 t^tc^ctogetljec,
ans aftcc t^rt once pi^offjct in tbat gi*oan^, i'ni ^iDoii^ Jit^
fa^-.batccntinuaUscenucan^ ijTci:e*ir^inmo;e plcntx^^^^n^
5^ The fowiiig & fetting of Hearbcs,
tljefcetJ^alfo pjofpct, being folv^nefoUisU intolt^^ns^otjfia-
(CB: am inlcoUt cacti; ^ou li(£,as uj^ttctlj Paliadius^anD ret
tt torctf) to be contaiualli? toatrei), fo;^ tl)at bp tlje teatenng,
itu».nretl) tfje Ciicngec, ant) ccmniett)l3p tt)efaftc£,antt ts-
garsetl) no aire no.: gicunU: ano tijcfeeos as isntetf) Cohi-
'^d\a,\ua^httQ\xintmtxtto mtci?e5,oncnmngujatcc0,c^
toelstaiiD it^m ^i\ Ijaue it eroUj big ,antJ ^aue large leauss,
tf)enasFlorentiusis^it0tl)tak0f0nian?fe^3 0ftlje parcel^
asJ^oucanUieU fj olO feetttJecntij^ee ofpoucfingtrs, antitis
tliern tcgetljccina tljinlinneiulotlu to^icbafrecfetinoung
anD earti; ntinglcD toget^cc,an9 tljat put into a 15i^lloi» fjoU,
anD it toill after gcoUi tpbiganOb^oDeoneafe. ^Ht5itU)ill
aUc gseU) of a maruc^ioas btgnes? if aftec it be come ti p,^oa
uigtjptbe cactb coanD about t^ anBftceto t^zc^af^zotcomt
about t\}z roote.aittJ ioatec t^e fameoft^n.
ano if rou t33ill f)auc tbe leaues of tbe pacceli^ to grotu crif^
pai3>t^0n b$fo;e tfje fotjuing of tliem^ttuffe a 2Denice ball \3i^it^
anD beat tlje fame toellagamS tl)0 gcoaiio, to'^ec-
ttiz feetics,

b^tlje feezes ma\?fo be a little b^ofes, auDtben fottie t^m

tnt^egrouuD: o;iljDl)entl)elBarccli?i0 Ujellc0met)p,goeo-
uer tl^ebeb tuitlj aloatg^lrHollecUJb^i^cbi? it ma^ fo p^elTj
tlje leaucfli tiolDU, o; elfe tceao t^e fame ooUme liutb tlji? lezU
antj Palkdiiis tD^itetb, tl?attbe male of tfjis bcacbeljat^
t^ebiarfeetleaues, anBC^o:tcccocte, but tbe female bearbc
i)atl)mo;eccifpeDanu ^aioecieaues^abig^ecKaike, anoi^
ftarpeanobotm tafie* ^itDPalladiusalio UJiUetl), tl^e(e^i}t
eft[}i0i)0aibe to bee fotoneiutte ^onetljes of^eb:aane,
^arcbi%nU,tl^ar>anD t^at tljiclje togetljecanD to be often

The Phiftcki help.

Parcelyofthe Garden, is hot in the rcconddcgrcc,and
dry in tnc third,& this parccly hath the propcrtic of picr-
fingjand prouoketh vrinc : and both the fccdcs and root
preuaileagainfc the Ronc.Alfotake the root of the parcdf,
which being dric, bruifc wcl,& after drinke the fame with
pure wiae^andit wil caufe a good brainc^and good memo-
with tlieir phidccdl h^fp*^.
ric,3nd purge the blood. And tlie fame drinkc bringeth
downe the tearmes of woraen:and the feed? eaten do take
a;vay the fwellin^ of the ftomacke, helps the dropfie, dry
aad pierce the cuilhumoursjandconfume thcm.AIfo they
clenfe the Liuer,and put away the paines of the loynes and
togither, doth help the burning of the ag ue. And the herb
giuen either raw or fodden to eate, doth help rhe flopping
of the bladder, prouoketh vrine, cleanfeth the kidnies,and
draweth downe the tearmes^lofethche wind- of the body,
taketh away the gripings of the belly; <Sc helpeth thefwch
Jing of the (lomatke: note,thc feecies be principall,thcroot
nexr,and thelcauesbethe third inworking.
AndtheParcely laideinplaiRer-fortne with bread, on
that fore called the holy fire, doth heale the fame. And af-
weltheleauesas rootcsfjdden, do help theftraightnesof
inikingwater^andthc difeafe of the kidneis. AndW/w^
writeth, that the feeds bi ufed,(Sc annointed with the white
ofan eggc on the reines,orfodddcn in water and fo drunk,
doth help the difeafe of the kidneis. And the fcedes giuen
in white wine doth help the iaundi fe»
And neither women in childe-bednot milch nurfcs,
nor wornen with childc, may eat Parcely with their meats,
thebreftes,andc3uEngithe yongling tohauethe falling
And Parcely throwen into FilL-ponds, doth reuiue and
ftrcngthenthe fickc filli*
And thecha'vingofthe freOi and grecne Parcely, doth
caufc one to hauea f.veet fmelling brethjor doth greatly a«
gnend afoule (linking breath, & therfore efpecially is this
hcarb very ccmmendable for women hauc ftrongand
(linking breaths, both to chawe and cary about tliem,that
the Urong fauour and fmell of their breath may fo be aba-
ted, and alfo to yeeld forth a fwect breath, Thefehi-
jherto of the properties of Parcely*
1 Of
jS The fowing & ifettlng of Hcarbes>

Ofthe ordfringy carty andfecrets^ ofSfsYagt* Ch ap# i c*

T%z &perage(aft0i:tfje mintjeof

ougljt te be fotuen in fat
tlja learned ©ce^fecu)

fp^tng time, sno fo mani? Izt^tt foiBen teijit'oec, as rcu ma?
taUe t)p Ipitf) t?):ce cf rour flnsecfi,ano t ^ateacl) be fet in lit^
tie l:*urro'ir.c3 Hcaigljt out ano ligljtl^ couece^ Ujit Ji eartlj^
^HODidimusU);jifet{), tijattfje ^peragcsio^infat and
mort^e grcunD, ant) itjell tacneD in toitl; oimg 5 ano to be lo^"
loen in tf)g fp^ingtime tnfutietoe^ tl);ee fingers long, ano
tliatttiece befolpentiDO oj tl).:eegcaines;£ogiti)er, an^t^at
^alfe a foote a funoec : ani> tljat t^ere neeu no otbec tjilligence
anu care in V\)% ficH ^eace, but onclr to cake anD Dtgge tjp t^c
tDeeue^cleanefcomtljem* ;ano after fo.zt^tiare0> t^e fmail
rooteslDill be fo fol^eoano t^eo one to another, t^attlje^
l»ilfeemetobefallncoan^io^neixto3it^erinone,an5 t^is \%
nameQ of t^e ancient CParoner, a ^punge.
3no if (Replaces ^allbe ^viZy intr!l)it!)i?ou purpofeto
foiuetlje feeoes.tSjeniteepet^ereeQs infoftColDtiunglaiD
\XK t^s bottome of furi;olJDe«, euen as tljouglj tlje^ lap in '^\i»

djes, ^n^ in ber^ mopft places t^e feea oiigfjt to be fotoen,

from tije top sftfje Ooeo^riDge of ttjebeo^tfjat t&erainema^
foUg^tlpflioeofifjanDnot iuater fomac'p int()e falling off*
Sno to^en t^e fesos be V^\x% folDen>t^en X%z ^perages Uil)ic^
grolue tjpintl)8firarearc, oug!)ttobe b.:0toi c^o^uuta^
ii^a^ fomlwljat ^ig!j,leailb^ b.:eafeingoff to neece tljeeart^,
(tfje t?oungi:ootcs being ^et tenDei;) voii piucfee t^p tfcc toljolc

&paiige mitljall. ^n?J it muf! continue gco'comg xxi one place

fo.:tiDO reares,ani3be nourilfteo "tssiV^ continnall ounging
ano often loceoing*,
i3nt! in ri)c cIjiiD , ano otlier ^eareiss after ,t^e ^perage ma^
fo open tyc cics of [jis b:anc||ing;fc; bnles it be tljus lu^og^t,
t&e Gems b^ol^en off toUincreafc tl5eet>esoft^e^punge,i»
fuel) fo;te,tl5att'0e fame toil! become as bluitneD, mX^viStz-

ring ani? S>perage after to i^oote ani) fp;mg fojtf). Sino t^at
H^allrcuHeepe^outofUJ&ic^ rou^auc gati^ereu i^ourfeeos,
with their Phificail helpes. 59
ant^fettfje^panges m (fje winter, inaS^e^sntJ suns tern-

Sno ti)ttt is mQti)(!t \mt\ntt of fetlins t\)t §)pcragcs b?

^^tmgcci, UJijic'o after riuo scares gtolt}!'^ ourujt tobe lemo'

ueDatiD fetapine into fomc open anD iueliDangci place: aiiD

tljat t^e furrotDcs be nwue a ticote tiiaant a fiinter, anis
aboue nine fingecs oeepcm U)t)ic!) fee t^e ^pungcs , foat t^e
eacti) lig^tlp concurs on t5)cm, tijc? mat? eaSl^ r^Mng t)p.
^ntjm tljefp;tns timz ^isljent'^e^btsmtotl^ostebpanp
ftolueabcuctljsgronno, t^jim tyit&an ^.:on4b j'^eis ^ibbtlU
tljz eartf) rcunD abcat nmU be car fe^.. tljat t?)e lyootc^

nng, niai? ti^e gnfilici: conie t3p,ant} tlje root loofcs in t^c catti;
tna^gcolPot^sbmgecanD aftcct^c gi:ot3Dtngt3p,tcbe m
fttf ^ ro<:t U5SOC0 t'^at tfje ccotr^e not lueaieenct! o.j to mitcli

^itD all ti)c ipintei: t^;tougl),tI:)e ^^ong plantes of tl)0 ^per^
rage muHbt coacre^ ouertDit^a tljicfeeana l^atme coacc
offtcaUiejlDljerebrto tiefenc tficmfrom tc)^ Sjarpe frolics
tl^atmig^t otljertDifeojSroi? t^tm. m^^tjzntljti^nmiB
come, ant) t^at t^tt be further appeerei5, t^en to batten tf)em
Speragc doth heat and moyllcn, and therefore helpcth the
paHic^the Kings euill 6c the ftranguric* And the fruite and
lecdsbcvfedin medicine, andindurcth four yeares in full
And the Speragc eaten with meatCjdothhelp thedop-
pingeofthchuerand hardncsof themilt* And iheroote
foddcn in wine and drinking often thereof, doth help the

fhedding of the gall without doubt. And if the mouth be

wafhed with the dccoftion of thcSperage,it ccafeth all the
paincsbothofthemoutli andteeth* And profitable is the
Speragc tobccatcnfcr the ftomackrandloyned with ccni-
minefccdeS; they put away the fvveliings oftheHomacke
and pafllon of the CoUick.
And theeatinj^f them do amend the fight/oftcn gent-
ly the bclly,^ pu2:gc the brettjthc bo^vcljs and the rayncs.
Is and
<^o The lowing and fetting of hearbes,
awl makcch a very good fau-^ur in all the body, but the v-
rjnc then (linketht and being fed in wine 5c chc fame drunk,
doth belpthepaiacs, boihoftbe kiclncisandloynes. And
thciootc urunkein white wine, doth cafe thcpaincofche
- And certain others doe altirmc, the fame profitable for
wotnen to dnnke with white wine , for the grcefe of their
priuy phce And the root fodden in vineger,doth help the
Thefihithei to ofthc properties of the Spcrragc.

OfthsordriTJgyCnrCyAndjTcretsdfSautry^ (^hap. II.

S^uer^ ma\?b£: fo^neiu rougljano leartegcotinD) mJFe^

b;u5ri?an:i JPecembetjeittjn: alone o^mtjct among ottjcc
Ijeaibes* ^not^ts ^eatbe map be fee mbo^oecis, eit&trm
flipped n in coits.ano is mucl) tifctJ alfo in meates ano b;ot^s
ano tljccfo^e it ma-g ill be fpateD out of tlje sacoen*

Saucry in qualiiie is hot and drye in the fecond degree,
and this hearbe eaten with creame,doth amend a coldcfto*
mack by p'lrging ittand if any drinketh of this herb, it hcl-
pe th and defendcth him from faUing into a found, 6c taken
in wine, it helpeth the Hopping and other defaultes ofihc
liucr,the milt,and the lungsjand cleanfeth all womens pri-
uie places shut wofBcn withchilde muft refrain both drin-
king and fmeliing vnto this hear'ci. And being fod in wine
pain of them:and the herb brufed and laid plaftcr-wife on
the belly (as the fecond Pltn$c' wi iteth ) doth expcll or fend
forth the dead y ongling^and prouokcth vrine and facing :

drunk in winCjit duth mightily quicken fuch as be molefted

with the flecping downc right, fo that their heads be often
bathed with vincger And the ilomacke mooucd often to

voraittc, cither the povrdtr taken in an eggc,or the hearbe

drunk e in wine doth flay the fame* And the hearbe drunk,
doth prcuailc againft the fl:inv;es ot all venomous beaftcs*
And \DiofcQndes tcllcth/that the vie otihc Saucry in

with their phificall helpes. ^i

fncatcSjdcth long prcferuc the bodic in health* And J/i>fd •
tracer aifo writech5thar the propsrtic of this hearb is^to ex'
pel and putaway windines,and both the fwcllings and gri"
pings ot the bodyj&helpcthdigcliionXjke wife it expel
kththeruperfluitiesoftheftornackcprouoketh vrinc,and
the monthly tcaraies, andiharpnes* befidcsthcwcakenes
of (he fight proceeded cfeuilliBOifture. Theft hitherto of
the properties of Sauery*
Oftheordsrin^^ dure^ andCecrets ofrunning
Time* pyap* 12
Tl^ecunmrrgffime of tlje (Sautim, fobefet

dt\)tt in tl)c liipp^s? c: fosuen in i^t kztB, ^nttc t\}t (^a^

toteoffomc Ijeoge, o;0is to be fct in^ecDgcof
fomepono o^mtc^,o;pitof toatec, tefo it p,:orpereti) ani>
fpjingetf) t^sfaficr^antj runneth oatatlengtj,
T/^t- Phifickt hslpes.

The running Time is both hocand driein the fecond dc-

o-ree,& dothfomuch hcatc,thatic both prouoketh the mo«
ncthly termes,and thevrine,andisairo veryfliaiptotafte*
"Which running Time doth (lay the diflillmgs of the head
proceeding of a cold llomackc by drinking therof in wine
and alfo doth draw down the tcrmes of women, prouo- &
keth vrinc5& helpcth alfo the biting of venemous beaftst
and it ceafcth the head-ache, by boyh'ng the hearb in Rofe-
water,&foapplyingit to the head,and efpecially the fren-
the mixing of vineger to it,and applying the fame alfo vnto
the head; and the drinking of two drams waight of the iuce
in vineger, doc ftay the bloody voroittings. And the

king of the feeds in wine,doth mightilie prouok e the vrinc

and'^xpcll the ftcnc: and who that daily drinkcth of the

hearbemwinc, doth breakc the ftonc ofthe bladder and
kidneis.AndthehcarbhealeththeftingofaBce,if the fame
b e laid vpon it : and being fodden in wine, with the iuce
fweet Licoras, doth help both the cough, and purgelh the
breaft rand fodden in wine with Anriisfccdes,
puttcth away the wind of the gut$,and hcl-
the ftoniacke ,
13 P^^^
6 % The fowing; & fettino; ofhearbs
pethtiie (liangurie. And this hearbefodden with vineget
and honic:,and drinking therecfvnto the quantity of a cup
fuilatatime, doothhclpe thelpitcingof bloud* And the
iuccalfo mixed with vinegcr^and drinkin2;therofvntothc
quantity of focre drams atatimc>doth the like aboue-faid:
and the fame fodden with wineand honie, ifthc fame be
applied to hoc,in plafter-formCjcloth helpe thedifeafecaU
icdihcSquince: and fodden in ;vincand drunke, dotho-
pcntheftoppingsoFthe Liuerand milt, andprouokcthv-
rine: And the diftilling water of the runni ng Time,drunk:
vntothe quantity of three ounces at a tiniCi both morning
andeucning, doth ftrcngthenand amend the head ) the
braine,3nd the ftoraack, and prouoketh the appetite vnto
mcat,putteth away the noife & rumbling ofthc bell y,loof-
neth the hardnc$oftheftomacke,and prouoketh vrinc:atid
the water in the fame mancr drunk,doth comfort the figh t
confumeth the humors 6c diflillations of the head,and hea-
lethalfothc oncdaie ague (or other wife the Quoridian)
mixed with wormwood water, and fo drunk*
And the drinking of the fame water^vnto the quant itic
ofchrecounces at a time, doth amend and helpeacoldeli-
uer, milt.and the guts vlcerated. And the water doth open
the ftopping,both of the Nofethrills and ears,reftoreth the
hearing,helpcth the giddines of the head, (lay eth from vo-
mitingjputtethaway the gripings of the beUy,and bowelst
alfo it breaketh the ftone>and prouoketh vrine. by the drin-
king ihercoftandco conclude, ithealethbrufcd members,
by applying often linnen cloches dipped in water* Thefe
hitherto of the properties of running Time.
Oftbe ordering^ carfj andfeerets ofthe Lumbar dj
Louags* Chap. I 3*
T^ts l^earbe named tfje UnmbacBic ILouage, io^eef)fo
bcrotoenmatoeUDiggco an^ojelTeQgrouniJjbut efpe^
rian\? neecetjiitoa t^ic^el)e!>gcojtoaU,fonijatitrogi:eatls
tJ£!ig^tct(j,anD bcdp^ofpec^tljb? groteing in tljefi^aooUje,
a^o nitre tinto fome running teatei;;ano in I'lulj fo;te inS^zn,
ii U?ill come ^p in mi gconno*

with their phi/icailhelpSa 3<^

Thephijie\e helpes.

Louage is hot and dric in the fecond degree, and the feeds
may well be kept for three yeares. And now if any drinkc
thcTeeds fading in the morning, they after purge that per-
fon, both vpvvard and do^n-ward and the feeds giuen in

gliflerjdo eafe that perfon pained with the gout in his feet.
And the feeds fteeped for a night in wine , and after drunk,
doe fend downewomens tcarraes: and yet note, thatchefc
feeds be ouerftrong in working(takeninwardly) in that
they breakc vlc£r$,& open impoftumcsjbeinglaidplaiftcr
wife vppon, and doth in a forcible maner cxpcll the dead
yonghng. And therefore the force of thefe feeds in the mi-
niftring ought to be tempered and mixed with the feeds of
fencll& AnniSjinahkewaightofech to the Louage,for in
fuch fort taken invvard,it neucrharracthany perfon, 6cin
aplying of the feed$,without the body there ncedcth no o-
ther thing to be added to ehcm: and the hcarb much profi-
teih in a bath^if a body be rubbed with thcm,for fo it doth
open the powers,6c draweth forth euil humors in bathing:
& the feeds fodd^ either in wine or water>& diuk,do open
the flopping of the liu er and miltjand the feeds mixed with
comin fecds^Sc br ufcd cogither,& drunk in wine>doth pro-
fit much jfor that they amed the ftomackj and put away the
windines of the belly* And thefctdsbrufedandfoddenin
wine, with Gah'ngale and Sia*moa,doth amcndand hclpe
the paines and gncfes both of the {lomack^miltj&bowels*
And the Tyzanmadeof the feeds, (inamon>R3pohtike,(Sc
Galingale with {u^dr,and the fame taken in wine^do ceafc
thcpaineofthcbcUyjputavvay thefwellingbotbofthefto
mackc and bowcUsj hclpcth the biting of fnakes,3c adders
andprouokech vrinc, 5c fending down of the tcrinss. And
abach roadeofthishearbandSj2;e,Rofe(iiary5Magvvoort,
CalamintiCanioiniljMellilote^fticados, & Fencgrcskr^nd
thefe fodden in wine togither,do help thecrampe,procCi:-
dingof thefulnjs ofthe body,thcpallie,thepaineofthe
gout)& the kings euiil:<& the diftilled water drun:c,to the
quantity 012, or3; ounces ata time? helpcththegripings

^4 The fowing & fetting of Iiearbes.

of thefides and ftomacke^ the griefe of the none,kic!neis Sc
bladder tamendctn the horcencs of fpeech, &
dano-erous fwellingof the throte^calUd the Squince. And
to concludc>this*Aater maketh the face both faire <3c ckarc
ific be daily waflicd (both morning 6c ciienin<^)thcr-vvich.
Thefc hitherto of the properties ol:Lunibardy Lcuage.
Oft he ordering^ and care oft he greater or Garden
MaiioweSy Chap* 1

ecsfcom ^omnut tjnCoMmter, asUielioftljc loljite

s$ reD J 15 like in beautie tinto t^e rofC) alttjouglj not io ftrong
offauouc, auDflw^te of fmell, \»i)tcl) t^e ujomen in our time
tifctc Dccfectiieii: ()oufc0 anD ujinootoes ixiitlj 0nD nolu
t!)ere spallctoes, asCoUumella luaitet^, ioiietfj to beina
fatgcouno, ant>l)auingmoi^ft Daitglinng about it, anDt^at
it be cemoBnel),l3Dl)en as foucc leaues be luell fpiung tp anD
Homan^ ancient time l3''eD toeatemtljdc
f[)isl)eai:b t^ie
pallets atiD pottage, in Heat) of ot^ecf)0rtrbcs. ^n^t\)Q
floure alfooftjiis t)eacbe(a£rlD.:ite(b Columella) uot^botd
open at tbefull appearance of tlje &unite-,anu l^uttetlj again
attlieftttingoftbc&unne. anotoconcUise.Palladiusiuil^
letl) tbe feeDes of t\iw tieacbe to be fotone in t^e montlj of ^e^
The Phifcke helpes.
Garden Mallowes are moift, like 10 the other kindes of
Mallow'CSjandmay very wel be applicd,as well to the out*
wardasinward giicfes* Andthehearb:,ro3te,or fecdesei-
ther fodden in milke or wincj and drunk , doc ccafe a hot &
dry cough,healethelungsbli(}ered,andisa lingular rernc*
die againft iheTificke* And the Garden mallowes fodden
cither in wineorwater,and mixed with honie and Allomc,
and the fame holden andgargujedforalittlef afonin the
mouth, doth bothbeale thcbliffcringsofthc mouth and
throte, and other (linking (ores* And the mall owes fodden
in A
gucsjvnio fuch as be then bound in body. And of the
famcdecodlion, raaybemade a glider to loofethQbel lie.

wich their phidcaJl helpss. <$'y

Andthcdiflilled water of the Rofcs or flowers of the

greatmallowsjdoth (ofcxp;riece)hcaIc the breakings out
of thcinouth, and prcuailcthagainft al outward 3c in ward
heats>and Ucalcth alfo the holy fire 6c blifterjof chcthroce,
andailothcr fuellings, ifiz begargalled inthenioMrhand
throte,andotherwircapplyed without by fine linncnclo-
thcs dipped in the fame. Thcfc hitherto ot the properties
of the greater Garden njallowes.

Oft he ordering^ care^ an^fecrets ofFennelI• Cba p i j

F(^mt\{{efdzu\^tmmz oflatcc \x>iitun) cugfjt tobefo^
mtwint^z beginning of ttio ^p.:ing , topics loitl) tj0 is
tmntz^ in t\)z tm of jf cb;a5C^,ant) tljat in Tannp placej^ m"^
fomin^at ftoii^* %at after: ttje mixy^z of ancient SxiiitziBAt
mat? be folsen in tfje montt) of iSDecenibec, BanuaciCianD jf c^
fe;uai:ie: anoatanH timct^e fame ma^ be cemoouea* ^m
nolo in out iixnt, t^t great le^ues of jf ennell be UcelncD tin<«
Der cake3 ano b :eaD fet in ttjz ouen,to ^inz a ftoeetec tail anD
fauouc tjnto ti)t ctixVt* tf)a green leanes be ttuft in &ca^

to take at»a^ t^zit Tea fauout; an^ fmell in eating, loljic^


Fennel is hot and drie in the fecond degrec;but I^ilnetA
writethjthac Fcnnell doth heatinthethird dcgree,and dry-
cth in the firft, \lfo the fceds>hcarb,rindc and rootc,be ap-
plyedin medicines: The feeds ought to be gathered in the
beginningr ofSeptemDcr,& may be kept three ycares* Alfo
fccth thetenn€l,and when you cannot get the herb vfethe
feeds, which boy le in fair e running or conduit water, after
drink a good gUfle full ofthe famceuery day^ and it takcth
away the vnnatural heat, & caufeth a cleere fight.And the
whole root ofthe Fennel may be plucked vp in the begin-
ning of May & kept for three yeares* furtherjf any would
put away the red fpotsof the face, which do prcfent a kinds;
oficapricjlet him take the Fenel finely brufcd, &
mix the
fam* with old barrowcs grcace, andbearc them a little to-
gether, which fo done, annoint lightly the face with that
K oyn;ment
66 The ibwing & retting of Iiaarbs
oynCmentjV^'hich after deth make the face to be fecmely a-
gainc,3nd taketh the fpots qui teawa)%And the female ea-
ten of 7/ottien(doch ofpropertic)incrcarethcmilk in their
breR?^ And the feeds caten;doprouokcvrine, fenddo'.vne
the teariiiesjandhelpeth the flopping and hardnes of the li-
uc-r andmilfjandcheineddingofvrine.Andthei'Uceofthc
FcnnsI mixed with warmesnilkcS: thefatncgiuento drink
vnroyong babes or fucking children, bdpeth thehardncs
of fetciiing the breath. And both the linde and the roote of
the Fennel fodden in wine And drunk at the going toWd,&
in the morning faPcing, doth help luch as be pained with
thcdilcafe oFthellone, ifchefameficknesproccedethofa
hot caufe; and the Fennel caten,doth comfort the ftomack,
and helpethdigellionrand the like doth the pouderof the
feed either eaten or drunk* And the root fodden vntill the
fame bcfoft, 3c laid hot on womcns paps beginning to ira-
pofluraatc, doothhealcthcm. Andthciuccpreflcdintoa
porrenger, and the fame fet for fifteene daies in the funne,
which dropped into the eies, doth in fhort time after clcarc
and aasend the dimncs of the (ight* And a litle ofthc Aloes
Hepatickpulto t his iucc^and the fame fet in the funne for
fifteene daies,which after drop into tlie eyesjd: it wil great-
ly amend the fight* And aboue al otiicr vvaies with the iucc
for the iighr,thjserpecially is beft comended^that theiuicc
be boil id betwecne two dilhes on a chafing diih with coles,
and that the water which flandethlikca dc<N on the vpper
diihjbepoured ftiUasit rifethintoa glailbiandthisdofo
long vntill no more drops appeare in the vpper dini,(?v af-
ter drop of chat w^terintjyoureieSj&i^ wil areatly amend
&cleare the fight* Andtheiucecfthc Fcnnell tempered
with honieand dropped ^armeinto the eares^doth kill the
wormes increafed and felt in theoc. And the root ividi the li-
cour fodden again with w ine^and chat drunk doth lielp the
paincofch^tcrampe. andhsjileththcdropfic* And the iucc
of the lenuesmixed with vinegcr, andannoiured on bur*
ningfwcliin:^sdoch affw age them. Thcfs hitherto of die ^

properties of F^^nnslL
with their philicall helps, <^7

Ofthe ordering^ andcarc-^ ofthe Amisi.

1^0 5miB a u^i^li sigijeD mi^

j)ot!) Defit'e M
ground? anu
cciiimctl) tjcccv UicU bp til Di'ljci: places bp Dai^gtng ano

The p lift ck^helpes.

The A^nnisis hot and drie in the third degfee53ndhath
the vcitue of confammg and dilFoIuing : and the feeds alfd
may bs kept for f our ycares ininach eiTicacie&firength,
if they bs hanged vp. And wailiing yotirfacein^hediltil-
kd^^ater ofchis h^rb^it doch much clecrc the famspfo chat
this waterbeirieafurablyvf^d and with difcretion, for too
ofccnv(ina;ciitdoth make the faceycllowc* Andagainft
thebiack & blevvofa (h*ipe(cfpcci&ily if the fajns be about
the eies ) let the fecdcs with the Cuiumiiie be bf ufcd f ogi-
tber,wrought^/ith wax, &
apply hottothcgrieuedpLTCe;
And to tfie increafiiig of milk in. thebrcRs and of fpcarjuc,
this pouder of Anniscither eaten or drtmke^doth gre.ite;y
hcipiSc this onely is caufed by op ening the paiTiges of the
miik 6c fpeanne, Andin what manner foeuer the fcedcs be
vfedjtbey aflwagethe fwellings which both harden the
boTTclls and greeiie the Homnck* And the eating ofrhc
feeds any feafc?ntogither,doth both heat thijiiuer and hcl-
peth digeiiiorfAnd the Annis feeds fodden in wine mix- &
ed with Sinamon and Maftickc and chat drunlc^domiglKi-
lieheipethe grceuousbelchiiigs proceeded ofacoldeflo-
inack. And th^ Annis feedcs f )d in water and drnnke with
hartcs tung,doth help the li:opping bath of the Uueraisd
milt, and helpetli all kinde ofthedroplic,and flayeththe
dife-i{'e(called the whitcs)in women.
And the po vvder ol: Annis feeds fowedin a Ijnncn bag,
and boykd in wjne^and after applied hot vnto the wonians
priuie place doth both cleanse l.eibody,& bringcth, downs
thetearaies. And the feeds rakcii wkh Cafioricjdo helptiie
fwclling of ihc ilomack & bowells And the feedes cm fed
intopo vvdcr aad tempered 'vith hyiiic; Hope arid vineger,
K 2 "and
^8 Thefowingandfettingofhearbcs,
and boylcd cogithcriand then the gargling of the fame in
the throtCjdoth help the difcafe called the fquinccund the
fame prepared with winc,& dru k, do help the iropoftunies
ofthe ftomacke and the cough.And the Annis feeds cit her
eaten or drunk with vineger and honic,do help the ftrang-
ling orftoppingotthematrice. Thefe hitherto of the pro-
perties of the Annis feedes.

Ofthe ordrh^jcare-y andrecrets efCommlne Chap*

. 1 7%
Tl^eCommine Delia^tct^ tobefoUien in a fat rnioieeU
o;mtb2tirD^le8tc|?e fpzin^ tl)e feei:j?i5 oag^tte be {9l»en#
fliio tljCi? DO ^^^"^ p^ofpei being fotoett amcng stljec Ij^acbs.
S^ome ancient ^uttjois b3.:itc, t^at feezes p^ofpec tf)c bet-
terans gtoUitijepIentifuUicCjift^e^be fctuen ^itlicucfeD
too^e^jbut a coitmienDnott^i£; niannec in fotoing*

!r^5 Phi/tcke h/pes,

Commincishotanddryin the third degree, zsJE^weta
writeth,and the feeds alfomay be kept for fiue yearcs,and
vfcd in meates,drinks,andfauces,for that chey comfort 5c
help digeftion* And the wine of the decoftion of Coinmin
fceds,drieFigs,and of Fennel feeds vfcd togicher,domitti-
gate the paine and gripings of the greate guts.commingof
ivindinci* And the fame wine alfo like ordred,doth preuail
againf} the cough coinming or cold. And againft the fwel-
Iing oftbc cheekcs,takc Cosninine Tecds and Figs well bru*
fed togither,5c ai cer feeth them in wine, which lay plaifter
wifcon the grecucd place, and jt doth help the fame. And
againilrhecolderv'v^mecnhe head, take powder of Com-
minc (czdt an-' Bay bsrrieSjwhich heate togithcr in an car-
thenpotre, andputtingthe fame after into a littlelinnen
bagge, appJy warmeonthehcad-, andthis without doubt
h-^lpeth (hatgricfe. And againil ihe black and blcwcof a
ft^-jpcjor 3r»y other fnancr^cione whiles the fame is yet freili
andne^Vjyoum dicak? the fins powder oFthcComminc
fccdcs, andwaK,and vvorktthc iaroe togichcr at thefier,
with their phificalJ hclpcf. ^^
and often apply that plaiftcr v^^rmc
vnto the grecucd
placcjwhich fo vfcd^is thought a furcand pcrfedlrcracdic*
And thcCummine fccd$,foddcn in 'vine with FencgrcekC)
dotakcawayfwclhngs,and thcii,ripuigpaine of the guts.
AndthefecdsbrufcdiSc tempered vvuhthetr/hitcofanegg
and that laid on the eye, doth take away the rcdncsof the
fame.And the Cummin fccivsboyled in wine, and laid hot
on thcNauelljdoth eafctheflrangurje^andal! other pafii^
ons ofthe biadder.And the Cummin fecdi fodden in water
(if the face be waHied vvich the fame) do caufcth^ fice to be
clc3rcrandfairer:,fothsr the fame be now wk thenv(cd:for
th c often & much vii ^gofujdoth make the face pale. And
the Cumminc feedcs brui fed and boy led with vineger jand
applycd warractothcnofethrihjdoth flay the much blcc-
dmgat thenofe,and womcns fucccfle ofthe RcddeStThefe
hitherto ofthe properties of the Cummine tecde.
Oftheordenng^ cafe^andfecyets of the Coliandcr*
Chap. i§,
C£)lwnisci;tor0tl&to befoUjen in a fatgtouuD, aU[joag§f
it totlltoellmousl^ p^ofper in a leane guounD : anti t^e

(ceU0s,t^eelfiect^e?ll^aUb0(fotl)at fljei^ be not titterliioe-

cai?eOtoitl)age)t^efoonei:ano better ttjei^ totllp;jcrpc!; ano
cemeljp, anDt&e^muf^beoft0n bjatcceo. i:intrPalladius
\s^littX\^i tliatt lie feeder ma^ be foluen from t!)e mtODleoC
The Phijicke helves.
Thehearbe Colianderis fufficient common, and hnth
the vertue ofcoolingj as writcrh "Dt^fcoridcsy although o.
andothers to be hot and dry* For by the cffe^ it isknowen
tobchotjin that it doth rcfcruewindines and u'ens:andon
the other fide ;igaine, she feeds ll;ew it to be cold and d-y^in
that(aft€r mcatjearenjtliey Oat the vapours ryfing vp that
they afcend not vnto the head. .*xnd tlic feeds in tt ceits may
well be vft<i & kept for two ycares^ A nd the fctds haue the
vertue of helpitjgdigedion &the paines ofthe ilcmackc
WiChwindineSiitthcy bcmuiiitrcdinnieatt Andclis wuie
K z of
70 The fowing & fetting of Hearbes,^
ofColiander drunke^dcth the like] alfo the
poucierof the feeds caPcon meatsj do caufe them digeft
And ///(?i^e>r/^5Writeth, that the ponder ofthefeeces mu
niilrcdin fvveetwine>do caufe raentobethcproncrto the
veneriallaif^,yct the fame too much vfed^is euilhfor thatit
brin geth men vnto a frczines^and raging with themfelues:
and themuch eating ofthehcarb andfteds togither, is ve-
nemousto dogs,andkillcththem,andfurth^r:the co*nfe£ls
made of the Coliander feeds Vv'ith fugar,do not only ftrcng-
then the ftomack by vfing them, but reprcde the vapours
afcending to the headland therfore,theraih£rtobcvfedia
meats ofthofe which be moleiled with the failing ficknes:
For the caufe of this (ickenes, doth proceed of the vapours
•which rife from the ftoraacke vnto the head. And the f?eds
may not be eaten raw, but rather flecped in vinegcr, or co»
ucredouerwith fugenforthat being either ilecped invi-
negerjor coiiered with fugcr, before theeitingj dothftay
the humors riling from the ftomackvntothehead«Andhc
Coliander feeds prepared with vineger^^c biufed,and after
taken with tlieiuce of Piantine, flaieth the great bleeding of
the nofe« And Xenocratm writeth a marueilous matter ( if
the fame bctruejthatif a vvomaneat but one grain of the
fcedsjthat then hercourfes,fhall riumefor one day: if two
graines,thentvvodai€stogith€r,ifthreegrainesjthen three
daies togither?and thuSjlooke how many graines.& To ma-
ny daies following they fhail continue* Butthishcarbcis
forbidden to be taken in tv'c rd, for that it harmeth the head
and bloud* And the iuce ofColiander mixed with vineger,
doth both cC'ole and help the holy fire! and the fcedcs a lit-
tlebrafed and eiuen in rsifons to car, doth flea the wormes
inchildren* And the iuceofthe hearbe, wieh the iuccof
Lcttuce.of Plan tin c,thc vA\\\t of an Egg,and oyle of Rofes,
allthcfelabouied well togither; and'aiterlaidonhoc im-
poilumes, and burning Iweilings, orbliQersj doe both
adwage an d hsak ihem. Theic iiilherto of the Coliau-

[with their Phificall heJpes. 71
Of the ordyi'njTy ^.nd care of^JMufturdjeed^-* ^ap* i p

Routes grcun^.ariD tatljei* on t!)e ti£sge of fiicrolucg sb

fine caitlj like tspou^ei ^kC5, ^ntJ tfie fec^s muH be vato 0^
I^j^ruiarbe cmcxt^m ttje grountjj fet^al
tttr, iBljeiebi?

tljefeeccsiDrjicH'cu p.:cpatelo^^c tatm (intraAirpofirtstrje
gltinls)tl5e^ iuiilbe Irienger-^To ttjc rse??j5 foiDen ber0.:j0 auD
aiiCilBiiiter, noDcfireafut gcouno, anotobs tljm (mtn^
fc fo ttje^Jfcme^pbettett^ca being tljtd^e fotscn ans aftes

t\}t plants bs ijeeUrp,zimgt)p,tl)e^ Jiia^ be cemoueD auo fet a^

Thephifick^^ helpes*
Muftard feeds be hot and dry \n the fourth degree, & the
feeds onely to be kept for fine ycrcs :and the feeds banc the
vertueofdifIoluing,attra£ling5& extenuating* Ard aganft
thcpalficofthe tougue>thc feeds only cht^wed and hoiden
vrider the help the fame. And againftthc palfie
in other rnembers j kt the feeds be pvit into £ litlc bag, and
foddeinwiaCjhidon tiicgrieued place, but tfpecialy in the
beginning ofthefiknes^Ard the pouderoFths feeds drawn
vp by the nofe^dotii prouok rne£zing^<& purgech the brain
offupcrfliiities. And alfo /'/V.^/V writethjthat the feedcs doe
extenuate and den.inilL the tlammy and grofe humours 6c
doehealetheftingsofScpenes andScorpions,bcingtnini-
flredwith vineger. And the feeds do marueyloufly purge,
breaketheiloncjcaufean appctitc3& comfort the ftcmack.
And chc feeds brufed with Enula Campana.and that laid on
ripeimpoi^i^mes, do both breaks anddravv them without
paine*Andthekeds g-rgulcd with vvater and honny, doth
help the blillering of (hemouth and the Squincc. And the
feeds eaten with figs and Cumminemixed togither, dodi
litipe d^edropiie. And a like quantity cfMuilard fcedcS,
Peiiitoryand Ginger, mixed togicher withrofcd honnie,
and alfo wafliing themourh there-withj andholdingthe
fame a goodvvliiie inthc niouch, dooth purge the bj:aine
72. The fowing & (etting of hearbes.
offuchcuil humours, which cfpcciallycaufcthgrccuous a*
kin<y and paine of the hcadtand the felfe faoic doth help the
falling oFthc roofc ofthemouth,& the vlcers in the throtc:
and to haucaclere voice to (ing,take the mealc ofoiuftard
feeds^and workc the fame with honie into little bails^of the
which fwallow one down ciiery morning,andit (hal caufc
you to haue a clcare voice in lliort time* And the chawing
of the Mudard feeds in the mouth,doth dra we downe and
pur^e;heflegmeofthchcad.Thcfc hitherto of the muftard
Ofths ordering^ and care^ both ofthff ^hemll
afidC^iper* Chap* 20^

Ci^eraill Dtficetij to be fo^en in a fectilc^ ma^ttte, anD

toellQvingeOijronnD, a.i^tobe foijoenintlje mouet{)of
anguft* foKottrecuetijbecrUjeU alU&c ^intzt tl)o;:oljae/
Sitit} t^t €wfttB ist2 i^ ^ batcen attD \cxaz gcounD, ano fiou^

nC^janu bearetfjeic floucetttt^e ^ommer,artOanHopal o*

ttjec^ecbw scotoma neeteti) em. 4K5t^e? alfotoit^ecanu
d;reaU)af,at tj^ercttmsano^oms 9ntof6c;i|t ofti^efeauen
Oft be ordering and care of the heOfh
DilU Chap. 21.
fjearb 2>iU, neCcet^ tl)e common eare^ of t^e sacoen,
anDtobg fo iDen in d^e monetft of jfcbzaac^o; ^acc^,

an^ in t^e montfis alfo of ^eptembec, o; ^^^tx^y ano in a

gentUand lD|)9ironie place: it uui? bs foljum in tbemoHtb of
^ecembet^eit^ei; bi> tt felfe^o.: ainono; otljer ^eacbeis.ano toel
beacet^ o.: fufferctf) all conoittoniSoftDeat^et;: but it moS
io^etb ivi t^e tuacmc toeat^ec,an^ to be i^v^ fotoen ana uia-
tere^j, if t|i€^ be not ot^eclpife Bekieo ann moiftne^ toitfj
ftoU)ei:0. anU fome coaec not tlje feeos lott^ e act!) aftcc Vi^z
fol»in3,fappo(ins tljat t^ebicog iBiUnotcatetJpt^efeeOg^,
Dill is hot and dric in the fecond degree, and the fccdc?
may bekeptfor three yeres,alchough they be the better, if
yearly they be rcnued,&thefeeds 4jCo be chiefly occupi-
. '

with their Phificallhelpes. 73
cd in the medicine. And now the dccoftion of the hcaib &
feeds do prcuailc Sc help the ftraightncs of pi (Ting, and in-
creaferh milk in the brelh* And againll the pain of the ma- .

tricc,take a handful! of Dill.boylingthcfaniein winf,and

after applying it in plainer forme vnfo the grieued place,
it doth help t!ie fame* Dut A^^icen vvriteth^that the much and
ofcen eating oiDiil,doth weaken &
make dim thcfightrcSc
yctifany vfeththe h-arb, it procureth fleep,& the rather
rf the head be annointed with the oyle of DilJ«And the an^
cicntPhiiitianswrite, but efpccialiy ^^/^», that garlands
inade of the ^^fccne hcirb & worneon the head^ procure
fltepejand the iucc or oileofDiil dropped warmc into the
cares jdoth help the pain of them. And the Dill foddcn with
poppy fccdcSjand drunk:, doth ftay vomiting^and the gri
pings 5c wind of the belly. A nd the afLes of Dill doth help
allthedifecifesofthcfundamentjandpaincof thepriuities:
and it may profitably be annointed on moifl vlcers^and e-
fpecially3thore(as (y^/^wwritech) wliich are often in the pri-
uicie?. And the decoclion of the Dill in wine^being drunke,
doth help fuchas are pained with theftrangury* And the
Dil foddcn ivithfuger &
mixed with oyleand v\ine,and af-
ter drunkjdorh help the matricc, fend do wnc the after bur-
d£n,and draw down the termes, takingtoche quantity of
two dramnies at a ti3Ge* And take the feeds of Dill ^ Nettl e,
a likcquatity,thofebcafeinto finepouder^which mix wim
water and hony, and after lay that plaft er-wife on the piles
ofthefundamentj&icwill heale them in &ort time, Thefe
hithertoofthehearb Dili.

OftheordrinT^^ an d fecrsts of R:ie, Ch^i^ 22*

care-, ,

p DcSmij tobe folucnina furmppkce

t V.n3o:^e, mri}cmont^ of ^accl), ana tljattfje eat tl) be
mirtU)itl)al9esi» ^InDtljisljeacbiorc^i to be folcen on l)ig^
i)eD3,tul)ecb^ tlje proper moi^HniS mar H^eo t[)eifi:o as P2I-
hdius Uuitctl)«^rti3 t^cbare kt^& alio tuitljout lyas'mBAwn
betietDeuonbe^s, anticoueceD oucctsitb ftae mz eatt^
^itljaratiaiino t()er8ngplantc0 rpr^in^outortpe fceiss,.
^ bein$.
7 4- The Towing & fetting of Iiearbes.
bemgint^eljnskesbettjelXoitgei:, alt^oug!) tfje^belongec
in e^cappeaungaljoaet^ecait^* aintJt^e^onspIantejjfjatc
botfjmoiUuceaitD Dun3>antirat[)ei;ioretl)mt[)eDung ofa^
K) esijaiiB it caitnot luell abiQe t^e colo of totntet:, ano t^ecfec
Defirettjtobe couerc^ontljc beD3 kiit^ al^es, tupeceb^tlje
famema^t^e bzttztmkm tijemfcom t^e lftacpene£ioft^e
coloetb^oug^ tW^tntz t^ecof. i3nt) tf tljei? be fp,:incfeled Init^
U)atec, ti)cn DO I1)e^ fatter fp,:utgbp, aslD^itet^ Theophra-
ftus:i^etma^n:ttfee planter bemoueD Inttljani? ^jon, fo^
fcareofbhwmg t^eicgrolDt^* ^no tel^ent^erong planters
befcintu'oatcometjp, t^enlaefDe tliemDiUi3entli:,to^eceb^
uieeDs tjinoec not t^eii; guoUitl; .^ou mud not onelg folue
f Ije

t^efeeos,butrettl)eaippe5, being flippeo off fcom t^egcea-

tccEalfeesneacetotlje rootesint^e fpnngtime, m\\}mt^t
montl) of augua,an6 tljat tl)e Ciippes be to^itljeD at tlje cnus;

fo;fo tjje^fpceDili? tafeeroote in t^e eact!). anD tfjs Ui|)oU

plant remoueDanDfctagatne, Dot^feloeme pzofper^butD?^
ett) foone after t^eneto retting,tnl)ic{) t^t Gippes broken off

from tlje Vtalht^ contract to* anu tf)e\? p^ofper manti peaces
ii3itl)ou t toitbecing an^ tbing, fo bat a tooman (bauing ti^tn

Jer teacmes) come not nigb no; b^nole tbe beai:be,fo; tbat b^
l)ant)ltng9 tbe f)eaib ^otb b^ little ano little U)ttl)et: a no o;i^e
atoa^jas to^^itetb Collumella*
Snofottie Id jite, tljat ^Uuefettoitljin tl)eB^anc, bcareu
f|);oug^,anD conereo iuitb eactb^ootli in ttjc gcoUiing take a^
Ujai? ttjeflrongfrneU of tljeljeacbe.
^mkoti) PlinieanO PalladiusUjMteJb^ttbe Kaemo;e
toretb antj plentifuUi^ei: gcotDctb> bi? being fet tintici: tbe (l^a^
nctoeflftbcagtcae. ^nD0ftbi3,Theophra0:asip0getbtbat
tabetbebeUljeacbgra^e, tobicb bctngplantet) tfj^ougb t^o
^gtccebarke, iB fo couereUU)it'^eai:tb.
^n^tbeUJeeDingalfoofttiis b^acbtoitpace banias tobt^
lelltbeDeatDeb^ng^t^ on tlje leaner, ootljcattre Dangccou^s

anD t?)ccero;e if an^ b^ tgnozance Dotlj toeeoe about t^$
plmtcB \jDitb0ttt glones on tljeic banBes, ano tbat tbe baaoe^
beaftecinfecteobot^ljpitljan jtc^ anofiiueUmg o; blitlers.
with their phificall hclpes.
i\tXK \ti {\t perfow mximX Ijis Jjan^^ tett^ fallet o^Ie, o; foj
lijckeof oi?le,U)itl) tljeiuceof ^emlocl^e, ano \i U)cU f^ale

fl)iffecas o;ani? o(^er poultrie fitting on t!jc tooiie,o.2fp.:mk^
iesiiitlje poultry tjoufe.DotljD.Kuc atuar CTeafcHesbpfiic
Crongrmeil of tijeljcarb, fo; it is a fpectall Defence ngatnU
fucijUintJeof tjermme^ ^noto
D^iae a\ea^ eitljer gndts oj
fires outcfpuucljambeCjtalieagcecneb^ancb cf tbe^Ciicb
gime (as Dcmocricus U);itefb ) ano toitl) t^efame fp^incklc
Inatei'coun^ about poui; c^ambecano tfjus mac!) fo;^ tfje o^^
The VhiCicke helpes*
Hearbgracc is hot and dry in the third degrec,& both the
Icauesandfecdcsniay well bevfed inmedicine^ And the
fecdesalfo ought to be gathered in haruell, which may wel
be keptfor fi've ) eares jand the leaues dryedjfor al poyfons,
& a peculiar Triadcfor the p 3orc,which not Only the King
Methridatii witneiTeth, but very experience, doth daily
teach the fame: yea,both curious painters!,and fine grauers
do often eat of this hearb with their meateSjfor the electing
and amending cf the fight* And Rue eaten doth put away
windcandduilcththc dcfir^;totheVcneriallad. And the
Icaues eaten with dry fig? and walnuts togither, isthefu-
reftremedie that may be againft any deadly poyfon, if the
fame be taken in time.
And to make another prcfcruatiue ofthe famc/omwhat
more coftly,is on this wife: Take an ounce of the leaues of
Rue,halfeanouccoffigs,halfc an ounce of lunipcr berries,
two ounces of walnuts^and four ounces of vincger jail thefe
mix and labourtogither, of the which, fwallowc downca
little fafting in the mornmg when you rifc,and you fhal be

defended all that day from being poyfoned* Anditisal-

fo a fingulcr & prccipus Triaclc againft a peflilet aire: and
the bcrbgracc fodden in vinegcr and drunk puttcth away
belching. And the herb fodden in wine with figs^vntil the
halfe be confumed^ and after drunkej dooth mightily helpe
h 2. the

j6 Thefowing&fettingofHearbcs,
ttcdropficthcpaincsalfoofthcbreftSificIiS, andloynes
yca,the fame drunkjdoth help the coucrh>theclifeafesof the
liucr,the lungs and [hekidneis,fo that there hanj no aglie
On thepaticnc; and the hearbfoddcn with oyle, andafrcr
Cafr vp in glitier form)doth put away the paints of the wo-
mans places^and the fvvellirigs of the great %\xtlQ, And the
hearb brufed tvithoyle^^luid-plaiftcr-wifeonall thcpri-
uieplacev'nto rhefand:iiiienr,dcoch help the Rranglingof
theprinitie. And the hcatblbdden vvithl.'bpand Annisin
winejdoth put away gripings,cyther drunk or fomented on
thegreeuedpIaccAndaplaiftcrmadeofthehearb withoil
sndiaidon the rsaucDjdooth kill the wormesoftlie bell)e»
And the eating of the heaibgracc doth amend put away
the fmel of onyoiis <5cgarlick:and the hearb grace helpsth
thofe difcafcd with the ague, if the fame be foddcnin oil Om
liue^Sc before xht lit comet the body beanaointed with the
fame,or els the fame pnt(bcfare the fit) in glifter wife And

the bcarb foddsn in cilc & dropped hot into the care.sdoth
expell the vvormcs. And the hearbfodden with roirre, and
drunkjdoth put away the water bctwecne the skin and the
fieOi. Andtneiuceof Ruemijccdvviththe oilsofrofcsand
vineger^andannoindng the head rhcrwith, doth pntaway
the beating paine thciof, And the hearb fodden in Fumito-
ry vvat€r;and drunk^d nh help children difcafed wi^h fmall
pockes. If childrcnhauing the mearels>be not already blin-
ded with them^then hang both the rooteof Rue and Scabi-
ousaboutthe childrensneckes, arid they ilialbe defended
thcrby by Godspermiirion. And an ointmenrmadeof the
hcayb with oile of RofesjCerufc 6c vineger,doth heale any
fcabbe^theholy fire>runningfote*jandhotbliilcrs. And
the hearb with Garlike.falte and walni^ts mixed together,
andlayedplainer-wifeonthebiteof amad Do^tgcor Ad-
qer,icdoth heale the fame; Andagainlt the weakncs of
fi^htjprccccded ofa choLerick hunolitic^drink thenof the
wine vvherin this henib hach bene laid ro foake in the vefler,
for a whijebeicre s Alfo the hearb mixed with Rcfe- water
6i laid on bkared cies»do jmarueiioufly clef? & hcale them^
- ^ ' And

vvith their phificall helps. 77

And againfl the tooth-achjCakc the heatbc (oddcn in wi.K,
and lay that plaRer-wifcon the gricucd place* Or this wif^^
talcc the ftalke ofthe fame hcarbc^ and burne the fame fom"
whatin the lire, and
with that burnethehollowneirc with-
in the tooth. Andagainftrnccoldnesofthcflomackc, and
palficof theochcrnKmbers?drinkthcdeco<flI5ofchishcrb
vvith Caflorietand againR the nopping ofthe liuer milt, ^
and i\r 3ii '^Umzs of m -king vvattr, drink the licarb with the
rootofFcnelfoddeninvvinetogither, orthcpoudcrofthc
root ofthe Fenell, vvith theiuce ofthe hcarbe. And againtl
the flraiditiics of making of water, and bloudie ffixe, Teeth
thchearD inivine andoiie, and lay^itplaiftcr- wife on the
roctofthcpriui-y. And young n^aricd wiuesmayfeldonic
of hiniring coceptioa at any time*
cat of this herb,for feare
Andthepetfonannointed with the luce of this hearbc, or
bearingthehearb about him? ihallnot be bitten or dinged
of any venensous woime or beafte* And laft>the Rue of pro-
pertic doth driue away all venemous beads (Scwormes out
ofchat ground which is fet about 'rvith that hearb : and this
becing planted in Gardens necre to :he bcddesof Sage, the
Toad will not come necre the fame, vnder which (as fome
write ) they delight to be* Thefe hitherto ofthe proper-
ties ofthe Hearbe Grace.
Oft he ordering^ ^n^ care^ oft he hsi^rh ijofe^
Chap. 23,
I&spefsfafcaitefulipiant, anu nctCLtade i«t!}e(5ac!5ejt,
be fcujnco; fctindipps^ 0; to -loli; plants,
ii^!)tc^cog[|t to
neii^cc in fat no^ Dunged gLCun^, btit tn an open ano fannie
place: ano after: i%z fjeacbc is ^asell i^v^w^ tsp? t^eri ma^ it in^
mae t^c fcoilesani5S)ncb3 in tlSintei:* ^iinPalladius usil-
let^ tf)e Bifope to be \ti in liij'nole plants iu tlje mmzV^ of ^e*
Ij.juaiie. ant in tlje &iunmer,li^t)i^n %z Ijeatfee beaietl^ %\%
f.wxxX%%\\ cut o^tb r^mc,anl> D;le it in tpe t^aootu

The Kopeof qualiticishot and driein the fecond degrees

yet GaUn affimuth, that Ifope is hot & dxis in the iliira dc-
y8 The fo wing and fetting of hcarbes,
grcc,but the fame is of the thin parts. Andwhen the fame is
tobc vfed in mcclicinc,thcn ought the Icaues to be flripped
from the flalkcs, and the ftalkes caft away as vnprofitablc,
but the Icaues may well be keptforayearc*
And now the I(op: fodden in fpring water, with figs,ho-
,ny,aridRuc5 and after drunk, doth hclpc thofe difeafcdin
the LuagS3f€Lching their breath /lior^an oldccough pro-
ceeding through the diftillings from thehead, vntothc
lower parts^and in the fetchmgof breach ( none other wife)
then by reaching the neck vpright^ and llaycth all maner
of wormss in the belly* And theiucc of the hcarbe drunke
with Oximell^doth loofc a cofliue belly iind the fame iuce

taken with the feeds of Crefles^doth gently loofe the belly,

and caufeth a cleareface,and good colour of the skin,if any
drinketh thereof.
And the hearb boyled with pure duckcs grcare,and figs,
and tha t laid in plaifter forme on the milt, doth take avray
thefwcUing therof*
Andagainft the hardnes or fwelling of the milt,and the
water betweene the skinne, boyletheheatb withfigsand
Salt Niter, and lay that plaiftcr-wifcon the grieued places*
And the hearb foddenin wine,and drunk, doth cleanfe the
breaft:and fodden in water, doth fwage the fwelling of the
gummes, by wafliing the mouth therewith. And the hearb
fodden in wine with fencll feeds, being drunk, doth take
away both paine of the ftomackc, and bowclles : and a fo-
ment alfo made with the hearb fodden 5c applied vnto the
ftomacke,doth the like cffefttand the fame foment applied
beneath, dooth purge and clenfc womens places of the fu-
perflluoushumours* And for thcdifeafeofthcSquince,thc
hearb fodden with figs, 6c that gargulcd in the throtc,doth
greatly help 5 and the hearb fodden in vineger, with the
which, walh the gummcs of the teeth, and it will ccafe the
ach and paine of them* And of the Hope made a wine,named
Ifope wincjdoth help by drinking thereof,the difeafes of
thebreaft,th. t^ dc8,&thelung8,thefhortnesofwinde,and
an old cough uj:;.^ thefanae prouokcthvrine,&hcIpcth the
with their phificaJl heipcs.^ ,

gripings 8c nippings of the body, and ccafcth the cold flia-
kingofa daily Agucanddrawethdownc the tcrmes^Thcfc
hitherto ofthe properties of Ifopc*
Ofthe ordertng and c^re eft he Mintu C hap 24
MJntsma^ be planter mm tjntca toello^ot^eccttw-
ntngUjatei:, fo^tljat tljc Seacbg Dclig[)tet|imaRio?ff
place, ano to be fet ettljec in fitp0> o; in tl^e l»^oIe rooter, ano
fiourifl^et^tnt^e ^ommer, buttDtt^eretbm tjeminter.
ano t^is Ijeacb opgl)t to be fet
in ai unni? place, but in no t3e^
gcouno, nn sangsD
rie fat ano t^ijSf l)eacbe mag not bg

wooueDaftett^egrdcinglwit^ an^ Jcon,aj5 \^z Ijauiafsac*

taug[)tanD t^isb^acb onctfotoenan^ phoning, Qcrficonti^
nu0manri?eaccsaftei:in t^ecEattien. 0nZ)Plinieiu.:itet^,
t\)^t t\)z ^ints; oug^t to be fet in tlje beginning of tlie mont^
Mints in the Garden are hot and dry in the fccond degree,
and all the fprtsof faints in the garden, do both comfort the
ftomacke, and help digcftion. And now the mint5 brought
to powder and eaten in milke,dooth flea the wormes of the
belly; and the hearb caccn^doth loofe the belly :and the dai*
ly vfingofthis hearb, dochgiuc a good colour : and at any
time cate,is very healthful to thebody. And thciuccof the
hearb mixed with a littlcBriffiftone and vineger, and that
anointed on the holy fier with a fearher,doth ceafethe pain
forth with. And mints fodden '/vidi wine & drunk^doth eafc
the pain of the kidnies.and bowelsiand fodden ia wine and
oile,& that laid plaifler- wife on impoftumes,doth diflbloe
6c cure them* And a^i^ainft the flinkjng fauour of the mouth
and rotten ncs of the gums and teeth, let then the mouth <5c
gums, be wailied witli vinegcr, of the decoclion of garden
iT)ints,6c after rubed withchepouderofdrymintS3orwith
diy mints. And againO: the breft hardned by the curding of
the milk, take a gicat handful ohhe niints,6c the fame feeth
in wine and oile,(Sc after lay that plafler- wife on the paps &
it helpeth thera^And further note, that when any medicine

isgiuca againftpoyfo/hcfanie ought to be miniftrcd with

8o Tlie fowing Sc fetting of heaibs
theiuccofMints,orwirlivvineoftliedeco£lionofitj if you
cannot get (at that time) theiuce, or the onely iuiccof
Mints, or wine of the deco£lion of it, or the iuicc of it with
honie comroixcd together, doth helpc the fame. Aifo the
fame helpcth the ftopping of the Liuer and Milt, and the
waiesofthevrine proceeding of a cold humour, and of the
hot without an Ague« And the iuccminiftred with honic,
doth flea the worms in the bclly,& it doth alfo kil worm s,
droppedinco the cares* And the mints put into millcc, will
no: fuffer thcmilkc to curd,although the runnet be put in-
to it; an Jin the like fort, it doth hinder generation. Thcfc
hitherto of the properties ofgarden mintSf

Ofthe ord:ringj anA care oft Jos Garden Time*

Chap« 25.
T^z ©aroen ffiime ts a plant cig'^t profitable, ^W^ tJe •

ltgl)tct^cat[)grtoberettnt[)e iDtjoleplaats, tb^nretoen

in tlje feeusjin a icane ano donp gcoant),anD t^at op^n in t\)Z
&un,butnett^et<nftt no; uungeD gcounu.^iio Thcophra-
ft us to.2itctf),t^at it iDilI U10II cnougf) p.zofpei:, if t^;e pianctff
fcerettDitbt^eflolDersgcolDmgoittfjem. ^nti Palladius
ly ;itet^,t^at t'tJe beft time fo; t\)t kiting of it, i^ in tlje lattec
eno of tl)e monetlj or^eptember, in a funnic place, ano ttont
Thephifcke helpes*
The Garden Time is hot and drie in the third degrcc,and
dothprouokevfinc,3ndthetermesin women,and purgcth
alfo the bo /yells, by drinking thereof in wine* This Time
fodden with honic and drunk, doth helpe fuch as fetch the
windcrhort,and helpeth in a maner all other gricfes ofchc
brcaft,by fpittmg forth the corrupt matter.And four drams
ofthcfine poudcrof Time, ta':cn with fix fpooncfuil of
Oximel!,do£h purge choller,and cleanfe the bladder,
And if the belly fwelleth.then take one dram of the fine
poudcrofthisGarcicTime,witha fpoonfuUofmcllicrate,
which drunk facing, doc eafe the paincof the boweles and
loynes. And to take away the wind of ihe bread, the fides,
with their phificaJl helpcs. 8i
ard lianckcsjdunk the quantity of three drams of ihcpou.
dcTyWith a fpocnfull of Oxiicel mixed together : alfo three
drams ofthjs poudcrmixcd with a fpoonful of oximel doth
purge the melancholly,andduInc$ofthc fences proceeding
of fightaand helpeth the paines of the ey es,if it be taken fa-
cing: alfo the pouder helpeth fuch,gricuoufly pained with
the gour,beinggiucn with wine: and this Time muftbec
moderatlyvfedjforthemuch eating of itdothgrtatly heat,
andyet beware of the black Time,for that the fame dooth
corrupt and ingcnder choller : but vfe that only which bea-
reth a purple flcwcr,hauing feme wbitcncffewithalL Thus
much oftbc Garden litac. i'u^tb
Of the ordering and care ^&fthe hearb Or^anie* Chap* 26,
O-^ganie ocligfjtetlj te be fet in trough i Honr pla^s, antJ
to be DungeD anti toatete^ till t^efamebe U3eUfaftncr> in
tilt eartf)^ ^no it alfo Delrg^tet^ in tfje fame omt of DaefTing
ajSt)otl)tf)e parcel^.

jSttD Palladia s iDiIletl) tljat £);jsanie be fet in ^eptembec

about t^t time of tlje ^uns antring into Libra. SnD it oug^t
tlien to be gat^eteo U3f)cn it bearetf) flouEeSi ano to bee D^peo
in t^z ll^atJolx3e5fo,:fo ttje fraurs ano floutes tuillcontimje fo?
a rere,tf tfjer be before ttiippiD ftom tl^e ilalh5,anu tlje llaliis

Organie of the garden is hot and drie in the third dcgrc,
andthekindes of Organyhaue the vertuc of cutting a fun-
der,drv ing,dra wing,and alfo confuicing : but the root ofa-
nyofthemhaueno vertucinmedicinc^ This Organie hel-
peth any pcrfc n that is difc^icd in the liuer,by diinking the
decodion of the flourcs and the flourcs and Icaues put in-

to a littlelinnen bag,andihcfameboylcdinv\ine, & sply-

cd hot to the head(the pacient then coucrcd w ich clothes to
fweate)dothdriucForth and put away many gricfes oi the
head and bre(},and helpeth alfo the nreightnes of fetching
breath. And the Organie fod in wine, &diiink, doth help
the flomacke^ardeale the bowels. And the fame decct^lon
M laids
8& The fbwing and fettiog oi hearbej,
laidc on the belly, doth proiioke vrinc, and being drunkc
warniejdoth cafe the gricuous paine in making of watcr,6c
the dropping of (he Vrineandtohcipcthcdifcafe of going
often to the uoole and dooing nothingi take the ponder of
Organy,and ftrew or fprinckle that on the fundament, ajid
& bring forrh the ordure*
it will (Loitly after loofs the belly
And the heaib ir fodden in wine oliue , and the fame
ftrikcd on a linnen clothi& applied after to the womas pri-
uy place,doth take away the hard nesthcrof^andpurgcth it,
and drawech downc the tcarmcsiand ro hcalc the rcdleapry
take the iuicc or Organy-»the iuce of horhound,a lictle wine
and the like of the oylcof Henbane, yet more of them then
ofdie iucc,putting to them alfo alitrlc oyle 9ftarcarj which
fodon5niixal together janointing the partie in an hot ho ufe
before his coming forth: 6c if that after his comming forth
he be greeued with pain^lec him take Goatcs greafe melted
in afrying pan? with the which annointe thcplaccs againe,
and afeer lye do w ne in a clcane paire of flicctes, lying there
fo long vntili the fame be dryed in,and after take and brufc
thcOrgany,mixingthe fame with wheatenbran^and heat
that in a frying pan,and this being fo hot as may be fufFered
lay vpon the bhfters and leapric,& binding* cloth vpon it,
let it fo lye vati 11 the fame neede heating againe: andthis
doe fo oficn^vntill the patient be healed jwhich the fame wil
do withoutdoubt^and in the meane while let the patient cat
fuch things as do ingender good blood, & be of an caiie di -
gefl:ion,and dayly to drinkcthe firop of Fumitorie : and if
thefamehappcninthe wintcr,thento drink:c the (irropeof
Egrimony in fuch fort.
And further, the iuce of Organycwith womanf railkc
dropped warme into the eares,doth eafe the paine ofthem,
and (he hcarb brufed withRofes, Calamus Aromanticus,
and wormc woodland this appiycd hot, doth fend vp again
the fundament into the proper place* Thcfchithcrto of the
properties of the Organy*

wich their Phiicall helps.

VjoIef3i(aftect{jemmiieofColuraclla)Gagf)t tobee plan*

itxsitx ll5eD0afoote{)tg&,anut{)eea?t^ toelllaboulxfiano
tumcumUjitf) tjung, ani3tiiatt{)e pants beenotaboue a
^areolDc, anotobecfet inl^oKfuccctueflfafeotebjeaD, iti
tit bcginmng of t^e ^p;ing o; in ttjc entrance of tfje monet^
of^atc^^ ^iiDtpreeBsmapberotocninbeOie! ttoicsa^ece,
fitU in t[)c&pnng time ano after in t^e ^acueU, but i^t later
fouling p^ofpccett) t^c %mk tutt^ tjs, tb^ougl) tlje coloe lea-
fcnroUoi3ping:tp!)icl) ;EiQlet0ous^tmlifte fo^ttobeUjeeDet!,
anD tf^e oi?)E iwitljecto leaueje cut atca^ ann toatere^ ( b)6e»i
neet e fo teqaii:et^)a)5 rou 5oe otfjei; ^ot^jjeaibes in tlje com^
ming tjp* ^nD to !)aiie one plant b.:ing foo;t!) funD;ie colouctf
tcget&ci:,tafee tftc leaues of all tlje colours of ^liolets, antj put
i}^im together into a t^in toojne linnen doatl) , antJ after fet

t^cm in a tuell tungci) ant) laboured ground , as before Ijoais

taag6t«anDtf)i£;note,tDl)icb b? erpeciencetjatlj bcnefounft
true^t^at tnlelTc tlje fairett tEiolet be remooueis, it teill beare
bot^armaUerfioUier.anDaletrerofrnicU , t^en it DiJJ in tf)^
reaie before.
The Phifich^c helps*
Violets be colde in the end of the fccond degree* The vi-
olets ought efpccially to be gathered in March, and dryed
in a fhadovvyeplaceofthcairc^& there bealfo three kindes
?iid ycllowund the floiires drunkejcotake away the win-
dines of thefiomacke : and the decodtion of the flourts gar-
galed in the throat, help thedifeaie called thefqnincc.
And thciiiiceofthishcarbedoth put away any fwelhng
pjoceeding of a hot caufe, and two drams ot th e powdc r of
the fecdes drunken in wine, dooth draw dovvne the tcarmcs
of w croenjand the rootc fodden in vvine^and laide vpon the
fwollcn Milt,doth put away the fwclling^and dry eth vp the
And the rootc fod in wine^and laide plaifter- wife on the
M 2 ^^^

84 The fo wing and fettuig of hearbes,

hot goutjdoth cafe the painc. And white Vyoletsboylcd,
and laide in plaifter forme vnto the belly of a woman, doth
fend forth the dead yongHng,and put away the fwelhngs of
the priuie place : and if a foment of them be applyed Co the
nether part vpwaid,itdochmundifie the priuy place, and
draw downe the tcarraes and the Vyolets applycd,dootb

cafe the paine of the head (proceedmgof aavnteroperatc

hotnes)caufeth flcep/often <Sc mak eaGc the brcif &
help the pallat of the mouthfallen^^Sc the fquince : but the
firop of the Vyolets do cfpeeiallyworkcthelcaboucfaidc:
andthconly fnicllofthefioures,takcawav the head-ache :
and the roots boyled with Viasgcr and drunk, &
the fame
annoynted on the fpleene,doth aiTwagethe fvclling^&ca-
fcthlikewife til e gout: and the hearbvvith the root boyled
6c applyed toChildrcn5cloth help their cough: andthcoyic
ofvyolets doth heal many difeafcsias firfl,drapped into the
cares,dothputawaychegreefs ofthera,& takech away the
head-ache by annointingtheheadtherwith. And the fame
aylc mixed with wormc-feedes, and an nointing the belly
thcrcwith,doth expcUand fend foorth the wormcs. And the
firopof the Vyolets doth help the burnmg of the aguc,lofc
thcbcllyc,andqualhficthahotLuier: and the purple Via«
letsdrunkin water^doloofc thcbeUyjqualifie cboUer ,hclp
hifIaniation>,ceafethirft,and put away the iaundife rand the
fame doth theconfcruc of Vialets*Thcfe hitherto of the ri*
Chap, 28
tl^atltofesibeeplearanto^mtnentci tnagatDen.arrt) fo
necefTarte (aUt^ekmDEs) mtneotcme^ lJDeemmogl)eet$
largely) f \BUit of t^e fototng am ktiitiQ of all t^e ttmoe$.
Kofgs map not bee fet ctf ^ec in fat atiQ
iFo; all kimtB of
clawstouno, no^moifto^toet eactl), butinafineeact^
cungeUtoitfjfiojeofDjierubbil^, anDm(fto.:taip£i ofafGote
long,anD tn %mz fl^c^t fucrotos. if 0^ to bee foujen in ti^e
feeDes,tbei? come iloUtlr bp»
Sin^ tjeece note,tjjat rou mar not tljinfee tljofe to bee tfjc
,, ,

with their phiiicall helpes. 8$

fecU0i5 of tl)0Kore,tof)tcl) gcoto in tpt mime of ((je flours, in
colour like t)nto golo,feut t&at t^e feeojei be in t\fat pact Id jjic^
tefembletl) f &e fo.:me of a fniaU peare in t\\z tppec eno of t^e
ttalke, OH tu^tcli t^e leaucje; of t&e floore tticU lano noUi
tfjefeeliesacettien ripetobeegatfjeceo, tu&enastl^egcapeij
iiutfjbs bee full ripe, tobif^riperteffeoft^emislDell bnoiort
botbbi^tMtfurktll^anDb;olDm(]^colour9 attob)? tbetc foft^
ano note factber^tbaC t()e beOiS of Hofe^j,
Heffe in t|e feelmg.
mu^ be bigb cad bp, h)^it\j ^ou ougbt efpectallt? to Doe in tbe
inonetb of ^accl), Jau ing ^ouc ^counU tben in a ceamnelle
anatbeoa^faico^ ant3o^;5cdng lout l^z^$a(tttt^i!smanf
nerrearelp, tljeptoilUontinueman^Tjeres: an?> tu^ent^ci!
&ap oItje,t^cn Dig tjptbeeattb about tbem, anu p^une tbem
fel> cutting from tbem all tbe teitbeteo lialfees ano Deao b.:an^
cje0,ani5 tcpaicing tbe emptie placeis UJttl) neto flipper , aftec
t^eminbeof Palladius. ^nofometoil.tbat tljeoloe plants
toit^ tfje coofes being oiggeo t)p,ano cut a fpanne long, to be
nelefetagmne. antotbectoiUt^at tt)e^9ungrp.:mgg Uiit^
t^eiccocltesljee fetafooteafttnt)ei:0acl)fcomtbcotber:, UjcU
bungeOf often toatece^.ano if voubaue not Hiffictcnt plants^
to fet out pouc 115e^5t^en bettoeen tbe oloe plants fet ^oung
fp;mg«(50ippcD off from anDtbcoIDefetagatnsltieb
tlje old,

tje i:oote0 anu al janb ttjat a foot a fmiDet; caci) fcom tlje otbcr
foe! tmnge^ano often U)atetetlJfo.^fot^ev gcoUi tbe plentu
fuller ano fader. Sno at tlje eno ofeuene^earcjue'tt} fet il)tm
againe,anDp^uneanocutaU?a^ tlje rnperfiucu5b;ancbc0at
tbe retting ofeacb cootejanooiggealfofcci^eattb often abont
%m , to; in ttjat t^e^ ioh ^notbeilofes fetllfnieUtlje

ftoeeter, iftljei?beegat^ereoinfaircanODjieBaic0:ani) to
jaue rcur ofes toner t}^tn amj ot J)er ^anti pleafanter of fme!
make little gutters too bano b;teaotb from tbe wis taiio pouie
tparmetxjatermDJningano eueningintotlje gutter0>tiibicbro
tb;jougb tbcbeate sotb gceatlT? comfa.:t t[)cpiantes, ano im^
feetl)toem groio tbe faacc*
aifo Didiaius to^itet^.tbatif poufet (Sarlil^eljeaDsljeere
ano tbere among rour Kofcs,tber \s)i\\ fmell farre pleafanter
tbo^obe tl)econtinuaUi)eate rent from t[)em. ^no tiece note,
^ 3

$6 The rowii^§[&TcttiDg of hearts,

tljatibt mmtt oU^e toateriKg aboucTaiD , euo;l)t not to bee
ti&ne befeae t^e capg 0; t^ene r suns buus appcace j and fljen
anotofjaueJ^ofeieJeueneiwonet^jroumuff tl)cn (as Di-
dimiislii;iitet^)neUiplmti50unganDlPater t^0m often cueri?
inonetl)«li5ut to (}auc liofes raQnetljlp cannot be pcHibie^nei
tljer in our countne of €nglanD, noun anr otljecCountcie,
Ir tug tjnoei t^e ^o;tt), (0 tuell as in tbe tcmpecate ano toacm
CDunttics^ anotljtsnotejtbatt^oleKorea \xj\)it\) gcoto in a
ti^AtgrounOjbee farce ftaeetec tljentijofegcoluinginawet
^no to l^aiie timely? Hofes, Cifttl^cni?oureare^t?);iougi) a
^iue,anD tljat eartJ) mixc untl) Dungi ano put the fame intQ
aneart^enpot, lii^ic()aftermoiIIena!tttleJettingtl)e fame
ab.JoaDinfunmeanD luanneuaies, 0^ letting fmall ants fine
ratne fall tppon it^ano at tljc fettmg of t[)e ^unne take in tfje
pot altuaiestanQ t^ts fo long co (ano Uiatering it t^t to^iles)
tjntiUtl^elcinteranDcoloetDeatljer bepall^ ^no after tt^is,
iD^en a faire Oar commctt),tljen fet tfje pot in t^z eartf) , coue^
ring it oucr ano about f Ije plants toitlj fteO) eart^ anD Doe af;?
tecli'iarD(a5 aboue is taugljtjantJ t^n ll^al fo tjaue timely UXo^
ainotofeecpe ItofesalltljerearejOoeasDidimus ttat^^
ett) : taiie greene I5arlep,bcing vzt as graCTe, (and not eaceo)
toitlj tlje rcetes^ano all tljofe put into an earthen pot -.not gla^

feo, o;ratl)crt3nnealet«itntoU)6i£b, put t?ourbuDs nothing

openco,anD oiiigentl^rouer tijem about tcitfj tljis greene bar-
feanoroul^alikeepe tbenifrcfe anu greene folongasrcu
iill(ccuertngtl)emoutl)oft|)epotclofe) euenas tbougbtbes
grelD Cillin btt^s on tfjeir ftatfees^^no otbers,tlieUi ttje gr^n
ai5arlei? on pauemet o; jjaco fio,2e,anO in t^e blaoes t^e? bur^
0.: i}m tt)e buDs^aifo olljer tafee ^ong Ii5ai3s,a little openeD at

tbefettingoftfje^unne, ano in no Inifetoucljingt^eraVDit^

Janos.but p:jcperlp gat fjer tljem Uiitlj a i^arpe knife , 1 t^ofe
la^ on a o^ie beo;o,letting tljem be ab;oao all tbe nig^t t&;og^
iftl)emglit be faire: after , ^aue in a reaoineHei^oureartjieri
fot, Uiellglajeo bot^U)itl)in ano toitljottti but Come t^inSe

with their phificali helpes. 87

it bae U)l)et!)ei: ^at nn l&e htiH^,
Wttut not neal^D at ali,
^ouc Jt efeg brfo;^ tlje ^unne be tjg
(tljaf ljfe)aiti) put tljerem

int{)em0wn0,anDaopcloreroui:potVDitfj cla^, mircDluit^

rio^reDansanDaodkejE5,t5atnoaireb^eatl)0 out at tfe^moutl)
cft^epot, tofjicliroconc: tljenfctt^epottntoabetJiJeofow
fand,ant! coucctwg it toellouei: iuitlj t^e fame o?^ faiiD jlettins
no moitt place b^ ncece to, 0; about t^e fame Sin^ on tfjis
tjifc jSiiD b^ tijat otfjec mjmnes afo;^ ta«§l)t , toa J^^ 6^«5
ftel^ Kofes all tbe^eare t^^oug^.
ant) 6erc note.^t^at Itofes ano ot^jcc floUjcrs, tJ^^efi either;

mtl^e,^unn0oa£)aeH ,ooelcngcranB better cctatnet ^eir

Jli:engt&/auo;,ant5colou!:,tljcn being H^^eo mtlje l^aJJolue,
fo tijat t ^e fame be 6on^ toitl; otfctetion^anB tlje like mx2 bee
tJlOHgbt to be Done isit^ tljc ftueete anD fmelling Hofcs
^noagtcuc^rngt^attoa? of malting t^c lijl)iteltefesto
be ceD,ano t^e ceti Mofes to bee lD|?ite> anu fo partie colours,
iDitl) otljer pjettr conclufions UfiUfi of tbecore,i?ou l^a! fnt^

t^tt rcao ant» tjnoerHat) in m\i little treatife,tntituleD ^atu^^

ano mmyi otljei: cigl)t pleafant conclufscns to bee .ceao tn^ec^
ftooo of t^e cujumcn fo;t

TheRofeis coldeanddrieintbe fcccnd degree* Now,
when the red Rofcs be not fully opcntd,they muH: be clip-
profit mucli, for that the fame dcthbctb comfort ihc blond
and ftomacke. and the iuce of theRofes fodden in wincjdoth
takeaway the paine of theheadjand helpcth the eyes and ?

the gummcswaflicd with the fame,doth put away the paine

of ihcni:and ihclcaues of the rofes bruifcd, and iaidc on in-
flamations.doih draw forth the hcat^Thc feeds ef rofes bea-
ten to poudcr, dochcafcthepaineoftheteethj by rubbing
theguirsand teeth with the fani£pouder,and the heads ( in
which ihcfccdes be fodden and drunkejdoloofe the belly,
6c help the fpittingof blond. Rofes mixed with hony & fu

garj6c that dry vp ewU humors of die lloniack.' (k the

K: a lies
$8 The fowing & letting of hearbej,
Icaucs of the Rofes IcdeR in wincjand giucn to drinks doth
heipefuchgriefes,asconiinonly happen inwomenspriuic
places: andthcfrcflioinevvRorelcaues, mixed together
with bony, doe aptly purge mans body and Co make an ef-

peciall Laxatice, take two ounces ofthc iuycc of Rofes, 8c

mixc the fame with Whay made of cowcs milk, <Sc a lif»
tic fpicknard:&you may alfo takethe vvhayofmilk,piitting
t h erto twelue ounces of rofc leaues,and a little honnic , and

this doth maruejlous well loofc and purge the belly* And fi-
rope of rofes oncly (being made of fre/h rofcs)dooth purge
the belley :and rofc leaues wrought together with hony dc
fiiger,doboth comfort and purge the body land that Vine-
gar is right profitablc,in which the rofesbeinfufedorfiec-
ped for a nightjto annoint or ftrikcon hot members, or pla-
ces ofthc body* & toa hot ftomacke the i^ame applycdout-
ward>doth greatly help dc qualifie the hot burning therim
and the iuice of rofes,drunk with fweet conduit water , doth
both lo fe the body,purgcth theblood,and efpecialjy chol-
ler,and putteth away the Kings cuill : and the iuicecf
cncly takcn,doth put away a great burning without danger,
and bringeth a man (after thcpurgingofhis body) vnto a
quiet reftund the Rofe J doc comfort thehcart, and
the blood^and the ro fed hony doothboth comfort
and cx-
pell the raclancholly and Ocgmatike matter:
and<yiuenin which Fennel fcedts is fodden,doth
purse the
better/if thefamcfiiallbe mixed with a little fait*
The beft making of th c oyle of Rofes is on this
clip oflPthe rofe leaues from the whites,
5c boiling the fame
in oyle Oiiue,then fun .he fame in a glaffe
for fiftic daies : &
this is approued o) Ic. And thisoile applyed to a hot
the beft
liuer^doth greatly helpe: and annointcd
about the temples
doth take away the akingorbeatingpaincsof
the heat ofthc ftomacke and liucr.
and the pouderof rofc
Ieauesbruifedwithvinegcr,& mixed with
the white ofan
hg^dothcffeaually hcale the paineof
the eyes, reftraineth
thchumours,and ihc (heading of blood
into the va'ncsof
with their phificall helps. ^d
'the c)^c^,if the fame: be applied plaifter-wifc on thetemples*
And thatwhichii cailediuc^cirofetghach the vertucof com-
forting andftaying,5c helpcth thebloudy flixc, the cholie-
rick vomiring,thc hintncs of body >& the Cardiake pafTio.
And the dew falne on Rofc leauf s» gathered into a cleanc
quil,whichdrop on the nether cyeiid!,and it wit aracnd the
blcarcdnesofthecycs^ And the dryeRo/eleauciboykd in
wine and druck^doth amend the paines ef the hcad^^the cies,
the cares and thegummcs:6c the fame caft in ghftcr forrae,
doth help the cojruptions both ofthcboweils and womens
priuy places: And the red Rofc water druk in BaUro Mana
halhmany good lycffcfts: for the fame water drank, doth
flrcngthcn decode the braine,cheheaTt,theftomack,and al
the inward raembersribengthneth alfo the rpirits& natural
heate^andprcferueth from rotcennes Take one ounce of
this red Ro'.e^vatcr,a lid c quantity of white wine, one dram
ofTutia,to which ad ofAlocsHepatike and of fuger candy
ofeach twenty grames, thcfemix allfogithcr, which after
drop, (as need rcquireth) into the eares,it d )th clenfe, dryc
and rtrcngthen thefighr and the eies: and thcC^me water
dropped with aljttk ftiger into the eics, doth help the exiil-
ceration and rednes of the eies,procecding of heatej which
being drunk fafting^vnto the qnaatity of chveeounces>doth
takeaway the giddines if the Picad^an i (Irengthcn the liuer.
Thefc hitherto of the properties of Rok$.

Of the drdrmi-y care andftcrets ofthe hedrbs

%Afi\. Chip. 2p,
BarillfoMjteej:ceIIe/it fmcllaa^rauotit*^.it?) beiiev^^eateli?

princes (fo;itlj0gieatct!eiis&ta^!)icSt^2e? csnceiue^ in i\)\%

firacbe )tJ40p!arittl)era*^^iu tlKicgaiitien^* 2lnB t^etimeo^
foUjing tljis^earb after t'30 imr^ssof Coluruella, oitgljt to b$

^onetn tlje beginmnj %\^t \\\mzi% of^par^ in t:xzV^\ M

to \yz p.2eirsD w^'Ciz 1i?iil) a relict? arts oilltgentl^ icoU tolting

, 1^ xmm
po The fo wing & fetting of he arbs
trcoen tjotonc, tljat t^tt do 1^0 l)oUot23e in t&e eact^, tfje^ feiH
ptitnge anD corns to no p;oofe. Theophraftus xontttl) a mar*
ueilousmcitteefif tl)e}i5afil t^jatiftljefesaes beroU^enbtt^
curiTt^s iDo^Deu (iiks as feme uo in tlje l^empfccD) tljattijcii
t!;cp tuiUccnietjpt'oc better ano tfjefeni: batjiat^ecioa^
to tiii'nj tl)z longei: to t^eni. Clje loonei; tye fcctjcs bill b:eak
anDcoim\3p ifaiTei:t^e foUsingtljei! beo^rll? ip^m&leouiit^
iDarnie Uutcr. ^no feme totC^ t^c fecos to be fp^inhieD Vjoit^
tmegecifil^si? befolDcn tooiacDs tijcljuintec, foU^dttottl^
fuel) rp;mklingtl)ei? fo^iiecrp^^ius tjp. ^113 Plmy ujilictij t^e
2i5aril to be lu^treD oacl? at neoiie time of t\)c d-jp, luljscasall
cttjcr ijCvKbcsare to be Uiatces mosmn^ ano cucmng Uit^
colD toaiet«;^ni i^tjeit tlje BaSiis come op ait banOfall bigf?,
tlj^nta becutoiSfrodgljt anoHcaiglit asia poJTtbie.alt^oug^
it be ro;bi9D$n in tiieuijefo^t to toacl) it ^,23it(3P^3.i» asttjs
Ijescb^grace, ^it^Gar^ihusMarri-
j.|E)mts^iSan^ ^aacrt^»
alisiDntetfjamacuellous matter ano iuoni^r to be noteD,
tfjatt^e WaUl lometimeis b^inget^ fo;tijpacp:£a^ace$,rom-
f mies U3bite, anD fomtim^g ceo of coloai: li^e to tbe J^ofe*
j^no Ccifippus ( as Unitet^ Pliny ) afiimntl) ttjeljevicb to
be tnppiiitabie tjnto tljc Homacfe, tlj'e t);uie4 tlje cisarenes of
tbe t\!c3 bcQoes, to caufe aenjrae^. tljz fo^QtUiiMzz^im^y

m^Cttspp^n^y^Q^ toiM^tiom of ti)z E.tucr: ano fo.: t\)iB Ijee

ti)0Ui3t)r itbeittobecicgc^o^obotf) ofmcnanogoates* ^nD
t^e^ccm liuttecstljinfeAb^ ^afil to QiragrednganD contra^
ri?tou)cnt^n t(iatut^e<or)a!cl5aSl tBitbtljecoet.beputfe-
ccetlptjnti^r t^ majofmeatefet out^etiblcC tS)c iyomaw
not iuioojing tbeceof ) ttjat fte l^alin t a lei: taUe of tbe meat
foioat^ist^eocatbtOercipett). ZiW D*odorusUo;ttst[jt^vat
tljei^iucl) eating of idaSl oot^ ingatoec abunoance or lice*

F.Kthctempi:ramcntandqualiricofdie BaCi'U Authors

do noc agrecfor A teen vi^ritcf a tliat it is hor and dry in the

£cconddcij;ree>butvi^»and /fir :??c;.^wriCe,rhart^cBa(il is

heating in tijc iecond Je^rec.(5c chat it hach a certain excre-
ment iiiouturc,i:oi the vVijKhcaufc^icis thought dangerous
to recdue
with their phificafl helps. ^1
'to rcceiucinward, but outward tobeanoyntcJ,itdothput
aw.jy dnd di2;cft* And now the fmelling to the BaOl doth
cofftiorre tuz buiiie, and yet the frrivli thereof doth greatly
hara}£avv£«kebr.^ine» And the (cedes oiiglit to be gathe-
red in the moneth ©fiiily, for thenihey be be!l. Aid the
leaucs ioddcn and drunl:, doth cake away tiije fu'iniminz of
the head And the like doth the hearb preuaiJc.ifu be lice-

pcd foranightin wine, and afrcr drunk. Auhhic hearbfod-

den IB wine, ^ioth caufeittobe pkarantofiin^H,^ heafcth
a cold (lomacke, and htlpeth digeHion and ihs pouder of

the hearb drunk with the iuce of flowcSj for eight daics to-
gether, doth helpc an outward rupture J and thedecoftion
ofeiiis herb in watcr.and the fame applyed likea foraeat a-
bout the priuie place, doth both clcanfe rhe rnsttice? and
dravvcdownethetearmes; and the iuceof Baiildrunkeof
vvomenin trauell vrith childc, doth not onl vc mouc fbrvvard
the birth, bat clcanfeth the afterbirth :ard:hchearbc iod-
den in v\ ineand oyle^and applyed to the fundairiCntjdooth
ccafe the often dcfiiC to the itoolet and beeing boyledin
raincvvAtcr, anddrunke wi:h a littlcpouderofthcjm'ccof
Go A e?,dcth help the f]:jce of the belly, proceeding of cold.
Tlic feeds drawen dy the nofthrils, prouoke fnccfing 2 and
being mixed with (horaakers blacke doth take away warts,
and maketh them rife vp by the rcotes* And chc feedes
drank do foftcn the belly and put away vvindc and bceing :

drusk in winejdo put away allmelancholly fidnes,itirrc vp

the minde.caufcboldnesvnco the feirfull, and make merry
the fad . And ri^e Bafil nelpeth the Tc imacke, for that it di^
gcRethhafdmcatsSj and profitable itis both totheLiuer
andh:^rt:3ndtiie hearb brufedand mixed with barly meale
and vineger, and that laid in plaiftcr formc^ doth help infla*
mationsof the Lung5:and the fauour of Bafil doth help the
flopping of the brame and no fc^purgeth the hcada& (f aieth
the rewractand the iuce ofBafii dropped into the eie3>doch
cleanfe the mutes of tbeeies, and running of tli^rn and tho i

hearb earen worketb chc like, Th;fc hitUerto of the pro-

perties of the Bafih ^,
N X. Ohh9
^2. The fowing & fetting of heai bs
Ofthe order wj^yCare andfecretSi9fthefTfCete
M0tto;^tttn fo.: t^e )ileafane rm$u>is an leatbe mac^ eSee-
tttco of aUprri3«0^a»uma^ either \n fcbne in teses
o>retmilt^pe04 and tttai^et^jtobefettiiolDednnsCt^eeact^
befo;^ iD^ll DigseQ tp)a^^ to be ftt in ei)i moitt aiuj ^ai»otoe^
pl4ces,foj fe it gcoUietlj t^e fulUt ano bt§ t bat firt tn an spin
aau {wmt 5r9*aiet§ t^e i!)o;^ef s arm ctif^e^ 3 1 maf
txi^zi be folDHe oi fet in tlje Tp^ing ti ste,ants cenisoaeo ta beos
feiell D;e^aD luit'^ D;ie sung, fo; fo it pjc^ccst^ t^^ better.

Mariorum hot and driein the fcconddcgrce,6c ought

to be gattcred in the fommcr when it flourethjand after dry-

edinair.adoweyplace.forroic willferucforaycarc. And
now the Marioramfoddcn iQlic> and the head wafhed with
ths fame,doth ccafc the grieuoiis pain thcrof A Ub the Mar-
ioramcomForteththebrainc, opcncththe flopping of the
members , and takcth away the difeafc called Apoplcxia.
And the poudcr ofMarioran),giucti with meatc or drunkc ,

inwine>dothheace the coldcres of the fl:omack,&comfor-

tethdigeftion. And the dryclcaues brought to Poudcr and
annoynted with hony ,do take away black and blew fpott
of the skin. And the oy le of Mariorum duth h eat afwel the
inner members as theoutvvsrd.andtheioyntsandfine'^yes*
And the oilc alio doth heal womes places: & applyed warm
doth help all greefcs^comforreth the braine, 5c al the mcOT'
bers of the body . Alfo this hcarb hath the propcrne of hca-
tiog all the inner mcmbers.foftncth the milt, andalTwageth
the fwelimg thereoEThe dccoiftion ofthe hcarb di-fik^doth
help the water beginning between the skin, the ftreig;hmes
of making of wa-tcr,& the griping of the body. And y Q,o\i\i
dc hearb laid in a fine bsgj^c that aplied to the i^oraack,doth
takeaway the painc&greefctherof* And tlKpoudetofthc
Mariorum drawne vp into the ncfc^ doth both cknfe and
likevvifeheatc the head, and may fcrue allpcrfonsfor the
like cauie^ Andjthe vapour oftbc dcco^cn ofchis hearts
. -

W ith th cir Phificall hclpes. ^

roadcinapHTariejind applied vp, dooth draw downe the
tcarmcs. The hearb with waxe applied in plaiftcrfortncoii
Joofc members, doth ftrcngthen i:hcm,afwagcth fwellings
and other griefcs* Andihepoudcr ofchc JVlarioram, with
a little ging«r, drawn vp in the nofcjdooth prouokc fnee-
fingand ftayethrume* Thefchithcrto of the propertiesof
Ofthe $Tdrift£^ care^ Andfecrets ifthe LM^iri^oIde,
Chap* 51,
T^e^adgolDwafloBcetjeri:^ taiUknotDfn, awnfofcee
ftHHO in md0 €^ac5ens at tfjw oa^, tp^icj) mxmt^ eaerg
fonno <us IdsU in mxwttt
iNOiuti^, anil i$ to bs u tn^oimner.
;anBtt)wwinaimD(oftlje3ltaIiani5) tfte monet!;li?flcnc«5 0;
floureafenen^monet^. anDtf^t^flourcnlfo of cet^tain, tena*
meDttie^asbanDmanit S>ial!, fo^ tliattl&efamjfoaptl^oc/
claitt|t&£ ^^arrB of mt2miig ane eaenuig> bis tfje owning
awa ft ottiRg of it» aifoit ui naimfitbe fumteisaonrejfo^t^at
after t^e riSng of t|e S^unne tnto noonc, t[ji3 flsure opgiretlj
UirgecaniJlargeCjeataftei: t^enoouetiuie, tjntotfjefettmg
oft^efetmne^tt ma;e nnD mo;e: foaftac
c (ofet^ antj l^uttet*)

t^e fcttingof il)e ^annr, t^c flcuteis tljen Issljoli? i^tit tp fo^
getter, ^gsrrgolo fceoeis be csnimcni >? fo icite in s feull lafeoa
tc9 antJ D^cfTels grsanQ; a«D in t^e incccafe af t^e moarte fo.j fo
tbti??t245f^ert!ie better. HnDtoijsue tlisiijgrgl^e btg,ant5to
bsare ft)icfet aas bjOiJe flcurcs, rcH niuS rcmstsus ans fot ttje
)?oangplar5tcso^en, ano t!)t3 aliraicsi in tljisuureafaof flje
l^oc!ii^,anD tW' ?3« airo pet m^nr fceoe s inta oite [jole toge^
tber, antstDHtcc!?e fp.:mgmg'tip. HnBifuufj^cg.
mssntng ^ou fet ttjem t£)in t'M p^^efi^ec tfje better.
T/^f 7-* hi Ticks h'Tipcs
The flo lire? being flxcpcd in viFi€gsr(Sc falt^maybekepr
fortrsroyeares.Andnovv thefloures drunlciii wine^discth
comfort the f}omacl<:,procut'c an ap petite taintaCconunni:
thehumours of the flomack,and heat a cold fl-ofn :ickc. Aiid
the rind cf f he root foddcn in wine and di unkc, doth both
digctUheeuiilhumors^andh^lpethtlvcdireafes ofthcliusr.
N 3
54 'T^^ fowing & fetting ofHearkes,
And the ponder of the rind oFthe root, niixt with the iuice
of Fendija htle wiiie,siid a litle oyle,and boylcd togcather
^ntoathicknes^andalitle wax< p-ucvnto the fa me, rnaking
thcrof an oJn£fncnt,with the which annoint the milt or cold
ftomack, and it doth mightily hdpe ;and the iaiccof the
leaue^ dropped into the cares, doth flea the wormes rand
the rindi broughi to pouder, and laid on euill pufli:s,dooth
hcjlechcm; andrheiuicccfche hearbeaiid rootemadein
glider forme and applied, dooth helperhepal(ienicaib:rs,
Aridro ^o.nen hauing their breades Hvollen through the
flay ofmonthly courfes, let the flourcs of the MarigoJd,thc
Spikcnard,and wi:ie be miniftrcd,whichboth dothafwagc
the fwelling, and prouokc the Tcrmes (as writeth Mathetst
Saluaticus ) And againfl the pifTing of bloud, take floures of
the Marigold,andboilcthe fame, and then drinkc thereof,
and it will ftay in ihort time rand the water diflillcd of the
flourcs, doth hcalcal the gricfes of the cies, whcthcrthc
famebecaufedofhcat orofcoldj andcleareththeeics:alfo
it putteth away all griefcs of the head* Thefe hitherto of the

properties ofthcMarigold*
OfthecrdriKgandeareoftheLaHender* C^ap, ^z
LSuentJeci^an fjeacbefujcetetri fmeUmg,artDatt^isBa?
onegcQlDmgljigl), anDfeaoincj foonl; a greatfatJoac,fe3&tc^
fo?ttjatiegiu0tl; noieirerauo;fi;ant5cfepifee, i^oft^efame
Kair.ED ^pifeciutD : ano t^e ot^tr , bot^ in t^e laigenes of t^e
!eafeant>fauo.:,i£ileflre. ^anDfo; t^^tt^^z tmxti^ occupieDm
batijs, ant) in t\)z iieafQing of ^anDs, fo^ t^e imtinzQ of fmel!,
t[)£rcfo;eofmoacnt0n names ttieilauentjec. :airot[)e0rl!t$
name;? t^z ^alcjanti t^e ot^ee tfje iFenu!e?as runo.:r autl)s;t5
i£s;ue. ^nt ne iU tfje ilauenBcc ioi;cti) tc be fet in an open ano
^annr pUcs, a«D in flsng cart^ , fo.; fo it p^ofperctij tlji bctr

The Phffiche help-fs,

Lauender hath the vcrtucof heating ScdryingsbiitproH-
teth not vnto the digcflion of meat : and row if any aplicth
thcLauendcr often to thcDofe in fmdling thereto J it ciooth
with their PhificalJ hefpesJ
both comfortandclearethcfight: and who Co boylethLa-
ucndcrin water, and that a fiiirt wet in the fame, and after
dried agsiR be wcrne,no Lou fe after wi! abide in th^t iliirt,
folongasxhcfhiri kccpcththe fmell ; andtheflourcshane
finojular vcr(ucs,e[pecially to the helpingof the Apoplexy.
Alfo thcfloui cs deeped in wine, and after d2ftill€d> and of
the iiimc holdcn in the mouth, doth r ccoucr rhc fpecch lofi-j
proceed in 2 of he Apopkxie: andLauender hath many o-

thervercues befidesifoi the fame hclpcth al the cold gncfes

of the brainc,crampc,and gripings of che body, proceeding
ofcold.-lt helpcth alfo the topping of the mjlt, hcareth the
belly 1 and fcndcth downe the tearmes^ And this hearbc
( with tie floures flircd ) ought to be djftilled in f une,which
drunk: vnto the qaafitity oi c woounces y doth hclpc the ^i-
dincs ofthe head: 3c the like if the water be rubbed al I oucr
the head, andfo let and the fame water in
driein of it felfe :

like quantity vfed,dotb help the crarapc.the Apoplexie,thc

afioniiliing and the treaibling cf the mtmbers, add handes,
Alfo chis water helpcth thepalfic members, ifthcy be often
annointed and rubbed with itUnd likcAife hclpeth the hea-
uincs in the mouing of the tongue,by drinking thrceounces
at a time alfo it helpeih vlcers and paincs of the teeth , ij

the finie be often hoi den m th: mouth and the fame water j

ilied with it* Thefe hichcrto ot the properties of Laucnder,
Ofthe orderitiJ, andcdre, oftht Sptf^ti ird* Chap.
T!l9e^pihriLii:DitOi3JCt^ Itotjuto ttjeLauenoec, i^min^
tfjatt^eleau^s l)etl)icfeef aii3 bigger, auDbearct^alfoa
loitgccllaiticanD bfggec flanres> to^icljbce ofpiirpiC colour
like to toa %mm'^zt . 2?rsti \)\t\) beSoes gitatcr tjcitucj* ^m
mm t^z ^pikenai'D to\?et^ tobs hi in a. Uttaitl), li^rllLv
bourcDano WeiTcDj sno man cpca mx^ ^xxmxt place of t!)c

The P hijicke hdp:%

TheSpikenardishatinfHrildsgreejaiil Jryiiithe fecod
and caufeth vrine* And if of the decoction of it be a plader
made the fame laid to ihcpriay place; (laicihthefuper
^^ The fowing & fetting of Hcarbtfs,
fluous courfe of the tearmesjand taketh away the humors ©f
womcnspUccs. And the Spikenard drunkc with coldc wa-
ter ^putsaway the weaknesand trembling of the heart* And
this Spikenard infufed in Lic^Sc the head waflicd thervvith,
doth cayfe the hairc to grow,& hclpeth the Qieading of the
haire* Andtheoylc of the Spike, well drawncbyglaflej is
marueilous fweet, and hath many vertues, &
cfpecially vn-
tofhcpalficmcmbers^ifthey bcannointedtherwith. And
the faid oilc dooth eafe the gout, and all other gricfes of the
ioyntes. Alfo this oyle dooth help the fwellings otthefto-
mackc, the difcafcs of the liucr, th$ kidnies and the kings e-
ujlU The deco£^ion of the Spikenard, helpeth againftthc
palfieof the tongue, comfortcth the (incws, and dryeth vp
the raoifture occupying the inttrusacnt of the tongue. And
thcflourcsoftheSpikenardinfufed in wine, andfct in the
fun foraccrtainefpace, in a narrow mouth glaffe wci ftop-
pcd,and after diftillcd by gU([cin'SaIne§ /ii^wwitha foft
fire (3c if the freili flourcs may be had, then need you not to
infufc them in winc)it is very precious ^and being difcreedy
vrcdjhelpethallcoldcgtiefcsafwell within as without the
bodie: alfo the gticfes of the head andbraiQe,ifalinneQ
cloath dipped in thefame^be applied to the nofe; And the
fame water bclpeth therurae,and diftiUingofthchcad: and
this water drunk, vnto the quantity of two ounces at a time,
doth helpetheCollickepafiion, proceeded ofcoldc and it :

ccafeth the paines and giddines ofthe head, proceeding of a

colde caufcjif the noule of the head, <5c for-head,be annoin-
ted therewith. And this water helpeth the colde'and palfie
members, heating them, and putteth away the fliakingof
them* Thefe hitherto ofthc properties of Spikenard*

Ofthe ordrtHg^ CAre^ andfccrets efths yvhite Liliie,

Chap. 34
Tl^etiJl)iteiltUte,fo^t^ebeautt0anB fm^Il, igfiffirmeDof
Piinie, tobcnerttotbel^of0,anD^jt3§«i:of giotiif
ft t^en

fl^emoi^aoHtfisoftftc garden ano t^e mcteafe fiftftij5t.iU

Um marcieilJ3«S;in tl?at one rootr fen^etlj fo^tlj ansi reelsetj

with tKeirphificall hefpes. ^y

(fo.:t()cmolI:cpatt) fiftieljeaDis^ ^nDPalUdius iDinetfjfl)^
Jliiltc 1 fjc planteD in tljc montjj of ^ctobo:, ^ouembcc ^ an^

cparc!) ,ani5 tfjat in a fat ants ixiell o^cHet) cattlj, auD tlje ^cati^
fcta fpsn o.iafootearunDerjlifecastBtdiigljt^eceaftccuit^e
fctttng of dPatUiic^ans) to make tijcm to beare piicpie flotpei's i
gather (as Plmyteacljctl)) to tye number often o.:tU)eluc
Ualfeesm tijcmont^oflul??, oilD^entljc^ fiourc , iu!)icli
bhiDe togetijecanD^angmtljernioafee, anD aftectt5at;fiip
offtf)eleaue0,nmkingt5gftalkei;na!jcD,lDl)iclj Heepsm rcD
lume'leesjintfjemcntbof ^ar(l) (folong) ijntiUt^eljnot^
of ttje ftalkes fjaue faffictentli? Dnmke u^anD appearc tuell co^
Ipurco ma pu^lc,anD tf)in fet ti)0 ftalfeesi into t^e eattlj fja ,

uing tf)c OTine4e06 flanging bot^ on i\z Halhes anD rootcs;,

ano t Jofe after fljall feno fco;r^ anB bcare purple flolssers
anb Florentiui U\:itet[) , t^at tlje jf loures of itillieg loill
II)cix)eret)!ftf)atbetUjeenet!)ennbeanDtbc fjnaUbeatJ^ g^o^
iuingaboutt^croote,i?ou psure of tl)atfin0potuberof(Iller-
wlition,o;^ elfe t^e pouDer of leD leao^regarbing ti)at I'ou fjacm
not tlje fmcilll^eaDs giokiing about«anD U^etoife ainngttjeui
ofanrotljercoiour.euenoftljeramecoIotrclEnU i\)z Source
gi'DlDC : as if rou lift to Ijaue eir Ijer grcene o.: blelu !lillie0»
^no to [)aiie ilillics all tlje i?eace> take tlje buti^ not opcncD,
lyitl;fomeoftJjellalfees, t^ofc put into a neU^c eaitljcnpol:
not glaf^D onb after Hop clofetbcmoutl) of ti)cpat>a?tDti5'jcrt
rcui^allneeotljem , tljen rett[j£montl}cri53eofaI5afonrn
tljeg^unncant) after f [)e^ [)aue felt a iDljile tl)c tinume?), tljei?

lx)il!openanbfp;^eaD ab?oab. Sno Anotoliusitjnterb, t.^at

touma^ljaueiLilliesatbiuerjs tiines oftljereaiej ifm !l)e

p.:opertimeoft^evearev'ouretronieoft!;e ^catis tiI;eluegi^

gcrsDeepe.ot^ereigbtSngersbccpe^an^ ot!jtrbutfrjUiC ftu^
gec0.anbtl)U0 in tl)e grouping bp Uniltl^cr' bcaie f.otirc^cit
fiin^^ie timc0 one after another £Dn tljtg ^fife mar nura^
ctljer aoure0 be mabe gtolJue,anb to beare at others xixm^.
The ThifiL\ helps
The white Lillie is hot and dry orqua'iirie>l)iu the flours
beofatsmperatcqualitic^andtheoylcofLilHcscioe great-
ly profit^ by aiiiicincii)gcn the beiiy, for thvU it heateih
O '
^S The To wing & fating of lieaibs,
mens places>andiofcneth the humours there harcincd* The
root rodden and laid on hot impoiluracs^dooth ripen them,
and the cote roaOed in hot embers and brufed , and after

irixed wich Rof€water,and the fame laidc on theholy fire,

dothheakthcfanieifitbedayly vfcd, and in the like fort
laide on wounds, doili increafc the flelh on them.Thc roote
foddenand brufed and mixed withBarrowesgreare>oroiIc
Oliue^aadafter laid on impoftumes, dooch ipightily foftea
them J &
cf the Lillie is m*de agood ointment on this wife.
Take ofthe white Lilly roots, ofthe roots of Bramkcrfinc,
and of marfh mallow root s of eac h a quarter of a pound, al
thefc brufetogetherverieivc in fouremcafuics of wine.and

aiicrfeediallmhaifeapinteofoyle , vnto a thicknelTe,

which ft raine through a linnen cloth, putting theno a litde
\vaxc,8nd make thcreofanoyntmcnt^andannoyni icon the
hard mil ton the left fidesand it will greatly helpcjfoi that it
doth not ondy foftcn the fame, butputtcth away the pains
thcreof*Item,therootofthe Lillie foddenjand after boylcd
with oyle of Rofes.and annoyntedjdoth heale burnmg$#
Alfojtheroot fodden in wine,and the fame drunk in the
cuening at the going to bed^doth purge down-ward al noy-
fonie humors ofthe body .And the Icaues fodden in vineger
and laid plaifter-wife,dGth healc w oundcs* And the roorc
roftcd and mixed with hony,&: that bid plaifter-wif e>Qoth
hcale ioofc & cut finevves. Thcfe hither to ofthe properties
ofthe Lillie.
Of(he ordirifj^, md cure, anafecret^ ofthe weed
Ltliti* Chap. 35# .

Tl^e ioosollillie o.: iiiUie of tfje tialley , ig a fioate wcrua^

loucft^eetcfioucif^ingefpeciall? ^ntijefpungtune, anfi
grotr^uic; p;jopcclT? m t2J00D5>but cliicSie in'oaltm ajio on tl^e

fiiseg of utiles* Wut noli) fo.:tf}0great commocitte ano ufe

linotrne(of tt)e nourc)tlje fame of late vt^tts is b^ougljt ano
plantet) in (SacDeng knt t\)is Ijeatb fp;>mget|) tip lt»ttf) tl»o

kaueslcgetljer, tiifa^loulihctl}eti3l>it0 Lillie, anrjintlje

miuit ffMQtVx) tpa fmaUflcnsccEtilUe : lu tl}ctopof tobu?)
gioU5efco;ttj iittlefnwUScuie£f;in amannecto|)iU;,an5cf a
with their phificall helpes, ^9
plcafawtfmell. <Xm t[)ei:ooteori£isU)!)itel3:it!jmtt^2eaLa),
ijatip^tnci^leDtuitfjoaf, ant>t[)is5ltlItctoTett)to bcefetma
nior^H^cgrcunoaiiDfi^a^olucr place oflljedlpattien, fo^fott
p;orpmfl;tt)e better* Eljecommooitlesoftljisfloutej s^al-
luates t)au \n tljt fpaing time,

The wood Ljllie is colde and iTiOift in the fecond degree,
and the floures be ofgreater cffc<ft then the hcarbe^aDd the
rootpaflcth theflonres in vertue.Thc flowers drunk in new
wine,doth ftrcngihcn the heart,the brain^the huer.dc al th c
aptly miniftred vnro the panting of the heart, giddinelTeof
theheadjthefallingfickneffejtheApoplexic andfrenfines*
It doth alfo help thofe which be pained with a trembling
of ihehtart)^ prickings about the heart, and the members
whichiliak&tremble^Moreouerjitdctli alfo flop the paf-
fages ofthc Leapry beginning, that the fame fpread no fur-
ther abroad5and it doth put away the fcabs ^ringworme,
being annointedvpon^^c the fooner if you wafla them fun-
dry times with rhe water, Furthermore, it aiTwagech the
fw'eliings of the fiing^ c^f Bees, Wafpes, and fuchlike^by
flrikingor annointmg thewatet vponthem,and the water
ofthc difiilled wine, doothputaway the infldmationand
mifl ofthc eyes jby often vnr.gthe fame , andfcmcdiRili
thij water for the aboue named difcafeSjOn this wife.
Firfhhe) takcthefloures&lay themto (leepefor amo-
neth in new \Ainc;6c then taking them quite from thcvvine
they willdidillfiuetimcinaLimbccke orbodycofGlaffe,
which wintfodiftilled? ismoieprctious then golde: for if
any drinke cfthis water,with fix grams ofpepper <Sc a h'ttle
cfcheLaucndcr water ,he need r.otafur fearcthe Apoplexy
ihatmonth. A\\6 O
t ho"B rmfi^fms it^zhtth themakirg of

the wiitercn this wife.Fitfi take a galloglafic filled withihe

I ell old winejinto which put a pound ol floures, fettir.g the
fdme m the fun for 40,d3ies5aftcr difiil it in a limbeck ot elas
tuiccoucr.i.nic which piit a little Laucnder water &
O z But

100 The fo wins; and fettino; of hearbes,

But oth^r take old Wine, putting into the fame a pound of
the (lourc»,and after forty daies ftanding in the Siinnc,di(lil
the famejinto whiclipjtoi the flouresof Lauendcr &
mary,andfomegoood fpices^dirtilliagitoueragaiae, and
then kcepitas a mod prctious water,well ftopped inanar-
rowe mouthed glafl'erand a fpoonfuli of this water giuen to
the patient at the point of deathj dooth reuiue and prolong
hii life vruill his naturall time appointed. and icdooth com-
fort the braine^helpeth the ApoplcxyjCeafeth the choUick
pafTiOD, and hclpetli the impoftumehapning in the hinder
part of the brain:iiro,this dilhlkd water giueth a good mc-
morie and ready wit,by annoiniing the hinder partornoule
ofthcheadandfofc-headtherwith. And the water ofthe
to the qumthy fixe ounces at a time, doth help thofe which
be poy roned,and the fame water hflpcth the bite of a tnadde
dogjthe birth childe,comforteth the braine,the heart the &
fenccs,and alfo puctcth away fiUingficknesjif the fame be
drunk for forty daics together. And the fame water druokc
helpeththcftrangury, the pricking about the hcart^infla-
mation ofthe Liuer,and doth ft ay the cxccfTc of the month
courfcs.Tbefe hitherto ofthcprope.rcies of the wood Lilly.

Ofthe order m^ atidca^e ofthe Flotire'de'lsice4Chap, ^6

T^eiFlom:e-Deiuce,i0 aflouce teeU hnotonc to all pcrfons
btacmg leaucs boti; biggccflattcc, ano lat^t t^m tlj^t
called t^c^^Dgg.i^ntJ t^ecootemtoijearbB nceoetl; no ottjec
tJiligence of fetting, ttjen to be pUnteO tn a d;ic zwut^, toell ia-
bouceDanoo^ieffcD about tlje begmnm^of^acc^. ^no tlie
lootcs gcolD intomntts, fcItDe, auD tjecteftoeetefmellmg
^Uz\) foine pluche tjp about ti)e begmmngoft^e&p;ing,
ano mttid^ ti^tm into ronnD ^m^* ^ttt Uitc^ t^zm t^:.oa^^
iX'itl) a neeol0,anD Ijang tb"m tjp roDji^tn tbs l^aQo®.

^no tljofe rootes alfo be bed commcnseD , W-^^ beg t srfc

(i)Qit,Mmz !)ato TomeUj^at reo,ra;eete fmcUing, bitmq, m ti)z
taiJe,anuto!)icbmr0cbi?atin3Ofit ma mooter , caufetl) tbs
\vith their phiiicall helpes. i oi
and is hot and dry of q ualitic in the fccond degree : and it is
very profiuble againft the cough^in extenuating thofe hu-
iDOUf s of the brcft,which hardly are fpit foorth:"and it alfo
purgeththcgroflcflcgmatick and cho]lerickchuiiiours,5c
taking fi>cc drams oftheroots^with water and hony,and the
fame drunke.orouoketli fleepejftaitth thctearmej,&cea«»
feth the grecfcsofthe body, and being drunkc with Vine-
gar,dotb help the difcafcs of the milt^thc crampe,the colde
iiakingywhich comci before the fit of an aeuc, and hcJpeth
alfo the flieading of the Sperme: and drunk in wine prouo-
kcth monthly courfes, andtliedccojflion thereof applycd
to the womans priuie part, dcth foften the hardnes thereof,
and hkewife open the flopping thcrof: &tiiixcd vvithtur-
peEtine^byannointingjdotheafcthe gretfcsof the lo)nes
and hips: andthcpoudeionely drawne vpifltothenofe,
prouokethfncezing,anddeanfcth the head, and by chaw-
ing the rooie in tlie mouth^dooth amend a (linking breath,
and taketh away the ftrong fauour comming from the arm-
hoales,and the grecne frefii rooteboylcd, and the fame laid
plaiflerwifcjdoihfoftenwens, 6c other hard inipoflumc5*
Andthepouder of the dry rooce^mixedwithhonnyjand
the fame thicke laid on Vlcers,dooih cleanfc them £nd the

fame apliedplaif^er\?rifejdoth draw out the bones m wounds

and doth couera^ain thebarcflefh^andthepouderof the
root applied phftcr-wjfe to the forhead,c!oth gi eatly help
the paine <5c griefe of the head : alfo, the pouder of the root,
mixtwiththepouderofwhiteNofewort, and two parts of
hony^the fame annointedjdooth takeaway thepircplcs of
the faccj(Sc all fpots caufcd by the Sun,acd againft the drop-
fitjtake anew laid Eg,pouring out the white and to the yolk
put fo DDuch of the luice of the roote as was the white, after
fet the fame eggeaahile in hot emberSjWhich being fuffia-
ently warm^fupoff faftingin'" the moJning,andtheparicnt
fhall after fend forth a merueiloijsaboundance of water be-
twcenc the skinne and th^ liege an d this hath bene often ex-

O 3 penenced*

1 02. The foY/ing and fettitig of Iiearb^,

pzrknczd. Thefe hitherto of the properties oftheFlourc-
Ckap*^ y
Of the ordermgycaceyau^fecrets ofVionit,
P3onie te dXi\t^x\^z at t^te Oai! toeUfenoUine, of t()e iD^tc^

aft^c tljig manner. SLfje leaner tijeteof be [)ati3/i;om tl)c nea^

tfjei: pact,ano in colour Ufee tjnto ^o^eljounJj , an^ tlje rooter

cleautng togetljci: lifee to the icotes of ti^^iolef 0, % be ceDDtl^

in colouc^beanng btgge antj pucple flouues^ans rcfembling tt)e
fo;meoft^eHeoi^ofe,bamng tuitbmtl)e floucea pUototi^
fecocUfec to tbe Hcfe»of bbtcb come t^ec oOB,in fatl^ion like to
aUnonD5>aiio groUi toget^ec , |?autng toit^in tcD leeiJes , to
to i\)t bigneireljf t^e fmallei: ^cafe* ;anii tijc ffalke alfo , on
tDljicl) tf)e fecoes gtoto^beacetli big ceDDil^ flaures, iDljicl) of
fomc is nameo tbs blelfeD itofe but t^e feecc of mofte, is na^

mcD tljeblclTeDHorc^antstijeteeDcsio^toberctDeninatDell
eart^jsnts to be tua^i3eD about at tlje comming tip of tl?c


The ?hlfic\€ losses

The roote Pyony heatcth and drycth in the fecond dc-
grcc^and indiireth for ten yeares in his efficacy,and hath al-
fo the vertue of comforting «5c cherifhing the body } & cau^
fethbefidcsvrinejandpurgcth the liner and kidneis? which
roote boyled in wine and drunk^doth purge theblood, and
thcrooiofthepionyisnpllyniinillred to women in child-
bcdjbcing not throughly purged after the birth of child>for
that the fame caufcth tbecomming downeofthetearnies^
& purgcth them {o without harnie : and i\\z quantity of an
Almond is to be miniftred at a time. ALifOjthe root boiled in

wine and drunke>dooth help the gripings ofthe belly, and
{heading of the gall? andlikcwifeithtlpeththepainsof the
kidneis&bladderjifthe fame bee with any flopping of the
vrine^and a (moakeraadeof the little fine branches of the
root, and rcceiued into ihcnofe.doth put away the Kings E-
uilly&thePiony root doth takeaway the black fpotsof the
bcdy^alfcyihe rcothanged about the l!ecke,dooth cutaway
the falling fickncs: asbyalateprs^hfewas tried/^nat while

With their Phficall helpsV r 03

a Childc had this root hanging about thcncckc/o long he
uas not grieucd with this difcaTc,but when the fame was ta
ken from hisneck^thcn was he vexed in Hkc fort as before
and this did the malcPiony rootc,but the feeds doc not the
hkc,and this may the male be known fi om the famalc.Thc
female Piony root boyled in wineand dranke,doth aptly
purge women after the birth ©tchild, & the fame aifo doth
the (cedes of it* And in other matters the roots of both hauc
in a manner the like properties, and the field roote of the
Piony, as Me»ardHs writtth, worne about thenecke,dooth
putawaythevapoursflyingvpco thebraine,&lifength-
iieth the brain : but the male only doth this,whjch be5:reth
Icaucs like vnto the Walnutjhauing a white roote of a ting.
crthicknes.andafpannelong, and certainc will, that the
roote be digged vp in thewaineofthc moon,l]ie the being
vndcr the earth, Thefe feedes of the Pyony doc help cfpe-
cially the termes of women^which fend them down, 5c ihc
dead yongling : which being drunkc in wine, doth help the
hard deliuerie ofchilde: alfo the feedes ofPionybrufcd
with Serwal,galingale,and fugar,ofeach a like weighCjthat
fame pouder taken morning and eusning, dooth put away
poifon,and gently loofeth the belly, & tenor tweluefecds
ofthcpjony drunkeinoldewincjdothday the fupcrfluous
couriVscfvvomen; and fiftccne {cedes drunk (of the black)
ineither water and hony>or wine,do help the night Mare,
the ftrangling if the fecrcts and paines of the matrice And
thepoudcrofthcfeedsofpicnyminiftredin nieat&drmk
to childrcn.doth fend foorth the ftone beeinning in theiUj
and the \ o jderof the root of pion>' (miniftredin wme) m
which the root it felfe,and Mugwort (hall be boycd,dooth
hclpe the falling fickncflc, and the fame pouder|boyied in
Callorie and dr unke,helpcth the paliic. Thcfe hitherto of
the properties of the Pyony.

Of the order ix^ and care ofuvh ^te Poppy, Chap^ 3 8 *

104 "^^^^ ibwing & fetting of hearbes,
Ijeacb Dott) t^e better come tjp tijere, to^ere as tUiigs o: icDs
ano ll)jub^ of tuees be bucitt^ )l?ut t^e ^oppie anD SDill.baue

t^eUfeeccnmttons ant) o^DecingoffoU)ing,Uibici) ti)eC[)av.

uiUbatb* 0n5PallaHius tDilIetjjtbepoppte to bee foUjne
in ^eptembec , tnljotano Daicplaccs among tlicpoe-heatbs,
ans ret in tem?et:.^te nm colo plac0S,m ttjemontljes of 3ianu>
mty$tb^mxk^mt^ ano if^euember ^ eitljer alone o^ Unt^
The Phtfieh helpes^
Poppieis cold and dry in the firft degree : yet as touching
the kindsjthc whitePoppy is cold Si moift , and the blackc
colde and drie,w hich doth moremortifictand the feedes of
the white gathered in the fummer when they be ripe, may
well be kept for fine yeares,which haue the vertuc of pro-
nokin^ or caufing fleepe,and of afwagingtand now to pro-
uokeftccp^niakc a plainer ofthe white Poppy feeds brufed,
and mixed with the white of an Eggc and womansmilkc,
which apply hot to theforeheadj& on the temples, and the
women of Salerne giue to their Children the poudcr of the
white poppy with milkc, tocaufcthemtoflecpe, andthe
feedes of the white Poppy, or thehcarbeit felfe brufed, &
mixed with theoy le ofrofeSjand this laideplaifter-wifeon
vlcers proceeded of a b rufe? doth draw out the great heate*
i^nd the fame applyed to a hot iiuer^doth much helpe: and
the poudcr of white Poppy feedesjinixcd with oyle Oliue,
and annointing the ridge o f the backc with it,dooth take a-
way theachecftheioynt$,andftrengthneth them, andthe
iuiceofthe white poppy mixed with the oyle ofRo/es, and
annointing the feetc therewith, doth ptit away the paine <Sc
ache of the hot gout And the feedes of 7vhite Pop py bea-

ten to pouder,and mixed with the ayle of Vyolets, an d an-

nointing the backe-bonethcrewirhjdoothhelpeboththe
Thcfchithcrtoofche properties ofthc white Poppy.

with their Phificali helpes. 1^5

Ofthe $rdrin^^ care^ andfeents cftheflofirc

VetiliHs. Chap* 39.

naimu tl)c little Jnman ere, mutt be fo^ng uuljcmiDa

of fommcc, tliat it xmy> bars to a free
iu t[;e e?oe of i^aructt
anDb;insfoUl)aoure0t3nto 'ojiatei;. getsalfo fotienmrfje
fectcsano rctrnflipu? but tlje flips alUiaiesore t^aougijt^a
ftacp coloe of tljc iDinter ( i)DlDi^ocuci: Vi^z^ be tcntier j an5 i?ct
t^crcefufenogccua^.But t?)e^profperb0l]^ iriafat ground

anDrp;eai3tnion:.ini? b^jancijes, liljcamrgljtietreeo.zgcsate

ttallje rercmblinsiiCiircU to tl;e flceet '3Mt txzt*
Ofthi erdenn^^y and care^ofihs Uelnetfionre^ erfloftre
Armour* Chap»40.
Ti^iB floure (tn a mannei')neucr Deea^petfj, but {^cepetf? Ufll
fjis tlje Sauce alfo is caceDjnuci) lifee to an car
colouriano, becrpucplcofcoloucano beautiful! to be^iolo, ^ct
tfjefamcljatfjucit^ec fmellno^taflfe^ ^uD it paopeci^groiu^
etlj tip in ti;e month of 0uguftj atiD tntiuret!) tjnto ^amzVt.
;anD\ul)cn ailot^ei: flouicigbe tDitftereo anDOcao, anD it al-
fo in a mamiecluit^cceD, tfjcn after tljcmoiUmng u»iti)Uia^
teC;itt)oot!)cecouej:asaine, anoferuetl) to maiieloiiit ecsac*
;anDt!)isflourei5folunem mmo places in pgf^ ofeait^,
t^at gcoloms fcom aupil, it map aourci^ bnto £)itobcc, in
In&idj tunc bearing tfje floure,itist3 be gently auotenoet^
lpgatl;£Ceo# ^nDtijcfloiices fo gatfjcteo, tobe putuitoau
jS)uen( after tijeDjatJoing orb.:eaD)anDt{)ei:e gently D2v?eO:
af!er U^lifcf), tijc ^apDens of if ^aunce mx^ of ot!)ej: Coun*
trt^S; ^oelaiU!}einct)-:3dii? Dpanoheep^ tfjcm tiitill tt^intec-

fimetoma^c ijaclmriJS ot'tljein, anDt0 5)ang ttjem about tl;e

<anD noU) oftljis flDure^ti^ fjeerc fufflctenilf to:itten,iD!)tc(j
altfjougl) it bee not to be countet) \3ppDn m\m%it t'^-^z fiiielliag

Il3ut:cs,rccf0^tf;e hzmtiz tljeixof, to,:tl3ie tobe loUincui

^^ Thi

I o5 The fowing & fetting or hearbs

The PhirA^ helps.
The hearbc named flourc Armour^ is of cjuantity calcic
and dry in the third degree* And the fiourepf this boyled
in wine and honny, and drunke^ dooth help the perrillous
fluxeofbloijd,& the continuallpainc of the often fcouriBg
of the bclly,and ftdieth alfo the aboundar.ce ofthereddes in
women, and the white fluxes of the bellic. Alfo the fame
helpcththefpittingofbloud.cfpecially whenanyveffclor
partin the Lungs or breaQfhall bebroken :andthc hearb
Ibdden and hid plainer- wife on brufednncmbers, doth put
away ciottcd bloud,oc healeth the places fpeedily and the j

flouresboyled in wine and drunke, doth heale the biting of

any vcnernouswor rues, and the Sciaricke: thcdiftillingof
the vrine,anda Rupture: and the pouderofthishearbc,tj
the quantity of three halpcnce in waight> drunkcin white
xvine, doth {lay the rucae diililling iroci the head and the :

hearbc foddcn in wine, and the fundament foinentcd there*

with, doth ftay and take away th*: fluxe,and the pilcs:and ia
the fame mann.r applicd^docth helpe tie often d^^rt vnto
ihelloole : And the root hoidcn in the mouth, dooth ceafe
the paincofthe teeth: and thcrootes brufedandmixt^^ith
May butter, and of that made an ointmenr^which aunointed
on iiifiamationsjdothafvage them. And thch'arbedooch
keepecloatlics and garincnti from being harmed bv worms
and moathcs* Thele iutherto of rhe properties of the veluet
O/ the o^dcrinfi care andfecYets oft he gtlafourc. Ch :p# 4 f

tl)€iFi:cnt^menti}i; Utt^^ e re, <int5 of tfje StaliansGp-rio-

philon,fr: liiatit giu^vlja iUiectc mcHanUfano^, like^iito

f|5psri:2?ntlj0t;cot,5n3 ktt^txncigamzihtzm^ U):cat[)cO«t

t{)e2nt))ina^alfeS;ubbco? ^^^UVc^tUKV^ ti^creiniija^e fat
fcit^ rotten tjrjng,
snD \!!^^zv[ tljefrollc^ opp;cire ano n;ppe
t}^tmint%t^Sx^{z':tixnt, tljcnma^ tljepbercmooueDMinB
retbnDerfome coum? in placets rafefrcai tlje feiUec c olDe-
with their phificall helps. 1 07
0itt in fmt Da^e3 iDlien aa tljc funne (ftineti) imtmc , t&cii
fctt!)epoeo;fraifetabl5eabi3ai, t^jattljeplanfcs ma^fobe

remetmir*srufF^rt!)^ planter to bew3i!!Gne^alittleUutl)a

gentle rame.?.;ioaf»::0i't;iore planter bsi.igf^t £abe^3 ^mt
rp;eviti in t^e fcmin^icialo impM (JMacIjes , t$jcn tc t'je C5aro/'
nes:^i4i:3tf;i::inolTn:o!iit^^3ccatcrIlAi:iiJr5 , a^oatt^ef^tcf

lcrp;:m:joue. :?»:i>:a:tCvtt)t,^ rnannci*|?3tJniai:ti;eCri^«naret

oiUali::)oIcbc^ liiuij a-reteplantc?<5 iti^au iiijii. Sfjer^
he (erne Ix)!}:cd Uhe C!one$ an^ b;ufe t^em, lappmgtljem a*
iDtit 11)? fiaittc^ ncie tc t!)0 xmttB ? ana feme nu^e t)D!e£i

t^;cugtj liutlj a bcrjlim4!)at t!jcfiouics aftci: fpnlr; i3p mai^ r^.^

U0ui:oftijcm»uuDt^ercbceron]cotJ?crB *a3?)icJ) ixi^tt:;, tljatbi?

t^0 often remoouua; aiiD fettuig of tfje plant, tl;^ fioiiix^^fp^ca
li3ei3>:aO0Pipiearantereot(?0e?s.<^no Cardanustoitet^j,
tfjat^oumap f?anc(^t!lvayures (mamanner) tntol^oUen-
ti^e J If fcraping of t!;^ tjppei: rinoc of tije plants, i?ou fcr tlj^iii

againe bit^i tlje rDotc;^ in Ijozfe oun^ , Uil;!clj fo caufetij tfjeiH

to fe?sre faire Cloiitcs ai ti}e toiater , if ^m tep tl^em ffoiH t^^e
co!i3 ake.^mi3cciiainn$iJD pjamttoner^lii^ite It^atroum.ii?
maUe on^ talHe to feing fc^t?) ^m^B of maji^ colours > ifpou
tahet(;2 (:x^3 otmzt^ colou:of ^J5iUi?3aiii:5 antjpaC Vgtin ai-
togetfjer into a ti)in (mall reed, o) CcrDle cf a Hiecp o: go;jtj 0^
elstreDtjpiasitntn iiioi>ne itiitten cloilj, fcttmg ti^c fame m
eartfjUJcilmJrc^ uit!)Oi;n,!,^jal)ic!) aftec t^e ujatring isiU
caufetljeplanttoco nctip/vi:ai'r:igtt)e htteniiinbar o:colour£;
m one U^Wxt as t'iiet av^^t; ri^i'esroii}an*4n5 tljecebe fonie
te!)ici)lD;itet?)atifi?oirtii;et!)e)^13afiinjcD0S toitptij^ ©jU^-
flotire rjxO0> aiio ore tljeui aa b3to:e r«JO> ttjat tfjei? toill fp^tng
togetJjei: on Souses put into
one ilMke- euvatycleau^^ of tlje

aglaSTeor'tatnept:, aan fetiutlje^unnefa; mitam^:iiti^>

5otfj make aplcafant tinc^er*
of (he cnh :ng and cArf-y of the SsraWberies* Ch^f, 42
S^trabibeme 10 accounted anions tljofc fjearbs t^at
T!pe ti)eir lun? X3er^
giofe5e in t[je gelocs cf acco;t3e» ;^^n3 tfje
ne0 bemucij ca^cn ataUmenc^ tMz^ in tijr^ouiiur; fo.: tbc
io8 The fowing & fetting of Hsarbcs,
Plcafantnis of tijem , to^jiclj fo^ a mo.:e Delight m eating, tl)e^
D^eHetDitjjtotneanBfugec* %\)t le^carfsU of tlje fojmeoC
t^i5 fjcacb nceDctb not, feeing ttje fame is IxjeUhnotene tjnt9
aUpeifons * ^no it aptlt>gC0b}CtMnl^aoot0ei? places, ano
ratl)cr:t3nDectfjel]^c45otjD0 of ot^ecl)ea'cbes,t&en alone an5
tJieplantcsfctin ^acDens, UJtUgro'ine tjnto t^e btgnegofa
^uiceccp, if tfje zati^ before in tl)£ bcos be toeU o;:eEeD, anO
tiilligcntl^ tenoeD oft()e<SacDnei;. Wut t^e^eacbeofitfelfe
continuet^ not aboue a ^eate.


The Berries be co Ide and moift in the third degree, and

th« like is the hearb. And Vigonms writeth5that the Scraw-
betrie Icaues be of a colde qualitie, fo that the iuice of them
with the wine of the Pomgranets, and a little Rofe-water
mixed togithcr and applyed, doth hdpehot impofturacs in
the beginning, and in the incrcafc of them. And the Straw-
berry leauesvfedin a bath,doc greatly help the ftone. And
for the mightiepaines of the hips, take ihrccor four hand-
ful! of the Straw- berric Icaues feethingthera in water and
from the nether part vp ward which
after bath the pacient ;

fo done, then amioynte the giicued place with this oynf

raent following. Takethe oyntmentofmardimallowes,
oneonce,ofhonichalfeanounce,ofvvaxadram weig^it, all
thcfcmixetogcthcr.making thereof an oynrment? and this
doth not only help the ach of thchips. but fofcncth the mat-
ter hardned in them and prouokerh vrine. And the Berries
beprofitabletomen, in that they takeaway the vnnaturali
heat,& do cfpecially profiit the cholkrick perfonsjfor that
tiieycooleand moiftcn theo?. Alfotai<eofthe iuiceofthe
Berries, and of Plantmevyrater, ofedch of them eight oun-
ces, ofllolcd hony two ounces, of theiuceofthe Mulber-
ries oneounce,ofAlbigraEci & ofBalatjRia,ofeachadram,
all thefc mix together-,walbing the mouih thercwith,whicb
fo hclpetk the irapolhimcsof the ihroate* And thi> hearbc
eaten with meate, doth help fuch as are difcafedin the milt:
With their phificall helps, lo^
and the like dooth the iuiceofthe hearbe drunkc J and the
fame iiiicc giucn with white pepper, dooth hclpe the fhort
winded: and the Berries alfo doc ftay thirfl profit thefto-
the roots drunk, dcth qualiHe rheLiiicr,bcing taken mor-
*ningandeuening: and the like doth the decoftionofthc
heatbe and ooc togithcr^both qualifie the hea t of theliuer,

and clenfe therajnts and bladder : andthebcftdifl:ilIino;of

theBerries,is whenthey berjpe,but notcuerfofcjandthofc
which grow in thr hilly woods be the better: and now the
diftillcd water drunk, or niixt with fomwhat ind fo drunk,
doth q'lalitie the vnnaturall heat, and Uycch third: and the

fame water drunke morning and cuening, vntothc quan»

title of foure ounces at a tnne, dooth helpethe Leapric,
and purgeth the bloud, by drinking' ofit in wine, or other-
vvi'e eaten with breid ^ and clcanf^tluhc foule icabbeof the
bodic.and in the fame manner drunk,dooth helpc the liuer,
thckingseuilljlooreth the bread, comfoftcth the heart,pui:*
geth the bloud^and prcuailcthagainft the ftoe in the loyns,
kidneissndbhdder, Alfoithelpeth vlccrsofthcthroate,
thegrieu -nsrweliingcsof thefame, and th^^ftinckeofthe
mouth, if any gargell the fame in the mouth or throateiand
drunke of women, doth cleanfc ihcm,and fend downe their
tearmes alToit hcalethall nkhy corruptions of the legs, if

thry be wafhed rnornin*:^, 8c euening with the fame,or with

linrxnwctandappliedjandiccurtthfilchy wounds, ifthcy
iliall bev^a'Led in the fame water, or vling to drinke of the

water J alfo irpiitteh avvay the fwellingotthefac^'^, if^hc

facebefandry times waPned thcrvvith:?ndniix-d with fait,
and diftillcd oriCc ouer againe, u doth both code and clcarc
theeics Thefchiihertoofthe properties cf the Sua w ber-

Of he ordrinf^ af7d carcy ofthe Boragey andaifo of'hs


B.H^/op Chap» 43-

S^ageisfoljDcnm tl)cmoneti) ofau3utt,anD Septem-
B ber, m^b^U (o^mh t^cmmzt^ of ^p.:ilb tiV^^^ a-
^ 3
iIo The fowing & fetting of Hearbcsi
tone iwbe!)Oes,o^ about t^zbo'Mt^ of nclB beoae^ ofottjgt
h^thtB. 0ndrt cannot apti^ be fotoeit inan^ oti)ectimeof
tljereacej^etma^ ttjgfame ^lantaftectlje contming tjp bee
t3eai?ii3eUi:e,iiouetj inan^jttme (mamannec) oftljcr^ave,
anotfi^rgetics ou^'o^to be gatljercD butljalfe cipelcaStlje^
ctJ^eu-Uiifcfall outcf tlieljtjskes. ano t^cijeaibe teitbtlje
fee^es^after ri)e pluikmi^ l^p, mud be iaiB togttbsc on a Ijcapc,
fo.ztlje fpaccof tiijo 02 t'oicc dales, t'oate::)e fccDama^fofo-m
t)nto tijettfull cipeneK^e. SnDliiljeii conuanient timerofec^
wet!;, tljeni^oumaurubt^e feeues foc.:t?)ona Unnencloatl),
fo:ciI;ei:U.nreroti cannot aptl^ cQmebi[?ilj2r«i: Us'^ic'; fecBcis
tl)us^aD,ni4^ VDell behsptfo.: ttoo I'earcg* ISug- Er»Dt|)e
loae, tDliic^tljei^omtrinesnametlje^^etounge) an5U)ir^
t3S!l?.ngi3e»beere, l)atl) tljc ItUco^Bei; m fotoing, ano bfing of
t^efeeBes^ tl}eSDO.:age b^^t)
tuljicl) ^nD ret fome U^nte,

tttoi?etbtoberoUJen in an openano ^imn!?p!a:e, anotl;at

f^eeactbbeUjeU labouceo ans o^c^eo befo^^e^foifo it pjofpe-
ret[) f be better* 3\m\)z 55nglofe al'Ofo.: ^15 fingalacbec^

tueSjOefcruetbinall gacDcnsto befolDenisangbt necclTa-

Borage, which of Galen and Dto[cors:^es is naracd the Bug-
hotand moift in the firft degree. Which the felf farat
lofTe is
Gahn witneilcth ( wnttng) that the Buglode is ofa moift <3c
temperate hotnelTe/o that bceing put into wine in the drin-
kingjcaufcth s^ladneflc and mirth ; and the Borage boiledin
winejandrodrunk.'dooih engender good bloud.Andthofe
which bii pained with the giddines of the head,l€C thcxn take
iheiuiccot thishearbc, and mixing the fame with fuger,
drinkctherof, which doth ihroughlyhelptherame. And
theiuice ofche hearbc with Senee, it the lams fhalibe mix-
ed with theSirope of Borage,and drunkc morning and eue-
lie» And the raw floures eaten, doecaufe good bloud, and

put avyay the trcmbhng of the heart: &

they worke the like
cffe^,ifthc floures be drunk in wine. And the firope of Bo-
rage is vfed agaiuft the kings cuil. And the floures dried and
with their Phificall hclpes* i"i i
kept but a ycarc,do feme al 1 thofc difeafcs^which the hcar^
itrcIfchclpetbiandthefloiiresputtooyleOliuc, andfetin
the Sun for a time, with the which annointing the ftoraack
and rcgionof the heart ,it doth greatly comfort* And the di-
fliUcd water (in Balf^co Mariajoftht hcatb and root drunke
morning and cucning, to the ^cjuantitie of two or three oun-
ces at a time,doih put away the gripings&fwellings of the
belly,hclpc th t!ie bloudy flixcjand the hardnes otfetching
W'inde:and the faiuc in like order drunk, dooth comfort the
heart and brains,andincrcafeth memory and witte^ptifgech
thebloud,andputtethaway frenzincsrandlinncncloathes
wet in that place,and laid toany place, where either Spl dec
or wafpe hath venomed^dcoth (]u: ckly take a way the paine
thereof; and red Sarcenet wet m
thewaier arsd laid lo the
eies,dooth takeaway the paine thereof, srjdcleareththem.
And (he diililled wacerof theflourcsdrunke,doth help all
the abouc- faid difeafes which the hcarb dooth: yet the fame
is themore precious,for that it dooth purge the bIoud,put-

teth away m.lan.chollic,and marueiloufly purge the heart.

And the fame water helpcih all diftillationsof rhc headjby
drinking euery euening, vntothe quantity of two ounces
at a time;and It alfo greatly preuailechagaind the burning
Agues and the Iaundjze,and cooleth moreouer thehuer. ei-
ther by drinking,orwettin g clothes in the fame, and fo apli-
cd often on the region oFt he Liuer.
AndrowtheBugioile hath rhc fame vertues which the
Borage hathjand iij hoiand moid in the iiril degreesFor the
B'gioireal To being drunke in vvincj doth helpluchdifeafed
in theLungs,troubkdwi:h a dry cough^aad boiled in water
and honny mixed together(as CJah^i writeth) doth help the
coughing through the roughnelTe of the throate^ And the
Buglofle Iteepcd in wine ^ and retrspercd with ?vlellicrate,
and after drunke, do^th Ciufi rf:ii:h: and often drunke
in Wine, dooih purgetheredchoiier, proceeding ofouer-
much heat, and m like manner helpeththe Cardiackpaf-
fion, and dooth alfo put a.vay sIk hurtfuli humours of ths
il r The fowing & fetting of hearbs
And the iuicc drunkc with warmc water,doth take a-vay the
fAddling ofthe feet:airo the wine in which the Bugloflcilial
be fteepcd, drunkc, doth maintaine a good memcrie, ccrn-
fort thehcart, and ingcndrcth good blond: and die di.'iii-
led water drunke morning and euening, vnto the quantity
of I wo or three ounces at a time with fuger, doth elpe thofc

difcafed with the bloudyflixjthehardiics of fetching Wind

and the beftraught of minde,or hauing a weakc braine and :

the fjme water helpethagainftal hot fickn:fles:asy agues,

the difeafeiofthe Lungs, the liuer and theinjlt5itpurgcth
aifothe bloudjcc p.uteth away thepricking cf the hart and
ftomucke and thefaid water ofBiiglofTe, putreth away the

laundizevclenfiihtheLeapry^andfcab, <Scmi:tigJterh ihc

diftilhngs of the head: and it ccafcth the paine and burring
oftheeiesiflinncn clothes dipped inthewateribeappliccl
cither to the forehead or eics: and in the fame nianei* appli-
ed, itdoothtakcawaye the ringing or found of the cares*
Andtheflouresof the Buglofle diMlcd m Batrteo ^l^arU
doc yeild a precious water to comfort thehcuftandbraine,
bcingdrunk either with pouderofpcarles^or with the con«
{cCkioQ of Ma»fif (^hnj? i^madc wiih p^arles, Thefe hither-
to of the properties both ofBorageand Bnglofle*
Oftheordnnn^An^CAycofRofemary* Chap* 44*
TfeeKofemaricisapbrit ofaplcarantfatiour^totitcl^ fo;
ttiebeaatieanD fmcll or isi ki{ at tljts Dap) in gactien^^
SinDt^egacDnersah'Dinouctime, Doctwake Diuccg reate0,
fomclifectobeKcljes antJ ot'Qecp.iopcs: femes ( as lihetfjtljem
b$ff,t3bcueIig^teDat)mt^eii:beDi5, running oflengt^ an5
of ^eigl)t« 0nD tljefame plant alfo in meoicine Ijatb amac^
ueiloo0 cfacacp.^nD Diofcoridcs nani^tl) (t V^z gaclan^ rofe
fo; t^at in tixwt pnli tJjev^ maoc gaclantJS tJjeceof Bno it is
najneDalfoof t^e (Srcehe ^utljoars Libanotis ,fo^ tJjatt^c
IcaacsansiotoftfjcKorcmarte tUoe fauour MhtH tjnto tf)e
if caiifeencenfe . ^aDtl^e Hofemadeljatlja Ijoane anofjaro
Halite DolvnelDa:D, anDtntljetjppcc pact t[)e leaucs of it bes

i0bot^reeneaboue,anDUiI)ite tJUt^^ct^ieleaues.
anutl^eaonrc of it IS bIeU)il^,lihetot^eiLa«entiar, anoljatf?
With their Phificall hclpcs. I "i j
artoeefefmelCfauouringlibe totmptntim oj ftanfetHcenfe*
^nBtt&at!)airoab!ach0r;oote,fuUonittlc b;janc^es (footing
oufofit, atio it ma^ be fet in ani?6iDunD, being IcelUaboui^
reUanDtJjerret) before, but it rat^ei: iopetl^ to be plauteDina
lotteneai'ttj^anD r^uVi^tn ix^itl) fbjtt^ti^ uting.
Theph'/ick^e hfipes,
Rofemary hcatcth and d ry eth in the fccond degree, and
hath the vertueoffoftning, digeffing, cutting afundcr and
cltanfing. And now the Roieniary with Harts tongue ftee-
ped together for a night in vvinejand after drunkcjdoth put
away tnc Kings cuil.-and the iuce both of the root and hearb
Ipixcd with honny,3nd drunk,doth help the dulnes of fight
and purgcth the grofenes of humors* And the root brul'ed
and mixed with hony, and laid on vicers^dotn fpeedily fof-
ten them : and the root with Pellitory boyled in wine, and
drunke, dc oth fof ten the belly, and puttcth away the painc
therohand the fame alfo preuaileth againft the biting ofvc-
nemousbeaftes andwormes: alfo in the fame manner tetn*
pered with Mugwoort,doth caufe vrinc, and prouokcth the
tearmcs of women: and the Rofemary flourestycdvpina
faire linnen cloth &
boyled in wine, which drunke morning
and cuening,do put a way the griefs ofthe body,but efpeci-
ally hclpeth the 2,xUks of the pappes : and the Houres being
brought to pouder and drunkcin warmc wine^dooth make
merry the minde.and comfort nature and the blood,& prc-
feruc many alfo from difcafes which might otherwife hap-
pen rand the coles made ofthe woodorllalkes burnt, and
the fame brought to ponder & tyed vp in a linnen cloth, &
rubbing the teeth the rewith doth make the teeth white, and
flea the wormcs in them and if he which is difcafed with

thcrcwmc, makeafmoake of thebarkes, anddoholdehis

head ouer it, it fpeedily flaycth the fame And the Rofema-
ry boyled in water and drunke, either alone or mixed with
wine^dooth caufcan appetite to mearc* And he which is
mightily dry through a greatc heatc,lct him mixe the wine
ofthe fowcrPomgranetsj with that water (being colde)in
which the Rofemary Icaues flial be boyled, and drink of the
Q^ £amc,
iI4 *rhe lowing and fetting of hearbe^j
fame^^c outof dout ic wil help him ;and thepoudcrof RoC-
inary fi juvs eaten m rear? poaciied egSjdoth greatly (Ireng-
then nature and aincndeth the bloud and the wine made of;

RofemaiV, if you drink a good draught thcraf morning and

euenmg, docth cleanfethe blood, protioketh a defire to
nieate^cxpelleth all the inn crhujBors, and hslpeth a greats
weaknes and the Rofeniary boyled with wildePcnniroy-

allor Mints^T wine andoyle ohuc,& that any difcaieddoth

annoint him thcrwith^doth both caufchim tofiveatSchcl-
pechthedropfie* And the Rofcaary boyledin wine, with
hearbgrace & a little pepper,oc drunk,doth hd p the falling
licknes j alio the Rofeniary b^^yied in wine vv ith Pellitcrie,
doth help the grcatnesof the Euuela^ifchcfarne be gargaled
in the mciuh and Rofjnary with the flours boyled m wine

and that drunk warrae morning and euening 6c neither ea-

ting nor drinking three houres afccr^doth hi-lp tht Kings e-
uiii, the hard fetching of the breath jopencth tht pipe of the

feth the gripings of the body,&mundifieth thebbod.Aod
the floures boyledin the ftrongcft vineger,3nd laid plaiOer-
wife to the Nauill , doth flay ihortly after, trve great flixc of
the belly, Thcfe hitherto of the properties of the Rol'mary,
OftheordrtngandcAre^oJthehearb Germ finder* Chap.4/>

T^t ® ermauog
Ijearb c,lj3l)iclj of t^z S.attne0 is calico t Ije
UttlelolDc^feeof t^eearfl),isapiaiU tj^i;^ i^o;t:i\)bt£[)
m Diofcoridcs Maibti^X^ xiSiX in tfje gtol^e!) mmz 9 fpaji
fjig^jfecadng fmal \tmzs, rentes in like i^t ^Uluwt^, hiU
tti lit tdXtty bracing purple flsuies dm
t^ofe miv^ fmalU anD
i£ aire gtobaet^ of it oUmeacw^ein rougljano llonp places:
batnois3t!)i0^earb is plaitteDttt dJartjens* Sno t^efeeucs
eugt^t to be gatijeveu toljen m
Ijeatbe beacet!) floures, toljic^
10 abQitt t]^z ans of ^a^,as Galcn ant> Maccr 00 \»;itg»
The Phific\e helps*
Tile hearb ha th the vertuc of heating 5c drying togithcr,
'Vnto the third dcgrc^Sc taketh aw ay the hardnes of the fplea
oj: miitjcaufeth vrine^moueth the tcarms^helpcth the drop-

fic(& chis)ifin the begining ofthe fickqcs, the patient drink

of the

with their phificafl helpes^ I fy

f tjie^^ co^io of the heai b fhricc a day :anc! tlie heat b bc3 •
ring the floi:rsck th grcatU^ Kelp brr fed n^caibers, if they be
wafced with the fame, rr drur.k of the decc^ion of it : nnd
theheaTbcbrnf^dandbidon Fiflulaesinthecoineisofthe
<ics,orifoilcm3(k of the hea^b be dropped into fhcm,doth
fonhwitii hc2)eihcn>jioih^tcne patient leof a colde com-
plexion, but being a perfon cf hot and dry con^plexicn^thij
h Ipcth not and the hcarb fodden in nine and drurk^doth

put aw ay the Kings cuill: /\nd(hc Gern?a{,dcrrodd£nJn

wine wi.h Fer.cU feeds and ^'ecnf, dooth greatly Uchc the
Ocppi: gofthchuerandniilt.'andif Paraiyfecdcs leput
the retoj then the fame helpeth the ilr^pgury andiheftcnc.
And the hcarb boyled in wme Eclair' on ihep3lfi€n::ca.bcrs
doth hclpthem. The hcarb allobrufcd with cileoHue, and
laid vnio wounds doth healeit:and«hegreenehearb bo)^-
led in conduit water and drunk>doth hcipeihc crampeand
the haidne? of ihe milt; the ftraightncs of making v;ater> &
the water betvvcenethe skill 6c fltfli. And this he'atbfodc'cn
in wine & diuk, doth preu^ile againd poy fons:& the fatr.c
1 id plaifler- wife doth help the bite ofveneniousbcoRs and

Voriic.: and the hearbboylcd with wine and vinegcr, and

drurk-dolh help th hardnes c(:kc milt, an olcie c^ugh,and
oide vlcciS; bting mxed with honny and Co drun k : and the
p judcroftht herb miniRred with hony.doth flea it;ea'ornis
mrhebcdy and againltche rcwme^heare the ponder of

thc^hearbe ina iinnenbag/andapply it on the head, whidi

i^ a (peciall ieiiKdy«This hei b alio (iclpct h the bhOering of

themou h^ifif be wanted wsrhtfe de(od>ion thereof thiicc

a day alfoiche!petrithermallfcab,ifroak»nganointrrcnC

v/lth thchearSand barroA'cs grcnce^youannoint the skin*

Thefchitheuoofth^pr pertie. of the Gerpnander,
Of the or^inny,, ^:<?a <?/ the ^/-ff d Thfil^. Ch%p 46
C^ArdtujsBencdiaus^oJthe fjrcbimmeo t^eblciTeD Ii:?)!-
'fiie, t« \^tiit UicI fenoUine. ana of gjgat t^c m mf^imtr,^
fjatliafpmallcH'icadeni^ainapOFrors, it)e plague, mh u^
&afesortt)e[5i^«^bstj)l^cnmng mio fo^mc ef tl)g ^^^

1 6 The rowing & fetting of Hearbcs,

JJotJcriaretttobe akinDeofttjiUlc, altl)ouglbt()0ce^atpettc
Sfeatfontcocecfxe among tl^e ancient ptjiOttan^, of tljetcug
^gfcnphon Qft^i$ Jjcarbe^^^no Ruellius, feemetf) mo^eeractl]?
ansbettei: toiuDgc oftlys Ijeatb an^ come nearer to atrutlj.
W0O DefcctbtD tf)e bieOeD S^tiillU to tjatte a big Ualfee ano
p;icM!ng,li'aeto0n!)iue, \Joitl)rougi&anucrtfpti> leaner, anO
bearing a reUo^ie floure,anooeligljtet^ to be fotoeninafat
TheBlcfTed Thii^lc hath the nature and qualitic of ope-
ning the (lopping of members, ofpeircing 6c caufing vrinc.
This hearb m the eating^doth help the paines in the head &
lungs,&cauieth good h«!aricg,&fliarpneth the wit &mc-
and light,not only by eating, but alfo by anointing the eie$
therwith* And when the iuicccf the herb can notbehad,
then may youyfe thepouder, or the hearb itfelfedried,and
fticpcdinwarer^Scfowaflithecicsthcrwith* Andthciuice
dropped in the eies, dooth helpc the blood /Lotten in them:
and the hear be Qayeth the bleeding at the nofe and mouth,
wit beapplicd to cither place : and the poudcrcf the hearbc
mixed with honny and eaten,duth caufe thcpcrfon eafilicr
to fpit forth fleamc &
grofe humors, and it helpeth a weakc
ftomackcandcanfethan appetite to meatc,andfottneththe
hart:alfo if confumeth euill blood &
ingendrcth good : and
the hearb boyled in wine, anddrunk^doth caufe the perfon
to fwea tjbuc being bo> led in vvatcr,& drunk, doth confumc
the cuiU humours snd prcferue the good. Further this hearb
eaten, dorbllrengthen the palfie members, and healeth the
bliftredlungs* And the hearb boy ledordrunlcrawe with
wine,doth breake thefion€;and the hcarbe boyled in ih^ v-
fine ofahealthfull man Cbilde, and drunkc doih belpethe
dropfic and plague, and brcakcth all impoftumes, and mai-
ftrcth the canker^ and falling ficknes: and the pouder oftbis
hcarbe drunk, vnto the quantity of a dram, before tweluc
houre^ibepaftofthedifcafcfcltjdoth bothcxpell andhcalc
the plague: and the do wnc conamingofthefloures, laid on

with their phificall helps. 1 17

cuts and new wound$,dorh healcthcm without painc* And
thchcarbc chawed in the mouth.doih cure the ftinkc of the
breath : and the hearbc boyled in wine, and drunke hot, a«
bout a quarter ofan houre before the comroing ofan Aguc>
and the patient afterward well coucred with cloathes in the
bed, doth helpe all Agucs,both hot and eold and thepou- ;

der ofthe hearb drunke with hot wine and the diftiUcd vira-
terjrccouers the patient in (Lore time : and againft any poy-
fon receiued by the mouth, when the fame hapneth, drink
the pouder and hearbc, or the iuice ofthe hearbc, or the di-
ftill ed waters and after couered with cloaches,fweat well for

the fpaceof three houres: Laftlythe pouder of hethearbcj

either eaten or drunk,dothhelp the ftirch ofche fidc^Thcfe
hitherto of the properties ofthe hearbc named iheblefled
0/tke ordrift£^and CAre ofthe hearh ^ormwQ^iU
Chap. 47*

V V outCnglanDjtljatit nktzt^t^z fmaller inttmau

onoftfje fo.:meof it ret be tl^tttt});cc fetnos of UJO^mcU?©^,

UefcrifaetJbotijofPlinieanD Djofcorides* 0ni3tl)efitftist^e

3$(HnatneMo.:mtDCDD,tol)icl) alfo of t^c CoutitiiewnameD
Ponticke,m Uil)ic^ ti)e hc^QtoWttl} : nmt^z leaues oftfje
famef^0andentp?)iOfionsbfeDto mimtter m
figs loCfjtl^
d;ch, to abate tlje bittetncB t^ctof* i^no tijc fcconD is tfje

^eaWo;mU)ooD,ljDl)tcl)airois namcDSiphinum,t!)erceD5
DfiDl)ic?) tt)0 |3i)i(itio:isappohUto tliz kiUins of tuo;mcs in

tlytbomzimraofVoiB tf)ei? namctfjem (at t])i§\ia^)V^tiCem

apmffiti;cU)o;mes,o.:tS!:;mc'rtt53c> i^mtljttW^iB tl)^t

tobtcbtsnamcD Santonicum,gcoU)mg in ^tmnteyhzvom

tbeaipes.anDttoaltijoug^jitbelcJretljeii tl)c cttjsrs, v'et

itk facgcntlcc intljc bittctntBiumtljz fame kio^zmcUiooa

alfo at t^is siai?^ ts fotocn in betss in man^ gacscns ans tfie

^ongIeauisairomiveDinfaUcts,Uat9 t^e gceat commom^

t^oftfjettomacheanoiiuec? anDtbe^j30?mlDoaD&u3!jt to be
gat^erc!) in tfjcmont?! of Julr at ttJljat time tl)t fee\30 appear,
ant) to be d;i^cD in t^c i^a^oU)^
iiS The fawing & Tetting of hearbe^^
HhsThifick^' helps.
Thcwormcvvood is hot in die firnde^rre, anddricin
tl^c third, aRringcnC,and endued
together with a bitter and
fliarpcoyalitie,andthe iuiccofthe hcarbe is much hotter.
Now the iuiccb^ing diunkefcv ten daics together vnto the
qu5niiry of foure drams at a time, and isiTiprcd wjth Suger,
doth helpe the laundize, the w ater bctweere the skin, and
driueth forth many noy feme huniots of the Liucr and milr*
Andthewormewooddothcomfortbt thr{ielli?macke»and
mocucth anappctite vntoir-C3t,andhdpcth alfo rhorcdi*
fcafcsprocesdingofa topping, like as the dropficj&rich
likcdireafcs:anditkilleth the v\ormcs in the bell), and doth
n^i^hrilyexpcllthcm, by wearing a plailler prepared after
thisffianngr : Firll take foure ounces of wormewoodjhalFe
an ounce ofEnphohi urn, one ounce of the Harts heme burnt,
and tothefe mixe an ounce of a Hare gaule.and hony,which
prepare in plailler-f^rmc, and apply vato the belly : and he
\»'hichis{ickeof an Ague a long time, let him drinke the
iiiiceofWorraevvood tempered withSuger, which dooth
helpe the Ague in (hort time after: and if any be fo pained
^iihthe head-ache* that he cannot lleepcnor reii,leehim
caufewornicwoodtobeefinely bruifedand boyledwellin
water jsnd put after into a fine linncn cicathjapply the fame
gently aboi;t the head, and it will both rcmouethe beating
paines, and caufe the patient to flcep found!y:and boij-d iii
wine, and drunkc each day vnto the quantity of four ounces
at atimc, doth preferue the per fon, char the bloudpjtriacth
notinthebodie : andtbeOylcofwormcwooddroppedin
the cares, doth rcQore the hearing* And wormewood boi-
led in vineger, doth amsndthceuiiUauourofthemoutbjif
it be vvaHied tiicrcwirh • and the drinUin .; thereof dccth put
awaythcfweilingsofthemdc: and w«:rrnc\\'oodboyledm
oyle Oiiuc,and annointed about tnebrc'd, doth both helpc
the weakenes of ihe (lomacke, and the mallics of the Liuer.
Andiheiuice cfvvoiniewood,boylcd wjth the iuicecf Bo-
ragCjandthefl urcsofCenturiejinGoarswhayanddrunkc
doth help thof^difcalcdofthcAgiiejandgriefscf (he mile.
with tlicir phlficall helper i i_p

And womicwood foddv:n inLicwith Sothcrnwood, docth

heipethc iheadingof the haircs.Item fbrrawnes of thcflo-
mackjtakc worm wood.&^hearbgrscc^iof each a likcwaighc:
and to there mixal.cttcpcpper,bcating them together, and
boiling them in 'Aincdrinkofthcfamcjvvhich doth greatly
comfort the do rnacke. &
purgcth it And worm- wood laid
among clotheSydotii driue away moths: alfo the often fmel-
ling vnto wor«i- wood prrcureth fleepe, or laynig the fame
vn^er the bolder, the party not knowing thcrof* Thcfehi-
thcrtoofche propcrjies of worraewood,
Oftbeo)'deriti^^ cdre-.andfecrcts ofSoth^nrfotui^ ^hap:^{^*.

•i? t^tM)fzt\\\m<^^ \}z tlsokmO0,as pUnie ano Diofco-

tfjemcnntmns aaorotljeen^ifita^^^ntobet^efemale, an^

V^z otfjer t\)z male ; bot'9 '^^m\% a bitternes toe to t^e \xsQin\^
iDOOu. ano no\s tbe female(aftec Diorcorides)f)^09tet^ ijp iw
CalkelCneafeuiDoftrecanofo^ t^atnameD ofmanr>t{je lit-
tle Ctp^elTe tree, beacms little toljiteleaaesaUflut tijefmall
bolDea 0.J b^anc^es, ano t^ofe finely pacte> lifec t^e fea l»o.:m*
ii33oo,antJ Waning big i^ellolse berries in tf)$ top torjofe fauo^

r^siactl) fomUjijut tjiipleafasit ano bitter in taCce^ 0ui) t^e mals

beas:ett) ust To ]«)l|tte leauen jbcuig bjancl^eu toittj a fmal feeoa

anoleafe fee is t^efenneU, C&o;tec ergcot|),bearmgm tlje top

togetlier on V^z top, ana fauouiuig fom^ljat ftrong, anis Uiitfj
cnersot grousing: neere in i\yi earclj* Snzj ne-tiisi: of tlj^rjuani
abiDe tl;e long col»3e of ti^e ^^iitec, but t^at tt luit^eretlj, ana
u mnci; Oaraei) alfob^ t^e ioiig^cats of tfje ^unus tsj&en t§c
fame rp:c3Detl) it felfe in tps top* ^nD Theopliraflusujjitet^
tljat it better p.:ofperet^, bein^Vet toitij tfje roote, 0^ in b^au^
c^es flipped oSf, t^en fotone in i^z fees*
TheThifickJjc/pes, .

The Sothernwood is hot in the firft degree, and dry in the

fecond:butiE^i'?fMWriteth, that itheatcth&dricth in the
third degree &
hath the vertue ofdigefting,and cutting a-
fundcr although it doth a little bini: and now the Sothcrn*
wood burued and brought topoudcr, tempicd with the
1 10 The fowing & fetting of Kearbs
OylcofRaddiilic, and with the fame annointing the balde
place of the head, do caufe the haire to gtovvrand the iuccof
the hearb mixed with oy le of Dill >dooth the like , in cau -
fing haire to grow in any placeof the body : and the fame
hcarb doth ditrolueimpoft limes and flcgmaticke humours,
being boiled in a pot with the kernels cfQn in ces,and fo ap-
plied* andtheiuiceprelTed out of the Sothcrnwood , and
•Irunke with wine dooth defend the perfon from the apo-
plexieuheiuiceanointedonpalfie members, dooth hclpc
them. And the Sothernwood boilcJ \^ithoyle01iue,an<l
annointing the he;\d there A icht doth take qway the vntcm-
pcrateccldnesofthehead. The hearb boyled withparcc-
!y and ftigcr, and drunkc, doth both breakc and expell the
ftone of the kidiieis andbUdderi and the oyleofSothcrne-
wood annointed beneath the nauiljdoth caufe vrine;and the
the biting ofvcnemous beaftcs or wormes : and if any often
drinkeoflhe root of this hearb, it killcth the wormes in the
it dooth the like : agaioft the colde griefcs of the Lungs, and

bread, this hearbe is profitably giiien, being fodd en before

witblfopcinwincandwatcr, and fweetncd both with Li-
corasandSugcr : andthchearbc bruifcd with oylc and fait
together, and laid on the Pulfcsofthehand, isaprofitablc
remedieagainftthe Ague: and a branch ofthe hear be (as
Pltme writeth)laid vnder the bolfter,doth moouc the defirc
tothe veneriall aft.Itdoth alfo greatly auaile againftalbc.
witchingSj which by eating thcrofis hindrcd^Thcfc hither-
to ofthe properties ofthe SSthernwood*
Ofthe 9rderw^iSaTe andfecrets ofthe hearbe
Sage, ChAp* 49 •

Ti^e l&earbe ^age isfo common, tljattl^efametegroto/

tngtnenec^iS^acden, atiDt£; dt^ccfoUien in t^efeeDe^,
o^tfetinrmall Htppeicb^oheno^, and tp^eattjed atl^enojn
t^emonetf) of j2)ctober, ^ouember, ^eb;aat^ an9 ^arcji,
inlDtU laboureDanD D^^efiTeogcouno. and ttUttVjaliotohc
tmttt^ about hiit^KutUz aO^ei^j Wo itf^Qfjfmt^, and

with tKeir phificaJl helps. tzi

tomwcti) tl)3 fader foztuaco , ano iovttl) befiticsi m a ^unnie
ano open place^ altljougl) it nmv lucfl abioc tljc colBe of all tjie
tomtec t&;oug^,ly ittjout any coucc o: Defence outt iu
^no It mct\} to be fet br tfje ^carbe 3^ue o; l^
not in ounscD ear:tl),but in coloc cattf) wiveo U)it^ clai?«
Sage hclpeth in the firft degree,ann drieth in the fccond,
andtheleaues (for the vfc of medicine) may well bee kept
for a y eare,and now the fage being fodden in winc^Sc drunk
doth llay the exceffiueflixcs: and the tcarmes flaying, it
draweth them downjbuttomuchrunningiitftaycth them.
And the S2^%c fodden with Wormci- woodland then drunk,
dooth flay the bloody flixe: and the leaues and ftalkes
fodden together and drunke,dothprouokevrine, and the
tearmes* And the fage fodden in wine^and either drunk.or
appUedplaifter-wifejdoth help the palfiejandfod in water
helpcth the gout andfalling ficknes,& efpecially the drop -
ping ofthevrine^and being drunk, 6c applyedplaiderwifc
to the blley,(5c a fomentation applyed with the licour of the
decO(flion ofthe hearb,doth help the ftrangurie or bloudy
fIixe5andclcnf€ththematjic.And the fage boyled in wine
with the herb named Tavxtn ^arba^us^ and fiting oucr the
hot broth ofthe fame deco(flion on a clof€fl:oole,Gooth (o
fend vpthefundamentfallendown.TheiuiceofSagemix-
xed with hony,and wafhingfilthy woundes thcrwitb|doth
fo cleanfethem,and the leauesandftalksfoddenm wine 6w
wafhjng with the fame, doth helpe the itch ofthe priuities
and fitting oucr the hot broth of the deccftion ofthe hearb
doth take away the itch about the fundament^and the Siige
water (difiilled at the time of bearing the floures ) drunke
morning and euening , vnto the quantity of two crthrte
ounces -t a time,doth amend the defauli s ofthe Liucr, put-
tethaway the cough, and fcndeth forth the dead yongling,
andthiswater doth greatly helpe flirurke and aftoniH-iwd
members^iithey be barbed therewith* This water drunke,
dooth help the pairescf the fides^lhe fliaking of the hanc^s,
and the palfiCjand the like ifthey be bathed with the water.
R And
iLi Y.\t Comax anclfettiii'2; otliearb?,
Anti clic water drunk with winC) doth procure an appetite
tJ!Ilea^and{lrcnothnelhthefl:omacI^c, and\VOincn> pla-
ces, and the fame water drimke morning and euenin^^va-
to the (jwaocirieorthree or foar ouncesat a timc^doji breaks
any in »vard impo{luaijcomfortcththebraine,andtakerha-
way the diOilling of the head, comfortcth a hoc liucr,
and putteth away fienzincSjand the water of fage,wich pea-
cock* dung.dooth Hay the ffelli bleeding wound, beeing
boundaboiic wit'i moire or Cotren. Thefc hitherto of the
properties ofthe hcarb Sage.

P^cfclauie im{hz fe-aane in aRT! timz am feafon in a tna^

mt I ^et t{)c faaio fooiiec rp;mget^ tap, tD'^eii t!)e luarme
feafonbcgimiGt'; astntljeC^ont'osof^pulU^v^^anD jUnnc.
flno tijc kzXi^B mai! citfjei: be foto n alone in eat tlj Ujell mireo
loitb potioei:t)uS,o.:amfingot^erl)cacbe2;ifi?ou \x>i\Mt^z\>
toillpzofper ant) come Dpbi? gcotuing among ^nto«s tlee^
Silfo c^ei? DefJce tofee fotun in a fat gcounojfo.: b^^ tl).\t means
tlie^groto anD Ujarc t^e bigger,anD to^ece tlje feeBs l^aionce
befo^nne, t^ece U)ilUt)^^Wi5ti^T?2areafteccomet3poft[)eic
oluneacco.itJ^crpeclalii? bents fu^rieiJ to gcotoe to a big tnrflfg
anDnpene0« E!)e l^arfelaine is meicl) l^acmeo b^alonoj
C2ougl)t 'bnl^ltc it be oll)Ci:U)irc Ijolpe \x^\t}^ ttit often l»5tei:ing
intljatfenron* ^no nofcjijat t^e ]Bm;fe[ainegcoU>iH3l3aBei:
t[)c ll^aootD of tceea UjiU come to no turfifes
The Phjtcke helper.
Piirfclaine is cold in the third degre^and moid in the fc-
condjand tiie ireili and greene more allowed then the dry
which hath then little vercuc* And oow the eating ofthe
greenePurfelaine doth helpe a hot (loajacke, and the fw el-
ling ofthemouth of (he ftomack : and the Purrdainc boy-
led <5cholden in the mouthjdothceafathcpaine ofthe teeth
and a plailler made of Purfelain?& laid on hot vlcers where
it is found that the matterin them putriSet'i,doth he) pe the

wandreihfiomd^ie member tj another, andtnePuvflaine
takethaway tlreVlcers ofthchcad,if the fame bebrufcd<3c
with theirPhficall helps. 1 2
tc;Tpered with win cjand tiif head waflif d rherewith*
Andxhc often eatirg of ic raw, doth fill thefloniack with
chmmic htniors>biit eaten raw with vinegar, dooth puta-
w.iy the burning ague, and brufed with Barlyniealc, and
after applycd hot to the ftoiracke, dcoth quahfic the heate
thcrot, andtheeatir.gof PurOaine dooih.icone Hay the
monthly courfcs without harme, andihePuiflainebrtifed
andn.ixed with barly Fiov\rc,(5cihefaU3elaidplaifterwirc
doih ccafe the painei oi the head,quaUifieth the heat ofthe
e)cs,naieth the flixcof the belly, andcfpcciaily thebU^udy
Icourjngisnd flrengthncth bcfides the raincs and bladder,
and the Jiice dnirke doth help the burning agiie,killeth the
wcrmss in the belly 6v helpeth thefpJttingof bloodinthe
body, and sgainft the coftintnes ofthe bell yj Teeth the
hearb in water with prunes,and the fp.mcea re together ^and
after diinke (he water and ^//iV<f«\viiteth, that the Pur-

flainediyeth vp waters ofpiopertie,if they beannoynted

with the iucc therof^and the hearb brufed and laid plainer-
wife^dothhelpcthei:©])' fire, and th.e hearbeholdenvnder
the tongue jdoth pur a way ihird.Thefehithcuocf the pro*
perries ofPuiflainc.

n?cifeirc;'!'.ctl>lljegicateicfrc(tlri0phnyiL\ntet[)) nnslca^
iTtfjapuipIc (?ccrt*C5Dutil}cnir.!caii>ljEtc acui'e, 'M^x^ noUi

The Phfick^e kelpf*

The Fenny royall it hot and driein thetliird de2:rcf,&

loypli thtniobcegathcrtd , whenitbeaied) theHi urcs>


for (hat he) may alter be kept for iwo yeares , and agamft

the Jtch cf rhe body jbcylc [he Penny- royall in f aire water.
R 2 ' and
12 4 The fowiiig & fettingof Iiearbej,
?.ncl waflnng the itching places tlierewith,it dothfpccdilyc
healcthem, and foddenin vNineanddrunke, itdoochlend
downethe monthl y courfes , and the like the after burden :
alfo being bruifedwi^hhony and falt,and that laid plaiRcr-
wife^doth helpe thepalfie and broken members. Ar.d the
Penny-royallbru fed and eaten >/»ith honVidooth he pe the
hardncs oiFfetching the breath, and againil the gripings of
the bo vvellcs, take two partes of vvine and a third p;4rt oTthc
hearbboyled togerher,aridrodiinkethe faine.and hee that
is dayly mooijed to much fleept^let him cake the frefli Pen-

ny royall,and hoide the fame vnder the tongue and in the


moiith^and thns often vfing thcfreHi hearb,rhai fo driuea-

way defireofflcepe) andche pouderofche Pcnny-roy<ill
drunke in v;ine for two daies together at night going to bed
doth helpe the greefeofrheliuer and lunges^ And thepou*
der of the hearbes or fecdcs taken in an Egge^ do(h help the
rawnesof tjie ftomacke and the calling or it , and if any by
ouer much bleeding is bereft ofmmdc:let this hcarb be ap-
ply ed with vinegar to the noftnls, and it will both refreih
and rcflore th e perfon, and he teeth robbed with the pon-

der of this hearL,doth put aivay the greef and painc or them
andthehearbe brufedand tempered with Saffron and an-
n(iinted,doth help the cuill vlcers of the body , and elpeci-
ally thofc which arife about the nailesofihe fingers, *S: the
hcarb bruf ed 5c applied plaiftcrwife, doth aflwage the fwel*
lingof chemilcjand drunke warmcin winc,dooth help the
dropping of the bladder,and the fame wine.vith thehearb
boyled in oy Icj^ applied to tnQ belly^doolh work the fame
efFe«^,andthe Penny -ro vail fodd en in wine and applyed
tvTice or thrice to thenoflrilst doth hdpetherumeanddif-
flilhngofthehead. And the wine ofthe dcCv>dionofthe
heai b and dry figgcs drunk, doth help the colcie cough,pro-
ceedingofcalamiticand watry humors* Thefehithtrtoof
the properties of Penny»roya]?#
OfttocorderhiJ^c^re^andfecrets of the Artichock^s^Chap^'y 2,

apptej Ui^tcl) ougl)tt0 UjefOii.eii c^ fct in t^t cartf)in

With their phificall helpv'^s. 125
^arc!)t Palladius tniUet^tfjecattfjbefozetofaelDeU tiuiig-
eo ano labouteo,fo: t\)%t it beO; imo^etb m
a fat grounti* ana
tjje feencs fet 111 fatf grouiiD,t>oe greatly auatle agaiuft
tfjc ca-

(Tmgtjp ofttje ^o'ean5 otijer beaHes, m

tijat tfjei? cannot fo

ta^iV mabetjoles in tljegcotinD. SnD Palladius alfoU>illet!?,

tfjat U3|jen ^ouc beos be tljU0 ozelTgD ano p;cpaces in a ceaDi-

neffe, tljattljentofett&ercctieuintljceactlifjjiifea foote a

funDer, anD t\}i$ tfycciallv ougfjt to bs none in cncceafe of

tljea^cone: anaito^tljoloins tfjc feeD^stDitbtfj.ieeofpoHC

fingei:0rottrettl)emfoO0epetntf)ecart^, ( vistjntotbe^ri]^
ioimt£5)ano couf c tl)emiig()Ci^ eatt^,an8 tnater tfjem of-

ten ifaljoti'eafcninfuejvo^br tbatm0jnst()c^fcnDfo;tljlot'^

tenoeiec ans Mkt fcust£«,as Varro it\:ttetb. ^no iofjen tlic
roung plants be fomcUifjat fp.umgtjp^tfjencugljttljei^Dai^lu
tobeeUiceBeD^fatrstljeicUiiti^ecenieaues plucheo aluai' ano
to bee tell Dungeti about \x^it\^ lto,:e or al^eiai 1 aftec tfje
mintje of CoIuhivUh : fo; tljat tl)t fame lunDe ofoung (as ^e
U);itetf))is apteftantJ beHagcecctljtotjjis (jeavbe^^inDbe*^
U>argroa fet not tfje feenes tucneD t3? SID0 Doiion Ut tlje cactfi,
fo: on fuel) mmt^zv iDilifeno foo:tl)feeb!ejCCCDto,anDt3et^
fnmUiictic^ Jii^itetl) Palladius^^iUDtlje ^cticfjockc^
iDtilgrjUi icitiioutpaufeieSjif tijattf)e H^atpe enDes bee p,:jer-

feE: Do \mt 02 ma^c bkmt b]? tubbing t^ini on a Hone 5 b^no^e

tbe fcttsrtg m tfje eartfj* j^tUD cectame Ivnttts affinne^ttjat if
tbe bppei I'^m of t^e roote of t*}^ ilettnce be p k eD off ,anD tlj^t
tfje coot afteciDacD be fa^eo into acne fniaU pcutSy ant? tljat
inie eacb pcece cut a ^eeOe be put,ani3 fo couereo in dje eai:tt) >of
facf)a ncpth about fa 'o,Uy|):cb aftet mil groiD iuit^oat p.:!cli^
le«:ano Vgzv u}illgco\ufUieeteanoplearant:>ifii)atti?e a^9s
(tl);eeDaiesbefo;c)(jefti£cpeD in an^rmeetrmeliinglicooi:, f
a^er tfjg ti^^ing in t^t ap?e,ret fo Deep in tijc car ti) as a'ooue 13
faio«jro;b^t!jatmeane0tljs^nenrjfoQ?tfj ^ittkljot'^t^ oftl:e
ffimetaile(tii^icb'ujeitcQai:biasjinto!)ic!j t^cfceoaUieie fo^'

to anD tpus ti)e? kuU (auouc ano tafte of tbe I15a!cs if tljat
: ^

^ou Seepe tfje fesfies iDitlj )i5ar^!caues,o; put of tlje fccos m^

to^ai?bemc$ianDrettbmuntot|)e gi'ouno. ^atB ap^acti'e
imi'bet)rc0 (,it ^ou tuili; in tljeo.iQedas on Cucljluife all 0^*
H 3 tija
11 6 The Towing & fcttingofliearbs-
tljCiC feetscis. &m to make aittdjochcs grctDefUicctem tad,
tnfufe t!)e (nt^ts befo;e- in cittjci nulU^lottt* !;ok\? , c.nn toa^
tec Unt^ fugcr^o^ elfc in pieafant luine: ant nftec tt}e D^pjng,

todl u^tlj eart^ in tljs beginning ofitintectocaufEtl^smto

turne tD|)ae,ano U^t alrar tlie bitteuuCTc, ano ttje bcttr^ to
ftt:fJCUHtt)mcafsinU)tntei:tinie.?in^Paliaduis atfirnetljof
tfpttituct,i\)<it ttje^Gnij plants of tlje ^cttcljoc^s fct among
long luljcate rn tt}e cnti of October to grofe tp Uuf I) tlje rauio
teiUtlje better p^ofpcr, tl)enbT?tl)ercttingoftl;cniinb0Csa^
lone* ^tnUfDitaiue ancient men Uuiljttmt tljefe^t)c.leple;ntcs(

he p.ockeD tap^Uiit^ enoee of t^e icotes !ert in t^t eattlj c^^


cut cifm t[}e entis U)itt) feme l^arpe tjock,ano tljat t^ofe ccctsi
(o tnt o; bitiUn cff>be oippe5in t-ung, ano fet agame in tattt},
U^elliabcuceD anDD^eCeDlnitijolsoung; at^;>er ootafunDcc
fc;tl)c bdttt inacait of tije piant0 ^no :f rieeoe fo reqn te,
fo;i t?;^i)^atGftl)c^ca^cn>t!jentoU3atelt^epIant6,tlntlU{)e?
!}aue rtifxifiriUlp tatun rojt nunc grountjj-ano tlie act:c|)cche0
ace nottcbcgarriereDa;toaetfeei:,foHIjattl)e\?npenct ail at
cnetiine.butdpcnaltjDaicslljtcneaitettljeDt^et, anotljei?
alfoate t!}cntobegati)Ci:et>.Uilfent!;erljanea0t^tfiours in
tfje patt;rcimoal-c«thi>etntD a (DatlantJ, ano not
feijeu au tt)c Qftncs be falien cff fo;ttjen tficr bee iBc^ferjanD
t\)t clD.fe feare of luuo;ingtl)c ^ee'm Qitljc clo.nno tlje I'onng

iieti3 ret m
otlier places f tictljer a ruiiDcr : ans t|>ei e bee rcn:e
^tutiicvglt^ljtcljliiiilr tt-atiiic I'Cung. plants bee plnctteOljp,
Uitrbfcmepaitoit^eroote* knothole pli^ntaUifetcl)
frriie fo: feus.cuaijt acH: iobt cleanfet) frcm al tfje icna one^
gcDbMngabout.f ccuercD oueEtint^fome potfl^ato c.: 2i3aike,
& tm f(^cure0
fo; ttjat tijc fceDrs tl)Ku§i) tl)e buintr.g of t!)e
Dftlieramecorcqjting, Ocettteilve peniOjanDctui^tcno^
tl)mganotl}e^?ceant;-jKat!5?icegieat;vccuetto'.ceD cntbe
rcors Df tije arncbcckcjj^ano if tl)e\? once t?.llc of tlje rcctcg^c;
ct\)ct\x ifebeuiooueo toccn etnioi'^cni, tljfngatfjertljer af^
tevinguat ccir.panies tnto tl)c place, enolfjat ccrrming
agreat Uiar of^fo nmcl; 50 tljer beiigpt in t^efauout ano taJte
with their phi/icall helpes. 117
of tfjofe roof egf* Wil^ttt'mB to aooio tl)e tcfe^t aK5 commm^
of tfjgm \)\\to tl)t ttottn , tljen tafte (as V^rro iBtUetlj^cit^c!:
fUJincs Dunglappirirj! tJje fame about t[)e tooC)5,o^ els ^g afl^^
e3,fi^raT»mgtljeminlihef0^eabontt^ct:ootes, tojjic^fo ijniil


Theartichockisatcnrawjdoth amend the fauour of the

mcuth,and the prickle partes hke to thePine apple kernels,
fadden tender, and bcyled after with butter and vinegar &
feafoned with faltjbe greatly commended : 5c foaie delight
in caring of them ravve^and finde the eating
ifthey beprcpared with pepper^faU, and the fine ponder of
Coliirderfecdes(trawedvpon»And{liepedin winc^or ra-
ther fodden in vvine,& eaten, dcth not cnelymcue or caufe
vrine>but procure the veneriall a(n:5 and the lame fodden
in water & caten^jdoth ftrcn^thcn the ftoniacke, &
a more earned defire both of man &
woman,b y eating both
atone timeofthefamcAnd^V^jjaffirfncth, the artichscic
to be then hard of difgeftionjand hiirtfull to the (Icmacke,
when the fame is growne vnto the llieading quite of all the
fiourcsof thehead, althcughfome write whenitcommeth
to the bearing of PiDures,at wiiat time the riper ones (as they
write) doenotonely wax dry of moiRuie-biuhardand
rough of i kin , and alfo haue more ple.ntie of the cliollericic
suicc rand of this they are rather to be foddentlien rawe^Sk:
yetthcyongones being full of lucemay fafelv becacenraw
being prepared in rhciikeorderasaboue IS taught, Thcfc
hitherto of the propt rties of the Ai t.'chccks.
Oft he ordi'rifi^jCar^'jaad/ecreri of L ctkcs^C^'?- 5 5
LCcUcsctigijt tobc fotune ma battle (jtDunB, sinD efpm-

allr ina^lam0lolDpiace,asUv:itct!)Paiiadius, anotfjat

tl)ebed0b0eicudl> ^tslicaS^p, lperilabcuc£D,ntioo;t3Ct:l^
fiangeis. ani)tl)ct3nretti.eehcs artectUJO nionctoPfQlXJtng,
cagtjt to be ciit as tlje^groiBjfo: To (asCcliuaiellati.^iitj^t^)
t^ll U3a?; c'^e biggec.anD conttnue the longer . Mno t^z bettec
alfotfjcr ujiUp^orpcr,u after eugticrcmoQiitng.antJ fitting a^
gam^it^eUais^s bee cut :anD 5-^10 ortuitfje^bcc cut, fo of-
liS The fo wing and fetting of hearbes^

biggec f Ije fjeat-s gcotoe To mucft 1)c fuct^c Dittant, as corn^

ujonl^ fouie finc^eis a funCJcs: tljei? Dugl)t to b0 fee, an9 aftcc
ti)e ijcot»mg,t|)e blaoes t!)0R f o be cu t,airo,t()e often toatering

umigingjulucfeing tp t^e Uiccucs groining neere to t^mh anD

tfieoftenicmoouiug.eocgccatl^fuctfjer tlje mcrcafe* ^no
iDljcn rcn miiiD to ^atie t&c IjcaDs of t^s lleekeisf gcoto btgge,
tlj^n before tl)e retting againe, cutatDap aUt^efmallbecne
tjntect^e^eacs! la^ cither pot ^G^ac&ig^o.ze^^ftei: O^els

betfe^eene tljcl^eaus ano t^e cartlj.aiiu after coucr eaclj beaH fo

D;ecre9 Ipiib eartf)^aiiDbr tfjat meanes tl)c Ijeatjs toillgcoU^
tH biggecfo t^at pu
ooe not tijen feater tl^iMtt tlje miiM
(eftl)e<l5i:eefee) Sorion. ^noPalIadiiisli3^itetl)of]^eek0oni
tl)iB uitfctbat \Xi\^m t\\z Icefees be gi:olDrT afingec bigneSiano
ti;at t^t biaocs be [jalfc cut aU3ar>t^at t\izn ree fet t[je l)eaDei3
agame in netcr anu foftcolM^liungjfoure fingecis; a funDer eac()
ftowx otfjer .0nD tuljeu tlje Leehes ^aue gotten fome ttcengt^
of coote in ttit eact()4[)en rour fo.zkco Dibble, put tni^ei:

tl}t (jeaD.loofe it fo map fo feme to

in t[)e eartb> t^at t^e b^aD
tjang in tljc tcitc\),nm in meaner gntJing fucfi
tl)z Ijeao b^ ttjat
large emptines bniDci: it.UiUl after gcoto out^antj fill t^at em^
^no fttrtl)ci:,if i?ou tieficc onel^^ to fjaue tafet lleefees^tl^eni
folDi'ouc feeDes tf)itUt tcgetl)ei: tbut ifbi^in tl)e|eaD, tj^en
foU) ^our feese» U;e tfjinneisann Dai?I^ in a maneu tueei tijtm
anij feeo tljem Ujitl) foft e o'a? Duiig anti tbe tlje feeos alfo ma^
be folune In t^emonetljs ef ^arclr, %:iii^^a^,ano all June:
S5utcemouei3atil)retagaine(aftectl)c minoeof Palladiiis)in
tljemont^ofBiuli?, ^ugu^, S^epf ember, anD£>ctober, totll
t»eB femetljemonetljs of £0arcti ano iap;illtolloU3ing,being
as aboue fattienetn oungeoin t'pc Mtin^m^ Uiateieo* StiD
botlj tlje (3ttt}^t Sotion,CoIuiiiclla,fenOPaIladiusDo\D^ifC
tljat if manv fceDes ot tlje ilec^es b$ cn^ tip togetljet, ano fet
in p^epareo uttl),^ foon aftertoatereo, tljen toill al t^e f^oes
in an beape together groto tip into one mecua tlou s big llaeke,
rigljtUJonD;jo«stobel)olD. 0utit|iisp2ajtire mai?beetcpeDbi^
ti)e feezes of ans otljei: plant. 3ni3 lit^e Unto tjje aboue^faitie
The fccond Booke. t20
ma^ be caiiftD , if t^at into tlje l)ca:3 of a Uahc rcu pnf a rapr^j
faO0(t^e(loIe bgrojcfccingboKtJVuitba U?mDcnp;ufec,fc:
tfjat billet^ etje brarj) ano Hjcn fct o^nerli? , as is abcue fato,

UoefS groty uUo a maracilciis btgncs , ag VD;jitctlj tljc afojc^

TaiD PalJadiiis. Columella U),2itctl),tlist tl)C fjcatJ of a Ilefec
boaeD tDtt^ tljc pointc of a luooDcn p jlcbc o^ ftifire Mace , e;
elfe b^ anp otber meancs , a Ijole openeD luitb iron, anc puU
ting mfotbe fame bole a (3omn fecte, intbegcauofKapc
iuill after groiu into a maraciious bigne0«

^notbereiiS^etan otbertDai?taugl)tof ccrfatti0otl)er0,

liDbicbiiii^tbatfoman^faeiiesbeputtntoattiin il^ectie, as a
map ma^aptl^tahetpU)itbtb;ee of biiS fingers, nnD tbcra
fct o;oerlp into t^egrounD, antJ of tbcfe fanes tcgctbcrtDtU
p;oc0edetbelifecbigplaiit,astsabo«efaio, BnoColumelfa
totUetbtbat after tbc foloingijonrreerjes, anbtbat rouercD
t»it^ eartbjto treab tJ^c eartb clofc bpon tbem luitb tljt fcctCj
ani3toroenoofbertDo^feet3ntotbem,t3ntilltb2e2 tms be
pad anb in ti)e
, fourtb ba? to fpjincble t?cur feezes liiitb U}n^
tcr, tjuleffetbcrbcintbe meanetimc luatercD Iritb rainc,
foa bp tbat mcanes be ) tbep toill (auonr mutb better :
anb toben in fotDtng o^ planting pou mixt fano to tbe eartb*
tben \Bi\l tbe ILeekes groloe anb i^eelo tbe plentifuUer* SitiJi^
to take aU)ai? tbe drcng b;(catb ano fmell of eating of E eefes,
etiatoc tben Cumminc i« tlj? moutij , ano t\^t fame luill tabc
aUiai? tbe (!rong fmell^ alt^ougb rou b^b eaten a large banb^
fuiloftbeLeefees atone time* ilnbPetnisCrefccnhus toji#
tetb>tbat t\)t fdebcs of llceUes poiP>eb into tutne,bo not fu^er
tbe tuine after to fotoer : bat ret tbep rcffoK titneger linto

tbenatnraUtaflteanD fmcU of totne, taking atuap bp tbat

meanes all tbe tartnes anti C^arpnrs tbcrcof* Sino Nero Cac-
farCb greatli^commcnbetb t)nfctfi.©bcs,tbateatiHgtbcm tr
uerp nap toitb opie, loill after caufc a cleare toice tc ling, tO
tber p;jiuatelp o j pnbliquclp, ^nb lafilp,tbis bp erpcrtcnce is
founMbattbeiLafee commctbtp after tbecigbteentb baie^
folDtng^anb grotoetbbnto tU30 peres enMnb after t^atfaU
itt^ to fecbing^anb Co oietb*
^ The
i 30 Secrets in fowing and plantings
The Phyjtcke helps,
ThcLeeke of the Garden diietliin the fecond degree,
and beateth in the third and the fecdes may well bee kept

three yearcs. The Leeke bruifcd and mixed with fait , and
vnto pouder.and tempered withoyle of Rofes and vineger,
& droppedinto the eares^doth put away the pains of them:
and the fclfe fame taken, doth helpe the tooth-ach but the

Garden Leeke by often eating, doeth harmcboth thefto-

mackeandeics and much more the wilde Leeke. The of-

ten eating of the Leeke dcth fill the body with winde,and
thereforeit oughttwice tobe fodden in water before the

eating with meatjandfothcmaliceofitis qualified. And the

Leeke alfo draweth downe the tcarmes, caufeth vrine,and
with womans milke, docth helpe an old cough; and the bli-
flers of the lungs :and the fame drunke doth helpe thcfpit-
ting of blood. And for the cafting or vomiting vp of oldc
bruifed blood, take two drammes of the iuice of the Leeke,
with the like quantitie of fine pouder of the gaule.and ly- O
banam,mixing them together, which after drink,& it doth
greatly helpe : and thelfame mixture applied vnto the no-
flrils, doeth flay the bleeding of the nofe. And eating the

Leeke rav/,coeth caufe vomiting.and is contagious,yet the

fame putteth away drunkennes. And a plaHer made of the
Leek with hony,and that laid on broken and fpoiled mem-
l^ers, doeth aflwage thefwelling, and confume the clotted
blood. And agair^fi: the paines of the hips, drink the iuice of
the Leeke,and it will eafe the fame. And the iuice doth e(pc-
cially healefuch woundi which becold and putrified, if the
faraebe powrcd into them, and eateth away rotted fieih of
the wounds. And the iuice mixed with the rootes of white
Lihes, and anointed on the hips, doth put away the pain of
them. And the often eating of the Leek doth caufe the head
ache,burdeneth the ftomacke, caufeth thiril:, and influmeth
dicblood:andtheiuicemixt withfalt,andthatlaidonfrefh
WOunds,doth vnclofe them. And the eating of the leek pro-
. ctireth
The fecond Bookc. lU
ciircth a dcfire to the venerial a(fl. And the fuicc ofthe Lcck
druiikinwine,dothboth help the old cough &thedropfie*
Andagaindthcpainesof the head, take two partes ot the
iLiice,with a d pai t of hony,that drop either into the no-

it will greatly help. And the vnfet Leekes

Urils or eareSjand
fod3en in good white vvinc,with May butcer,nnd that laid
plaRerwireonthebcilyjfo hotasthcpatientmaywcl abide
it,<S<: atthe cooling
of that, apply anothcrhotplaile'',<Sc this
do the third and fourth time together if need rcquire/vvhich
without doubt will greatly eafc the cholick. And the water
of the roctesdiftilledin Iune,drunkirzorningand euening,
vnto the quantity of two ounces atatime,doth greatly help
fuch as fpitblood , and alio helpeih barren women by of-
ten drinking thereof: and the water ilayeth the great blee-
ding at the nofe, iffinccotten be dipped in water and put
vpinto the nofirils And th^ fame water drunke^doth helpc
the coftiue belly 6c the pain of the hips,purgeth the kidnics
and bladder,caufeth vrine^and fendeth f ortli the Rone. And
the water fpcedily helpeth woundsjif they be waflied mor-
nino- and euening with it. And the fame water doth greatly
heipe vntothef xulceration and fra6lureof woniens priuic
places which fometimes hapneth after the birth of big chiU
drcn^iftheybebathedorwalLed with the fame waiter iiior-
nino- & euening.Thcfe hitherto of the properties of Leeks.
0/the orderingiCarCyanciJecrets of the Garden
O'nicfi. Chap. 54.

berofcayttlagcjei, tDiti)tS)cU)l)i£l) tl|c boD^ is mduDcD,

VDasoft^eancimt l^ufbanDmcnfo namco, £lnonotp ,a$
touching tlj0 conBitioR of tl)c grounu anD manner of foteing
f&c feetjs^^eu (^altju^crSanD t^a£tl)£ fame oug^jt to be Done
in a fat grauno^labo.acua^ Diggcs l3p,cungeD a«D toatercD,
ants file mtl) alfo nearerco , ag t5}?ttell)ttje(I5;^feeSotion.
£^ Ifo tl)c grouni) u^^ere rou nunoc f o fotoe )?cur rfiesc0,oug&£

fobecaat)p, anulie open all tbe Wxnitx (l)o.:oU) , ttjat it

ma^ fo be nippeo ano bitten of t^e frcflt, anD t!)c Ire^os feilklj
atiD after t^at to be uungeD ano i^t eart^ catt lenel inio beDf?,
^2 ia
I3Z Secrets in fowing and planting,
in U)||tct Doing, plncbetp and caS ma^ allmaner ofiBetDji^
ann rooter t^^at ^ou can filnoe* ^t\\) \x)%m ^o\x pue t^us
tianoles and o^d^icd ^our eartt),tticn in ttic monett) ef ^arc^
in a caime ano faire Dap, tt)e toinD bIob)ing ent of t^e ^out^
oa (l^a(l,roU)c o^Dcrlr t!^m feeo e0,lDit^ t^e feeoe of t^e l)crbe
^aucrp among tl)cm, fo; foi^ci?p^orpcrttiebctter,afi to^i*
Pliny. £nD U)l)en tbc)? tcmetp, roumutt DiKgcntlg

ipeeDe tbem fo; ti)^ee o; fourc Datrs togctber : ano as Palla-

dius iDtlictb, T70urbcD£i ougl)ttobctt)aic0DiggeDDp6ne!?t
ano plaine rahcD ouer befoac t&e fotrtng of tbc feeDes* anD
noU) after tbe pong plants be fpaung tip, ano ttjat pcu IdouId
tiaue pour £Dntons to groVDC biggie in t^et)eaD0, ano not to
bcarc (erDeS;tl)en mutt pou baeahc offtbe gr^nc blaois, ttiat
tt)c mice map fo goe to ttie rooted, o; els b^ea^e off ano cut a#

leap bott) tbe blaDcsanD (mall batriercDtes, btfo;ti\iz kU

tingapineintlietartb, fo;fott)epU)illgroli3tt)e bigger in
tt)cl)C60s, asi»aitetbt^e(I?;eEfecSotion. 0nD tljifilearnfy

tbat tb c feeoes io^en in tbe tuane of tbc m(Dnc, come bp bot|^

fniall ano CoU^er : but ttiofe feeos fobien tnibe increafe ott\\t
ui(Dne,fp;tng bp t^c btggcr ano fUjater. SDtjts alfo is not to
be ouf rpaflfeo , tbat in binDs of £Dnions , tlje longer in fa^

l^ion is fotju^cr t^en tbc rounD , anc t!)e reoocd foto^er tben
tljc U)t)itc : ano m D^ic ttjcn ttje greene : ano tljc ratoe t^eti
tbefoODen* SnD farrc bigger tDiUtl)el)caDs be, if after tbcir
rcmcouiiig tl}ep be fet agaiueinto beDDes Iping open foj

ttoentteDares before, ano tbat tiaell tnrneD in \stl i^ctng,

auDfOiongoattD, bnttUt^e moiQure be almeft fpmt, a^V
ter tl;e minoe of t^e learneD Sotion. ^no Tome plucbe off
tt)ctjpperrkinnc,leauingtl)cmbare, anofofettingtljcm a*
gaincin tt)c earei;: ano tl)us fctting tljem againe,tbcp ougfet
to beeplaceoa banDb;teaDtl) ano fomeUiljat mo^e aiunoer,
tbat tt)ep map tbe better p^ofper* 0nD tbofe la)f)ic^ pou mind
to eate befo;$c tf)^ full ripencs, ougpt tQ be fet in beD5 , Uilierc
Cucnmbcrs 03 dDourDs , ano spdlons be, anO'in tbcir gro^
U3ing to be often DiggcD about , luatereo anD loeeoeD , fo^ Co
t^epp^ofpertije better as iDaitctbPiilladius.
jknr^ \s)^m t|)ep b«c gr&i»en anD (^otte tp into |)ig^
TliefecondBooke. 13 J
items f t^ert mad tl)eir tDeabe honits be QateD tp tottl^ Tmall
p;op5 9lelltt)etrlong rttidllneckcsbcntmuct) DolDng luaro
tx3tt^b!aa£(ofU)mDe> anDtbebeaog alfo often huochtngo;
beating together tt)?oug^ blotuingof tbetoinDCd , l^oaiD fo
(^ahc fo^tb ant) leefe mucb fceoc* <aao tbe time alfo of gatbe^
ringtbeb^db£i,asColutiicl!a ant) Palladius teacb ) U)b^n tbe
febegappeareblacfee of colour, janofmtber, Sotion tbe
(5aecbe tP^ttctM^at t^t ^Dntons toill iatt a long time , if tbat
before tbc^ir lading 0; banging bp , ttje^ be laioe o; put fo: a
feafon in toarme U}ater:0; 0l0,a0 Pliny u^illetb) to be infufeo
in tuarme ano faltp VjDater fo;^ a feafon, ano after latD to o;ie
tntt}e&unnet)nttlltt)epbctbo;oU)D;2te, ano tbencoucred
ljDttbBarlci>6ratD : ants in fucbtoife tbe^ oug^t to be laid
in tbe ErabDe , tbat tbe one toncb not tbe otber* ^inti foms

baiigtbemin t}^c fmcbe anii Cbimne^ ,neare bnto tbebeate

of tbe fire, ano Dog lifectuife continue a long time, 0nbto
tbereeDC£iof tbemtuttbtbe feeoeg of tbeCouro in tbe beS
bung, anbmtretbccartb titligenti^ luttbtbem in tbe put^
ting into tbe eartb. 0nDrcu mapcaufetbcm alfo togroUJO
of tbe fame bignelTe, if tbat railing bp tbe eartb about tbem,
l?ou Doc Icofe tbe eartb bollotxj bnoer tbe beats , as before is
taugbt of tt)e o^oering of Leefecs. aifo irou map caufe tbe like
beaos^if boding certatne bole^j^ou put into tbem feme feeoes
of tbe <SourD,fetting tbem fo into tbe eartb.- ^ no tbere be aU
robuffeanomen, lobicb toiU tbe feeoeii oftbeiDnionto bee
tben gatbtreo, tobcn as tbe pillings of tbe bcao be balfc D;ie,
anb tbat tbep be after tbsjotolD D;ieD in tbe &un* ^no bcrc
learne^tbatcertalncaKnentlDaiters ( ^5 Pliny anb of bers)
iDilUbat bct^ iljc ^IDnions anb ci3nrhfee (^oulo be foU)en neer
to fu)eet fmclling 9o\»;c0, to caufi: tbem fauour anb fmell tbe
fiueeten^lnb tborei:'nionstubicb ^ouminDetoplucket}p,(o
Iseep a long time, ougbt to be Done tn t^z boaning oa Decreafe

anDfuriberlearnc, tbat Pallacliustuilletbtb^^oung£D^
ttionsto befetagainein Jr2b.iuart?,biit(otoenintbefeeDc0,
totli in t{ie fgjing ano l^aruca, anb get man^' ancient b^f^

^ 3 banomeri^
i34 Secrets in fowing and plancing.
banumen toilltlt . ttjat tlje ktus bt fclucu in tljc imnei^
fif 2December, Januarie anD £par£t) , ettjicr a^
, if cbjuaric ,

IoRco;tmbei?sU)ttt)otl)crticarbc0 , asD after tljc^befomc^

iDljatcomctjpjt^cntobcc remoouGOantitt)irincrf£t, as a
fpanafunoer : ano if t^c cart!) mtlje fame veareHjali not be
DtmgcD, t^cn tJicfoUjtng time foilcVDing it oucl)ttobetun^
BeDfo5tl)e better incrcafe ar.o plcntifulUr greying* janD
tbofc flDmons be counter beS \3)Wo bs fct in tbe monetb tt

augKdjfoa tl)at in t^e ^erc follolDing , tbep itiap (o feni5 foat^

t{)e?r feoes an:; tbofc bz counted IdojH, h)bicb be fet grtiene

intbeiLenttimc. anoto con£luO£3tl)oCc£>nion0betbcagljt

ano longer time, U)t<J^ bf gatbcreo anD
fc feeepe t§e better J^

plucheotjpiutljeincreare ofet)e ^cone, andbeingtljena

calmcanu eleareoa^ , anti after lam to u;ie tn a l^atotoie
place. £iuotljc foc^e^ma^toeUbeljeptfo^tljefpaceofcns
The Phyfjcke helps.
Onions be hot and moid in the third degree, and hcate
alfo in the fourth degree^ as witnciTsth Galen. hn^ the often
eating of the raw Onions,doeth caufe a rough throat,winde
intheftomacke,andthehead«achc. And the Onion mixed
with honicjdoth take away the griefc of an cuill ftomacke ;
& yet the eating of them dotl^ harme the meiiibers, for that
theydrie ouermuch the moidureofthcbody buttempe- :

red with vinegev,and laid on pileSjthcy do then open them.

Andtheeatingoftherajdoethfoftcnthe bcllic, and cau-
feththirft. And theiuiccof the Onionmixed withhonic,
doth anicnd the fight , and the pinne and the webbe, if the

fame be often dropped into theeics. Andagainft painesof

thebrea(t,t3ke the Onions rolled vnderemberSjSc cat them
morning and eucning, which by thatmeanes caufeth cafic
fpittingvp of humours 3 andloofeth thebreaft and in the :

fame manner it putteth away fwening,and purgeth the flo-

r^acke. And the Onion bruifed , and mixed with fait and
hony,and that laid on warts^doth make them faloif by the
rootes. And the Onions bruifed with vincger,ifa fcabbed
skin be vvaihed with thefame> doe heale and make the skin

ThcfecondBooke. 13J
faire. And the eating of them raw, doth caiifeloathfomnes
vnto the (lomackcand yeeldetha flrongfauoiiroutof the
mouth. And theiuiccofitdrawne vp into the nofirils,
dothpurgethehead. Andagainftthebitingofa maddog,
take the iuice of the Onion with the iuice of Revv,or herbe

Grace^andhony, and with the faireanoint the place. And

the often eating of Onions, doth hanne thecholericke, for
.that they caufe them to be both hotter anddrier: butthc
flegraatickpcrfons the Onions feldomeharmCjfor that they
cut afimder-andconfumc the fupcrfluous humours in them.
And the iuice of the Onion mixed with Capons greafe, and
anointed on raw heelcs, orfIeepiegaules,dothfooneheale
them. And the iuice dropped into mattery and running
cares, and after feething them in fait broth with other
good fpiceSjis then profitable to the ftomacke, and caufe a
belter nourilLment. And theOnicn bruifcd withhonie,
and thatlaidplartervvifecnany vvounds, doth heale them.
And the yongtcnderOnions eaten with bony do maintain
health. And the Onion rofted m the hot ember s and eaten
with 0}'le,dothhelpe the cough. And theiuicemixed with
womans milkc,and dropped in to the eares, docth helpc tlie
paine and noifeofthcm. And tlie iuice of the Onion drunk
with the iuice of Fenell , dothhelpe the dropfie and being

drunkc with Rew and honie, doth greatly helpc the heauy
fleepines and forgetfulnes. And the iuice alfo mixt with rai-
fonsandfigs^and that laid piafter wife on impoRumes, doth
both breake and draw them. And the eating of the Onion
doth caufe fearful! drcaracs,efpecially to fuch lately cropcn
out ofafickncs. And la{lly,the Onion atcufl-omed robeea-
ten morningly,and that yong and tender.both oflabouring
and husbandmen, dothgreaily maintaine their health and ,

Drcuaileth the like to them againd the infedion of the aire,

jy eating them with fa! t and brcad,fc r fo they lelle harm the
lead, Thefe hitherto of the properties of Onions.
Ofthe ordcrm^yCArc.dLridfecrai ofth^ Garhl:^, Ghap. 55
TE)0 \tUix (HJarUfee t^;ua be fa'cocn oj fet m i\z ricgcfli of
156 Secrets ill fowing and planting.
anD raifeD fomcUj^at^ig^ , iW
tt tna^ t^ie fclTe bee ^armcD

tDit^esUmtcrtoaterg. anc t^erefoaerou ftallmafee fun^

D^^ little farrotucs in tcurbecs , libc to rucb\Dfetcl) become
monlte maoe in t^e fielOiS , to auoiue tljc moid urc ant raine.
flnD fct tbc Cl^ues ( plucfeeD off from t^c beats ) fcure 6n^

gersafunter, antnoto^cr tben tbennotleioint^tljatttjes

ma^flje better come tjp* ^nttoljen tb^eleauesarerpjung
tjp, t\)m toeetj aboat tl)cm : fo: tbc oftncr rou tjo tueeo t^em,

tbe bigger t^cq U)iU Inare in tl)c btatis. ans if ^ou \»ill bauc
tim big in tge i)eat30,tben treat t^iem flat toUon. after f faS^
ntngf tpingtogetl)croft^egreenebIaDe0, U)t)ic^igou muS
Do,lt)^cn as tbe blatc^ be fomlDbat come \3p,anD not greUiii
bnto a Halfee^tbat fo tbe iaice map returne to tbe fteatg.ano
PaliadiiistDiUctl), tl)at<15arlihebeefo\JDen either in Janua^
rie,o) il^onember in a ts^tte grount Uiell Diggeo ano labo *
, ,

reOjbutnot Dungeo,anD in a toarmeoap ,ant tbat tbe eart&

be tben inoiffcrent D.2ie:foi bp tbat meancs toil tbe fatii pao^
fper tbc better, ant come fo:U)art* ant pet Pliny tD;titct&,
ttjattbefectesfolucn toe aentcrlpcomebp : fo;» tbatin tbe
firttpearesgrolDtb, tbepbeeno bigger tbcn t|ielLecbcs in
t^e ^eat£( ant in tt)e fecont pcare tt)ep come tiaiteb : but in

t^e tbirt peare,t^c ^eats be grolBcn to perfect bigneCTc^nt

furttjrr,tt)ere be certainc others tobicb U3ill,t^at tbe feeoes of
tbe^arliUebefoUienintljemonetbs of September , idDcto^
fcer,iFcbja3rie,antsparcb: ant in l)ot countries in t|>ema#
ttet^ofE>ccember. antPiUadius Vp;itetb,ttiatifant'l)apt»
pen to be left in tbe eartb toben tbep bee ripe , tbcn tiiofe rc^
mainingtoe after renuebotb in tbe rootcs ant Icaaes , an^
rent fojtb tbeir fceteg in tbe peare fcrtlotoing,U)bic|) map bee
folDen ant b jmgfo;ttb ©arlilje. 3nt befitcg, Palladius loil-
letb,tbatijDbcnt^c Clones bee tljusfet on tljeritgcs of tbe
bettcs in Ijobitceartl) , lueil labcuret ant tjelTet tuitbout
SDung, ano tbat tb cp be fl^ot \)^in denis, to treat tl^t blatciJ
fiat to tbe eartb , ant beeping tbem totonc , tbat ti)t blatcs
(^(0t not info an &cigbt , toljicb fap tbe often treating of t^tm
iJolDne/ir-ill caufe tbe inice to returne bnic t^t Clones , anD

twafee a mig^tietjeac. ^o;ccuer,Pliny,Scti3n t^c <3ittj3i^^

The fecoiid Bookc. i^y

dome of t^e ©arlifee be fit in t^e taxil) ii}l;cn fl}C ^©ne is

^nocr tt)0 f art^, ano t^e &cats pluckeo tp lul)en (i^c liklwife
iBiet tjnDcr tlje eartf) , (^at f t^ew tlje ftrnigt jj of ttje faucwr of
tljcmlDia be rQimall, intai^ of tt)ccatn£; ofCJjcm
f!ja!l fcarceip be fdt, ano
not tjnlihe to tijts Do(f) Columella
&;ite^tgat if t^e doacji be fct in ibt bcD0, t >^^®ne being t^cn
fenocr tljc cart^,anD tl^c ljcaH£5 plucheD Dp at tljc cliange of tljc
5na>ne,tS?at tfje fauo^ of tlicm lyilbe greatly abatcD* ^m tit
€>;iT& Sodon ii?;ttct^5 tljat pou ma^ mahc tfjc (Darlili ^eaos
rapojftuaeter if t&at, ^ou nwxe t^t hernels ofiDltucg b^aifco
is)it^ t^c cicuf anB aftcrUjaru fet tijcm togctbcr in t^c tart^,
o; gently b^cdfeing flat (^ci:^arpecntJsoftl)ecloKC£i,tou fet
t^em fo into t^e cartb :o; eig in t^t fetting, toti mire tJ^t
Eeee of t|)e ^t^le ^liue iDttb t|>e cloucs of tbe €arU^c« ^nD
Didjmus U)aitet^, t^at t\)t drcng fauour gotten b^ eating of
^arlifee, is put aUjai) b^ t\)t onel^ eating of a greeMc JlBcane
o^t&jo. 0nDott)crs tpjitc , tt)att^e roteof tlje lBoetej5 ro^
neul3nDcrl)oteniiers,anD eaten :C;otl) pat aU?apt|;catot!g
ti^ratlj auD (mell of tjjc C^arlifer* 2nD lif^etoife ccriaini late
practitioners i3GcU)ritc,t&atift^e eaters of (DarUfee DO afUr.
cate greenc parcel^ , ttjat t^e fame ^otlj C^oatl^ after tahc a^
itai? ibe iDtttcniefnelllbcrfof* Sr^D man^ of tlje anticri
U^^jitfrs^rfiimc, tfjaette(lparlifep|)eatsU)iUfcntir.uetl;e
longrr, £nijfcriiett)e better fo tfe, iftljatttjt)? be afters
tooics eidjer bunco c? cotercDinCla^e, c^targtotp
in tl)e rnrc'lic. £ ibc toife t^ere ke feme U^feicl) luiU, tl;at tlje
Jjf aDs of CS'arlilte be a little iriiile fieepco in tuarmc faft toa#
ter^ano aftcttobeD;ict)ar,o |jangiO t?p o; ecuereD , U)tjit|)
fo Cioti) caufe t|icm to lad tl)e longer. }lBut in t^is o; ti)at
manner tifeo, tl)ci? become (after ttje (cttirg) barr^ine of
Yalofo;t^emoff part. <^M fu^eient it is , tljat t[)c Car^
be o^iel> oner tiie fire , i^at ttjci? mar not fp;i«g o^
lif?e l)cat5s

grotoe after \r art).

£no Pliny u?;itett), tftat tfeofe tl^atss of ©arlifee be of
afoU)ertatfe,tobictj^aactl;emoftcloaes : aiiobealfoeffir^
m^% t^attt^eCDarliltee jieaos U)tU!;an$ no firongcr fauour
15S Secrets in fowing and planting.
0^ fmdl after V^t feetjbtng , t^ett t^e Anions ^aue after tlieir
t(ien to be ptuckcD^cntye fta\lsits\x)m Wt atiD feeble:
anti t^t0 cfpectallp 00 in tbe tpane of t^e titmne, 1 in a cUare

D a? ano D?ie feafon^^no Democritus in bis buf bann?^ to^i^

t£tb4bat ifv^ou niino to tiatus t^c fmalbirD^ from t^e eating
ano fpoiling of ^cur frutt£;,ant; not to come neere tbem , t|)en
f afee dParUfee ^caDs^ano tiang fano^tj on Diners b;anc|)e s of
The Phyjicke helps.

Garlike is hot and dric in the fourth degree^ and hath the
vertue of confuming,dilIoluing,and expelling poyfon. And
againftthe biting of any venemous beads and worms,takc
Garhkjbruifing the fame, and after apply the fame plafter*
wife on thebite:and this is named the husbandmans triaclc.
And againfl: worms in the belly,take Garlike, with the iuice
of Parcely and Mi ntes, which rcixe with a little vineger and
pepper, 6c making therof a fauce,vfe to eat of die fame with
bread or meat And for the cholicke and paines of the rains,
feeth Garlike in wine and oile,which applying plaftcr- wife
on the belly, 6c round about the root of the yard,doth great"
ly helpe the fame. And by eating of Garlike, a man may the
fafclicr go into a fufpefted aire,and by ftinking places ,bc-
caufe the ftrong fauor of it(fcr the feafon) doth putaway all
other noifome fiuorsandfrincks. And a Garlike clouehol-
den in the mouth^doth ceafe the paine and ach of a tooth, if
the fame proceed ofa coldecaufe.
And i^r^/Jwwritethamarueilousmatter^that although the
eating of Garhke doth harm the whole and perfeiH: fight of
the eics, yet he affirmeth, that the moifture of it doeth com-
fort a dull fight. And here learne, that the Garlike hath cer-
taine euill properties,which be thcfe :it maketh inflammati-
on.drieth and harmeth the ftomackCjand caufeth thirfl,and
laide to the skin (in any placc)it raifeth vp blifters, if it lieth
tweluchoures fpace, and therforc the often eating of it doth
harme the cholerickjn that the Garlike doth inflame them,
and dricth the whole body,efpcciai]y in a hot fcafon,and en
The fecond Bookc. Ijp
gcndrethbefidc the Icpriein them,caureth alfofrenzlneflc,
hurrcth the fight,andmoueth the head- ache. And in con fi-
deration hcreof^thecholcrick ought to take heed of the of-
ten eating of Gnrlike, and chiefly in the latter end of the
Spring, the Summer, & hot feafon of the Harncfl: becaufe

it doth then fooner cngenderred choler,and incrcnfeth ad-

lift matter: alfo it doth more harme being eaten raw, then
foddcnorrofledr And yeuhc eating of Garlike mo Jeratly
in the winter time, is right profitable to the flegmatick per-
fons.AndfnrtherjGarhkeron'^d vr.der the hot embers, and
bruifed with figs -ind barrou es greace.and that applied pla-
ftcr- wife,doth breake a cold impo flume which is long ere it
be ripe. And the garlik enten pntteth away the inward fwcl-
ling of the body, and foftncth and openeth impoftumes ( as
abouefaid ) and draweth forth the matter, and the head an-
nointed with the iuice of Garlik, doth kill both the nits and
lice. And the Garlik drunk with the decoction of the Orga-

ny doth alfo kill the nits and lice of the head. And the afl^cs
of the Garlikc mixed with hony, and that anointed on thin
places of the headjdoth helpe the fhedding of the hairc: and
the fame anointment amendeththcfoulenesorfilthincsof
the skin. And the allies of Garlik doth help the v leers open,
by fprinklingtheravpo: 5c the afhes of the Garlik wrought
togetherwitli hony and Maybutter, and anointed on the
gneued place5.,dothmake the skinfmooth,ifthe famebcei*
therintcftedwiththefcab, orlcprie , fo that the anointing
be done after bathing in an hot hoiife. And as the moft Au-
thors do write, the often eating of Garlik,doth greatly harm
and dull the fight ofthecics. And Garlik foddenand eaten,
doth caufe a cleare voice,helpetii an old cough,purgeth the
coldbreft:,and drieth vp themoiftureofthe ftomacke.And
the Garlike(with the leaues & all)fodden in wine & drunk,
doth notonly procure vrine, but moueth down the tearms,
and drawethdown alfo the after burthen, if the belly bea-
nointed with the fame. And a fmoke alfo made of Garlikc,
may doc the like , ifthe woman fi t ouer it , on a clofe chaire
for the purpofc.Andthe fauourof the Garlike, doeth driuc
T 2 away
l4o Secrets in fowing md planting,
away all vcncmous wormes. And ifany being ftingcd of^fj
acldcr,doccatc of the Garlike, he fliall not after be harmed

of the flinging and, is alfo a good remedy againft poyfo"»

And Garlikc fodden with vineger,and drunkc with that dc
hony mixed together named Mulfe : doeth after fend forth
theflatteand broad wormes, and many other venemous
vvormes crept into the belly. And Garhke fodden with oilc
Ohue,and annointed,doth ailwagc thcfwellings and other
griefes of the bladder and fodden with Centorieinwine,

and drunke,doth hclpe the dropfie gathered of a cold caufc-

And the Gadike bruifed with the Coliander fecdes, and fd
taken in vvine,doth ailwage the paines of the ioynts, and o-
peneth the ftraitnefl'e of making water. And Garhke fod-
den with Beanes,being bruifed &
tempered with oile Oliue,
or oyle of Poppy, and an ointment made ofthe fame, with
the which annointing the templcs,do greatly help the head-
ache. And the Garlike fodden, and after rofted drie, with
Pellitory andMaftick, and brought to pouder,with which
wafhing the mouth^doth greatly help the tooth-ache. And
ifa woman doubt of her being with childe,andfm.ellethnot
the fauour c f the Garlikc fet by her bed fide in thenight it ,

doth then vndoubtedly declare that flieis conceiued with

child. And the eating of Gariike is good dc profitable both
to husbandmen and labourers which often eate cold meats,
and meats of hard digeflion. Thefchithertoof the proper-
ties of Garlike.
Of(hi order'^ancifecrets of the great
Garltk^, Chap. 5^7.

Ti^e great ©arltfte, to^ictifonie autf)o;j£rnamc tfte A-'

fiica ©arlifec,anu tl)e AS^eeheg Aphrofcorodon , 10 far
bigger of tncreafe t^eii our common dSarlt^e. 2nD notii
i\)X$ dDarlt^e 6ot^ Columella U)iU to bee fet en t^e rtDge^ of

bEDgjiilie t nf V^z former ^l^arlihe , ano t^at out of on? lieaD

mans (Ioue«i bee bM^n oaf, \x)l)ic^ ougl}t U bee tone m a

fatre ano calme oa^^m a iDljiteeart^ inel ti(ggct) tp f o^effeD^

Js)iti)out an^ oung^about t^e Calenoi? of iDctober 1 jpouemi»

ier^^n^ to maSe t^? ^^^u of t^fe <5arU&«? to groU) big, i^zn

1 ,

The fccond Booktf. 14

Itfte fl« teas tmQ^t
fia^er t^t ©arlifte blasts t^at come tp ,
off^eotfjer^cirliUe, Sno int^cfettingalfo oft'occloucsjre^
member to plant tijem, not onlg foure fingers afunDerjbut a
finger ueepe^ 1 to rafee t^e eart^ often otier t|icm in i^z groUj^
ing i3:a,tD^ereb^ tijc tuicc map run to t^e root,anD caiife t^tm
toltjaVc tl)e bigger in t^et)eaos* anDto condiiOc,aUotl)cr
tnKructions ncceffarilp to be t^n^crffanoeD about tl)e fur*
tl)cr o^oering of tjijf great ©arlike, map be learnco in otljcr

afo?e taugl)t,
Oftheordering,cAri,<ifidfecretioftheRadt[h. Chap. 57.
Kant(]^ roote is U)eU ^notoen bot^ tnto t^e ric^ and
pcD^eJotbatastoelltbe ^usbanbmen as tfee Citifcns

t)oe(att|)isuap)eateoft6eHaoi(^, t&e fame before being

tucUfcrapetJ, cut info fbinne rouno Utt^i anutiippeo in
tQater ano ^ait, tlie better paocuret^ an appetite t^nto

meat. ^ ,^ ,

<^iH5Columella toiUeth tt)at tljefcetjes of t^eJ^atiiffj be

foteen ill a luel Duugeo i labourcD cartl), anu in t&e moaet^s
of ^arclj^aip^il,! ^eptember.^no after t^e rote be crotjjew
Dntofome ItgnelTe, t^f ntcuer it ouertl)icfccU)it!)eart^,fo^
otf)erU)ife, bp leaning it bare , tfeat tl}e ^anne ano aire map
tuo;iUcontl)er£Bt5Uoi^rocaufetl]e fame to become iiaro ana
ljolloU},as 'u)jit£tlj Pliny, tuljict) U)illct^ MaDil^ to be fc^

Ujen in a Imfe anl> moid egrl^^liiitljouf cunging^ 2nD Palla-

dins luaitetli, t^at Hanin^ ivi no Ipife agteetl) to be foU)ea

cither in a fanup oa grauellco grouno : but {)c

a^irmetti it f o

iop tjntjer a temperate aire, ano to be folucn \x\ beDSjlarse a=<

a neto raiiie^tnlclTe ttje ground
f«nDer,anD D^p niggeo after
felfe.anD tol)en ti;e faos
be fufficicntip moid and iDatrp of it

be foU)en,tl|£n ougfjt iW^"2 snD bp after tobe conereD U^itfj

fine eart^,anonoDungmingUo no; call tjpoHjtutonclp toe

tlja^eofcoane, altliouglj Columella contrarptoitcti?*
Anftomachus i2}iUet{) tfje leaurs to be tiwii^ b^ofeen off, and
pulled aU3ap \xi tt)c tuintcr, lo'oereb^ tljc root ma^ be t!}e btg^

ger in Rummer, ^ndt^ercstealfo ioUlbetljepleafanterm

cating,if i?c« b;eafee sff r«e leaucs before it groto to a
I4i Secrets m fowing and planting.
tt)erta0St0ranD pleafanfertoilltfteroote be. aK?jfofeealfo
ioatercUtPttl) falttoater , ttpaofpcrctl)t^e better, asPlmy
tXJ^itctl) : fo.: tljat b^ t^e U)atcrins on ttitg toife, e^e rootfcn<»
iiett)fuc6bitferncirc astbenrcmatnetjint^cfame* anDfo
ttiafee roar Haoift tattc fteeeijtljcn after tjic mrnn of Flcren-
tine,t!eeperoar anD boni? t^t^^
feetjcs facfoje, eitt)er in tcater
CD together, o?tnt!)0ltqao^of3l^aifon5, oKireintoateranO
fugcrfo;ttU!otJat€Btogett)cr5 anD after tjieoaptngagatne,
folB tbem fo in t^c cart^. anu to mafec ipcar Hautl^ grota
big,piacfe0 alDa^ all t^je leaues , ftjuing a fmaU llalfec remain
ning,ano after coaer t^t fame t)er^ tljicfee ouer tott^ eartft,
aaPalladiiistDillctli, ^nD t^e lifee aflFirmetlj Pliny ,tft^ata
|^^olebcmat)ctoit&atocoSienDibbl0, anti t^c fame filleo fire
fingers btg^ U)ttti t^e c^affe of co^nc, anij after t^e faoie; mip
CD Uiitl) sung ano fine eartb^it UjHI after caufe fo great a rate
sroU},ais lD«s tt)e btgnes of t^e bole mace* ant) tfee tfjin fotD#
tng of t'cje feecs in tbc eno of Jul^jano tnto tjjc miODle of aui'
gufijCj elfe a little after , ano ujeening V^tm often after t^eir
commmgtap, eaufctbemto orolntbe bigger in t^e
t5otlj fo

rcDte.^not^e^alfo open aire, but bcmucbbarmeob^

ioi? in
SroU3ing in l^atiotoie places^anD ir facb a saougbt Botb liap^
pen,tbat t!cu cannot aptly foto your teos f ben foSo tj)em t^e
ttjicher togttbcr jn feme moid ani3 UiaterT? place.

tn tljeeartl; , t tbat ttjcgrcutiobe InellmotfincDUntb ll3eU3«>
erfijtbcn maiPvon rcmcue tlje v'ong plants, efpccially about
tbeenDofaugud, ant)tntotbemiDDlcof^^ptember. ana
fct tlicm aftcnn tbe eartb^tocll labourer) ano trimmen ,fc^ fo

tbc^ grotu tbe pleaiantrr m eating. ^nD Petrus Crefcentius

tnto pouDer.anD after polpjeD into a bigger glalTcjO? ncinol;^
pot alajcOjfol of iDtne,anii f etting tbc fa?re fo ftano

foucrcti fo2 a feh> riatrs, Icil after be turner into l]^arpet3ine<»

gi;r,ii?iiic|) D;un^e sailp^tjot!) marucilcuGr' Intare aU)at ^anD
rcju'umetl) t^e aomr of tiie toneis^auD l;e«pct^ befioes ma^
m st^cr griercs of tljs l'CDi>,

ThefccondBookc, 14.3
The Phylickf helps,
TIic Radidi is hot and drie in the third degree, but fomc
write in the fecond degree. And now the Radifh eaten at
fupper,docth digefl: the meatc eaten, and heateth the fto-
inaclc,and caufeth alfo a (linking breath,if any flcep by and
by after the eating. And this roote is hurtfull vnto women
with child, and therefore to be refrained in that feafon. And
the iuicc of the roote anointed on oldcvlcers, doeth both
cleanfe and eat away the canker in them : and the fame like
worketh the pouder of the root. And the iucc of the Radifli
boiled with hony, and mixed with alitle vineger,and after
drained and drunk, doth help the quartaine ague,and ftopr
pingofthe milt. And the root of the radifli laid plafter-wifc
doeth helpe the water bet wecne the skin, and fuchdifeafed
with the hardnes and fwelling of the milt. And the iuice of
the roote drunke with the liquor ofRaifons, doth helpe the
kings cuilrand drunk with hony,doth put away the cough:
and this being alfo drunk,helpeth fuch which be flopped in
the bre(},and draw the wind fhort. And of this root is made
an Oximel on this wife : firft bruife the root fomewhat^and
infufe them for two or three daies in vineger, and after put
to the fame a third part of hony,which ri:rained,drink ther-
of,for this helpeth the quartaine and one day ague, vnles the
fame proceed of fait fumes. And if tbere be colde and vndi-
gefted humours in theftomackcr thcnfteepe theoindes of
therootesoftheRadiili with hony and vinegermixt toge-
ther, &ofthe fame let the patient daily eat a good quantity,
and after thefame fo eaten, drinke a draught of warmewa*
tcr,pu tting then your finger,or a feather dipped in fallet oilc
into the tiirote, and this forthwith will procure you to
cad forth at any time but the apteft time is in the mornings

And againftihe hardncd'eof theMiltandLiuer,feeththc

hearbe alone in Oile and Wine, and apply the faiiepla-
flcr- wifc.and the fame plader laide hot on the bottome of
thebellicjnearetotherootofthe priuitie, doeth helpe the
ftrangury. And the water of the Radifh diftiUed in Septem-
ber^drunkmorningandeueningjvnto the quantity of three
l44 Secrets in fowing and planting.
or fourc ounces at a time,cloth help the ftone;Caurech vriitc,
and clcnfetb alfo the raiiics,and the bladder : It doth clcnfe
the places alfo where the (lones containc. And the fame wa-
ter drunke,doth helpe the kings euill,killeth the wormes of
geth it of all clammy humors, and other matters which hin-
der digeftion, and it openeth nifo euery flopping of the in*
ner members and vcins.Anddrunkc in the quantity aboue-
fiid,doth extenuate the rough humours,and caufcth a cleare
voice,and this water ^argelled in the throte,andholden in
the mouth,doth helpe the fwelling of the throte, and vlcers
of the gum$,tor it both refoluethjbreaketh, and confumeth.
And tfiis water drunk morning 6c cuening. vnto the quan-
tity of foure ounces at a time , for three or foure weekes to-
gether^doeth helpe the water bet weene the skin if that the

patient refraineth much and often drinking:for the Icfle the

patient then drinketh, the more he fcndcth forth of the wa-
ter in the vrine, and by that racvines is the fooner holpcn.
Thefe hitherto of the properties of the Radi'lies.
Oftheorderin^^care^andfecretsoftheNauew. Chap. 58.

T^e ^aueU) toell bearet^ any atre in a manner, ano oe^

itgfttett) in a fat lafc grouno, but it better p jofperetft in

aleane anoojie graucU^ gtouno* ^n^ tljc proper tic ott^e

place Dotl) change tlje jjiaiieUj into a Hape,anl> t^e rap: con*
(rariU)irc into a j]^aneU)« ;^nD tijat f our j^ausU^c^ map U}ell
});ofpcr,fctJ02t^em in avoc'l laboureo aao DunseD grouno*
Sno V^z^ alfo toll come tp bciag fo\»n in t&ofc places toijerc
t\^t CO jne ^)atfj been? reapco of t^at fame care. . ^nD if ^m
foe t^at V^t^ gro'iu ten i^k^c tijen rcmoue t^cm, ano fct tlicm

t^fnncr,U)^crebp t^e otljcr tnrcmocucomap grotp t^c big*

0cr in tlic rot : t^e^ oug^t to be fol^cn about tbe enD of 3ulp,
aim m all tbc monct^ ttjo^olD of ^ngnU : ano if t^cp bappen

tolacherainc, tj5cntoljD3tcrtt)cmTo often ag neeisfijallrc*

quircans in \\^t toce^irg about tfjcm,l ott) t&e j/^auf'lD anD
iCapcbcrn'Rcbftr^ngriicncC,aiiDgiolDtbcfe£tfcr. £.n?)t!jofe
^aaclu0ic ibebrttir.lrMctjtc long^antj Inemancrlrnn*
IkD, not bigge, snp not IjmXu^ xxuW"^ toctes ^ but om oncl^
The (ctond Bookc. 145*

maDeatoboiromecompoduontPtt^t^s HaDtd^ , altttlefaU,

t»negcr,{)ont),mnaarD, ano Ctoecte fpicc^ , ano tuittiout (pt^
a5 alfo t^e fame nia\) be maDc plcafant to catc*
The Phyftcke helps.
Nauew is hot ofquality in thefecond degrec,& doth much
- fcthvp, 3'et IcfTc then the Rape, for the which caufc, if the
Nauewcs be boiled in water,and that the firft water be caft
aw ay,and in the boiling of the fecond water,the hardnes of
the fubdance tempered, and fo tbey ingcnderameanenou-
rfrhment between good &
euill. And ofthis/uch as are not

wel boiled do hardly digeft,& caufe windinc$,6c a (lopping

both of the veines &
pores. TherforetheNauev;esarebeft
to be eaten when as they haue bin fod in two waters,and ia
the third feething to be boiled with the fat of Beefc or Mut-
ton. Thefe hitherto of the properties of the Nauew.
Ofthe orderiftg^careyandfecretsfioth oftheVarfenep
ardyeUovp (garret. Chap. 55?.

Tl^esatDett laarfncp tislDell l^nolDne fo nioCpcrfon0,

anot0trcDtnni6EpIac0$9U)l)K^ (as Rutiliusi^attctl))
{)eiRs teHDerl)? fot),nourttl^ett) tpell t^e boDi?« i9nD nolo PaU
ladius tutUet^ ^arfneps to be foljDcn in tbe (aet)5,o^ fet tn i^z
rQ)t£0,i« t|)0 moJict^s of SOecembcr, 3!anuarie, ann iiparcb,
tn fat gronnD,Deipc dtggeo, Icofe, ano li^ell turncD tp^ anti 0;^
Derlp B;circi)«Hnt) ttie fee^g alfo muH be tl)tn folDcn, snti Ithc/^
tDife tlje rfflteg V^in fet , to^erebp t^e^ ma^ sroU) t^e btggen
anDaftcrt^ecommtngtp, tlje^mullbeetneeoeti about foj
t^c better iiureafc alfcoft&etoote* ^nt Pliny iDritct^,t|)at
t^ere be man^ fernDs of Carrets, anD tljts not of tticmfclaes,
but of t^e proper places toljere tljep groto fo altered. )3nD
r:o to tbepellotoC arrets (moftfotDenm garoens) oucbtto

l)co;jDereD tntr^efolDing, litxe as toeljaue abouetau^bt in

tlietsfageflftbeparfneps, ano tbc^ ougbtalfo tobefotucn
as luell tn igaruea as in tbe Spaing time , anO after f be^ be
xometjp, tbentoberemoueo ano fet tbtnncr , tn fo tljeg

r;ofper mactj t^ebcttcr,anD toaj:e longer in tije r^tes.

m Th0
I4tf Secrets in fowing and planting.
The Phypcke helps,
ThcrooteofthcParfncpishot in the middle of thefe^
cond degree, and moift in the firfl degree, fb thatthefams
eaten doth greatly profile the body. And now the root ten-
derly fodden & eaten,caufeth vrine,6c doth cfpecially pro-
fire the melancholy.And the garde Parfneps alfo eaten with
meate be profitable to thcbody,in that they in gender good
blood, &the wilde Parfnep roots eaten of women,do mouc
the tcarmes. And the Parfnep rootc hanged on the necke,
doth help the fweliing ofthe throte,and no venemousbeaft
fhall harme the pcrfon which beareth the roote about him.
And the (tcdt^ ofthe Parfnep drunke with wine,and appli*
edinplaftcr forme to the priuie place (as Diofcorides wri-
telh) docthdrawe downc the tearmef, helpeththeftrait-
nes of making vvatei%and thepaine ofthe ^\^t^ which other-
wife is called the plurifie. And the roote applied plafter
wife dothhelpethebiteorftingofvenemous wormes. Al-
fo the roote fodden and calen,doth caufe vrine , and prouo-
keth the vcneriall ad. And theleauesbruifed and laidepla-
fterwifc with hony, doth cleanfeandhealethegreateating
in the vlcers. And the hearbc with the roote fhred together,
& diftilled about the tv^i^ of March, which drunk morning
andeucning, vnto the quantity of three ounces at a time,
and the paliie members bathed with the water , docth helpc
the Hiaking of them. And drinking euery night to the quan-
tity of fixe ounces at a time,doth prouoke the vcneriall a£t,
and increafeth the fperm of man rand this water alfo drunke
dothhelpe the ftraitnes of making water.
And now the garden Garret (as writeth Con/^antifte) is hot
6c driein thefecond degrec.But the Garret which growcth
ofthe owne accord (named the wilde Garret) isbothlefle
then the garden or fowen Garret, andis alfo drie and hot in
the third degree. Alfo the garden Garrets tenderly fodden
with mcate3are pleafant and holefome. But now the wilde
Garret boiled in wincwith as many figs as you think necd-
£ull,and drinke,doth putawaythedriecoughiand thefelfc
fame wine drunke, docth hclpe the hard fetching of winde.
The fcconJBooke, i47
And llic Ijcarbe or rootc boiled in lie or water, snd wafning
help the/hcdditig oFthe haire,pro.
the bead therwith, doth
ceedincTofa coldecaufe : and ihree
handfulsofthis hearbe

boiled m wine &

oyle, and applied phder wife on the belly

doth put away wind &

heatcth the ftornack. And the herbc
mallowes and herbe mercury in wine and oyle,
boiled with
nauiil, doeth hclpe gri-
and applied in plafter forme on the
bowels; Thefe hitherto ofthe properties both
pings ot the
of the Parfncp and Garret.

0/ths crdmfj£yCare, andfecreis ofthe Melons and aU kind

ofPomplom\ Chap. 60.
all feiacs of i^t poinpioKjj, ncfirc (in
manner )tfee{ameeart^anD aire mit\^ i^t€iUOM
fo fatts no; fa
ann Cucumbers DO0, ano^ct t^e cart& not
muc|)Dan5£tJ,toljereb^tl)c^ nup grotoe tljepleafanterm
fetnU5 oug^t to be fotuen
tatte anu be t^e imtt ripe, ano all
fbtn , ast^efaoes put tixio
fote afunuorintiiccart^ , toell
laboured ann caft Diiigentl^infobc&d, fo.: iW

largenes of romebo'^erctbepniav fp^ca^ bitbcr anu tbitben

aiiOtbe^5)e aUo greatly comfojtc?^ loitbbearbfsgrotoing

nearc tetbcm, fot^attb^^ n^De little toaoing :
be fp^ung t)p,bHt
fiugbt tfl be often toatcrcb^tintiU tbcf
after ^oa ma^ not : ano iW 'oc t&en ripe to be eatei? , tobeti

tl)eT?fauourfu3eete ano appeare relloUo tuitbin. aifotbofc

Sgelong.oj pompions be fbe plcalantcr

bauefarrefmallerfeeoes tbentljeot^er*
ano tbere be otber hmts of tbem tubicli be fmaU,grcene,
lubicb be
ano \3cr^ long,ano aU {in a manner ) are croi^co ,
ttameD£l5don5,GnDi5ocalfocatefoVscr , lifeetbe Cttron0,
Citrons , ano tbcrfozetlje better oigegco, ano
if ?ou lnonlo

tbcm ftoeete in tbe eating , tbcn let tlje feeoes be fi^peu

fo;tl):i^Daicstcsctber , intbefiueeteliquoj maoe
of boater

ano Ijonr, caUeootbertoifeSfuife, o.nnftostcCo\»mtlfec,

ano after tbe oj^ing,Cet ojoerl^ in Ibe eartb : fo? fo tlie ^cnu
m 2 f^k
148 Secrets in fovving and planting.
fantoftalf* 0ntJ ^ompionsfoiUfauouranDfmcllterfe

ftoeete, iU\)tktnts ht laiDfoj agooDlc^ilcs among Kofe

kamB,m^ t^at t^ofc leaacs mxcr> Ujitl) ttje feeDeg, be fo put
intotl)ceart^, 0^ ot^crtoifet&creeDcf; bee cither Seeped m
laofctoater, o^infcmectljcr pleafantftueetetoatcr, anu
f{)enfet( after t&cci.:\?mg in t[)e l^a'oolDe} into t^t grouno,
0nt) t)cre learne, iW Cats oag'ot carefulli^te beDefcnueo
fromttjcpompions , f0;ttiattt)eiP greeoilg fiefiretocometo
0nD as f oucljing f Ije otijcr fecrcf g, as to mafee tl^m grcfe
timcl\!,t3£ri? big,anD toitljout (eeDcs : Ucau hereafter, lo^cre
lue intrcat of tl)e o^oedng of (E^euros ahD Curumbers*
The Melons be cold and moid: in thefccond degree:but
diofe which be fwect in caftare temperatly cold, 6c the feeds
hauethelikeproperty mcdicineto be vied. And plea-
fantly doeth the Pompion
eate yet A^ery hardly digedeth,

through the coldncs tnixed to themoiOureofit^ And the

Pompion is then to be eaten , uhcn the ftomackc before h
thorovvly cleanfcdjn that thcfamedocth lightly alter into
thofe huinours^and doth fo flacke djgeftion,by hauing pre-
heminencein the (losnackc. And of this wc learne by the
mind of the ancient mcn,that we eat thePompions f afting,
and to eat no other mtat after them,vntill they be halfe di-
gefted in the body. And thz earing of them do greatly help
vnnatural heats and wicked Agues. And the feeds do purge
the skin, if theskinbe wa£hed with the decodion of them.
And the Melons haue the vertue of clcniing,as writcth ^4-
ien in his booke BedmsmoruwifacHltatibus and of this they .-

may aptly clenfe the fpots of the face,or Sun-burning , red

pimplcs,and thefoulneffeofthebody, through the fpots of
fundry colours. And the perfon which is ill coloured in the
faceJethimorhertakethefeedesofthsMelon, pilling off
the vpper skin of them, vnto which put a litle bcane meale,
and working the feedes into finepouder,mixe them weLto-
gcther,6c after make fmal cakes of the fame with Rofe wa-
ter^ which dhciii the Sunnc, aad when they be thus dried,

ThcfecondBookc. I45
then wadi thcface with thofe cakes orderly,and they ml

ter caufe the face become very decrc

and fairc and cleanfe ,

thefilthicfpotsoftheskin. And the feeds eaten or drunkc,

doe caufe vrine,and purge the lungs and kidneis. And more
do the feeds worke in the lungs then in the bladder,for that
a more ftronger and mightier remedy ought to be
of the bladder, thenin'theftoncof Kidneis or
in the (lone
Loynes. And the vpper rindc of the Melon laid to the for-

headjdoth ftay the runnins; of the eies. And the root of the
Melon doth healefuchvlcers that (land full

fame be apphed plader wife with V ony on the places. And

many do eat the Melons with vinegcr, mixing with it the
Pcny-roya!l and Onions together, for fo they temper the
harmingfovceofthecoldofit and the Melons diftilled.

which ought to be done when they be ripe, and Ihrcd into

fmal pieces.the water drunkeoncceuery morning,vnto the
quantitie of threeor foure ounces/or thcfpace ot a moneth,
doth greatly helpe the flone^caufcth vrme, and purgtth the
Kidneis:alfo thefame water cooleth and delaieth al inward
heats not vnnatural,cooleth{heliuer,andceafcth the
tempered with fuger. And this water doeth helpe a hoc
'cough,ifhnnen clothes dippedmitbcapp]iedwithout,and
it both puiteth away heats 6c
fwellings of the body,wher.
foeueithey fhall be. Thefe hitherto of the properties of the
Melons and all the kinds of Pompions.
Ofihe ordering eare.andfecrets ofthe Cficambey. Chap. 61,
Czmcuniibcrs be eitl)er foUjca o.i fet in ^tu c; in furrolci?.

afooecaiiDatJalfe&iSti,miDtl)5eefootc b.:oaD , aa& t^^

fpaccs bctUjeene t!}e furrotocs ougtit to bee cigi)t fotc b^oao,
lD^crcbiit{)e^martl)c fre^lier fp^icaD out anDrtinne abroad.
a«D Palladius tojilktl) x\)t {ax^iB after m
folDtag, to b€ often

loatcret), tntiiltt^e^ be (omeUi|iatfp;uaatp, fo^tljat V^t^

ano afCer tbc^ be tJjus fpaunst3p,tDW commonly? uo ap^
pcareaftert&eOictoj feucntl) oai? fo\Dtng , tljenma^^ou
toatert^em no longer, fo^ fbattljetoatringafeerUjatDDoctl)
foneoettrosattDfeillt^iem.anDtjecrelearne, tljat U)|)CHtije

m 3,
I5^o Secrets in fowing and planting*

tng,tofeeift^2f8eBcsbgt6en^aro o; operteD, afurcnoteoj

token ti)at t^e^ ma^ be goDjfeut if t^e C©oe0 be foft,tticn Doe
t|)e^ tb^ous^lt) Declare to be naught.
jgnD in tjiig cafe fouiiD, ^ou oagljC to fst ot^cr in t^cir pla^
te0,p?omng againe t|ic fiictfe Da^ after , tufetc^ gnDing in lifec
conDition co.:rupeeD,tticn fet etbcr in Unit placc»,anD t\)iB (q
often DOjtjntid t\)t^ appeare abouc t^,c cartb. SnD tbet! alfo
liefirc f be fotocn g; fet in a fatte eart'^, toell D?cireD,DuKgeD,

anD moidjanD fet in t^e enD of tbe monetb of ^p;ill, anD alfo
in tbe beginning of (ij^a^ : anD after t^eir commtng bp , fbc^
nettber neeD ralitug o^ Ujeeoing tuitb tbetiansg: foj tbat tbcg
feetnucb bfl^pcntotbtbeotber^earbeBgrolDir.g nearetnto
t^tm* anD to make tbem t^e tcnDcrrr ano pleafantcr in t^t
eating , Seepe t\it fecDes fo^ tU}0 Daieg before tbe fototng , tti
ftaps milke mireD toitb bon^, 0.2 as Pliny iDjitctb, in boater
mim ^it^ ^0np,o; in tuater mirt wii^ fuger . fo: fo do tbe^
taufe tbe tenbcrerjbDbtter, anD pleafantcr encumbers, betft
in tbe fmel anD taa,anD fairer alfo to i^^t figbt* anD t^e fame
CJ^pcrience Doe Columella jFlorentinelbe 05eeke,Pliny anD
PaliadiusiDaitc. i^nD tbeCucumbers alfoboillgrotDlongi
totiitc, anD ttnber, if tljat bnDer tbe b^anc^es of tbe €mmn^

fcers gro'ojing, ^ou fet eitber a boule e; pan of li3ater anD ^0^
n^jttoobanb baeabtb bcneatb tbem,fo;jbp tbat meanestbeg
becaufeD f like,as toaitetb Garg;lius Mamalis. anD as tbeg
fp;>eaD anD runne cut into lengtb , fo cugljt tlief tben to bee
bo^ne bp loitb p;top£! anD otber meaner from t[}e cartb 9 f^^
t|ie teeakneg of tbcir b^ancbes, anD bnto tbe better grotoing

atiD p^ofpcnng oftbe Cucumbers anD if ^ou Usill baue Hn^

cumbers ti3itbout feets, tbcn bctozc tbe fctting Dip ^our foo
in tbe OT^le of &auiKe,mi]ctUnt| i|e berbe Culixbauif£D,ano
tbe Cucumbers ttnl after groU) tbe likc.anD to banc Cucum^
bcrs tmieli? ripe^anD in a manner all t^e ^r are, tben bfe tbe
fceDS in tbe ItUe o^Der,as l^all after be taught oftbe gourDs,
anD tbat t|e^ alfo be fet in fucb bcHcls 0^ bafueCs , tbat tf)cg
ma^ afi'crtoarD in tbe colDe fcafen, be DjaUjne bnD? r t\}t iuc^
r}MOffomeU?armeplac5int^e^cuie, anD iniD«rm£ ans
The fccond Booke, ifi

Dert()ccl3recoucrmgoUt)elualke in agarccn,fromt|)ccolD
ano frod^^anD from t^e great i)eat ot ttie ^nn , anD fa

continue all tl^e i>eare t^o^olo , a0 liaite bot^ Pliny ano Co-
luimlla,tbat ribcriiir;C3e(arb30 tljeUke. ^nD bctoarctbat
tl)cg iD^icl) tjaue tljsirmonet^li^ courfc s , ooe not t^icn tit^tt
come nearc^noa t)anDie tt)cm tn no U)lfe,fo;{ feare of bmD;mcp
, ano as fome tbinfee , tljep ooe ftill
fbeir groU)tb aff erluarDs
tbe pong Cucumberis b^ t^eir looking tbcn fepon tbem. ano
to banc bcOoc5 pour Cucumbers toitb lit! e moiCure in tbem,
let t\)ei\ tbc bole in toe furro\u,tn U)btcb pou (^al (et tl)e fee^s
te^Ueob^it'ebp U)itb cbaffe , anb tbe otberbalfe coucreo a;*
gaine Voitb eartb^anb luater t^tm not^iingat all after tt)e bo^
Cucnmbcrsbecoldeanclmoiftin the fecond degree, as
writeth iiy£gineta^ and doc hardly digeft , but the outward
part of them doth caufe apcrfitermoifture tofuch, hauing
hotand {lrongftomackes,andcxtinguii}ieth third. And the
whole fubftancealfoofthe Cue limber eaten in thefummcr,
doeth greatly profite fuch , which then cxercife thenrifelues
with any labour.But the eating of them do m uch harme the
flegmatick and dcHcate perfons,which do no labour of bo-
dy,and that to tlieir flomacks efpecially. And yet the water
oriuice of them doth heJp fuch difeafed with the Ague, and
<eafeth thirft.
Alfo the meat of the Cucumbers hard within, and hcauy
in the hand, bee dangerous to the (lomackc, and of this the
ripe ones be the oftner willed to be eaten,which are known
on this wife: that when they be foft in the feeling, and light
in the hand.then they be fitteft to be eaten. And thcfecdcs
drunk in milk, do greatly helpc fuch hauing a bliftrcd blad-
d|pr,& drunk in wine with fo many feeds ot Cummin as you
mayweltake vp with three fingers,andbruifcd altogether/
doth greatly helpe the cough. And the kcA^'i alfo bruifed,
and dfunke with Womensmilkc, doeth helpc the frenzi*
ncfle and alfo doctli helpe thofc that fpitte matter vppe,

l^Z Secrets in (owing and planting-
being drunkc with alittlcquantity of Cummin feeds. And
the Cucumber eaten doth caufe a folubic belly, &profiteth
the ftomackc,as writcth Dtofcerides : and the fmell of them
dothreftorc thepcrfonoutofhiswit. And the fecdeshauc
a meanc force to caufe vrine: and thefcedes boiled in wine,
and laid plafter wife, with the greene leaucs vppon, doc
helpe the bite of Dogs. And the feedcs bruifed and tempe-
red with hony, and that laid on hot burning Pufiics , doe
qualifietheheatca and cleare them. Thefc hitherto of the
properties of the Cucumber.
Oftheordering^care^AtidfecretoftheGourd. Chap. 61*

Ti^e €^ourDC0 Defire to be fotuen o^ itt in fat gronnd,

moitt , Dungeu , anD toell laboareUj as tojitett) Palladi-
us.antjtn Catering tl)e feezes often tljep paofpertlie better,
fo; tt)attt)et?»n«ct)to^, ano arc Ijolpen tuit|j nioiUure, al#
tt)ougl) tbcre befometutitcbincrearelJDitt) afmalltDatrtng,
ano be alfo moje pleafanter b)? iW in tbe eating. EnO if ^ou
Happen to fet tljc fieDes in a Date grount) , t^en fet an eartben
pan ful of toater necre to tbem, putting dotbeg o; li(!£! maoc
lI^arpeattbeonecntijanD banging balfe out of trepan oner
tbeet)ges of it,tijat tbei? ma^ fob;op continually U?ater oit

tljcm in foamc of feltring, as t^e toife name it : anb t|)i5


S»a^alfo of tbe luatering of t^emboctb greatly? bdpe iw a

bsolDtl), ^ntifurtberPalladiustDilletbtljc foebestobefefin
t\^z eno of tbe monctb of ^pjillanb beginning of tlje monetj
of ^a?,a tb^ee oa foure fojte a(ant{er,anr> in fucb loatjas t^aC
t^o of tl^e faebee; be i^i\xVt into i)^t eartb togetber, \xiix% tbaee
of tbe finger£i,anb tliat tbe blunt enbs alfo be turneo botonc^
tuarbjanbti&et^arp enbsffanbingbptDarri.^nb tbatanigbt
before tbep be tbus planteb in t^e eart^, tbe feebs be put into
a pan of boater, calling tben foatlj fucj feebes; toljicl) fU)im
aboue,anb tt)e ot^cr not tbe like ftnimnnng , o; ratber l^ing
in tbe bottome, fet in tbe eartb toell mireD \sii\}^ bung* 2,m
tbe^ map not be fet in lolufurroUJCCf, led tbe raine falling,
ano filling tbofe furroto0,bo fo cbokc aub M
tbe pong plants
fpaung bp«0no toben t^jep be toell fp^ung bp, anb appeare a^
bone tlje eartfi t^zn rahe ttje eartlj i putting it tuell aboat

The fecond Booker. 161
tbem,ant) 30 neeDeCl^all require, totfetotoatcrtlje plants*
anoiftljes happen to be fcttn ancart^fomclDtjatlcfe, i^m
afeer tjie^ be fp^ng tip into (ome bignes , tt^e eartlj rounD a^
ijonC ons^f to be ueepe Biggeo tp t^at t^e rents ma^ fo aretcfj
ano run out oiuers luaies.anD as tbet! groto t5p ttil,^ou ma^
ntafee a coucr oner tl)em like to an Ijarbour , tnto tje ^eiglit
ofaman,tbatttie leaueu b^anc^ies ma^be iaio ouertogiue
fl^aootoe , antj t^e leaues affo laiu on t^e €^ourocg to uefenti
ttje ^eat of tlje ^unne,maB fo caufe t^em to groto tl&e better*
ano if not on tljis Ujife,tt)cn ma^ r c« let tljeir tine runne a^

longont&eeart^ ifpalia.aaoto ttjisalfo in toingttjelifec

flialinuc|aaaile,tu5erbi^t|e^ma^ tjefainer feno fo^t& tbeir

fruits, ano t^e mo;e ao;e, if t^at t^c paincipaller
ano bigger
leass be a little b;ofeen off in t^e tops,tl)at t^e^ mar fo caufe

ot&erbjancl)estofp^ingfo?tl) oft^cCSourus*
anD ColumclIa,Pliny, antJ Palladius Doe lu^ite , ttjat tljc

feoes tafeen of t^e nccfe of tlje C^ourD,ano tljofe fet \s)ii^


t|efl^arpeenosbp^igbt,anD faottioungeo ano iDaterto^totlj

after baing to^ii^ long ano fmall (Douros.ano t^£ feeos iDt)ic^
lie in mioole of ttje bell^ of tbe dDouro, fet toitb t^e blunt

tnn& tpiigbt in t^ie mt^.mt botU oungeo ano featereo, oo

after feno fo jt^ big ano large ©ouros*
ianB of t'^ofe ooe men
bottles to car^ «[ine,aie,o^ IBeerc
after tbe^ be o^ieo,niafec
in tbe trauell of ani? long io;^
tn,to refreO) tlje boo^ toittiall,
ne^ ano tftofe fojues tobicl) lie in tl)c bottome of t^ie ^ouro,
great ano blunt enus tp^igbt i" ^be eart^i , ooe
fet tuit^ tbe
after caufe bot^ toioe ano large dl^onrtjs*
ano foUiing all tbc
together in one bole,^ou mutt after t^c^ be toel grobjn
aboue tb2 eartb,ttag tbem tap U)itb p.:ops maoc fo; tbe nonce*
greene flies of tgc
antjiftberong plants be moledeO toitb
b^anc^es of tljc ^erbe S)?ganr,
garosn, tben fet b^ tbem t\)t
tbcre- tpon, o; at tbe
ano it U3ill eitljer feill tbemb? lighting
caufe ttjemtbat tlje^ tncreafe no mc^e. ^RJ/opauf
Courii0togrDU)l3)itl)outfeeos (Itfee as teas taug!)t before)
pour feeocs fo j tlj^ee oates before,
i^f the Cucumber, t|>en la?

cither in &auainc o?le(as Palhdius tontetb ) oatntbeiuue

of t^e^cai be nameD Culex. gnD m
li^^ ^m
i^e caufeij . if
^4 Secrets-Jn fowing and planting.
tlfatt^cfirftfiaiherp^unstp, bee fo oiggeD about, tt)nft5«

ijeaDoftiicfamemap appeare, and as itallDates groUJtt^

tjp.fotobedtggeoi^areof tljeeartf) :and ti^tg oo3 tgetbird
time,tf neeoe diail fo require* ano t^tt; alfo Doe , t^at a0 t^e
baanc^cs fpring fajtlj, anD ranne along on t^c eart&, t^ : lifes
loill fo caufe t^em to b^ingfo;ttj 0ourD0 iDit^ouC fecDc£i,&a^
uing ondi; but a foft pulpe iDit&tn* 0no iiotu to ^aos cither
timely (PourDso; encumbers Cl)enattt)ebcgtnmngoft^c

fp;mg uixt Sine fifteo cart^, either into an olo bafkct, o; oeepe
rartl)cn pan,ano tlje fame fcaei mim
U3it J oung,fp;incft!e o;

motSen a little tDit^toatcr, ane after fettle fame ab^oao in

luarme ant) funni? i!ateis>ani3 in a fmal ratn>but at t^e fettms
0f tlje ^un , fet tbc fame againc ^noer fome c ouert , ano t^te
often ijoe 9 in ixiatcrtng it m t^emcane U)||tle$ t)ntiU alUtie
froS0 ano coto feafon be pa(!AinD after tbat U)^cn a fatre Da^
commct|),tt)en fet tbelu^ole pan o; ballet tat^e b;imtnt(ie
$art^ iDeUoaelleo f trtmmet),coaertnganDraMin^ t^tM^
tmt ano about it , and after c^Dering t^e fame ( asafe^e is
taug^Upou t^aUo Ijauc t^e timely fruits, eitbcc oft ^ourD,
o; cucumber. ^nD tt)e fame alfo rou mai^ t^e fcDuer p^ofure,^
and pamc£;,ift|)at^ou cut ofif t^eranfaand
luttb leHertrauell
(upcr6uou5 f^(Bt£,cit^er o? tl)e gourds o; cucumbers, fo; b^
tbat meanes l»tl! t^^^ fpeeDilier fead foojtb tbcir frmts.ann
to mafec oiuers formes iiUt to birds o>beaffs,i funD;\? perfect
letters oftbe^omanefaf^ton) on^onr(I&ourdso;CucQm#
bers>tbeiTtafee t&e ^ongfruttofeitber , as tbefame grotoetti
sn ttieb;antbes,inc!oangtnto a mould of tbe li^ bigncs to
let be imprinted deep o; bolloU3
tbe lTutt,tn tbe U)bicb in tbe
fo;metbat )Pouoc6re toijaue after on 9our C^ourds o^Cu^^
£umber> and t^e liUe (ball t|en appeare li^ben as tbe fruit is
come tobid fnl grotutb and bignes« 'But furtber of t^is mai?
Ipoulearneiamp litlc trcatifeof^^atural andartificiallton^
cluO[ons,tDbere 3 ii3jite mo;e at large, botb of tbe fame ^ tbe
compoCttions of fund^ie Itrangefoamcs of apples, and otber
fruitSjlDitb otber pleafant ( and tbat rigbt marueilous) mat#
las taread and ^^mt ^nd m\» (oxome te^w fs^mw mat^
^^^<- . ter.
ThcfccondBooke- t^f
t if t^af r on tiefirc to ^auc leng ant) final souiD5,
ttx in t^efe
t^cn take a long Cane be^cD t^oioU) , o^ a tiolIoU) pipe , into
iD^ic^ put t\}z ter^ ^ong goaro,$ let tge fame fo ^ang,lutjklj
after \oi\ Sretct) out all i^z length of tt)e (joUoId pt'pc, fo? t(iat

f matter iDl)tc^ d^oulD run into afi);ea2>ty is bi; tliat meanest

fent into a l^nstg^ano Pliny tu;itetl),t^attjc fate a ©ours of
P«tiQ9t long« i^nD a like concluOoit of mal^tng tge CcurDiS of
fuc^ a length mag be i(one,(f t{)at ^ou fet tnoer t^e ©ourDg a
pan 0^ bottle of boater, a f)anD b^eaot^ oa fomelobat nio;e be^
neatt) eno^ Ranging Bols^n^ts^bicb tn tbetiert oar follotD^

ing )?ou Cl^aU6nD If retcbeo cut to tbc Umter,ano t^m fettmg

t^e HzMl d^per,t^e)p U)iU i^cBt out longer«anD on t^is boifo
settmar mabetliem^cstout of a maruciloud lengtt),tDttl)^
outan^ ot^er craft o^p^actife of t^e libe* )i5nttf ^on tabea^
loa]^ t^e tcffell ef ti^ater , tben Doe t^t^ after beno ano tnrno
bpUiarD/o muc( Dotge d^ouin^^io^int^emoiaure,! ot^er^
iDife re^fe t^e o^tet^* ;3n9 Pliny tDaitet^i^tbattbegouro^ Do
faniig^ttlr!)ateorle, t^at retting a bonic oaot|iert)e(rellof
tbefamebnoert^cm, int^eUhefoat as ^ouoto tbe Ivater^
tutll tn tt)e nc):t ntoarotD be turneo oa benoeo another toa^*
0nD if not turneoon tbtj^totre, tben tutll tfje^ bebenDeo (in
t^iCbaining tbeotle)tnto tbe faQ^ton of a bcD&e^lubtcb i?ou O^al
mamfeSlf triein tbefpaceofonentgbt*^nt)^(a&r0learii,tbat
botb Columella ano FlorcntiusgiaefpectalltDarmng, tbat
no fucb perfon bluing t^tn tbe monet^l^? conrre.oo banble o^
come ncere^ettber to tbe gouro o; cucumber ob tbey groUi,fo$
b^ t(je b^noimg^a appaocbtng neere to tgem^tlies f^^^ ^^^^^
ano iffucbalfo being intbeltbe cafe bott- tbcnbntfoihoti
tbcm^tbci? eitber fetll tbe \?ong ones toitb tljcir lokc, o j caufe
tbcmtogrotot^npleafant, o; elfe coaruptco ano tDitbereo*
atxti tbofs (8ourO0 tabicb i^ou minoe to topefo; feeocis?, let
tr)embeb^angeBt)p tD2tbtbetrGem£ioal!al&csi>nto istnter
ttniejanooaicoastbe^bang, eitber!ntbei)eatottbefiin,oj
in tbe fmo]^e(as Palladms tojitetb) foji? otbertoife tbe feof s
l9tl putriSeano ferue after to no t)(e« ^no if i^ou mttio Id &eep

i^efred^ano greene Cucumbers anO C&ouni^ a longtime.

% 2
154- Secrets in fowing and planting.
t^tn tjang tJ^tm toittjin a l^og(]&cati,o j otfjer tcffell of to^ife
limine LeeSpHot ^et tuineo anD foUjeMn fuc|j fo^t^tfjat t^e^ be
Ji)l)oll^CQucrcDlx>tt|) ^as.
ano in it)c ithe conDtf ion f maner ^ou ma^ p^ererue t^n
along timciftljat \>ou la^ t|jem into a b;tinc pjeparcti fo^tCjC
onl^purpcfc. ^Ifot^jeCourors anD Cucumbers be t^e like
p^cfcrueti fo.2 a long time , if t^at ijje^ be Ijangeo ^igb in a
pipe bamng tincger in xtM at ^ lead fo btgl)5tbat tbe^ toucU
nott^st3tncger in no iotfe. iano tbe bedell befioesfemingto
tbisl3fe5ougbt^o b^ iDcllpitcbeo about, t^at t^c ttnegcr
b;jeatti notfo;t|j,intbat t^etjinegertsfopenitrable^t^jougj
nia^ beft bekept tref^anofaire all tlje T?eare tlojobo toitb^
outputrif^ing, iftbat^on put tt)emintot^et)t(!iUeotDatcr
ofX)ineger,lubtcl)lDiU not after fuffcrtbem to pntrifie, but
maintame ttjeir frcO& ettate , as tjatb often becne trieo of tbe
f^iifuUp^actirioncrs. ;anDb£fii3es t^cfe, tftbat^oucutofiP
pong ones U)tJiles tje^ baijct tenter, anDfcaulo t|iem in bot
li)atcr,anB after lartbem fo.atb to coole all a nigl)t t|o;otiJ9
being cleare ano calmc, ano on tbe mo^retu putinto a ll^arpc
b^mejtDfeicl) mil fo feeepe rgem frel^ a long time, ^no noto
b^ all mrancs aboue taugbt^rou ma^' feeepe Cucumbers anD
d^rurss frelft all tbe luuiter tljojclu. Sno pou mai? befiues
all tbefcmakei^ourcDourts iai^attue , anb to purge tl)ebeb
l^>if tbat y^Qu infnk tbe feeccs fo.: a nap antj nigbt , in tbe li^
ano {ut^ liht purgeig; : ano after tbts > foljue tbe feeeoes in tbe
^artb}in li^e o^oer as before U)as taugbt. ^no to make t^tm
pleafant of talle ano fmells oabertbefeebes tit li^efo^t before
tbe fetting of t^em^as lou toere taugl)t in tt)e ol^tr cljapter^^
ping before*
The Phjficke helps.
The Gourd is cold c and moift in the fecond degree and ,

the feedes doe ferue to the vfe of medicine : and the Gourd
alfoisnotto be eaten raw,fbrthat therameisfovnfauourie
meat,anfd therefore it ought the rather to be foddcn , rofted,

or fried before the eating,aiwriteth ga/en. Now the feed^s

The fecond Booke. I^y
cicanc picked from the vppcr skin , &
fodden in barley wa-
cer,and after fh-a'ined and drunke, doth helpc the difeafes in
theliuer,the kidncis, and th^ bladder, and the inipoftumej
ofthc breafl:,and prouoWcth vrinerand if a ficke perfon fhal
abhor to drink ofthiswat€r,then may you makea firopcof
itwith fuger for that the fame fo greatly profiteth vntoall

agues. And for the heat of thcliucr,take the iuiceof the pic-
ces,and meat of the Gourds,and temper the fame with milk
and vincger,and after dipping alinnen cloth in the famc,ap-
ply the liuer without^and it much helpeth. And the gourds
alfo ought to be hanged vp & dricd,as afore was fpecified;
and the winter approching,the feeds ought then to betaken
forth and rubbed with falt,that fo the clammy humors may
be auoided. Arwi the kernels alfo ought to be laid in a dric
placCjlcQ the moiilurc corrupt the feedes. Andthcfeedcs
ma}- well be kept for three yeares in good efficacie. And the
meatc and piece of the Gourd laid plaflcr-wife tothcforc
partof the head of yongchildren,doth fo takeaway thein-
flamation and great heate of the braine and head. And the
juice ofthc fame anointed on hotburning gouts , doeth af^
fwage the burning heat of the fame and alfo
, qualifieth the
jnflamations of the cies. Alfo the iuice preffcd out of the
meat 6£ the Gourd,& the fame dropped into the earesjdoth
aflWage the burning heat of the. And to the fame vfe it may
cither be applied alone,or els mixed with oile of Rofe$,and
fo dropped hot into theeares. And the fame iuice mixed
with the oJicofRofes, 5c anointing the ridgcbone&loynes
with the fame, doth aflwage the burning heat of the Ague.
And the fame doth alfo help the burning heat ofthat griefe
called the holy fire. Alfo the allies made of the rinds ofthc
Gourds,and ftrawed on the vlcers of fhamefaft places,now
growcnintoarottenneircjdoth notonefy clenfc,butbring*
ethtbemintoafcarre: which aOiesftrawedon a burning,
dothmarueilouflyhealethefame.Andthedeco^lionof the
meat of the Gourd , with a little honie and Niter, and that
drunkjdoth loofe gently thebelly.Andif any making hol-
low the raw Gourd , and doth after fill the fame with wine,
X 3
158 Secrets in fowing and planting*
& fctteth abroad for afpacc,
it & that on the morrow drin*
kcth modcratly of it fafl:ing,it doth alfo gently loofe the bel*

ly. And the raw meat of the Gourd ihred, and laid plafler-
wifc on fwellings and hard rifings ofthcflcdijdoth greatly
affwagc them. And the Gourd full ripc»ought to be diftilled
together with the fcedcs, and finely Hired. And now the di-
fiillcd water mixed with fuger,doth ceafc the thirft,helpeth
thecough proceeding of a cold caufe, and loofeth the belly*
And the fame water drunk twice a day, for tvwenty or forty
daies togcthcr,to the quantity ofthreeounccsacatime,doth
hclpe the ftoneof the kidncis. And in like manner drunkc
for ten daies togcther,prouokethvrine, and cleanfeth the
reincs and bladder. Morcouer,the fame water alfo drunkc,
doth qualifie the burning ofthe ague. Thcfe hitherto of the
properties of the Gourd.

Oftheerdering and care ofthe Bettne ^flgjyu

Chap. 53.

Ti^e %zmz et C^si^pf ^yx^'^ (0 %i fottien 9^ fet in i\t mo^

iutl)of^cl)iuaiT, anD to)[!et^al(btogroi})em a moiC
place fat ano lDafrtfl^>f to comet?p am^ng ranningrp^iRi^,
\i\\X fej t'95 QuaUtp ot ttie grownD , \i greatly foacet?^ not , I0

tgat t^e fame be altoate^ u^atereD, as nesti oot^ roqairr* ana

Itmaijinamannerbearc conttnHalluleaHCS, ifttjefemcbe
Befcnceo from tbe colo, b^ fome little couer^a C^eOyfianotng
%nt>0raUtbelDinter ttme« j^nDnolo t|)0 place friim iJDbcnce
t^e nip5 of tbe mod plants beoatli? ffippet) o^fromtbe fiatfe^,
fo^t^e intent to be fetagaine) Ixnll fnfftcuntlp inarnct anis
mcaue Dpttteo perfon, tioU) at ttmc0 conucntent ^e QoulD (et
tbofe agatnc tn t^e eartb^^nb U)t)ere at tbin imz , toe boe o#
tnit,ano ouerpaffcfanti^liPoOeanb <£^arlano floljD;e03U)i(l^
bcarb(5p^ofitable to be eaten , tttK, fo^tbattbe^ require no
ot^er manner 0; Diligence of b;eirtnganti o^bertng , tben tbe
former taugbt«0no man^ alfo oftbefe comebp of tbeir otone
arco^t); anbrunb;][) otl)er0,H)^tcl) oeltgbt in tbe lifeeo^ber of
Plantinganb(blj0ingaj9ti)e former. ;^no t|)erefo;e let tbt0
The fecond Bookc 15^9
JCrcatift fattourabli?pa(re,tDl^icfj ameatic^eflreftcrtoin^
creafc &)5t& fonB j^ pleafant flotD;c0, ano profitable l^tathta%
m^fM to be CoUien ano fet tn t^e malt <2^arDe»0,;ano in f^c
mcanc time Imkz fo; a p;oper l^reattfe ( ant t^at xiqfyt p;ofl<'
table) oft|emollmametloH0sonernment,t3re,anD common
/ Dit^oft{)cl^omeBee0, to|ic|i 3l«btosnctctbte'treattfeof
ij_i <!5aroenmg,mt^attb^rame ( after m^tuDjg;ement)feemet6i
Ib0lonc^tngt9 tbematter of t^^arDeit* ;and t^it^ after mj;

fimplc bau0 re^uceo ano b;{ousbt mto ^tilil^ , gat^e^*


rcD fira b^ a learneo to^iter oatof tlje luortes of ancient

men of ^ufbans^ie, anofetfb^tbfo^ a t^^eugjinttrudion,
ano perate fttrnitare in a large C^aroen : 0no befioea t^z(z,
is^lih great p^ofite ano bealttjfulUommoDitte to t^e booie>
botb of tbe f ong ano dOa^e, bgtcb t|e ^aeis cunnings
Ir gatber of tbe flueet aoU3^e0 of tbe garoen. Sno
fo; tW (anfe !^eei9 ougbt Diligently to be
placeo^anb carefullig cberi(|eti in


A proper knot for a Garden ,w here is fparc roome enough,
the which may be fet cither with Time or Ilbpe^at
the difcrction of the Gardener.
ceptsin the cutting vp .plucking a-
way^gathering and preleruing,of the moft
hcarbeSjflowres, fcedes,and rootcs,
fcruing efpecially to

Chap. 64.

^ofe^crbcstotiicl) kxntmoft foj tfeepof to
be bo^lcD kiUl) meat, cugbt to be cut fep auD
gatb0reD,tel)snast^t^bc \})t^i{ gcoto\?nm
ijcig^t , ano t^at Xuitl) a (^arpe fetiife > fome^
U)&at aboac t^e caxtiu 515ut of fmiDH^ bcrbes
bctbeleauesonelpgatfecrerj , anot^atluitfj
fbci)ant> pfacfeeti tp,anD b;»o&en off.luijen tljc^ be comc(as it
iD0rc)bntot[)cirfu!groU3tb;tul)tc|)bc,t^ellcttucc , tljeCIDm
OiuCjtbe &acco^p,t|)E HBeetcs, ttje arac^> tbe Clari?, t&e Bo^
ragc,$parigolD leaues, parcelp,CoIeli}05tlcaue£i,anD fuc[j
lifee. 115ut in t^e tointcr time , tbe Kalfecs be lDl)olli? cnt bp,
leaning f Ijcn no flems bebinoc. j^no bcfioes, in alt tbefe a^*

boue rebearfeo except tbe ^parcels , tbe if ennell , tbe &age,


anD certatne others if tbat tlje Hems o;j Calkes after tbcp be

iDell come>be tben b^o^en off 0: cut aljpa^, tbet? toil contmue
tbe longer grecnc ano toittjout feoing^anD toben an^ UjouId
t3fe anp bearbes t)8t of qualttie, tbcn let bimrattjer gather
tbebearbcsfrcl^an!) grscne, tljcntfetbofe bcinoj D;ic, (ox
tbaCttjcgrecncDo^leire^eate, intbattrjs moiHuie of t^iofe
greene ootb grcatip mitttgate tbe beat in tbem.
i3nD fo2 onelp ^fc of S^allcts^gatber tjour bcarbes , be^

ingtbenbcrp^onganotcntjerbntJS, cmpt of tbe Uttinct

ano CDnuiuejtobicb after tbe mince of tbe (bartmerSjOo rate
pleafanttrbernggrotoen tntoatDbitenctTCj ano tbcn eaten
l?ong ano greene* ^m noU) tbofe bearbes(fe; tbe tfe ofmc-
^icine)oagt)t rattier to be gatberctJ ano cut tp, toben as tbct?
P be
161 Secrets in fowing and planting.
fee in a inattiter come t3nto t^t gr&tot^
anD t\\at b^feac the

colour of t^c floiD^cs begin to c^jangc^ant} t^e feus fomtoljat

appearc :^urj tbiis alfo ouglit ts be oene in a clears i toarme
tis?,auu t^at C^c^ tiaucbeene moittneolDit^ fome G^Q^mvB
Ming fo;>fa3oo)t^?0e Dates before, fo tl)at t^e^? cwx^tnot
to bcegat[)crci5 \)J^m an^ raine , tnoigure, o; U'^etDelD/^i^
en ti)tm , no; being tpza x>m parctjeo U3it'9 t^ie ^eate of tlje

^unnc 5 no^ m a ramie anD cloUjtJie oa^ , fo) an^ of tijefc Doe
nmcij Uinoer tlje [keeping an^ tiaietn t^cir tjertue.
aifotbs^ ougbtto becgatljcrcD , tofecn tbep bee fall of
imtt atiD frea) , ano tljat not foe fmaller c.: bigger are to be
cliofen , but t^e meaner, anofacljbefmes tu^icli fallnot to
luittjering* ^M
oneiD tfie tentjcr toppes , tbe lcauc0 , anD
fioiD^csare to be gat Jcreo anD D:ieo in t^c^aooolue, in a
place open toloarD tt)e ^oittl) , not being mcitt ant) DefsnscD
icomtijcmiSanofmofee, anD fcj i\)t better ocfentimg and
p)efermngoftljem,tobc pnttpinbaggcsdofebouno attlje
niout&,ano in bojces fo; tbat t)fe*
^no t\)t^ alfo beepe t!)cir fircngt^ am
ijcrtue fo; one
iDljolc \7carc , fo tb^^.t tijct! are tobee renueo euer^ ^eare^tin^
lede t^z b^arbes bee gatljereo in fuel) airfare, t'^at tte feafen
t^^zn l^al be long U)itt?out rainc,ani5 tljat t^e Summer follow
tumg bee terie inoiU : fe; tbcn mag ^qu ratber tifetljofe
!)earbes gatbereiJ in tbe oaic Rummer before, then tl)oie in
tijerainie ^earc folloloing. Sno tfie flolcjcs fo^tbetjfsof
medicine ougbt tl^mto be gatberei), tot'^n as tije^ be in grc^
teS fo;ce,aHO full open ab^siao^tnleils tbe llilli>,tbe ^lotu^et?
Deluce,an^ Hofc, usbttl) ougtit rather to bee gat^ereo, toijctt
as tl^eg be not IdIjoII^ openeo fino tlje^ cug^t alfo in tlje

like c;oer to be D;i£D ano laiti t3p,as aboue vuas taugbt of tbe
beatbcsj ano fo t^^u latl alfo fo; a i^eare in t&eir Crengtb ano
^nsjt^epougljtbefioes to be renaeo euer]? i^eare, lifee
m luas taug'rjt bzfm of tbe b^arbes^ ^uD f^Des ougbt to
begatbereo lDt)cn tbet) be tbo;oU3lT?ripe, ano befo;e tbe^
%&&e 0^ fall off , ano t&is alfo mu^ be in a cleare ano faire

TIic fecond Booke* 15^

beepetgc perfect fauoar anDtadeof tl;chtnde of tpt Ijcaibt,

arc rather to bee gaf&creD ano fecpf, ano u^icD in iSje ii^c
cottDitton ai$ t^cl^earb0i$> anD afCcrU)aro put into glaO'cd , o$
|iang09 i)p in bagge5,am) t^is in a ^;i0 placcjbeiRg tm from
anD tlje frmf£i of t^c plants arc febee gat^creD, iDljcn
SIS t^c? be in tl^eit fall ripenrfiTe, anD not before tlje^ beginne

f9faUoff« iSndbotgt^cfaUcr ano maigbticr ar£eobcc|)o<>

fen,l»^icl50ug^taftcrU3arDtobeD;!ei» intlje^unne, o^ in
an fi)aen,bgrearonoft^Emoinrure container in tbcm.
^n^tl)t rffitcsare to bee gatljcrtD in tbeirapt plaas,
unD t^ebeSQf0ucr^ feinoe, ano (battle frdtsbe Satcl^ fal^
ien off) ano tlje leaner; of tb^ l^^nis begin to fb^o al^a^ ^ and
tbis^oumuHDoeinaclearroa^, fo^tbe great raine ooct^
Uieaben tbem,ano mttl^ t\)tm aili of moiUnre.
ano tbe greater rotc^ ma)? be^ept foa ttoo^ear^iS, but
t^Eledcr onel^foaa^care, if t^t^ hz^mQtti\sp to D;icin u
i^aDoluie place ^ ano t^iat from oud ano (moke* anDa^
tcucbing f &c Ujijole b^srbe togctbcr,t|ic fame ougbt to be ga<»
t^ereo iDben it ^all come Dp isnto tb : full grotDt^«
9nD iK^batfoeuer aregatbereD in tbe oecreafe of tbe nitone,
bebettertotfc^anDlDilUongerbe^ept tbcn tbofetobtcb be
be tbofe, antJ to greater e^cct^tobtcb M}^£ t^m liuelp colour,
ilronger in fauour^ano mo^e apparant in f a(!e.
anotbeHofeisanootbcr 6olD^e£t gat bereo in afaire ano
iwarmeoai?, ooe retire a fuiectcr iJilliUeoU3afer,t[jcntbofc
fiQ\x)m lobicbbe gatbereb in atoetanD cloUiDieoa^ : ano
tbis uiSillcD iDater bcfiocs lafi^ctb longer aiio to better tfica
tbcn tbat otber of tbe contrary manner. anD furtber learnc,
tbat from tbe foure ano ttoenti) ta^ of i^t monetb of ^arcb
Isnto t}^t fourc ano ttocntt oa^ of Imc , ai;e tbe leaue^ of all
manner of bearbs moil ofCrengCb anb tcreaCjanti to cfpeci^
alip feruc in tbat time to tl^t Uz of mei^tcine* 0no from t}^t
miiM\! of 3tine,t)nto tbcrKuii<9f^eptember;are t{)e Urns
P 2 anil
I5<ij. Secrets in lowing and planting.
ano fialfestntfecirfulHrcngttianDt^ertneto t^ctkofmttv
cmc. ^no from ttje jcrait.oap oc g>cprcmber,tinf o t^e xx^* of
sparcl) agauie, arctic rotes of ttje moll Ijearbes in t^cir fall
flrengtl) ano tjcrtue to fcc miniftreo in meuicines. 0rii) lieere
alfo learnM&st tl)e loiloe tjerbes arc llrongrr in terf uc tl)cw
t'oe garrjcn fierbes^alttiongb t^c u:i:?Je be Icff.r in bignes 5 as
Pliny U);ttei^»Sno tlje loilDe Ijcarba^ alfo grolutns tipon t^z
litis anD niountaincs , bee farre Cronger in effect t^entliere

ii3ilsc5greU)mg m
plainer f Ictuf r groanD* ^m
to concluDe,
all l)carbcs atiDfterjes tubici) mo>e aptlp ferae to tljetjfeof
msaic:ne,oiigl)tratbcrtobefeept ar,ts5angci3t3pinbagg>but
tbe SotD;es clofeHoppeo in narroVo moutbeo glalFes^tbat t^e
fanour ann 6rengCtj of tl;e floU).:es b jeatb not fo;tb , ano ttjaC
ano bangeo tp in f^aDDotoie places free from
t\^d2 alfo be fet
moitture^ano from t^e Bud anD fmobe. ^m
t&e rents tDi;ic^
yf2u mino to heepe green, are belter referueD ano feept in ligbt
(anD , eycept tlje^ be fuel) rcjtcs \XiW^ be ratfjer bept Daieo,

ano are alfo better pjeferueo in a o;!c and fl^adootoie place,

asabouetoastaugbt* 5i5«ttbefeeiiesof tljelleebesanotbe
^nion«,anD of certatne ot^er ^earbs, be better hept in tbeir
t)unies,tl)cn tbe m od feezes of tbe ott^er t)earbes. Sno t^eere
learnettje opinion oft^e!carnet)pQpfition Montagnana,in
t^e gathering of t|)e rootes, floto.:es , ano fruits , feruing to
t^e t)fe of mcoicine, loticb affirmetl) t|at t^e rots ongtit noC
to be gat^creb t)ntiil tbe fall of tbe leanes, ano tpis efpecial^
I^ from tbe miUDle et^eptcmbcr^tnto t^e beginning of
^ouember,ant) tbe fiolD^es are to be gattiercd
fromtl)em!Di3leof^ai?,to tbe begins'
ning of Jul^jano cug^t to be ga#
tliereD acco^btng to t^zi^i^
an^us fn^et^ t^e feconD HBojfee of tl)e rare, op
oeringjano ferrets of tbe mott ^earbs
property,and gouernement of them ; and the nc-
ceftary vfes,both oftheirHony and Waxe,
feruing diucrflyjas well in inward as outward
caufes: gathered out of the beft writers.

Treatife intituled :Certaine Husbandly Coniedlurcs
of dearth and plenty for euer , and other matters
alfo meet jor HmBAndmen to k»ow,^c.

ByTnoMAsHiLL Londoner.

Sy Imprinted at London by H.B,

The zAutbors out of 'which this

Junius Columella.
Guilhelmus de Conchis.
Cornelius Agrippa.
Hieronimus Cardanus.
Andfuvdry others.

e^ To the worfliipfull MaQer zSM.

GeatIcman,Thomas Hill vviflieth
all health and felicitye

S it hath becnc,and is yet(worfiiipfuII Sir)

a trade commonly \Ccd among moft men,
tochufeoiit from a great number, fome
one vnder whofe name and title they may
publifii their workes: Encn fol (following
the fleps of the learned, though in all other
pointsmoft inferiour) hauing fin ifhed this little Treatifc
ofBees, withmy fclfevntowhomi might prc-
fentitjfound my felfe much boiindcnvnto your worihip,
both for your gentlencs which Ihaucof late tailed, and al-
fo for your fricndfhip whichlfindealwaies readie towards
mec. And therefore hauing none other waies to recora-
pcncethc v^ery lead part of yourcourtefie and gentleneile,
thought it befl to gratific your worihip with (ucha fimpic
gift as mine abilitie will fuffer mee to beftowe vpcn fuch
a friend. And although Sir this Treatife is farre dilTonanC

from your fludles , yet confideringyour carncfl: defireto

knowledge and learning and againe pondering theplea-

fantnefle of the matter, thought this might bee made a

recreation for your graucr fludies. For when your minde
ihalbefearching for profound reafons, and opprefTed with
deepc cogitations, then taking and reading this httle
Pamphlet, it will bring a forgetfulnefle vnto your former
yvearinefle., and caufe a new delight vnto your niinde
The Epiftle Dcdicatorie.
Forh^crein may you fee, firft the marueilous goucrncmcnt
of the Becs,throug;h the onely inftinft of Nature, as in their
obedience to their King,and other officcrs,in punilLing the
idle loytercrs,incheri(liing the true labourers,in their man-
ner of fightingjwithfuch like a great it is wonder-
full to read,and almoft vncredible to belecue:Secondly,thc
liuely effeiSls and commodities tliat arifc of their Hony and
Waxe: and la{lly,how profitable they arc for the common-
wealth and how neceflary for mans vfe.
, I might heerc
fpeake much in the praife of the Bee which all I will omit,

feeing onely mine intent is to fhew my felfc mindfull of

your good turnes and benefifts , defiring you to take this in
good part.which proceedeth from a wel willing mind. And
I am forie,that at this prefentl had none other matter more
worthy to haue gratified your worfhippe withail but that :

wanteth in power , aboundeth in good will. Thus

troubling your worfLip no longer,! commit you
to the keeping ofthe Almighty ,praying him
to increafc in you al vertue and godhnes,
and to grant you the long
ycarcs of Nc-

Tours mojl bounden^

Thomas Hill.

The Preface into the inflru(5lion of Bees.

Lthough (gentle Reader) Ihaue not giuerithee

aioyUbour of mine owne ^ but rather haue coUe^
Eledthe fnyings and vpritings ofmAnyanttem Au^
thors^ytt itruft theypjdlbe yvell accepted of thee
without offence. For 04 ke thatfetteth forth vnto
the view And reading ofall men , fuch hnovoUd^e
«« hy his longfindie and experience he hath gotten, is yvorthyto bane
his due rervardand commendation cuenfo hee is not to be aifcom^

mended , who painefully rettolning the bookes andvolumes of many

and differs antient writers, re(^ftceth them tnto oneltttU treat ife for
the commodity and pre fit e ofthefimple &
vnlearnedfirt for wlofe ,

cne/y fakes I bane trauelledtn the trarJlMen of this worthy matter

touching the right vfage and handling ofBees : a thing verierarey
Andfeldome feene in the Englifh tongue ^and yet verie ^rcfit ablefor
a Common- wealth , and commonly vfed among the poor e hui band^
men though not in euery
, point as they ought to be ,yet according to
their knowledge and experience . But /, to the intent that a further
learning mi^ht beadded to their sklUy hauefo trauefled therein, that
Itrufltheir knowledgefljall be increafed^ andfuch a^ haue no kpow^-
ledge at all , may be infu^ted without any oth er teaching . / hatte
ioynedthis little Treatife vnto my books of Gardening . for that moft
men doe ioynethem both together , as when they place their Bees in
their Gardens, whereauheymai withlejfe patne and eafHergather
ofthefweetfmelltngfloures , their Hony^andfVaxe» tyfndfor aS
thefe mypaines (gentle l{eader ) I craue nought elfe of thee , but ts
gineme that which ofdutieina manner I ought to haue : for if thou

doefi receiue any contmoditie orfrutt, either hy this , or by any other

Treatife hereto annexed , which hath to name the Hu^banaly con»
ieciureSy withfundry rules ofThyficke , then giue me therewardt
of thy good report^ andfiienaly accepting ofthefe two Treatife s\
andf not yet accept mine endeuours in good part ^ which be
meant to do thee good. And thus leauingigentle reader)
to trouble the farther,! commit thee to God^who
,giue thee the furtherance of knowledge^
both in thefe andaU other
needfull Arts,

^ i^necefsarjT Ahlt Jetting forth

the Contents of thele two

Thefif are treated ofin thefirji Treatife.

^ V twecne
i\ 7Hy Bees arc named to bccrcafted or parted bes

Vwhat workc jor as were ringed or rather pleightcd :


the fwarmc new gathered in the Hiiiedoc

firft take in hand, and whether they may liueaffcr their
flings be gone. Chap. I
Who firft taught the preparation and incrcafing of Bees,
and found out the vfe of hony. chap.2.
How Bees do naturally engender. ehap.j.^
Ofthevnperfe^Btes, which men properly name Drone
Bees. chap 4.
Whether the Bees draw breath, or haue any blood within
them. chap. 5.-
Of the great vtllity and profit of Bees to mans vfe. chap.^.
Of the care and diligence of Bees. chap.j^
Ofthemarueilousgouernmcnt ofthekingof Bees, and of
the obedience which they vfc to him. chap. 8.
What kind of Bees the bed, <Sc rather to bcchofen. chap. p.
Where hiucs of Bees ought efpecially to be placed.chap. 10.
What things Bees Ao chiefly abhor ^greatly hate. cap. 1 1
By what figncs men may know when the Bees are difeafed
and how they may be cured. chap. 12.
What manner of pcrfon the keeper ofBees ought to be.
chap. 1 5*1
By whatmcanes the fwarnie commeth forth , and may be
preferued from flying away. chap. 14.
Of the Bees new fetledin a fwarraetogethcr,andtakenand
recouered againc. chap. 1 5.
Whicharethe beft and fitted Hiues for Bees. chap.ic?.
Ofthecleanlinefieand fweetnes of the keeper of Bees, and
how the Hiues ought to be fenced about, and prepared
within* chap. 1 7.

The Tabic;
How Bees lacking hony,may be fed in the time of their ne-
ccflitic. chap. 1 8,
How the dead Bees maybercftored to life againc.chap..ip,
Gf thebattels that the Bees haue fometimes amongH: them-
felues. chap.2o.
HowBeeslofl:,mayberecouered &foundagain.chap.2I-
iThat the Bees fling no perfon thatcommeth neare to their
Hiucs. chap. 22.
V/hcn and how the Hiucs ought to be gelded, chap.2 3
What the hony is , and how from the Hiues the fame may
be prepared to vfe. chap.24»
Which hony is accounted befl". chap.2 J.
Of the venemous hony, and of the wonderfull hony of
Creta. chap.2^»
Of the miraculous worthines of hony. chap.27«
How profltablethe vfe of hony is in medicine, chap.2 8.
Ofthe drinkeof hony,which they call the Mulfe water, or
fwect water of the Romans. chap.2p.
Ofthe drinke enormia which is made ofpure wine and ha-
nie. chap.50.
Of the Angular water of hony, gotten by order of diftiUati-
on. chap.5 1.
An other manner of xliftilling the hony, more at large
taught. chap.32.
The manner ofdiftilh'ng a water from hony, named the
QointeiTence. chap.33.
The manner ofdrawing and making waxe ofthe combes.
What waxeisbeftallowcdi&c. chap. 35.
Of the great commodity and benefite of waxein medi*
cines. chap.3(5f.
Of that which is a flay of the combes, and made for a de«
fence of Becsi xhap.37.
How to make waxe white. chap. 3 8.
How to make red waxe. chap. 3 p.
How to drawc a very profitable oyle aut(>fwaxc,for fun*
drievfes, chap.40*
Aa 3^ Another

The Tabic.
Another way of drawing the oyle of waxc moft noble, and
doth marueiloufly hclpc the cold Gout, the Sciatick, the
fwcUing of the legs , and all other griefs ofa cold caufe.

Thefe ciefcribedin the other Treatife.

CErtainc Husbandly conie£lure$ of dearth and plenty

forcuer. chap.i.
An cucrlaftingPrognoftication of the Rate and condition
ofcucry yearc,by the oncly Kalends of January written

by the ancient and learned Leofol, tAufi, andotherfor

the commodity of the wife husbandmen. chap.2
How to foreknow theftate oftheyeare b\ theonelyrifing
of theDoggeftarre, outofthehusbandric ofDiophanes,
Other profitable inftruftions,right neceflaric for husband-
men to know. chap.4.
Amofl: profitable rule for the preferuation of mans health,
thorow-out the twcluc monethsof the yeare , after the
mind ofdiuers learned men of the Vniuerfity of Padua.
chap. 5.
Of the falling fick on any ofthe weeke daies, outofthat an-
cient Phy fition Hippocrates. chap.^c
Of thofemanifeft fignes, which declare raine to follow.
chap. 7*
Ofthofc mamfeft fignes which declare faire weather to fol-
low, chap. 8.

^The firft Treatifefetteth forth the
/rangegouernment ^proper
with rhe comnioditie of
fite of ^ccs-i
and bene^

and Waxc> which ferue vnto many good vfes, afwe II in
outward as inward caufes applicd:gathcrcd out of Plif^, 41^
Bertfit, Varroy ColumeUa^ Vailadius^ Arisiotlcy Theothra^
y?«/j Cardanuf fitiilhclmtis de Cortchis^v^*
£rippa,znd diuers other fingu*
lar Authors.

Why Bees are named to be created or parted betwecne , or

as it were ringed, or rather pleighted. What worke the
fwarm new gathered in the hiucfirft taketh in hand, and
whethertheyniayliue after their ftingsbegone.Chap.i.

Linic nametj Be^ti cleft hcafts , bccaufe eC

tt)c Dtuifionoj parttngjbetiuccne of tl)efteaD

anc C^culocrs :ano AriOotlenamet^ ttjem

pldgbffOojringeD, tnt^attftdr botiieffare
DcuiocD Ujitlj pleig&rs ano rmgs. anDmol!
menbnotDe,tt)att&e llBces Ijauc ncitljerQ*
nclus,bonc0,flel^,sr{aie, ba£bc-bonr,no> far, but are onelg
createD of certatne mt)cturc , being anieancbcftoecnetbcre,
ann l)uuing a tjcri? f^to inf ra!0. an^ againe no man neeDeti)
to Doubt , but t^at t^t 513ec5 be a binD of beaC^i greatly to be
mans tife^ aao fo; mans pjouiOon, are nouriC^eti of
(et bi? fo^

theatre: paCLingtl)o:olu tfjeDcmccD places, ijDfticijfbe^b^

great biligcncc ano rare pKrerucftom being aoppeo^fo; as
fonc as t^eg beaopp^D^ti^ci: ^^oi^lr pJ.tx oie^li^e as t&e fame
Z The right or dering of Bees*
m nm leartte,fel)en an^ ^apnctb to fall e^ Itg^tinfo
tD^ict)aratg^ttoa^afteroie t^^ougjt^eo^le (lopping
t^eir potners.TOc?l)aaeant)fliel]Dit&fourctoings,tt)attl)e^
map tlje belter car^ in tjcir bellies! aingg of reuengmcnf*
;f o;^ lu()en tlDo of t^cm
Urtne together in fi(gHtt)^ti to t^e^
loloe ano l^^pe tljeir Pings in t^etr meut^es b^ a graeo^ oe^
eagcrnes fafee^ i^oto after ttje feuen Cars nameD
li[re,0> fo;^
vir<;ilix,beonce rifen in Gg|f aboue cur bo^tf on^tl)^ to tljeig
jiBel&em in t^eir paopcr lioies, fo tljat t^ep go felcicmeafter
ab^oaDJbntil t|e beans Do buoyant) iU^t^ chance to begin at
ati^ time to fiie abaoa^^lsotien as afaireDa^ mouet^ t!)emfo;#
UjarD, tl)cn flacfeetbei) no fuc^ oaies afterlrarn,butcfrupi0
tbnnfeluestanD firft lb ^r P were i nrabe tticir ccir.fcs^tDtitft
t^ty^ faa)ton into apt feoufes, o; ratbc r eels of ir aj:r,aft£r i%i$
t|e^ tiauc ^ong, anb tbcn begin ttjei? to gather tionr* %it^
line alffl t^e longer b^ Ijauing t^feir llings/o; t|a! once gen,
0) tafecn atoaisllje^ tie foatl) Itnilj t^ijcngb ti)e laifee of t|ieir
intrals.iD^iilj tb^p finre togetljcr \xnt\j t^eir Uings*
Whofirft taught the preparation and increafing ofBccsi
and found out the vfe cfHony. Chap. 2.
report goetl),tl)at one Arifloroachusflrftfoan^ out
ano taught iVjt inaeaCngof bees, toljont Pliny ipjitetlj
to be fo ernea in tbe fame, t|iatattiiig apart al oiber affairs,
6e ont^fiuDieo nigtit ano ta^ ^ciu It migit bcfi tntreatf We
bees ace ojoing to tbetr feinb. 'iLut otliers afcribe ijts inucn^
ticn to cne Thsfliusjtobo (ss^ tfec^ fap) oeferuet) no IclTe ttmtf
»ienDat(on,bo(^ foattsbiligenee and fbiil among tees tut :

l|)ls l)e efpeciallp foliclvct) in t|)e Mtano tbat far from tte

folone.^no of t^is tbe rcmmon peop(e(as b^ anicknam0)no

mo;e nameo tiim Thafliusbut Agrius,fo; t}is toilo o? ratbcr
llrange lifeyboljicl) be tfjenleo in tl)efieHj ^iDbomPhnie alftj
fipltiiig of ilBeeSrgni) Columella afcribetl; tbisinuentionlt)
tl^cinbabitants oftije ^iU(nameD Hymetus) being t^iecoun^
trrof Attica5foati5ere(raitbbe)bansonc Ariahonu$,ijD|o
taug!)t ( as men Irgite )t|)e true anD perfect ojDering of tbem*
Pliny again arcriba&t|)ein«ention of^on^t^one Arifteus.a
j .

rttait of Athens. DiodorusSicuIus hi ffjC Brt haikt of |)IS
XDo;ib<5 Uj^fiCtl) t^at Curetes, a people of Creta,t)iDfir(lSnO
dut i\}c Ijonv* Macrobius afcribet^ t'oc fame to one Saturnus,
ot&crs to t^z Theffalians anD mani? to Melidus an mtitnt

bing of Crcta,ot^er0 to Nail'us liber patcr,tt)ns tojititig tJaC

Liber liat^ obtaincD tf)e retjaaro foa ftnoing mit of Ijon^
How Bees do naturall)^ engender. Chap. 5,
Fgrllt^c515ce0p;ocee^ of Beei^bp tijcamiall ooing togc^
tt)cr,after U)t)icb t^ie^i la\? eggcg/ttaing tjpon t^tm a^ t&c
^ens Do on t^etr egs.ann tofjen t|je^ Ijaue fit on (l)em fo; i^z

^ong ( at ttje firtt )€omc fo;tl) niuclj Ithc to lt»f)ite lco?me5,c f^

tt^i t|)e lungyUjt)o oncli? as l)c ts ^atc'^ct? Ijatti Uiinp^ t!)e
0rtttmiecnf Dft!)cm Ijatc^et^fiucvongtogettEr, tljc mxt
timefctocr^an^rofeUicranD feloer , tntillC&e commet!) to
one at a time,becaufc ttje abunoancc lDl)Ub is in tij tm , ootS
in tl)e contmunncc of time tocfeen, Jn ttje time of tbcir fitting,
t'oey> mage mnclj noiTe to Qxt tf)em beat tDitljalL ant) about
t^e Does of tbe fometimcs greater bc^ b^cD^tDbicl)
tncnfo^tljeir fonno ano ncifc Doe paoperlp namcS^rumpe^
tcr£{;anu tbei' alfo Ijaue to^ole !;o;nes, of U)l)icb come tjc ba**
Hatobits* s:bcrc be alfo Gt^er bees bigger in boois, miuf)
lihe to tlje fetng0,but t^t\> be iole ano baue no Sing > becaufc
of tbe tjeauines of tbeir boOp«aU iDbicb liinoi? , Guihhelmus
3^ome, lD|)icl) paopr rli? lucre maoe ofter^ tljtJn'.c anu cicare
lioane, Some U);itc tbat bks are alfo e ngeno^co anu b^^Doc
jtionl!rou0i>5anDtbatccntrari>tonature, toitbout t\}cmu^
tnalconioncttonjtftbata ujijolsealfe be bnneo tn tl)e eartf;,

^ t&ere lie rotting lubilf s tlje Mnt) blottt out oU^t wmttt, fa
l)^ t^at meanes as lD.2itct[j Maro,totb tbe fame b>eet) JSeesi,
3nDnot^nUI>etotbis2ictl; ConieliusA^rippa, tn.l)i6Srtl
bofeede Occulta PhilofophiajanOHiero. Cardanus in blS
p. bojt^e of fubtiities U);ite;tbat of a rotten pc^fe Doe toafipeiS
p^oceeD : of an aHejl^umble b(^0 : of a 05Kle,|^o;netSjOf tbe
an09f.Cr^mffei;(ti)cfl^eij5 plttcfeeo ot>^co^pton0. .

^ Secrets in (owing and planting.
Of the vnpcrfe^l Bees, which men properly name
Drone Bees. Chap. 4.

T^z ^;omamg usees (as lu^itct^ Pliny)are tnpcrfed; Bw,

XDttt)out , ano tt)e leatt tueane , i^et be ti)e^ terte
t^eau^ of boDi^^anD doU) in botng ttjetr bufincs : ttic)? alfo toe
t^z ferutccs ana trauclsof l|)e true alt^ong^ tbe rtg^C
)15ees ,

and perfect HBzts toe rule ant goucrne t^cm, ^ea t put t^cm
fo^tnolE ui t^ctr labours , fo tl)at if tt)ci> tjappen to be (loU)0 iti
tl^etr Doings,tt}en toe t^e rig^t bees punid^ ttjem lDtt()out pi#
as in tlmt b;ceDing,fo.j tjjat tlje multitude of Cl)€m, caofe t|)c
uio^e ^cat 3nD toarmt^ toget^cr,ianD &oU) niuc& tbc greater
t^e mnltttuDe of tl)em (^albe , fo muct) moae t^il t^e increads
come of tl)e l\s)atm*W\jtn tlje tion^ loaicetb ripe,tl)en are tyz
13D;ont )l5ees D^iuen fo^t^,ano tt)e kino alfo of t^efe are onel^
tone ab;joat tm£.
in tJ&e^p^ing
Whether the Bees draw breath,or haue blood
any in them. Chap. 5.
N^tD fome bat t^c clonen beal!s B^ato no
int^att^e^ ljauenottl)efanoft|)e ^eart,
totiicy is ttje
lights o;t as t!)£^ ljD^tte,not^ing tuit^out tticm can
b^eatji, ^ut Ari(lotlciD^itct&,
tljattlje fame is poffible a*
tnong ^ees^tiauing t^c fifing (alt^oi^gb t^er ^auc no blater)
to b;eatt) b^ tt)cir (ting. 0no tl)e Wm
bane no blcoMccaufe
t^cptiaue neither ^taxtno; lungs \?ctPliny affirmetft, r^at

nothing tone b^ nature ma)? be tt)oug|)t 0; iuDgeo iiureoi^

ble^fo^tgerameisfuUi) pcrfljuaoeo in iDtfe men, t^at ^ees
^aue a ccrtaine liuetp moi(!ure, tike as tbc Cuttle in t^t fea,
tDl^ic^ ^at^ a kino of inche^in tt^ano is as tije iuitt of it, ix^it^
t[)e U3t)ic& t5)e S>iers(at tt)is tap) to mafee tbeir purple eolo^
Of the great vtilitie and profite of Bees vnto
'r mansvfe. Chap. 6.
p;Jofit nfctli bp bees.if t^cp be fet in a conuenfent
bott) careful!^ t loifel]^ guttet aji
fit place, ant ttiat
Phnyiu^itett) in t)is i i.bffifee,to^cre^etoiiletl),tbatofaUo^
t&er cloucn beaas,tl}e bees arc pjincipallp to be ci}eiiftco,be^
cauretomanst)re t^er gather a fubtUc antU){)olfomeiuice,
ThcfirnTrcatife- jf

betitgt>er^ ftudef^ ano begoca t'tie^ fram^ (b)? a maxntilouB

Vxiil ano canning) t\)nv cottciac ortuai; tinto man$ \3fe, tbat
no lco;>ke-man ( be t)ec ticucv fo ingcniouiS ; cm Doe tbc lifee,

l^^e profit alfocommmsb^t^cmmfl^o^t time, tr^ n^e Uica^

tfter ^tnocretl) not , ig fo great , tljat t^t^ tnrreafc m a fl&ojt
ttmetnto man^ fioarmeit , lui)ic^rU;armc5agatnetncrearo
others, fot^attbefirfi^ftDarmegmcrcafco, tbci» cfpcciall^
tbaullfo^tb from t^em int^cmonet^of ^a^ 0^ 3l»n^^ bs
toijiclimcanestljescaureagreat incrcaCe of t^em* 00 Var-
ro a^irmeti) t^e fame of ttoo lieaD (Gentlemen tn ^patne,
iss^ici onel^ b^ t|)e meaner of t^etr W^s, gatneD ijcarl^ teti
tgoufatiD pound ( bnt3Iratl)erti)tnhe6ue tboufanopoanD,
ijD^it^ alfo i& t)cr]^ muc^O :anD ^ere ib to be notf d . tljat t^e
fisarmc^ office ^earesoloe, ooefcleomcmcreafe after otl^er
ri;oarme0oftl)0mfeine£i, aUi)oug^mU3a);0tt)e^ gineagreat
^deldeant} gainctot|)e oVoner^*
Ofthe great care and diligence of tbeBccs. Chap. 7.
CCDrtatne Bee^, a^ t^e fhtlfull paadtferxi Doe lu;ite, ttann
in t{)e Daytime att^emout^e^of ttieljtaeg, Dtitgentin
Iffibtng to t^etr bufines, U&e loaroer^ placet) at t^t gateg of a
Cattle 3 tliat t^e^ mai? fo DefenD in fafegart tutiom t^e^ lutll
tuttjjtm an t^enigbt time tljep fettle t|)cmfclaes to rcfltjnto

t^e moaning, tjntiU oneof t^em bv't)umming tunce o^ tb^tce

about, Dotf) fo dirre tiiem foatjparo to flie out after t^t otber«
^0^ if t^e^ tiappen to heepe t^emfelne^ in t^t moaning tottli^
intbel^tu^M^enDoetbf^e fame Declare a tempeS toenfue
t^at uap*115ut being a cleare anti fmre moaning, i^m bo t|)e^
lie fi3;^tb9anDreturneagatnetott)etr^iue0, laDen tDttb tbe
fubaanceoftJefloto;e0on tl^eirleggfojtljeirbofineire, ana
tSiisefpgcialt^Doe t^ei^ongerb^^, fot^at tlieot^erbeesbe^
fioeg Do ettber carp t^e luater in tljeir fails, oa on tbe foft mof^
Ones of tbe tutiole botjpX^e elDer bees remaining flfill ioitij^
in bo alfofolloU»tbeirbufine£J,inbiligentlp lading tp, t apt#
Ip D;jeffing tbe fame , as t^ep tooulD Difpofe t Jeir binolp fob,
^ncb as be naggiO^ anb not labouring,t^ep biligentlp note,
l»i|ic|) foj tljeir flttggiCftnes tljep bitterly puntft to ueatfj.anD
flging ab;oao in a migiitie iDtno, t^cp maruciloufli? Gap anD
^b £m$
6 The rigk ordering o(Bccsl
gttiDe t^mklatByh^ lucigljing tfteir bodies toisati tutt^ W^
tie aonc£5,carieo in t^eir legged. 2:&et at ttjs eaeniiig com*
tning to reK.ooe make klTe ano leffe noife m
tfee ^iac , t)ntill

oac of t^cm flietlj about , twjiicft b^i a lifee ejocr as tie mooned
tfeem fo >toaro in tlje niojning,etten Co b^ t^ie fame noife ano
^umnung,toti) procure t^em to tafeetlicir red, an^to bo

allfilcntiDitbint^eSiue^ 3f ttie Bees Ijappcntofcatterin

i^zit aping ab;ca!).ttrcn isoe tfjei? call ano gather t^em into a
fvuarme b? tlje ^elpe of making a (^;il fGuriD,eitl)er \})it}^ pan,
feafon,oj fome touo cimbalXtie^ alfo foUoU) t^eir bing to^i^
fbcr focucr be tabetb bis fligbt , twtio being toearte , anb not
furtb rr able to ale , tbc^ carr\? iim among tbem.
Mberfo;»e t^at tbe bmg ma^ not often attempt foat^ Ijoilft
tbe kungs of t^e Uings bebjofeen ot; tobtcb feeling bim-felfe
tljus tiep^iuet) of bis \jjings,U)il not after attempt to flie fojt^
of bis bounDs,but remaining ail U)itbin,toill caufc tbe ot^er
515 eesto abioe continually tuitb tjtm, not leaning tbe l)iue at
anp time after* SEbcr alfo baue counfcls pjinilr , anb rulers
among tbem. 0nD as Ariftoile oeclaretb t&e lloees to be tbe
cleanlteft among all otber beans, becaufe in Giving ab^oabe
fbcglbeotbeir Dung from tbem, left an^ fauo^o^ ttinfeeofi
tbcir bung be felt in tbeir cottages o^ boles. Jf tbefe l»anf
|)on^ at m^
time>t^en bo t^t^ eitl;er bill o; o^ine quite atuai;
tbe b;jone 515 ees.
Ofthem.irucllousgoucrnmcntofihcKing of Bees , and of
the obedience which they vfe to hina. Chap. 8^.
Nature ^att) not onelp committee ber latx^es to bcDbs,t|)0
iD^icb men ma^ learne bp , but batl) erpecialli? fet fo^tij
conditions $ properties , as fo^ an eirample of tbe libe bf tbe
^^Sjtiibofe bings foi ooubt of reuenging baue bp tbe paoui*

Dence of nature noaings io^erebp is tcbebnberftooMbat


liingsruling in pDloer,tb;ougb tbe lacbe of tbeir^

be b^ tbat meanes t^e Rob>tt to burt ano offer reuengement»
^ct fomeaffirmetbebrngsto bane f!ing0,butt^epruppofe
tbem not to bfe ttietr llings.^nb of tbis Phny mabetb a oaut
&]).$t^ir t|)e bins be armeo as oJtlier Tl§^$, o; lacbet!) a aing^
The firft Treatife. y
afflbic!) Columella paf tet^ oat of ooubtjlbaitmg of ([je king,
t&at l?e tiat^ no Cing, t)nU£{ anp pci!)aps tbmb: tl)at big Ijcaij
(a0 it lBere)tol)ic!? t^c king carictl) In I;i0 bcll^,(o be Ijis fiing
Ijpitft tbe U)|)tc& tljei? ^^^ at no ixxaz to aing oj btart ant? boD^

2Cb«£p feing oncli? uoc Bees rcucrencc ano honour ,tnfi?cl)

fo2t,t{)atan^ of tbem t5 obeDicnt an?) tjcr^ rcaorc to Doe
UJbatfocacrbsaHignerfjt^em tnto* ^IfotbtsobcDienceanD
fermce tnljic^ tbc^ t3fe to tbcir feing,tf?e\? doc not t^ie fame fo|
fears of puni^n?.ent, but onelp of a !oue Ui|)(cb tljep olueijiif
tobjnr* flEJse^pttniit^ oneanotber in fuct) fo;t, tl)at after
t^eirllingsbe loU , tbcp Die fo.:t^tDtt^* AriflotlctDaitcH^of
eujo tnaner of feingsabc oncfas be aafirmettjitc be reo,UJt)fr&
lie mogctb tljc better : tfje otber feing tiacfee cfcolour , li bicii

l^e confefetb to be leHcr of boD^: xet bolDfocucr tbe tiiirge be,

fftepare notUjitblfanomg farre bigger of boo^ tbcntbel)o^
It)? ^ee£f,anD bane a bngbter f goolur bcao t^en tl^e otbcr

3l50B£f,^et l^oatsJr U)ing0, &>otbattbcirUing createo among

t^em,goetS not an^ time fo;tb of tfje Ijiue^toitbcuf t^e tobole

fujurme follots !)»n. fTbe hing flping fo^tlj of tbe btuc at an^
timcjtbe otber folio to bim in fucb foUtbat eacb couct to flte

iiert^im,anO!op£tl) to be fe^n of tfjefe^ngstt ofHcetano iM^er^

fc euer tbehing fctletbrcSetb bi««>tbere be otljcr bcespla.^


ceo li^e arong tjo'on 0^ caaieis about ^fm. about tbe ^tng aU
(0 be placeD rertam ruter^^tubic^ ioatt tpon bim b^ oailp au^
tbo:itte,3f an^ bapnetb ( as \»;jitctb Plmy ) to baeafte off tbc
l5ings rtsbt UJing^tbenfi om tbc feinc^
tjuil not tbe ficarm after

Depart,<^st!)eUfeeU)a5 retjcarfeu before* ^cfioes tbere,tbe

beefli bans a ntarueilons o^oer among tljcmnf tbeir king bsp^

pen to Dte,tf)e)? U)til bttterip mcurne fo^ bi£( t)eatb,ano ro;^ t^c
lacfeeofan otber, 30 fucb li3t)ub cannot be guioco anoruleJ
iuitbout a fjing among tbem: ano tbus tbe^ be vx contuiuall
mournmg : &otbat (fo^tbetime) tbe^carrigno ftoDemto

tbeirbtues,no;3tefo^tb) butiutt^afaDoebevna^ttng ano

liummtng after t^ietr Hing , tbe^ {)eape tbttke togetber aboaC
!l)eoeat) bots^, anD Ijnleffe another femg encrealctlj bi> \iU
tieano little among tt)em , tbe^ ote toitb banger^ SLbetr
Sing iatourct^ not^ but as tbe ottier flte fco^t^ ; %it in t^e
S3 b 2 meane
8 The right ordering of Bees*
tnean&time(asanertMer) mouet^anD eHcouragefKor
toarD Ctters one to W tooafec, b^ ^is flying about intjc

What kind of Bees arebeft^^c rather tobe chofen. Chap p.

M. Varro
1^ potRtjf

Defcribe tbofe bees

true fenotoleoge of
fo^ t Jefc,tjoti)

be bed )a)W^ be of Cmall booie m^

to ,

timers anu rounD,becaufe tje^ be cacncft in labo;j, anD mabe

a t^inl)cni?,ano better inoure labour, anbgattjertljeirbon^
onbils:buttl)etoojfer bas gather tbcirfjoRnoftbegaroen
flotoacs onl^,U)bicl) be fomU^liat long of boo^, Ufee to toafpg^
Virgil ooetl) efpeeialli! comment) tbe Tmall bees5bctng fome^
ijDbat long,ligt)t,ani) cleanly in tbeir bnfinelTejano gltttermg
likegolo: anotlje greater anorounuer bee is DifcommenDcD
cf al Uj^iters.Qltbougb tbe fierce bees are ber^ ill,ret ts t jieir
trefulneffe a note of tbe better bees , tobicti raais eafil? be ap#
peafetib^tlieDatl^ banting among tbem : fo^ift^e feeepers
t!oe often ^anoletbe^iues, t^enooet^e^ become gentle in
(boat time* ^^t bees alfo inoure, if tbet> be tiiligently lodbeo
tnto/o J tbe fpace of ten ^eares^f be^onu tbis age no ftjoarm
can patTe^alt^ongbt^e heepersfuppl^ tbe tiiues ^earl^lDttlj
^ongbeesintbetteauoftbeolooeaD : foaint^etentb^eare,
in a maner,b\? tbe gcnerall ceatb of tl)em,tbe bniucrfall btno
tiiue is tben confumeo. ^nb tbcrefo;e tbat (bis
of tbe tobole
ma^ not bappen tttoaotp ail tbe btucs in tbat place, ^on mud
alioaicsincreafe^onr t)tues tottbrongbees, tobicl) Diligent^
!^l)iue in tbe fpaing time, oabeginningof^nmmer, tulien
astbeCtoarmesbefiraano neU) tbauHfoatb of tbe i^imsx
I to ma^ tl)e number of ^our biues be increafeo* ^gain^fome
tojif e tbac in ttft countre^ of Pontus , tbe bell b^B be to^ite,
bccaufe tl)e^ giue tbcirreeloof bon)? tlnice in a monetb* 3nO
Guihelmus de Conchis affirmetb , t^t bed bees to be about
Thermedoone in Capadocia, abtoing altoaies in t^e eartby
foitbattbofeooebutio anbmabea triple ^eelD of Ijoape, and
giuealfo moll abunoance of tion^. %^t afoaefaiD Varro
aifirmetb>t|)ofe bees to be in t^ealtt) > U)]^icb often bespe and
be in ftoarmc togetber,tbat be cleandp,an0 can do tbeir bufii
nes ano U)o;be alibe^ and tS)at quicke anb ligtit in t^e fame,
ThefirftTrcatifc* S
being neitljcr|iairi!,no;foalc ofboO]?, o; appearing imOie;
fucljairoasbcnotoucr-cleaneofbeDp, no^tt)at outofan^
of tbeir cottages; no Dcao bees be carrieo : but tl)e contrari^ to
be bot^ cuill antj Unprofitable* Palladius oeclarett), t^iat t^e

beft bas mai> be fenoton b^ tt)e fulncs ans cmptinefi of t)^zit

t)eirel0, fo^ if tbebiues be full, ttien tbofebas ooett)^abea

comment) : if t^el)ioes be nottjingfo full fiaffeD, t^ofebas

Oot^ ^e greatli? tiifallotDiano be aUo paaifet^ t^ofe bees totiicft
well 0.: palTc otber in tbe louOnelTe of bumming, ojooe
abouno in tbe great fjant of tiieCtoarme , not b;oug6t to tbe

Siues from far places fo tbat t^ere ma^ be fuc^ agreement,


tbattbeg be not after feareu atoag \x^it\^ C^enetones of tlje

aire ano place*
where the hiues of Bees ought efpccially to
be placed. Chap. lO.
ftotle toillet^ tlje Ijiues of bees in f ^e winter time to
placcD in a loarme place, f in tt)e tiot feafon of fum^
mer in a colo place.Palladius Rutihus in bis firft bcofee of |)uG»
baiib^I? teacbetb, tjiattbefitteft place fo;j bees, is tfjat U)t)iclj
ts in a (SarDcn, not far, o; ratber neare to tbe oujncrs boufe,
l0i)ic|ib^tbat meancsftttfcretlinottbe toinoes ,no;ittieac#
telle of tbiefeso;bealIs : tubicb alfo nourifltiet^ trees groto«»
tng of ttie j^o^tbfioe of ti^e place, frjet etter to t)efenD tbe colD
aire from t^em, anb cUare fp^ings oa fatre riuer loater run^
Columella tDiUcfb (Ije btues to be fctopentotoaros tJ^z
fecut^, far from noifeanb bant of people o.j beads, neither
in a bot no; colo place,foj eitbcr of tbefe do moled ano barme
t&ebees. Mo
tbat tbe Jiuesaano in tbefaottomeofataU
le^.o; if not fo polTible , tben placeo neare to tbe talleg , tbe
better ancealierfo; tljebecs tob^tngttieir fooo gat^ereoto
tbeirbiues*,anoinan^ cafe far from arncfeingpuDOles,biti?
c^es,bung-b«apes,an0 fucb lifee filtb^ ftincfecs,U)bic^ greats

l^annopano endamage tbe bjss being neare banD to t^eir

Ijiues* M. Varrotoaitinginbisffecono bmUetjntoatiuftDife

of tbe Countr^,tDilletl) alfo to fettt)et)iues clofeto tier Joufe
ano i^noer fome fteb,ano tbat farre from t^c noiCe of fo;mcs,
S5b 3 to!)«!j
I o The right ordering of Bees*
tD^ic^ 10 meant from a $rone oatuoo^^lcH tl}6?dU) t^c iuooo
0^ grctte nere ^anOjtl)e fame ma^ %mz a foancing noife, !t[^c
f t^at lDl)tcl) men commonl)? name c^c (Sccr o, \X)6icl) founo
in l3er^ oeeo t^e Bees bo greatly ljate» Virgil is? tiict^ buf^i?
trees to be planted ano ttand rtg^t before t^m bmes, (i^e as
tl&c pear free ts, ttje ^eacft- tra, t^c £Dafe-tree , man^? ^iwts

ofappie treesjt^c 3Strc& tree, i^oll}? tree, tlje Jap-treealfo,

wot allotottj fo;r t^eir goooncs , but becaufe ttie fame QWtt^
oat niucb bon-pjanD al ot^er trees tobicb beare no bitter fioiu^
crs. ano ^e\uiUct^t^efe plants ano bearbcs logroVoneare
^simyHs ttje Kofemarr,t^e r£B ano Damaffee Mo(c,tbe tu^ite
Htll^jtbetaioletSjtbe jFloto;^ oeinccjtbe ^>gar.p,tbe2Lmie,
t\)t running 2n^me,tljc &aueri>i fteeet ^ario:amg , t|):e ^aU

fron tlotoae,tD&ub colour etb t^e bon^f mabet^ itfmdftueet,

t^e beane flotojes, tbe pmt\$ beane floluKS , tt)e i:p dltloe
eotu|cs,t5e b^rbe jlBalme tbe lDl)ite ^oppp fioU)jes,tbe ^ e^
toni? fioU?.:cs, tbe ^o;age ana ^ ugloUc fl U};cs, ano man^

otberflueet anDU)bo(fome^ou^?tsnott)^re namco. Tduii^z

5i5ore- tree,tbe ^aflrufec tree, tbe 2Dcg oj Catte.i-tree , o; at;
feme fuppofe.t^e long ano titeCberrp tree,t^epgreaUrb^t0,
foatljattaSmgofttjc flotUKSOtanpof tbcfc, t^jc^ Die fo;t^#
iuitf!. Varro Ujillctb ftanomg U)a crs to be ricre tbctr Ijiur s,
anofo(^aUoU),tljatfui^Uftoncs tb.:otJDne mto tbem, ma^
appeare abouetbe toater^tof^rue m 0eaD of bnb^es toa tbetr
5ft£nrecourfetintotbem, anotbattbcv map aptlplfretc^
tbeir toings ab^cao on tbe Hones at tbc beat of tbe fun. E|)0
fianOtngfo^ i^tucs ougbt tobrctbaee fcote oidant from tbe
grouno, ano mttil^ doppro about uutb reoD^ clap, left ticr^
mmsano mtce creeps mto tbebiucs, ano fpoUe tbe ^cnf
C3mbs*Ebebmcs alfo ougbtto befetattttlc afunocrtbe one
from tbeotbcr, Irft bi> loobmg into tbem, vc*u (^abe one anOi»
t|)erbp flcaumgtcgetber , anolo bifqotet tbe lI5eesnertto,
Ijuljicb feare .ill manner of Ojabing, left tbe fame tb;GU)e
tiovxviie tbetr torafec \r cjfces ot U^are. ano tbe moutbesof^bl
ougbt :o ftano fomctrljat Ueepcr tben t^t bacfe partleffi
rainebeat ngtn , migbtnotltgl^tlprun out agamcbp tbetr
cntrso^|icle;f6^rcmcb^ofi{)eU;i}ut)^ tcmemake acouero^
ThcfirftTreatife. Ii
uer ttidr WcMz
hcttct to beep o^cbe foule toeaf ^er. 0nO no
tnancr of ^eat fo mucl) |)urUt|) t^em a£s Doet^ bitter colo^ito
fo^t^idt^e facets of t)tae0 ougtitto beui t^e winter totoacD
tt^e nltngoftt)efun, t^atttiebeesma^dfo rccetuet^eUiarme

comfort tn t^c moaning commmgfoatl) , $ be t^e Uuelienfo;

colD Dotb caufet^emto beflaggt^ v ano fo^ ttjat caufe tiieir
^ole5 oust)t to be t)err narrolu , t^at as little coio an t6 polR^
ble ma^ enter intotbem) and fo ttarrol]3 maoe tliat t^e llBees
U>itl)(iimaprecciue t!ie entrg but of one Bee at once: foa bg
t^at meaner can neither tfje 5i5atle,Butterflie, noa great
tnot^ enter to annost^em> Ii5enoe0,foat^dr often recourfe
l^ome , Varro iDtllct^ to mahe t^o o; t^;ii commtngs tnt0
What things bees do chiefly abhor,or greatly hatc.Cap. 1 1.

T3 bmM t!)at( nameo i^t (£cc^o )bngratefuU oa mac^

tl)em,t^^ougb ti)e
as Pliny \oiittt^ , ootlj
Grange founo rebonnotng againe, ano t^e
greatly feare

miH aifo ooti) mucl) moled ano trouble t^emtb^nos^tfj e fpm;^

nert|.:ong^ ^er l)i3ebt)angingooU)nebefo^etl)et)tue,and t!)e.

fluggifl) )15utterflte(tDbic& Plmy namctlj oit^on0;able)are 2.

loaien peQtferou0,a0 tlie one iDl^en t)e fpoilct^ t^e loa^e^ana
Dungetl) \xiitW tt)t l)iue : ano ttje ctt^er baeeotng magotg 0^

little luo jmes Vuttbin tlje comb£i,2Cl)cp greatly Ijatc oplejlibe

d0 al t^e ktnt}0 of ot^er bees; oo,ano a amhing faaocir) Uigtct)
euioentl^ appsaretf) b^ tt^athino of bcrb^ nameo muglpo^t^^
ti e fame is of a fitrange
lo&tcb tlie^ efpectaU^ Ijate , becaufe
0incketotl;em« i^^e$}o;netsairooft!)elikero;tcrea(l, but
bafer of biabe, tbsg greatly? feare , fo) t^at to tl)0 |io;ncts ti\z
i)oni2 Bees are afpectali foo:alfo ttie^ be meat toflualiot&es^
to rparro\JDS,and to aUottjcrfmall biros*
SCDe frogs alfo t^c^ do greatly feare,tDt)tc^ onlp lie in tnait
fo;t^em,botl)in^ari(]^cs9 running fpaings, C^allolju toa^
ters,ano little Ditches : ano lifetctoife tlje toDes ooe lie in Ixiait
foa tije bees,to6ic|i oeftro^ mawi of ttienu ano tl)e l^eepc Doe
greatli? trouble tliel^onij Bees, iffobet^e^ljappen to fall
0^ IJgljtinto t^e Uiooll oftljdr backcsjoutof uj{ii{|^ t^eg can^
not eaS!^ uiino 0^ get t^emfelu^s agaiHCf.
il The right ordering of Bees.
0HDtfan^|)appen to hoiUo^Utt^ Htuer CreuilTeiEt (o;
$&ea Crab0) neare to t^z timet;, atiD t^at t|e bee^ feele t|e ra#
aoj t^ereof,t&e^oiefo?ti)U3it&*
By what fignes men may know when the hony bees are dif-
cafedjand how men may cure them. Chap. 12.
a rpeciall argument ano note t^at bag are otfea^
T9t6 t£i

reD,tf tbat t^e^ fcattertnis int})t (tuarme,

flte t^e^ bap if
not ttietr proper coloar^bnt be ( a0ttU)ere) ofa grange and
contrary colour, If tbe^ alfo are oner leane, if t^e? appears
Dufl^^anD^air?, ano t^at out of t^eir cottager beoeaobeeis
carter t})mtt. Wi^m all tfjefe noted anD fignes are efpieo in
tbeba£i,ttt£ft^en tiiQp time to fecbe remeiip fo; t^tm,Utt
tielpe(b? longer running) be fougtjt too late» C^erefoae Pal-
ladius tDillet^ to
minider tbe bernels of ^omegranet$,b;ut^
feo ano mtreo tuitb ftoeete ano pleafant tptne , ant) tbe famt
potD;eo into c^annel0 0^ gutters of balfe canes , fet neere to
tbe mouC^eti of biues: 0; bon^ Ipitb Hofe leanes toell braten
togetl^er^aniJ fo miniftreo to tljem : 0; tbe berries of tbe ^ar#
nicetreebauifeo,anDmireoiuttbbo"r: anofoalac&e oftjefe
Ijelpes, a man ma^ mabe a fmobe of D;ie ^©re oi Coto oung,
t0bicbfntobemucbtJeligbfetb anocomfoatefb tbcm, fo tftat
tbe fame be often tjfeo tnto f
arucil* llBut if tbaougb tiie
^aggDtiBi 0^ little too^meiE; of buttcrfiics; tbe ba5 be olfeafcd,
Rutihus tben iuOgetb it bed ,to fet a bjajen CanDleCicbe , 0;
fucb lifee taelTell , ioitf) ligbt burning in it at (Euening toitbiii
t^t^iut, tbattotljefameligbt ( tbe buttereies gathering,
anb flying about ) ma^ fo fall ootone tnto iU ano be bearo^^

Ariftomachus to;itet|,tbat t^e bifeafeb b&s mai? be reco^

uereb in t^is maner: iftbatalltbe corrupt combe li^itbintbe
|)iuebetabenfe;itb,an5freftf(DD anetopntinfoa tb^^Ne,
ano tbe biue after fmobeo \s)itl^in, aifo be afFirmetb tbaf ,

i^ofemar^ fonoen loitb toater ano bon^ tegelber^ ano being

colDpotJo;ei3 into balfe canes oaeloeratcbsmabebolloto libs
gutters^anrj tbe fame fet bp tbe mcuttics of tbe biuef , fo; tt}z
bastoD3infeeDn,i)0t6recoucrtbebcKy againe, Hyginiusaf^
firmetbitbat either o?e 0; mans b;tne fet in libe manner (atf
• Tlie iiid TrcMt! fc. Ij
^bciic faiD ) It? tticmouti)?s ctt^tl)mtB , tcct!} nlfc racucr

tl?e imiR tl)c tmpcr cf tbc tec do,

DtfcafcD bees* jjioU) al ttjcfc
ijeljtc^ i£i fcotlj fobtr anD c^attc , nn^ fccDct!} not tpcn iclji;e

nicat5,Ho;» filtjj^ o; tlrongoffauoar,noj anp fait njcat^*

WhatmancrofperfonthekeeperofBeesunghttobe.C 15.
Tl^c hmM
tiiat tJjev? niuclj all kt^v l^infec ariD
tepcr of tijnii (0 cfcljcU) Dl;j
fKid^SjP.iliadius l»ii(etlj tljc

ligcntl^ all (Irong antj ill cne alfo tljat tjc^

fmclitng faucuris ,

lig^tet^ to be c^atte of botjp^anD free from filtljtnc^jamcnga

tljclc not b;:cat|jtng folp;tlr50? of a 0infeiKg b^catijjtiot fujra^
ting,no^ fauoatng ef fii)cat,not one bcUms of iDUhc!^ ccnotti*
ctiByO^ furl) a pcrfonas HanDing among tljc figljt of tl)c hcts^
Dot?) not carmilli? nicne m'O paocmc them to 612 to f im^o^ ag
one aingso entJiauoureif) to ticfcnD tjimfelre from tt)cm : but
rat&cr as a flatterer among t)is arquamtanceano iljilD^en,
ijat^learnetJtointrcatanD pleafetyebceBbp a mo;ie gentle
manner* il)ealfol3)5}icljnunt)eti)to IjaucinareaDines, t[)e

Ijiuefiitol)f0l3fe, mtoi^ict) i)e mavrecetucfo^t^tuitl) t^crnDe

i^out^ of t^e fluarmes, foa fo^it^toitl) iU\)2'2 be not Dtltgcntl^
p^eferueo tl^c^Sie quite alua^ attijefuUl^eatof tbefun.lSut
loiD ttiefe \)mcB ougtjt aptli? to be pjeparetJ,C^all Ijcreafter be
tangt)tintt)e foteni^ Chapter. 3if tlje S>oare bees be oner
man^ in t^ie liiue^anD tljat ^eu IpouIo glatil^ rio tt)em fo^tl),
tljen 00 on t^is maner: firft tafee ants plucke off t^e iuings of
one cft!)ofcSDo?rebee^,antJ put into t^e t)iue, auD inconti^
ncnt tlje ijonii bees cfpping t^e ramejU)ill fall tjpon t^e ofljer
H)o; i!50es,anODot^ hill ano D^iue tl)cm quit aloa^*
By whatfubtilcaieanes, thefwarmes being comefoorth,
maybeprcferuedfrom flying^quiteavvay. Chap. 1 4.
PAJiadius in W
fercnO boke U);jitet[), tljat ttjt ftnarmes of
t^c ^onp b0:0 flte aU3a^ efpedaUp in t|)e monctlj of June:
buttuit^bs tl)efiim0 oftnerljapnetljintljemonetljof^ap,
as l)at^ beene noteD b^ funD;i? Diuers times, cfpedaii^ if ti)c
^ong bees befounD ano l)cart? toitliin tl)el)iues. Eljerefo^e
t|)0 fecBpcr muG, Diligently iwU to tbe tjiues , anO at no time

be ablcnt,efpeciallp U)^en tl)c ^cngbeesincreafeanQ abeunD

in t&c {?iucs,fo^ if t^cp be not t}^tn tmM\^ IcdUco tnto anD ,
i4 The right ordering of Bees* 1

(faicu bt t^^ tJtligence ef t^t fe^eper , i^t^ all flie quite atoa^*
5Fo; fucl^ tsttje nature ano p^opcra'coftScbfies, f&at a^Qone
as t^c toarme or t^^t potig bef s are b;cD U)itl) tbe feingsi, and
t^at tl)c^ be arong f able to flic atoar,tt)cn as DifBaining tfce
fu)artr»s of tb^ o'^ ^^^^sb, t\}t^ fcefee tbe moje goucrnmcnt«f oj
tbs^ be fctcl) Itudig tbings as ueligbt to rule alon0,nof feUiiig
aiDe oit ccunfel of tfje clucr bees : i tbcrcfo^c Do tbe neU) lyings
file fo^t^ luitt) tlic ^ong ftoaniis fslloloing t^emj W^tl)
to; a

Da^ o; tUjo S^ing, rcmaineijeaping tcg^tber be^

befo.:c tljeir
fo5 e tbe nioutJ)S of tbe l)iucs,f rtgbt ^noer t^e t)iucs fo f bat ,

bp tbcir coming fo^tb,! ticaptngtii fuel) o^Der^tbet! p^opcrSs

HfeciB tljc 0£lire of a netx) place, anD b2 as ^ct tontenteb to re«j
main tbcrabcut,tf t^ie fe^pcr paouitie fo^ tbem a fit place,215ut
tf tl)c^ bg not Diligently rcgaroctj, tljen (as it bocre bi' an m^
turi? rec£iucD)tbcu fccke a uelu placc^Co pacuent tbisjet tl)e
l^eepcrloDkc ctrcumfpcd:lv totbel)iucstntt)cfpjing time^a^
boat ibe eigbt boare of tbc Bag^toben tbc fiuarms arc not ^ct
flolucn a\juav) tljat be mai? tbe biligentlier niarhc anb fee tl)6
filling out ano commirig in of tlje ^ong bees*
^oU3 tbc rcatJtncs of bees in flping aty ap, in fenofenc tluo
ioaif s: jf irtt,tut)cn fo; certain nates befoje^in a maner at tlje
fetting of tbe feun, tbe\^ abunbantl^ gatbcr on a beape vigfjt
before tbc moutb of tbc i)iuc,Ulje great clui!ersofgraps,anD
Vang togetber one tpon anotber:tbc other noteis,tbat lubcti
fbc^ be niinticb lyitijin tb;(sbaies after toflieatua^' , t^i^
nmljeasniarucilous aiioifc anD fiirring to % fro U)ttbtn tl)C
biucs at foulcifrs at an alarmc tuitbin a Calllc,
lubicb^cumaucani|!fenoU3 (t!}isreatJincs of tbem) tftbat
foulat?teurcarctocacl;^iur. 2ntJ tubenfomcof t^eiSeeiS
arc floloen a^a^ , tbcn uoc t^otc toatlc fo;^ tl^t others , fentill
tvit lijbole fiwaruie be come togetlien Co fecep if as from fis#

ing ati3a\?,Plniy tf acbctlj in iht 1 1 .b®hc of bis jpatural i^U

0o;^,tbat tbe biucs ougt^t to be nointeo about buttb ttjc iuicc
0f tbe I;erb0)i5almc.3lfo otber affirraCjtbattbcfluarmcDot^
fettle ano Cai! againe , tb^ougb tl)e onel^ tlj^oboingoffine
Dua on tljem^if fo be t^e fame be tb.aotocn on ligbt , ano tijat
mix tt)$ 5i5*s, ^ome otljcrs affinne, tjat t^e )S<xsUuU not

iTIiefirATreatife- I^
fKe alua^ if tje
uung of a firS calfe of anr coIxj be fmcarei) a^
boutt5emoutl)05of tjtues^Piiny tojitctl), tljatb^ tljc onel?
feinotng ^ frc(^ iD'ottc Inac (running in Ijctigcs ) rounD nbant
tije bouifiS cf ^tucfii, it l!ai£ty tljc toaimc from
a^tng ateap*
Of the Bees new fctled in a fvvaimc together, and taken or
recouercdagaine. Chap. 15.

W^cn t^£ h^Q are nob) in a tumult in i^e aire^lr ^'0^0

U3tng fine cartl) on |)ig& oner t\jBhks, Q^ ringing a
barono^Uettie,t!)cpb£U)itl)tl}e l^atU foani3 aaonicD , t^jat
t^e^ mag t^e fancr fettle oolcn nearc t^t fee£pcr,tol)tcl) if tl}e
fet^tlicn U)itti a Ojarp falu , gently fato tjiat off f !a^ it on t^e
groano , anD fpaoii^ feta Ijiuc en tlje fame p;»eparet5 foj tijat
pnrpofe:fs;bi>t^atmranes(li3it&cut Doubt jl^lUtbeUiSoIc
ftoarm flie t)p to t^e top ano ^cao of tfje ftfue,^ct it ottm 6ap^
netl),t^at tbe^ 00 not Id'^oIi? cleauc on a Ijeap to tljt b;jatu5 of
a tree , but to tlje flocfee 0^ bou? of tl)e tree , iDljit^ to be cutj
mud be bp great fo^ce,anO fo not able to be rcconcreo bi? tl)i0
meanji.Sln fuc^ a cafe ttje ftuarmc mud be quicfeli? ftoept or,
either toit^ t^e ftauD^o; tott^ a (^©fe fcing, t^at t^e^ mar fo
fait togetbcr into f tie t)tue* Ulft&eftoarme happen to be tlu^
CreD togatljer on tlje top of a tree, fo Ijigti tljat t^ei? cannot be
cltmeo tinto , to tafeetliemoolsjnetben, after iftaWng of

tljem into tlie Unz ( f urneo ijp ) either luttb a pole , oj big^
fo^fee,tt)e^iaemua fpeebil)? beturneo ootoncto t^eeartli*
auoiftljei?bebuttbastabcn o^ reconcreD , get if tlje feing
ll^aU be cm in tbe l)iue, t&en Dotb tljc fltjarme fiie in
UJliere it^z remaine not, tben ^ill none of t|)c f uiarme abtoo
in tlje Ijiae but flie f o^tljtoitl) into tbe former place* Mljere^
f o.2e tbat tbeg mag be moueD to abio c, gon
mud tben fp;infel0
tbebiueU)itt)liiatcranD^ongt0gct'c)er> anbccuer tbe fame
lT3itSinbaitt)greenejiiettle«, onatljcrgrreneifennell, c^
fome fuc^ fUjeete berbe, annointeD a little ivit^ Ijong, ano af:*
ter fet at t^e dSucning in tl)eir proper place, iFoa tlje l)ius

in t^e Dag time, afterttierecouerin6;t&uj5oftt)e)15ee0, mai>

notbeftircebt3ntiUtl)e(iI;ucning, t^at t^tHBm foquietlto
reSing ail ttjat nicfyt , ma^ in t^e ^o^uing cafil^
Cc 2
fo?f ^» m wur
IS The rigk ordering of Bees.
iiut fojt^^ce Dates together (in a mancr) mull t^efe&pcrUaiV
l\) loofectob^ttiertt)c rtoarme becpcttj beloto in t^c ^iuz , foj

if itoottijt^en arc tl)e bees piirpofcD to flic ali3a^«0nD if none

in tl)c t)iue,tt)cn befmoUc tl)c tiine tuit!) flayc, annt^e^ iDill
after enter in anu abiue in t^e }§mt : tofeictj fo (Jawing in tije
Igiuesjet atttiedguemngin ljisp;:opcr place, i^erslearnc
a further inllrurtion t^at
, if t\)z fujarme of ^ecs cannot be
gat^crcD am recoucreD foget^er all at one timt^ t^en mai?
\>Qti gat!)er ttjcfujarme at tvoo q^ mo;e times rogetbcr , anD

alluaies put eaci) part gatbereDt)nDcrtl)et)iae.31f it tiapnet!)

tl)at^onl)aue gotten tljc feing Iwitl) a part of t^e fUsarme,
fScnlniUall f&eotl)ersfoonecometot^e^iae (toit6ou(fur«»
fftcr traucll)of t^cir ob3neaccoio. Jftbc Bees bealfo entren
tritolbe^olloUjeofatrec, t^entotljc^oleU3l)tcl) tljegtfeto
go in ano out at ( 33 tlieir proper tjoo^e) feta prepares t)iae,
anDbeneattitlieir^oIe, nearctott)crooteanDbottome oftljc
fjollolu ( as ^ou can geOTc) bo;ie another big i)ole,tljat pe map
tuell put in a fmofee of b >tmftonc to tl)cm,lui)ic{i mai? fo caufe
all tljc bees to flie out at tt)eir l)ole into t^e l)tue , fct ouer t^e
W0utl)ofit:fojnobetterl3euicc o; inuentioncan beemaoc
in tljis matter, t!)enb^fac^afmofeemaDe, a'ft[)efameljGb
lo-ju tree bg fo f ^iUjt&at it mai? eafil^ be falueo afunocr, t^en
bcuc anD beneatl), ann after couering it ioit^ a cleane O^eetCj
far^t^c ftoarmc borne, toJicbateueningcouerUjittjaneU)
Jiae,fp;tinUleO toitt) toateranuljonie miyttoget^en iTo;fo
ti}c^U3iUtarr^tl)8tDillinglier, being aU{^afeenfo;t|jofttje
faoMeoftt)etree,anocouereD luit^t^etiiac. llScCiDes, t^e
|)earbe^ugli3o^t(iJDt)ic^ t^ebiesb^ anatmraliyatreDtio ab^
H^re)t)oeti^ cljafetf^em tuit^ tlie onel^fmell from place ta
Which are the beft and fitteft Hlues for the Ho-
rieBees. Chap. I5.
PAlladiiis lD;jitetb, tliaf ttje bed l&iues be t^ofe , tojicl) bee
maoc of tlje barfees ano ligfit coffees of trees,becanfe ttjeg
jbe neither tm colo in t^e winter time^no^ tco ^of in t^e S^um^

The firft Trcatife. ly
ntcr* 9nti of tl)is,t^ofe l)tucs toljicl) be loaongi&C ant) mauc of
t^G fmall £D(icr o^ UuiloU) (rcc , 05 of t&e tine QUhtB bnit to*
gerj)Er,oj cams cleft In tfje nuDlI ( Ijo&icl) be of liUe conoitioa
to tbe bart^e)li)^oug^t clofe together , nni3 KoppcD clofe about
toitl} fiocbs anD da^ tempered togctrier luitb toatcr ano fait,
nia\? aptli? (erne if t'cu XvilU llHut if neitljertif a;cfe fafl^ioncD
Ijiueslifee ^su , f ben map pcu mafee tbe bines of tbe toocD of

abollob3tree, o^ofligbtboacsmauefquare, antDftoopins

fomcbljat afo;je* %^t tuo^a biocs be tbofs tobicb be maoe 0^
turfcs 0: eartbjbecaufe tbei^ bcoucr bot in ttje^nnrnicr^anD
DuercolD in tbe tointen SCbcrebcctber (luo fetuDs of biue^f,
ait fbe one mabeof D^ic baro colw Dung,ano tbe otbcr of tilc0»

£Df l3)bic^ t\t^t one botlj Celfus rigbtlr f onoemne , becanfe t^c
fame is fo ligbtli? burncb:anD t^t otber be allotoetb^altbcugb
Ije Bifi'embletb t^^ fpcciali commobtti? of it, bccaufe t\\t fanf*,
if noeo requtret^^cannet eaOlp be remoucu ano caiico into a*
^otber place*
^noamangtljefe, 3|fupporeourfo;jmeof ^iufSijcere in
(a;nglanti5arc not altogctbcr to be bifaliobaeD , altbougb tbe^

beinlifeetinngcrtobce eaSl^bnrnco, a£;t5cotl)£ii)iac!6a^

bone taugbt , in tbat tl^t^ be mane \))it\^ llraU), ^ ut to be
b;iefe , foa a great ftuarme i^ou ougbt to fjane in a reabines a
great biuc^anti foj a fmall flu^nne a little }^ivi^* £nD tbe l^iuz
alfo ougbt to be a foote anb a Ijalfe , o^ itoo foot bigb? nnfi in
b^eabtb abouc tfeuo foot ano n ^dfe^o; fonulc^at larger: ^a^
King beaoes tliio tserp fma!l ano narrcU} bot^^^jfcmclubat a^
funber,anD fo little ougbt tbe moatb^ to be, tbat neitber boe^
tlg,butterflie,great motb,b«mbIebeeg,C'aet, m^ moufe niai?
enter in to fpctlc tbe Ijonp c ombe0, &ome fuppofe^o^ ratber
affirme of experience, tbat tbe ^ees are Ddigbteb liiit^t^tg
c!orene0,in tbat ttie^ mo;e top to so t|;eir \x)q;^$ ano buOnc^
mtbeuarfee t^jenotberUJife*
Of the cleanlineile and fweetnefle of the keeper of Becs,and
how Bees ought to be fenced about,and prepa-
red within. Chap. 17.

Ti^e keeper ofb40,k)l)ub minuet?) to !janbleanb!a}b info

iiineSjOug|){ t^z bap before to refraine tlje ^eneriall ^ct,
€t 3 not
iS T3ie right ordering of Bees.
tiotaperfenfcarcfull, nejcommingto t^e ^tnetDit!) t)nfeaif
0)00 anD face ariD one Ibat o«st)t to refratne in a ma/
Ijantijy :

Rer frcim all fmellmg meat 6, pouDcrefi meates^fmo msatt? 5,

ant) all ot^er mcarg tt)at isoe ainc^c, like a^; t^e Leehe£( > tije
;^nion0, t^0 (^arli^e, a»D fuc^ UIKe^ U)^tcl) t^e llB^rs grcatlie
ali|)o^r0:bc(:De0;to be tbcn Ctuat of boD^jCleanUe tn apparcU,
nitni)ingto(CHie1}ntot^0tr|)ttte£(, fo^tnsil cUanltnelTeanD
toestncsttjclo^saremuctJOeligbtcD. ^oUj tl)Ufiip;cparcD5
anD tn a reaDiniCTe , t^pon t^e i)tueis drd of tljc lIBeeis , about
the8.0.J lo^oatorapatU bcmgtljtnadeareaRD fcuarmia^,
ans purge (fje 6mci5 of al fad; Slt^ U)^ict) is gat^ercei tn t^em
alU^eteint£rbefo;je,ltoa$^piUeri8tu£bs, ii^^ulj ou^^f e^
fpcnallig to be U)ipe?i atua^, feccaufe tljc)^ corrupt t^e combg t
not bjitt) ^anus.but U)it^ a Cafe totng, tlje fame cugl?t to bo
Done* 0ftcrtl)at, t^el)meoug^ttobefmo&eDlutt;)£)]C0o;
ColD t)nug,foa in tl)at (a0 it tocre bp an atinit^ of ttie fetnD)
teethe bees grcatli?tcl!gl;f. SL^e little toD^mcsalfo^vo^tc^
fomc name Cgaggots , tljat b jeeo tn tbe combes tlj jougt) t^e

llotoingoftljebuttcrfiics, ant) alfot^e butterflies cug^t to

be feilleu anD purgeo cut of t&e ^iue. gf ttje combes happen to
fail tbjougl) infection oa corruption in t^im, tljen mafee a
fmoke lstt|5 tbe D;^ tung ano marroliu of an ore o;j coUi, mixt
tGset|)er>t|)att^efaucprmsi?gotptofl3em, iD^icyfo? tljaC
time VutU cure t\}t toeafei combes, drengtf^en t^t HBees, ant)
raufetljemtoteojfeet&eluKurafterluart^* anftfrcmt|)ebei>
ginning of $©a^, tnto t&e lat of June , tl;e l^iues ougl^t tii\u
gently to be Icd^cd tjnto^tbat tfee rong ftoarms flie net atoe^*
^ilfofrom tlje tent^ofjune
tmto tbe tgntl) ofaugull , t^e

{)tues ougl)t to be opetieo noto ano tben , ano to bee fmo^eD

tDitlj fuel) li^eas afoae istaugbf*Mlju6 altljcugtitbe grte**

nous foj ttje time to bees,pet tbe fame iB tjerv Pi^ofitafclejanD

Hrengtljningtljem. ^ntjfromt^e beginning of t^e SDogge
Uates,t)ntot5eeig&feent|) of September, cugl)tf^cbe£S to
becarefulbtookcDtnto, ano oefenoet from tbe tioienceof
f tie Ijo^net bees , luljicl) often toait befoae ttie moutlies of t^e
IjiutB^to fct tjpon ant) eate tfje ^qii^ bees, iJolu t^e feeeper
in a faire ^unns ^i^^ ? oug^t to cleanfe tl;e ijiwes of all man^
ThefirftTrcatiTe* W
Iter anno^anccSj as befoae (s taugftt,ano ^iligcnt!^ f o Coppe
f|)c cliincUc0 ano clcftis about , Cautng tl)c moutljesof
l^iucs, lcitt)^);c lung aim cldT^mipeD together. anD tbiis

DugbttofaeDoncfo; ttooo? t^^ee Dates b£fo.:e t&c change of

tlje ^£Dnc,t{)e better to ocfcno ttjc butterflie ann otl)cr« from

me^tng inXije ^iues bcSoes oug^t to t)au0 ttoo big aicfecs

cleancfcrapeo, ano running a erode from Coetofioc, ano
fp^tnchlcD rounD about luitbiit lx)itl) ftucete ano plcafant
iDine, oj clfe ttjeHicfes to be &arD rubbco oucr Untb t\)t green
b^ancljes ofifeneU,o;ot[)er tocetefmeliingbcarbg^o; \x)it^
altttlebon^anoleautsof t&epear-trcetogetber , o^ U)it^

m bjancfecg of tlje berb SC^me fioU)^ing,o; &aucri?,o;^ mar^

io^zame^oj tbe Ijsarbe lI5aime auo ^on? togetber. ^ome mv

Couj mUU,oj iDitb toatcr anD bonu foooen togct&er^ano tbat

fonnchtcD about tuitbin tbe bine , tfjat tbe Bees mai^ be tlje
rafljeraaorooncrmooneo tatarrie ano oUjell aai in t^nt

How Bees lacking hony, may be fed m that

prefentneed. Chap. 1 8.

Becaufe t^0 boiacroufnes of tbe aire ootf) fomettme fon^

Srain tbe bees to abioc in tbeir Ijiucs^ano tljat tbc^ ma^
not onel^ f ccDe of bon^ > but at tbe rcfing of tbe cotiSeilation,
(nameDVcrgih.T)t^e^ma^befeDt)canDd;erit]^£0, ano tlje
fame Dene in i^is manner ujitbout great cod. ^s 6rll, if ton
take tbe number often figs , f^tbtngtbcm in mt pintes of
fatre ConDuit o; fp^ing tuater.t^nto a pint toafteD^l^bicb af^
fcr fet Oilons ODcef tbe \\m luitbin ? lading manrfmall
0icUesacreireouertbel{quo;, tbattbofema^fmic intteao
liquor iDitb^
of b^ioges, tbe apterfo^ tbcmtoD;inke of tbe
out DjolDningintbefame. ^tbcrs leiU to feet!) bon^ anD
fct at
loatsr togetbcr, anti ibc fame to be poU);ieD into Din)es
t^eg fine
tb^ one fioe of tbe tbe tobicb toill to r^ut car<»

tJ^D iDOjl^tbat tbe bets mai! tbe belter DainfeenoU) anotbcn,

anb be not clo^eD \3)ii^ tco muclj Dain^tng of tbe lico^,b^ l^b^
tinQ into iU £Dtbcrs take figs anD raifons, beating tbem

boiiingtljemtn tije to^t iiq.uo; namcb €ii\^tey

* after
2o The right ordering of Bees.
tjjct? potoa^mto oiO^egjCouenngtt.c fam^fett!) oaten OraU^is
acrofife. C^tbcrsalfotuiUtctahe a little l}onr5 puttins»»to
tljcramc afclDoatecoanciJ, tl)attbebcesligt)tingcntl)cm,
inai>fofeccpetl)etrtoins0 fromU}ettingmtt)clcquo^ i^oVo
all (Ijefe mcanes map toell fufficc to cticnC^ anu feo tljs b^0
in t\)t tointer timc,!acl^tng tfeen fotj^fecing kt ncare Inito tlje

moutbes t/tueg.^otbatif alonger tungeroppacffcttj

f t)cm,tt)en toitt) tl;c VjiixtB fall bp tije cntrtng in, fet little gut^

UxB niaDe of Ijalfc c anei5,o^ great clDcr QiiktB cleft, into tl)c
polD^coftljcftjDCCte liquors abouetaugi)t,fo;bptfe4C

tticanesniai?i^0pbetDeU rccouerctianDftrcngt^eneO inline

Dccpc of iDintcr luljcn tl)eir foot) failetl) ibcm. feome tuill to

pnt frcC^ birt?5 clcane t^mt\, o^ tt)s ficft of a ^cn finclr l^jeo
into l^iucSjfoa t\)t bees to feet) ano fncfee Ijpon in tl)e betpe of
tnintcr : ant) gnc feattjers alfo tljc^ )xi\\ tomtit into t^e ^ine,
tl)at tl)ci? ^^V Siuc a Iparmtl) bnto tlje 5i5ecs i^ing in
i^cm* 2]nD put t^e meat of rottetJ c^iikens
otljcrg alfo toill to
into tl)cir&i«e5 to feeoe ant) fuefes tpon , anD not t|je bones
Initljal, left t|)c faucur of tlje bonees after t^c meate eate^n off,
migl)tannci^tl}cbecsb^!^ing l!iUuitl)cl)iues, intljattljep
fo grcall? ab!)o;'re all fctoac ano ttineUing fauo50» ^Ifo ttjefe
hii'ils of tlel^ as abouefaiD) may? luell fcruc b^es in
o^oereD (

a \im Summer, tD^cn as t^t moft fiolu;cs are t^en facieu o;

quite gone atoap* Ipere note^iljat in tt)e fp^iiig ano &imimer
tmt , tljc Bee biucs cug^t to be lofeeo tntc t^jicc in ttje nio^
netb.gcKtlp fmDUing t^e I15ecs to elcnfc tlje bine of all nianer
offiUl),antitotoeepc fo^tl) t^etoo^mes. Sno Menecrates
tDillet^ t &e deeper of bees to liil tlje feing blaife oft olo>, lul[)ict)
bp tJiiSinialicetJifqnietet&tljeotljcrfeing, anu co5riiptctl;tt)e
ljiiic,in t^at }^t ^itt^ cut alane505 tuit^ a ecnipani? of tgc bees

foUoU)ing:robi?t|)atmeans(as Virgil U)^iteiii)ftaUt{iebat^

PalladiusiD^itet^, tljattfecftoarmesbctncrcaret) intljt
nicnet^ of Sgap , anD tliat in il^t outmoll fiues of ll)e combes
be tl)e D^onc beeii b;jco,U)l)icl) ongtit to be feillcD, in that t^ofe
Doemuel; oifquiettlie reft of tlje (luarme, SEt^e butterflies
alfotioeabouno, tu^ic^^ee toilletl) mligcKtlp^ofeill, to;

The fii rt Treatife. 21

fl|£ir grcaf annoyance tjnfo t|ja l^ou^ Wks*
^bout tl)c beginning cfjpoacmbcr ougljt ttjc IjutCig ffjcn
to bee cleared of tljetrfiitt), fotljatalltljelDiiUcrfoUoujmg
ttje^map ncitlicrbec rcmouctj o; openeo : ^m
Vviis mn\>
not bee Done but in a luarme |2>unmc oai?. £Dt}c rcmbes
nia^notfaetonc^cotDitl; ^anDs ,but VdUi) tl)e fcatljers of
a Hiffc (Ircofe U)ing,o; Tucb biggc folDlc, 0ff cr tbat to fioppe
f&ec&mct?csrounb about iDittjiiDtc tiling ana daptinciiila^
boureo togetber, ann to la^ Cr aU3 tt)tcU2 ouci t^e tops ot ttje
6iocg,t[)c better to oefcnDtije )i5ee0fromtl)c coioe anDtemi>

How the dead Bees may be reftcred to

lifeagaine. Chap. ip.
l^eepev of usees ougl)^ to fo^e-fee ann tafee bdeDe ,
Tl^c tftat
t^OiBeeg pedfli not tli.jougb ousr ^xeat ?)eatc, 0.3 oner
mtgbtT! coloe. ^fatanrttme b^afuODatnel^otDjcintljereei
^tng fo^ fcDd.beea b^pp^n to be beaten Dotun, o;> ntppcD unttb
a fuODame colo(U)btcb ieloonie fo commetlj to paCTc tljat tlje
Ijon^ bees are foocceinetjjtbatljanneD iDitbt'oeo^ops, tbc^
liegrcueltnganQfiattpontljeeartl), as DeaD in a manner,
tljen gather fuel) bees tcgctbcr, putting tl)eni into Tome tj£f»
fell fo; tbe nonce , tobtdj after fct in a tuarme Chamber o|

parlour, ano coucr Uiaruie embers ( being fomelDbat moje

tfcen bot)on tlie Bees , Uiljtcb gently? C^afee tuitb tt)c at^es
feutinfuc!)fo2t tbat ^ou toucb them not Untb rowf banc:
ann fetting tbc^lBeesin tbe feunnc, anD neare tnto tbeir
t'rtnes, ttjt^ U)iil after rcrouer ant) die againe into tbeir cqU
Ofthebattcll thntBeeshauefometimeamongft
themfeUies. Chap. 20.
i^J Irgil U>)itctb,tbat li5ees fometimes mintjing to figbf,?io
V baftil^buracutof tbebiues, ano (as U)ere in ciuill
Ijatels among tbcmfelnes)i!o flgbt libe Grangers one agama
tbe otbcr,! fmitc eagerli? m
tbeir ftgbt one at anotbcr,tf fo be
one bine batb efpeciallv 2. feings bjetitjp intbe fame,tobicb
t$er^ l))eil ma^ be linolun,Uiben as tbe bicii cluHreD anD bea^
geD togetber^oo e):p;efento^rep;e(re(as ittoere}tbefoame of
3>o etoa
IZ The right ordering oCBccs^

fenotone,tD^tn in t^e atre is |)earD a great founu anD noifc a^

mong t^c bas , libc to tl)€ manner of trnmpctg U)biles8 tftci!
fiercely aixu crucllr fial)t together among ttjemfelucs, ana h\
t^iB bactcll ttjc^ glitter Iwitlj t^eir toings, O^arpentbe fiings
iDitl)tbcirbeafeC3, beareforfbtt)eirb;teaai5, ant) abontt^c
feingtbe^ gather anoftoarme ; fo tbat tbesl3ioatl;9itb great
noifc,flrtng ano oatl^tng togetbcr,anD tbat in beaps ^ ronno
compantc6 mireo o; iotjneo together , ano great is tbe noife
aiat)e among tbcm, iano to be (bo;t,in tlji£? Crong ano eager
battelUmani^ oftbem fall beaolongOotDne, ano tbat tbic^
tben balUdonct; to tbe grouno*^
Sije bings tbemfelucs in tbe meane thne fl^ingin tbe mi^
Die fronts,boe figbt Voitb a fierce courage toitbin tbemfelueff,
ano tbc^ are alfo fecne toaiebitber ano tbitb^r among tbick
^eap£tano floarmes of tbe bm (libe u& baliant Captains are
iDont to 00 in tbe time of a battel) U)itb tbeir gliSring Icings
ano beahe£i>bcattngooU)neof tbefu.'armc0 ,bcre ano tbere,
ano on eacb W^t oftbem of botb parts : fo tbat of tbemfeiues
not giuing euertbi^ eager battell, bntiil tbe one part fo;ceo
to Curne ^t bacbe to tbe ottier , ooe flie aloar toitb nft^itU
Xbcrefo^e tbat t^is boultfuU battell in tbe meane timt
ma^ be teafeo ano quieteb bettoeen tbcm, tbe toife p^adtfers
ijDtltbat tbe keeper of bo^s ooetla? ano appeafe tbis baoileof
tbcm,b^ V^t catting offine eartb ouer tbebees , labile tbe^ be
tbus figbttng,tubitb ( as tbe loife a^irme) of ei;perience ootb
fo;ttb-U)ttb pacifie tbe great Qomac^cs ano courages of botb
part£r« ^utiftbisauailetb notrtbenl;oitbbonie an0U)ater
loooen togetber, o; raifens in like o^oer , o; toitb ani! fwtttt
liquor fp;inkleo on tbem, ts tbeir furs appeafeo> tobi^b t^oetb
(as it toere) U?itb tbe pleafant (iDeetnes , quiet tbe irifulnelTe
of tbeioarrionrs,ano teitb tbe fame in tbis controuerOe tbei?
aremarueilouap appeafeo. Ilf neitber of tbefe remeoies ooe
fetpjeuaile, tben let t§e keeper marke oiltgentle tbofe bttB
ixibicb figbt in t^t front,ano bemotip eager Captaines ;» tbat
!^ema^biUtbemU^itbt);p.eoitimta fo;bstl)atmeanes> ano
ThcfirftTreatifc. 2j
toit^ tbt oiitt remeD»5 akouz f aus^t , tita^ t^tWttls m^
tiQi)t of t^e ioarrioars be tl^aoag^I^ ccafco.

j^oto after i^zh^s arr t|)u0quteiet)jaiiotficfti)arme fc^

(ed round on feme green &o\u ncrt |)ani),t^en matimiliQcttu
Ij^lD^ct^ert^e lsui)olerix)arme^aHgeti)OoU)ne It^^ a clutter
ofgrapedjle^icbfo feeing, tredareti^t^crc to iiice titbtt one
(sing o; ttpo^b^ goD agreement rc(onctIe{>>U)^kl) let alone on
ru£^U)irc,^nUiitl)erfi^^barbet)»to!f)eir proper ^ome. )i5ut
ift^efVparmet^aUbeoittti^ci^ mtotlooo^ man^ rounD ctu^
ller0,t^entaDge tliatt^ercbeiieCmaai? Captains lcft,i f^at
tiietr tre is not reafeo^ and in tWt par t£! to^cre ^ou efpectal#
Ig lee t^e b(3e5 to ciciler moil tpUUt ano roiino toget^cr^t^ere
dtUgantlg Hkz out t^t Ccipfatntt , i^ct annotnt ^ocr f^and be^
foici^it^ ttftimtot tbe |fearb$ Valine, tbat fouc^tng c;
fjaniaingt^e beed> tbc^^i^ not t)it^eriti^uber, alter iD^tc^
jpnttnrour fingers gently, ano fcucring tbe X5a0 afanoer,
feciie Diligently among t^em , tnttll i^ou finn out tlfc aut^oi
ano procurer of C(iebaetell,lD^tct)touougl)tliheU)ife fa btiL
Virgil U);itct^, t^at tbe feings fometimes flte f o;tt) fo; a tarn
dettgbtjto fpo^t tbem fiptng in tbe aire , lu^icb ron mai? ea6^
t^ aa^)ano lct,tf tbat ih}u piucne o^t^c kings U)ing0, tl^at ^e
cannot aftertDart) fl(c«
How Bees may tc rccoiicrcd and found again c. Chap 2 !•
Ijrfo it ^apnkbftijat rour bdes are tlotoen aloav? 9 anb ttjat
^oube in Doubt \»l)etber tbep be toogetr nearebano, 0;
faroff,PaliadiusDott) i iffrnctanD teacb tnsnp gcoDl^toaiea
to fino t\)tm againe, jf ira ^e tcacl>etb to tahe reD leao, oz re&
o^er tnfafeD in U)atcr,o^ anp ot^cr colour aatntng,anD to ca^
tie t^e fame Isitf) i^ou in a little ^aliolu Dt(^ , to im^ a fp^ing
oa running ioaterastbe b&nie beestiant, erpcnall|> in (be
monetbof0p^tn>anbtbereattingDotune, aloait t^e conu
mingoftbe bees todain&e,U)t)icb after t^e^be come, $ tbcre
D;ttabing , ttatne in t^e meane timt fur^ bees U)itf) a ru(^ co^
ieareo reD at t^z eno, as von ma^ toell reacb Uutb t^e fame,
fitting T?etaiU, anoU)atcl)ingtbecomming againeof ttofe
bt^^ mar^cDtobatnbe, lDtjicl)if t|iei?(|o^tl^ returne, t^m
is tt an euioent note an^ toisen, t^at t^eir loDging ano
^0 a cottages^
24 The right ordering ofBces*^
be neare lianDtbut if tijofc X5ee0 are loHg before tl)eg
cotf agcfi
retumcanD come againe to ttic place, t^en ni6ppcufuppofe
anouiDgeti^emtobefarcff, ano tbcmaancereuma^ gelTc
acco>t)ins to tfjcir long tarrying ano foone comming agatne*^
SbHtiioumai?eafilt>fini3e tt)cp!acclDt)cretb8 5S5ccislotJge,"
iwbetljcrtbefamebefarre o;jneare pno, Palladiusteacl^et^
itiefawcbatttl^ in tbts manner:
fitt!t\)t batUetbtotafeeoncfeJbo^.eiotjnt ofabig cane oj
ClDer fticlie,lIoppcD at tl)e one enfi , ar.t) t|)c otl)cr eno left &^'
pen toannointlj^itbin Ujitb a little bonv,U)l)icb ia^nearetd^
tt)at fpaing 0? runningluater^tbat tt)c 5Bees Dail^ ba«t tnto*
j^oVu iDben tbelBees refo^t to flje fame, anu tbat certafnc
bcehtreDlDttbintbcqaill , tb^owgbtbe fauoj thereof, tben

Hop tl)c liole tuitlj ^our tbumbe , letting one of tbe Wtt$ af^*
tertoarD to ^it fQ;t8,tX3btc& tiiligcntl^ marfee;anti folloto tl^^t
Ijuat; it fikt^, fo; it ioill fijeb) t?ou part bf tbe t^ai? tinto t^cit'

Ijomc : ano after rou can fee t^e fame no furtljer, tben quiche
Ip fct fo.jtt) another ^ee , tDl)cfe fligljt in lifee manner niarfee
anD iblloU) after,fo;» tljat it mai? alfo (^cU) part of tbc toap to
t&cir t'Ome ranDfo let fiie tt)c Becg bi? cite anD one tntill
tbei? b;jingtjout)ntotbc place of tl)e ftuarme. jpdlp if tbe
fame place be Deeps in flje eartlj, tfjcn Unt^ a fmokematie
eitl)cr of Date iflave o; 515;imaone, ^aiuc tbe i5ees out , anD
i»ljentl)crtoarmeiscomc fo;^tl) , tljcn ring on a Ti^afon o^
(l^aiU pan jfo^ being bpantJbpfeareD luitbtbe l^jill fonnoof
t^e famejtbe flsarm either ligbtctt) on a \:ong tree , o;t on tbe
opener bougbofa big iree,U)bicl) fo founis out,couer ouertoit^
a ^iut pjepareti fo^ tbe nor.ce* But if cbc ftoarme be placeo
in f be bolIotD of a tree,arct) bauing bougbes, o j in tbe ftccfe of
tbe fame tree,tben uiitb a t)cr^ Cbarpc fato ( if tbe meancs of
tbe fame toill glue leaue) cut it afuncer: antj in fucb fojt,tbat
tbe part empt^aboue tbe ^ec£J be firtt cut, an^tbe partbe^
neatb, tnlDbicb it fecmetb tbeli5ce5tobelot3gcD , tobelifee^
ioifc cut afim5er,ant3 tlje lloefee t\)ViB cut afunDcrat botb tbo
eRDj5,coaerlJDicbafaireCbt^tc, Icfian^laggecUfts appeare
after tbe cutting,Ujbicb alfo annoint U)it!) bon^ , foj tbe bet^
ter Sarins in pf tj)e yE>.m. y m^ after carrg tiie fame bomc
b? \!Our ot^cr t)tu^!5, mahing
(maUi)ble!5i in
lubtclb place
tticir firing in anD out (asafo;eU)a« taagt)t) in
fame, fo J
m ointxm of ^&2 otljer bittcg. XBut
rearcWr , to cliufctticmojning times fe^tti^
it bc^ajuctft tl;c Oiltgent
finotng oat of-
fpadcant) liberty of tbc
mt^, tDb^rcbppou mai? b^-we^tlic
Dap before ^ou to fin9 out ttjeirrcfo^^t : ifoi
after tbem, it falletb out, alt^ugb tbe
HBces areneare ftant),

petbecaufc t^ev^Hauctften Done tfteir bu6e

ano carefuUla^
bonr,tbepfiieno longer abjoao to feekefajis

ij^mfec;tl>2ougi) to1)tc^ it fo commetb to paffe , t^iat t\^ fear*

neare, oj farre ofif tlje
iber after HB^s HwoVoet^ not i^zn boU)
ftoarmeisfromttje fp;ting c^ running loater. &ometake
Balme in tb e fpaing time,anD annomt
f tje iuicc of tt)c bearbe

tbefamerouns about tbJ^^iue, toberebp m

Tauo; of m
tmcema^cleaucanu abtoe on tbebeCTcU , tob^tb afterl»arD
being fmrcU3itbin,fp3tnUlc about Ijoitb a little boni?
Ujooo o^ groue of trees faS
tbe fame bine ootune neare to tbe
anoafter tbe fame be
bptbatfpnng of luater running bg it ,
Dotb not tbis
flUeo tuitt) a floarme.carrg it gcntl? bome.l^ct
U^e.butinfucb places U?beret|)£fmarmc£! of mcB Doe
,tbatt)nlcffe tbe
bouHD, fo^tb at oftentimes it foba^penetb
biucs bebailt?U)3tcbi^D , fucb asgob^Doetahef^^m atoa^
3i5uf fo lore fome bines greatli?
binberetb not, fo tt)at

rou matj in tlje meane m^kB eniog one oj tU)o of t\)C

ioUjbitbsrfo batb binfufficientl?! faugbf fuc^remrtiies
ano recoue^
auDbeipes, as neceCTaril^ feme tc tt^t tafeing
ring of ll5ecs loft, anDotbcrtaifetoanbe
ftoarmes. ^
That Bees no pcrfon comming ncarc
theirHiucs. Chap. 21.
PLinieinbts 20. bajUelojitctft, fbattbetiearbe^perage
b2mfcDanDmircDts>it!) oi?le,anD onebeeingannomtt-a
loi'tb tbi? fame,Dotb ocrenis Im
from being aingcu bp com^
tningnigtJtotbeirl^iues* 2lnD in bis iS-boofecbcalfotoji^
be ft all muer after be ftingeD of anp bee; but )ect being
XS The right ordenngofBcei*
ci>,t)(feac^tt^te^;inhct^emiceof ^catte grace ant) J^etOr
mtreD tott^ tdtne , ano to la^ t^t leanco alfo in pUficr fo^me
orit^elltnseD place* 3|» tt)e rri^bsol^e l^e lo^ttetl), t|iat}lBecii
fimg^arebp nature tenement, againflttt^elBliic^lieCeac^^
et^ to tabe an5 Die t^e tDtce of ^allottics, o^ tge tmce of 3I&S
leatiei?,and(oannointeitt)er8ft^e ttooon t^e Otngeo p!a#
c«0,a0a(oacra^neremeD^ 0nDmt|e23« boo&el^eteac^^
et^^t^Uitnebotlel^ toit^li^ai? leaned >ann after o^nnbe , 10
a t)er? gooo remedy* 3n tt»e 24. boohc ^e teac^er^ > to tabe
a o;op of t^at molten > tst^tc^ tl^e !)on^ ^ees make at tt^e en#
tri^oft^eltue^t tobealibcremeotiastlje toater Bczoar to
bcetfeoagainfitsemmcuBbtte?* Auic<rn tnlit^feconorule
teacl^et^,t^atti)c Decoction oft^e^arct) £paUoU30,tDttl) ti^
neger oi Isme, anD t^e Came annointeo on atngeo places , to
be a perfect remeop ; lufjic^ alfo in tui foiMrt^ ruleafiftrmet^,
t^att^e^on^ 1i5ee0^aaeltkeotrpoOttton8\)nto t^eU)arpe,ra<i
uins ti^at tge^ leaue t^etr fttngo bebtno ihtm : tD()ereTo;e fo^
remeo^ of t^eU)a(p0,i?ou ma^ bfe t^fe \xi^it^ U^e t)aue afo;^
tang^t againfi t^e Oing^ of Ii3ee0.
When and how the Hiues ought to be gcldccf.^
Chap, 25.
PAlIadius Rutihus in ftts firtt bmU teactiet^, tftaf t^t Jf«e0

of 115CC0 ougt)t not to be gelceD , before i^cn todl confioer

anDfeelDj^ettiert^ei^benpe, tnto t|)e commir.goft^ttrue
|^onp>b}^u^ in a manner (as l;e tead^etl) ) conimetl) (0 tfe in i

t^emonct;) of|une,o^ as others afftrme^ mtS^ecnoeof ;au#

gi]ll,t)nte t^e mtDDle of September*
/^oVd ttiere be certatnenotes ano tokens bt tuljtcb t»e tn?
anD fino out ttie i ipenrs of t^tm, tsfitcl) be t^efe: Jrtrd,if tf|0
lines be ful,t^cn Do tf)e ^onp )i5ecs i;;t!uc fo;tf; t^e iDle Daone
m^HS out of t^e fjtiics^ anD t^ere t0 alfo t)earD iDttl^tn a fmall
oi(ft;iiUi}«mmingoftl)e ^ees, fo^tbatt^ie cmpt^ cottager
oft^e combes (asttlDere^oUolpbuiloings ) toe rrceiue a
fonnD anD noife p;ocurcD t^en bigger , (0 i^nt \i3\^m t^crc is^
ttnot^et meet to gels ttje combes. Varro Iw^iletti, t&at it
10 t^en time to gelot)iues9tu!)en as lou fee tDit|;in; tliatttie
ThcfirftTreatlfc xy
%ttt ^ans cladring ro»nD , anD tl)at tl)e l^olCiS of tl)e ^ons
combc5 be coucieo otter ( a0 \i luerc ) tuit^ tl^m cauUs , fo;
t|en be tbe^ full of ^onp* ji^oU) t|)e Da)? of geleing t^eb[me0i
ougtjt to be Done ttmel^ in i\^z moinins.lo^cn as tbe bees are
alloatcDtt);ougtitt)6Coloeair0)ano not Done in t^etieateof
tlje Dat?,U)l;en t^ep be p;:ocureD to fUe fb;t^ of t^e l)iue0 , ano

beinstben^er^angrptoaing tbofc per(onis iD^icgeometo

tbe Ij^iqeff* W^z manner of geloing of t^e l^iucs is after
t^i£Jti3ife:ifirft,ftoppett)elioIe£;of ttiebiueg , t&at tbeioee^
pafe not fb;tb > ^itt) gralTe o; fome otljer Ijcarbe i atter t|)at
patbnoerfinelinnenragso^araU), making a little fmohe
ttittg tbe rame>tobict)fmo&efoa]?^0bp,caQfei^l|)ebeejt af#
^r to b;eabe,anD leaue t^eir duOrtns togetlier*
after t^efe,Untb tlso inSruments o; tcalei^of iron ( maoe
f^l t^e onlp purpofe)of a foot ano a balf long, o;^ rattier (bmei
U)^at longer, of u^bicf) t^e one onglit to be a long ^nife , anD
b>oao of either fioettje eDge,anoi)auing^atroobcD6leon ttje
oneeno,t^e otber at ttiebcginningplainc , ano terp fljiarpe,
liD^erebt? tDtt^ t^ts V^i combes ma^ t^ reaoier ano quicblicr
be cat ooUinc,ano iDitb tbe ot^er ferapeo cleanc : ano U)|iaCi
foeuer au^ falletti e£f ,dmU) aU)ai? , ano t^;oU)e aftoe. %}x%
U)t)ere tl;e ^ine of ttie ^inoer part,o^ part beiitnoe, d^all \mt
no boi!Oe place emptg, tljenmakca fmoke (as Varro conv
manoetl)) loit^ Galbanum^ano oaic £i)rc tiung,U)l)tclj oug^t
to be maoe in an eart^enfmniNgpan,6iIeoiJuitbquiclscoles^
oa a pan of eartt) toit^ a n^rroto montt), ano a ^anole like to
it,fot|iattt)e one part ong^t tobet^arperano narrotorttp^
luarD,b2 \X!i^it^ tbe fmoke ma? paffeb? tl)eiittle ^oles , ano
li^e otber part tuyere t^e coles are b;oaoer , ano iBttb a large
ttiOQtb of t^e one 6oe of it, b? tu|)tcl)tl)e perfonmat? bloiue
t^e coles. ^ol0 fuc^ a pottetDben it is fetU)tt(iin t^e l)tuc^
snotbefmoketlirreotH^tntot^e^ees, t^i?bp anob^bn^
qatefco luitbt^etauoar, flietJiitotbefoae-partoftfjcfjtae,
ano (ometimes file quite outoH^e^iu:, lol^erebs ant? mai?
ioobeinto tbe ^tue ( iKk a manner) toitbout t}arme« 3gf
t^ere happen to be tijoo (U)armes in one ^iuc, t^en are
l^cre alfo tl9o ^xxi^tt q; ro;mes of i)ome combes ; jfo} euer)^
, .

28 The rigllt ordering of Bees.

Con^patti? of 25025 (n a gr^ment foptljer , tiot() fatljfon nm
frame tljeujaipcas libcttj ttjeni bcl!. ©ut all tijeljoni? combs?
bem^^oliotD lu;ou3^t,anD altttie cleattuis t)nta tt)£ fice^ 6f
ttie^tae,uoc Sjang ;iu!)ereb^t&e^ma^ncttoutl)afloo^20|
boaro,fo;irottcauf?tH|cftoarni£5toflic quite atyat? tana
t&0fo.jme oftoetrtoape isTucli^as t^cconQitioiiottUeircot^
tagcist£!.fo^romebeggoomakebotl)rqaare anD rouno tpa^
ccs,ano Come lortg fo t^at 0acb frametl) (as tt iDi re ) ccrfaine
&;jme£( m tl)ecombeuacco^XJtng to ^is feinb, ijuticceb^ tfee l^o»
n? combes are not fonnoaltoaiei^ alifee in faft ion b«ttbcfe :

combes of luljat focticr tbe^ be are not to be faben all


out of tbe It^ities. beginning of l^aruett , \x)MtB

jro> in t^e
tbef[ci05^e£floari(^) tatiea gftpartoff^e combes, but af^
t£r,tDbenMlttiter iis at^ani>, t^et^ Uaae a llitFO part be^

Palladhis tt>iiletb fbs tiucs fobc gelDebin tbc tnonetb of

j^ctober, ant) tbat a t^iro part be left bebino, ^et conQ^er
tbat if tbere be l!o3e,fo make tbe mo^re , if but a meane , tben
tbebalfeparCof tbat leauefoj tbe Wintertime : if tbe cottar
ges appeare but balfe full, Ibental^enotbingalDar/ Varro
teacbctbjtbat a tbirb part of ibe combes mav> be tafeen aU)a)?
anU tbe otber part left To; tbe \mnter, alcbougb tb^ combs be
full of bon^ : if pu feare (faitb be) a C^arpe lumtcr to foUato,
tben take notbing at alL ^f tbe fame minoc is t\)t learneD
Virgil: but tbe erpert p^actifcrsofeurtime in fucb matters
tioa^irme, tbattbcbon^oug^t to be tat^enatoaf ^t^t onee
in tbe^eare,ano tbts in tbe eno of tb? ntonetbHofiiuguft,bn#
totbemiooleof &eptem.bfr» ^nt tbetoare being coarupf,
tben botb before, anbatani?timema^bc tafeehfo;tb oftbe

aifoas foucbins fte^onie Iwl^lttj ffee%i?#gft^, iȤe^

tber^ou maf fafeeatoapeitberUttteci^ mucbjinuft be confix
beret) acco^oing fo V^t fmalneffe 6; plentifulneffe of tbat bo*
n^ being in tlie bine. Quo acco.joingto tbeimalnelTe o) greati»
nes alio of tbe fi»arme to be nourtlbeo , fo tbat iibouttl)^
fourtb part of tbe combes ma^ not be taken from ani? Ijiue
8^t tj)i5 joer ma^ not bebfeb alike in all countries , becaufc
-mr- a
The firft Tr^acifcfc:. -n^ 29
aman muff confi^cr t^c uealiug tDi^j^ fl^e biaes , acco^tJing
f muUituoc of floa^eiJ^I plentifulnes of fcoD fo> tljc fco^s,
3f tlje lijane combes Ranging DoUsnc, tios rua into a icngtlj,
t^en icttl) t^t fame iron tcolc , M)icl) is matJ£ lilic to a linifc,
Ijeing oftentimes DippeDinlDater, ttjattiisti^aye cSeaueKot
tntoitjO^ttjat tlje combes rcmammgmai?bg ^armeo, ana
tbetjtue^olocnont^acncriDejCuttijecombesatDai?* 0ftcr
^oar ai'mcs into the l^im gattjcrmg tcgctfjer,
tjte^pttt botlj ,

ano taking fo^tJj Vgz comhca. 'mm itt^t combts Ijang ousr^
e&lDartintl;cSjiu0, tljcn mafi^oubfe^^onr fcraping ^^on,
t&att^c combes oTitle fartbcr fioct^^ufi toget^cr,may fo be
cotalea^ gIfctl)colt>caaDco.2ruptcombcsaret0be tafeem
fo^t^jt&ciDpleantjfuUofljDn^tobeefpsdaUijIerf. 2im if
t^ere be anij ^ongbees in
tt)cmjt^orc feeepe oa p^efcruc tc in^
cr2afetl)£fUjarmenit[jatyiue : after tbatcarrfalU^eEo^e
oft^e^on^combestnt0oneplace> iDlicreaspu mtndeto
make ^om |)onie,anD ttoppe Btltgcntl)? t\^t fioes ano eogcs of
t[)8lji«csroanDabottt, t^atnoneoftb£5lD©s mag enter in,
tDbicS) fo? tbe&enp,anD Uoapc tafeen aluar, ^oz cagerli? fefee
after, ano finoittgt^e fame, noe tatterlijconlumetljefame if
tl)esma^* 2Dbcrefo;e of t^e former matters muff a fmofee
bcmaDe.snDtbaCattt)^ entrie o^mout^of t&c lines, tljat
tl)e ^as scraping to flie in , mav tli^eug^ tbc fmofeebee h^u
nm to flic bache againe^ j^otu after tljeir ^inc s be gelDCD,
and t^at an^i^all baue onert^ioart ano croHeo combes at
ti)e entrance of tbe ^iae,t^ofe tben (l^all be fo connerteD, tbae
tbe parts bel)inD map be emptico anB left toio fo^anotlier
time, feo t^at isljen tJjep i^all be ncyt gelscs, i^i olo combes
ratber tijen tbe neto to be taken fo;tb , ano t^e toajic renueo,
fo;tt^att|(eoloertt)eljDa);ie combes are, fo mucl) t^eloo^fe
jf it b3ppenet|j,!^atf|jel)ine bee fomaoe fl)at tbe fame
map not be remoucD out of tlje place , Iben oug^t poti fo gcio

f£r(! t&e tjin^Jer part,anD after t^e forepart : ano tl)is cfpeciai^

Ip ong^t to beDone afo^e fine a clocke in t^e mo;ning,anD af**

f er niiK of t^e clocke at nigbtjo;^ in t\}t t\t%t mojroto* ifiofe
l^e be^s lu!}en t|)ep knots t|)is,al come to fil tl)e emi^tp place,
Ce fil
Jo The right ordering of Bees.
fo t^at after t^ef ^atie repatrcD and tlleo t^e fdme , and ful^
fiUeD all t^t xtft atont tt,tt)cn flie t^e^ to t|i€ forepart, an^ Ba
tso^ke in U^e o^Qcr* )i5^ lut)tc^ Vue ma^ eutoentl)? iearne,

t^at t^ep ^ane glteD tl)e fame emptte place aifo , b^t^etr abi^
titng Gtil ttiere. Redoes tt^efe , a^ t^e great plcnttc of ^ont^
Dotb caufe (luggi(^ne0 in tbe 'iBtts^ tmn fo Dot^ ti)e ikuc^ a^
batementjanocrceeoingtafeins atoai? oft^ctrbonp,bot|) Dull
t^2 qnitUntB ano otiigcncc of t^ern^ auo caufe t^em alfo to bz

What the Hony island how from the hiucs the fame
may be prepared to vfe. Chap. 24.

A^ iDee Srdsat^cr i^t ^onte from t^jecombesi foooe

U)e tbe iBare fo; t^e comfort of Its^t, ano etl)er commoii
oitied be(toe0« ^otDU3^attf)el^oni?tsi,anOt)o\8 t^^efamo
taken front ^iutB ma^ bee paepareD td ^fe^ (^ail hereafter be
^irft , t^e learned Ifidorc tD;ttct& , t^e ^onie to be of tje
DeU) of fomeltqmo mattter,anoaffirmett)alfott)eranietobg
found fomcttmc0 tn tlie lcaue0 of great Canes. SDo U^^tct; its
a manner Doetb Publius Maro agree , in t^tg tcrfetoaiting,
t^at ^itfterto t^c ^eauenli? giftsi arc of tlje aercall 15 on^. Q*
t^er0 {pome in India ano Arabia to bee lihe to falt^

gatbcreo tt)ere on t^e leaned of treciK : others bo beubt, \x)^u

tber })Gn^ be a fU)eat from beauen, 0; a certaine fpittle of t^e
$arreM;ti)e tniceoft^eatre purging it felfe. iDUt U)|atfoe#
tier fubSance t^e fame td.iiet is it a moG fUieetc, fubttle, ano
^ealtbfnll iuice , as Pliny taitneGTetb 9 &^ic|) at t^z firS ga^

tiering of it is as cleare toater , but after t|)e boiling a lD|)tle

ano purging of tt felfe^as netoluine ( after tlje p;te(ring fo;jtb>
ano ootb from tbetU3entiett)Oa^afeer,ccmetoa perfectne^e
of t)on^, tbjoug^ tbe often tempering of it in Jot oaies, from
tl^ebeginningof ^ar,t3nto t^ mibole of June*
^olJD tjebon^ is gathered int^is maner : jrir&befo;eQ)t
ijon^bepjeCfeo outoftlje combs, mutt tbofe corrupt combs,
^autngrcDfiltl),f l)amngpon8int^em(ifan^rucb betbcre)
bee p;e&0 out , becaufet^e^ bot^ p;ocure an euill taKe ani^ ,
TIicfirftTreatrfe. /
fsttl^t^at iatce co;rupt tlie ^on^* %\^tk tombs b^utTeti toQt^
t^er^oag^t fo be pot into a clean p;cire,beuis ^et VDarm^ano
neto gathered out of tJ^c ^ms
tbe fame da^ , tc^ul) let Ite
t|iere,tjnttll bonp bg Utfle ano little be run fo^tb,o; rat|;er
fo; tbemo;je erpeDirionp;cffeD fo^tl) \3oit\^ a bean^ batgbt,
anu t|)e Tame to^ub m tben come,i£f bcr^ fatre rahj bon^^af^
ter t^at, tbe bon^ iBttb tl^c iDape mutt be botleo togetber , as
hereafter %al! be tangbt*
^olD tDben tilt comber be tbujs b^uiCed togctber, ant) t^t
i:ortg bees&tUeD ano ealt fo.:tb 9 tbcn muS f ou tna&e ^our bc^
ns in tbt5 mantviSiBUrftym t^c montb of September 0; ^o
toberjtalsetbebeameranD olDebtne£(, tDbtcb areoftiuo 0;
tb;eei^eare5oleie,atit) notbamngb^eDftDarmcs tntbefum^
mer before ano tbat ouer (mo^e
: ijoit^ a 6ame of aratu , ti^te

0; ^e!ioU)b;unttone > tbe btnebetng a UttletDbtlcg boU


(en tbat t^e lIBtts ma^ fo nk tip to t^e top of tbe f^iut , 0; elfe
fucb a0rematncbeIoluburnet[)ctrlDtng0« ^ftertbat tnrne
iiotonc tbc beao of tbe biue on tbe grouno,an2) iDttb a (^arpe
bnifecuttbecrotTed Uteres afunoer tnt^e ^iue, c;piuc&e
tbem fo^tb l;pitb pour b^nb fo; bp tbat mcanes are tbe tombis
iDell b^uifeo togetber,anD tbe mm ettber ^tlleo loitb t^t fall
oftbem^o^eifefliealuar* iSftertbt^t^putaUtbecombeison a
beape, being gatbereo out of tbe btue£(bcre anDtbere,tntoa
p^ede^leantngrome^b^ton tbe one ace: but fome put tbe
combs into a tnine baf^et made of fmal totiloUi oa oCer Uteris
finely &nttanblo;ougbttogetber, tbat being bangeis tp in
a oar&c place^tbe bonp map runnc tbo^wto bp little ano little
from it^after tbat lift bonr batb t^us run fo;tb info a cleane
sartben pan o;boaf(?(^anDtngbnccr it, tben tbe fame after
ponrcintoaneartbenpot, o;pot£( being a^ pet raU) ^onit,
iiat dearer ann better tb^n ti^t otber Irquo; of t^t ^ente:
iJUbicbfo^^ccrtatneDaie^; let aano open, tbat tbe flDxeteli^
quo; mav> bcetbo;oU)lp cooleo ano tt^z fame in tbe mesne

isbileis often (kimme 0; purge luitb a Cpoone* ^oU3 after

tbt5 ) tbe Uaz pieces 0; crnmmes of tt^t combes , U)bitb r et
rcmaine in tbe bagge of ^irber,tr; toine ba(ket5o;p;effe,put
into an earthen pot,pan,c;feettU>ouer alJerg fofi fire,t|iat t^t
€t t fame
^Z The right ordering of Bees.
famema^ ^cat tstt^out tolling, nWx^ms ^cepe^ourgant)
intletJelTelljto dirrettill about Ijtt^eranrjtljtt^crtbe bon^
ano tuajce^ano open aifo t^e luape b^ peece-inealc tntil tl)c

]feon5,anD not ljDar0,15a! be t&o^otols mplten.^ben t^g


fjon^ t^^pug J f tie ticat faeginnct!) a Ittcic to patcfee tb e banb,

t^enpoureall t|je tobolc maHeo; fabttancetntsalirainer,
an!) putting t{)e famcm ap;^clTe niabe fo^tbeonel^ purpofe,
luriiig about: ^ctttniaketljno grcatmatter,tf t^e
it f);^i'D

fame be not fo earncfJlg Ib^ingeD o^ p;^eiret> out^t^atnoneof

tljc t?ont0 r^^ame -get tottlj tie toape , feetngt^attjt 5o?
np ano baue ejects tn foms c aafe^ aii^e* jl^olD tftt^^fl^
nj?/j3t)icb ijstl;usrttnfoitl);t£; nameDtbefo&5enl)on^,lDijk&
ougbt in lifeemanner to be poureo into earthen pot£{, ano fo
iJano optn foj certain Baies,ffeimming itoaili? \x)it^ afpcone,
1^titillttbett)c;oU)ColD. SC^enoblieroatDo^tliiertonv, iu
i§at tbbicl) rnnnctljout a mantr of tt olune acco;o,befoae

t^er:conDp^elIin0outoftbecomb£0. antj iwixc not of ttjts

fecono Ijonr Iwitb t^jcfird , but feeepet^em Diligently apart,
left b\i mixing tbe firS t nto ttie fecono , ^ou mahe ttre bed
( being t;^ ftra ) tjje too^fcr^aftcr all tl)ig t^usbanoleo
t§e ,

funietbatremainctl) in tb?ttraincr,taai^ ijtligentl^ loitb

conouit o^faJre fpnng U3nter,tl)at ydu U3fl^ fo Ijaue t^e mnlfe
m bouslwater, of tDi:tc^ being foisocn, anotitugcntlplfeim^
nieo (aij of lijisj tjereafter fijali be furt^ier ta«5!)t)i£f t^iemulf^
maoe^tfeat fcruetb to martv goob tjfcfi?.
*^ WbichHonyisaccountcciben:. Ghap. 25.
CCSrtatne Countrieu no trcell in t^t perfect gm^ncif of lio^
n^,ltKc nBtt)z famous Attica of slE^;oece,tet)icb fo^ tbe tx^
cellencieof tt)ebon^, iisbao in great reputation fi^o^o^ont
t!5eU5o;lD.Hyb!aalfoant) Hymetus, beingtjiisofttjefame
€Qmtv^2y li)l}icl)t|)coeceiuersappI^tcl)8n^,t^attlje fame
mav botl) beiiameD Hymetus auo Hyblcus{jon^.Creta,Gy-
prus,anb AfFrica, as in gootmcfiTe ttjei? are notable ano buo^^
t^^, fotf)eabmitiant 03 marueilouB plenty of tbe j^onie te
fijcrecommenoeo.aifffti^e nctones of Ijon^is lifeetoifecom^
mtnun as tlje anctentnelTe of loines , but tl^kn^ t^c fp^indj
snD|&ummer Donr^efgccialiB if tfte tjeSell oa Jiue fiano in a
Dallc^ oj botf ome,anD rjotlj creel in t^z tuaigljt of &ant). liBut
tf)e jjon^ gat^ereu cf bitter ftearbcs is count co Dnp^ofiCabkj

asHjat famci)on^lr>t)ic!)t^ebcesgatberin tije Countrc^o?

Pontus,tul)tr£ tlitbezs oml^ gather t^efr S^ony of tijt luo^m#
U}(D'^.£i:;)c iD^tte in atl countrtcie; t£i better t^mzti t^m t^z
blar^e^but bzQ ^on^ in tt^at lugtd; 10 tcr^ cleare^of a goU

oeti colonr^of a modpieafant ano flDcettadc^cleautng fomc^

Dubat to tbe fingers in tf)C banoling,anD but iittle fiifning oj

iDaringbarotogctber^ano tbat in tbc pouring fo;tl), Doetf)

llrait-toai) b^eakebctreanctbcrc, ano fquirtetb Qi fpatn^^
Ictb(ruODenl^asitU)£re)run5^p D;oppe3ab;oao, tobJc^ be^
Ing on tfets iijifc, Plin y teacljetb to bt^ tf)e triall anO fure note
of gooD am profitable bonp^
Of the vencmous HoriTjand of the wonderful!
HonyofCrcta. Chap. 25.
T fff muff) fo;cet| to tintierflfano ano fenoU), tofjat maner
ioffa3t)tberamet5,U)ittjtbetel)tc^ tl}c bees Doe line, astbe
po^foncDbon^ alfo tljatnia^begatbcreo b^tljem, tofjctljcr
ft be cuiU 0^ Ijenemcus, ^0; tbe bont? of Heradea in tbat
countre^ of Pontus^^atb beenc fo; certatne genres \3ers oart:*
gerouSjCfpenalli? tb^ougt) a ccrtainc b^arbc groUjing toljtte,
tD^tc^ alfs 'omtb tbcir catteil b^ eating tbereof,nameD ott^c
tJlDellcrs tbere, Aigellothron. Wut bp tljefe notes is (t^at bo^
n\f founo DutjanD trieo to be t)enemons:as firCtbat tbe fame

is not tbic^e at all, tbe colour b^igbter 0; mo^eglificring,

ariD batb a Crong fauour , mouing fo^tb \^it\} often TnetOng,
ano is aifo to^igljtirr, Jglfo fucb pcrfons as tafl^c fometubat
tbcreofjOoecoueito lie c^ fall baCii^ on tbe rartb,fefeing foj
colones,anQ be all on a ftueate, (0 tbat in fucb fuiidaine tm*
fiers,mnllfomefpcct5^bclpcs oKcmem'esbeminillreO: Itfee
astbeoloe^ulfc oftbebeHbon*^, anobcarbe0;ace, 0^0^
tbcr li!?e confections , be often miniH rco bnto fuclj pcrfcns^
SEbere is alfoanotber fe»nsi of tisnemcus bonp, in tbc boaoer
of tbs Countrr of Pontus, tbat fo2 tbc inaoneEe Ijobicb it tn^
ni?isfuppofcDtobe gatbcrco cf tbc fioluje Rhododendios,
Iplricb groUJCti) plent]^ tb^re in tlje liuoo^s* PJiny iD^itctb of
34 The right ordering ofBees.
a maruciloa^; ^on^ to bee m
Creta , fo^ t^at in Carina, betns
a^tllofti)atCoanfrep, bee afi^irmctba )^ome to bee ga^
ftjerco tubub tbe fites t;tll not toncbt ant) fuppofeb alfo
to bee a Qngnlar ^onte fo^ tb^ composition of eueris mt^U
Of the miraculous worthincfle of Hony.
Chap. 27.
MS>ttmmm Bjtali? prepare anbma^e tbetr mebicmes
Ijubub tbei! purpofe to Uespe long toitb bon)?,fo tbat bo#
n^ p^eferuetb euecp tbtng from putrtfi?tng,tDbtcb i^oa tooalo
baue tn fafet^,and to contmne fo; a feafon tb;ougb bt^ clam^
mtnelTe* Siur> of tbt0, anctent men diD enbaime t}^t booies of
t^t 0edD,h)btcb t^c^ tDoalD baue p^eferueo , ano to continae
found iDttbout corrupting man^ i?ere0,tuttb ^o'(\^ onel)?,ano
tbe fame tbe^ alfo fmeareo Iritbtn tbe xtBmhB o^fepuUbacs of
t\)t oeao^fo:^ tbe longer keeping of tbe bobie0. SLbe (clfe fame

to^ttetb tbe learnedPapinus,of tbe botii? of AIcxandcr,tDbtcb

\^a$ Ukz\3)i(t embalmeo tottb ton^. ^no not ^nlibe to tbttf
iJD^ttetbPliny,in tbe 22.1i5a3fee,aR024*cbapterofbrsl^ifio^
rieg of func^p Dean bootcg alfo embaimed tottb bonie« 2nD
tnanotber place of bis ^iao;tcs tojitetb Claudius Caefar,
tbat b;ougbt a monttcr out of Cg^pt into bis countri?,UJbicb
Ujaisalfoembahneo U)itbbon^» AhanaeusalfolDnUtbjtbat
booieg (ubicct to fickntiTcs j ma\i both be feept free from ficfe^
nelles, anD from co;jrupf ing a long time , tbaougb tbe often
fmearing ano anointing of bont> of all tbe bot^.ano t^t lifee
5D;iter0 repo:t, tbat tbofeoftbeafleofCorfica^o^Corfc toe, -

Cbe Macrobians being a people in AfFricke,nameD alfo
M(xrcin,to liue a long time (a0 certaine iautbo^s to^itt) be^
caufe iBitb tljt meate of bpni? , U)bicb i0 plcntifull toitb tbcm,
tbe^ oailp be feD^i bfe continually, fe^ome affirme^tbat Dc-
mocritus being rccreateo br bonp,(juitb tbe onel^ b;^eatb ano
fauour of tbe boni? mate bot,liueO (ag tbe^ tD;ite)bnto i . <?,
¥earc0* Ariftoxcnus U);itetb, tbat tbe table of Pythagoras
toas Dail^ furnilbeD luitb onl^ b;cai5 anD bon^, ano pet liaeo
tnto tyt fonre fco^c ano ten scares of tbe gbilofopber Hera-
ThcfirftTreatife. $f
cVidc$.K^t\ion^ alfo isi founo to aaaile agamd furfeft0, ano
of t^tis accounted amongCtmeotdnes fo;t^e putting aljoa^
o;junfecnnes.OT&ercfo;e itfe nomarucU,t6atfucbtbo;tolDlg
rktifall in laiji^aicke , iDf^en ani) be ouer-clo^ci} o;^ Slieo tottb
iome^Do coanrdl SrS to cmpti? t^etr Qomac^s b)^ ^omttmsi
and after, a^mft tbefb;ce of tbc fume euapo.:at(ng of tbe
remnant of tbetume^eCremaintng, t^e^gtue t^emtoeatc
!)oni; fp^eao on b^cad as it H)ere b^ putting bacl^c tbe cuill,

tl)at it ma^ rcmto^ and put afjDap tbe grolTe fume*

How profitatrle the vfc of Hony is in medicines.
Chap. 28.
F|r(!,tbe tD^ite ^on^ is to be tjfeD in coling medtcme£(,buC
tbc pellotD in beating meoicinesmlfo tbc nature ano p;to*
pertp of banPiis to clmfe ano open , ano to e)?pe!l bumour0,
tberefo^e tt is p^o6tablpapplteo in gUb^ Wcn$, being boiled
ano anointed bpon» 3t clofetb atfo Imfe and gaping fleflj^^
tbJougbbi^ toboi"e(rc.andtDitblliquid,ailome,anol#onp^
fodoen togetber,are Hingloo^me5,and counts oi ftDelling of
tbe feet bealed, b^ anointing tbereU)itb» klgainfi tbc tacer^
taine foundings and noife of tbe eares and grieuoue pained

oftbem, tafeetbebonte, ground Vuitb tbat fait digged out

of tbe cartb^ano d;oppe loarmc into t^e care0 : t^z Uik fame
biUetb botb mis and lic^ b^ onel^ anointing tbe bead tbere^

toieb.iairotf)ebont?pargetb tbcdcsdimmeofugbt, bealetb

fU)eIling0, and otber defaults and griefcs of tbe tatoes , tbe
ftotUingano feernelfj tinder tbtiavueg neare to tbe tbjote,
after tbe preparing to tfe tbe fame gargelled in tbetb;ote,
and tberaontbtoaflieo tberetoitb. S^be \)Qm ^atcn , cau^
fetb biine,belpetb tbe cougb (being deane (Himmedbefoae)
and tbe bite of a fnafec o j adder, SLbc bon^ alfo belpetb tbofe
isbicb baue dauufe tjn toares tbe iuice of blacfee popp?, (o tbat
againft tbe fame cui! i d cinger tbcr djinl^ rofed bonr iwarme*
aifo tbe fame daunfee belpetb tbe malice i danger of ':J^m^
romes eaten,f tbe bite of a mad dog, o^ melting in f moutb,
after tbe foame of an Edegma. Retail tbe fo^tg ofrato bctip
be Unnd^ and f^ojel tbe bodp , mouing a rumbling oa noie m
§ beU!?,p;ocurii^ g t tougl),eafilB conuer ted into euil bttnto;^

Jg The right drdcring ofBces.

Hopping t|)e Ituer ant) milt, t|);oag^ tt)c clammtReare, ant ii(

liattfuUto c^olemfeebouieSjif fobefle Jon?bcfo;it(as Dio-

fcorrdcsU)r*tct]&) benottijo^otol^niimmetanDclcaKfcO a$
t^e fame oug^t to bc« !ILtjel)on^ atfo bot(eD,doi^ better nou^
rit^ ti^m tbs rato , i?ct Mz mouing tlje belln to folubkncde,
ann to t^e ff cole. 0no t&e l)onD of ft felfe , oj mireo Ujitb o^
f 5er£f, ftclpet^ ttje fo^c iw t|)e !ungo , ano all ct^tx oifeafcs of

SD^e fjon? ts rig|)tl? miniSretJ to fuc^ a£i ^auc t|)c impo^

ttumc in tbc Inhgs^auo tbc glurefie* ano t^c ^on^ in tobuj^
oca!3 bees are, 10 applied to tbe tenemous l/on^. ST^e bon^
oaun^eiDttc) ljDtne,bclpet^ tbe co^ruptiono ba|itc^ are engen^
li;cooft|)cnieat 6(^cs : buttocolD anDmotftbotjipstb^bo^
nit iB rtiBit p joStable , f {lerefojc tecv fit fo j olDe pcrfons, a$
Galen aafirmetb«0nD to perfons being tljoentte^ereo of age>
an« of an bntempcrate botnedc , 0^ otbers \}ot of qaalitie,
tbe bong tc teem i£5 burtfail becaufe it is foone conuertcD in^
tocbolcr m tbem» DcinocritustDagtjpoH a timcaffeeD,bu
iDbat means men mtgbtbotlj continue in perfect ^ealtb, anD
Urn bnto ter^ oloe ijeare^ i %q b3btcb ^e t^m anftocreu : if

fobe men anoint tbfiJ^ bobiesonttoarD tuitb ^I?l2> anD np««

pir tbeir bot^teg inUjarD U)if b bonr* ^artber, bcn^ pjofitetb
iucahc peifons^being applieo ; as tbe ^uifc Ipatcrjof tubicft
a)al aftsr be taugbt in t^e ne]i;t Cbapter. ffio perfons of eolD
nature , tbe ^on^ ma^ aptl^be minidreb in bot b;otb ; but
to^otperfons. minidrebtn loarmebaotl), tbe l)on^tonot
rtgbtli? siucn, ffibe bonip mi?:eb ujitb ^ ampbs^a , ano lt?uig
to fettle tb;^ee Dates before, yx}it\^ tfec tobieb anointing t^z
face,Doetb fpeeDilp cleanfe tbe fpots in tljt fa£e,ti)e like Doety
tbe bon^ mt):eD loitb fbe gale of an ^re. %f}t pure tobite ^o*
n^ cleanfetb tbe b^eatt, fottnetji impoUumes , being as U)ell
ijDttbcut as \s)iVt^in t^z boD^« €be b^np alto munDigetb>0'
pcnetb tb? iicppings of tbe liuer anb milt,bcipetb D;opfie bo^
DiesjanD OrengtbenefbUjcafee members. Sibearomatube
boni? mucb auailctb in f«nD;ip DtfeafeSjbeing tbus pjepareB
as tbe pure reo rofe leaucs.tlnel^ clippeo, anD after bsi!eD in
pure)a?5)itel}ony, bringoftenanDDiltgcntl^lfeimmeD : foa
rucb ll^onie tott^ comfort mn mmtifie , ttlToIuetl^mclett'
0n5t}j0 clammieftel!ing0, Dtjjcactlj tfte flcgmatiche anD
groflfe tumours : anon^imlccalfo^mttjcolDctuatcr , itbitu
tietMti^beUv>butmtmare0U)tt^ tuarme tpatcr^ it loofetlj

OfthedrinkeofHonvAvliich is called Mulfe water,

or fwectevvatei* ofthe Romanes. Chap. 2 p.

BP tl)t an toere of Pollio tf)e Komane, to Auguilus (tm^

perour, toe ma^ euitjentl\) Icamc , tt|at t\\c ^wlfe maDe

oft)on\?,i£i^calti)fullt)5in!jein llrengtt)ntngt6e boo?* jfoa
Aiiguftiis on a time oemanoeD of tjim fa? ioftat means a man
mtgl)t line to great ?earcs ano all tbat fcafon free from 6ck^

nelTes^Co toftom ^e t^us anftoereD: t^at applying tt)e mulfe

toater Ijoittiin ^ anD annotnting o^U toit^out t^e boD@ tioet^ ,

iDo^fee t\\z lil^e. SC^e ^ulfe truet? is a D^tnbe maoe of toater

ano ^on? miiceo together, iPt)tc|) t^e (!5;ee!^es p^operl? name
Mclicratc, anofome Hidromd, astbco^inkemaoeU)!t$
iDine t3n!mco,o^ tottfjout toaCer ano Ijon? t^e? aptl^? name
Oenomel. ^otD tlje ^Hlfe toater o^unhe, ootlj cafe t^e paf#
fageoftoino o^b^eatt),roftnett)t^ebeU? : ano tlie long time
ofolone(re,cl)ange it into tbebinooftpine, is mod agreeable
ano profiting to i\\z Homache, but tl)e fame is contrary to t|ie
ltnetDs:?et it recoueret^ t^e appetite lod, ano is a oefenee a^

gainatlje oangerouso^infeeof l^enbane, if it bee minittreo

toitl) affes milfee,2C6is ojinfee tru!? (i^gineta Uj^iting t Jer^

of)ts t^us maoe;lct eigbt times fo muct) loafer be mixtt> t)n#

eo ?our t)on? prepared, U)t)ic^ boite o^ feet^ fo long, tntill no
woacfomearifettjto beffeimmco ofifjttien taking it from tfje
fire, p^eferue it to ?our tfe. 315at Paul y^gineta affirmetlj,
tljaf t^c ^ulfe p^ofitetl) notljing (in a manner) tjje c|iole«»

ricke, becaafett)e fame in cljcm is Itgljtl? conuerteo into c^q*

Of thedrinke Oenoracl which is made of pure wine


and hony. Chap. 30.

maoe ^it\} |)on?,
Tl^e GenomeljiBlitcti ts a (toeete toine
i^gineta teac^etl) to begoooonel?
, not fo^tfjepjefer^
nation oi^ealtl), but alb to evpeU t^e torment of acfen^^es,
iff auB
^S The right ordering o£Bces1
anDt^attolbiclbStuet^noC onel^ Qrengtii of boDf and ton^
rage,but t^t long race of ^earedtalfo if ei;peUetti an o!0 grtefe
of tbe rctne0,bemg often D^unbe tpttl) paftelp feeDis. ^nt tl^e
beHOenomell is tljat Ui^tcl) tis maoe ef oloeano fart tome,
auD file bctf purtfilcD t|on)?,fo^tt)e fame Dot^ ledeftuelU %\)z
fame alfo Ijarmet^^bcing o^unfie after meales, but before ta#
feen,cot^ procure an appetite* Diofcoridcsteac^et^t^e ma#
uer of maUing t^e Oenomell in i^is oat)er : firtt ^e loiUef b to
take one galon ano aquartof tDtne, anomirmg ttlDit^ ^atfe
a galon f a pint of t^z bett ^oni?, to prepare tpt fameio;oerlp«.
^ut fomep;epare o;ma^efl)et)^tnke fpe^DtUerto tfe after
t'm manner as boiling t^e l^onp ^it^ toine^ano after potu

ring fo;t^ tl)c fame mto ot^er \)tMs*

Of the lingular water of Hony, gotten by order
ofdiftilUtion. Chap. 51.
i^on^ of mm meet to Didillatton^oug^t efpeciall^ fo
be ta^ttc of colour, U3t}tc^befo;etteDtatlltngmu(( bee
mixt^ tuitti pure,U)^tte,ano toll b^a^e^^fanDjbtft not ojt'e
mani^cafc, after tliat puttfae famecittjcr into a ccnimcn
jKofc Jlimbecke of Cinnc, fetting a ^aire ^iuz clofe ijpon it,,
t^atttma^ tcuc^tge^on^mt^e Diddling, o;eireinCoabo^
Dp of 6Iaire,fet into a pot of fine Cff eD a^cg 0.: fanD , making
at tljefirttafoftfiret-nDcrity t5nttlltljcfir2l35atcr be come,
VoW^ is iuljitc : anD after tijc i^eIIoU) tuatcrappearet^, t^tn
put tinDer another rcccmcr, fetcinga^e t^e lobite : anDfo
long \iiM bntiltgertDbegtnnetl) to ^c\x>, attire appearance
oftofticb, put tnocr another rcceiucr 3 letting tfeatremaine
tntillnomo.:eljDtUcome« ^tiicb reD U)ater being t^e lad,
f^ruet^ fo.: fun^^ip brcis , a^roDielDomens ^airepelloto, bg
ofcen letting t^eljttirc toitri a fpunge , antit);i^ingtt>efame
in tlis^ot^nn.'aifoit caufct^faireanrtIong[)airc, anD(liai?(»
ctl) tljeH&eDingof&atrc : bcfioes ( tljis t^iro toater) coet^
clcnfetijc foul ce^ruptioa an^nsattcr being in filt^p toounos
anu olD takers 5 if flje^ be IsnC^cD ttuicca oa^ \j}it^ tl;e fame,
cottfmg alfo nelu flcil^ to grotoc iix ttjoCe places , if i?oa Dailg
tDaa)tljnn toitl) t&efaiD luatcr, 0; otijerUiife Dippe linnen
clouts jnit; la^nngtliemaptlgou tljefo^,e5. S^efelfefema

ThefirftTrcatife* $9

n^fcarrcafterU)arD,bp often applying lijincnrlcuts cippiO

in it* nmt\^2 fi:conDU)aCcr(bemgofaolDenrolcur)i?5oppcD

in tlje cics,5ott) notonl^ Ijcipe imnlnt and blearcD cits , lut

tljz pin ano uscb m ttjcm , b^ tVjC taii^ ano oft^n ti;oppai5 of

tjoatrr, tbsretdtio iuo;t[}|3 rr.atCcrmaitioncD (11 tt)!s t*lare

b^ iimj of t^e olD p;actifcr0.
Another manner of tliililL'ng the hony^morc at '

largctaught. Chap. g2.

T-ilft? a pmt;0; as mncb as t?Du ta:l! of tijc pure rcf Ijo^ t)

ni?,\s;)tc^pptitint3a boop of glade, cicfc ccucrcc 1 la^

teo aboat,rimng tj^e fame after into 6otljo^(eCuBg, luulja
fquaregoncont&el)cao,ant)coufrifgit\j3rrf)tl]c!)o;fe Dnrg
fo; i4.tJai:g:af>cr lu^icb time^tatjc tijc botip fo;it^3 fceting tt
mtoafarnaceoffincfifteDaf^ 5,ludlafingtrb;cOt!jc;n:o;e
abcuc t^c Ijonp, p^cfappsQng onvourirart^tljatlictl pa^
(00 of aint doncg be put into t\)t [)onr,anD ti^cn tiiMkr^ toitf)
a foff fire into a receiuer^toei luteo at tijc moutl) , fo; uoubt of
tfjc aire bjcatljmg fo^tfj. Mbcn ttje fame bcginnct^ to tJilf if,
f ften D^aU) fb:ttj part of tl)e Sr?(t3n!cnre vou can otbertutfe goi»
uerne ^our fire bp t?)c f)c?pc of the furnace ) Uiftic^ comming
foatt) lDf)2te^Ut fo long biQiW, till tijcrc appcare tclictD D;opd

like to goIO0. tlHpon ttje fig^t of tl)t£i,fet tjnDer another recci^

uerjteptng Diligently tF)!s firfflDatc r b^ it felfe, anD increa*
IKrtg t^e fire, U t tbat fo (cng oiiriil, till certaine t^bite fmofee£f
appeareruaninginto tfeereceiuer, anBtljrt fpeenilvitafee a*
toap 5 putting to anotljcr recciuer , tr &ict) let fo long oiHill
tjntill no uiojc twill D2opfo.?tlj : anot^tsUdisofarnb^co^

lour in reDnelTe, fott^atifavuoman often U)etting tl)el^atre

of ^crticao\jDit^;t^istl)iroiDater, fitting tfeen in t^e ^otte
&un,bot6 to sj^p anO Vuc t t^em agatn^u^earing in t\)t me ane
iD^iles a large Urainn ^at toitt) an open crof^n^to fp^eao t^je

Uott) not onl^ eaufe tl)e feairs to groto long f tjerj faircbut nu
f t'o t^em in time fo \>eUoU) as goto, aifis to fiiucrs otl)er tife£{

IdisreDUiaterferai^B; a$a^o:ei0taug|)tint ot|}cr chapter*

iff 2 mi%
4o The right ordering of Bees,
2C|)efol)UeU)ater (U)t)icl)commetl)fira) bptoaO^mgflie
it ^ Dot^ caufe ii to become deare ano taire,
face o^t)crl^ iDttb
ano keepet^ tiie fUm from loohtng oloe fo: a long time, as t^e
fame|)atl)bceneej*perienceD oft^nb^tbetoo.:tbg SDamesof
Rome.Naples,ano A^enice.^nt) tl)e i?£11o1ju lifee golo , being
file feconD toater,noH) efpectall^ (eruc to i^i^ tjfe, t^at if an^
petfonbapnctb to bee tnfecteo Ijuitbtbc plague o> pefiilcnce,
tbentotafeetlDo ounces of tt)is ^cllotoe U^ater of Aloes cEi^
paticfe,ofreti cp^ltit)^ 5 $ o^^'^c^iiftfa^ron.ofecb ten grains,
anD a leafe of t^e bell goloeiall U){)icb grinD into fine pouter,
miring t^c fame loitb tljts toater , anD after tbat giae it bnto
tbeficheto e^inhe^to^icl) no Doubt luiUbotl)^elp0 tl}ts ano
The manner of diftil ling a water of liony,nanied
theQuinteffence. Cliap. 33.
% p^cttous luatcr , ]^ou muC tahe
maHc tt)ts Angular
T£D tlvo pouniis of tbe purcH tubite bon^; being botl) cleare
ano pleafnf in tatt, ijubicl) put into abot^ of glaffe, being fo
biggr,tl)atfoureo; Sue parts of it ma^remaineempt^ , tbe
fame lutcD (Irongl^ about , fcttingt|ie bean after onitanu a
receiueraptiptotbenofeoftbe&tilL M^en ipout^auetbnis
Done^tben make a gentle fire at tbe firtttmoer it, but after
increafe i^t fire oa beat mo;e ant) mo;je,bntiU certaine febite
fmoUcsappcare in tbe beat) of tbe glaCTe boDi? , tobtcb roti
muSU3o.2femanlD ccole anD turne into toater, b^ttjel^etting
0f Imncn clotbes in colo luaterjanD laio on tbe beao anD nofc
tolDarb tbe recciuer, fojtbatturnctbintoatoater forcD as
blotD ; ano being all come,put it into anotbcr giatfe^Hopping
f be c!ofc;tDbtcb let ttanD fo long, tnttll tbe Ijuatei bee
come berg clearejanD in colour to tbe i^ubie* jfio to being eti
tbis iDife, Diaill tbe fame againe in Balneo Mana?,anD fe of*
ten repeat tbis, bntill \]oubaue tiHillcD ii fire 0^ feuen \\mt»
Duer,(bat tbe colour be cbangeD in tbe cnoto tbe colour of
golDe : lubicb tben is moflt plcafant of fauo? , ant To fUiecte,
tbat notijing maip be compareD Ufee tnto it in fragrantnes of
Ciie Sluinteffcnce i^V^ Difltolue golo , p^eparet J it apt to

The firft Treatifc- 4l

It tJ^tinfec , ant> am Jclocll put into tljc Ijoaf cr , if tioetl^ alfo
miToJuetbefanir* ^(fo t^is i£;nameo t^e blcdcDiuater, m
t|iat giuing to ann ttoo o; tlj jee D;ams to D^inke,ljein^ at l Je
point of Deat^, ooet^rorut)t)atnl^recouertbcperron agatnc,
a£iDoct^tlje€luintcirenceofU)inc. ^no toadying an^ gria^
uoug iuounD 0^ ff ripe luitl) tlje U:)ater,ootl) in (^o;t time bealc
t^c fame. ^Ifottiiap^etiousiuater oot^ marueilouH^ t^ipc
t^e couglj^t^e rl)emn0,e^e Difeafc of t\\t ^plencjantj ntanp o^
t^ertii(cafe£(,ly!)ictjU3oulD feared^ be beleeuetj* EDbc luater
alfo mim(!re9 Dail)? 1)nto a pcrfonCcheofttiepalfep , fGjtije
fpacc ofCj;e anu fo^tt? t5aiej5,U)iU b? tbe migtjt^ Ijelpe of (^oo,
antj tbiis miraculous iDater^f IjojoliJli? beale t^e Difeatc* aifo
tl)is ©utnf eCTcnce oottj ^elpe ttie falling GchnelTe^anD p;efer«s
uet^tbeboDpfrompatrifptng, fo t&atbpaUtiicfcU3e mag
I0arne,tl)aftt)isisratbcramuineljuaterfrom ^caacn (ano
fent from(2/OD)to feme tjnto all ages.
The manner of drawing and making waxe of the
honie combes. Chap, 34.

T 1^0 Ijoni? being t;>aU)ne

bees iiang on i\)cm ocau
from tijetombj5,aU^oiigl)fontc
:, i?et put altogether into a faire
p^n o;^ caulo^on .into toljicb polu^te fo mucl^ luater o;^mo;e>as
tt)e quantitie of tbe combs be, !!^ljis fet ouer a foft fire , tntiU

t6efamebctbo;oU)l? ^eateoann molten in tl5epan,ansiii

tbe melting corifinuallpllir tbe fame about luit^ a big fplat^

ter, ojfomeaatre, lefl&tl)0U)a]pe cleaue to flje pannes lities

ter,potu^e t^c lobole (ubaance into a courfe bairen bag,p;jef^
fing it fo;jtb into a frougl), o> otbcrlifeetctfeUmabe fo^tbc
ottdppurp3fe,onlD|)icbg?DU3^ettoo o^tb^ce Settles ful of bot

U)ater,tbat no b;jegges bang after on tbeU^ape, ano bi?tbat

meanesll^al^oubaue tbeinape botb pure anDclcane. llBut if
^ou iBill bauc it can mt(^ fafre rountJ caUes,anD to be dcancr
ano purer , fbcn mdt t\^t luare againe anti being mslten,

iDater, (asabouctoastaugbt) fet after in tbc ^unne, b^

fcbicbmeanestlje cafee iDiU continue tensions faire of cc^

tour* ,

iff S What
^Z The rigk ordering of Beci.^
Whatwaxcis bell: allowed and commended.
Chap. 55.
WSr^fcctng flje fcoB of ltg^t,ani5 rcrning bnto tnnume#
rablc \3fes of men, of al tljc hioDs tbe fame is bed a!^
loloeD ano ctnimcnDcD, iobicf) is toit) ncto mat)e,mcanclg
rcD of cflJour^fomeljDtjat fattic,fmel!tnaffcDcet, tjauing foms
(4U8; in it of t^e &on^ , ano clears. S)f tbe mc^xe aife of
rano^ie Countries , ttjattn tfte Country of Puntus i5\De4l
commcnoeo>anDt{)ef5meintt)C JfleoiCreta: ncjct totjicfc

is t\)t iBarc in ttje gfle of Corfica^tjoticli ^s watie of t^e Bore

tree, aaofuppofeB to{)aucfome gooo ctfeas in it fo; ^thu
Of the great commoditie and bencfite of waxc
in M'dicines. Chap. ^6-
W0re|)at^ ameaneaniong tieating things, bot^ in
Vt^t ccDling,0;ping,ano moil!ning>as vo^iitetlj Galen
in t^e fcuentt) bofee of fimplcs, ano 2 2 Chapter, tu^icft jpao*

pcrl^ t)elpct^ tl)0 rougbnelTc of t^c b^eaH > U)ben it is iotncu

t; mixt Ijoitt) t^c oilc of SJiotcts , fo^ ttjat it botl) molifiettj oa
foftnet^ tt)e f(neU)e^,ano ripenetti and oidoluctb tlcrrsX^e

qnantitie of apcafe in U)are fLnalloUicD Dotone of nurfcs , o;

fuel) toomcn as g u? fml^e, Ootl) ciffoluc t^e mi'fee c curDeo ia
tbcpaps. EnDUn little pieces of pure nclJDUjaicc, tntot^e
bigncsof aljemp rao,t;iur.he ooamatone tune^tjocttifaure
ttemti^enotto courdinttielDomansU&mac^eani} bacMs*
af tfte pkce , 0; tticrcabout , of eittier man 03 tooman,
l^appcnetb to b^ applying an otntmer t maOe of
ftL»eli , tt)cn

ls)biteloar^tta)o.itl^affU)agetbanDljea!ctl)tl;e fame* Sfa^

«V alfe Ijapnetb to be tJifcafeif loitfr t^cblooo>? flire , br duf;?
ftng a rong pigeon U ul) ncUi Uiare , af e r rtfinig tbe fume,
ano eating tljcfleOj thereof, Dotlj in I^o;it time after dai? V^c
fame.^il o.if a qu: nee maoe botloio ano tillcD iDitb pure neUi
luare,be after roUcDlDnDcrbot embers bntiU ttjc iame bee
tcnOcr,! eaten fading toittjoat D;jinfeing after it, Cotl) ix\ Lfee
fo:tdapanDt)elpetbepertUouddtre, anofcourmgofblooo«
SLbe to ir bcliDi:s,r:ruct& Coalmancrofpladas^omtments,
(upfiofiU^ie^^ano Inct; U^e*
ThcfirftTrcatifc. 43
Of that wliicb is a (lay of the combcSjand made
for a defence of Bees from cold. Chap. 3 7.

Tf§c fame mane of beeg at t^t entr^ of t^ie moutg t^tJ^ms,

ongtit to be nellolD of coloncano f\Deet fmellmg like to
Storax,anu D^aton info a lengtt) lihe fo Mafticic, ^ea, t^iaf in
ratl)erctofen,becaufc in\)zatm anOD^atoing it xb p;it\cu
pallcft. iFoa of it fclfet^isD^atoctb fojtl) t^o^ncs o^fplents
of tofljo ruu Deep into t^e fleC^, b? applpingit platter ioife on
t^e gricfe:it belpcfb an olo cougl&jbT^ making a fmoke t&erof,
antJijolDingt^cmontli oacrie,anti appUeo in tljcfo^me of an
ointment on ring too jmes, Ciotf) fpeeoil^ b^ale tljem* jlipto
tljis matter (as aboKCluastaugljt) is tlje llais
of t^e l^on^

f ombs,b^ tu^tcl) bees (fop anti tope fo^t^ all mancr of cola,
sno ot^cr annoyances tobicl) mig^t cnoamage t^em t^t ,

fame alfo being of To ttrong a fauo j , tbat fome t)fe it in tb$

a^tie of Galbamim. M. Varro nametf) it a r£fuge of IBees

toitftout tl)eir cotageSjbecaufe 315«i5 make t&c fame at tl)e m^

Ho vv' to make Waxc white. Chap. gg.
toaici fit fej tt)is purpofe)oagl)t to be lii'ottcr f purer,
ano broken into little pieces , put after into a netoe eart&cn
pan,poU);ingt3pon it fufficient fait oa fea toater, and a tittle
^iter b:^ufeD,tot)iclj feBtb ^l f oget'ncr,® |)en f fame ^atb boi^
tijc Ujav
leo tiotcc 0^ tljjtce tpjremoue t^c pan from t|)e fir e,i
hdnq, tljo:io\x)l^coloe,takcfo;tljoftl)epan, auDfcrapingcff
fait iuatcr,
tbe Sltljjif anp fuc^ tjang on , put again into ncto
feet&ing it againe, anato^en tbe luaye tiatl) fo often boim
(as abouc U)as taught )t^zti take off t^e panne from
tlje fire,

ann in t^ebottome of a netoeartl)2npannc,mcit itluttl) celti

toater,luljtc!) oippe b? little ano little inta tbe

toaye , d;»oUj^

ningit altttle,fo t&at t^c toater be aboue t^tMiim to^ere^

b^Vi)cmu%tm^^ become Ucr^ tljinnc, mio be tliefooner

cooleD it fclfe rt'jen taking b^anobr out tljemoulooj

aiiDtoctting agains
t^mcy Ditato'^firatHrounoCaUcoff ,

it into t^e caav'e , anu tbe

f ^e bottoms in coloe loiter, Qippe

km fo longto, tjntiU i;ou |)aue ojaUme or all tfeat Ivar mto.

44 The right ordering of Bees.
caUc^ of Ittie ro^^lDl)ici) after diCcl) tbo^oU) tpitlj ti)^eD , f)ati^
gingtl)ecakg£SonaropeonefronianoUjcr, ant) tt)atmtl)e
Da^ time^often toetttng tt^sm in tt)c feunne , but tn tlje nig^t
time in t^e ^cone lig^t:ant) fo long Doe t|)i0,tinttl ti)c U^ap be
luftite^ 0HD if an^ Defiretl) to tiatie Iwaicc U)t)itcr t^tn t^ig,
f ^cn let btm ooe tl)e lifee as abouefaio , but boile ttie toar oft^

tier* ^ome in Heao of t^e fait ^ea-ljuater^ta^e firong B;ine

Ijoater^in U)t)ict} tiie^ boile t^e ^nxt in tt)e fame maner ttoice
o^tb?ice,a3aboaeU»a£;taug"ot» 0nD PaulusEuerdus inW
feoohe of Confections, teac|)et^ tt)e making of lua):e Uiljite
tU)o manner of U)aie0«
How you may make red Waxc. Chap. gp.
TCpat ^oti mat! colour ano make mavz rcu,tafee Dnf o one
pouno of ljDa);e)tb;tee ounces of ter^ cleare Curpentine,
be in fummer^but if it be in U)inf er, t Jen tafee foure om^
if if
cesmotD ttiefe oilTolue ano melt togetl^er ouer a foft £lrc, and
taking it from ttie 3re , let it coole a little, after U) Jic^ put in
tmermillton finely grouno on a garble l!one>ani) fl^eet ^a!^
let o^le,of eacli one ounce^mtring tbefe luell, Sir all togettier
iiiligentl^.li5at fome in lleao of (mermillion, oo tafee reo leaD,
iD^tclj is title commenoeo.eicccpt t Jere be tlj^ee times fo mucj
oftJeretileaDasoftbe tmermtlion put in. ano in tlje lifee

fo^t mat? ^oumafee greenelDaye^ifinHeat) oftlje Vermillion

T?ou tafec (o mucj of green Copo^as finely grouno,as ^ou oio
of t^e ti^ermillion.
How to draw a profitable oyle out of Waxe,
forfundry vfes. Chap. 40.
Tl^e miraculous ano oiutne tn iDoal^tng,
£D)?le of toare^is
becaufe it feruet J in a maner tnto all griefes,Reymond
Lullo greatly commencettjtiiisotle, app^ouing it rattier as
a celetttall ano oiuine remeop, ano tbat t Jis in iDounos DotJ
too^ke mod miratulou(l?(tDl)icg fo^ hi^ maruellous common
W\i^ is not fo toell allotoeo of tlje common Ct)irurgions} be^
caurett)tsp^etiouso^le!)ealett) aVjuouno , betjefameneuer

fo Ixiioe ano big, (being before ioioefiitc^eo tp) in tbefpace

often o;stU3eluetiaies at tbe mod : buttbofeUj^icJarefmalt
t^ts c^le t)eaUt J it^ tf)^e$ oaies , b^ annointing onel? on t Je
TIicfirftTreatife. 4$
caf5o;jtDOKatJ£i,anD lading after Unnen clouf^, ( beatgfe^C
tnt!)eraio oi!le)t)pon tt)el)uounO£i. ifo^ inUinrt) Difeafcs tijc

faiDoi?Iclt5o^fect^m!raculoufli? (ifttiatnou unniacre^giue

aD^amatafimeiniDtiitetotnctoD^uiUe) anoaa^ct^ alfa
tpt l^eocwg of IjaircEtt^cr on tl)c tjcaD oj bearD, bt? annom^
tmg tgc places U)tt^ t^is ov'le* ^clioes tl^efp, tt is mixam^
ItmB in tge p^ocnrmg of t)^in0 , being mig^ta^ aoppec^ , anD
^elpct^ aifo Qitt^ts anD paine in tlje !o^nc£i> b^ Damping
tfje lifee qaantitie of tbe o^lc aboue taught in \s)})itt \3ym.

^oto t^z mafeingano D^atoing of t^is oi^lc is on tl)t£5 teifc:

ifira(akeafaoDsof(©laCre nameo aKetoat ,lj3bicii ttrongl^
lute about toitb cla^ $ fiotkzB j Diligently tempereo togetber
Uiitji fait ioater : after tl^t bou^ is tbug fcnceD, anD tljo^ouglj

D;ie , put in a pounD 0^ moje of pure neljD ujarc , fo t^at ttiz

faiotoaicfilletb not aboue lialf tour boti^^anoto euer^pounD
of toap^poure in foure ounces of tfje pouDer of reDb^ieb.finc^
Is b^ufeo.lDbicb after fet into an earthen pot , filling it rouno
about iuitt) fine fiftcD aO^es 0? fanD« after tbis,fet tijepottc
\s)it^ tbe boD^ in it on a foanace , making a foft fire at t^e fir(£

tbuDer it, ano after encreafing a little moae^our fire, tiMl

tl^tm fo Iong,t3n till all i^ur o^le be come.tuliic^ after a U)tiile
iDilUongeale in t^erecetuer, but it maket^ no great matter
alt^ougl) tbeo^lefo Ooe, fo2 it tsneuert^ekO^einbi^perfec
fiion : becaufe tbat if^ou f^oulo ciittiU it fo often ouer , Dn^
til it iDtll congeale oa Hiffen no mo^e in tbe receiuer^tben fl^al

^onmabeit ouer l)oC,anbfoqmcUe in tbe moutl) tbat it is

notpotribleb^ani^meanesto o^infeeitnolune* 315ut being
onc0OiailleD,pumapcitber giueitin ^inetoD^inke, 0^
annoint ioit^ t^e ople tpon ani? place of tl^e boD^ tobere
^ou &Dill,U3^ic^ ii^ill al^ates nocgooD, ant) i)urt in no man^
ant) in confioeratton of t^efe aboue taugl)t) ^ou ma^
euioentl^ learne and pcrceiue , tjaf tl^is miraculous
^^^leougljttobeg &aD in great eSiirmtion of ti)o common

,®g Another

45 The right ordering of Bees*

Another excellent way to draweo) le ofw axe, tliat greatly
helpeth the coldcGnutjthe Sciatica, thefwellingof the
le2;s,anrl ail other griefes proceeding of coldc. Chap. 4 1
TafeeofpurenetoU)are,fomac|iagt?ouUll, Uj^icI) pat
into a pan oacr t^c fire to mcU,anu being molten, ^aac
|}p |Jou in a rcacmedc another pan lyd glafto.f cleane v»itlj#
in,filleD luitt) g©^ anD perfect toine , into lo^uti poore \iQut
jiioUen li)aj;e letting it fcfee anO u^tnlie in toeU, ano toaC^ it

often m t^e fait) tometafter t{)is,tafec t^ic U)aj;e fo;jt&,meiting

it agame on tlie fire,ano being moltcn,\i^a(l^ t^e fame againc
tn pure U^inc , fo t^at euer? time melting tfee toare, poure it
into frcrt) U)iac,lD5(bing ann fohing it in tbe fame fiilig^ntl^,
^no after to;tng it tocll toit^ pour ftanu^ : being t)re9 tljus,
melt anD toalb againe in t\)2 aboae faiD manner eigbt timed
togetljer:t'0en fet tS)e fame fojtl) (being a cleare feafon t aire)
^11 tbe nisbt , after put i^t loare into a i^ef o^te, ujitft

a little Mumia anD Ol^e of Yperidon, oi &aint lohns tuojf

anD a tittle olD &ple : altt^oug^ U)it^out tl)efe it map Do gooD,
pet mtr.DADit^tbcfe, it \iojfeetl) far better tbenbfeD alone,
^om to rctprnc to tbe fo:mcr matter : SLfeie crcobeD boD)>
o.:li:to;tc,fetinfineCfteDa[^e£f , 1 agentlefiremaoetjnDer
it tntili all ttjc ople Do rnn fo jt|i , anD m tl^is commitig fo>t&
of tl)2 cple (l^all appeare tbe foure Clem0nts,t6e aire tbe

Jj}ater,eart'b fire^Vobicb toil o^Derlp appeare in t|ie recei^
uer,rigbt marurlonsto fee* ^tno rlje ople being t^us full^
D;a\une,\Do;keto nuraculouflD tn all Difeafcs U}t)u|) p;oceeD6
The concl ufion to the Reader^
THusgentie P.ender I haae ( Itrufl ) fu)ij (attsfit^thj depre in
as manj things as are me^fuff toheknowm: tvhtrcfore I com*
Booke tQ thj gentle iud^emeMt, If thoH matfi re*
vtit this Mjf little

csineany profit $rcommoditie thereby I fhdbe q^kdeftt andtftsot, :

^etfauourAlfly let it pajffffrom thee to others , whofe knowledge and

^^xfertencei^le^tthenthtne herein^that they maygather ftich thivgs
4S to them are Jtrange , though to ihee peeh k^iovpne before.
And thus bnefy 1 commit yon t9 Almtghtie
Q D^ ^ Ccrtainc
^ Certaine Husbandly ConieUures of
dearth and picntiefor eucr.

C H A p. I.

Jrl! connotr ant) marfeMl^af ^otu flje focaf Ijer

15 a D3^ bCiO^Cjtljc Dap p^cfi nt, atiD tljc taj' af^
ter t()e &an£s entrance into tlje Ogne ^rtrs.anis

fuc^ Ufe€ C^aK Cjjc Iccat^er bc(fo2 ttje mcil part)
intljefet^^ee mcneti;iP, September, ;©ctober,
jano loihe ^0^.13 t^c Uieat^er fl^aU be at tbc ^tms entrance
into tt)e Cgne of ileo,a6 V^z Dap beto2e,anDDap after , ano

fuel) commonly ftalbein 2Dcc mbcr-Janiiarp,! ^eb^uarp,

fo; if t^e UjinDc ftal i\^m biolu out of tfje /|5o:t^ o^ (l&a{lt,anD
tfiofeDak^D^ie, t^cnf^alifolIolDatcrpcolD rearontnt{)oris
t^;cemonet^0 : tuttf ttjetomoebtoUieout cf tbe ^ont^ o^
tI2Itcffi,anD t^at it ratnct^ in tbofc X\iitz Dapes, t&en ice to fol^
loU) in tbofe c^ >^ mone t^0. ^nD if t^e iDeat^cr tn tbofe tt)^as
Dates n^a'l be neither U)!)oIIp D^ie no; U?t;olIU tnotll,tt)en tyol
folloU} an tndeDtaG; lutnter.
0n3 lifec as t^c tueattjcr C^all tie at t^c ^nns entrance f n^
ttie Dap of tl)c entrance, tbc rapbe^
to tl}eri,me!lib;a, as at
fo^eanDtbe Dap after, fuc^ (fo^t&c molt part) C^allbeetljc
Cp^ing in ^arcl],apjiUjanD cpap*
lanD ItDke boil) t^e lueat^er n)ali be at t^e &uns entrance
into ^»q!iariu0,at t^e Dap of tftc entrance , tbe Dap before ano
ibeDapaft€r,fuc^ (fo;jtlje mod partisan tljelweat&crbem
3une,3lulp,snD aujjuff*
anDmanp ancient men affirmc, tfeaf {ilteastt^eUjeatfter

unne is running bp t^c ligne Lib:a, anu

C' af be U)l)aes tlje ^^
tnto tlj? 2 o. Degree ct ^co jpio , tofeicb time is from tbat Dap
(uameD tbc exaltation of (t)e croSre)t)nto tt)e Dap of al faints,
fuc^ in tbc moC p3rt (^all ttje pcare follolxjing be, a<5 in Diui^
tiingt^at fo^eCaiD time into tloeiue monettis, ano t^iat foure
Daiesoo anfiiereto eac^monet^, of t^eu^tiu^foure Dates ^
48 Husbandly Conieflures
tgateacl) one oft^e foure Dotf) Declare t^e con^tftott of tire
^aarti-rfollotDing : ano fecginningalfotorechon jl^ouembcr
ua t|je firS montt^ ef t^e peare.
^nt} t^e getierali 6gnc£i of Dearth f plenty after t|)e mttiD£B
of tl)e ancient ^uf bano men be tljefc : as tl;e ouer-mucl) colOi*
lies ^^m^y tije oucrmuc^ moiOiure (oftning , tjie ouermucj
burning, anotlic ouermuc^ ojineffe putrtf^ing
l)0at greatly
ano tDo^^bmg into ciufi : ^o^ lol^en an^ of tfjefe qualttieis; O^all
txm^ in t^t proper ttme»but efpeciall^ in t^at time to^tc^ to
ti|e coane ano fruits Doe not agrae, tl^en fl^all Dearth ano (cax^
m^ botbof fruits anDcoaneenfue*
0sfo^£]t:ampIe, fe^ent^emont^ of ^arc^fl&allbeoner
ntoiaanDtoet, iu^icf) rather oug^t to be D^ieVanD tl^at t^e
tnont^ of ap?iU C^all be oaie , fe^ic^ ttjen ougbt to be mmU,
tjotl) aftcrp^onouncetbepenur^oft^efruitsofttie eart^.
co;ne Dotb tben fal tnto ripeneg^t^at rattier oagl&t to be D;jp,
Doti) after (ignifietljefcarfit^ bot^ ofco;ne auD ot^er fruits
ianD i\$t like ma^ be fat'D of tje otl^er contfitattonsto? Wt^
tbe CDlemcntall qualities fbalbe in fucti a conDition as
Doe bea agree, t^en Doe t^ei? p^omife bot^ fruitfulneffe ant
ano ifintbefpzingbefignesof colDanDDaougl|t,anDtjjae
in tbe CUD of tbe fp;tng neere t^e ful mcne be frotts,tben l|al
follolD taerp fmall ^eelDe of t^ie fruits of tje eartlj , anD little
iDiiie tbat ^earc follolotng.
anDif tbefpaingbe Diie ,tljenfei9 C&all tlje fruits of t|e
Iras bc,^et gmD anD fcarfiti? of co^ne fl^all be ttiat reare*

anD if tbe fp jing fl^albe colD.t^c fruits of t|)c mt^ ftalbe

Iati> ripe.

)anD if t^e rp;jing anD Summer l^albe oucr toet o^ miftii o^

colDjlDitl) clouDt? VDcat^er fo^
man]? Da^es together , tot^iles
all tbetr^sftauebo^^ne t^cirblolTomcs, anD ttie fielDcs tbetr
floU3:es,anD begin to fteD tl)eirfloU);e, tt)f n d^allfolloU)
fcarfitp of fruits of tbe cartb in t^at ^care, o^ clfe
a teris
great rotof t^em^anD mans ficfencffes in tjiat ^larc*
ants dammar h^ D^icr t^en cugomabl^ifjcn tfta! foU
tf tlje

loU)tl)efcarCit)?ofco;jne5 pgt f^e Summer frmts fi^all ffjae

^earc be founD^t^efiH^.s t^en Die, ano mcU i^arpe licfene(re0
j^nD tf tb^&ummer O^albe^offer t^m cuttomablp , ttjen
l^aHfol(olDnian;gfickne(re£(oa tikaitB, ^et great plenty of
t^e jammer frmt£i t^at^eare*
2im itV^t Rummer O^albecolDer tben cuSoitiabl^? , tben
^(l^allfoilolDab^altbfttU)?eare, bat t^ztxuit$oU^zew[t^
evaluate ripe tbafi?eare,
0nD l)ere further ijote of tlje fp^itig, t&at if in tbe fame fea^
(on of tbe fp^ing, t^jere C^all bee a moje plenty of all floto^es
anofruitestolDaro t^en cuCtomabl^ , ooetb after figniffea
fcarGti! of co^ne t^at ^eare,t)nle(le t^e ^eat of ^nmmer oot^
ot^ertpife rcfo;{me tt)e fame.
antt&eluifeaHD ancient bufbani)raenl)aa0obferHeM6at
iob^n tbeuiinter (l^al fcnD Dotonelto^eofraineon tbe eart^,
fo tbat tt)e fame erceeoe not 0; bee too mnc^ , anD ttiatt^e
^arcl) follolDtng be Daie, ano tbe apaill iuette b^ often
^oU)?e£(^ ano tijat tbe fame parte alfo of Summer bee o^ne in
iD^icb tge co^ne fallet^ to rtpcneUe, t^en ooet^ tlje fame p^o^
ano UJben tbat partof tbeliarnea fl&albe faire anu taie in
to Jiclj t^e tebeate tie; fotoen,ano tbe part of fummer in toliicft
cojne falletlj to ripenelTe ftalbe faire aniiii;jie, tl)efp;jing aU
fo meanlp iuarme, ootlj t^en not onel^ p^omife fruiti'ulnclTe^
bnt a plentiful! ^eare of co^ne«
ano nolo t^el^aruefi moilfer tbencutfomab!t?,oot6pa^
trifie tbc grapeiJ^anD caufct^ a fmal ^eelD of lotnes ti)at i^eare

toitb tljefcarfiti? ofctt)erfrmti5.

0no alfo If in tbe latter part of Jaruea it be moider, t^m
in tlje peare follotoing (ftall enfue fearfit? ofco^ne^
. anoif tbcl^arueabe D^ierintiie firftpart, tijen in f&o
peare fc!loUnng,(ftal Hie^ano t^iat fmall graine namcD ^il,
ant) if tl)e l| arnee be potter f fjen c uaomablr, tjen fl^al foU
loU) a Oifeafco i]cari,anii tt;at oangeroiwi*
(15 g 3
^o Husbandly Conic(Sturcs
atttiftje^arueft be coloert^siuoftomabl^, tjett Q^M
foUoU)fbcioSreoftt)Q)#arneafrnitj9 , bott) xntl^z &o;e anD
anD tt;e totnter colo atiD D^te , id of all buf bantimcn rom^
wenoedjbut eiJtrearHecolobot^t^cn flea ttje tree, ElpedaU^
t&ofetobicbtoi^tn aUiarnicairc, agtbclDomcgranatctree,
l^e^ltuetf€0,t^ellemmontreejt|)e^tgs^ trce> t^e^eac^
anoif tfteluinter mat int^e crtremtt^ofcolDnw , t|)crt
DotOttegnifie^armcbotbtotbtta ne ano S>\m tree, tjjc
C&frri?-tree,anD tbe pellotu Quince tree.
^mif t^e t^tiiter be bot ano moift , tben tbe fame toet^

p;onottnceant)n|{eaUt)faUseare> anb Danger tofeeoes ano

ianD tbe ejcceffe quality, anb beHcmperature of anp of tbe
foure quarter0;t£ieutllanD bangcrous to t|)c fruUc0 tti^z
anb t()e plenty of GtoU) falling bue fcafon of tbe T^care,
boctb fatten tbe eartb , (anbif tbe otbers tcebelpc) rbm
botbit itgnt^e t^t plenty of (o;ne ano otbcr fruites oi tbe
0nD tf anp toat^et^ tbetr ljanb£; tottl) fnoto ,ooetb tben

nta^e tt)em auo^, m

tbat tbefnoto \b tngenb^co of abapcur
(omelubat b;ie anb eartyi^^
j^nb t\i£ fnoU) nourtibetb fl^eep anbot^cr beal!iS)!n tbat t^e
fnolD IB tnget.b^cb of wottt atre^tntobt^) iife confiftetb*
^no i^z fncu^e mcreafetb tbe co?ne ano otbcr 6roU)tng
tbings en eartb , m
tbat h^ b^s coloneffe it fo ooetb ft ut tbe
fiojtsoftbccartb.ibattbe beat Ijuitb tbe Ububt^ielecbegof
t^e eartb be cbenft eo^Ccamtt tbcn bitthe fo^tb.
ii^otbe &\\o\^ ^tattil) anb cbcriftctbtbe eart^ bp tbe
tbtcbeccueruigont , ano befenoetb ib^greene tube t anbo;*
tberfeeos fcUJii, from tbe fljarpef bebenuntrolooftbe aire*
an!>tbefaoto map be feiptalMbc^eare \)mtr tbe eartb,
ecnereo toitb UtaU^, ano pjofitaLle it is to mire toitb toine
in anbot&iiminer;aubntceU'Ari?alfoto ;co:cti;eaiie about
Hcbc f erlons.
offairewcatlicr. fi
antj tin tJHp;JofitabIe falling of tljetjcto, miff«,o^ fog£f (

fpenaI!tJU)^cnallcrrrccrit tljiags tiocbuDfojtti,anDl^eU)C

tDcir flaU3;e)aB in tl)e uiontl) of a^jitl ano ^af , as U)eU oti

t&etr^s,coj«c,anD gralTe, to^ic^ beaCs tijcn feeomg on bte

grcatlp ^aimeD tb;o«g^ t^e oeto fallen- ano all otl)cr tljtngs
aifo mail) ^anneti byi tlje fame, as tjatb bin oftcD obff rueo b^
t\^z ancient ano toifc buf banomcn^
ann int^e ouermucb falling of raine,frot!0, o;ibaile,cfpe#
cial'^ in tbe fp;ing Urn e, ano tn tbe tointer time, tbbilea tljc
co?ne 15 T?et as graCTctbe crcclTe of ratne alfo ootl) iljen tl)^8a#
ten tbe icarOt^ of t)ictual0 to cniae tbat ^eare,
ano tl^e great plenty ofbeanes , after tl;e opinion of t[)C
common bufbanomen tb^ougb w«cb raine fallen uotb foae^ ,

ftctotDe fcarfit^ of Sojne, ano cfpcciallg of m^m t^iat

^no a Itfec inogemenf ma^ be giuen of tbe ^afee ano ]$q\1^
f rffi,tobicb U tbei? beare plcnttfull^,tben
a fruitfuU ^ear e foU
loU)eib,anocontraribaife bearing butfeto^tjien a bmc^ears
anotbcgrea{plcnt?of(l?rai^opper5,lro;in:e3, anbCae^
ferpiUers , appearing m
tbeirp;jopertimtmo;e t^encnao^
mablp, 00 not onli? oeclarc ^armc to UasB ano feoes foujen^
but to all fruits tbat^earc. . . ^ ..

^nD tbe greater ao:e of toint0,nof cml^ caufe Iitle fruu5,

but fcarfttt' of co^nc to enfuc tbat reare,
ano a ailncs in a manner tb jougbaut tb^ veare , botb oe^
tlare a lifeehbooo of tbe plague to enfue Ojo^tlr
ano t^z ancient Hippocra tcs tojitetb ^ tbat toben in tbt
fammer tbe j^o;tb toino long tonti luctt), ano in tbe barneH
t^ ^outb U)ino, U)itb If je tben ot ramcU ootb ^fter tb;ta^
^o!ce, t|j8
(cnintUe^iSiainter tbe bcao acbe , boarfeniff^ ot
co«gb,confumptions 02 impottumcs to enfae.

ano if after a e^ie Summer ( as to^te tbe ancient pbr«^

tionj?)tbe i^oUbtomoc ooetb long continue in tbe \^arucfi,
ibcntbebooifsofi^ omen, anofucbbifrateoiaitb amor ft
ficfen ;(yc,ootbcnintbatfe«lontberatbcrrecoucrbeaUb>t«

ttjat tije wsffe of tjie learon^ ano toiubjj

U5 contrari? to m
52 Husbandly Coniecfiurcs
epcefte ano V^t rottetineGTe of tl)c (lumonr^ b^ to^icl) tl)eficb^
ttelTed lucre canfcD*
iano iff tie mint er fl^all be ^ot ann moid , ant) tbe fp^ttis
colD atto D^te^tbcn ootb tbe fame tl}^eaten fic^ncffe fo men tti
tbe fummer> ano tbat iDomeit la)tt^ c^itlo O^all baue bntime^
Ig birt^eis of a ligbt cccallon*
aino Hippocrates tD^itet^^tlaf toben in fbc tointer be lon^
ger^o^tb^rln iDtnties;; atiDintbe fp^ing longer ^outberl)?
iDinoeiS, anb ttiat rainte ant) Ijoet in tbe Summer foUotuing,
t^en Dotb folIolD ague^^anb tbe bifeafeg of f ^e tm*
2int> tuben after a colD Olinter , tbere be ^out^ toinbei;
ano rainte in tbe fp^tng^anD tbat t^t Summer be o^te^ftjen
in t^e learned foUotoing bo aguesienfue, pained alfoaf t^ie
bobe!£;9tb^ougb tbe great fconringoftbebob^, anoGcbnef^
reis,U3ttb tbe iJDbicb olo men^bifeafeb perfonjei^anD c^ilb^en bo
ano ^b^n tbe &out|^-tee(tt9inbe botblong blofD about
tbeenbofbarned > tbentbofe perfont; btfeafeo tott^ a long
licljne(rc,boel]^o;ttliP after Die.
SnD a furtber ^notolebge of beart^ anb pient]^ of bi(tual£P,
anb of (tchnes^ma^ be bab on tViis iDtfe:
ilira in tbe tn\} of Harnett cat open ttoo o; tb^ee ^akz-

appIe0;l(D^ing tob^f (icr tbere be in tbem eitber ^m^ lDoam0)

if in tbe £Dahe-apple be founo \x)o;nits o^ ma^
0^ fpibcrt; :anD
gotg^tben tbeD Cgnifie (after tbe opinion of ancient ^ulbanb^
men)bofb beartb ano fcarCts in tljat ^eare»
janDifin tbe £)a&e- apple cntopen,befounb (ike to Sie^^tt
totb after tb;^eaten battell to enfne tbat ^eare.
^no if in t^t £Daheapple be founo like to fpiber^, tben bo
tbe^ fo^eO^etD tt^t plague o^ pettilence to enfne in tbat ^eare«
i^nbto concluDe,tbeonl]?p;Q)feoft^efo;mertans^t, fl^all
mone tlie l^eaber better to creoite t^iefe.
<iAn eucrlajling Trognofiication of the
jftare and condition of cucry yearc , by the onely
Kalends of lanuaric written by that ancient

Itemed Leopo0t4S AftfirUcpis^^ind oihtxsfot

the com«ioditic of the wife husbandmen.

CHAP. 11.

©en i^z firH nai? of Sanuarp D&all l)appeti on

t^e &unDa? , tfjen t^e tointcr ^all be tcmpe!»
rate anD gmt), i?ct tointi^, t^e fp^jing tuet, tlje
rummer Dai?,anD tl)et)arucfi|jt)rtful tl)^ousti
luinli0. ^0 tbat Victuals (l^all be reafonabfc
tl)e gcoD bealtlj
goju cl)capc,plcnti? of Ijuines,
untttncreafeofH^^peanoot^rcattell ano t^e ttiDlfferent

plrnt^ of 5on^ , ano t^e lifec plenty? alfo of peafon, )13eanc0,

tlHetcbcs.anD tbe Iti^arbs ano fruits of tl)c garocns.aiio rong
men ^all oie tftat ^care anB a oifco^o to be feareo bettueenc

feings, o^clfe fame manifea perils to bappcntnto btngs ano

great i^;elat0 mauttio;ttic, ano tjiat stuera robberies l^all
be attempted tl)at 'geare, 2niJ if controuerfies happen be*
tto^ne l^ainces, t^en a eonclufion of peace to be Icofeco fo^ i«
finti if t^e firaoav of 3|anaar^ tljall t)appcn on t!)e ^tm^
t)a^,tl)en t^all tlje tointer be Ujarme , tl^e fp^ing ten? (olDr,

iDittl fnoto ano froftes tbat fcafon , f iie Rummer

fb:oug^U)inoes,anBt)aile oftentimes, anblano ec5t)s l^aU
be fomeiDt)ere,anD tt)e ^arueft t)er^ ojie* &o tljat CcfenclTe;?
l^all enfne, it) jougb \s>^\t\^ mani^ of ttie Cmple foat Iftali tben
tizA Dinars alfo ftall oie t^joag^ fuoiaine plague tjen ljap#
Jif Husbandly Conie<fliire^
tm% : aifcf^e lifccIil)«D of great aieerattou (o cnfue , ani>

t^s ancient toomcn to mournc , icings to Die, anoa greaC

fliUis^ter to be fcarcD b^ eij2 fluop: :aifo fmall doje of toine^,
t&c oeat^ of 15ce3,anu littU ^on^ tjat i?eare»
anu if tbe 0ra bcsinnins of January fi^;ill be on tntba^s
li^entljctBtntcr (Sail bee long, anumuc^ fnoto in tljatfca^
fon.ano t^e lifeclitioD of lano fiCDtJSjt&jouglj muclj raine tl)en[

faUing: Spring tDinot?it^e'&uatmert3erp t»ette,ano


tije l^arucU abounding in groSe ano rotten Jumourit ( fo

(l)atamo(lsricuousp?aguct0 to be fcares, ano cfpeciall^

cf loomen) ano tbc lihclil}ooo of man^ (l^tplx^^ac^s^ano ber^
great care^ ano troubles to happen Dnto ^mtes , loitb X^z
fcaret^ofttjefraifg of trees : anocojnefl&aUfacoeare,ant^a

fuODatne o^at^ of cattell to befeareo tljat ?care»

QUo U^cDO tl)at i^ieare (gall be oeare , ano ttieltkeU^a)^e of
feaxefull fire^f^ano t^at tl)e plague to be grtenoui^ ti^at reare.
^no ?£t t^cre H^all be plenty of {Bcafon , ^eanets , tHetclie^,
anoao;coft)erbei8anotlotuac£p. 3no ti)ere(^all be plenty of
5cnt?,ople,anD VuUies tljat xitaxt,

0no\ul)2nti)e firS of January bcginnetU on ttjc toeonef^

da^) tbmf^ailtf^e tointerbeloarme anDcaime,tl)erp;ing
Uiette,anooifporeotofickn^ffci3S, t^ic jammer ^otte, anD
t^e^arueCttinp^ofitable, fo t^at long Gc^nefTed are to be
fcareo, anot^cquarten j^guc toitb ttjem, aiCo i?sngmcw
O^all tgen be OcUe ano in icoparote of oeatb , ano toomcn tbe
like,ano in fitno;^ places (^all happen a famine,tDtt^ a great
ij^uteofdrangc netoe^. ano tbere is alfotflbecfeareotlie
igneaoa:gpail!on0oftbelreart,tbeio!enc£( of mtnDe^o;^ rather
BiSraug^t,ani> tbe oircafcd of tbe matriee in toomen;ano i^tt
t|)e plenty ofo?lcanoiutne5, bat t|iefcarat^ofco;ne to be
soabteo C^at gcare*
:ano if tlje beginningof Janaari? be on tl^nrrDa^,tften fl^ai
tljc totatcr be calme ano temperate, tbe &p;ing tmnoie, t!)e

Rummer tjnfsafonablc, ano ttje^arueab^ie, fotjiat co;ne

ano t^ictuals (^a!l tben be oeare j ^et ao;e of o^ie ano \^int0
t&at^earc* ano tbereiBahfecliljroo ofligbtfichneffcstobapi
Ipe^it^ntatgexammonpeoplej bntmo^e oangcron^ ficbneO
of faire weather. f^
fcgbnfofterici^erfojf. anu
tbe blearctjnclTc of ttje t^tBiB
filfotofaefear£fi,ant>t|jatrcngcl)ilD;cn ^alltbcntte, baU
t:iB p;ocurco , artD tbe feottton oC roulDieri; > ano ati eartti^
quake to beDoubteO t^at^carr.
aifo great talhe of netacs l^all be m Efngs ant) |^<:fnccs
|oufefli,anD great pcrti5 alfotobe DcuHcO^o t?appent)nto
anD tftbefira oar of JaHuari? ^api^cn on f rioa^ , t?jen
ftaiUl)ctoiwtcrbet5cr^ coloeanoo^ic, tlie «^p;mg bciaci^
rou0 anu toetle, tbc Rummer temperate , (^e l^arucff mo^e
Ujef f e tfjcn Date : fo t^at blearcDnes ano otber tifeafcs, yoit^
tbeSUIjineire of matter running mtljeeve^ , i£!tobefearrD,
ano ttje pin ano tueb is U^c^ife to be boubteo to Ijappen t^a:
^eare^ano ^ong c^iij^cn fijali tlien Die: anb a lifeeUtoo tljae
^ong tuomen l^ail be allureo t)nto iDanton !oue)tt;oag^ tjje
flatteri? ano great perftuafions of men, aifo a Mpition of
battels to enm in tbat ^eare , ano tbe plague ano robberies
tiienfobappen* Elfo plenty of fruits ts t&enp;omifeo,aN
t^ougt) muc^ baile fatl tl)at ^eare«
janoiftbe beginning of January happen on &atterOap,
t^tn tbe bointer Qail be tDtntte ano l3nftabie,t()e fp^ing luin^
Oieanotjnconttantoftoeatber, tbe&ummer tnaabfctoit^
mani^tempcau, ano tbel?arueaD;ie : rotljatbittualsftall

beoeare,fmall of eoane,anD littlcfrait tljat peare.

fto;ie Mo
t^kpt ftall not toell pjcfper in tbac ^eare , ano a lifeelil)cooe
t^tn of tbe Deatb of ftoine^ano tbat U)ooo fl^ail be orare«
iSiro tbere 0)albe man^^ tevtiati agues, ano Oiucrs otber Ot^
feafes reigning among men,
fotbatoloemen tbaHtfjenoie,
anoatibetiboioofttjeoeatbofman^menb? tbeptague^ ^u
foman^ fires i^aU bebearDof,litr.!eao;eof tuines, o^leano
^on^j^et plenty of tia^ tbat ^eare*
ano ifnetoi^eares nigbt (being t^efird nigljt of January)
(^albe cafme ano clcare,U)itbont U)inoe ano raine^tben Ootd
C^e (ame paomife a p^oCpercus ^eare foiioU)ing«
ano if in tt)e Came nig'^t tbe iDtnoe happen to bloloecut
oftbeCaa, tbenoot^ ttiefame figmfietiieoeat^ofeattcU
2 ano

^S Husbandly Conie<3ures
2nlx if t^e fame nigWht toino liappcn to bloUj duf of tfje
M(ca,tben a liUcUti©ocortl)eO€M^ Oi Kings anu p^mtee tg
ant) if mtt)cfamentg{jtt6e toinocfjappentaWoto OBtof
tt)e^9att).ti)cn Dotti t|)c fame 6g uge tt^e Oeat^ of mani) pep
tons to enfuB tt)at pcare*
anDiftntt)eramentgf)( tt^etoinde happen foblolD out of
tt)e^o:tb,tt)enDot^ tl)erame66mfiett)e (tnaU)p»iOe of all
fruits oi tiie cart^ tljat pare.

How to foreknow (he Pate of the yearc,by tliconcly

rifing ot the dogge ftarrc, out of the husbandry
ofDiophancs. Chap. 3.

A^D auD rco

about tl)e bnolDlettgc of tliis tijcrc ts to be con6DCJ»
noteo^in lubat (igne tbe ^cone (^all tbf n be,at
appearance ottl)eoogge llarre abouetbeeartb in our

l^ealmeof CDnglanD, U)t)Ut) generally be rcchoneo ts about

^nonoluiitbe^cpnerunnetljentntbefigne of i^rfesat
tbe Ura appearance of tfteoog Car , it Dot!) atter Declare tbe
Deatt) of cattell ano mucb rame. &o tljat fmall ^peelD of co;ne,
^tt plentp of ople ft all be tbat pearr*
anD if tbe ^©ne run tt)cn tbe flgne m Eauras at tbe firS
appearance of tlje Dog (f ar , tben it ootb QgmSc mucb raine
fogs ,anD miSSjtbat fljall barme mucS t^^^t ^eare.
anoiftlje^conerun tbenintbefignecDenitniattbefirtt
appearance ottljc Dog llarre, it Dotb after p^omife plenty of
co,jne anD Ujine^ano all oCber frui s of tfee cartb , T^t a Difca<

feD.^eare,anato bt DoubteD tl)at a Uiing tball t^en Die , ano
tl)at rcbelhon alfo ftall be inoueD t^^at ^eare»

anoiftbeSpcone runne fben tnttie Ogne Cancer at tbo

firft appearance of ibe Dog ftar aijoue tbe ea* t J, it Doetb after
tb;caten D;ougl)t,U)it^ great (carfiti? of ca;ne to enfu^ in ttiat
anDift^e^ooncrunnctJmtntbe ligne Heonttbefirtt
'figtltofttje oogge llarre, it after paomifetj plenti^ bDtb of

of tlic weatBcn r'M

tDtn^^Attti 0)^10) aRO$ooccf)0ape ofco^ttc

and oti)ertiau^
al0ttiar^eare : ano pcttobefearco tt)e commotions of ttje
common people. ann(!aug;t)tir X\^z fame to cnfue , lott^ an
fartbquatie imo (ano toDs to^appen mt(!at ^eare*
ano if tbe ^cD«c tunnc tt)f n ixit\sz (iigne ffilirgo at t^e filrtt
appearance or the Oog ftar i^ after figniStt^ plentp of ftoiu^

erfi and tt)c great fto^e of fruits of ttje cartt), ano t^e cjieape^

nrifc a To of cattcil: ane vet to be fear^D tljat fjoomen d^all be

tieluurco befo;jetl)eirtittiemtl>atpeare/ : :

ano !ft!?e epfflnerannetftcriint^efignetiairgoaf tbefirtt

appearance otbe dogftarre, xi alter oeclant^ tt)eftirrmg
^tng,ano a commotion of tbe common people:ani) pet
t)p of a
tt)e plenty of fruits of tl)e trees , aitljougb tberc be aii^elitjoiD
ioftbercarfi^gofco;jn0antioiiIeintt)atveare»- <

'\ anti if tbe ^ojnc runife tftenm t^eflsm&co^pioaf \\^z

firS appearance oftbeDog (farre^ it atterDe«?taretl]f ttieccm^

mo tion of p^tcOes , t^e dearuction of )i5€SSi anoan tnftct^ue
airetoenfuetbatfeare* -^^^^^ - ''-^"' /!::; " .?i^

anoif tbc ^ojne runnetl)ctt tn fbe (Igne ©agi^arius at

%r firli figbt of tbedogge ftat^i-e aboue tb^earttj, it after Og^
nifi-tba rainie peare, petfruitfuUUnDtbepicntpofct3;ne,
aho log amoiig m^ti : ano pet is to be feareD tljc oeatt) df cat*
tetUanD tbemultituoe of folDles in tbat pcare.
ano if tljc !&pmnerunHetb5:nin tbe6gneCap;jtco2nas at
l|)e firft appearance of tb^ ooggetarrt aboue ib^eartb, it d.u

ter ceclarett) tbe commotion of loaloicrsyanb great ao^e of

ranie, and ^et plentp of co2ne, tomes, ano ty^t, uno all clt)er
tilings gfflOctieape in tbatpcare.
ano if the rf a)ne runne then in tbc figneaquatius at tbe
ftrft appearance ortbeDogge ft Jrre aboue tbcearfb , it after
lignifietl)ttjeDcatb of lometMngorp^tnce ^t^z (caifitie of
co,,anb ttjeplentp offuc^fltesUjiti) long binder tegs tbat
burnc co^nc bp tbe toucbing of it t aiid i^et Uttle ramc and tbe
plague i^ enfue m tjjat pearc.
and ir tbe '
copie runne tben in tbe figne IBifcf s at tbe

firft appearance of the oogft arre afeoue tbc eartb ,it after De:»

ciarct^mucljiaine , andtU^s^'«»^NrbirDs ; andnctooet it

ij)|) p;oi;-u^6
5S: Husbandly CoAicdurcs
p^emtfe a ftttficicnt do^e^ant) lautiabk plenttfafne(re> batf) of
rame0,^ ^le^ano Coane,b»e mm^ pcrfonis l^all be Difeafco

Other profitable in ftrudiou5, light nccelTary for

Zi^.' husbandmen to know. Chap. 4.
l)o^nc of t^c jKammc (nearc ^10 care
Ai^D firfl^jif t|ic

bo;eD,(be fame oot^ tame 6ercenrs«^nti bts

\^is tf
) bg
gcmtourbetrttiTeD tsp before ^c$octo couer tbe CDtDC > tbcn
Dotbbebegetan €^e lambe« janotftbeleft betgugarait
frttlTto ^p,ant} t^e ng^t ^anijins i^olene? t^m oot^ bs beget
^HD if m t^c timt of tbe &outb l^intic blolDtng, tbr Kant
Holtl tben coQ^r t^e Ctue^beDotb after beget a l^cs lambe*
;i[nD if U3^eti t^e^oztb lotno bloljoet^.tbe Ham
Dotb ttitn
coeicr tbe (iBU)t,t)otb after bege^t a bee lambe.^nd of l^ubat ce^
lour atfo tbe bcinc£i Qiaibe tmaer tbe tongue of tge €iue,(ucb
^all tijt colour of tbe (ktn of ttje lambe be:fo^ if C^e batb biac^
t)eine0 bnber tbe tongne,t^en t|ie lambe C^albe of blacb t^iirif

ano if U)bttet>eine0t}n6er tbe tongue ^ tbcn d^allfl^ebauea

\i)\^itt tambc:ano tf ofoiucr^ colour£(,tb^n tbe lambe Cballbs

of otuerd colours on tbe fhin^^no tbat ancient Ifaac U);itetb^

tbat ]$am0 in tbeir pong peares be of IcITer mottfdre f dam^
mtne(re,tbcn be t^e fueling lamb0>ant) tt)is istl^^ougb t^ir
age ano quaiitie tben ruling.
anbtbcr£fo;etbefleftofponglucafbcrst0 better, an>
ingenbers better b!mD tben tbafuching lambe0«
9no tbiB is bcre fpoUen of fucb Kammc0 as be geloed, ill
t^at tbeir moifi^nre ano botnede is tben temperate.
0no tbe Weatbers oueroloe arc to be refufeo in eating,
t|}attbe)?betbencoIoeani)0;iie lDitt)outnio^l!ure, anbt^eB
fmall? nouri^,anD barDli? 0ifgeti«
aifo beefe anb otber 6efl^ of bealls being olbe^ bz euill (0
£ate,tb;{ougb t^^ colones a||ib o;ines, aab tb:oagb tbe lack of
tbemotdure anb botneiTc* ^nn lub^n t^e olb Hams in tbeir
time to couer ttje ^toc, be fconer mDU£D t^erto t^en tbe ijong
l^ams, itbotbtbenfignifie a got) ano p^oitable feafon to
fnftte in t^at seare^anb a gcoo feafon anb paofperons alfo fo;

offairc wcatncn* jTs

fl&apc.ffiuf if in tlie p;opcr time to coutr tlje CDtot > t?)0 pug
Kamd be r(Dtterp;iouoheD tfjeretottient^eoldeHamd, tj^err
5ot& follotia tl)e great roto; murrainc of ll^a^pe ta ttjat peare*
Sllfo (!BU)es b^ D;inlung of toater concctue t|ie faincr IJDit?)
lambe, ano fo^ t'^wipt a)cpl)fart)0 gtttjB tycm fait locate,
iD^erbt? in mo;c D;jinbi«g of i»a(er,t&epRiai! fo conceiue U3tt^
rongjf are alfo b^ t|iat mtaticB p^efcrueotfje 5jeaU{>fai#

Ier« Eno tntt)e()arucliairoronie(l^ep^earD0 gtueti)em(o

leate gourO0 reafoneo lottb Cait^to tttcreafe t^etr mtlke, fo; h^f
t^at meaner dot^ tbe mil^ mo^c plemtfulli? tO'ae Mli of t|)cir
teat^no t^e (SUied Do feoner conceiue* ^fo in Rummer iB
t^Q colDe i^o^t^erli? toaCer goo fo; tljrtm, ano in t^e l^arneS
t^eluarme ^out^erli»toater g©o fo; t»»enn
0iro f let (^eepe feeDe in t^e eno of tbe oav? iis greatlp com#
ineKOeO : ano if tfte^ alfo ttirrefaat Utile ab;oao , t^e fame t0
t^ougbttser]? p;ofitabU,tnt^at t^e mucb iourneDing>ano la#
boding of tbcm bitber ano tbitber, oot^ caufe t^cm to became
leane* j^lfo tbe fHtlfull d^epbearog bnclu tobicU H^eepe tDtll
toeli tnourc tljc ftarpe tointer , ano U)l)icb not, in tbat tjpoii
fome of t^e C&eepes bachs (as t}^t^ afarmc) ice ma^ be founo,
ano tpon otbcr fome none atall.^o tljat b^ tjjis nia^ be lear^*
tieo.t^at furb ^o^pe Ui^icl) be iDeahe,a man can iiarcl^ pinrk
off Cl)c ice from tljeir bacfecs* ano furtt)er learnc , tbat tljofe
(l^eepe fetjtcb Ijaue long tailed, ma\> barolier abioe tbe t^^tpz
coloi9ater,t&cnt^ofc bauingbaoao tailffli:anot|ie(^eepcal:»
fo curleo of Ijaire ( ooe in libe foat ) barolier inopre tbe bitter
J»inter:ano beSocs tbefe, tlje tbunocr greatlp barmxtb llj^pr
^ong bapnet^ to be alene at
tfpeciaUi? if anr CEtoe being toitij
f bat inaanf , fo; t^at fl^e tben being VDifb lambe,octb of t^e
fearful noife of tbe tljunoer, oeUuer bcr lamb before (bedtime
ano fo; a fpeciall remeoi? to fauc tbat tntimcli» catting of
lambesatfucljtimej?, t^et^ilfall e&epbearogbauefo«nO cat
tijat tlje onel? o;iningof man^j (fitoeg togetber is a furr fafc*'
garoto t\)ttn toauoDOttiisoccafion* li3eaoe«,ifT!Cul3DiUre^
moue tbe rot of (lieep,t^at tbei> oie no mo;£:tben ta^c (be bel^
I? of a Kam, ano feetb t\jt fame in loine ano luater togctb^r,
fu|)icti ntUxmiv^ luit^ toater^f gioeti)e fame generals to ai

£q Husbdftdly Conie<aifrcs
t^tdikpt to D^infee, fo^bi^ tbat mcancs l^all t|je^ agatnc be
mouereo of t^ctr Dtfeafe. Bno liere learnc, tt}ac t|e fieU^
fifO^eepe, ant» ot^er foure toteD beads, Vd^ic^ commcnlg
fcco tnmotdgrounM^cutii tofeeobpoti, fo^t^e^atODtgc^
Cton oft&efame. ilfo tcarne, tbat tt^c goti tl^eepe arc hno^
Ipen b^ tbetr age^a's being neither tcDolD, no; i^et as lambs,
ann b^ tb^ fo;me alfo t^ey) are kniilscn, be\!0u fittb t^cm
large of boDi?.
ano tbei? beGDes ^ane muc^ anb foft saiooH, anb botb
tljtcbe ant) 10115 bairCjefpeciaUi? on tbe nape ,anD about t^c
necbe>anDtbelthe batre on tbe bell^« anb bot^ tbe bcalt^
anb QckneCTe of f^eepe ma^ be lutoU)en,tf fo be nm opcn tbetr
eics,ano 6noe tbe tietnes iBttbtn to be xar^ anbfmall, it boctb
tnboubtebli^Bedaretbemto befonnbanogcD:) : bnttftbofe
tictnes (ball appeareU)^tte , o^reb anbbtg,tben tbofeCb^P^
are otfeafeb anb toeake« anb it tbe fl^eepe goe lufltil^ ano
bolDl^ b^ tbe l])ai!,tt ts a fare token tbat tbei^ be fonnb
but fabl^ anD banging botune tbe b^ab, tben be
tlje^? tjifeafeb, s:bcie bitbijrco of tbe ^eare#
1)2 comcctures,anD otber rulc0,onel^
meete fo^ busbanbmen to t)n^
berttanb anbbnol]D»
^ ^A
uation of
molt profitable rule for the prefer^
mam health , thorovvout the twclue
moncthsoftheyearc, after the mindcof diuers
learned men of the Vniuerfltie of Padua.

C H A P.

bloiD oat of an^ l^ctnc , tnlclTc a great mtt(*

m^con(lrauiet|)ttierefo, t^at^oa cannot o^
t^crlDtfe tt)urc. 315ut if tioublcene \i^\^mtt
bctuarc of taking anp colD in V^\b monctl) fo,

nigbasi^oacan, ano loal&e not ab;oat)citt

V^t ntg^C time : anD t fe to cate t^en t|)e bed confections , ano
Co o^inbe often U3|)t(eU)ine intbis monetj^, fo;tbatflcgine
t>ot^ tben increafe* ano to faflt long in i^i^ monet^ , xb burt#
full to tbe boo^: bnt to eat falett; toell p;reparcti Ijoitb o^Ie ant)
fpices,i0 iDeli commenoet)« 9no Inad^ not tbr beaD in tbi^
tnonetb , batb rotir bobr, o; to tal^e a tomit, ^ou mat;
b\xi to
(afel^ Doe in t^xB monetb*
J^ifotalsecucr^ moaning once (fbo;otDoaf tbismonef^)
fo^ tb;0^ boures before Dinner^a little quantity of rofco boni?,
fo^tbattbefamc octbcomfo;ttbcaomac!?e, ano clcnfe tbe
boD^ botb of (boln: ano acgme« 0no o^in^c alfo tbefc fpiceg
citbcr in toine o;? ale,a0 (IPraines,€ingcr,j^uttticgs,Clcuc5
ano fact) li&e,fo; t^jofebe greatli? commcnoeo in t^t^ niont().
3ntbe monetb ofiFeb;uart ? tfefoeate confections can**
DcDtDit^t)on^>fo;t!)att^e^ purge tljeboo^. ^nD tocatcj^p^
CI '
Proltable rii!cs For die
p\:&mt])i^\x\mtt\) cemaniocD : butto cafe offcn frril^
5i5t£uSo:ott)cr meatus t^Ubc^ iinitl', o: to cate an^ potter
\ittb:s^ en:pt parccb o> ^mviUccb Js tt)oiigl)t l)iirtrulU
^p.OrdtljeriatoftncrroDtiefi nica!t^cn roaftc^m t^i£« nio*
net!),fo.z t[jattv)cra>iieDot^feeEpctl)0bot)^ Mable. aifo to
bat^c in t\)id ^oiicti) is no^ Ijisrtfu'l , no; to tahc a potion e^
to bl0^:)e in tljatt>:inebnv)crtl)c t()unib, ana ^ouma^fafe*
I? ta^e pils itt tljis i^ouct^ , to purge tljc \):mt , ^o^ t^at a

ntaafeclet[) !3imfelfemo;c gricucO toittra bcaDineCTe m ttje

lieaaiu t&isi;10onctb,tl)cninau^ otlrer ^onetlj«

^ano to eatc i[l;on^ luitl) b^eaoe in t^is a^onet^fe ronu
inenoeD/o; ttjat tt}e fame Dott^ parge tl)e b$c(t aao b!aooer»

3n t^c ^ oncf 1) of ^ arci) ^fe to cats pleafant ant) toel fpi^
ret) meats, but l^ar^emcatcs rcframetn tljis ^iponetl),ano
fo D;tnl^e pleafant mt firong lyine ts no\u commcnoel^*
SLi\\} cate often iLeeUe pottage : ano to bat^ often in t^iat ^o^

nett)3i0 greatly commenoco. iSuCbetoare oftaMnga^lgpo^

tion, topurgeo^blceDeb^bcincin tljig ^onett). ^no t3feto
gate often of tlje tisrbc ^eniro^aU , fo; tbat tt)2 fameooet^
^eatetljedomacfec, anocaufctl) tljen tljc better Digefiion*
2nO in rourraletsalfota?c of t^O- berbcliBetonie, fo; tljat

ti)c fame coetl; cl^re atio ^elpc ttje fig!)t , ano muc^ amcn^
tjetbtbebeao. airo<Dr^fne5,©inger,ij^utmeg0,(15almgaIf,
pepper,anoruci)ltfeefpices,bc profitable to D;infee in t^t£J

3nr^i5 ^onctljofiap;t[t Di3tbbtffltrincreare,lDljerfo;0-fo
eate pleafant meats,anoria?rfifli,anofalets often, is nolo
f or^menaeo* ^tn9 to bleeoc b^ tjeine in an^ part of t\it bo^
^?,ercept t^e tein of t!)e lungcr>!s noto tbougt)f p50fitable,fi3;
bn opening t{)e beine is DangevousMit to open at tire miculc
tjdne is greatly rommeiitieo, anOliUclDirebatbing often tit
t\)is iJ^oneti).:anD to purge t^jc Somache luitb a potion,o.: o^
t^ertDife,ts tjcr^ gcDti^lnit eat no ^tno of rcots in tbis monet&.
3n^ to eat al bino of fleO^j except pi30pi5 tijous^t 000 t^ir m
mcnetl) t
prercruat/onoflicaltl?. 6^
titoacffj : m^yon mc-jp noU) enter intQ ptj^ficlj rc.2 ant? cn^fc
oftbeboop,(buCD;lnhcniODcfatcIp) anarciJmap aUolafcf^
tl)t£( ^t onctb : an& tie to rate iigctonie
blectic io; il)c fcab 5
ano qpints p^jcparso in l^ori^,anu oainH^ra in tlje moaning
iDtt^out eating of ani?tl)ing, *inD tor^inftsaifo tt«cbcrbc
(Il:raceinlDtnei0neiDp;jofitabic: but bcfijarcof eating an^
hm of lalt fiO) in tbtiS ^cuctlj , fD> tbat tlje fame Dcm; cn^*
geuDcr bct|) t(ie itc^) ano t\}U fcab on t|)s bo&r«

3fn fl)c mont^ of ^ar,lr at^ often
tl)i? face toit?) fatrc run^

nfngtoatcr: 513ut tJfcnottocate of fuCi;nicat5acbc6?otcf

Qualitp:ani3 bIccD in an^ part of t})e boDp iD^f re nectJ Gjall be,
but t IS mott profitable to bleeuc in tljc fecte.fc; tbat ttie btoU

t^en t)att) tiiB comk tiotonc to tt)t feet: anu bctiiarc alfo of ea*
ting an^ aalcfii^.o^taintcti flil^ t|jat ro.:c fmcUctfetanD catc
pour mcales note in Due fcaiOn>anD t);infee but litt[£ l^jine in
V^iB monett7«0nt to batt}c in anp conoitton in t\)iB moncti) is
not Unprofitable : anD to Djinbe elarifieD totiap Cmpl^ , 0^
!5;jatonelDitl)colDtjerbc5, isnototerg ^calttifuUDntotJotts
Oomachis.^nD pure tuine alio mtrcD b3itl; goats nnlt^e , ano
Voitli t()at to annotnt bott) ti\t ^cao ano b> cS, 10 grcatli? rom^

meni^eD : an^too^inke niarpeoain^rt; in tbtstnonct^ , is

tftougljt gajn^ans to taljc PbllCicb if neeo rcquirctlj.liBut cats
Ko l)eao or fffltc of ani? bead in i\)is monet^ , becaufe of tljc

inoiaureottl)c!)erbEi3 anDgraCeiDfticb t^ebcafis 5oe tate

in tt)8 fame* Siio to D;inhe tuo;2nitoa5r) \3)im is tbcugbt tcrp
profitable in t^igmonet^, ano toeatejr^iun rotstcnocrlg
(ontf cn.anD to tafee gentle MxtB to purge tlyc bfoo ant) boog
is nolD ttjougbt gcDDjauD to fleepe after Dinncr.^no alfo fome
tbinUe,t^at to bleec en t^t (leaD Mzittic, 0; liixtx l)eine> is pro^
Stable in tiiis^manct^.
.. Tunc.
3nthc <iponet^of June, abHaincfrom allfucbmeatctf
M$ tot ctigcnocr flcgntc but n^mUz of tJ^z pieafanteH

Mine, anfi fometimes in tbe mcrning fafiinga cuppeof

^\}itt luincfo; t^^t tl)e fmnc Dot|) noto purge cooler in man*
ai 2 anu
54 Profitable rules for the

anD ta ttittaktQ of ILetuce prepare!) l^tti) Utitgtw tlioagl^f

profitable ^ fo;tt|iatt^e^ be gcBttagaindttie^nmour^ li^^tc^
tQ oefccno ^nto t^e &tonct0 : ann Dfc to eat fuel) mea(0 as be
ligl)tofctgeilton,anoarircalipate£i (tbt^monett) tbo;olD)
from t^s taWe fomeU)&at ^ungr^janD anfe alfo timely in tjie
aioaning^ano txmik ^our boo^ tuitb fome long baalbe. anD
an^ ma^ fafelpbleeo tbatnceoetl) in ttiismont^: but betuare
of eating miike.tnUITetbe fame betDcUfoODen>anohbelDire
tahetl^dbotMft^e eating ofcb^^c anD apples in t^ismty^
netlj* ano a man raa^ ballje btmfclfe in tbis moneit),fo tbat
Ige tarr^ not long tbcrc in. ano to luad^ tge feet often in coloe
ljoatcr,i£r liftslwife commenDei?*
gn tlje monetb of Julv, iti^ not gort) faeate Ifrongmeatfj^
»or tbofe U)biet) so greatl\> notiriC^,o; pleafant fptceo meat^^
fb^tbebotnetFeottbefeafon, fo^ tbattbc SDogoaiesbeen^
treo in, ^m
tberefo^e beloare of bteeoing bp teine, oa of ta#
binganpmeDicine to purge tbe boo\? : ano ^et map a man
bieeo a little bp tuppingintljebatb*^ janotntbismontb^anii
intbeotbcrmontbfolIolDtng, a man map o^tnbe but little
tDineJo^^tbat tbe fame notb o^ictbefiomacbeanoliucr, and
tncreafetbcboler anotbefmallcftanDUieafceSo^in^sare

nolufo betfco ra(!(ng againflt cooler : anoin tbtK monett)

r^fraine ^our felfe from tbe tenertall &itM nigb as tou can i
anobfe to eat euerp moaning fading a litis &age ano berbe^
(Sraee^toitb a bit of b jeai5: ano be toare of eaf ing anp mnODg
fitl^intbismonetb (tafeentoitbtbenet) left tlr^ougb tbe ea#
ting of tbem pou catcb fome CcbncffCjano tie tberof : ano t)fc
meats, for tbat tbe fame ootb cole
to eat HEcriuice in all pour
imorefrell)tbeboop,butrefratnetbe eating of fruits in tbt0
monetb lanotjerp bealt||fullif istjnto tbe bobp to annotnt
tbe necke ano bred tuitb tbe iui^ce of berbc (Drace,3tfope,ani»
^mailecbemireo loitb i^onp , ano enter into a batbe fa^
fiing , pet batbc but moocratip all t^z tnomil) tbo;oUj , fo^
tbatotbertoife to batbe is tjcrp Dangerous in tb!S monetbs
3inDbeU)are of cttber eating Wiits^ orilettuce,intbismo;»
tteti)^ for tijat l^ep ijaacnotoea bum
of popfon in ft^tm ,
prefcmation of health. (j)
fo!)tc^notD be rcg^t perilous : anD ^tt pMtahh it (b ttt*
lo l^ulbanomen to tatz botti (E^arltl^e^ ^age, ano fatte }i5a^
3(11 tl)e monctl) of 0ugua Doet!) cooler l»tf^ melanc^ol^
encreare,rotl)atnoU3 Do i)appcn agues , tott^ coloe anDburi'
ntng,anD ott)er grieuotts fitknelTes barol^ cureo«Mli)erefo;e
a man muS noU) refratne t()e tcnerial act^ano o^Dcr ttrnfeire
in a mooerate conDttton, as deepmg but Uttle m
(f)e oa^ time

allt^tsmonctl;, anotobetuare of taking an^colde, o^to

bl^o bi?t)eme)0^totomttc, o^otbertoifeto ta&e an^ meot^
rine to purge tbe boDp : ano refratne from eating m^
!)earbes ali tbts nionetb tbo;otD : ano refratne from eating
anp Cabbages,fo; iW
tbe^ engender melanc|iolr,ant) caufe
tbe ague in mm
: ano life to eate ^age in all ^our meate , fo;

tbatttjefamets profitable iintotbeboo^, ano gpellons tbe

ItbCj^et klTcr in quantttie at r our meales : ano D^in^ebot^
goD ano pleafant U3ine,ano eate botb pullets ano tae^le , fo<3
tbac fucb comfort tt)e boDp : ano Dfe to eate often Cinnamon
in i^our meats, ^no an ointment tbus p^cpareD , ootb belpe
man)? oifeafes of tt)e boo^ ; tabe^^enirot^all, bearbe- C^race,
ifenel&mallecbjtbe feeos of IfopCjliSa^-bcrries^ano aiom,
t^nto iDbicb dO ^r^^ ^Itue tempering all together tuitb bo^

n^,ano after annointing tbe booi? tberelDttb: ano to eat alfo

itettuce^ano all otbcr ttiings tbat be colo of qualtt]^ , is noUi
monetb of September eate
3|n tbe manner of meafes
ton lid, for t^.at in tbe fame monetb tbings bee in tbeir
paoper bcrtue*ano for fo mucb as tbe barueft is loell entreo,
tb^refore it ts noli) goo to tahea gentle purgation , like as
ii t\}t floUj je of CafTia neto bjatone, tbaf gently purge Jb tbe
boljy,anbcomfo5tetb nature : tDbereforetbtstifectoifeoogbt
tobecoone, totbeenoto pjeferue tbc boo^ in bcaltbtmto
tl)z nert fp?tng,f alfo to tjfe potobers in i^onr brotbs,
r ojUiaU
tnto tbe fpring^aifo in tbis monelb ma^ (tmples be U)ell ap^
plteD in ang (tc&nes,foa t^at tbe r©ts, t^efruifs^ano feeos,oo
gi 5 abouno,.
55 Proficab'c rules for the
abotmu noti5,anD bt alfo tl)o;oiD ap^. ^riD feljaf r culo n^f
sptl^ bcc minifiret) m tge sponctl) cf^ai? luitl) fimplc^,
mag m tl)is ^onett) bo oone U)it|) t^sm. *^*nD to catc pomc#
granatc£fanu (Soatcs imlke, is tDcll commcnbcu in t^iu
^3nctb,fo;t&att|ieBUottjinmafcbl0O, anc.capfca gooo
3n ttje ^onctfe of £Dctobcr Doe toHr bot)tc<5 toaye tjjie antt
fte b^aine mottt :, anu greater bonciS , ano ttierefo^e it bebo*
oetlj to eate rottco mcates often in tbts S^0nctl),anD to D;infe
pleafant U3tnc« ^l(b &;^tnbe netoc U)inc£5,ano eatepleafant
racat often, as (0o3t£f milUe fatting , fo^ tljat tbe fame uoetft
IT0\)3 purine tt7C blcoo ano clenfc tt)e Inngis : ano eat often ap^
pie- tartjs, prepares U)itb comfo;^table fptces anD&ugar,{n
tfjattbei? comfort greatly tbe Ilomaeke : hut U3alb not tbe
JeaDiiiallt^ii5il3onetb» ^no rcumavletblmDintbJs^o^
tict^, o; gtue a potion to purge, Itl^e as tbe necclTttteof t^e

ficknear^ 0) DireaCeC^ad fo require : anb beU3are of eating to

tnuc^ of neU) fruits :bat tbe eatmg of tbe Habtlb rootc ts i?eC
paofitable,aaD to cat muHaro alfo U)it& all meats is lifeetuifc

commenDco: alto all U)itocfoU}Ies eaten nota, beet^ougbt

goo9,anb Clsue^ tout) Ctnamoh, are profitable in tl^is ^o*
3n tbe mtntt^ of /^ouember is melanc^ol)f>encreareb,anD
bloDOccreafeo, anB fo.zt^isit is profitable topatebot^egd
anb Jonp> ano to bomitc alfo fuuo^p times , anb IM ponoc^
rcb meats is nobo commenoeD: ano batb ncrt in tbis monetbf
o;^ but little tfnisoeforequtretby fo^t^atittst^cugbttobce

tb^ nioH perilous monctb of tbe \]ear£tobatbe in ; anb be^

)t^0 blooD ts noU) rcCtraineb luitbm tbe arteries of tb^
£)ob^, tobicbbpfiDeating in tbe bot ball) (boulbfocaufe t\)$
fitrrtngbp of bumour^^anb a Hilling from tbe beao,\»itb bn^
curable patnes of ti^e |)eaD^ anb isariines of Qabt, anb pained
^nb tljis monett) i^ou maf (if neebe
otbetloife of i\)t tits*
forequire)eitber purge tbe boni>, o^blecQebv beinc: alfo tbe
catinjjnoto of ^ong, ©aificr , ^^\x\Hj anb ©oatcs mtifee, is
prcferuation of health. cy
pjoiifcibfcfotljcbot)^, fo)fr}ittf)2i?iricrcarcbIa):) , aim raufe
agoooccburtonuu: antJCiiTamoiianD (^ingcrOiunkecf*
ten in tl)is nmnctl) ijf?0rcati\7commcnD£D , fo;t{iatttiiJ^Siue
Jealtft. ano monct^ goe not timely fo;it^ , bccaufc of
ui tljis
tljeftiniJin^mtacs ano foggcisi iDhic^ ttien be tbat grcatl^i
Ijarme ttjc !;cao,aaD tl)crcre;e IiJC tl)e ^an b£ of iomc ^eig^jt
bslo^e ^our going fa;tlj of tl)0 oa))C0.
3(tt tljcmoneff) of 2>i:cember Ootb me!aKcl)ol^ano flegme
bs boti) tjcauie ano colot anD tbcrefo^e a mam
nralinol»topct(>e boDsa^tJ&^aotjeri? tDdlfromcolO, anfi
(ocafefuc^tf)mgsasbcofljot quality: alfo tocate pottage
matie of CoiciooUs ans Cabagcs, ano to catrolleD^Dniong
P^epareotnfalcf^i an^i att)cr roller app!c5 ^i peares after
mca(s,bc grcatit? comm :nDe'o : ano eat tfie flelJ) i5rujeatl)crs,
3^ammc0. ano dSoats, alfo CE apons , anO all manner of Lmo
fo^lc0,but no U) Iter folDlesumD bieeo ^wK a little in ibiie^ mo^
netb,an9 tfjat ixi tlie !)cao tjeine, foj tljat in no monetb of tbe
rcare man ^atb leffe l!o;c of blojD tl)cn in tb'S ani? goc not :

ffl^tbof T!oart)oureint|)2nigbt time, wept ^ou bee ott)cr^

iuifefoneraineD, fo^tljat tbeiroiftaireoftSfe nigfjtODCt^
mucb barmc tbe bot)^ ano eat nelDjaarcel^
: rortes tencierl|5
fotJtien , fo; tbat tljep muci) eomfo;t tlje (lomacfee : anD eate
Kaperootcsalfo reftct3DnDcrtf)e embers (all t!)ismonet!j
t&o>oU3 ) txii tbe Ijealil) of tljc bour* -^t^^ fate not in i\yi9> rno^^

ivett) neither ofero^ojes no; ftoincs Clel!):fo^ tljat tljev' be noUs

on2rmoilI,anD alfo \)np;ofitubIebnto tljc boDp : ano o^inhe
often U)mc mt|)ifiLmont&:anD eat meats t)2c(r.o iDitb l^onp,
tfje fame \)\ D;tn[ie V^i^ mcnetl)^
(55alingal?,3nD fucb l^^eiano
fioe ct)eri{ftiijebIoD,tt)e IjearMno all ttj'c boD]p.
Of thcfalling ficke in any of the wccke daics.oiit o£
that ancient Phyfition Hippocrates.
Chapter 6,
Sra falletl) fiche on tljc f«n:jai?ii amen^
A^tj noti) if an\?
Detl)not of tbat Vi±xi^.^ at tlje fift Da\) after,!)e cctl) Die m
fi)onintl)Oa^ro!lol\3injj:butifl)C recQWcrano come to better
6S Husbandly Conicdurcs
leaitt) a1)oa! tt)6 m^t o^ ntntb Da^ after , tlieti tot!) !je rcco^
ucr perfect dealt^ about tbeflfteentti i)aT? foUotDing,
0nD If anp grd falletl) Ocbe on tbe ^unoa^, t^en be Q^bM
recoaer tiealtf) at tfic nintct) Dap folIotutng:bnt tf t^at Ctchnen
rontinueto t^ettoelft^ da]?, t^e patient (|iaUt|)en Die mtj^e
fonrfeent&Dai? after.
Sln^ ifan^ O^aK fall Hche on t^e Cucroap, ^efl^all fl)cn a#
meno at ttie t^tro Dap after: but if t^e Uiktits pet cfrntmnett),
t^enoeat^ to beloobeo fo;i»tt^outDOttbt>attl)e(t^to;ets^t
^nD if anp nvtt fallctb Ccbe on t^e MetnefDap^anD tt^af at
tl)e feuentliDaprallct^togajDrea, anDflapetb, ^ee fl^alla^
meuD of t^at Gchne£;:buttf tbe fiebneis monretb to tbe ttuelft^
2iap,anD uicrea6ng^ntot!)e(t);to^reuent^Dap9beDiet^ t^cn
luttt)Dut Doabf.
iSnD tf anp firS fallet^ ttcb
on t^e CorfDap^ttien de amen#
2)et^ at tbe ntn t^ Dap folIoU)iag:but if tbe fichnes longer eon^
finue,petamenonient t)nto t^ealtt^ at t|ie fitteent^Dap follow
j^nD if anp beginnef ^ to fall 6cl^e on tbe ^riDap,t)e O^al af^^
f er amenD at
t^t feuentb o; tigf^t Dap follotutng : but tf tbat
ficbnelTe longer inDuret^ , t^en Deatb to bee feareD at ttiefif^
teentt) Dap after* anD if t^at Dcbneis ^all fomelDtiat abate at
tt)e etg|)t o; nintt Dap after , tl)en t^e patient l^all recouer to
feealtl) at t^efirteent^ oap foHotoing.
anD if anp fallctb Ockc on tbe &aturDap,anD f ^af t^e fame
continue to tlje Qxt Dap , t\)m tfteperfon Dietf^
ficfeneffe Dotl)
at t^e eigbt Dap folio toing : but if tbat perfon commetb Dnto
l)calt^ at V^9 feuent^ Dap after,anD aeeperl) quietlp t^at nig^t
iuitljout paine of t^eficfeneCTe , beed^all after recouer perfect
Ijealtt) at t&e fourteenth Dap folloU)ing. 2«D further note,
fMallmenintiealt^l)auet^eirt3^ineo; toatcr in ttjenw^
ring tot)itc,befo;c Dinner againe reDDe , after Dinner clearer
ano U^iter,anD at t^e euening before fupper iiot.


of faire weather. 6:5

Of thofe manifeft figncs which declare rainc
to follow. Cap. 7.
FJraa reoncOTc oftije aire about tt)c g»an being netod^
fcK,not^ Declare a token of raiue to ettfue*
^nt) a like redne^ of tge aire about t^t &mat
t^e euen<'
ilngoot^ fo^eO^eto faire toeatber tbe nertoat> foUoiufng^
ainoiMb^n about tbe S)un (after be iff rifen, o^beginnetbto
fet) O^alt appeare b|acke 0; gre^ne douD£S,o^ blacke clouoe^
mipeD Ufitb greenenelTe, and a circle attbattimeliketDife
appearing about tbe^un.o^ elfe^alafceno loicb blackeoa
gr0^nec!oude£(,o^ appearing n^ere tntoagr(tnne£(,o^elfc
tbat tbeS>un i^aUbaue large cloubs botb abouef beneatb
;)tm,dotbi3eclare raine ano foule leeatbertoenfue^fitber
tbc fame oa^ 0; nig^t folloioing* ano t\^z Uke noteis in tH
rifingoftbe S^un, Declare rainetberameoap,anDtbelihe
at t^z enening, t^zn raine to enfne tbat nigbt foUolDtng.
0no t^t ^un appearing boilo^ 0; fpottie^ 0; elfe ariGng
0; fetting t^noer a clouD>ootb oedare raine to follolo*
anD ^^m tbe dun arifetb 0; fettetb bigger i]^m cuao#
ntabl^ it i^ feene,botb Declare raine to foUolu
iSno tbe S^un appearing lelTer in tbe arifingtbencuflfo^
tttabl|?)0; at £b^ fetting l^etoetb it felfe
biCb tlonD,anb tbat neere to tbe eartb> Dotb Declare raine to
&liolD(bo^tl)? after.
ianDlDb^n ablacke,long,anD tbicbe ciouDfl^all appeare
aboue tbe ^umty at tbe fetting in tbe \3dz% it Dotb Declare
raine to enfne*
0nDaniill about tbe ^nn^tobcn tbe fame Dotb long tas
ne,0^ not quichli? fpent^Dotb Dedare raine to folloU),in tbat
tbe fame isi caufeo tb^ougb tbe Deatoie ano ratinie l)apour$>
carieD betloeene tl^t $^nnne anD our Ogbt.
^nDtoben tbe dun after bt£^ riling, ^etoetbtbo^otoa
tbtckedouD broken open, anD l]^0tingontbeame£( Darkly,
0; elfe tbe ^un appearing DiuiDeD, Dotb Declare raine to foU
anD t^c ^mappearing tbe greater parte of tbe Dai^ tbo^
vototbm douDi^; 0; amiltteairet^emo&partoft^eDa?,
% ft lo
^o Husbandly Conic(51:ures
f0t^attl^e Valine (l^etjoettit^o^otDttlikHo a roant) l^ole

toti Declare raine to foilo\0. ano ijDtrcn t|^e &an attci the
ait(ltigoU^erettmgyCrprctaI{p in tbcfpang and ^arupa^
gtttet^ fo^t^ mtg^f te (leate tn a intlti^ aire , oot^ ctttier
Declare tDtno o; ratne to cnfur*
<anD tDtien a t^tcBe anD blac&e cIouDappearet^ aboue
tl^e &m tn t^e rifing, anD t|at bp anD b^ after ttie &un is
l)to tt)atclouD0, tl)enootb tt Declare rainc to enftte*
%nt if tl}e^anbenot t)iD ott^atclouDe, t^enDott^folloUi
anD t^e ouerf imelt? riling anD appearing of t^e f^n a^
bouet^eeart^.Dot^ Declare ratne to enfne*
j^nDlD^en in tliet^irDnigbt after t^c cbang Df t^entonc
t^t ^o;ne5 appeare blanter anD bigger t^en cuttomabl^^iC
Dot^ Declare raineto follols in t|iat mont^.
anD t^e ^oneliauingblacbe fpotsin tt)e topped of ^er
^o?ne{(>Dot|i tj^endgntge tJ^otoerB in fierfirttljDeekedtanD tC
fnc^ fpotd at tbe fall of t|e i^oine appeare in t^emtDDle,
t^en Dot|) t^e fame Declare fairelueatber to enfue*
janD if t^ t;iirD nig^t after t^e ^®ne change, t^e fontb
loinDblolJuet^^ttjen in tt^ fourth Da^ following it Hj^aUei^
tliatt^e fout^ tpinD t^enbiotuet^, it Dotb Declare raine to
foIIoU) moS parte of tl^at ntont^« flnD t|ie ^tone in J^zt
firH appearing, H^eljDing blacker ofboD^ tben cnftomablii
anD baaing bladder l)o;ne£i, Dot^ Declare fooie anDra^nie
iDeatlier before t§e enD of t^at montb*
anD t^e^ones beamed att^eblolDtngt^enof t^efent^
toinD, ^eloingDarMer, bigger anD 9^o;Ux DountuarDto^^
ioarD t^e eartl), Dotb Declare raine to follato*
anD tbid id a great token of raine to foHotD^tol^en ad t^e
^nn in tbe Da^ time, anD tbe ^ome in t|ie nigtiti Doe ap^
pearepale o^ blac&ifl^ of colons
anD totien t^e nigbt is faire anD deare^anD tJ^t C'lemene
appearing fnUer or&tarredt^enaccaOomabl^,Dot^tt»en
i^eclare raine to folloto t^oatls after*
of the weather* yi
3ndanot|^ernef0ofratneto enfue, (0 \x^^tnttfx)tx(imB
appgare in tbc ntgl)t t^en cu(lomablr,fo^tt)at oar fig^e t^en
is [imD^^eo t^;ongt) tliie tapourcs rnnntng in t^e aire.
0nDttie appearance of blacke cloaoe^ in t^eaire, ants
afcenDtng ofamia o;fogset)ptDarO,tn iW
t^cn be tbickeo together, noz Declare ratne Co enfue*
!3int^ U)bent|ie cloa^d in t^e aire be tn a manner ot all

one colour round aboue> tso tben tieclare ratne (l^o^tl)? after,
^no CIOUO00 appearing in t^e a^^e It^e to flocked of \x^mU
tot fometime llgnige ratne tottb colDe , but no great ratne>
fo; t^at ttiofe fLockts appearing^Do Declare tlje groireneCTe of
j^noijDbiteclouDd appearing in t^e $^ommer time, Doe
Declare baile to enfne: but iD^tteclouD^ appearing tntlie
aire in t^^elDintertime^Doe Declare fnoU) tofoUolo.
Sinn VD^en a mift 0; t^inne ClouD Dotb bappen in a D^te
feafon^anotbattbefame aCcenoetb tipUiarD, anDi^tnrneD
tntoatbickeclouDe,Dot|i tbcn Declare ratne to enfue,but
tbefame falling DoU)nU)arD iD^iles t|)e ratne inDuret^,o;
H^o^tlie bpon t^e raine^ Dot^ t|ien Declare faire loeat^er to
anoif man)^tD^iteclouD0appeereneeret^eeart^ in tlje

cnening,fo^ttDOo;tb;eeDai00 togetbcrin tbeliDtntertime)

tiie^ Doe t^en Declare bot^ colD anD fnotu to enfue,
anD tbe clonD5 in t^ie tointer time appearing tubiter
cuHomable, Doe Declare ^notue to folloU), efpcciall^
f lien

iDbcn after futb appearance, tbe aire is f^m kit fomc^

iDbat toarme>tb^ou(5b tbcfteat to^iclj ijs t^en fent eat of tlje
anD tlje often cbangingof tbe toinD^tobicb t0 efpeciall^
fenotoneb^tbccourfe of tbe clouDs, Dotb Declare ratne to
follcto,intbattbe clouDcs beD?iuentoitb tbeiDinOs, anD
tbe bapours alfo gatbercD togetbcr,lDbtcb tb;ougij t^e
t^icfeing togetbcr, Dotb canfe tbe ratne to fall,
anDtbcblotoingoftl)cS)oatb-lDinDS Dot^ Declarebn^
DQubtcDli? ratnetofoUoU), in tljattbofe ljDinD£ibebctanD
«ioilf,anD ti)ereof ooe fo ealilT! refclue t|e bapcurs from tbe
l^b 2 boDic0
^1 Husbandly Confc(flures
bDDUi$aboae»tju^uticaura^tt^erainetofalL jSlfa a gentle
fout^U)tnDOot^ euermo^e (cttDoolunerame^lD^en ast^e
fame beginnct^ to ccafe ano toay l!i!L
^HD t^c DcalD not falnc in t^c accudomcD f0afon,anu be^
ginmng tlien to fall, 15 a Cure tol'en of ratnc to enfucjin tjiat
tl^ c Datoe fallet^ not in tl)e accuaomeD fcafon^Uilitc^ perfects
tapoarjUc^icb be in t^c matter of ceUj
Is oeclaretb tbat t^e
bet^encarieD^pU)tt|)ot^eri3)anD fot^tcbneD together tn#
ano toljen tlje l^^tn-boto appearetlj xxi tljc mojniugjbe^
fo^e tbe mioi)l6 of ttie isai? in tbe toed, and i\z It&e at afters
none toljoaro tbe etsening in tbe(^aMotb tinDonbtebli? Xiz»
dare long raine to foiloU?«
SinotbelSain-botD appearing tn a faire Da)?, isotb Declare
raine to foUoU),but appearing after foule U^eatber, Dotb ^^^
xiare faire Ijaeatber to enfue*
and tbe Hatn-bolju appearing tn \^t fontb^^^claretb xmCi
raine to folio tD,anb appearing in tbe liieQ, oeclaretb tbnn^
Der ant) a fmall raine to folIotD,anD appearing abont tbe t*
uening in tbe eaa^botb paomife fatrc toeatber*
ano tbe greener tbe Hatne^bolju a^all appeare^fo mucb
tbe longer raine ootb foUoto.But tbe reooer i^% Kain-boU)
Dotbappeare,eaen fo mucl) tbe bigger alfobotb tbe toino
anbiftbe fame appearetb in faire tseatber^tbcnbot;) it

Declare botb raine anD toino to enfue«

anD \^z \i^z a Hain-bob) appearing about tbefpooneo^
about i^z ligbt of a canole, bedaretb raine to follotD*
anbtl23oitatn-boljue£; apptrartngat one tini0,a£Stbeonc
banging ootuniDaro fromtb^butb? % ^\t otber ii^ain-boUi
from tbe ^o:tb,Doe Declare raine to foUoljo*
anD iDbcn VcjZ clonOiS ano luinDs D^iue one lua^, oa info
one quarter togetber, tedaretb rain to fololo toitbout Dcut.
janD noti) tbefe felD CeleSiall toUens b^re rebearreD,arc
botb manifedf trueilubicbanp pcrfcn of fmall ^nololeDge
map ligbtl^ concciue anD truelp p^ognolftcate t}pon»
^no furt^er^t^e eart^l^ (igneis be t^iefeia;^ firS ^"^tn i^^i
offaire westlicr.
tapours bjcat!) out of t&e eartb,as tSjc lifee id manifefilp feie
b^ cnCring info an^ oeepe tsault oj ceUour tnocr tbe eartfj,
being 0fpedaU\» tuittjin a citie o^ great totone anD t&at t&o ,

p;ia? giaeit) foati) a mis&tiefiinfee, tfjat tfjenraine ooct^

l^o;tI^ after folloto*
ano anotljcr note alfo of tlje eartfj is,fcDl)en timely in t^e
ino<jning before Da^ ligtjt a mil! arifctb,U)l}ic^ C^ely etlj lolu
on tfje eart^ , ano tljat t^e ^©ne t^zn fining, caufet^ t^c
mid to (l^etD fn fo^me of a tea , ano ttjat after tfte &un is ri*
f£n,tt)e fame mafectfjttie aire terp5ar&e,anDblacl?ecloKa^
alfo appearing in U)z airc3tDl)ic!) togettjer l^eclai ctlj a mig[ji»
ts raine to foUoto an^ long enonring.
antj iM^en t^e uui! i0 mo^e raifeo tjp tljen culf on?ably,ano
tres alfo muclj mo^e moaeu in tfee groues ano luojUs,

it Dfit^ Declare raine \3}it^mt coubt , in tljat ttjerc 10 tfccn a

migfjtv b^ea&iug foat&,bot^j of mani? ano groffe tsaponr^j,
^nDlD^enriuer$am}i:pel5be C^alloUier of luatertgett
cuHomably, itt^entieclaretl; raine tofoUoio, intijattbo
fame matter ano toater fallet^ from tl)e clouDs j anD of t\iiii
iDbtn t^ofe imp^edions be ^imini^ed ^ t|)cn be t^ofe moi<»
Gore^ D^aljoen bp,lD|)ic^ fo ingenDer tl)e raine.
and tbe D;ine5 of ^anott^ano tbe cleft£$ anD rougbncSTe of
t^e lips DO Declare raine to folotD,tn t^attl)eattrad;iueber<^
tne of tl)e motttnre is t^cn bot^ mig^tv? $ arong , tDbtcl) fo
D,aiet6 tlje boDt?,anD makelb tbc lips rougl), ^hd of tljis t^c
eartbl? booicsbe altereo acco^otng to tge altering of t^e
fino lu^en fmall biros in ffje beginning of feutnter,Do ga^
tljerf fiie manr in a company togctljer , feeding tbeir meat
in fiu^ rsriipanies in ti}e fldoe ^ it after Declare ti} colDe anD
froHs to enfue^anD fio;mi^ U^eat^er.
Sinn n\ bitDs vo^tn t^e^ mahe a greater noife in i^t fiping
t^tn £u(!omab!|^,anD b^ trimming t^tit feathers U)it^ tlieir
bilSjDot!) Declare raine to follolw*
0nD all riuer fo boles pla^iing anD beating t^emfelnes in
tge toater>f U^ad^ing tbemfelues in tl;at ioater^Doe Declare
raine to enfue^ jUnr) t\}z like Doe t|)e riuer foDules bg leaning
Husbandly Conicdures*
y4 ^eDotoe , ggmfierattteto toU
ttietoaf errant) coaeCtngt|ie

Sho tbe (E^cer^ mabtns a lout) notCg togeti^er, ant filing,

toe 6gntf[e a tempetl to enfae.
0nt)t|)e^eeg teeing t^cir (on^ neerer^ome t^anca#
0omabl)e,ooe Declare a temped ^ ant rainie loeat^er to en^
ant tDjen t^e fl^ape totoart tje euentng, at tjetr oamins
tnto fold,to feet) mo;e earneai^ m
t^etr going, ant tahe no
care of t^e il^ep^ert^xailtng ano crptngHnto t^em,ano tdat
fcarceli? U)tt^ arobett to be o;iuen fo;iDarD, oo after figntfic
^tio t^ebirD nameo tje pie5Cbattermg mo^e t^tn mttof
inablp,Doetb after declare raine toenfne. antt^e flxitne
taaU^tng fo;t^,tearing ant tiiotng ^anofnb of ^a^^ toe te^
0not^eifrogd making a greater notfe t^encu&omabl^,
to teclare raine to enfae : ant if tlje tetu appeare not in t|ie
tno;ning,fo tbat tbe fame be not bint;et t|);oagb tbe Itint,
after 6gni6et^ raine o^ txoft to enfne,ant t^iB accosting tn^
totbetimeoftbe^eare, #
2nt tbe ^pen licking tbebtofeis oftbebinter feet,ant a#
gainti tbe l)aire,ant l^tng all alike on tlje rigbt fite, to te^
dare raine to follotp.
ant beginning to raine^tf tbe ^icen feete greetilier^toe
tiben tedare tbe longer continuance of ratne. 9nt t|)e £)re
beating toitb tbe fojefcDt, totb cither Declare raine o;tcm^
0nt tbe toucdcomming later bnte tbe tone-boufe tbcn
cu]!omabl^,totb tedare ratne to fotloU). ^nt t^e fount of
belis o; docket beart fnrtber off t^en cuaomablr , totb te^
dare ratne to follolu,ercept tbe fame be canfet cf toint.
Of thofe manif eft fignes which declare faire and
drie weather to follow. Chap. 8.

Ai^t fira,U)ben eitber t^t g>un rifetb, n^ felt etlj dcare,

fo t&at \)t be net ccueret of ani? ciou^s,tot|) t^en Cgnt^
fie faire Ujeatljer ttjat tag foI!o^ing:q[ if in tfje 2 um riling,
of rlie weather. 7f
mv circle^ppcareft about tiim oftimtsi tclomsmt^itatf
clinett) tinto a ficr^ rconcs.o;^ t|iat t^e ^m
hzames pafiTmg
t^ojotD (r)CClou^5,(lfealbc rcD anD long(fotljattl)efacamps
feeme liUe(]^ct0)artD rcD frattcrcD toUijout tl)e circle, 5ot5>
t^cR p;iomtre nug^tte lotaDis to foUoli?*
andttie d)anrettttigreD , Dcclaret^irameto folIoU),anli
if after tlje feuns fetting in t^c ^cff , rco ficr^ cIoqob (Ijall
app0are,tt Dcc(arctl) aCTureolp tuma to fotfoljp«
^iiD itt^t &un d^eU) reD,o; t^nto an ^^enge colour before
810 letting,efpcciall^ fo j a great feafon before tiis fitting, 0^
tn a mancr tboaoiuont t^e lu^oie isa^ , ant> tbat m
t^e f^zU,
$e appeare of a great btgnet; , it ooetli t^ndoubteolie lignt6e
ane tl^e ^nnnenfinggot^ant) not fljDtnchling,Declaret(s
lointie to foUoU) : 1 if t^o^nn in tbertfing appeare f^olloto,
Dedaret^ either toinDo^raine to foUoU) : ano if t^e &un be
feltbot mani? Dated toget|)0r, Doet^ after fignige o;oisgt)t
ano tDinoeiG! longconttnuinp;.
ianD if tbe
fl^eU) clearer
^ un in tbe lointer time totoart) W fetting O^al
ano reDOer t^en cultomabl^^anD tl)at tbe no^t|3
lDini3,o;(pme otber colD totno (^ali t^en bloto,tt oot^ Qgni^
t^at ntgbt foUotuing.
£[e froft

Sinn t^is oeclaret^ deertng of tbe tiieat^er in t^e time of

ratne,\Di)en a$ a b^tg^tnelTe ano cleering appearetb in t^e
^o;t^-part>anot^atint|)e^outt)-part appearetb rijoelled

doaO0 ^eapeo together*

ano tDben after tbe ^un fetting, tbe element appearet^
bleU),ano feU) Harre^s appeare^ ano tbat tbe oeVo be fmaU^it
W:^ Declare fatre loeat^er tbe oa^ foUotstng.
anDifintbemo;ninga mill appeare , lobic^ after tge
^nnne is rifen, falleti) Doton^ljoarD, ano rifetb not tploarD
an^ mo^e to be (eene of an?? tt Dedaret|) a fatre Da^ foUoto^
HnD U)^en mani^ iB^ite douDt; appeare , efpecialli? in tbe
Meft(neere tnto t Je eartl))anD in t|[e ettening,anD t^is fo j;
ttoo 0^ t^aee Daie0 together tn t|ie tointer time, it Declaret^
tmt^ colo anD fnob) to^nfue^
76 Husbandly Conieflures
0nu a troubling of tlje aire tnto ramc , i t^atfjedonts^itcrttjencufiomabl^jtiEclarstb fnoto to enfue,
cfpeciall^ tjalien after fucg an appearance of tlje t!outi£;,t|)a

aire be felt fometot^af ^ot , t^iong\) tge j^eat iDt^tci) i& t^m
Sm toben tl^e cloni^i$ D;tne onetoar^ano tljetDtnt) ano^
t^cr , ano risi)t asainC tbe going of t^e cIouC0, octt) Declare
faire lucatljer fo foIoto^jSnii t^e reabn of tl)t0 is^fo^ t^at t^z
iDino blotoet^ conf ran? tnto t^e going of tbe clonD£(,tD|i([i
D;ietJ t^em in fac^ fo^t f {lat t^t^ cannot raine ootone*
anD tbe fiar£( ieznt to ran o; ll^ot , Declare tutnD to arifa
ont of t^at qiiarter.anD if ti)e^ (Igoton euerr (ioe^tiien tde)?
Declare iDino tofoUoto out ofalltlio quartern.
anD if t^e Carres in t^e wintertime appc«re biigl^ter
tl^en cullomabl^.Dcclaret^ a great coloe to enfue. SLnn t^e
fiarreg tttitnc^Ung int^etDtnter>Dot^ Declares great coloe
anD if t^e lSar£( be tene greater, botb in ligbt anD bignei^
tl^encQltomablr^Dotb t^en DecIareioinD to foUols.
;3nD if tlje I15at£; do flie about timelier in t^e euentng, anD
tno;eoft^emt(;encuaomabli?, Dot^ tJienDeclar^aireanD
i70t bDcatl^er t^e nept Da)? foUotoing*
0nD iftbe ^ome after tt)etl;irDDa^ of ^er cfjange, appca#
retl^ in tbe MzUMt^ dcare anD faire t)o;neMnD ^atb no
mia about l^er, Declaret|i faire tueat^er tofolloU^eali t^aC
0nD if tbe $9 one appeare fmal anD reo^ano t|a( adfo tbe
fame part oftlje mone^tDl^ic^ t^tn l)atb no itg^t of tbe fun,
appcareti) cleare^anD U^it^) a certaine D;iuing(a0 it feemetb
tnto t\)t eie^Dot^ Declare U)inD to folloU) out of t|at quarter
from U)|iic|) tj^e colours come, anD about t^e ^oone De#
anD if tbere appeare one cleare circle about tl^e ^mnt^
tobicb fone taniC^et^ aU)as , Dot t) t^ien Declare raine to ro!#
anD iDl^ere t|e Hain-boU) appearetb but of ttoo colours,
as reODe anfr(UotP;anDornoot^ercolonrS;Dcciaret& faire

oftlie wcsthcr. 77
b^aflier fo foHoUi* Sim Itgljtnnig fecne in t\)c cucnmgrj
iDitlpout tljuHDcr antj cloutis ^ ano toat often together > auD
ngEfc t^e 0art&,occlai etl) a faire Da^ fcUolDtng.
jano tlon^B imK Ithe tjnto fiseceis ot U)£d11 , fcatf creD m f ^je

aire.ano tljesunnebe tljcn of agcoD ^eig^it, Dcdaict^ faire

:anD tbeipo.rtljiyfnt) (lrong!i?ljIotuuig5aIt!)£>tigl) it catjfct!)
tManii^louos, Dot!) newcrtl}elcscaufe tail euicat^cr fojufuc
HnD tl)0 noifc oftocDDs , am
mticfj mmmtiQ of t^e Ieauc0
Hots Declare iDinoe ano a tca^peH to enfue*
;anD tfte iKitcs piaptng f loauering about in tijc aire, anB
tfjat t^e one fciioVcctl) tlje 0ti)er in t^inr flDing , Declare a ^ot
ano faire Da^ to foUoU).
ano iflittIe£iic5,romeU>tat&efo;etl}e^unne£t retting,Do
gather rounD on a Ijeape before t^e ^unne , anD p!a\? tp and
OoVPne^Declare a faire anD l)ot (eafon tge ncict Dat? foUotDtng^
jano if a U)6ite fmoUc be rifen before tlje riling of tbe g)pn,
ano after tl)e &an fcttmg, t3pon tlje toateris, martlhes , and
meDoU7cs,itDot()rtgm6e^Qt anD fatrelaeat^ertbcncrtDa^
folloluifig anD if tlje fame appearctl; in ttje mo;ining , tften:

faire U)catl)crt5)at Dai? : anD ifatmgl)t , tljen fatrg loeatjcr

0nD tbe ^^eDget)og , to^jere fjc lietlj makef b f too toIes,f l&c
mt opening totoarD tbe no?tb, 1 tbe otber totoarD tlje foutb,
arifetb 1 if botb at once,t|ien great Coje of luinDe to folIoUj*

anotbe^IroUittmelg calling in tbe moaning, Dcclaret^

faire toeatber to toHotD: but crolDingfcftls in ttjeenening,
teclar^tb atempctttocnfue*
anD tbe CrotDc calling baUilsttoice 0? tl;jice tog5tl)er,
Declaretb ^ tempelt to follolu^
9nD tbe Dogge toalloli^ing on t^t eartb Dedaretb a great,

luinDe to foiloii) : anD I^tngon fyB rigt)t fiDe , Dotb figniae a

i^nD £Dj:cn aifo Iping on t^e rigbt fiDe,Declare a tenipel! fo
M«e;but tf)e;©yelrmfiontbeleftriDe, Dcclarctl) faire iuea^
ill tjiejc
y% Husbandly ConiccS ures
ttierCo foUotD« atiDt^oHauen aanoing gaping agatnl!tl)e
^uniiCjUcclarit^ a l)ot tocatljer to cnfuc.
^nDtbeHamsfljipping oftner tljen cuComablv , tftbcij
but togetticr iDttl) tt)ctr tf caD^t.nedarc a tcntpra to folio\D « .

<3nDnianplongU)£b£; (iDljicljfome calltljefpittleof tljc

^nnne)t)atuing in tt)c aire > Declare Uiinoe o; Um)^ztt to fob
j^nti tl)0 Hamme not changing ^is boice in fairc toeatljcr,
Declaretb tlje tsngcrconttnuanceoft^efame, asromeanci^
jnt men to;itc*
0nD a Darbneis of tbe aire after raine>Beclaret() faire toea^
t^er to enfae(as moft aatftoafs loaite*)
^no tDl)en man^ ^mtts of fire ( D;»atuing tl)e taile after
tl)em)appesre in tl)e ftmting of t^e ttarfi,
aire, Ufee tinto tl)e

ijDbict) \y^ fim t^apo^ii) running i Opining It^e tnto t^e lig^t

of tt)e aar5^ o^aU^ing after t()em a taile, t)ot^ Declare loino to

0nDif fuc!) tapours fi^mte out of man^ quartert: of t|)0
aire, tbe^ Declare runD;^^ tDinDgtoartfe, anDbot^t^unDer
anD lightning out of tbofe part£;«
SinD tt)eD;ine(reoftl)ing2:ibi?afuDDain mancrintljcloim
fertime,anDnorainieU3eatbcr,libeasofpaper, ttje spar^
ble aone, anD fuc^ li^c, Declare froU anD colD ljueat!)£r to en^
0nDU)ben Crane£i^tein 0ratg^to;Der, anDnotbetiDing
o> turning again,it Declaretb faire tueatber to enrue,fo;j tbat
ttje^ flic not in fucb o^Det bijfo^e ttjep fee tbe toeatber cleere.
^nD tbe cIouD0 alfo in tbe cleere aire carieD bpU}arD,out of
tPbat quarter oftbe Clement tbe fame be, Doetpgnifie tb^
U)inD to artfe out of tbat quartet.
^nDiftbeclouD£(b^apeD togetber, bpD^atuingneere tl^e

^unne be fcattereD^anD tt)i0 cauCeD from tbe no;tl^,Declaret^

0nDChotu falling in ttie beginning of froU, tfttie fame fall
t)ei*^rmall> Declaretb t^t miQ^titt colDe tofollotoe : but if
tbe fnoio) fall btgge;, t^en afuDoaine ttiabae of t|)e froQ to en^
of tlie weatlicr* 7^
0115 ffieljailc falling mtbc fp:tng anD!3arueff,ticclar£t()
afatrcrcaion,anDromeu)^atljDarmett)e(anicDay : anDt^t0
acco^oiitgto tlje t!meoftl)et?care«
lano iran^ Djcamctb to f^ biros, it ticdaretjj JiuinD to foV
next Dai?,as l)atl3 beerte ErpcnenccD.
Io[jD tl)c

and toinocfli in tftc temtcr bloiu about t^e mo:jnmg, but

in tftc Summer about tbc caentng, ano in tbe Winter out of
t|)cC'aa, anoalfomtbc Rummer outoftbeMtft* 0nD If
U)inD continue long iJ^o^tb , ano tbc baruea U)inDtc, t^eclare

aQilliJDintcr : buttfttietiarucabeailU tt)enatDinoicijuin#

The Booke ofthe Art or craft ofPlanting

and Graffing.

To graffc fruite that fhall haue no core.

Take a gra^e ant bolB botti ends; combing, ant) cut botl^
enDfli graff-toifcano To fatten t^em into tbe ttocbe* ano
ifttgrotDfotoit!) t^etree, cut atoa^t^ie great eud, anoUC
i^z fmaller eno groU),ano t^i0 fruit O^all tiaue no t^iu

To make Apples red.

Jfroutotllmafee apples reo, tafee a graffeof an ^pple
froe,anDgrafifeittn aaoc&eof Cimeo^Cloar, anu it ^all
feearereo apples, aifo ijoumarbojeatjolcinanapplc-troe
to tbe pitMnu temper it toit^toater of to'^at colour i^etuill,
ano tbcn put it in tje tiole^ano ttop it toitf) apin, % t^e apple
il^albe of tbe fame colour tbat i^ou put in tbe tree«
3tistobenoteD, tbateucr^tratbatigplanteb tpon^*
a-ambcrtsoat)int^eeart^,ftalln0tpm(]&, but pjoueanii
To m ake the Pear-tree beare much fruit.
3f vou toill baue a pear-tree full of fruit,o j clfe afmucj adS
it ^atj bin toont to beare, temper ^camon^ tuitft toater,anD

^\xt It into a bole tbat is piercco to tbe pitb of tlje tree,ant) If op

f be bole toitb a pin of tbat fame trfie,o; of anctbcr^ano it ttjal

^eare m it U)as iJDont^and mucb mo;e plentituU*
HI 2 a«&
8o The Art of Planting
^nt) if f ton tDiU l)aue f tjeat f o fmcl lifee fpiceg,05 as wufk,
o> balme,o;i oti)erfpice£(: niafecan tjole in Ite fojt in tftc tr^,
an^ Cop it agatnc, ano tljc frmt fl^all Cmel ano fauoa after tl)e
To rcuiue an old tree that is decayed.
3! an olB tree b^^ln to toapc oaic, Doe in ti^iB toife quicfeen
t\^': cares t^at are about tl)e roteg be Done
!)im tljnt
aloa^>anD£!c8uettoo o; tfe^ce of (be greatcd rmtea U)it^ an
aj;e,3nD pat a toeDge into t^e cleaning, anB couer flje rente a^
gaine U)it|) tl)e fame eartb*
Note alfo.
fierce t^c tree t&o^otj) toit^ a piercer crolTe ttDite,oa tuitl^ a
iDtmbie^anD arengttj of t^e tree l^al begin to toaj; ]^ong»

How to make a fourc fruit tree bring forth

3f ^ou tjDill ^mta frnifetr^ t^af isfoure, to bee mabe
ftoeetefruitjbeluetfjetreercunbabonfjf bung tl)er03tgU3it^
piggc^i tung,anti fo (l^all f t|e fruit be mabe ftueete: alfo make
an ijole in t^c foure tree tott^ a piercer to
tt)e pitb^ f into t^e

liole put luater tempered toitti t)OH^, anb aop t^e yole againo
l;oit^ a pinne of tlje fame tree*
The ordering of an Almond-tree, WaUnut- tree,
Cherry- tree^and Peach' tree,
^uttl&efecrnels of lDl)ic^ of tljcfe pre Uull in toater foure
bates, ano t^en put mani? I^erneis together into tbe eartt) o^
feueraU?:anb lu^en t^ep fp^g ano be grotoen out,anb ^auc
fifflb fo a Uiljole peare, tben tafee tljem out of t^e grouno, ano

rettt!errtt&enb>l)erepoutuiU.)anoiti5 tobenoteo, t^atofe*

uerietrdet^eb^ancbcsmuabecutiit fetf (uptime, fanet|e
|aeacl)-tree,ljDl^icl| mud f)aue W b;ie baancl^es cut cnelr«
How tonouriHithePeach-trceiif Jtbeginto wither.
3f tbe 13eac^« f rd^ begin to luit^er, let fjim be toell mciff e^
webatttjcrmtetuitb b;eg£; of tone, ano tl)e fame moidning
Hjall feeepe tiim from (fteboing of bis (raiterano fome fap^ttiat
if tbe rctes bee mo^eencb toit^ u>at£r of t^t bkjcocticn of
beanes, it (ball quicken tbe tree grcatip : anoifbeecaabiies^^
fruite er« t^s b^e ripe, ntafee ^olestoitj) aXdimblein tba
and Graffing, 8l
mfcS;! mafscpms ofU)illoU),anD fmitcfljem faSinpanttlie
fruite abm
iJi)di on fad cnougl;«
How to water plants when they waxe dric.
gt (ball i3C gtDD f ijoatcr tbem toljcn tl)c tinn is u?tc in tire
firtt ^carc : r^icn U)ljcn t^e^ i^mt put fo;>tl) neUj cgons, leanc
120 moae grototng but t^e c^ion teljict) 15 t&c principal! f fai^
rca,t3poneuer^(!oc^eon0, all tlieot^cr cut o(f tjaiD b)? tl^
Oocfec: f Eucr as t^c? coc grotu fmall ttuigg about tlje (tccfec,
l?e a^all(tn Vgt monet^ of spare!) ano ap^ill) rut tl)em all off

6arD bp tljc Uocfee^^nD if ^ou tljen ttity^ b^ eucrt? plant a p^t^

lyanD^ ano fo btnoe tljem Ijoit^i tuiK&U) barKe.bjiiTjO; eft-
^rs,ttl]^aUp,:ofitett)emmucl)mtbeir grotDli)* E!)en after
fiue o;jfir scares groluf^jlD^cn tlje^ be fo big as \iour fin icr,
0^ ttiereabouts , i)e uia^ fljen rcmoue ani> of t^em , iuiicr^ag
l^oulJDtU ^aue t^cui grolD ano remains
The ordering of the Apple* tree.
31f an apple-tree begin to rotte ^ o^ m^ of t^c apples begirt
to toaice ruSic,! ben t jjc bar^c of ^im is ficfee : tlicn tut it toitlj
a knife,let it be openeo,ano tol)en i\)t l)umo; t^iereof is fome^
to!)at floU3en ouer, fee t^iat ^ou Dung Un^ tuel!,anD Uop Dili^
gentb^isU3ount) Ijoiti) clai?«.
Tiie ordering oftheQaince> tree.
snije Quince-tree all t&e timetljattjc is abletobetranf^
fat eD,^e UjouIo be remouctj cucr^ fourth '^ett-y ano t^af (l}aU
tiialkeliimbeare great plentp of fruit afteriaars.
The ordering of the Cherry, tree.
snijc C&errftree louetlrcolo aire ano moiS ground , hut
fomeCtjerr^- trees like toelluifjillijplaccs* ffi^ebefifctfing
ofCf)£rri?-treees is in tbemcnt^ of jJouemberjanD if neeoe
be in t^e latter eno of January* ^m
U t^t Ci)£rrv tree rot,
in anp Uiife make a t)oie tottf) a piercer tncier tbe rtote , tbat
tfjetoatertijat caufet^ttic rotting map IjaueiC^ue out, gtjs
fuppofeo t^at racDicme is gooofo^ all manner of trees
t|)at begin to rot.aUo it js gooo fo; all manner of tree05to!)ini

a bougl) is cut alaap , t^atttie place ibat is cut be couereu

totbclapA^fomeotberDefenfitjleplafttr, fo;tl)e oefenceof
t^c rame^t^attt make not t^e tree to rot*
iLl 3 At

8i The Art of Planting

At what time Prunes ought to be planted.
SCl)e planting of Prunes in colocann nioiaie placw,f«
beftin^ebauarTianD^arcli, anotfjc ttonesmutt befeta
Jamjb^cDtbintbecartB, ^UJbcnt^e^baucaot) foa\»l)ole
^carcjtafee t3p t^c fpjuig0 otttjj:m, and fett^cmneepcr in tbe
gronnD^ano t^c Hont^ rand lie in U;ater t^jee oaie^ ere tgc^
be ret
How the Medler fhoiild be planted.
C^e^eDlerlntUbeare tDClUf ^ebe pianteo, butgrafFi^
|)im in a UDliite tbo^ne callct) an l^alu t^o;m, ano tj^e^ t^ill

beare moje plenf eeufli^.

The fowing of Rofes in a garden.
Sf t^Du tJ3ill bane anp kofeg in t!our gariien,^ou mutt f afee
ft)ct)arD pepins of t^eTame l^ofcs fbat be full ripe,ano lotoe
t^em in t^eeartM^iFi^Maneo^tn^parcb , andiDt)entbeH
fp^ingjtcmper tbem \3)it^ tuater, f after t^e fpace of a pcare,
^ou mutt tranttate tbem,anD Depart ttiem farther from ot^er
tn tb)^at ot^er place ^on U)tlL
How to plant whiteGrapcs.
3|f liontottlt^ata bine beare on one ttoe tD|)i(e (draped,
auD on tbe , p^ouiBe t^at a iD^tte tmine anD a
otigcr ttoe reo
rcD be fet necrc togctljcr. 9no toben tbe^ be rmteo mca(ura#
bl^botblthemuclj, ofeitlicr pareaU)ai?balfe endlong bpon
tbepttb)anotU)inetbemtogett)er, ani}binDetl)cmro , tbat
eitber fap meete toitbout oifioining, ano to^ap it bp togetliec
ijDitb a fnpple linnen ctot^, and tmtv. tbirO Da^ moitt it toit^

luater till it grob), ano affer tbat tlje^ be grotone togetber,

tbou mutt cut atoa\! tbe one rcDte.ano tbe otbcr ma^ beare tt
ano tbat tl^ine (ball beare botb reb(13rape0anD tobtte, not^
Uiitbttanbing tbe one rote be bone aU)a^ : ano fo t^ou maitt
boe tntt^ tiuo pear- treee^oa tljpo ^pple< tr^ b^anc^e^*

How to fet Vine plants two and two together.

^ouougbtfo plant ano fet pour tlSineis tljoo ano ttoa to^
get^cr^t^eoneto baueapartof tbeoloetree, anotbeotbcr
mapbeallof tbelattcpon : but^uben \>tt plant toitb binia
part of t^eolo tree, \)z t^allcommonl^tafeerajtefoncrtbeit

and Graffiiig* 8j
f^cnetDC^on. ^oumuau}aeoet^em0uert?monctl), anDiet
nottl)ccartt)bc tcDClofc about t^ctr rentes at ti)e firH.but
novo anD tbcH IcDfc It tDiti) a fpaoe as ^c lljal fee a rains paft,
fo; t^en ti)t^ (^all enlarGCianD put fetlj better*
To make Grapes grow on a Plum-tree,or
anortpou feillbauc (SrapesgrotDon apiom tra^o; a
Cl)errp- tree,fet a tisine tnoer one of tbofe ttoo trees , iDticb
\!on \x)\\{ : anD ijotien t^e tmine begmnett) to grotu^bo^e t^e o«
tber tree ttjo^joto \3i}iti^ a piercer , acco^tiing to t^ie greatnes of
t^e mmtt^m o jato ttje ^ine tbo^otu tbe tree^a"^ pare auja^
tbetpperenDoftbefame^llltntj as farre as it O^alibe in tbe
i)oIe,ano fo futfcr it to groto : antj tob^n botl) be iojpneti togc^
ti)er,cut atiaa^ tfje rote enDe of tbe tmme bi? tl)e tree, ano co#
uer toat place toei U)itb gcoD eart^ of ttiat cutting and D:aUi^
tngoftbe^inetbo^otDtbe tiole, anD tt^e cutting atoapof
tbcrcDteoftbe^tne,anDtl)atmullbeDonein 5>aret) : anD
(oinemeniDiIlfaritmBft be bone ere tbefenotsbcginneto
burgen, tbat fo: tbe ftraitD;aUjingin,tiieburgensbeenot
l^urt* <antitbus maidtbouboetpitb biuers trees, ano oiuer^
fruites,anBmahe one tree to beareDiuersfruitcs of funbjie
colours* ^(fo t?e mud fee tbat at tbe tine be gait) eartb , anD
fpieti it felfe of man^^ fcourgcs , it is gooD to cut tbat ofi\s)it}^

a fenife,anD if it lacfee pet ouermucb , Delne tbe ttocUe about,

anDfilltbepitfuUofgraudl ofaflooD, mcDlcD toitb aftts*
^nD fome men (a^y Doe into tbe pit a gooD quantitie of fmall
Hones^anD tbat xb gooD tt)erefoae»
The befl: times to Plant atid GrafFe in.
Bdt is to m
be noteD,t^at toben tbe oone is in ICanrns, it is
a gcDD time to plant trees of©rainesanQpepins:aniD\Dbcn
Oje IS in Cancer, lleo, o^ilib^a, it is gooDtociUing of trees
tbatbenetojfp^ung: anD iDbcn t^e ^ooncis in tmirgo, iiis
gooo time to fotue all manner of tbings. ^uD fror?? fjie
miDoe(lofaeptcmb£r,bntot|)emiDOe!l of SDecembet, is
i)ijentimeofplanting:anDt(g^t fo from tjic miDDefi;of 3a^
nuarir,to tbe miDDeft of 9parcl) , but ^et in tbcfc times it is
fiooD to t^ofe to^en t^z ^mm\$ 5, 6,7 8; 0^ xo* Daies
84 The Art of Planting
hzfoit fjefaiuanti after tlje full 9^(Bne,lDi)c.i Iftc fe 20,23^
2 3 ,^ 4>0 J ^ 5 oaiea olo,fo^ t^is quarter of ti)s ^gene !£5 niott
Caere planting is to bt DifpofcD fo,tl)af t^e g>an beamed
ina\: come to tfte rote, o;j to tljc eartn , froai t&e ^sure of tliaee
ijnto na)ne,ano be plantiD in tlje befi niannen ano tlje trees
t!)at be bearing ano of great ^eigljt , tlj^t part t}^^t aooDto^

iuaro tr)c i;> oztt),mull be fct agamOc tbe ipio^tt) ujinOjanti t^c
j5io;tl)U3efi tuinoe : fo? ttje l)tg5 ji^otb toinD^anD tbe i^o;tii^
\s)eh iDtnoe , b^ kmoe ooct^ kill ano D^te too mucb tbe treeis
tljatbeneto fet fo;tbeir t^nmeafurablegreatnes: tt)e eartlj
alfo mutt be o^ueineo ro,tl)at it be neitljcr tm fat no^ grauellrj

How to fct all manner of pcpins.kcrnels^and

graines in the earth.
M mancr ofpcpuis^bernclis, anb grameg , muOfae fef m
f^e cartb,m ocepnes offoureo^ fine fingers b^oao, tbateac^
be from otfter balfe afoote : alujaics keeping tbis fpecial rule,
tbat tbcenooagraineof tbepepintbat llanos nertttierootc
beji^o^tbeattin tiiefetting, anotbatotbcrcno tpUiarbto^
U)avDl)caum. ano tbat rou mcitt tbcm ttuice 0^ t}^ntciti
tbe oap, not rotting , but oeUjing 0; fpatnUltng* Cb w iB a
p;iuit\! among cunning men , tljat in tlje fp^ing is mol! con«»
ueniabiB time fo^ fceDcs, gcaincSj ano pepins ; ano Autumn

Of the manner and changing of the fruit of

the Pepin-tree.
Mb^roeueri^oa ooe replant; 0^ Change ^our pepin- tr^es
from place to place, tn foremouing often tbel!ocke,t^efruite
thereof O^all alfo cbange , but tbe fruite lu^icl) ooetb come of
graffingjtjotl) altoaies k^gpefbefowc ano nature ottbe tree
lob^reof be 16 tahen : fo^ as often j bauo faio , fo often as tbe
pepin tr£e5 be remoueo to a better grouno, tfje fruite tljereof
i^all be fo muci) amenoebf
and Graffing. 83?

Howyouniay mak^ anOtchardin

few yeares.
^omc Doe talte vong ffrai'sljt Hips , toljicl) uce grols) from
ff)erQ)tC£{,o; of t{jefiD0sortl)eSpp!c trees, about qpidjaeli*
ni3£i,anD do fo plant ano fet tijsm iuit!) oatcs in goD grountj,
lu^crcas t^e^ f^all not be remoucD, ano fo graife being tuell
rrotcD tljercon. jIDtftcr foitic 00 tafee and fet t^sm in tlje rp;»nig
time after <lt)MniaB in lifecanfe, ano 00 gratfe tfjcron iDljcn
tl)epbetuellrooteO: ano botl)U3atesooe rp^mgtDcll. 0na
t^i^ manner of toa^ tgcounteo toi)auean)aD]cl}arD tfje (tOf
mtt* l]5uCtt)eretmsU)iUnoe entire paQttuentte o;tt)trtte
Howyou ought to fct the Pine-tree.
^o;fo t!)e]0tne-tree,^emufiret oa plant tf^em of nuf£5

in ^arcf))0a about t^e (4o}tc of tt}e Cap, not Iigt)tlp after : )pee
muftairorettljern iotjerettjerma^ notbcrcmoiieDafter,m
|iole0 toeU otggeD ano toell oungeo , not to be trant planted
0; remoneo againe : fo? ter^ Ijartilg tl)e^ toili lf)eU) foat^ c^^
oni$ being remote o^fpectaHH if r^ tiurt t^e maaer rcot ttiercf.

TofetDamfons or Plum-trees.
Bin feftrng SDamfons oa i^lnm-tr^5,U)^tc{) fruit ^e tooulo
^anelt^eto t^e trees t^e^ come of : if tl)e (atotree£;beenoC
graft befoac^Tje ft all take oneir tjeciionisttiaf groto fromt^e
xmt of ti)e elo aoche , tDl)tc|) grot^etl) U)ttb fmall tiotgs , ano
plant 0; fet tgem , ano t^etr fruit ftall be Ube tnto tt)e treeis

How to renioue a Seth'ng.

mi^en^ontoiUtal^ea ^etUngttiatfpatnget^ out of am
Oliver tree rcot, mukt and oelue thereabout after rf)e quantttte
t^eroif , and (0 oeepe till ^o\x come to tt)e great roote tt)at tf)c
fpaing groluet^ out of , and tt)oti maid c\&t it o^^ano f}olDtng
tiieeogeoftbo ^ntfetotjoarB t^e tree ground : and tut it fo
iuttl) Qcpe daaug^t, and leaue ais mnct) of tt)C eart|i about ttie

rootejand QocKeof t^e^tttng as^oumai^^and fetit in a good

^m grounn
Stf The Arc of Planting:
grouB^ o)Daitteu t^er0fc;j0,antj in a conumtertt timt^ nt it te
before laio,« if mipfpnngfogrotDeetioutofanis tree , cl)ufc
tt)atVubic^StoU)ct^ rig^tout, t^atismt oner- long , bixtv
urn^tDttliout am Onall3janctjc5,l|oltjmgt!)e fenift iii cutting

How to remouc a great tree.

ainuif ^ou U)iU rcmootte a tree tljatis great o? bearing
frait,ct)nfct6ef«U g0®ne,fromt^cmiooea of October to ttic
mionett of December, Ijauing tip tbe rotcff as tofjole ag pou
ma^jluttl) tt)£ fame manner ano ojoer as ^e toe toiti) fetting
of fmall trees : anDtntt)e fetting , it fojcetjinot tbougbtbe
^mne be not euen in tbe full be in t^e fecono o^ t!)irD
, fo fl^e

quarter^Xlje gouerning of tbefe plants^ is Double of bearing

of fr uite.
How to keepclattfet plants.
aifo ifi?ottluill heepe iatc fet plantSjfeeepe t\)tm from tue^
ning raines,ano from lji)in0s>nametp,in )^arnett,fo^it is na
great oifficultie in tfje ^P5(ng«3gainfi tbe comming of toin?
ter, fet o^dic^e about t^e fetting mani? bougbes , tbattbo
^o;tbern tuinoe,o;j greatneffe of otbertoinosbearo)? it not:
aifo put oi:nge mingleo Isitf) draio about tbe doche tolparD
tbe rcDte,of agoot) tbickaes^ tbat froS ano fnolju congeale net
an tbe rotetano mahe a tieepe balle? about tbe roote,tbe fpace
8-f fire o; feuen fojte, ttjat tbe loater abioc no! ano freife about

tbe rtDtc in barueajtbat is^betlucen fummer ano U)inter,tbat

iDben tDinter commetb^tt ma^ be mieo iuitb Dung,anti fo let
it (iantj all tbe totnter: ano in tbe fpjing, put t)noer t\^z tinng

ne\jDeartb,anDcutaU)a^aIl t&e Unprofitable b^ancbes^ ano

mafee it iUmc about tbe ftocfee ano tbe rotes^rom tooames,
fcurfes, ano molTes ^ano from zixiW Ijoee^es going about tbe
b^antbcfif • all tbe clofe of tbine^^cbarotyboH^befetuboue

ipitb otber bigb trees tbat beare no. fruit, tbat tbe floures
ungbt be feept fafe from iDinocs. lino beloare tbat no fruits
bee gatbereo of an^ tree before tbe time , fo^ tbat i^ a rigb^
fireat,ano p^iute barming to tbe tree.


and Graffing, $y
How you may kccpe Cherries good a ycarc.
3f rou teonlo beep dl^mm scot) a ^txt; \?c Qjal cut off t^e
l!allic0 ano then la^ tljiem m a UjeII IcaoeD pot ano fill i^t
, ,

Xaio pot \xyitl) Ciicrrics : t^cH put tsnto tljcm of gcDU tfjin feon^
nie^antj fill t^c pot alfo lljerlBitJj.Mljicl) oone,ttoppc it tuttl)

cla^ t^/at no aire enter in, tljcn fct it in feme faire cellar, ano
put fano t^noer ano ail about tt^ano couer tl;e pot lju(tt)al,aiid
To let it !f ano ca rcmaine : ttius ^e nia^ fecepc tljem a \?ere, as
frcO^a^tljoug^t&c^ came from t^etroe. 3nD after t&tgfo^t
^c mag feape peares o; otljer fruit.

How you may fet Chefnut!^.

CIjc Cbefnut tree men cotjfe to plant lifeebnto t|)Cfigge
treeeXjrep ma^ be botl) planfeo anD graffeD toelljtbe^ toapc
toel in fre^ an9 fat eartt),fo.: tn fano tl;e^ li^c not, Jf ^e VuiU
kt tl)e &ernel0,ps 0^aU la^ t^em in toater tintil tt}ep Do fink,
anDt^ofet^atoset^n^c tott)ebcrttome of tl)elJDatcr bebeS
i?e l^al fet in tftc monet^s of ^oucmt er ano Dc^
to fet,U)6icl)
cember/oure Ungert; Oe^pe^ano a fcite one from anottjer : fn^
ljD;)ent^e^beintt)ofettoomonetl)sfeto^pIanteD, tt)c^ \Dill

enonre l0ng,and beare alfo gcoo fruit« ^et fome tljere be ti)at
plant o; fet tt)em fird in Dung,li^e beane£(,tD^tcl) U)ilbe fbjec^
ter tljen tl)e ottjer fo^t , but tbofe VoW\) be fet in tlje ttoo mo^

n£t^5afo;^efait)(^aU fird beare tbeir fruit : menmai^paouc

oot^ teac^. %\^i0 is another tuaij to
U)gict) id be(l,e):perience
p:oue ano knolD ln!)icf) C^efnuts be b^tl to plant o; fet, tt;at
Wj^ee^all tafee a quantitie of ^uts , t^en la^ tliem in fano
tbe fpace of t^irtg Dates, tticn tafee ano toal^ t^tm in toater
faireano cleanc,an0 t^^oto t^em into U>ater ag£in,anD tljofc
tljat Doe finbe to tfte bottome,are g©o to plant o; fet, ano tlje

otljert^atftDtmarenauglit : tfeusma^ r^Dotoit|i ailotber


The order how to plant or fct trees at large

SCbts ougl)t to be conlioereo of all grafifers f planters, tljat
pemuftgiue a competent fpacc from one tree tjnto anotljer,
^m a to^sft
88 TheArtofPlantiag
isj^snai^cgmaftefije^olesta fetC^cmin, notf© tiig^ itoi
t^at one tree toucti another* ^o j a gooD tr^c planted o: kttc
iiieU at large, p;crfltetl) Qftenttme£; mo^e of fruit, t^cn t^.zee
o^foare trees fet too nig^ together. SD^iemollgreateliantJ
lar^eS trees cotnmonli? are Mal-nut0atti)CtJcf-nats*3f|JC
plant t}^tm feuerallp in ranfee, as t^e^ Doe commonlp groloe
"bpon Ijigt) luaies , beSoe ^cogcs in fielos , t^et? mnU be fctte
due anot&irltefoote afuntier one from another, o^ t^jerea*
boats : buttf^etoill plant manpranfees it: one place toge^
tfter, rei^utlfcct^Gmt^efpaceoficltj* footeone from ano^
t^er,o^ tl)sreaboat0:ant) fo tarre ve mutlfet ^our ranfecs one
from anot^enf oj t^c|3ear- trees ann applc-trees,ani3 ot&er
fo^tB of trees, \ja^ic^ ir.a^ be fet of t^iis largeneffe one from
f^e ot^er : if ^e Doe plant oml^ m
ranges bt» l)etJses , in t^e
{!elDs,o: otl)erU)ire,tt l^albe fu^icient efvt* fcot one from an^
ot&er: batifvjoatDtiirettUiorankcsbpontliefiDes of pour
allies in garoens,Uil)ict) be cf):«o.:nt*fc8teb;oat), it Ci^alUbeni
bee bsft to gttie t^tm mo^e fpace ttie one from t^eotberirt
caclj ranfec,as about fine anotttientiefoote: aUopemuftnot
fet ^onr trees rigbt one againtt t[)e ot§er , but entcrmcDling

ojbetlxjeenecuert^fpace, as t^e^ma^ beff grotoe at large,

t^at ifneeoe be,^emag plant of ot^erfmall trees bettoeene,
but fe^tljat^c fet tb^m not too tl)iche* 3|f t?ou UK to fetfe oj
plant all roar trees of one btgnes, a2f of i?ong trees lifee rot)S,
being Pear trees o^ a?ple- trees, tljct? mad be fet a goju fpace
one froai another , as Qfx0^ c;j rrp* faote ii% fqaare,as to fa^,
from one ranhc to an0t{)er. if o.j to plant o; fet fmnllcr trees,
nsldlum-tr^s o;2pi3!e-treesDftbe lifee bignes , it Hyalite
faff. cientfoa tljcmmti.cjTt^Jootc fpace m quarters, Wntif
pu Uiiil plant o> fet tU)o ranUcs in pour allies in gart)cns,
l?i>umua Dculfefoj to p^opoation it after tfee largenelTe of
l^osir (iiiD allies*^ iFo;j to plant o,^ fet eager c^ foboer C|)err^-
trecs,tl)i3 fpace l^all be fafficient cnoaglj tt)e
one from tl)e 0*
ll)cr,t^ati5,ofr.o;nt.fcote! anutljerefojeifiiouma^^e great
0.2 large allies in i^oargarsen^ as of j^.footetDioe, 0^ t'oerea^

bouts,tc)ei>(l^all comelueU to paSTe, an\3l^aUbe fumeientte

plant i^ourtrcesofmnec^ ten ro5tefpace ; anofo.2 f^eotfjcr
and Graffing, 89
Met (o^As of tm&, nsof^umt'ttec0,0ut-tmi^y anufacl)
lifee , t6eD be not commonli? plantco , but m one ranfec to%v
The bed way to clcnfc and proine,or df cflc
K the rootes of trees.
ani5 fo^t^e better clenfing antj p^ointng trees beneath,
Doe t}^uB \ t?e l^all talje aU^ap all t|)e \j3ztm antj grafTe about
tje rojtgjt^en (l^al tljem fo rouno about, as rou IdouIo
i?e tjtg

feme to pluckc tljem tp jano l^al mafee tfeem ^alfe bare, t\im
^all ^e enlarge tbe eartlj about tl}e rootes , anD to&ere re m
(l&all fee t^em grob) faire ano long ^place 0^ ccucb i^tm in tbe

faio bole an^ eartb againe : tljcn H^ial tie yiut t^e mt eno of (be
tree,U)^erebe is graft , fomemljatmo^eloljDcr t!)cn bis roots
li3ere,lD!jerebrt)iscpnsfo graft, l^all fp^ing fo muc!) t^c
The manner ofGi affir. g.
Cbe great fiocfee mull becbofen m
goou grouno,a«bit
ntuQ be fmootb anD turn , ano cuttc it U)ttljout tbe eartb tbe
lengtb of a footc 0^ moje , tf it be as great as tfre tbumb,tf it
be greater , looUe tbat tbe cutting be euen ouertbluart tbe
flocUcanoafiDe, ano it mud be douenaboue in tljemtDllof
tbepitb tbe lengtb of ttoo fingers b?cotb,f in tbecliftfet tbe
graffe,tDbieb niutl be cbcrfen of tbe bed tree. Ebe ftocfee is of
tbecbtefe gratfc tbat ffanoetl) rigbt t^ptoaro, tbat batb a fenot
cftb2fs)jmerreare. 0noanincbbencatbtbcfaiDlinot, tixt
.!b\? graffc, anD tbtoite it 01 betbfises 5 cuen in a manner of
a toeoge , as far as it tt)^\\ goc info t'oe clift of tbe Hoclie , it
mutt be foeucn tb\3)itcti, tbat t^c airems^ not come be^
tU)eenc tbe clift ano tbe graft , ano tbenclofe it IcitbgcoD
tempereo cart!) about tljegraffc, fo? Dcfcnce ef raing anD
How to graft diners fruits on one ftockc.
3f tljou toilt graft oiucrs fruits tjpon one ftocbe, tbat b^tfj
as man\? b;»ancbcs as tbou toilt baue grafffS en , in tmvjs
b;mt\) kt a graffe , in manner anD fo.:mc as it is h\n bcfo;r,
mxi euermo^ec!)ufetbe graffeon tbe ^unnc Ooe of tbe tree
f^atb?areti) it, anb mvt t^^ top if ^oumav > mn t^m maifi
^m 3 tl)oa
90 The Arr of Planting
t|)ougra^edtmr£(frnitBtn onecltft, batnoneof t^cmmap
be t^tchtr t^ett otiicr,a0 \)our reafon U)tU tell i^ou m t^e U}o^
The way to graffe all forts of trees.
gitttofallitistobtmttt}, tliatallfo^ts of franfefrc00,
a0 alfo lutlD Creeg of nature^ mai^ be graft luttt) gr^^cis , ano
tn tl)e fc«tc^in,antibotl) Do Uiel tafee^faut efpcciallr t&ofctras
iDbtc^ be of lihe nature,t^erefo;e it iB better To to gra^eiljoUi^
ietttljc^ma^tuclIgroU) anD tabe ofotljerfo^ts af SDreej^,
but ccrtaine trees be not foaiDt), no5!»ill p;ofperfo UjcUiri
How to grafFc Applc-trees,Quincc- trees,
Pcdr-treeSjand Mcdlar-trecs.
Cbei! graffe tl)e peare graape on ot^er peare Hocks i apple
ftoofesjcrab o^toilomg flocks: tljeSiumce anD cpeolartipon
t|)0lD^tteti)o^ne« I15nt mofl commonly t^ept^fe to grafife one
apple t}pon anot^r,anD bott) peares ano quinces t^ep graffe
on t)alDtt)o;:ne ant) crab l!orke« dnotber ktnoe of fruit calleo
in if renclj Saulfay , tljep t3feD to graffe on tl)e lutllolt) 0ocke,
t^e manner tbereof is Ijara to D05lDl)ic^ j Ijaue not fanc,an8
t^erefo^e i totll let it paffe at tbis p^efent.
How to chufe your trees forgrafFes.
Wi^tn t^e trees tofeeras vou intcno to gather rour graffes
be fmall i r ong,as of fine o^ fire \?eares grolotb. Doe not take
graff tfjerorno;^ tte grjcateft,e wpt it be of a fmall
ttie liigljefl

free oftico oj t^^ee peres^tfie toftic^ commonly ^at^ t© muc^

of toppe c; Idood: otljertoifc not^fo^ ^uftall but matre ronr
How you raay keepe graffes a long time.
^e ma^ keep graffs a long time ga5D,as from ai^allotottDe
( fo tbat tbe leanes be fallen ) tnto t^e time of graffing , if
t^at t^t^ b e ioel coucrcD in tbe eartb, balfe a foote Deep tliere^
in,anD fo t^at none of l|iem Doe appeare tuit^out tjje cartl;^
After what manner ye ought to begin to graffe.
^e mai? Ujci begin to graffe(in leaning t^e ff ock)at C^^iff*
tnasjo: before, acco jDing to tbe colDnes of t^e time , f p;inci^
galls t^e Ijealme o; great c^erri? , pcarcs, IwarDens , o; fo^^
and Graffing. 9j
iuarD fruit of applcfftann fo; mc uiars, it is gotj to f arrp t nfo
t^ecnD of3anuar?ano jFcb;narg,t)ntil^arct),ojl3ntUfttcf|
time as; ijefl^allf^e tl|e trees begin ta buo o^fp^mg*
To haue fruit without cores.
Co ^auc frmt Ujtt&oat co jes , Itoke ^ee ftaac a fufficient
graflfe-fiocfejano tl)eretott!)(as 3 fato befo?e)cl)ufe a graffe of
gcDD^erletres^ant) cut It on t^is manner: ^ge cnocoftbe
graffc t^af tst3p^jDart)nGt;C t^c firmament , mnftbetfjtDiteo
Itfee t^e netrjcr enD of a'commtng grafiFe,i^ t^e nether enD tur^
neo tsp'^arDtant) ttits ts to be Done tuartlp. Ci)t8 rule is true
tn all trees t})at ijauc ftoncs ano kernels, but a tjine it be^ cd^
mt^ to cut t^at IS DotoneUiaroneyt tlje eart^ , U)if|) great
cunning anodcigtit*
How to trim yourgraffes.
J^ema^ graft iiour graces ful as long as 2 ,0.2 3 . trunclji^

ons 0: cut graffcs, re ma\? lifeetutfe graffe Ujit&all tjc^"


r^ tD€l,anD be as gcoo as tijofe iD^ic^ Do come of olD U)(sD,anD

oftentimes better,as to graffe a boug^ t fo^ often it fo bap^
pcnetfja manfliallfinDofoi?letsoKies&arDb^ t^coloflcu:*
Der l33CBt),^ct better it toere to cut tljcm oflf toit^ t[)c olD Idcdo,
ano cljufe a better f a faire place^at fome ptber e^e afo^efaio,
anocuti?ourgraffes in mabing t|)e tncifilon on t&eone fioc
narroU),! ontbeot!)er(iDeb;oaD, as t^e inner fioetoin, ano
tbeoutCDetfjitfee, becaufe tl)8 outfioe of^our graS'e mutt
iopne U)itf)in tlje cleft , loitl) tl)e fappe oa barfee of tlje tomoe
6oc&etl)at it n)all be fet in : fesalfotljat^ecut it fmootl), as
rour clifts are in ttie Hoc^ in ioining f:t cuerp place botl) men
ano clofe^ano efpectallt? t^e totnts oa corners of tl^e gra^s on
tt)e l)eaD of tt)e Cloche r U)|)ic^ muS be U^ell ano cleanc pareo

befo^^anDtl)en fet tad thereon.

How to graffe vines on Cherry-trees.

^ 3f tijou baue a bine groto on a Ctierr^- tree, ano &aus

t!)etadc of cljerries, fet at3me b? a (bcrr^- tree till it grot»,f

tn tge beginning of jfcuerellU)|)at time ttbe, mahea t)cle
t|)o;ot0 t^ieC^errs-trcein lDl)at place t^cu luilt, ano asofi<
ten as t{iou iioilt , ano o;aU) i\^q;^W t{ie liole a bjanct) of t^z
92 Tlie Alt of Planting, S^c.'
t)tne,fdt^atit!illtl)el)o!c, anonbauealaa^ t[)eolt) bathe of
tliat t)ine,afmuctias C&all be in t^t bol^^anD put it m, fo t^ae

tt)e n^auen place of ttje b^anc^ aop ful Vgt Wtof tl)e Cljerri^
f ree^ano t^zn cue aloa^ t^e roote enoe of ttie tsine, ano U);ap

ittDdl about tuitl) gooDcartf;, ano btnoe it tuelltDitlj a (ittlc

clot&,anD feeepe tt iDSl in all tl)iHg0,as4n ot^er gratfings:but
fome men leaue t^e roof c enD \)ncut a ^eare , till it be fols^eD
h)it\) t^e Cberr^ tree,anD t^en mt it aU)ap:ani) tl^is iB a got)

manner ano a Cure , ano fo tt ma^ be Done U)tt|) Otucr0 treet;

of otuer^ fruit0 , ano tbe grape anO t^t i)tne (I()aU baue faue^
of tbcm : ano fo m
mst^ trssmas be graffcQ anotber3 anO it

To makea trcebcare diucrs fruits.

3EfT!ou totU^aueafreebcare Otuer^frmte^janoofotuer^

colour£i,anD otuer5 (auo^s : in t^e firH^eare graffe in outers
b;anc§Cj$ of a €\itvt^4ti» timts j^ppleg to tbi? U^ing , ano
leaue fome of t^e b;tanc|)e5 bngra^co : tbe fecono ^eare matte
^olea t^o;oti) tbc Cb^rr^f ree, ano Daain tl)o;oU) t^ofe boiei$»
Dme b;ancbe0 > tbe titer eno Qanen otf^aei is before fato:ano
in tbe fame manner t^;otD another bole reo i^ofe , ano ooe
tberetottb as before tsfato of tbe tine ; anot^ts otuerlit^^ee
ma^ tfe after ^ our oione Ufetng.

F ijyjs.

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