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From: 박지혜(Jihye Park) 과장 두산인프라코어 <>

Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 9:39 PM
Subject: [HNW] 2018 Sep BPDP meeting _ agenda
To: "Htun Lynn (" <>, "May Thu Khine
(" <>, "김현태(Hyuntae Kim) 대리 두산인프라코어"
<>, "명재성(Jaisung Myung) 과장 두산인프라코어" <>

Dear Htun Lynn

I am in the preparation BPDP files and combined agendas(machine sales, AM and PS)’ soft copy can be delivery early next week.
(명과장님, 김대리님, 차주 월요일까지 BPDP 파일 공유 부탁 드립니다)
Anyway, below is the key agendas during BPDP performance review & open discussion.
Most of them are machine sales’ key agendas. For AM and PS, Jason and Trevor will reply ASAP.

BPDP Agenda

A. Market

 2018 market outlook/overview and 2019 perspective/expectation .. prepared by HNWT

 Economic : e.g. USD currency – market outlook

 Competiveness : competitors’ market price and trend

B. 2018 performance & KPI review … prepared by Doosan

 data based ERG & AEM, July ERG data and some questions has shared last week

 M/S

 SIOP review

C. 2019 SIOP & KPI settle … prepared by HNTW & discussion

 SIOP setting

 Focus/drive sales sector according to biz opportunity … etc

 MKTG Plan

D. 2018~19 MKTG & RTL promotion plan … prepared by HNTW & discussion

 RTL promotion plan:2018 Nov open house

 2018 small road show event : inquiry or support from Doosan

 Else marketing plan

E. Biz plan & company overview update … prepared by HNTW

 Sales channel: New branch and/or workshop progress

 AR payment plan & cash flow projection

F. Additional agendas/inquiry that HNW would like to discuss with Doosan team

 Bucket test & result update

 e.g. any sales or service issues and/or request on machines(example SD loader tire improvement…

Best regards

As you see the above, I have not gotten the update of the below so that please prepare your updated status or plan for them.

 Re-considering to introduce MMI

 Stock forward deployment to branch

 PSSR actual by August

 Progress of extending service contract after 4,000hrs

 Part package program

 Seasonal engine OH program

 Reviewing FIP & Hose Business

 Increasing HB series in the retail market

In addition,

Please prepare the data below.

 Retail data, PSSR report and inventory data by Aug.

 Expected initial 2019 part KPI target and retail target

 This will be just reference for discussing on next November. We can set it in 4Q again by following actual
If you have any agenda to be discussed during BPDP, please let me know so that I also can prepare it for meeting.


Jason Myung