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Jack’s Troubled Career

For many future offenders, problems start early. Patterns of troublesome behaviour are
often apparent by the age of three.

The cost to society starts early as well. Identifying all of the costs of a delinquent career
would be an impossible task. But it is possible to identify some elements and make
estimates of what the cost might be in the life of a repeat young offender before he or
she reaches the age of 18.

Let’s look at the fictional, but typical case of a young man named Jack. Jack is a
troubled child who needs special help and preventive services early in his life - but the
appropriate services are not available to him and his family, and he is soon launched on
his troubled career.

This is the story of Jack’s Troubled Career.

Jack's First Three Years:

Jack’s parents often have arguments, many of which get Child welfare services
physical, especially after they have been drinking. Their for three years at
parenting is affectionate, but erratic. $2,834.
Total = $8,502
Child welfare staff regularly visit Jack and his parents during
his first three years of life.

Social workers make a number of suggestions about his care

and the special help he may need, but because of a lack of
community resources, they are not able to refer Jack to the
appropriate support services.

Jack: Three to Five Years Old:

By the age of three, Jack is showing a number of Costs:

developmental problems, both physical and psychological. Three years child
His parents do not know how to cope with his impulsive welfare services at
behaviour, and he shows no awareness of the $2,834 a year,
consequences of his actions.
child care at
The child welfare services, in conjunction with the family $14,787/year,
doctor and child psychiatric services, conclude that Jack
would benefit from being placed in a subsidized child care and health and
centre. Jack's mother qualifies for the subsidized service, but psychiatric services at
unfortunately the child care staff are not trained to provide $2,464/year
the remedial care he really needs. Jack tends to bully the
other children, disrupt their play, and be insensitive to the Total = $60,255
needs of others.
Jack: Six to Ten Years Old:

Jack has benefited from the child care services, and is better Costs:
behaved in group settings, however, his home situation has Five years child
gone from bad to worse. His parents have separated, and welfare services at
his mother is now living with a young man who appears $2,834 a year,
jealous of the affection she shows towards Jack, and he is
abusive towards Jack. foster care at $8,995 a
The child welfare services decide, reluctantly, that they have
to take Jack into care; this requires an appearance in family guidance counsellors
court. Jack is placed in the first of a series of foster homes. and special education
Separation from his mother upsets him and reawakens his services at $2,464 a
behaviour problems. He has difficulty relating to his foster year,
parents and their children. Over a period of five years, he
lives in five foster homes. These moves disrupt his health and child
education, and he has difficulty settling down in school and psychiatric services at
getting along with other children. At various times he is $2,464 a year,
involved with school guidance counsellors and child
psychiatric services. court services for one
appearance at $1,232.

Total = $85,017

Jack: 11 to 14 Years Old:

By the age of 11, Jack is big for his age and precocious in Costs:
his behaviour towards his peers, particularly girls. Child Four years of group
welfare recognizes that he has never settled down in the home care at $44,978,
various foster homes he has lived in. In conjunction with the
education and child health services, they conclude that a special education
group home placement may be the only way to contain services at $2,464 a
Jack's "acting-out." year,

However, Jack continues to act out in the group home child welfare
setting. He comes to the attention of the police several times supervision at $2,834 a
before he turns 12, partly through misbehaviour at school year;
and partly through various delinquent acts in the community.
At the age of 12 Jack is charged in relation to a number of probation supervision
incidents of shoplifting, vandalism, and rowdy behaviour at a for one year at $1,478;
local shopping mall. He goes to Youth Court for the first time,
and is ordered to provide restitution services to make up for police contacts before
the damage he has done in the mall. He remains in the care age 12, $1,232;
of the child welfare services.
Jack's contact with his mother is sporadic after years of living three police
away from her. When he does see her, it usually results in a investigations at ages
period of disturbed behaviour in the group home and at 12 to 14 at $1,848
school. each;

At the age of 13, Jack gets involved with drugs at school, four court sessions at
starts selling them to schoolmates, and becomes physically $1,232 each;
abusive in collecting his debts.
four police
On one occasion, he hurts a boy seriously enough for the attendances at court at
boy to require in-patient care at a local hospital. Charges are $308 each;
laid, and Jack goes to Youth Court for a second time, where
he is found guilty. The court is in a quandry over what two psychological and
sentence to give him. One possibility is to send him to a psychiatric
youth custodial facility, but this is seen as extreme for a boy assessments at $2,464
of his age. Instead, he is placed on probation for a year, each;
while continuing in the care of the child welfare services.
Jack is able to complete the year's probation without any three months open
further major incidents, with the help of the child welfare custody $23,721.
services, including the group home staff, the probation
officer, and the school authorities. The probation ends when Total = $244,167
he reaches his 14th birthday. He is now a physically mature
young man, but he still has difficulty restraining his temper.
One weekend Jack leaves the group home without
permission and meets some friends at a local mall. They
obtain alcohol and drugs, and end up stealing a car. Jack is
the ringleader. They are caught after running the car off the
road. On his third appearance in the Youth Court, Jack is
remanded to the local detention facility for assessment
reports. When he next returns to court, for his fourth
appearance, the Youth Court sentences him to an open
custodial placement followed by probation supervision of a
year. He is sent to a youth centre for three months, where he
meets other youth with backgrounds similar to his own. Jack
receives some educational services. The court had
recommended psychological and psychiatric services, but no
professional treatment other than assessments is provided in
the open facility.

Jack: 15 to 17 Years Old:

At 15, Jack leaves the open custody facility. He returns Costs:

to the same group home, continues to have contact special education
with the child welfare social worker, and attends school services, about
when he feels like it. Once again, he is under probation $2,464;
supervision, but is very unsettled. He meets some of
his former friends from the youth centre, and they two psychological
decide to break into a local pharmacy to steal some and psychiatric
drugs. In doing so, they trip the alarm, and are assessments at
promptly apprehended. In view of his record, and after $2,464 each;
a further remand in a detention facility, the Youth Court
(where he has now made his fifth and sixth three years for child
appearances) sends Jack to another open custody welfare supervision at
facility for six months, with supervision to follow. $2,834 a year;

Halfway through his sentence, Jack escapes with some of his one year for group
fellow inmates. They steal a car, but their erratic driving aler home care at $44,978;
ts a patrolling police car. A police chase ensues, with three appearances in
Jack at the wheel. They crash into another vehicle, Youth Court at
instantly killing the driver. It his now his seventh $1,232;
appearance, and the Youth Court, without asking for
further reports, sends him to a secure custody facility two police
for two years, with supervision to follow. investigations at
$1,848 each
By the time Jack is released he is approaching the age
of 18 and adult status. He has a girlfriend, and their three police court
relationship, not surprisingly, is unstable and violent at attendances at $308
times. She soon becomes pregnant, and it is all too each;
likely that the cycle of Jack's early life is about to repeat
itself. two years of
probation supervision
at $1,478;

six months open

custody at $47,443;

one year closed

custody at $112,754.

Total = $228,399

Grand Total for Jack's

Career to Age 17 =