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Rig No: DS 6 Procedure No: DS6-WI- Revision No: 0 Date: DEC 18, 2011
Issued by OIM: Approved by Rig Manager:
Job Description: Dryer Operations
Summary: (Brief description of procedure): Drying Cloths

Personnel: (Details of personnel involvement)
List Positions involved in job:
Campboss: Adviser
Lead BR: Supervise operation
Laundryman on duty: Carry out cleaning
BR: Assist with picking up and delivery of laundry

Hand Tools / Spare Parts / Required:
Latex gloves

Equipment / Handling Tools Required:
Shipboard Dryer

Detailed Procedure (develop step by step instructions on how to do the job including the Safety, Health
& Environmental Considerations & Possible Hazards):
Sequence of Job Steps Hazards/Potential Risks (Energy Sources)
1) Hold a JSA meeting with all personnel involved in the
job. Ask “open-ended” questions that encourage input
and participation and managed the potential hazards
identified in this WI and potential unsafe acts /
conditions that are not already identified in the WI
2) Prior to start of work, inspect dryer(s) to insure no Equipment or clothing damage due to not inspecting unit
obvious problems exist. (area clean, no trip hazards, no
obvious exposed wires, inspect inside of dryer, dryer
filter clean
3) Ensure that clothes are clean and no obvious oil or Cloths not being clean properly
grease remain on clothing from washing
4) Load clothing into dryer to 40% of drum capacity Exceeding maximum capacity, extending drying time,
ensure clothing is not tangled droping of clean cloths on the deck causing tripping
5) Set drying time to appropriate settings Combustion of cloths from high temperatures
6) Monitor dryer as cloths are drying Problems arising during drying
7) Allow dryer to dry cloths and continue though cool Burns on hands from handling hot cloths from the dryer
down cycle and shut itself off

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8) Once cloths are cool to the touch remove clothing from Metal on cloths to cool down before touching during folding
dryer and prepare for distribution of cloths
9) When the work has been completed, the area must be
cleaned and the job supervisor must return the written
JSA to the OIM to determine if the comments or new
information gathered or learned require a revision to
the WI.
Attachments: photographs, sketches, flow charts etc.

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