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I. Introduction
CE1.1 My first project experience is a project that I did while working at Qatar Building
Company (QBC) when I worked as the Technical Engineer in the Estimation
Department. The project was to prepare a sewer drainage line for the Public Works
Authority, (PWA), also known as ASHGHAL. We had participated in the tendering
process and won the tender. I worked on this project between June 2014 to December
2015.The project was located at Najma District in Doha Qatar in Zone 26. The Project
entailed upgrading of the existing sewerage network in Najma area which involved the
removal and replacement of 19.5km pipelines (200Ø - 1200Ø). My assignment was to
design the project and ensure the sewer was flowing uninterrupted.
II. Background
CE1.2 This project was awarded to rehabilitate the Existing Sewers within Doha by the
ASHGHAL or the Public Works Authority, (PWA), who were the client. The project was
divided into four sections namely Najma-Al Hilal(Package A) Al Arab-Al Kharaib
(Package B).The other section was Najma-Al Hilal Sub (Package C) and Al Arab-Al
Kharaib (Package D). The project involved the design of the main lines and branches to
ensure it was allowing the flow and at the same time it was capable of handling the
volume generated in central Doha. I worked on the design, implementation, and
commissioning of the project.

CE1.3 The goal of this project was to increase the capacity of the existing sewer so that it
could serve several households. It was to replace the current new work with bigger
diameter pipes that could allow the flow through gravitational force. This entailed
excavating the trench and giving it gently gradient to allow the flow of waste water. The
other objective of the project was to ensure the project was completed on time within
the design specifications that was communicated by the ASHGHAL. The last objective of
the project was to carry out the plan and commission it on time since it was overdue

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and it had been delayed previously. Below is the organizational structure that was used
to manage the implementation of this project.

Figure 1: Organization structure.

CE1.4 Below is the statement of my duties as the Technical Engineer.
• Designing of the sewer lines that included determination of the right diameter, the
gradient of the pipe, velocity among other parameters.
• Advice on the best route for the pipeline to serve more areas as much as possible.
• I was responsible for the preparation of the documents and other logistics in the
project to ensure the success.
• I participated in brainstorming of the project after I encountered some challenges.
• I made sure safety, environmental and ethical issues was followed at the site to the
• I interacted with the suppliers on economic issues related to the supply of the raw
materials needed for the site.

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III. Personal Engineering Activity.
CE1.5 After winning the tender to rehabilitate the existing sewer within Doha C763/2, I
started the implementation plan, by review the contract the contract details and
preparing the most important points that were captured in it. I also assembled a strong
team of engineers and technicians who further helped me in the mobilization of the
resources like means of transport, excavator among others. Then I went through the
standards and codes like the BS 5911-1 and BS EN 1916 that were relevant to the use of
the concrete pipes. I organized a meeting with my team before moving to the site ready
to execute the project.

CE1.6 After the start of the project, I collected the information that was essential for the
design work that included the geomorphology and ground topography of the areas
where the sewer was to pass through. The other information that I collected from the
owners of the sewer line was the projected volume of the sewage generated by the
household that was gathered to the line. I organized all the data and came up with the
implementation plan before calling the meeting to discuss the execution plan. I also
reviewed the expectation of the client with my team members regarding the quality of
the work and milestones that were to be delivered.

CE1.7 I started the design work by identifying the best route for the main line followed by
the sublines connecting the households to the main line. I also identified the location of
the Underground obstructions like the power lines and water pipes. I then requested
for the permission from the relevant authorities for the leeway since I didn't want to
interpret existing amenities. The enabled free flow of the waste water through the
pipes, and I designed the suitable gradient that allowed Natural flow. The calculations
that I did during this design was the determination of the gradient or slope.

CE1.8 Also, I determined the cross-sectional are of the pipes that I used for the sewer lines.
The design was to ensure that it was able to a serve the volume generated from the
sources. I used a combination of differential equations to solve this challenge. I used the

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relationship between the cross-sectional area of the pipe, flow velocity, and flow rate. I
further used the Manning equation to determine the speed of flow. Below are the
Q = AV
V = (1.49/n) [(D/4)2/3] (S1/2) (Manning equation)
Q = (πD2/4) V = (1.49/n) (πD2/4) [(D/4)2/3] (S1/2).

V= storm water flow velocity

D = storm sewer pipe diameter
S= storm sewer gradient
n = roughness coefficient of pipe
CE1.9 The next design that I did on the project was the determination of the diameter of
the sewerage pipe for the mainline and the connections to the individual households. I
had selected the concrete pipes due to its strength and the ease of installation. I
determined the peak flow rate of the sewer to ensure that it was able to handle
wastewater that was being generated. I used below equations to determine the peak
flow rates
Pmax/min.t=(Pmax/minhr-t-avghr) (Pi-avgd)
(Qmax/minhr.-t) = the average flow during a duration (t) hours
Qavg-hr = the average hourly flow for that day of record.

CE1.10 I encountered the challenge when I was doing the excavation of the trench to lay
down the concrete pipes where I found there was a lot of the underlying cables and the
asbestos pipes. Besides, I discovered that the existing roads in the area where pipes
were passing were not wide enough. Some of the areas were also narrow for the
passage of the excavator that I was using. Therefore, I did analysis and discussed with
my team where I proposed the hand excavation of this areas. The process was slow, but

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at least it was preferable because of the existing infrastructure.

CE1.11 I completed excavation then removed and replaced approximately 2.5km trunk
sewer gravity mains comprising VC pipelines (300mm Ø – 1000mm Ø) and associated
manholes. I also did the replacement of 1km trunk sewer gravity mains that consisted
of the GRP pipelines with diameters of 1000mm and 1200mm and utility holes on this
section. Finally, I did the test run with water before filling back the top soil that I had
excavated with my team I also reinstated the landscaping, paving blocks and asphalt.

CE1.12 To easy the installation work, I innovatively choose reinforced concrete pipes that
were one-meter-long, and it had a socket on one end. This made it easy for installation
and lifting them in place. The assembling method was the socket connections and did
not require any particular joining method as compared if the PVC pipes were used. This
innovative approach reduced the sewer line installation time

CE1.13 The useful software that I used in the project was the AFT Fathom, which is system
modeling and pipe flow analysis software. I used to this software to calculated the flow
distribution and pressure drops in the pipeline. Furthermore, the software was usefully
when I was analyzing the distribution of wastes in the pipe. The software eased my
work and improved on the accuracy of the project.

CE1.14 With other members, I was able to work towards completing this task on time. The
implementation team that I led consisted of both engineers and technicians. I consulted
a senior technical engineer when I encountered some challenges in my projects and
when I was participating in the tendering process. The other person who was worked
closely was the quantity surveyors who were responsible for the BOQ for the project. I
organized meetings on regular basis with the team to review the progress of the
CE1.15 My other responsibility as the team leader in the project was the preparation of the
projects documentations for records keeping and as the mode of communication. I used

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the English language on this project to avoid language barriers because workers in the
project were from different ethnic background. The documents that I prepared included
the tender documents, project progress reports, weekly reports among others. I also did
the presentation of this documents to my supervisor before it was approved for

CE1.16 As the team leader in the project, I participated in making a decision that helped in
reducing the cost of the project or at least working as per the budget. Therefore, from
the start of the project, I developed my budget and came with some ways of reducing
the cost by maximizing the productivity of every worker. This saved on the salaries and
allowance that was paid to the casual Labour on site.

CE1.17 With my project management skills, I was able to ensure all the plans went on
through the project implementation time. I also used the traffic master plan when the
was excavation near the road where the sewer line was passing through. I had
developed the implementation plan that guided me in the budget and the millstones
that were to be achieved at every stage of the project.

CE1.18 At the time of the project implementation, I applied my skills in fluid mechanics to
do the project. I also participated in the training that was offered by the company. The
training was on simulation and how to lay pipes on the trenches using lifting machines.
I also had some discussions with the senior members in the company who they shared
their experiences in piping work. Lastly, I researched on my own whenever I
encountered the challenge that was related to the project.

CE1.19 I understood the importance of taking safety while implementing the project
because it could cause adverse impacts to both implementation team, environment, and
tools. We used the lift tools instead of manually lifting because of dangers in the back
injuries. The other safety precaution that I took was to use protective equipment like
safety boots and gloves. I also followed the user operation manuals for the lifting tools

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that we were using at the site to avoid damages and associated injuries.

IV. Summary
CE1.20 I completed this project on time and gained tremendous engineering experiences
concerning team leadership and technical knowledge. I managed to lead the
implementation team from beginning up to completion. Therefore, I achieved the goals
of the project that included upgrading of the pipeline and completing it within the
planned time. I played a significant role in the project from the beginning where I did
the design, coordinated the implementation and commissioning. In the end, all the
members of my team and management were happy with the way I implemented the
project successfully.
I. Introduction
CE2.1 The second project discussion is my Engineering experience that I acquired while working
as the Technical Engineer at Qatar Building Company (QBC). This project was the participation
in the construction of the Al Otouriyah / Al Jemailya / Al Shihaniyah Road (P019) where I
performed the Soil test that I will elaborate on the project. I worked and delivered this project
within 18 months between November 2014 to May 2016.The project was located in the central
region of the Qatar, where 28.7km of Rural Arterial road from Al Shihaniyah to Al Jemailya via
Al Otouriyah. My responsibility was to perform the soil test that enables the determination of
the amount of compaction and the to check whether the soil was able to current the maximum
required loads.

II. Background
CE2.2 Qatar Building Company (QBC) is the market leader in civil engineering and building, and it
was awarded the contracted to construct by road by ASHGHAL or the Public Works Authority of
Qatar government, (PWA). The project was the design, and its implementation monitor by
ASHGHAL. The road was divided into two sections namely 18.8 Km between Al Otouriyah and
Al Jemailya. The second section was the 12.6Km between Al Shihaniyah to Al Otouriyah. The

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project that I did this construction work was the earthwork where I perform the various soil
test to ensure compaction was done well. I implemented the project and made
recommendations as per the test results.

CE2.3 The goal of my engagement on this project was to upgrade the existing two-lane single
carriageway (1+1) to a four-lane dual carriageway (2+2). There was also a provision of the
cycle lanes that was reserved for future expansion to six carriageways (3+3) lanes. Because of
the scope of the project, I participated in the earthworks that involved compaction and testing
the strength. The objectives of the compaction soil test were to verify the strength of the road
base the before the paving to make sure it was able to carry design loads. The other aim was to
advise on the mixing combination in areas that did not yield the required test. The last goal of
the project was to make sure the road was done as per the codes and standards that were
mentioned in the project contract.

Figure 1: The organization chart used

CE2.4 Below are the roles and responsibilities that I was assigned as the Technical Engineer.
 Participated in the design of the road especially the stabilization of the base foundation.

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 I did the soil compaction test and advice the earthworks team where necessary.
 I was part of the project planning team where I came with the implementation plans and ways
of mitigating challenges that I encountered in my line of duty.
 I did the compaction test calculations where I was able to determine important test parameters
that helped me in making the informed decision.
 As the team leader in the soil compaction test, I prepared and presented various documents to
the stakeholders.
 I ensured safety was maintained at the workstation and ensured the dust was not affecting the
surrounding environment.

III. Personal Engineering Activity.

CE2.5 We moved to the site after the company won the contract and after completing all the
logistics work. To understand the project, I went through the contract that specified the scope
and the timeframe for the project. Besides, I went through the applicable codes and standards
that were mentioned in the contract that includes the standards as per ASHGHAL. Also, the
California Bearing Ratio (CBR) that I did was as per the AASHTO T193, D4429 and D1883-05.
After assembly my team I met with the Engineering manager who we discussed what was
expected of me as the person who was responsible for the soil compaction testing.

CE2.6 Before I started the project, I listed down the details of the information that I wanted to
initiate the implementation of the project. Some of the information was the test method that
was expected, the reporting structure concerning conveying data for the purpose of action
among other. The technician whom we worked together collected samples randomly from the
road sections that had been compacted. Lastly, I organized meeting with my team members
who we discussed the testing procedure that I adopted.

CE2.7 The first Engineering work that I did while constructing the road was to ensure the road
foundation was done correctly. The road foundation was done by mixing deferent soil mixture
and compacting using a roller to form layers. To ensure that the compaction was done properly
I did the soil test using various methods. I instructed compaction to be done until the required
compacted soil was achieved. The soil compaction test that I used were sand cone method,
California Bearing Ratio, and the Soil Permeability.

CE2.8 While doing the California Bearing Ratio, I determined the quality of strength of the soil that
was to form the base of the soil. I also measured the thickness of the base compacted soil and

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the layer. I performed this test by using a plunger with the standard area and measuring the
pressure required to penetrate the soil. I then divided the measured pressure with the required
pressure to achieve equal penetration on the norm crushed rock material. Below is the formula
CBR = F/Fo
F = force needed to penetrate a soil mass.
F0 = force necessary for the penetration as per the standard material.

CE2.9 The other test that I did was the sand cone method and the Soil Permeability to ensure that
the compaction process was done well. The purpose of the sand cone method was to determine
the field density. For the ground permeability test, I used Darcy’s law as shown below.
V = kiA
V = Flow rate cm3 /s,
A = cross-sectional area of soil conveying flow, cm2
k = permeability Coefficient

CE2.10 After completion of the compaction of the base soil, and ensuring the road could sustain the
design loads. We lay down the asphalt pavement in that contained approximately 313200-ton
asphaltic concrete followed by 244,224-ton Polymer Modified Bitumen asphalt in various layer
thicknesses. The other part of the road that we did was the pavement where interlocking blocks
was used. Besides, the streets light was erected. We also made the road making and built the
road signs to guide drivers while navigating the new path. We commissioned the project with
my team and client after completing all the work that was stated in the contract.

CE2.11 I encountered a technical challenge when I was preparing the granular road base layers and
sub base whereby on doing the laboratory test I found that the materials did not meet the
stipulated sand equivalent ratio that was 25. After researching for the best solution, I discussed
with the quality manager and agreed to do different mix gradations, and I also added the
Gabbro aggregate fines that helped in meeting the proposed mix in of sand equivalent ratio. In
the end, I managed to achieve the equivalent sand ratio of 32 that was good enough for the

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CE2.12 To improve the quality delivery, I tried to be creative by following the company IMS Policy
when I was working with subcontractors’ also followed the Quality & HSE to ensure the quality
was maintained. On the design work, I made the decision to use three different compaction test
methods to improve the reliability of the results and reduce the chances of the errors that are
associated with soil compaction test. I also did the test on the rolling basis to ensure we deliver
results on time without any delay.
CE2.13 I leveraged on latest technology during the execution of this project regarding tools that I
was using. For example, I used GEOSYSTEM programs software that helped me in plotting
boring log, and the test pit logs that helped me in reducing the time taken in reporting test
results for the geotechnical test. The software also helped me in the analysis of the cement
products and concrete test results. This program supported the AASHTO, ASTM, and ACI

CE2.14 I was a member of a team during the implementation of the roads construction works, and I
was appointed the team leader when we were doing the road compaction test. As the team
leader, I helped in guiding the technicians on how the test was performed. As the team leader, I
maintained the flow of communication and gave the feedback to the management who lead the
road construction works. We also worked together with subcontractors who were suppliers of
the raw materials where we regularly discussed on the delivery lead times.

CE2.15 As the team leader in the compaction soil test, I was tasked with the production of different
types of reports that I share with the client and the company head office. These reports were
important because it determined the compaction required which is normally associated with
the cost. The other documents that I prepared with my team included the analysis reports,
weekly progress report among others. The language that I used on this documents was English
since that was the official communication language at the site.

CE2.16 I made the economical decision during the implementation of this project because I always
interacted with the suppliers of the soil compaction equipment. I always when for the most
affordable but reliable option regarding hardware and test. Besides, as the team leader, I
negotiated the project manager to allow my time work extra few hours to cover lost time. This
reduced the overall cost of the project since it was billed as per the number of days spent at the

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CE2.17 Project management was a core part of the project because without it tracking of the
progress could not have been possible. There with my skills in project management, I was able
to plan the section that I was working on in the road project. I came with the work breakdown
structure where I disintegrated all the soil testing procedure into subtask that I allocated my
team members enabling me to monitor and track the progress well.

CE2.18 To enhance my work delivery, I participated in self-study by studying various methods used
in geotechnical test and their advantages and disadvantages. Also, I applied my knowledge that
I acquired in university in areas like the soil mechanics for geotechnical investigation and
analysis. The other skills that I used were the engineering soil properties that gave me
knowledge in the standard soil test methods. The last application of knowledge that I involved
in the project was the different road profiles that I learn during the study of the construction
drawings in my undergraduate degree.

CE2.19 Safety and sustainability were a paramount part of the project because it was the best way
of mitigating the dangers associated with Road construction. For safety reasons, I protected and
stored all the test samples in the secured place to ensure there was no contamination. I also
used protective gear during the execution of the project by wearing safety boots, helmet, and
gloves. I also considered the environmental hazards associated with roads construction by
spraying water regularly to the excavated earth to suppress dust. Lastly, as an ethical engineer,
we maintained good working relationship with everyone in the project and the neighborhood
where we organized football games with the young kid in the surrounding.

IV. Summary
CE2.20 The scope of the project was huge, but I leveraged on teamwork and my good research
skills. The project gave me a lot of experience in road construction and tested my ability as the
team leader. I completed my project after successfully meeting the objectives of the project and
after completion of the road construction work. The project met with the international roads
standards, and the law stated in Qatar and Ashghal requirements. My contribution was
significant as per the statement of my responsibilities and the quality of the work that i did with
my team.

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I. Introduction
CE3.1 My third project discussion is the experience that I acquired while working on the extension
of Highway 55 temporary truck route section B and A. At the time of this project I was working
for Qatar Building Company (QBC) as the Technical Engineer. This project consisted of the
constructing 22.7 KM dual carriageways with four bridges, seven roundabouts and other
associated amenities like diversions that ensured the flow of traffic. I worked on this project
between November 2013 and January 2015 at west and north of Doha City. The work was
divided into Sections A and B for Route 55 Temporary Truck Route (TTR). As the Technical
CE3.2 QBC was established as a private civil engineer contractor in 1971 as a private civil
engineering contractor in Qatar. It has cemented its position as the Civil engineering contractor,
and it further introduced a new line of service called the Qatar Building Company Heavy
Equipment Division that deals with construction equipment. This project was as a result of the
tender that QBC had won after it was selected by the Ashghal to construct the road extension
of the Highway 55 Temporary Truck Route of sections B and A. The project involved the supply
of the civil engineering raw material and implementation of the traffic management plan. The
other work included the re-routing of the power lines that was on the construction site and the
design and construction of the Asphalt paved road. The other work that I did on the project was
the design of the bridges and the drainage systems along the roads. After every section during
the compaction of the base foundation, I did both penetration and compaction test to make sure
the road was able to carry the design loads.
CE3.3 The aim of the project was to extend the Highway 55 and construct the Temporary Truck
Route through Section A and B. With my civil engineering skills, and I ensured the project was
implemented within the standards. I made sure the raw material used were acceptable. I also
performed random penetration and compaction test to ensure the road was done as per the
standards applicable in Qatar. The other objective of the project was to provide the basic
outline of the resources that was required to implement the project. The design was also to
allow the smooth flow of the traffic. Thus I introduced some roundabouts to enable vehicles to

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move from one side to another without creating some congestion. The last objective of the
project was to design and construct Bridge that was able to withstand all the loadings acting on

Figure 1: Organization Chart

CE3.4 As the project technical civil engineer, I was assigned the following roles and
 I participated in the design of the road constructions, such as coming with the specifications
like the compaction pressure, the number of roller passes, the thickness of the pavement
layers, the excavation and fill volume among others.
 I performed the both compaction and penetration test followed by calculations so as to
ensure the road was done to the design specifications and was able to carry the design
 I enforced the Roads constructions standards that were necessary for Qatar approval.

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 I optimized my designs by using the latest civil engineering software.
 I was the team leader who made sure that the members were doing the right things. I also
implemented safety on behave of the client.
 I managed the project through planning, implementation, monitoring coordination among
other areas.
II. Personal Engineering Activity
CE3.5 As the Technical Engineer and after being appointed to be part of this project, I started by
reviewing the contract to understand the project details like the scope of the work and
responsibilities of every contractor in the work. I also went through the road design and the
specifications to acquaint myself. Then I took two weeks to move to the site and set the base
and to assemble my team that consisted of Civil engineers and other technicians who were
experts in road construction. I also went through the standards and codes that I followed in the
project to meet the international standards such as the Qatar National Construction Standards
2010, ASTM Standards D1883-05, AASHTO T193, and BS 1377. I then held meetings with the
Project Engineer who we had the last briefing.
CE3.6 I started the project by collecting the information that helped me in the implementation
process. The data that I gathered on this particular project included the compaction passes that
was to be used, the paving raw materials and the procedure used to test and analyze the road to
ensure it was done correctly. I also collected information such as the mass of the sample, the
volume of the mold and the water content in the sample that helped me when I was doing the
compaction test for the samples that I had collected from the site. Then I came up with the
implementation plan where I determine the key performance indicators, roles, and
responsibilities of everyone, budget and the millstones that were to be achieved at every
particular time.
CE3.7 I reviewed the tender documents to make sure that I considered all the requirements on the
project such as the design, implementations, materials used and tests to check the quality of the
work. I made the approvals of all the materials on time to avoid the delays that could have
happened to the project especially for the material with long lead times like the retaining wall
face panels and the bridge deck. I issued various site instructions to the members of my team
during the excavation, filling, compaction and paving using the bitumen. I did multiple tests on
random sections of the road during every stage of the project implementation and determined
their parameters through calculations followed by comparison with internationals standards.

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CE3.8 The other duty that I was assigned during the implementation of this project was
performing the penetration test to determine mechanical strength of the new carriageway
constructedto ensured that it was able to carry the design loads. I did this important test called
the California bearing ratio(CBR) by measuring the pressure that was able to penetrate the
tarmacked road using a plunger of the given area. I did this test under the ASTM Standards
D1883-05, AASHTO T193 and thein BS 1377. During this test, I did the calculations that helped
in the determination of the CBR using below formula.

p= measured pressure for site soils [N/mm²]

ps= pressure to achieve equal penetration on standard soil [N/mm²]

CE3.9 I also calculated compaction density for the already paved road to ensure that it was able to
carry the loads from the vehicles moving on it. I used the information that I collected with
below formula to determine the densities that were important in the determination of the road
Bulk density, P=M/V
Dry Density, Pd= P/(1+W)
M=Mass of the sample(grams)
V=Volume of the mold(ml)
W=water content of the sub-samples

CE3.10 The difficulty that I encountered during the implementation of this project was when I
realized the CBR value on the proposed existing road ground was less than 15% that I
measured at 95% of MDD. As per the Qatar Standard Specifications, the values of the CBR for
the existing ground ought to be higher than 15% so as to receive permanent road layers. To
solve this technical challenge, I researched online and consulted my friends and senior
members of the company and came with the suggestion of excavating some portion. Therefore, I
excavated 300mm thickness of weak topsoil and filled it before doing the compaction of the
layers less than 150mm thickness so as to meet the requirements of the CBR value.

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CE3.11 After completion of the compaction and penetration tests on every section of the road and
at different stages, I prepared short reports that I shared with the project engineer who was
heading the project. I also kept the test samples with the name tags for future references. Lastly,
I held discussion with the implementation team to ensure that the compaction and ingredients
mixing was done correctly.
CE3.12 I embraced the innovative technique, in the way, I implemented the project, for example, I
discussed with other engineers, and they agreed to work on sections until it was completed
then move to another section. This prevented the suffering of the motorist who needed only to
pass through diversions. The other innovation that I introduced was the use of the softwares
that tremendously improved on the design accuracy.
CE3.13 As an engineer who values new technologies, I adopted the application of engineering
software during the implementations of my road design and construction project. The software
that I leveraged on is AutoCAD Civil 3D, Micro station, and the AutoTurn. This softwares gave
me the edge during the implementation process because I was able to cut the delivery time and
I was also able to do the design optimization.
CE3.14 As shown by the scope of the project, there was a lot of work; therefore, teamwork at the
site provided the solution. Therefore, I organized a team consisting of technicians and engineers
who we worked together. I discussed and reviewed the site progressed with my team members.
As the team head, I tasked every technicians and engineer who were working under me.
CE3.15 I created various documents at different stages of the project for the purpose of records
keeping and channeling information to other stakeholders. For example, after compaction and
penetration tests, I documented the procedure that I used plus the outcome results. The other
documents that I prepared include the progress reports, weekly reports, and monthly reports. I
used the language that was understood by everyone at the site thus I avoided the language
CE3.16 I interacted with the suppliers of all the raw materials that was used at the site; thus I was
able to make economic decision based on the goods that was purchased. For example, I
negotiated for the discount since I instructed the procurement department to buy the materials
in bulk thus we were given discounts. There other are that I made an economic decision was
when I requested and negotiated with the client to allow us to work for extra one hour every
day and shorten the delivery time. This saved some money since the payment was pegged on
the number of days worked and not the hours.

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CE3.17 With my skills in project management, I was able to track the project progress using the MS
project where I was able to come up with the work breakdown structures (WBS). With this
skill, I managed my project very well and planned accordingly especially for the task that was
dependent on others. With this knowledge and expertise, I was able to monitor the project
implementation process that led to cost minimization. Besides, I was able to develop Gantt chart
that I used to illustrate the project schedule that was easy to be followed by my team.
CE3.18 During the implementation of this project, I took some initiative to improve my skills in the
delivery of this project apart from the skills that I acquired in my engineering school. For
example, I did self-study and research online on the various methods of performing the
compaction test in the tarmacked road like this project. Apart from that, I applied the
knowledge that I acquired in my undergraduate degrees such as the Highway and Pavement
Design, Transportation Engineering, Soil Mechanics, and Design of bridge structures.
CE3.19 I put safety in the forefront in all the activities that I did at the site to avoid any form of
accidents that could have jeopardized the project implementation. Therefore, I ensured all the
workers were supplied with the protective gears like the safety boots, coverall, and helmets.
Besides, I followed the correct operation procedures for the tools and equipment to avoid any
breakage. Lastly, I protected the environment and ensured the project was sustainable by
preventing pollution.
III. Summary
CE3.20 In my view, the project gave me valuable experience and improved my engineering
knowledge because I was able to lead the design team. I was also able to make decisions and
research on the project when I encountered some challenges. The project was successful
despite the technical problems that I faced. The project was completed on time and within the
standards that was agreed from the beginning. As the team leader in the project, my
contribution was enormous since I came up with the construction plan, time management,
resources management among other duties.

Paragraph in the career

A brief summary of how you have applied
Competency Element episode(s) where the
the element
element is addressed


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a) I use my knowledge in physical CE1.5, CE1.8, CE1.9,
PE1.1 Comprehensive, theory- CE1.10
science and natural science to
based understanding of the
underpinning natural and physical understand and implement the
CE2.5, CE2.7, CE2.8,
sciences and the engineering project as per the codes and CE2.9, CE2.10,
fundamentals applicable to the
standards in my projects
engineering discipline CE3.5, CE3.7,
CE3.8,CE3.9, CE3.10,
a) I did mathematical calculations that CE1.8, CE1.9
helped me in determination of CE2.8, CE2.9
CE3.8, CE3.9
important engineering parameters
like flow rate, density among others.
PE1.2 Conceptual understanding of
the mathematics, numerical
analysis, statistics and computer b) I used Civil Engineering softwares to CE1.13
and information sciences which model and analyze my designs for CE2.13
underpin the engineering discipline CE3.13

c) The basis of my design work was the

information that I collected from the CE2.6
beginning of the project. CE3.6
a) I leveraged on my skills in the data CE1.6
management to gather the CE2.6
information that was important during
the design.

b) I used my calculation skills in Civil CE1.8, CE1.9

PE1.3 In-depth understanding of CE2.8, CE2.9
engineering to determine the
specialist bodies of knowledge CE3.8, CE3.9
parameters that I used in
within the engineering discipline
implementing the project.

c) I introduced the engineering

softwares as the way of introducing CE2.13
new implementation procedures in CE3.13
my project.

PE1.4 Discernment of knowledge a) I participated in trainings during my

development and research CE1.18,
project implementation to improve
directions within the engineering my knowledge. CE3.18,

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b) I used the method of research to find CE1.10,
solution to the challenges that I

c) I reviewed the information in both CE1.5

online and off line to understand the CE3.5
project well.

a) I understood the impact of CE1.14

teamwork, because without it the CE2.14,
delivery could not have been

PE1.5 Knowledge of contextual b) I knew the impacts of not following CE1.19

factors impacting the engineering CE2.19
safety precaution, therefore I
discipline CE3.19
followed it to the later.

c) I avoided language barriers at the

site by using the official language CE1.15
that was English

a) I made economic decisions that CE1.16

helped in cutting the cost

PE1.6 Understanding of the scope, b) I was aware of my roles and CE1.4

principles, norms, accountabilities responsibilities that was necessary to CE2.4
and bounds of contemporary CE3.4
implement the project.
engineering practice in the specific
c) I implemented the project as per the
codes and standards in Civil
Engineering CE3.5


a) I used my research skills in civil CE1.10

Engineering to find solution to the CE2.11,
PE2.1 Application of established
engineering methods to complex challenges that I encountered.
engineering problem solving
b) I did the mathematical calculation CE1.8, CE1.9
CE2.8, CE2.9

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that was paramount in design CE3.8, CE3.9
c) I followed standards and codes that CE2.5
was set by the ASHGHAL

a) I used the latest technology tools to CE1.13

implement my project like the

b) I used the resources that was

PE2.2 Fluent application of CE1.19
engineering techniques, tools and available to ensure the safety of CE2.19
resources every person in my project was CE3.19

taken care of.

c) I used the available information to CE1.6

design different parts of my project. CE3.6

d) I used civil engineering softwares to CE1.13

optimize my design work. CE2.13

e) I follow the project objectives to CE1.3

PE2.3 Application of systematic make sure I was not deviating from CE2.3
engineering synthesis and design CE3.3
the course.

f) I made the progress documents that CE1.15

helped me in recording everything CE2.15
that I did at the site.

a) I used my project management skills CE1.18,

to plan, coordinate and implement
the project.
PE2.4 Application of systematic
approaches to the conduct and b) I managed the cost associated with
management of engineering
the project by make economic CE2.16,
projects CE3.16

c) I was a good team manager in all


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my projects. CE3.14


a) As an ethical civil engineer, I CE1.19,

observed environmental safety, CE2.19,
safety of workforce and tools. CE3.19,

b) I had good working relationships with
PE3.1 Ethical conduct and CE2.14,
my team members that avoided any CE3.14
professional accountability
c) The guiding principle in all my CE2.5
projects was the relevant standards CE3.5
and codes that I studied in the start

a) I communicated well through written CE1.15

documents that I prepared and share CE2.15
PE3.2 Effective oral and written within the company.
communication in professional and
lay domains b) I held meetings before the start of
the project with stakeholders to
discuss the implementation plan. CE3.5

a) I adopted innovative methods in CE1.12

PE3.3 Creative innovative and CE2.12
implementing my projects
proactive demeanor
b) I used the latest engineering CE1.13
softwares to optimize my designs CE2.13

a) I used my skills in information CE1.6

management to collect the relevant CE2.6
PE3.4 Professional use and project data.
management of information
b) I review all the information that was CE1.5
available the project contract. CE2.5,

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a) I managed myself well through the CE1.18
use of project management skills to CE2.17
track the progress. CE3.17

b) I start the projects by having

PE3.5 Orderly management of self, objectives in place, that helped me in CE1.3
and professional conduct determining whether the project was CE2.3
successful or not. CE3.3

c) I followed the guide of standards and

codes to execute my projects and CE1.5
gained acceptance.

a) As a team leader, I worked well with CE1.16,

PE3.6 Effective team membership every person in the project and I was CE2.14,
and team leadership the unified the team members. CE3.14

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