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1. 2. An Introduction To Omniture Source: About Omniture Josh James, Omniture CEO and co-founder Omniture is a publicly held online marketing and web analytics company based in Utah with offices worldwide. It serves customers in 75 countries worldwide. On September 15, 2009, Omniture agreed to be purchased by Adobe Systems. The company was founded in 1996 and was backed by venture capitalists including Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, University Venture Fund, and Scale Venture Partners. 3. Omniture Products 4. Omniture Products o SiteCatalyst , is Omniture's flagship software as a service application that offers web analytics o Test&Target offers A/B and MVT (multi-variate testing) and is derived in part from Offermatica and Touch Clarity  Test&Target 1:1 is its main behavioral targeting solution getting down to the individual level of testing o Discover is its data mining offering o SearchCenter assists with Paid Search optimization in systems like Google's AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft Ad Center o Recommendations offers automated product and content recommendations o SiteSearch is an on-demand Enterprise Search product o DataWarehouse is a data warehouse offering o Merchandising is a search and navigation offering for online stores 5. Site Catalyst o Omniture SiteCatalyst® provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives. o SiteCatalyst helps marketers quickly identify the most profitable paths through their Web site, determine where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns. o SiteCatalyst is part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite of applications for online business optimizations. 6. Interface 7. Visitors vs Unique Visitors o A unique visitor refers to an individual who has visited a site the first time within a certain time period. o Default method for calculating unique visitors is to set a cookie on the user's browser. When the user accesses the website, the cookie uniquely identifies the visitor in SiteCatalyst. If cookies are disabled on a visitor's browser, Omniture uses a combination of the user agent string and the IP address to determine if a visitor is unique. 8. Instance vs Visits o The Instances metric is used to report on the number of times that a particular value is triggered in SiteCatalyst. o Visits refers to the number of user sessions, consisting of one or multiple page views and ending with 30 minutes of inactivity by the user, that encountered a specific value (i.e., line item) shown in your reports. 9. Instance vs Visits Example ² Internal Search Report - 50 Instances , 30 Visits Searched ´Web Analyticsµ 50 Instances means 50 times searched or Page reloaded 30 Visits means 30 different user sessions 10. Return Visits o Number of visits your site received from visitors that have previously been to your site. o Refers to the entire history of individual users' experience on your site. 11. Time Spent Per Visit SiteCatalyst calculates the Time Spent Per Visit metric by summing the difference in time between each page view in a visit Page A T1 Page B T2 T2 ² T1 12. Time Spent Per Visit o By adding together the time spent on each page, SiteCatalyst calculates the Time Spent Per Visit metric. o The last page in a path is not counted as part of the Time Spent Per Visit metric because the visitor does not access a page after the last page. 13. Why Measure Return Visits? o Identify the impact of your Web site's content on your visitors. o Gain a good indication of how interested your visitors are in your site's content and how serious they are about purchasing your product or service. For example, if only a few people return to your site, you may decide to redesign its content or update it more often. 14. Tracking Code o The tracking code is an alphanumeric value that uniquely identifies each campaign element and its exact placement on the Internet that ultimately brings an end user to your website. o It is also called a query string parameter. o In the URL, the tracking code is offset by the question mark, as shown in below. o 15. Referrer Report vs. Original Referring Domain Report o The Referrers report can be populated each time a visitor comes to your site from an external site, even if the visitor comes to your site multiple times during a visit.

net/b/ss/suite1.&quot.eVar13=&quot.ANONYMOUS&quot. s_na.location.eVar7=&quot.prop20=&quot.prop variable enables you to relate custom data to specific traffic-related ID&quot. as a line item with two s_na.&quot.suite3/1/H. <#if user?exists> s. Data Collection Variables o Variables o Control Variables o Automatic Variables o Direct Variables 23.NA&quot.}&quot. s_na.US:naCOM:NONE&apos.externalsite. s_na.prop1 in the SiteCatalyst page code on Page A of your site with &quot. </#if> s.&quot.prop17=&quot.20.externalsite.&quot. s_na. SiteCatalyst allows you to crnate custom In this case. Prop 1 to 50 Evar 1 to 50 24.prop10=&quot.suit2.title?exists && &quot.server =window.General Info& > yoursite. <#else> s.apples&quot. s_na.pageName =&quot.setInitValOnce(&apos. 17.&quot. s.ID?c)!1}:=:${page.&quot. //used for 404 errors s_na.The Original Referring Domains report shows the very first referrer for a particular visitor and allows you to view conversion data in terms of the first referrer to bring the converting users to your site. and the Custom Traffic Report for s.prop4=&quot.& =&quot. externalsite.s page o Determine which exit link from your entire site is most frequently used o Validate the number of referrals that your partners&apos. =&quot. s_na. s_na.&quot.& s_na.hostname <#if commName?exists> s. This path would count two instances of the &quot.${(commObj.eVar14=&quot.Oranges&quot. s_na.&quot. with one instance.oranges&quot.112.eVar2=&quot.&quot. Exit Links Report o The SiteCatalyst Exit Links Report shows you the links that your visitors click on to leave your site and go to another${(user.eVar17=&quot. industry.}:=:${(user. s_na.server=´ABC´ s_na.eVar12=&quot.NoEmail&quot. Then.prop2=&quot. Variables -Tags s_na. Multi Suite Tagging o http://nanacom. and back to Page A. state you provided 19.purchaseID=&quot. referrer in the Referrers report and one instance of the &quot. s_na. the Custom Traffic Report for s. and business objectives.&quot.${(commObj. s_na.oranges&!&quot.suite2. then departs the site. (s.prop1=& unique to your r=http%3A//www.3/s5325325325352?AQB=1 ndh=1 t=15/5/2010%2022%3A37%3A53%202%20-330 ce=UTF-8 ns=nanacom pageName=pagename1 g=http%3A//www.prop8=&quot.prop the site repnatedly in distinct visits. s_na. <#else> s.).NONE&quot. s_na.prop1 would show &quot.Apples&quot.&quot.&quot. referrer in the Original Referring Domains report. s_na. </#if> s. If the user is a repeat visitor.eVar4=&quot.&quot.none&quot. 16.eVar30=´abc&quot.prop6=&quot.´ s_na.prop The s. Original Referring Domain Report Consider the following example of a user path. s_na. (s. s_na. assuming the user is a first-time visitor. Through s.prop7=&quot. For example. Variables -Tags <#if page.No ID&quot.pageType=&quot.&quot. s_na.&quot.apples&quot. s_na.prop9=´abc& > [back button] > externalsite.eVar1=& =&quot.eVar5=&quot.20. Referring Domains Magnifying glass allows the referring domain to be broke down to show the referrers or unique URL for that domain 18.&quot.suite3/1/H. s_na.NONE&quot. o . and you populate s.eVar10=&quot.NA&quot.eVar19=&quot. s_na. a visitor comes to your site (one instance of a visit) and goes to Page A.2o7. s_na. s_na. s_na.prop15=&quot.&quot. s_na.US&quot.prop5=´abs&quot.eVar8=&quot. s_na.7 v=N k=Y bw=1366 bh=582 p=Adobe%20Acrobat%3BMozilla%20Default%20Plugin%3BShockwave%20Flash%3BSilverlight%20Plug-In%3BGoogle%20Update%3B AQE=1 22.title?trim}&quot.NONE& s_na.).prop11=&quot.eVar6=&quot. s. //section of website s_na.pageType =&quot.&quot.eVar11=& //events occurred on given page s_na. != page.eVar20=&quot.3/s54835940?AQB=1 o Global Suite o Roll up suite 20. s_na.&quot.en_US&quot.´ /* E-commerce Variables */ s_na.&quot.0 v34=PLAY s=1366x768 c=32 j=1. s_na. //list of products s_na.prop12=&quot.state=&quot. s_na.s say you populate s.pageName=cpagename1µ s_na. Tags http://abc. s_na. Calculated Metrics 21.&quot. s_na.prop18=&quot.prop2 in the SiteCatalyst page code on Page B with &quot.).Home&quot. o You can use this report to: o Determine the most commonly used link on a Partner&apos.prop2 would show &quot.products=&quot.&quot.prop3=&quot.prop variables are embedded in the SiteCatalyst code on nach page of your website.prop19=&quot.US&quot. then the Original Referring Domains report would not be affected by this path.prop1=&quot.eVar29=s_na. <#else 25.& > yoursite. s_na.title?trim> s. then Page B. let&apos.eVar9=&quot.ID?c)!1}:=:${commName}&quot.ABC.eVar16=&quot.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial%26client%3Dfirefox-a cc=USD events=event35%2Cevent36 c1=No ID v1=No ID c2=GAMEABC c3=PLAY v3=GAMEABC c4=GAMEABC c5=GAMEABC c7=GAMEABC c9=MKT c10=Home c11=NA c12=en_US c15=General Info c17=US v17=US c18=ABC v18=US v29=ABC v30=ABC c33=flash%2010 c34=silverlight%203. s_na.eVar3=´abc&quot.& this is done by checking the historical referrer data for the visitor ID of each user that visits your site. s_na.eVar18=&quot.visitorID =&quot. s_na.US&quot.prop2=&quot. Referrer Report vs.username)!&quot.eVar15=&quot.NoGame&quot.

html\%22></%22+%22script>%22 + %22<script language=\%22JavaScript\%22>window. available colors j=1. once your custom success events are properly set up.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial%26client%3Dfirefox-a //referrer cc=USD events=event35%2Cevent36 c1=No%20ID v1=No%20ID c2=GAMEABC c3=PLAY v3=GAMEABC c4=GAMEABC c5=GAMEABC c7=GAMEABC c9= c10=Home c11=NA c12=en_US c15=General%20Info c17=US v17=US c18=US%3AGAMEABC v18=NA v29=US%3AGAMEABC%3AGAMEABC v30=US%3AGAMEABC%3AGAMEABC c33=flash%2010 c34=silverlight%203.It display the variables being populated into SiteCatalyst and the values that are being passed in to Omniture javascript:void(window. Therefore. o Omniture Data Warehouse includes: o A historical archive of all Web traffic v=N k=Y bw=1366 bh=582 p=Adobe%20Acrobat%3BMozilla%20Default%20Plug-in% 3BShockwave% 20Flash% 3BSilverlight%20Plug-In%3BGoogle% 20Update%3B AQE=1 27. These data blocks can be updated with real-time data from SiteCatalyst with the easy click of the & //link r=http%3A//www.height=600.document.status=1. Bookmarks vs. you can use Custom Event Reports in SiteCatalyst to report the data collected from your custom event(s).co. Dashboard vs. In<script language=\%22JavaScript\%22 src=\%22 Data Warehouse you may right-click the friendly name.scrollbars=1%22). 30.0 v34=PLAY s=1366x768 c=32 j=1.focus().ABC. Additionally.20. button in the Excel Client DirectAccess feature allows you to view bookmarks and dashboards directly from your Windows Start Menu. Path Finder 34.Tags http://abc. Custom Events Most Web analytics systems can track standard site commerce events such as cart opens.Tags http://abc.3/s54833111725940?AQB=1 ndh=1 t=15/5/2010%2022%3A37%3A53%202%20-330 ce=UTF-8 ns=server1 pageName=pagename1 g=http%3A// and orders. you can mouse-over the friendly name. receive the option to open URL in a new window Page Names Omniture offers custom success events to enable you to define and track events that are unique to your site. but none of them can possibly track every type of success event that occurs on every web site in the world with only their out-of-thebox reports.drag and drop&quot.suite3/1/ Direct Access SiteCatalyst&apos. o Creation of remarketing lists to unique visitor IDs.location=0.webanalyticsindia. . query builder. The data blocks can dynamically reference cells within your worksheet.toolbar=0.26.s Excel Client allows you to build customized data blocks containing SiteCatalyst data that you can then insert into your Excel worksheets. 35. Tool To Check Omniture Tags Omniture Javascript Debugger .3/s54833111725940?AQB=1 ndh=1 t=15/5/2010%2022%3A37%3A53%202%20-330 //time ce=UTF-8 ns=server1 pageName=pagename1 g=http%3A//www. o An advanced segment builder using a powerful &quot. and if o Omniture Data Warehouse allows you to perform complex data mining queries on historical click-stream data and integrate detailed click-stream data feeds with internal data systems.20. Friendly Page Names If you are in a report that displays the friendly page names.suite3/1/H.7 // version of javascript supp. by browser v=N // Java enabled k=Y //cookies enabled bw=1366 //width of browser window bh=582 //height of browser window p=Adobe%20Acrobat%3BMozilla%20Default%20Plug-in% 3BShockwave% 20Flash% 3BSilverlight%20Plug-In%3BGoogle% 20Update%3B //netscape plugins AQE=1 28. 36.r v34=PLAY s=1366x768 // Screen Size c=32 //Monitor Depth. Excel Client and Report Builder SiteCatalyst&apos. and the URL associated with that friendly name will display in the status bar at the bottom of the browser.Refresh Worksheet&quot. providing an incredible level of flexibility and customization. 31. Automatic Variables . Custom Report 33. o Data feeds which import click-stream data into your own. Direct Variables o IP Address o Domain o User agent string o Language o Cookies 29. 37.</script>%22)). o Advanced queries on un-sampled click-stream data. checkouts.suite2. Omniture Data Warehouse also gives you the flexibility to generate targeted re-marketing lists based on specific segments of visitors& r=http%3A//www. Control Variables .menubar=0. online behavior.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial%26client%3Dfirefox-a cc=USD //currency code events=event35%2Cevent36 c1=No%20ID v1=No%20ID c2=GAMEABC c3=PLAY v3=GAMEABC c4=GAMEABC c5=GAMEABC c7=GAMEABC c9=ABC c10=Home c11=NA c12=en_US c15=General%20Info c17=US v17=US c18=US%3AGAMEABC v18=NA v29=US%3AGAMEABC%3AGAMEABC v30=US%3AGAMEABC%3AGAMEABC c33=flash%2010 c34=silverlight%203.