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Prep time: Less than an hour.

Ripe Cucumbers
Coconut milk/cream
• Ripe cucumbers
• Coconut milk/cream (We used coconut Coconut sugar
cream from Trader Joe’s)

• Sugar (We used coconut sugar) Salt
• Salt

Peel off the ripe cucumbers, cut them in the middle
to make 2 pieces, then slice them in 3 different parts
based on their seed linings. Next, remove the seeds
and keep only the flash.
(I will have pictures below for you to understand what I mean.
Excuse my ignorance and lack of vocabularies in this field.)

Cut the sliced pieces into your desirable size, 1-inch
square size is good. After cutting, wash and rinse
them with water.
Next, get a suitable cooking pot for the quantity of
cucumbers’ pieces, and add cucumbers to it. Also,
add suitable amount of salt and sugar to the sliced
(We added about half a spoon of salt and 3 table spoon of
coconut sugar with two cucumbers’ slices. You can check the
taste of the salt and sugar in the middle to add more if you
need. Cucumbers were about 5-6 inches long and 2-2.5 inches
in diameter.)

Cook the cucumbers in sugar in medium to low heat
until they are tender and gave away their raw
solidness. Make sure to stir the mixture often. If the
liquid from sugar and cucumbers becomes low
before cucumbers are tender, then add some water
because the sugar needs to get into the cucumber’s
Once the cucumber is tender, add coconut milk. We added 2 cans of coconut cream. Cook the cucumber
in high to medium to low heat in coconut cream/milk until the slices are soft and the liquid is thick.
Make sure to watch over the mixture as it boils, or it can spill over. Turn off the heat, let it cool down,
and serve yourself.
(Sometimes, my Mom adds small amount of cow milk from home too. This time, we added no cow milk. It was only 2 cans
of coconut cream bought from Trader Joe’s. Coconut cream has oil content. Too much of it can give headache because it is
pretty strong for the body to handle in large quantity.)

1. Ripe Cucumbers are goldish yellow color. See the large one above. If you can have ripe cucumbers directly from
your plant, that’s better. My Mom says they taste better.

2. This is how you cut the cucumbers into pieces. On the seeds’ side, you gently cut to make marks for the sugar to go

3. Mix the salt, sugar and cucumbers’ slices as you begin the cooking in medium heat.

4. Keep cooking while stirring the cucumbers’ slices, so they don’t stick to the pot.

5. Level of heat (medium)

6. Level of heat (low)

7. Keep cooking in low heat as slices become tender.

8. Cooking to make cucumbers’ slices tender.

9. Still cooking. My mother added some water because the initial liquid became low.

10. Adds in two cans of coconut cream while stirring the mixture.

11. Cook in high to medium to low heat while stirring time to time. Also, initially, you need to watch the mixture
because it boils and can spill over.

12. Slices will now cook to become softer while the liquid will turn thicker.

13. Be careful as it boils.

14. Watch over the boiling mixture.

15. Slices turning soft

16. Cooking

17. Almost done. Once you stop the stove, the hot pan and its heat will make the slices softer.

18. Once the “cucumber’s khada” cools down, it looks like this. A nice thick layer is formed on top, which tastes so
good. I love it.

19. The slices are soft and mushy.

20. Serve yourself. It tastes mighty good. We all love it. Alhamdulillah.

Make yours. Feel free to edit the ingredients’ amount as you please.

As you enjoy this amazing Bengali dish, pray for the health and wellbeing of my Mom. She cooked it for us from her
memory after decades later. Alhamdulillah. It tastes amazing. Alhamdulillah.

Cooked by: My Mom.
Put together by: Nasrin Akther
Sunday, September 6, 2018, 1:20 AM
Brooklyn, NY.

Brooklyn College Community Garden.