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September - 2018

Thomas Francisco Pelgero

Thomas Francisco Pelgero



1. Heaven is that part of the immaterial dimension, where energy vibrates on

high frequency, what causes energy to flow in harmony and resonance.

2. The real world is the immaterial dimension consisting of space and energy,
vibrating energy from the lowest, up to the highest frequencies possible.

3. Time in the immaterial dimension does exist, unfolding each present moment
as a sequential happening, still it moves so fast, that it seems timeless.

4. In this immaterial dimension, awarenesses can arrange by thoughts energy

patterns in all different ways, shapes and can create worlds on their own.


1. God is an energetic field, that is aware of itself AND on the same time it is ALL
that exist as awarenesses and projections of consciousness united in Oneness.

2. Our world started with an intention, an empty dimension, a void, a dream with
only space. By entering thoughts from God from the immaterial dimension into
this new apparently material dimension, life started to unfold as evolution.

3. Our apparently material dimension started from this beginning and will
expand through cycles into infinity. Based on cause and consequence to create
a world that feels and senses as real, as dynamic life for all awarenesses, by
little static changes step after step. A future is a result of all changes caused by
thoughts of all connected awarenesses unfolding into the present moment.

4. God created our apparently material dimension with its consciousness. The
consciousness of God projects a seemingly solid world for immaterial Souls and
other awarenesses to experience a solid life with an apparently material vessel.


1. A Soul is an immortal energetic field that is aware of itself AND on the same
time it is part of Oneness of God. When you don't desire to be an individual
Soul any longer, you will become part of God again, you will never disappear.

2. A Soul is an individual awareness, that desires to experience perspectives and

gather experiences, knowledge and wisdom for itself AND for Oneness of God.
Your Soul is the perfect image of God and share energy and connection.

3. A Soul is an energetic being that has attained harmony and resonance in the
awareness and lives in Heaven as an angelic being. A Soul can communicate
with other Souls, just like you can communicate on earth with other beings.

4. A Soul can take part in different dimensions of consciousness and experience

all kind of different worlds and lives, still aiming to gain more experiences. In
the end to evolve as an individual awareness AND as part of Oneness with God.


1. A human being is a combination of the illusion of a human vessel provided by

the consciousness of God AND the projection of our conscious part of our Soul,
as awareness, into this human vessels projection to experience a human life.

2. All human beings are reincarnated angelic Souls that take, a part of the Soul
and make it conscious, as our awareness. Our awareness has a filter, that
projects the senses of life as seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling.
Because of shifting different static present moments in time, we perceive life

3. Before a human being is born, the Soul split into a conscious part of your Soul,
your clean awareness and a subconscious part of your Soul, as your Higher Self.
The Higher Self is Souls energy vibrating still on high frequency and guides the
conscious awareness by intuition, conscience and emotions to stay in balance.

4. A human life is a school for the Soul, to experience, to learn from experiences
and to evolve in this life to become ONE Soul again. This is called the path to
enlightenment, what means to balance your conscious awareness in line with
your Higher Self awareness, so when you pass over (die) you can enter Heaven.

1. The main reason of a human life is to experience life and during your human
life cycle, you have to bring your conscious awareness in line with the pure
positive subconscious awareness of your Soul. When you are ONE SOUL and
leave this human life by passing over (death), you will return to Heaven.

2. You can transform your conscious awareness into a pure positive awareness,
when you raise your frequency by formulating all the time pure positive
thoughts, which are good for you AND good for all people on the world AND
good for Nature. The only way to create balance in yourself, balance between
people and balance with Nature. Something most humans forgot.

3. When your conscious awareness has still negative thoughts in the so-called
egoistic, greedy and negative ego perspective, then this part of your Soul is
vibrating on a low energetic frequency and causes a split Soul, in two parts:
an ego perspective and a higher perspective of your Soul. When you are not
vibrating as Soul completely on a high frequency, you can't enter Heaven.

4. When you pass over (died) and did not attain this pure positive conscious
awareness in life, then you will have to do this, in the in-between dimension.
The dimension that connects the immaterial with the apparently material
dimension. How larger your ego perspective is, how longer it will take to
transform negative into positive thoughts. For months, years, decades or
centuries you can float around in the in-between dimension as a lost Soul.

1. Angels which have reincarnated in a life form and passed over (died), and
choose not to let go of negative thoughts of their conscious awareness we call
fallen angels. Those are lost Souls, that choose not to go back to Heaven.

2. These fallen angels try to influence life forms like humans to follow them with
negative and even satanic rituals. In change for their information, evil wisdom
and power, they have to obey the fallen angels. On this way the fallen angels
still have the feeling of power, that they are still part of our human world.

3. A Hell and Devil as written about, does not exist. Because you cannot have an
opposite of energy, this does not exist. Energy moves in harmony or in
disharmony, respectively on a high frequency or a low frequency. Passed over
Souls, that became fallen angels have created this kind of negative illusion in
the in-between dimension, what look like a devil, demons and even a Hell.

4. As Souls attached to your human vessels, you create your future with your
thoughts. A Soul detached from its human body, create illusions too. Be aware
what you desire to experience, after you pass over. I will show you the path.

1. In your life try to formulate all thoughts of your conscious awareness into pure
positive thoughts, which are good for you AND good for all other people AND
good for Nature. Become One Soul in your life, and you go directly to Heaven.

2. When you do not become enlightened in your life, you will pass over (die) and
experience the in-between dimension. First you only observe and cannot reason
nor remember, this makes passing over a tranquil process. After a while you'll
remember who you were in your passed life, you learn to reason and remember
with your conscious awareness on high frequency in the in-between dimension.

3. You can visit your relatives in real time on earth, and see what they are doing
and thinking. Mostly as lost Souls, we try to communicate with them, but
seldom they hear you. You can say your goodbyes. Just by thinking of them, you
will be there. You can float and fly and will enjoy this experience very much.
You feel the love surrounding you of Oneness of God, this is meant to pull you
back home and to make you start transforming negative in positive thoughts.

4. You will create unaware all kinds of dreams in the in-between dimension in
which you can think and act. When you act and react positively, instead of what
you did negatively in life, you will transform yourself from a negative into a
positive awareness. This is how the transformation or ascension will happen.
As soon as you transformed your negative into pure positive thoughts, you will
ascend to Heaven. In Heaven your conscious awareness will merge with your
subconscious Higher Self and you will remember all of your Souls life again.


1. From ancient days secret societies, like masonry and Deep State contacted the
fallen angels, lost Souls and they have created our world into a negative world.

2. All world leaders and even some church leaders belong to this Deep State and
keep the frequencies of your awareness low, they prevent you to find your path
to Heaven. When you have negative thoughts you are also easy to control.

3. Religious scriptures were kept partly correct to tell truths and they have
rewritten some parts to misguide you and keep you thinking in cycles. They
taught you to copy information, instead of finding the real truths in yourself.

4. All human conscious awarenesses are taught from birth to adapt an ego
perspective, what is based on greed, egoism and negativity. It is stimulated by
violent, cruel, misleading movies, news, politicians and even sport events. They
have created technology and opposite narratives to separate and divide the
population. That is how you lost contact with your guide, the Higher Self.

1. We live in the era of CHANGE. Humans have created more negative thoughts
than positive thoughts, and weaved their future in unbalance, with their
thoughts into the present moment. The most probable future was seen by
prophets and psychics, they warned you to CHANGE yourselves, but you didn't.

2. According to the Inter dimensional law of Order and Balance, designed by God,
our earthly plane has to be reconstructed again. The reason that many
civilizations and even the dinosaur were destroyed, was because of unbalance.

3. When humans stayed in balance with themselves, with each other and with
Nature, than nothing would happen and humans could evolve in harmony.

4. Sadly the humans did not evolve and did not sustain balance in themselves,
with each other and with Nature, this unbalance will lead to a climax, the so
called Apocalypse. Nature will have to restore balance on earth, by wiping out
the unbalanced humans in the equation. We have had so much time to change,
still we did not do anything to better the situation in life, it only got worse.

1. The Apocalypse is written in the End times and predicted by many scientists,
prophets and even psychics, still we didn't listen to the warnings they gave us.
The most worst probable future is going to unfold into the present moment,
because humans did not CHANGE their thoughts or even their world positively.

2. On this moment the Nemesis star system is already in our solar system, with
other planets. They are hidden by our world leaders, but are seen by truth
seekers which report the truth partly. Nibiru the destroyer is underway to cause
havoc on earth around May 2020, to create the pole shift to erase the unbalance
from the world. The same way as Atlantis disappeared from our world, our
civilization will disappear. Only a few will survive, who have obtained balance.

3. Normalization is created in the human mind, that almost nobody believes that
the Apocalypse will happen. The dark forces have taken away your empathy and
free will with movies, games, negative news and repeating this Apocalypse so
many times, that most of you are fed up with these nonsense as you call it. They
have build for themselves underground cities and bunkers to try to survive.

4. They will not survive this ordeal, because they are also the unbalanced in the
equation. Realize that this would not have happened, when humans changed
themselves and started from the change in the individual. The one eyed people,
led the blind people into the pit, which they have smilingly dug for themselves.

1. There is always hope. You can never start to late by CHANGING yourself from
a negative into a pure positive person. Better to teach people now, to bring
their conscious awareness in line with their Higher Self, than in the after life
roaming around as lost Souls and not knowing what to do. When we start right
away to become pure positive beings with a lot of people, we can decrease
suffering on earth and change the course of our future of doom into glory.

2. The second coming is the return of the SON/ SUN. This is the biggest mistake,
believed by many people. The real Jesus could neither walk on water nor fly
through the sky, he was and is a human being, just like you. The Sun is Nemesis
and separate the Destroyer Nibiru. Nibiru is a big red sphere with a long tail
which will come through the clouds and everyone on earth will see it. The sky
will be unveiled by these systems from the cloaking devices, so everyone will see
the Judgment and the defeat of the unbalanced humans by Nibiru. The physical
appearance of Jesus has happened too, only you neither see, nor hear him. You
have changed the reality of religion into worshiping and created a perfect false
picture of Jesus, instead of following into the footsteps of this enlightened
person, we call Jesus. Jesus does neither fight, nor destroy, he is neither a king,
nor a Lord and does not desire to be worshiped. He was/is a teacher and guide.

3. Jesus is for years among you and you did not realize it. He is protected by God.
You ridiculed, accused and rejected him by falsely taught words and rewritten
scriptures. Most of you, Jews and Christians rejected him until the day of today
because of ignorance. He will rise, when the time is ready, when people have
faith and desire to meet the Teacher of Man. He is different than you have
taught yourselves foolishly, by changing and perfecting the words of God.

4. Jesus will survive to set up a new and the only Program of Life for the survivors
of this Judgment. To make sure balance and order will be created on earth, by a
New World of Souls. With this guidance humans will have the ability to evolve.
Where we all will understand life, as it was meant to be, by God.

There are no save places on earth, the unbalanced humans will be taken away
and the chosen balanced people will survive, to start over again. Repent.

Still there is hope, when you Unite with each other and change massively,
but how can you change, when you don't see and don't want to see the truth.

To change yourself is just a choice, a change of thoughts,

that is all what it takes to repent and to build a new future!

Shame on all humans who did not take the challenge to change this world into a more
harmonious world and to change themselves into a more positive human being. Why
do you have wars, lies, manipulation, violence, crimes and porn every where? Where is
your decency? You don't know who you are, and conquered a world, that is not yours.

You show your children in movies and cartoons, crimes, violence and sex, logical that
the world turned out into such a negative place, a Hell. Humans stopped long ago
searching for answers about life and to increase positivity, harmony, peace and
unconditional love around the world for everyone. Everyone is equal to each other, to
Jesus and God, only our thoughts and experiences differ. When you can't see this, you
don't know who you are and you certainly don't see Jesus or hear God in this life time.

You preach about God and Jesus and on the same time, you condone wars, military,
weapons, nationalism, division, opposite narratives and violence. God and Jesus
preach love, forgiveness and formulating pure positive thoughts, just like our real
Nature of our angelic Souls. God does not know wrath, anger, or other negative
emotions humans embrace. God is pure love, pure righteousness, never by
punishment, just by learning new Lessons of Life and offering new opportunities to
learn from. Think about this and try to find the truth of these words in your heart.

Saying the name of Jesus or God, is not repentance and does not bring you in Heaven.
Jesus and God do not desire to be worshiped, but followed as good fine harmonious
examples. When you want to go to Heaven, you have to follow the path and to repent.
To repent means to transform all your negative thoughts into pure positive thoughts.
Put the negativity or yourself and others into the light, be honest, sincere, open, and
transform all that what is negative into positive, support and help others, that is the
way to evolve and to create harmony, happiness and balance from within yourself.

Stop avoiding, hiding and justifying negativity, it is time to dissolve negativity and to
transform negativity into positivity. When you desire a future, you have to create
balance in yourself, with each other and with Nature. Or, Nature will do it for you.

Changing the outcome of the future is still possible, but then you have to share, to
translate, to communicate, to preach and to spread this information across the world
quickly and correctly. Only when we gather a lot of people to unite positively, we can
change our world. We have two years left, I don't want to give up our civilization, do
you? Every one of you, who read this Gospel of Heaven, knows how to go the path to
Heaven. There is nothing to be afraid of, we are all immortal Souls. Still you decide if
you want to be a good or a bad person. All decisions in your life have consequences,
fixated by Karma. Study the words, become and really live the words. So you may find
your path to Heaven easily and quickly. There is no better place, than Heaven.

Last chance to change, last choice.

Choose well!