Introduction to Social Compliance & SA8000

Prepared by
Mr. Mohamed El Husseiny (Trainer)
SA 8000 Certified Auditor

SAI developed one of the world’s preeminent social standards – SA8000. wages. 2010 . 25. and discipline. Finally. SA8000 is the standard that considers the importance of each job and strives to recognize the equal dignity of each person involved in the supply chain – from the worker to the retailer to the consumer. the management systems requirements of SA8000 move beyond a check list approach.SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY INTERNATIONAL (SAI) BACKGROUND Social Accountability International (SAI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving workplaces and communities by developing and implementing social responsibility standards. which is firmly grounded in ILO and UN conventions. to varying degrees. discrimination and free association and collective bargaining to include standards on health and safety. The SA8000 standard is intended to help apply these norms to practical work-life situations. encouraging managers to make sustainable systemic changes in how they run their business. SA8000 expands on the eight conventions of the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles of Rights at Work which covers child labor. All nine elements are interrelated and. working hours. forced labor. compliance with one is dependent on compliance with another. Prepared by: Mohamed El Husseiny Feb. The SA8000 standard focuses on the human elements of the workplace and the supply chain.

The course provides: • An understanding of the importance of social compliance systems in the context of globalization • An understanding of SA8000 principles.GOAL OF THE TRAINING COURSE The Two-day Introduction course develops basic knowledge. skills and attitudes for effective social auditing. Prepared by: Mohamed El Husseiny Feb. 25. origin and intent • An assessment of company compliance with the SA8000 Standard through evaluation of case studies • Learning to plan and conduct a social audit • Learning interview techniques The course concludes with a comprehensive exam. The class builds on the collective experiences of the trainees. 2010 . and students who successfully pass are awarded a Certificate of Achievement. offering insight into fundamental issues that arise on a regular basis in field assessments.

22. DETAILS & TERMS Location: Dates: Course length: Language: TBD June 21 . 2010 2 days Written – English Verbal – English \Arabic Maximum attendees: 25 Training fees per participant: L.E 3. 2010 .DETAILED COURSE OUTLINE The course is targeted to senior and middle management from the public/ private sector.000 Prepared by: Mohamed El Husseiny Feb. 25. namely: 1234567HR Health & Safety Quality Production Supply Chain Representative of trade union(s) – if applicable Compliance Dept.

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