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Date: October 7, 2010 Need of urgent help for Burmese Migrant workers in Khon Kaen, Thailand The one week-long protest (from 7.9.2010 to 15.9.2010) of 1000 Burmese migrant workers from Dechapanich Fishing Net Factory in Khon Kaen, Thailand, has finished. However, the employer did not give back the worker passport and wages requested by the workers as promised. Then, since 25.9.2010, the employer banned the workers (who insist they will leave the factory) to work inside the factory. Their wages are still not compensated yet. The workers are facing the problems. 569 migrant workers out of 938 have received their passports, however, their workers Identification cards, and stay-permits are not yet received. Moreover, the workers could not contact to the other employers. The manager Pi Yu from Dachapanich Fishing Net factory said the workers can move to the new employers, but in reality when the new employers contact, he said the new employer must pay 10,000 baht in order to have the workers. Therefore, no other employers come for those workers. Also the migrant workers could not pay for 10,000 baht later even if the new employers pay for them right now to release. On October 6, 2010, there was a notice signed by the factory manager, in which it states the remaining wages and documents including workers Identification card will be provided at the Immigration office and it forces the workers to go to the Immigration office. Moreover, if the workers do not report the immigration office till 9:00am of October 7, 2010, the factory will have no responsibility for further problems arise. In the evening of October 6, 2010, the workers could not bear this situation and started the protest peacefully at the building close by the factory. In the early morning at 3'o clock in October 7, 2010, the factory authorities threatened the workers with gunshot fired up to the sky, the workers witnessed. In the morning of October 7, 2010, there are eight cars standing inside the factory compound. For the latest, there is one more notice has come out, and it states the workers (who previously told to leave the factory) must leave from the factory at 2:00 pm latest today. To solve this problem and to help the workers' condition, we would like to make urgent request to Thai Human Rights Commission, Thai Ministry of Labour, Burmese embassy in Thailand, NGOs and Burmese workers associations working for migrant workers in Thailand. If you have any further question, please contact the following leaders from this factory. Ko Aung Tint - 087 642 1043 Ko Myint Maung - 082 7066 002 Ma Nan Aye Mon - 088 064 0031

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