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Stephanie Volin-McNett

29 South Valley Road • West Orange, NJ 07052 • (973) 936-0687 •

August 28, 2018

Andrew C. Foltz
Senior Assistant Attorney General
1162 Court Street NE
Salem, OR 97301

Re: Appeal of denial of fee waiver re Oregon State Bar public records

Dear Mr. Foltz,

Thank you for allowing me to address the OSB’s and Amber Hollister’s response before a
decision is made by your office.
I will try to make this very plain: the entire story here is about the OSB’s culpability in the
destruction of records by Perry and Moeller; the OSB’s realization on August 13th that I knew about
that issue; the OSB’s realization on August 14th that I was pursuing other stories including their wildly
uneven approaches to “protecting the public” in misconduct cases; and the OSB’s subsequent and
urgent need to destroy my credibility to your office with what amounts to a thinly disguised and barely
controlled ad hominem attack.
Very simply put, my exhibit 161 chilled the OSB, and my article published the next day forced
the Bar into crisis mode. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from the last two years of dealing with
attorneys who are “in trouble,” it’s that they will dependably try to disparage, interfere with, and
portray as crazy, the person who is causing them trouble. It is like clockwork.
The optics of this petulant and self-serving behavior coming from the actual Oregon State Bar
– the alleged regulator of all Oregon attorneys – should be truly embarrassing for the state.

Getting to the thin gruel in Hollister’s excessively voluminous and near-hysterical response:
her dismissal of me as a “New Jersey blogger” with only “personal interests” and substandard
journalistic integrity is clearly laughable, and reveals the OSB’s vulnerability at having done literally
nothing to protect the public, especially in real time, of the dangers posed by one of their most disturbed
Yes, my main platform is Medium, which happens to be a legitimate site for information, news,
and storytelling, all by established authors and journalists. I have also published with Good Men
Project, who is awaiting a follow up article on mobbing. Further, my partner, Gavin Foster McNett2 -

From my material to your office dated August 21, 2018: this request is searching for an email from
Attorney Bob McCann to Deputy General Counsel Mark Johnson Roberts, describing Perry and
Moeller’s deeply unethical conduct, and their destruction of records, i.e. evidence. I very wisely made it
clear that I already had the content of the initial email. I also know what the OSB did and did not do next.
It is also important to know that Moeller is currently employed as a public defender via Oregon’s Office
of Public Defense Services, and that both attorneys participated in the Modest Means Program.
I changed my Medium account to reflect my recent name change: but I have absolutely never made a
secret of who I am, or that I am personally involved in these stories.
- a journalist who has written for the NYT and WaPo -- and I are pitching several aspects of this story
through our many, many local and national media connections.

I will not namedrop them for fear that Kateri Walsh and Hollister will rush out and attempt to
quash them, as they did locally.
Hollister conveniently does not identify the “regular and significant factual errors” that she
claims they have unsuccessfully attempted to correct, specifically the “particularly egregious error,”
nor have I received any such communications from Walsh or anyone at the OSB suggesting any
corrections. It simply didn’t happen. If I have made or do make a factual error, I would absolutely
expect that it be pointed out to me, and I would absolutely correct it quickly, with a note of explanation
and an expression of regret for the error.
Further, regarding my standards of journalism and the merits of my stories: I have heard from
the far reaches of your state, my own, and others; from law professors and other legal professionals,
friends, Perry victims, and absolute strangers, that my work thus far absolutely holds up, and is
providing a much-needed service, and is for the greater good of the public. I may not have a ton of
“followers” on Medium, but my articles are absolutely shared, including through direct email.
Additionally, regarding my exhibit 14, a request for all of Walsh’s contacts with the media (in
the matter of five attorneys): If the OSB has concerns about the information contained in those 8,325
emails that they already released to the media, they shouldn’t have released it to the media in the first
place. The outrageous $5,400 fee is the OSB’s attempt to deter me from discovering that there were
no substantive emails exchanged by Walsh and the media in the matter of Perry.
Lastly: the sheer volume of material that Hollister and the OSB felt compelled to send to your
office in regards to my matter… does this seem like a typical response to a fee waiver appeal, in your
opinion? Or does it seem like absolute overkill?
Do all “New Jersey bloggers” get this type of reaction? Are all “New Jersey bloggers” afforded
45-minute phone calls with the OSB’s spokespeople? The OSB cannot have it both ways here: I cannot
be someone ridiculous who is not worth listening to, but also merit 20 pages of their time and energy.

If you read all my articles, in sequence, it should become very clear why the OSB is reacting
so emotionally and desperately: they have been caught in numerous falsehoods; they know that their
own conduct regarding Perry is negligent, and abusive towards her victims; they know that I know
about their role in the destruction of records by Perry and Moeller; and they might even know that I
figured out why Perry remains unindicted despite her having committed multiple forgeries, and that
I’m getting very close to writing about it.
Mr. Foltz, I respectfully ask that you read my articles and decide for yourself if my work has
merits and serves the public interest.
/S/ Stephanie Volin-McNett