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Title of the Report: Confucius and the Philosophy of man

Joamel M. Alvior and Vincent Paul Badilla

September 3, 2018

Learning Objectives
The student shall be able to:

1. Understand thecontent of the Confucius and the philosophy of man.

2. Explain what is Confucius and the philosophy of man in your own perspective.
3. Use the information they have learned at the same or different contexts.

Learning Materials
 PowerPoint
 Laptop
 Projector
Learning Strategies
 Must be connected to the students
 Effective Voice
 Good looking and prepared

"China Confucianism: Life of Confucius, Influences, Development".
Lesson Proper (Content)

 who is Confucius
.Confucius and Confucianism is barely the most popular philosophy across the
world. Born in China, the Confucianism spreads all over the continents but it is
above all perverted by Buddhism for rich people, easy teachers who considered
Confucianism as a profitable business. Let’s back to the roots of the philosophy
of Confucius.

 Biography of Confucius

 Confucius (in chineseK’ung Fu Tzu) was born in circa -555, in the province of Shantung in a
noble but poor family. We are at the end of the period of hegemony (lords) and the dawn of the
Warring States period (500-221) which ends with the founding of the Empire. This feudal times,
politically troubled, has a great intellectual ferment.

 The Princes Schools maintain morality and politics, led by teachers who have a customer’s
personal disciples who can be counted by hundreds. His works have been deliberately destroyed
in 213 and 206, the texts that have survived are reconstructions.

 The philosophy of ancient Chinese

 The ancient Chinese philosophy is common to all schools. Veterans in the natural order is the Tao
(Dao), which manifests itself in the regular alternation of the seasons and the days and nights.
This is the cycle of cold and heat, shade and light, feminine and masculine, the yin and yang. The
Tao is the “principle of order” in all of nature, but also to any natural element, so the human
being, which is a mixture of celestial and terrestrial influences, Yang and Yin.

Confucius as an individual ethics

 Tao of Confucius requires a personal approach. One approach to the Tao in the study and practice
of the virtues of generosity and kindness, in good faith and loyalty. Thus one acquires the TB (Te,
De). It becomes a man of quality, a sage, a saint, a civilized being, a model for others. Human
nature is neither bad in itself but it is nor “man of quality” or “good” by birth. It is through effort
and study of self and other that we become a good father, good Prince will bring social peace to
his people, a great king.
 Confucius as a social ethics

 Confucius is a moralist who aims to ensure social peace, the benefit of all and especially the
people, by virtue of each. According to him, the virtue of each depends, in a strict, quality of
language used, what he calls “correcting names”.
 You have to know precisely
– What we must do
– What we should not
– What is right and what is wrong.
 We must therefore define the concepts, and concepts are defined, you must know, by his words
and his actions comply with the concepts.
 Therefore people have to practice the virtue, respect the elders and practice the Rites
– Because no society can exist without the ceremonies that allow the teaching of Tradition
and each to be located in relation to other socially.

 Taoists

 The Taoists challenged, too, Confucius. What they want is to rebuild the society on the basis of
the old tradition and virtue. What they want is restore World Order by individualistic asceticism.
They are convinced that every technical progress, each new institution is one more step towards
the enslavement of man and the degradation of its natural virtues. Taoists, out of respect for
Nature is Yin, Yang rejected the action, condemn social life and exalts individualism (green).

A. Essay Question:
 What lesson you’ve got from Studying Confucianism

Based on my study and my own perspective Confucianism is not only about the study of what is
right and wrong. which is Tao or Dao it is a discipline or a virtue because for Confucius we need to live
strict and following rules, and also we have a golden rule ‘ if you don’t want to do to you don’t do to
others’ one of the most beautiful idea he said that life is a Blessing which is true having life is a great
opportunity thankful to our God.
B. Identification
 __________ who is Confucius.
 in what Era he belongs
 __________ who is the teacher/Guro of Confucius

1. A Chinese philosopher
2. Ancient Chinese era
3. Lao-Tzu