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Draft report guidelines

1. The sequence in which the draft seminar report material should be arranged is as follows:
 Title Page.
 Abstract.
 Table of Contents.
 Introduction.
 Main text.
 Conclusion.
 References.
2. Title page sholud contain the following information.
 Title of your Topic
 Your Name and Roll no
 Academic Year 2018-2019
3. Abstract (10 lines maximum)
 1-2 sentences about motivation and problem statement
 4-5 sentences to point out most important methods used to solve problem
 2-3 sentences about results and conclusion.
4. Table of Contents
 List of numbered sections in report and their page numbers.
5. Introduction
 What is the problem?
 Why is it important to solve problem?
 Clarify terminology.
6. Main text
 Text is to be divided with headings and sub-headings which reflect the contents of each
 Includes information on method of data collection (if applicable), the findings of the
report and discussion of findings in light of theory.
7. Conclusion
 In this section you should summaries how successful you were in achieving the original
aims of the report, indicate problems which arose in the course of the report which
could not be solved in the available time, and suggest any enhancements that could be
made in the future to improve the work.
 Use comparisons, evaluations, opinions.
8. References (ASME format)
 This should include papers and books referred to in the body of the report.
 use the correct format,
 make sure every reference is also used in the report,
 do not cite Wikipedia,
 cite web pages only if they are really important.