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Republic of the Philippines

DMGC, Maimpis, City of San Fernando, Pampanga i iii
Sfebsite: + Email: + Telef,ax (045) 961-7m

No. 1ir9.,s.2016

To: All Schools DivisionlCig Superintendents

Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools
AII Others Concerned

1. Pursuant to Republic Act (RA) No. 7079, otherwise known as the Campus
Jouruslism Act af 1991, and in cour-pliance to DepEd Order No" 47, s.2Sl0, entitled
Guideliws orc Finoncial Subsidy for tlw Condwct af the Regianill Schools Press
Conference (RSPC), its lmplementing Rules and Regulations (tRR) spcifically Rule IX
of Section 1, The Department of Education (DepEd) Region IIf announces the conduct
of the 2A16 Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) with the theme,
6oStrengthening Freedorn of fnformation through Campus Journalism" on
November 18, 2016 both for the Elementary and Secondary levels in the Divisions of
Bataan and Balanga City.

For reasons beyond our controf Plan B veru.rc shall be the Division of San Femando

Z. The Conference aims to:

2.1. demonstrate understanding of the importance of journalism by expressing it
through different journalistic endeavors and approaches;
2.2. sustain advocacy on social consciousness and environmental awareness;
2-3. provide a venue for an enriching leaming experience for students interested in
joumalism as a career or those who intend to use skill sets learned through campus
journalism to give them a bettsr edge in their chosen careers;
2.4. promote responsible joumalism and fair and ethical use of social media; and
2.5. enhance journalistic competence through healthy and friendly cornpetitions.
J. The conference activities shall include the following:
a lndividual Contests; News Writing Editorial Writing Editorial Cartooning
Feature Writing, Sports Writing, Copy reading and Headline Writing
Photojournalisnq and Science and Technolory Writing
b. Radio Script Writing and Broadcasting Contests;
c. Collaborative Desktop Publishing (CDP) Contests;
d. Online Publishing Contest (exhibition for secondary level);
e. TV Script Writing and Broadcasting Contests (secondary level only) and
f, Awarding of the Winners and Outstanding School Paper Advisers (SPAs) and
Campus Journalists (CJs), among others.

J re -),
4. Recognizing and respecting Intellectual Property Rights, the Depmtment adheres to
the rule concerning plagiarism. DepED reiterates its stand to disqualify school papers found
to have copied and published texts, graphics and other materials without duly
acknowled ging their sources.
The disqualification coyers all sections of the school paper whether they are
published in print or PDF copy.

5. The top ten winners in all evsnts per contest category per medium shall be
recognized and the points they will garner will be included in the computation of the overall
scores. The guidelines on how to compute the overall scores are enumerated in Enclosure

6. The Online Publishing is still on its trial run which will be conducted as an
exhibition of skills both in Filipino and in English for secondary Ievel only. The competing
teams in the Collaborative Desktop Publishing (secondary level) will also be the same
teams that will compete for the Online Publishing Exhibition in the NSPC.

7. TV script writing and broadcasting will now be part of the contests both in Filipino
and in English forthe secondary level only.

8. AII schools divisions should strictly follow the No School Paper, No Student
Contestants Policy.

9. Schools which have collected joumalism or subscription fees from their students
should submit school paper entries and not PDF files. Refer to DepED Memo No. 143, s.
2016 on the School Publication feei per learnsr.

10. In order to clariff issues and concerns regarding the conduct ofthe Schools Press
Conferences, concerned officials, officers-in-charge of RSPC, personnel and staff, learner-
participants are advised to refer ta the implernenting guidelines stipulated in DepEd Order
No. 47, s. 2010. Below is the list of enclosures on the guidelines of school paper, individual
and contests
Enclosure Numher Content
Enclosure No.l Format for the list of student contestants and division school paper
Enclosure No.2 2016 RSPC Conflrmation Sheet
Enclosure No.3 General Guidelines for the Selection of Winners in the different
individual writins contests
Enclosure No.4 Guidelines for the Collaborative Publishing
Enclosure No.S Guidelines for the Online Publishins {secondary onlv)
Enclosure No.6 Guidelines forRadio Broadcasti*g & Script Writing Contests
Gilioino and Enelish)
Enclosure No-7 Guidelines for TV Script Writing and Broadcasting Contests
fFilioino and Enslish)
Enclosure No.8 General Guidelines for the Selection of the Best Sections and
Lav- Out and Pase Desim Catesorv
Enclosure No. 9 Score Sheets for the Individual, Group & School Paper Contest

11. Division Supervisors in-charge of journalism are required to submit the following
both hard and soft copies (DVD) of their division matrix of activities detailing their
division's initiatives to further develop and enhance the ability of their joumalism mentors
and students in both elementary and high school levels based on the needs of the students, a
narrative report of the DSPC with pictures, and division accomplishment and financial
reports with the list of judges/evaluators for the Division Schools Press Conference. The
deadline of submission is on October 17 , 2A16. (See DepEd Ordsr No. 47 s. 20 I 0).

12. The division winners/entries for the Group (School Paper) Contests in print, electronic
or portable document format (pd$ and the URLs of the e-publications duly endorsed by the
schools division superintendent must be receiyed by the DepEd RO3 on or before 5:00 prq
I)ecember 612016.
The judging will be on December 8, 2016. Division entries that will be transprted
through couriers or special deliveries should have been accepted by the delivery service
office on or before the day ofthe deadline. No extension ofdue date/time will be allowed.

12. Only the two hundred eighfy six (286) official delegates who are the division winners
shall be registered. They are also the only ones who will receive Certificates of Participation
and Appearance.

13. The Division Campus Journalism Coordinator is required to submit the complete
official list of contestant#delegates (soft and hard copies) using the format provided in the
enclosures, to the DepEd RO3, attention Dr. Ma. Editha R. Caparas @Iementary &
Secotdary English) and Ms. Marie Anfl C. Ligsay {Etementary and Secondary Filipino)
the Oflicial Division Delegation with the designation and contact numbers of their head of
delegation and supervisor in chmge, on or before October 2112*16. This o{ficial list signed
by the division/city schools superintendent shall also serve as the official travel order ofeach
division and this is the only travel order which shall be honored by the Region.
If there shall be any last-minute changes in the list of contestants, fhe replacement
shall submit justificatiorlcertification duly signed by the Schools Division/City
Superintendent /Flead of Delegation Bpon arrival at the contest venue to the respective chair
ofthe RTWG.

t4. The submission of documents (2 copies, original and photocopy) and lnterview for the
Search for Outstanding School Paper Advisers and Outstanding Campus Joumalists shall be
held on October 2l,2A16 (Friday), 8:00 o'clock in the morning for the Elernentaly level c/o
Dr. Ma. Editha R. Caparas at the Learning Resource Management and Development Center
&RMDC), DepEd Regional Office, Covernment Center, Mairnpis, City of San Fernando (P)
and 8:00 o'clock in ths morning for the Secondary Level c/o Ms. Marie Ann Ligsay at the
DepED RO3 Macapagal Hall.

15. The school paper advisers shall pay the amount of Php 60.00 as membership fee for the
Regional School Pqper Advisers Association and Php 30.00 for the Campus Journalists as
membership in the Editor's Guild. AII officers are advised to submit Annual Report and
Financial Statement of the association.

Presidents and treas*rers of the Regional School Paper Advisers both in the
Elementary and Secondary levels are required to render their services in the conduct of
interview of Outstanding School Paper Advisers and Outstanding Campus Journalists, and in
the School Paper Evaluation.

All the Regional Association Officers both in the Elementary and Secondary Levels are
requested to serve as facilitators during the conduct of the Regional Schools Press
Conference. Prior to this, there shall be an executive meeting of officers of the Regional
Association of Elementary and Secondary School Paper Advisers on October 20, 2016,
Thursday, 9:00 o'clock in the morning at the LRMDC, DepED Regional Office.
16. For security and safety purposeq student-participants are advised to wear their
respective school uniforms and school IDs during the event. The coaches shall take
responsibility of their pupil or student's safety in the duration of the event to avoid any

Each participant is advised to bring a 2xZ picture ryhich $,ill be attached to the
RSPC ID provided bythe regional office.
Any violation of the stipulated guidelines is subject for disqualification.

17. Students in elementary and secondary @oth junior and senior high schools) levels
are eligible to join the contests. The contestants will be f$tch€d by the School papr
Advisers in the designated area after the contests.
ONLY the contestants, examiilets/proctors and RTWG are allowed to stay in the
contests venue.
All the contestants should be at the designated holding area an hour before the

18. Non-contestants, parents and other school officials shall stay in the designated area
for the opening program to be followed by lectures on School Paper Preparation and

19. There shall be NO Registration Fee. However, the Division Offices shall manage the
food and transportation of the participants.

20. Travel and other expenses incurred during the conduct of the Regional Schools Press
Conference shall be charged against Division MOOE/School MOOE/local fiinds/SEF or the
School Campus Journalism Fund, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and

Meanwhile meals of RTWG, honoraria of the judges/evaluators, board and lodging,

meals of the RTWG and resource speakerg rental of equipment, payment for utilities,
contingency, trophies, medals and certificates,, transportation expenses, IDs, supplies and
materials incurred during the conduct of RSPC shall be borne against the Regional MOOE.

21. The National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) is slated on January 22-26,2016 at
Region Di Pagadian City,

22. lmmediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

Director III
Officer in Charge


As suted

DepEd Order No. (47, s2010)

Office of the RegionalDirecpr

&pEdMemorandumNos.: 128, s.20l4 and 149, s.2015

To be indicated inthe Perpectual lndex

Ettclasure No.l ta Regional Mema No. , s. 2A16


A. The List of Ten Division Entries for School Publication per Category.

Division: Category: English Filipino _

Name of School Gender School
-- School Head Division
Ptrblication Paper


B. List of Contestants for the Individual Contests

Division: Category: English _ Filipino _
Complete Name Gender School Name of School Paper Division
of Student School Paoer Adviser

C. List of Smipt Writing and Radio Broadcasting/TV Broadcasting Contestarts

Division: English _ Filipino _ Level:

Complete Name of Gender Role/ School Team Coach Division

Student Assigned

D. List of Collaborative Publishing Contestants

Division English *.-* Filipino
-__- Level:
Complete Narne of Gender Role/ School Team Coach Division
Student Assigned


Head, Division Delegation Team

Signature over Printed Name
Ewlasure No.2 to Regiorwl Memo No. , s. 2016

2016 RSPC Confirmation Sheet

Regional Coordinator:
Telephone No.: Fax No.:

Dear Sir:
This is to confirm the attendance of delegates &om Divison_ in the 2016 RSPC
to be held on November 18, 20I6 in the Divisions of Bataan and Balanga Clty.

Delegates Expected Delesates Actual Delegatm

Elem. Sec. Total Elem. Sec. Total
Campus Journal ist winners 48 48 96 M: M: M:
Ranks l-3 in I
categories in F: F: F:
Indivi&tal Contests with 2 mediums
Campus Journalist winners t4 t4 z8 M: M: M:
Rank I inRegional Radio F: F: F:
Broadcast ing and Scrip*a riting
Contests (7 CJs in English & 7 CJs in
Campus Journalist winners ,4 l4 28 M: M: M:
Rank 1 in Collaborative Publishing F: F: F:
Contests (7 CJs in English & 7 CJs in
Campus Journalists Winners in llY 7 (Ene) 14 M: M: M:
Broadcastins {7 CJs) 7 rFil) F: F: F:
Coaches of CJ winners in TV M: M: M:
2 2
Broadcastins F: F: F:
Coaches ofthe CJ winners in 48 48 96 M: M: M:
Individual Contests F: F: F:
Coaches ofthe Scriptw.riting and 4 4 8 M: M: M:
Radio Broadcastins Team F: F: F:
Coaches of the Collaborative 4 4 I M: M: M:
trublishins Team F: F: F:
Division in charge ofcampus I I 2 M: M: M:
iournalism F: F': F:
Outstanding School Paper Advisers & ) 2 4 M: M: M:
Camaus Journalists F: F: F:
Division Total Delegates 286 M: M: M:
F: F: F:

Very truly yours,

Hea{ Regional Delegation Team

Signature over Printed Name
Enclasure No.3 to Regional Memo No. , s. 2016



The competition in the Individual Writing Contest is designed to showcase the competencies
of campus journalists, demonstrate their holistic skills and proficiency through media
exposure, immersion and press conferences, and promote free responsible joumalism.

Only Iearneru from schools with schocl paper (print or e-copy), both in English and Filipino
for the school year and who won the top three spots in each category are allowed to compete
in the various individual contests ofthe RSPC.

The following will be strictly implemented and complied with:

A. General:
1. To frcilitate proper identification, the participants are required to wear their
school uniform with their valid IDIRSPC IDs especially during the contest
2. Should there be questiors and assistance needed, the participants can only raise
their concerns to the assigned proctor atd/or examiner. The proctor shall refer
them to the Regional TWG for appropriate response.
3. Contestants should not put any identifying mark on the contest entry or answer
4. School paper advisers. teachers, principals, pare{ts or guardians who wiII be
found in and around the contest venue will be grouuds for disqualification of
their contestants.
5. The top ten (10) winners per medium shall be recognized aod the points they will
garner will be included in the computation of the overall scsres.
6. Any violation of the stipulated guidelines will be grounds for disqualification of
the participant.
7. The decision of the members of the board ofjudges in all aspects of the contest
shall be deemed final and irrevocable.

B. Specific:
1. Sports Writing
a. The RTWG shall orient and provide final instructions to the contestants
before the contest proper.
b. A pre-game conference shall be conducted for the introduction of the
players, coaches, and tournament officials. Consequently, a post-game
conference shall be held for further interview and data gathering.
c. Contestants shall watch an acfiial game where they can gather appropriate
data and,/or interview o{ficials and athletes before and after the game.

2. Copy Reading and Ileadline Writing

a. The contestants shall use the DepED standard coplreading symbols and
follow directions given in the contest piece.
b. The contestants shall provide the best headline for the article.
3. Editorial C*rtooning
a. Only materials provided by the RTWG shall be used.
b. The cartoon rnust reflect the elements of editorial cartooning.
c. The cartoon should be, at all times, cornpliant with the professional and
ethical standards of media.

4. Science and Technolory Writing

a. Contestants are expected to be well-versed in: Features, Newg Editorial
b. This year's competition focuses on Feafures.
a. Prepmation:
l) Contestants should be at the contest venue one (1) hour before the
2) The photojoumalists are allowed to use any Digital Camera (point and
shoot only) with the maximum of 20 mega pixels. Contestants who will
trse any DSLR ard other high-end c,ameras will not be nermitted to
ioin the contest.
3) The contestaats should bring his/trer own camera cable and card reader
for uploading of pictures"
4) Cellular phones, ex*a digital carneras, extra storage card or any
additional materialdequipment are not allowd in the contest area.

b. Provision for Memory Card:

l. All contestants must use ail ompty memory card for the contest.
2. The contestants will load the storage card in front of the proctor on the
contest day.
Photo Shoot
l) After announcing the contest theme/topic, the first shot (control sho$ by
all contestants should be focused on one subject as determined by the
2) Every contestant is given one (l) hour to take pictures, which does not
include the loading and unloading of the storage card in front of the
3) During the actual photo shooting, the ndvisers, trainens, and parents
of the contestmk sre NOT allowed in the vctrue.
4) The contestants are allowed to take unlimited shots, bnt only six (6)
shotsn (including the control shot) will be submitted as official entries.
5) Five {5) best photos and the conhol shot will be uploaded by the
contestant to the RTWG assigned laptop/desktop for the judges'
6) The contestants will layout &e five (5) best photos in a one (l) slide
Power point file. A generatr title and captions per picture shall be encoded
by the contestant. Photo editing (ie. cropping, enhancing, etc.) is not
allowed EXCEPT for resizing.
7) The contestants will be given a maximum of one (1) hour for layouting.
Enclasure No.4 to Regional Memo No. , s. 2016


A. The competition is designed to encourage teamwork among campus joumalists and

stimulate the workplace of an editorial department in a publishing house.
B. Each division shall organize a team of seven-members who shall not be competing in
any of the national individual writing contest. There will be one team for English and
arother for Filipino, both at the elementary and secondary levels. Contestants shall
wear their uniform with identification cards.
C. All contsstants are required ta attend the orientation before the actual comptition.
D. Once the contest has started, members of each team shall no longer be allowed to go
back to their quarters nor report to their respctive advisers until the end of the
E. A mini press conference will be held to become the basis for the actual writing of the
editorial, feafure and news articles. Coverage of an actual sports event shall be
attended by the sports writers. Pictures of the mini press conference shall be taken by
the photojournalists and editorial cartoons will be produced while the rest of the team
are done doing write-ups, lay-outing and editing.
F. Sports writers and photo journalists must be ready to watch an actual game where
they shall gather appropriate data and/or conduct interviews before and after the
game. A pre-game conference shall be conducted for the introduction of the players,
coaches, and tournament officials. Consequently, a post confersnce shall be held for
data gathering.
G. The team will be given four (4) hours for data gathering, writing, lay-outing and
H. Each team will be required to bring at least two (2) digital/DSlR carnsras, one (1)
inkjet printer with scanner, one (1) card reader. one (1) blank flash drive, extension
wires and a maximum of four (4) Iaptops installed with either PAGEMAKER or IN
DESIGN and Photoshop (for the secondary level) and Microsoft Publisher (for the
elementary level) for the layout of the group's final output. Offrcial laptops,
previously cleared of stored documents, shall be check for any other applications and
pre-written documents or references therein in the designated contest room.
I. The host division will provide six (6) scaflners for the editorial cartoon three (3) for
the elementary level and three (3) for the secondary level.
J. Mobile phoxes and other electronic gadgets shall not he allowed except for
digital camara laptop with disabled internet ronnection.
K. Each group will be required to convert their output into PDF format print and submit
it to the contest comrnittee" The collaborative publishing team shall submit both hard
and soft copies of their entries- They should ensure that no identiffing marks about
their school, division or region can be found on their output.
L. The output of the contest is an A4-sizo four-page full-colored publication. The
output will be stored in a flash drive to be uploaded to the designated computer for
M. The top (7) seven teams shall be recognized and their points will be included in the
determination of the overall scores"
N. The decision of the Board of Judges shall be deemed f,rnal and irrevocable.
Enclosure No.S ta Regional Memorandum No. , s. 2016

Guidelinm for the Online Publishing Contest

l. The teams that competed in the collaborative Desktop Publishing (Secondary Level)
willbe the same teams that will compete in the Online Fublishing Contest.
2. This comptition is designed to encourage teamwork amofig campus journalists and
simulate the workplace of an editorial deparknent in a publishing house.
3. All conteshnts are required to attend the orientation before the actual competition.
4" Once the contest has starte4 members of each team shall no Ionger be allowed to go
back to their quarters nor repofi to their respective adviser#coaches until the end of the
5. The team will be given two (2) hours for layouting and editing.
6, Each team shall bring two (2) of their own pocket wifis (preferably with two different
networks) and extension cord.
7. The host diyisicn will provide six (6) scanners for the competition (three for
Filipino and three for English).
8. Each group shall submit their URL to the assigned examiner.
9. The top seven (7) teams shall k recognized but the points will not be included in the
determination of the overall sc,ores.
10. The decision of the Board ofJudges shall be deemed final and irrevocable.

Enclosure No.6 ta Regional tu{emo Na. , s- 2016



A. General Guidelines
1. Each division shall have two (2) separate teams composed of seven (7) members
for the English and Filipino categories. The members should not be participants
in any individual contest.
2. Tke team members shall wear white t-shirt flnd maong pants.
3. Individual awards include best anchor and best news pressntet while group
awards include best in technical application, best infcmercial and best script.
4. In getting the overall results for best radio production, accumulatrd points from
the individual and group awards shall be considered.
5. The decisioa of the Board of Judges in all aspects of the contest shall be deemed
final and irrevocable.
6. Any breach or violation of the stipulated guidelines shatrl be valid grounds for

B. Scriptwriting
1. The students will be given I % hours to prepare a script for a S-minute radio
broadcasl that includes an infomercial, which may depict health, environmen!
politics and social issues, and four (4) news articles, which may be based on
press releases, raw data, or any other option given by the NTWG. The
infomercial shall have a maximum length of one (1) minute and shall use the
language that the group is competing in. Another 30 minutes will be allotted for
the printing ofthe output.
2. Each team may use up to three (3) official laptops, cleared of stored documents,
and an inkjet printer in preparing and printing of the suipt. Each team is required
to bring its own extension wires and other equipment such as CD player for
3. Once the script writing has commenced, the contestants will no longer be
allowed to leave the contest rooms. For personal necessitieg a member of the
contest committee shall accompany them to th€ rest rooms.
4. The script should not bear any infarmation that may identify the school, division
or region, but it should include the names of the members of the team with their
job assignment/contribution (i.e. anchar, news presenter, etc.)
5. Scripts should be:
a. encoded using Arial font size 12
b. with directional instructions in capital let ers
c. double-spaced with normal rnargin
d. printed in a lexer-sized hnd paper (8.5 X l l)
6. Each team should submit four (4) copies ofthe script. Three (3) will be submitted
to the judges and one (1) for the chairperson. The team may print extra copies for
their own use.

C. Broadcast Simulation
1" A broadcast roorn for the p:esentation shalt be identified in the testing center or
contest yenue. Only the contestants, judges and the rnembers of the contest
cemmifiee shall be allowed inside. The student broadcasters shall be concealed
from the judges all throughout their presentation.
2. The organizers/host division shall commission an independent sound system
provider to ensure quality audio o*tput. The technical operator shall only set the
sound system before the simulation. A jack/auxiliary cord will be provided for
the CD player, laptops and other sourccs of sound effects.
3. Except for the volume meter, contestants/technical director shall not be allowed
to change, adjust and manipulate the main control board during their
4" Mobile phanes and reference books shall not be allowed in the contest area,
5, In case ofpower failure, the affected team shall be allowed to perform agun.
6. Loudspeakers maybe set up outside the broadcast room.
7. The order of presentation will be identified through drawing of lots by the
directors before the script writing.
8. Each team shall be given eight (8) minutes: two (2) minutes of which for
preparaticn, five (5) minutes for the actual broadcast and one (1) minute for exit.
Provided running time shall be applied.
9. The organizers shall provide a wall clock or a timer, which will serve as the
official time that can be seen by the contestants and the judges. There will be an
official time keeper. {Consider having a digital timer visible to both the
judges and contestants,)
10. A yellow flaglet shall then be raised to signal the team that they have one (1)
minute left for preparation. The green flaglet shall then be raised to signal the
team to start. The yellow flaglet shall be raised again to warn the team that they
only have one (1) minute remaining and followed by the red flag let to indicate
that their time is up.
1 1. The entire production schedule shall be govemed by the zero (0) or perfect seore

for the time scoring requirement.

12. The contestants shall leave the broadcast room right after their presentation.

Enclasare No.7 ta Regianal Memo No" , s. 2CI16



l. Each team shall have seven (7) members. The team shall decide who shall act as
scriptwriters, news writers and infomercial or developmental cornmunication
writers, anchsrs, reporters, producer/director who could also act as floor director,
technical or music and video director or editor.

Note: Any of the team members ca{r assume one or two roles/tasks as long as this
would not conflict with the outcome of the broadcast (Example: an anchor can't be a
reporter at the same time. But an anchor can also be a news or infomercial writer.)

2. The teams must bring their own materials and equipment such as the following:
2.1 Laptop with at least lOGB free space and a video editing program;
2.2Two (2) empty flash drives;
2.3 Digital camera or phone camsra, which is compatible with the laptop for the
downloading of media;
2.4 Compatible printer with ink; and
2.5 Extension cord

For Script Writing

1. The format for TV broadcast script including audio and video shall be
2. One hour is provided for the teams for video research and to write the
broadcast sript" which will include headlines, news storieq report,
infomercial, opening billboard script, which will include headlines, news
stories, report infomercial, opening billboard, 9OBB) and closing billboard
(CBB). The reporter must shoot hisiher video materials during tlris time.
3. Another 30 minutes will be given for the production of the support video,
including editing for the OBBICBB.
4. Thirry minutes will be provided for the rehearsals and polishing of the stories
and video materials.
5. Once the scriptwriting contest has starte{ no member shall he allowed to
leave the contest area. [n case of personal necessity, a member of the contest
management (proctor) shall accompany the participant outside of the contest
6. The teams shall have the following in their news broadcast:
6.1 THREE (3) NEWS ARTICLES: The contest organizers will provide 5
news articles. The scriptwriters shall choose 3 news articles: national
news, foreign news and news feature. Each news script should have
video and audio component and must not exceed 45 seconds when read
during the contest proper. This means each news script must have 3-5
short paragraphs.

PLUG: This should be original and in line with the theme of the contesl
The script should also contain video and audio cornponen! and the
production must not exceed 30 seconds. The video zupport can be pre-
6.3 ONE FIELD REPORT: The report must be delivered live but the video
support will be pre-produced. Video shoot must be done within the time
allotted for the contestants" The news script must contain the video and
audio description and the nervs must not exceed 60 seconds.
6.4 HEADLINES: This will contain a brief lead/summary of the 3 news
articles-national, foreign and feature, and the field report.
6.5 OBB/CBB: Opening Billboard and Closing Billboard will conatin the
group's assumed TY network narne. This can be pre-produced or
presented live with a maximum running time of 10 seconds. The script
for the OBB/CBB should be included in the main script which will be
submitted to the judges.

7. All news materials including the infomercial shall be presented live. Only the
support videos, which will be used in the live presentationo can be pre-
8. Each team shall prepare two copies of the main script fort he TV news
production. This must contain the 3 news scripts- national, foreign and news
featurg field rcporter's flews, infomercialldevelopmental communication
plug headlines and OBBICBts. Each news script must have a corresponding
description at the header including the name of the writer in the Epper middle
part of the script 9e"g: NE\I/S I: NATIONAL by student's name) The main
script must be written in the order of presentation in the live conte$t. One
copy shall be submitted to the judges, and the other copy shall be used by the
team during the actual broadeast.
9. The cover page of the main script shall contain the group's flame (mock TV
Network name), school and division, and the names of the participants and
their roles in the production.

l. The order of presentation shall be determined by drawing of lots.
2. The TV broadcast must be delivered in six minutes. Two minutes shall be
allotted for entrancs and exit.
3. After six minutes, the presenting tsam may cnntinue its broadcas-t. However, a
corresponding deduction will be given. A team that delivers the broadcast under
time will also be given a corresponding deduction.
4. One point shall be deducted by the judges from the total points garnered by the
team for the first 30 seconds over/under time and two points for every 30 seconds
over/under time thereafter.
5. The timekeeper shall give the judges a copy of the record of the broadcast
running time of each group. The record should indicate how many
seconds/minutes each group went over/under time, if they did.
6. An event committee member shall be assigned to ensure that order in the
audience is maintained during the presentation.
7. The decision ofthe Board ofJudges is FINAL and IRREYOCABLE.

Enclosure No. 8 to Regiowl Memo No. , s.2016


A. f,ditorial Section
l. The editorial section should have at least two (2) pages and should include the
following: main editorial, editorial cartoon, columns, letters to the editor and
commentaries. Opinion polls or surveys may be included, but are not required.
2. The treatment of the issues must demonstrate fair and balanced presentation of
both sides of each issue tackle4 clear moral purpose, logical reasaning and
proper citations/attributions of sources.
3, Topics found in the section should tackle various international, national or local
issues that may directly or indirect$ affect the school or the community the
school serves.
4. The decision ofthe Board of Judges shall be deemed final and irrevocable.

B. News Section
1. The news section shall consist of at Ieast three (3) pages.
2. The content and scope of the news stories should include a balanced coverage of
international, national, regional, community and school-based new stories.
3. The content of the section may include straight or spot flews, advance/follow up
report" news bitq news feature? news analysis, in-depth new#investigative news.

C. Feature Section
1. The Feature Section should have at least three (3) pages.
2" The feature articles should display unique and croative presentation of topics,
logical organization and progression of ideas, writers' facility of the language
ard proper citations/attributions of sources.

D. Sports Section
l. The sports section shall consist of a least two (2) pages.
2. The content and scope of the sports article may include a balanced
coverage/rcope of international, national, regional, community and schml-based
sports news stories.
3. The content of the section may include straight or spot newq advance/follow up
report, news bits, news feature/news analysis, indepth nswq news feafures and
editoriaUcolumn concerning or pertaining to sports.

E. Scienee and Technologr Section

1. The Science and Technology Section should have at least two (2) pages and may
include health envimnmental, scientific, technological and innovative siories
written in news, f,eature, or scientific commentary style. This should also include
the economic impact of Science and Technology orl the lives of the Filipinos.
2. The articles should be well-researched and should observe proper citation of
sources, pictures and graphics.

F. Layout and Page Design Section

l. This category shall conform to the principles of layout and design.
2. The layout and page design category should include any or combination of the
following: balanced coverage/scope of stories about the communrty and school-
based events, including those of international, national and regional significance
whieh dscument or are relued to the sehool m its meinbsrs' iayolwment and
participatiur. hoper evsluation or grading event$ based on theh
shoul.d be evide*t in tlre layout.
3. Ths lEorrt and page design shonld include hmdlines, bady toxl cr#ea$ions'
balance" hanronn and should be proportiofiate to lengfh of articles and the
enlire poge.

ErclosareNo. 9 to RegionalMemo No. , s.2016


Technical 40o/"
Uses lead paxagraph that contains news peg and the general stand of the
Presents arsuments that are based on facts
Cites sources of facts to add credibiliW to the arguments raised
Uses a sf,ro*g and thousht-provokins title
Shows lopical reasoninc
Observes Sre rules of crammar and svntax
Uti I izes transitions prooerlv

Content 50%
Presents the seneral stand of the writer in the lead
Utilizes factual inforrnaticn from interviews, documents review, data
analyses and other reliable sources
Displays evidence ofthe writers' knowledge and understanding of
Reflects clari8 of the message and can influence public opinion
Arsuments oresented in the bodv losicallv suooort the writer's stand

Ethics 10"/"
Observes ethical and professional standards for journalism (faimess,
relevance, accuracy, originality)
Cites sources and observes cooyright laws
Total 100%
Comments/Suggestions :

(Signature over Printed Name)

Enclasare No. 9a to Regiona[ Memo No. _ s, 20]6


Technical 400h
Arranges details of the event in decreasing importance
Shows the news writer's abilitv to organize information
{Jses a lead that is clear and focused on the most important detail
Avoids the use ofwords with contrcversial elements or double-meanins
Avoids personal slants
Uses shorts aud simple words
Conforms with the principles of unity and coherence
Observes the rules of gammar and syntax
Uses transitions properly

Content s0%
Uses aporopriate lead type to get the readers' attention
Presents to the readers the most important detail of the event
Follows logical presentation of the event and ernphasizes the most
important or relevant fact (s)
Follows the correct news writins formatlsfvle

Ethics fiYo
Observes ethical and professional standards for journalism (faimess,
relevance, accuracy and balance)
Cites sources and observes coBwight laws
Total 100%

(Signature over Printed Name)

Ewloswe No. 9b to Regional Merno No. _s, 2016


Technical 300
Observes the rules cf grammarand syntax
Conforms with the orincioles of orsanization and nrosression of ideas
Exhibits creative presentation of facts in the story
Uses a catchy title for the article
Sustains intercst of the readers
Utilizes &e appropriate feature type to emphasize the impact/relevance of
the topic

Content 6eV"
Cites facts like historical references, statistics, relevant names/facts to
bolster credibilitv of statements andlor narratives
Presents a fiew angle or information about the topic that are timely and
interestins to read
Stirs the imagination of the reader
Balances presentation of thoughts and ideas from the obtained data with
those of the writers' perceptions

Ethics l0Y"
Observes ethical and professional standards for journalism (fairness,
relevance, accuracy and balance)
Cites sources and obseryes copyrisht laws
Total 100%
Comments/Suggestions :

(Signature over Frinted Name)

Encbsure No. 9c to Regional l{emo No. _s, 2016


Technical 4&6
Uses appropriate form and style
Uses appropriate sports terms and lingo to highlight the significance ofthe
Provides correct descriptions, colorful allusions and figures of speech to
describe the olavers. event/same
Combines the proper amount of statistics to create a clear visual narrative of
the action
Has an attractive headline which shows what reallv transnired in the event
Observes the rules of grammar and syntax
Conforms with the orincinles of unit and coherence

Content 50o/"
Presents a clear Dicture ofthe events in the came
Utilizes an aooronriate snorts news reportins stvle
Uses interviews, statistics, relerence and research

Ethics l&Yo
Observes ethical and professional standards forjoumalism (faimess,
relevance, accuracy and balance)
Cites sources and observes coowisht laws
Total 100Y"
CommentslSuggestions :

(Signature over Printed Name)

Enclasure No. 9d ta Regional Memo No. s, 2016


Technical 30Y"
Makes use of a minimum rumber of labels
Shows losical use of various sizes. dimensions and oroportions of imases
Displays attractive use af shadins and other techniques
Utilizes witt),, original and creative representation of idea# concep6 on the

Content 60%
Presents clear snecific and humorous ansle on the issue or tooic piven
Raises relevanl timely issues and concems about the topic
Is in good taste and free from libelous, indecent and abstract ideas
Arouses interest and analytical thinkins among its readers
Constructivelv criticizes and influences readers' ooinion

Ethirs t8%
Observes ethical and professional standards for joumalism (fairness,
relevancq accuracy and balance)
Cites sources and observes coowight laws
Total 1O0Y"

(Signature over Printed Name)

Enclosure No- 9e ta Regional Memo Na. _s, 2016


Copyreading 60Yo
Uses appropriate copyeading symbols
Recognizes exact number of errors in the contest piece

Ileadline lYritinp 40Yo

Provides the best headline for the news article
Observes standards in hsadline writins

Total 100%
Com ments/Suggestions :

(Signature over Printed Name)

Ernlosure No. 9f to Regional Memo No. _s, 2A16


Technical 404/0
Presents images that are sharp, free from smudges and not blurred and
Uses appropriate photographv composition technicues to hiehlieht imaces
Observes balanced layout

Content 50%
Shows clear and specific idea (s) or angle connected to the given them/topic
Arouses interest
Presents relevant and well-written title and captions

Ethics 10Y"
Observes ethical and professional standards for joumalism (fairness,
relevance, accuftrcy and balance)
Resoectful of subiect's rishts
Total l0goA
Comments/$uggestions :

(Signature over Printed Name)

Enclosure No. 9g to Regian*l Memo }fo. _ s, 2016


Teehnical 4AY0
Manifests urity and coherence to the theme/topic eiven
Has calchv and aoorooriate headline that is also olear and free of bias
Observes the rules of srammar and svntax
Shows loeical Dresentation of arsuments
Co*tains leads that are clearly written and focused on the most important
Follows aooropriate form and style
Uses aoorooriate tsrms and linso to report/discuss events
Content 50o/"
Utilizes facts from interviews, documents reviewo data analyses and other
reliable sources
Presents relevant and timely issues on science and technology
Uses technical iargons to a rninimum
Presents technical and complicated scientific concepts or ideas in a manner
that can be understaod bv a wide varietv of readers
Cites scientific references, statistics and relevant figures/facts to bolster
credibilitv of statements and/or narratives

Ethics 10,,
Observes ethical and professional standards for journalism (faimess,
relevance accuracv and balance)
Cites sources and observes coovrisht laws
Total lWYo
CommentslSuggestions :

(Signature over Printed Name)

Errclosure No. th to Regional MemoAIr._ s, 2016


Technical 400k
Has catchy and appropriate title
Obsenres the rules of grammar and syntax
Shows loeical presntatio* of ars*rnents
Follows the correct format ar style of an editorial
Uses clear and unbiased title
Uses short and sirnole words
Presents a distinct style of the section
Content S0olo
Presents the stand of the staffregardinq certain issues
Utilizes facts from intewiews, document reviews, data analyses and other
reliable sources
Uses arsuments that are suooorted bv facts
Reflects clem. locical thinkins and challenses the readers' critical thinkins
Has an editorial cartoon that can stand on its own and convey clean, good,
humorous and constructive criticism
Columns cover a vmiety of relevanf youth-oriented subiect matter
Includes letters to the editor columns and exchanses
Keeps to the minimum the number of articles/columns from the
administration, teachers and politicians
Covers relevant issues in school, region, national and intemational scene
Applies the principles of civic iournalism
Priorities school-related concerns rather than events that have little or no
direct connection with the communitv's educational oros.ram
Cites facts such as historical references, statistics, relevant figures to bolster
credibilitv of statements and/or narratives
lncludes ooinion artictes that are timelv and interestins to read
Bala*ces factual details with those of the writers' psrceptions
Ethics r0%
Observes ethical and professional standards for journalism (fairness,
relevance, accuracy and balance)
Cites sources and obseryes cooyrisht laws
Total l80o/o

(Signature over Printed Name)

Ew:tasare Ns- 9i r* &*gfuri;o,l fufemo.&h. _a J#fd


?mhnical 4$%
Arrar:g*s d*tails af i}e eveslt le dffireasifie imtorta*ee
Shows tJle news r*riter's ability to orga*ize inforuati*r:
Uses a le*d tfrat is elem and fccused an t}te raast impcrta*t deteil
Avoids the use of words witlr controversial elements or double-meaning
Avaids personal slants
Uses shorts and simple w*rds
Conforms with the principles cf uniry a:rd coherence
Observes tln rules of srarn$ler and svn{ax
Uses tra*sitio*s prap*rly
Has catchy ard appr*priate h*adline
Coxtent 5S%
Uses a*rraariate lead t*'r:e to set tho readers' atte*tion
Fresents to the readers the most irnportant detail af the event
Follows logical presentation of the event and emphasizes the rnost
imoorta*t or releva*t fa$t fs)
Fcllaws the correct nerps wdtine fonraUs$ie

Ethics 1$"1"
Ohserves ethical and prafessional standards for journatrism (fhirness,
relevance, accilracy and balance)
Cites sources and observes coolright laws
Tot*l itxl%
Co*r mentslSu ggestions :

{Signature over Printed Naue}

Enrktsure frtrs. 9Jt* Regionrzl Memaffo._ s, 2*16


Tc*haicel 3*?;
Observes the rules of cEammar and svntax
Conforms with tlre nrincioles of'orsa{rizatio* and nrosressiofi of ideas
Exhibits crea€ive prese,*tatiorr af facts in the story
Uses a catchv title f*r the article
Sustains interest ol- the readers
Utilizes the appr*priate featilre type to emphasize th* impact/rels.yaErcs of
the topic

Caafelrt 6*YB
Cites facts like historical references, stafisticq relevant narnes/facts to
botst*r credibilitv *f statements andl*r narratiyes
Presents a n6w angle or information abcut the topic that are timely and
interestirls to read
Stirs the imagination of the reader
Balances presentaticn af thoughts and ideas fr*m the abtained data with
those of the writerso perceptions

Ethics t$%
Observes ethical aad professional standards for jouraalism {fairness,
retevancs, accr:racy and balance)
Cites seurces and observes cooyrisht laws
Total t$0%
Com ments/S*ggestions :

(Signature ever Printcd Na*e)

Enci*sure No. 9k ta Rtgianal Memo Afr. _ s, 2016


Technical 4$Ys
Uses appr*pr;ats f*rm and *yle
Usss appr*priate sports tenns and lingo ta higtrtight fhe significance cf the
Provides correct descriptiorus, colorful atlusions and figures of speech to
dsscribe the pl*yers, evsrt/game
Cornbines the proper amsunt of statistics to create a clear visrml narrative *f,
fhe acticn
Has an attrastive headline whlch shows wlrat reallv transuired in the event
Observes the ruies of srammar and svntax
Conforms with the prinsiules of u*it and coherence

Content 50%
Presents a clear picture of the eve*ts i* the game
Utilizes an asgropriato sports news reportins style
Uses interviews. statistics. reference and research

Ethics l0Y"
Observss ethical and professional standards for journalism (fairness,
relevance. accuracy and balBflce)
Cites sources and observes copyrisht laws
Total l$tI%

(Signatrre over Priated lYame)

Enclaswe ifla 9J t* Rcgi{}nel. MemCI N*. _s, 20}6


Techrical s&Yo
Makes *re of,a rninirn*rn number of lebels
Shows losieal use of various sizes. dime*sions and prap*rtions of images
Displays attmctive use of shading and othertechniques
Utilizss wifiry, ariginal and creative representation of ideas/ coflcepls clr the

Content 6$%
Presents clear. specific and humorous angle on the issue or topic given
Raises relevant timely issues a*d concerns about the topic
Is in eood taste and free frsm libelcus, indecent and abstract ideas
Arouses i*terest snd a$*lytica-i thinking among its readers
Constructively critic izes and infl uences readers' opin ion

Ethics 1$%
Observes ethical and professional standards for journalism ifairness,
relevarrce- accurtrcv and balance)
Cites sources and observes convrisht laws
T*taI t$tlY"
Ccm ments/Suggestions :

(Sigratare ovcr Primtd H*me)

Enclosure No. 9m to Regional Mema No. _s,2016


Convreadins 60%
Uses appropriate coovreadins svmbols
Recoprrizes exast number of errors in the contest piece

Ileadline Writius 48o/a

Provides the best headline for the news article
Observes standards in headline writinq

Total r00%
Com mcnts/Su ggestions:

(Signature over Printed Name)

E*closwre Na. 9n ta Regional Merno Na. _s, 2A16


?whnical 4*8/"
Presents images that are sharp, free froa! sraudges and not blxrred and
Uses asoronriate phot*effiphv c*muasitia* techniaues to hishlieht imases
Observes bala*ced layout

Ccntent 5{tY"
Shows clear and spe*iflc idea {s} or angle connected to the givr$ tlren#tepic
Arouses interest
Fresents relevant and well-wrifien title and caotio*s

Ethirs lfis/"
Observes ethical and prafessional standards for journalisrn (faimess,
relevance, acc$Erlsy and bala*ce)
ResCIectful of subiect's rights
Total I0*%

(Signature over Printed Name)

Enc:losure.&'o. 9o t* Regi*nal. Merwslfl*._ s,2fi]6


Technic*tr 4*Y"
Manifests and c*tserence tc the
Has catchv and aroropriate headline that is also clear and liee of bias
Observes the aries of srer$rnar and syntax
Shcws losical presc*latiolr of, arguments
C*ntains leads that are cleady written and focused on the mcst important
Follows appropriate form and stlle
Uses auurotriate t*rffis and Einsc ta re*o*/discuss events
Coutent 50%
Utilizss facts from ifit€rvi€ws. dccxments review, data a*alyses and slther
reliable souf,ces
Presents relevant arid timelv issues on science and technoloel'
Uses technical iarso*s t* a mi*irn*m
Presents technical and **mplicated scientific corcepts or ideas in a cnaflner
that can be understood bv a ixide varief'r af readers
Cites scientific ref,erencss, statistics and relevant figures/facts to bolster
credibility of statements an#cr *arratives

Ethics r*%
Observes ethical and professional standards lar j ournal i sm {fairness,
relevance, accuracy and halance)
Cites sources and observes copvrisht laws
Total 10rl%
Com ments/S* ggestions :

{Sigrature ov*r Priqtsd N*me}

Enclosxre Sc- fp ro Regi*nal lL{ew*4f6._ s,2{}16


Teehnieal 40%
Has catchy and appropriate title
Sbserves the rules *f sr*rcmar arld sl'ntax
Shows losi&el *resn€ati*n cf *r*:rnents
Follows the corrsct format or stvle of an editorial
I.jses clear and unbiased title
Uses short and simple words
Presents a disthct style of tln sec.tiorr
C*stsnt 5*%
Presents ths sta{d af ttre staff resarding certaifi issues
Utilizss fa*ts fr*m interv"iews, docume*t re,vierrys. data a*alyses *nd *thcr
reliahle $ollrees
Uses arqume*ts that are s*psorted by facts
Reflects ciear, thinkins and chaiienges tke readers' critical thinkine
Has an editorial cartoon that can stand on its oun and canvry cleano good,
humorous and eonstructive critieism
Columns cover a variefy cf relevant, youth-orieeted suhiect matter
lncludes letters to the editor, columns and exchangss
Keeps to tke minimurn the number of articles/columns fr*m the
adrninistration. teachers and politicians
Covers relevant issues in school, region, national and intenrational sce*e
Applies the principles of civic ioumalism
Pri*rlties sehool-related concerns rather than events that have little or nc
direct *o*necticn with the ccmmunity's educational program
Cites facts such as historical references, statistics, reievant ligures to br:lstsr
credibilitv of statements andlor narratives
trncludes cpinion articles that are tirnely and interesti*g t* read
Balanses fa*tual details with those of the writers' nerceotions
Ithies t{t%
Observes ethical and prafessicnal standards ibr journalism {fairness,
relevance, acc.urasy and balance)
Cites saurses and *bservss csnvright laws
Totsl IS{}%
Cornments/$uggestions ;

(Signature over Printed Name)

Enclosure Na. 9q ta Regian*l ly{eyxo N*. _4 2{}16


Techaie*! 40%
Has varietv of articles that cetchy a*d appropriate headlines
Observes the rules af grammar and sy*ta,x
lncl*des staries that are arraaged ix decressing ir:rp*rtanc.e
Contaias ieads that me ciearly rvritten and focused on the mo$t iffiportant
Preseats headlines that are clear and free ofbias
Uses skort and simrl* w<xds
Uses *pprapriate terms to report events
{Jtilizes relevantgraphs andtables and sharp, properly crapped and
cautioned oicturss
Presents a distinct style *f the section

Ccxtent 5$Y"
Utilizes facts from interv-iews, document reviews, data a.ualyses and *ther
reliable sources
Covers relevant issues in school, regio*, national and even in the
intereaticnal level
Prioritizes schosl-related issues rather than eve*ts that havs llttle or no
direct connection with the communifv-'s educational or athletic prograrn
Cites facts such as historical references, statistics, relevant names/f*cts to
balster credibility of statements aadlor narratives

Ethies r {lo/

Gbserves ethical and professional standards for journalism {fairness,

relevafice, &cc*racy and balance)
Cites saurcss a*d observes coawisht laws
Tot*l ltxl%

{Signat*re aver Printed Name}

Enclasure N*. 9r ta Regi*n*l &{e*r* }fo._ s, 2A}6


Teehnical .f{t%
fu{anifests unity and coherence to the theme of the section
Has nariefi, *f artisles ttrst us$ catchv and aspropriate title
Sbservss the rules of srsmmar and svntax
Contains leeds that are r:le*rly written and focused on trhe rnost imparfant
Presents titles that are ap*ealins. appronriate and wiffy
Utilizffs relsvsnt graphs and tables and sharp, properly cropped and
ca*tioned pictures
Presents a distinct slyle of tFre section

Content 5$%
Lltilizes facts fram interviews, docurnents review. data analyses and *ther
reliable s*urces
Reflects clear and losic*l thinki*s that makes the readers think
Keeps to the minimum the n*rnber of afiicles/cclumns fram the
administration, teaehers and politicians
Covers relevant issues in school, region, national and evea in fhe
international level
Aoplies the principles of civic ioumalism
Cites facts such as historical references, statistics, relevant nameslfacts ts
bolster credibilitv of statements and/or narrativas
Contains articles that are timelv and interestins to read
Stirs thr imasination of the reader
Balances presentation of details with thase of the writers' perception

Ethics r$%
*bserves ethical a*d prafessior:al standards fur journalisrn {faimess.
releva*ce. aceuracy and balasce)
Cites sources and observes co$yright lavris
Tl*tal 10{l%

{Signaturo over Print*d Naue}

Ercdtsure ]Cc. 9s te Regi*n*l Mer** &'o._ s, 2*16


Teshxkal 4€la/"
Manifests unity and csher*nce
Has varierv of articles that use catchv and a$propriate headlines
Observes tle r*les cf firammar and synta,x
Sh*ws lasical sresertation of arf;uc**nts in the sports editorial, fe.cture andl*r coiumn
Includes st*ries that are arartged in dsEireasing importance
Ca*tains leads that are clearlv lvritfe* and tbcused on the mast import*nt detail
Prese*ts headlines that are clear a*d free of bias
tjses short and simple words
Utilizes relevant sraohs and tables and sharp. properly crcpped and ca$tioned rictures
Ccmbines the proper amount of statistics to create a clear visual *srrative *f the acti*ns
Presents a disl.inct stvle of the section

Cantent 5$$4
Utilizes facts frorn interviews, documents review, data analyses and other reiiable sourcss
Keeps t* the minimum the number cf articles/cotumns from the administratian, teachers and
Covers relevaxt issuss in scho*l. region, natioral and evert in the intercatiolral Isvel
Includes varietv of local, national and intemational sports articles
Pri*ritizes rchool-related maferials rather that eyents that have little or no direct connecfion
with the community's educational and athletic program
Cites facis such as historical references, statistics, relevant names/tbcts to bclster credibility of
stater$e*ts andlor narratives
Coniains articles that are timsly and interesting to read

Ethics I$%
Observes ethical and professior:al sta*dards for jcu*lalisr* {fairnesg releva*ce, accura*;r a*d
Cites souecs and observes c*elsieht laws
Tst*l 180%

{Signaturc cver Printed Name}

Enclosare #a 9g t* R*giax*! Me#*,qio._ s, 2Al6


?eehnical 4tl%
Manifests thematic unity
Has variefy of arqicles that use eatchy and aosropriate title
fnciudes starles that are arransed in decreasins imscrtaace
Utilizrs relevant graphs and tables aad sharp, properly cropped and
caotioned uicttrres
Presents distinct and stand-aut styie anri format cftlre paper follawing the
urinciples of layouting

Content 5&Y"
Utilizes headlines that ar* relate<i to their leads
Keeps ta the minimum the number of articlesicolurnns from the
administratiorL toachers and politicians
Prioritizes sch*ol-related gnaterials rathar than evsflts that hava little or n*
direct connection with the commurity's educational program
Contains articles that are timely and interestins to read

Ethics 1$%
Observes ethical and prafessicnal standards for jaumalisrn (fairnoss,
reteva*ce, acsuracy and halance)
Cites scurcos and observes copwisht laws
Total 10*%
C*m mentslSu ggestions:

(Sigrature sr.6r Prixted Namc)

Erwlasurc t{o. 9u t* Regi*n*l lv€*m* &o. _ s, 2#16


Teehniml 4{}%
Manifests unity and c*hersnce to the therne af the secti*n
Has varietv of articles that use catchv and appropriale title
Obserrres the rules cf san:mer ar:d svntax
Shows losical prffientation cf arguments
l*cludes stories th*t are &Tartres in decreasixs imrsrta*ce
Contains leads that are clearly written and focused on the most important
Presents headlines that are clear and free bias
Uses short and sirxpie rncrds
Utilizes relevar* graphs and tables and sharp, properly crcpp*d and
caotioned pictures
Follcws appropriate f-orm and stvle
Uses a*prs$riate terrns t* res*$s events
Fresents a distinct styfe of the section

Coxtent s0%
Utilizes facts from interviews. dacments review, data aaalvses and other
reliabie sources
Fresents relevant and timelv issues on science and technol*sy
Uses technisal iargans t* a miaimum
lncludes staries that deal with e*virorunental, scientific, technological and
innovative topics wriffen in news, &ature. and scientific commentary style
Prioritizes schoci*related materials rather than events that eveuts tkat have
[ttle or no direct connectirn with the school and community
Cites facts such as historical ref*r$res, statistics, relevant nameslf*cts to
boister credibilitv of statements and/or narratives

Ethi*s Iti%
Observes ethical al:d pr*f*ssicnal sta*dards f*r j*urnalism (fuir**ss,
relevance. accuracy and balance)
Cites sources and cbserves cop-vright laws
T*t*i r00%

(Sig*ature over Prixted Name)


This scare sheet shall foe used for the schc*i publicatinns in print ar PDF fermai that h*ve qualifled
in at leasl four sectionst'category. The total poinfi of each qualifying schaol pqper rhaIl *onrprisr
the regi*n's *ver*Il p*ints for tke mB**I p*per mteg*ry.

Ccnte*t {5$%} Score

c Exl:ibits apprcpriate baiance of cews, editcrial, feal*res" sports and other timely a*d
interesfing conteftt
r Showsrelevafioe cflocal, national and internatioraj events to stude*ts
. Utilizes facts &am interviews, document reviewn data analysis aad ather reliable ssursss
r Showcases original work made by st*dents
r Sh*rvs a varie.ty *f st*ries that sre appropriate to the section
r Covers relevant issues in fle school, regicn, natian*I and eve$ in the intelrmtianal level
r Cites hist*rical references, statisti*s, relevant nameslfa*ts to bclster credibility cf staterneats,
assertions, Brgurxe.ilts atdlac narratives
r Froperiy cites iclfot1?ation and attrib*tes these facts &o*r the soErce of iafanrraticn
r Keeps to the minimr:m the number of articles/coluruns from the adrninistratior:, tachers and
r Prioritizes school-related malerials rather than events that have little or no direct cannection
with the comn:uniiy-'s educational a*d athle.tic pt.ograrlx
c Provides balance of light and seri*us topics
r Applies the rrrincipies sf,civic iournaiism
Technical {4t}%)
Arraages stories in decreasing importance
Has clear and Bnbiased headlines
Uses images that are clear, properly cropped a*d captioned
Utilize* reEevant graphics and illustrations
Exhibits *lear focus and coherent organiration *farticles
Observes tlre rules of grammar and syntax
Foltr*ws cr:rrect journalistic style ffid focmat
Chaoses to*e ard style to fit articles and sections
Ethics {1e%)
r Observes accepfed sf*n*srds cfjcurnalism in terms of fair*ess" relev&rce, ac*uracy and
r Avoids pctentially libelous cr obscene csrtent" plagi*rism ffid c*pyright vielati*ns
Total (100%)
CsnrmentslSuggestio*s :

{Sigaature over Prixted Name}

Etwl*sure N*. I w t* Regic,nal Meff * "4ra. _ s, 2016


Co*tent {s*%t Scsre

rExhibits apprapriate balance of rews, editorial, featruss, sports and r-rtlrer ti*:ely a*d
interesting canteni
o Utilizes facts fror,,'l interviews" dacument revieir, data analysis and ather reliable sources
eShcrvs * varieiy ofstaries thal are appropriate tc the section
rCites hist*ricai referefiees, statisties, relevant nan:es/ibcts to balsfer *redibility af stat*ments,
assertions, argilmefits andlcr narratives
rProrside balaace cf light and serious topics
rShcvrs relevance of articles to students
r Shcrvcases *rigixal warks ofstudents
. Properiy cites informatioa and attribi:tes these facts fram the soarce cf iaformati*n
o A*slies the pri:rci*les trf civic iaumaiism
Technical {3t}%}
kcludes articles that are arraaged according to importance
Presea8 headlines that are clear and free bias
Make use of pictures that are clear, propedy cropped and c*pticned
Utilizes graphics, illustrations and cartoons that are relevaat
Exhibits ctear focus and cohercnt organization
Observes the rules of grammar and s3."ntax
Observes srouer ioumalistic style and format
Ethics {10%}
a Observes accepted standards ofjoumalism in terms of fairness, relevance, accuracy. norr-
libelous stateine*ts and obscene coilte.nt
a Observes intellectr:al pro$erty rights
Term {r$%}
. Plans out the content and design ofthe publicatinn hased on the press kit given by the
hITWG a*d call accomplish different tasks within the eiyen time
r SlEows ease in the use of variefy of camp*ter so*ware and equipment ta layar"rt-out and
desisn the oublication
Total {r*s%}
Com mentslS*ggestiens :

(Signatnre over Prirfed hfame]

Enclosur* ils- 9x to R*gi*w*l Ad*zvro,fu&. *_a ?Sfd


Content {4(}%} Scsre

r Exhibits apprapriate balance cf ner{s, editsrial, featutes, sports and *ther timely and i*terestirig
. Sh*ws rsleva{rce cf articles to students
r Utilizes facts from i*terviews, document review, data analysis aird ct&er rsliable s$
r Showcases *riginal w*rks of str:der$s
. Sho:a*s a variety af stories firat are appr*priale to ths section
c Cites historice! ref€rcfiees, statisties, relevant lameslfacgs to bolster credibilig" *fstatemerts,
asseiticns, arg*:ne$ts an#ar narratives
r Fr*perl}' ciles inforrnaticn and attributes these facts frorn the source of inforrnatio*
r Provid* bala*ce +fiight and seri*us t*pics
. AFplies the pri*ciples of civic joumalisrn
r Higtriight*origfu:alirylu*iqueness

CONTENT iRevised)
r Exhitrits appropriate balance of news, editorial- tbatures, sports and cther tirnely and interesting
r Utilizes facts from interviews, document review, data analysis and other reliabtre sources
c Shows a variety of storles that are appropriate t* the section
r Cites lrist*rical ref€rences, :tatistics, relevant name#fac{s tc bclster credibility af sfatements,
assertions, arguments and/or narratives
* Provides balance aftighi and seriaus topics
r Shows reievance of articles to students
r Shorv*ases ariginal works of students
. Properly cites information and attributes these facts from the source of inf,armation
r Applies tlre principles ofjournalism
r Has clear and *ntriased headlines
r Gi:seffes the ruies of grammar and syntax
Lsvnut {3{}%}
r Arranges stcries in decreasing irapo$a*ce
r Hightightsoriginali4,luniqueness
r Uses mievant video or audio, pi*tr:"res and graphi*s that are ctrear, pr*perly edited captioned and
: Exhibits clear focus and coher€r$ *rganization of articles

Technkal (2$%)
. ivlake use of multim*dia elements suctr as video, axdio, animati*-t- graphics and phatos
o Is readat'rie, mobiie-resp*nsive a*d e*gagi*g ria s*ciai media
r Cantains the pap*r's m*sthead" editcrial profile" and tj:e fnllowi*g secliotls: !*ewsn Editerial.
Features, Science and Technolory and Sports
e Articles inslude hyp*rliciks ta cited retbrenc*s, data and ctfu*r cer:tent ar *,ebsites
Ithics {1$%}
r Observes standards of ioumalism in terms of fairness, relevance. ascuracy zurd b*iance
r Avoids pcteatially iibelous or obscene contsftt, plagiarism and copyright violations
Total {1$$%}

{Sig*ature over Printed Name}

Enclosute if,*.9y to Regi*wtl A{e** N*. _**2016


I. Amcknr $core
Voice Oualitv * 4$%
s [s y*ry clear a$d easy to understand even r.vhen speaking quickly
r Paces his,lher voice wellto fitthe storyline and helps the audience
u*derstand the issue
r Shcws expresslons t:f i*t*rest, enthusiasra and c.ortfldenc€
Vaiee Rrtcsaitirm -3S%
a Has clear and well-modulated voice
a Presents appropriate pace and volume
I Is consiskntly audible throughout the presentation
a Ca* easilv be heard in ail parts of tho room
E*anciatian - 30Y"
r Froncunceslarficulates words in a distinet mailner
. Talks in accont that is sacially acceptable
. Utiiizes various voice in{lectio*s/char:ges to enhsnce meanirg cf the
r Stretches a word to a desired length ta ernphasize or give the appropriate
Total - 100%

2. News Presenter $care

Yaiee Oualitv - 40%
. Is very clear afld easy to understand even when speaking quickly
r Paces his,&er voice well to fit the storyline and helps the zudience
undsrstand the iss$e
. Shows expressians of interest, enthusiasm and confidence
Yoics Reeosnitisn - 30Y"
a Has clear and well-modulated voice
a Presents appr+priate pace and volume
a {s co*sists*tly audible throughout the preser:tation
a Can easilv be heard in ali narts ofthe room
Enunciatior -3tlYe
r Pron**nces/*riieulates wcrds i* * disti*ct r$a*fisr
c Talks in aocent that is socially a*ceptable
. Utiiizes variaus voice inflectloas/ch*nges t* enhance meaning afthe
* Stretqhes a word to a desired length ta emphasize ar give the appr*priate
Total - t0$%

3. Infsmereial fu*re
Content - 4*Ya
t Shcws brief arrd clear advocacylidea description
i Is iogic*lly orga*ized
a Shows smooth *nri appr*priat* transitions
Creativitv- 3$Ya
a Exhibits uniqxe*ess and originality
a Takes risks
t knplements technoloeies appropriatelv
Fersuasion / Impact* 3$Yo
a Engages audience
a Shows appropriate audien*e appeal
a Keeps audience fne$sed all thr*ush*ut the brcadcast
?*taE - 10$%

4. Teehnical Application $cere

Juxtanasitio* - 4$?6
e Shows a smooth iransitinn frorn one topic/*ews event to another
. Establishes clear relationship between one audio effect to the llews sr
information that follows
Fedelitv -}*Ya
a Prod*ces g**d aadio quality
a Produces authentic sound and effects
: Has Iess static and no interfureace
Timins *ad Preeisi*n - 3(}%
r FIas clear audible time sisnals
Tot*l - l*{}%

5. $crint Sc+re
Conte*t- 4*"/o
I Covers topic with nss$ssary dctails & examples
a Is accurate and has no factual effors
a ls weil-organized
a Uses academically and sccieliy acceptable tranguage
Claritv of Instructions * 407o
c Is easy to read aad uaderstand
) Can easlly be followed by another person or tearn
I Reflects effective rlanning and orsanizine
Neatness -}fiV"
r All elements are labeled and clearlv wriften
r Clearlv indicates names of team rne.mbers and their taskslassisnments
Total - f*0%
A* Il*livery -25%
t. Anchor (15%)
2. NewsPresenter{10%}
B. Technical Application -25%
C. Scriot *25%
D. Infornercial*ZUa/o
E. Adherence to tirne allotunent- 5%
Total- I00%
CommentslSuggestions :

(Signature over Priuted Name)

CRITERIA for JUDGING (Best News*ast)
Technical Oualitv 3VYs
Content 3t)%
Presentation 30%
Imnact 10%
Total 100%


l. Best News lYriter: Choice of News Angle * 3,

Organization / Writing Stylu - 3, Accuracy - 2, Conciseness *2
2. Best Reporter: Delivery - 4, Content - 4, Irnpact -2
3. Best l.Iews Anchor: Delivery - 5, Irnpcct - 5
4. Best in Technical Application: Element Appropriation - 3,
Timing * 3, Relevance - 2, Impact * 2
5. Best Infomercial: Conceptaa.l Creativily - 5, Probative {ralae - 5



l. ?be sccres *f eaeh af the $svell Top Ferfumiag fi.egrms per Levei {Elernentary'&
Secaadary) shall be addsd to ideatify the Top Three Pertbrming Regions of,the NSPC.
The s*m of the scor$s *f each regi*a is ranked frant the highest t* !ow*st.
The total scare af the Tap Ser.en Regian in the secondaryleletnentary level is the ffm af
ail the scores garnered by each region in botl: gr*up an<l individual contests. The sum of
the scares af each regiaa is ra::ked from highest to l*west.
J. The total score *f ths Individual Cantests is the sr:m of the total score of all individual
events. The sur* cf the s**res of each regian is ranked frcm highest t* lorrsst-
4. The total scorc sf the Group Contests is the sum of all the scores gamered hy each reglsn
from Radi+ Script Writing & Broadcasting, TV Script V/rititg and Br*adcasting,
Collah*rative Desktap Publishing and School Paper Ccmpetitions. The surn of the scores
*f eaeh regian is rar,ked from trighest to lowest.
5. Each coatest category lbllows the same mafln€r of computaticn with the figures culled
from the elrerege sscrss gilrn by ali judges of each contestlcategory.

Top Performing Regicn forthe Top Perfcrrning *egion forthe

flementary Leuel Secondary Leuel

{Filipino & Englistt} {Filipinc & English}

r f.iews Writing r Csllabarative $*sktop Publishing

r Feature Writing Online Publishing {secondary onfy}
e Editorial Writing c Badis Script Writing and Broadcasting
r Editorial Carto*ni*g * TY s{ript Writing and Braadrasti*g
. Sports Writing r School Paper
o Photojournalism

1. Confirm arrivailavaiiabiiity of Resource Speaker#L.echres assigned in tho
d!ffere*t vefiues af tl'r* cmtest categcries.
7. Interview the Resaurse Spealier/Jr.rdge far presentation
3. Get i?orn the EPS iI in charg* of RSFC arre befcre the lecfure;
'Gllicial list ef contesta$ts *ar verrue
" Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
. Ansrryer Slree{s by ca{egcrylnz*di*m
4. Request SPAsrtor:*hes *lrd fi+**c+ntes'1afiis t$ ste). ew&y at lEast 3S r!!&t*ru ewey
fram the contsst vefiues.
5. fulaintain the smo*th cor:duct of fhe sontests from start to finish"
6. Check readiness/availability of:
-- r ---.---^tr-,-L---
rJgut.ur st l-utlttist vcllugli
. SuppiieslMaterialslequipment {e-g. sound system, chairs, c+mputers, etc.)
. Afiendance against official list of contestants
" RSPC/Sehaol IDs
7. GuiCe e-r"a:r:i*ees in lccating the designated contest venues.
c n-. -.L.-^!- .---.---r^
o. r\tr-uirgur\ uurlrurs
. Atte*dance (lD cardslPDS and Entry Form
. Seat! ng ai'rangeffi eiitsiExam inee l.ium bers
. Digita! Camera (Frce of saveci fiies) f'or photojournalism
. Laptops and USB without saved fiies
9. Distributa answsr shs*ts and gives clear and easy to understand instruction as
given by the iecrurer.
!O Tatre nnfe nf the rh*rlnae in cchcr{rrlp
i I. FamiIiarize *neself t+ the individual co*test by category',{evel/inedium
t "i
Ii. trr-:-+^:-
tvratltlarrr tL^ ^^-{',}^-.,^12A, ^{+L^
(rl ^^^+^^+
ttlt L\,lrrIuQrlir(IrrtJv trlg ty\,li,glt.
13. After the contesl cfueck the srderliness and cieanliness of the venue.
2015 Regional Schoais Press Conference
Divlsions of Bataan and Balanga City
November 18, 2016

Number af Proctors ffeeded

*&^ ^!^ ?-E*l
^^ I LLJLJ Eleilt -E'lE,llslt Sec.-Eng 5ec- I l_ri.dt

Fllipino Filipino
News Wr"iti*c L '!J 1 I 4
r--!---- rer-:!:--
redtur e vvr rlrirH, L
i I 1
ditorialWritins 1 1 3" 3. 4
Fditnrial fertnnnins 1 a
1 3. 4
Seienee and Teeh*olor* L 1
I t t +
Snorts Writins L L L 1" 4
r rervjvs. rrnriicrvl 1 1 1 4
{ {I
Ccpy reading & iieadi!*e l- 3 I
Radio Broadcasting ?R 20 ?a 20 8fi
Collaborative P*blish inE "! rr 20 1n 6U
IV Broadeasting 20 IU tv lU 6U
rOTAt 77?
nl^-^-l- D^--^- n4 11 11 A'
rtdLdl tl: Drdt Er -!-l 11
Usheretieslutility 2+3, 2+1 2+3- 2+1 12
Ushcrettes for the 1
.l L L 1 *rt
fipening Prcgram