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Ujian Akhir Semester Genap

Tahun Pelajaran 2016/2017


A. Choose the correct displayed in the shop b.Where do you spend Mr. Abbas: That would be
answer! windows. your holiday great.
1. Titto : Get me the racket and d. Selling the goods c. What do you think Pleas
shuttlecock please displayed in the shop about the holiday e,
Allan :……… windows. d. Did you like eating bring
a. sorry do it yourself 8. Dave : what do you think of16. Doni : can you my
b. All right I hate you my singing? show me where the library bag!
c. sure. Here you are John : it’s really good is? Sultan : OK,
d. Ok. Tomorrow morning From the dialogue above, Dono : ………….it no problem.
2. My mother likes to ….. to the Dave is…… is near laboratory Mr. Abbas : Oh, thank
radio very much a. Asking for help a. Sorry c. you very much.
a. read b. show c. asking for opinion sure Sultan :
c. listen d. b. Giving an opinion d. b. You know d. I You’re welcome
hear giving help don’t think so a. Would you like some
3. Rida : Where’s my 9. Erick : I think our city isFor questions number 17, 18, help
pencil case? very hot today, isn’t it? 19 b. Would you mind helping
Rina : Mia : I don’t think so, Dream Food me
___________. ________our Restaurant c. Could you help me
Rida : Thanks country is cooler There is a new restaurant near
a. It’s here c. than other cities my house in jalan H. Ari No. d. Could you give me a
Here I am a. I know it c. in
2. The restaurant is big and hand
b. Here you my opinion cozy. It has large parking and 22. Dian : Could you give
are d. Let me see b. I’m thinking of plenty of flower plants. Dream me a glass of tea ?
4. X : Excuse me. Do you d. see you food restaurant provide Rifki : ...., What else ?
know Mr.Smith's house is? Japanese and Indonesian food. Dian : No, that’s all.
Y : .... You should try its oxtail soup Thanks.
a. oh, i see. thank you The text is for number 10 - 11 and dorayaki cake, the taste Rifki : Don’t mention
b. which one? are so delicious. It’s also give it.
c. of course. it is in front
DAY for student, just show a. Sorry, I can’t c.
of fruit stall Mom…. I love you so much. Thanks for ‘s ID when you
your student No, thanks, I can handle it
d. You are welcome everything you have given to me…
pay at the cashier. b. Certainly, not d.
5. Rio : Can I borrow your You will never know how much 17. I What is Dream Food?
love you... Yes, of course
pencil? a. Favorite food 23. Mr. Andre : …., please?
Soni : Of course, here it is. 10. What is the text about? c. recreation Welly : My
Rio : Thank you very a. A thank you for all place pleasure! Here it is
much mothers b. Restaurant d. Mr. Andre : Thank you,
Soni : .... b. Some wishes for hotel Welly!
a. oh no mothers 18. What is the special menu Welly : You
c. that's ok c. A gratitude expressions there? are welcome
b. i am sorry to hear that in a mother’s day a. Soup c. a. What can I do for you
d. see you d. Apology for mother oxtail soup
This text is for number 6-7 11. When is mother’s day b. Cake d. b. Do you need my help
To : Amita selebrated? dorayaki c. Would you pass me the
Ami, are you free this afternoon? Ifa. January c. 19. What is the advantage by ruler
you are, would you join me to the August eating there? d. Are you looking for the
mall? We could do window b. February d. a. Get a big discount ruler
shopping. How does it sound? December c. free soft drink 24. Arrange the words into a
Marry “can you help me, please?” b. Get promo price d. good sentence
If you can, you say……. free appetizer her - is – pretty – Safira –
a. I’m sorry I can’t black hair – with - short
6. What is the short message c. here you are 1 2 3 4
about? b. Of course d. 5 6 7
a. Marry’s invitation to go really 20. Mrs. Intan : Can a. 4 – 2 – 3 – 6 – 1 – 5 – 7 c.
window shopping. 13. “can I borrow your book, you help me, please? 4–2–7–6–1–5-3
b. Marry’s invitation to please?” Shop assistant: …, What can b. 4 – 2 – 3 – 6 – 1 – 7 – 5
buy something in the mall. If you can’t lend your book, I do for you? d. 4 – 2 – 7 – 6 – 3 – 1 – 5
c. Amita’s invitation to go you say… Mrs. Intan :I 25. Arrange the jumbled
window shopping. a. Sorry, I’m using it c. want some cookies on the sentences into a good
d. Amita’s agreement to here you are shelf but I can’t take them. paragraph
go window shopping. b. No, you can’t Could you help me get them, 1. We do everything
7. “ we could do some window d. really please? together
shopping” 14. When your brother gets Shop assistant: Sure, 2. She lives near my
What does the underlined married, you write him a… Ma’am. Here you are. house
phrase mean? a. Gratitude card a. I am sorry, I don’t have 3. She is my best friend
a. Buying the goods c. birthday card time 4. Julia is a girl of
displayed in the shop b. Congratulation card b. I don’t think I can medium height and thin
window. d. wedding card c. Yes, Certainly 5. We go to the same
b. Looking for the goods 15. X= ………? school, and sits next to me
displayed in the shop Y= it’s very nice holiday d. No, thanks I can do it 6. She wears her hair in
windows. a. Do you like traveling by myself two plaits.
c. Looking at the goods 21. Sultan : ….?
a. 4–6–3–5–2–1 I guess it is good enough and
c. 4 – 6 – 2 – suitable for our home design.
5–1–3 We always clean the bathroom
b. 4–6–3–2–5–1 in turns.
d. 4 – 6 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 5 1. Where does Lila
2. Is it far from the
3. How do they enjoy
the spare time?
4. How is her house
5. Where are the
bathroom and the

B. Answer these questions

based on the text
Hi, I am Lila
My family and I live on a hill. It
is far from the city, so that we
still be able to enjoy fresh air.
We always enjoy our spare time
at home. We often sit at the
veranda and see a mountain
view. If we want to see the
green of rice field. We go to the
My house is designed with
classic “panggung” design from
Padang. All of the materials are
made of wood. It has two small
stairs, in front of and behind the
house. It does not have a living
room. But it has a veranda that
is full of woodwn furniture
decorations. The decorations
make me wonder and relax
every time I sit there.
We have a very big dining room.
We also use it as our family
room. There are small table and
some chairs. My mother always
puts our meal on the table.
There is a tv set and a square
small carpet where we usually
eat our meal and watch tv
I share my room with my little
sister. We sleep on a big double
bed. Our room is completed
with two desk and a big shelf.
We usually use them to study
and put our properties.
The bathroom and the kitchen
are not in our main house. Hey
are away at the backyard.

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