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February 1, 2018
American English edition
Issue Number 320


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New handfish population

President of the Czech
Amazon Go doors open
Donald J. Trump, the president of the USA, speaking at the World Economic Forum, in Davos
Regeneration decoded

Davos debate
Two minutes to midnight
Australia Day
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a meeting took place in Davos, in 1971. Saiga mystery explained
four-day event. It takes place in Davos Then, the organization was called the Eu- Mountain emergency rescue
during the month of January every year. ropean Management Forum. Mr. Schwab
Humanity Star in orbit
Davos is a small town high in Switzer- wanted to introduce American manage-
IKEA’s founder dies
land’s mountains. It is also a popular ski ment techniques and practices to senior
resort. Some people describe the WEF European businesspeople. He believed Electric inland barges
as “an annual meeting of the global and that the best way to do this was to organ- Cloning primates
political elites”. Nowadays, most people ize an informal meeting in a small town. Turkey starts offensive
simply call it “Davos”. Later, Mr. Schwab decided to include Land gift in Chile
This year’s WEF was between Janu- discussions about worldwide events
Ageless naked mole-rats
ary 23 and 26. No decisions are made at such as finding solutions for conflicts. In
Election dispute in
Davos. People who attend discuss many 1987, he changed the name to the World
of the world’s current problems. In the Economic Forum. Mr. Schwab then be-
modern world, organizations and busi- gan to invite important and powerful Glacier archaeology in
nesses usually have a slogan. This is an people, from all over the world. People Norway
easily remembered phrase. It is meant to who go to the forum are encouraged to Gabon’s orange underground
explain, in simple language, what the or- share their ideas. Each of the WEF’s an- crocodiles
ganization’s purpose is. The WEF’s slo- nual meetings has a theme. This year it Glossary Crossword and
gan is “committed to improving the state was “Creating a Shared Future in a Frac- Wordsearch Puzzle
of the world”. tured World”.
Klaus Schwab founded the WEF. He Only those invited to Davos can at- subscribe at
is a German economist. The first WEF tend. The guest list usually includes: the
February 1, 2018™ – American English Cover Story edition page 2

bosses of the world’s biggest com- a good idea. It may increase wealth
panies, economists, environmental- in developing, or poor, countries.
ists, religious leaders, politicians, Yet recent history shows that it is
and heads of state, as well as some unlikely to narrow the gap between
musicians, actors, artists, royalty, the richest and poorest nations.
and journalists. Around 3,000 peo- Mr. Trump traveled to Davos on
ple were invited to this year’s event. the last day of the forum. He arrived
During the four days, there are many on an American military helicop-
talks, lectures and panel discussions. ter. When he spoke, the conference
Meetings like the WEF usually room was full.
have keynote speakers or speeches. Before he was elected, Mr.
At Davos, these are on the first and Trump frequently used the slo-
last days. Last year, Xi Jinping, the gan “make America great again”.
president of China, gave the open- He argued that globalization and
ing speech, or keynote address. This complicated multi-country trade
was the first time that a Chinese agreements had damaged parts of
president had attended the WEF. Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, at the America’s economy. Due to glo-
World Economic Forum, in Davos
This year, India’s prime minister, balization, companies could easily
Narendra Modi, was the “opening” was climate change and the other move their factories and operations
keynote speaker. Donald J. Trump, terrorism. He urged all countries to other parts of the world. There,
the president of the U.S., was in- to work with each other to solve it was less expensive to employ the
vited to give the closing keynote these problems. workers they needed. Globalization
address. Mr. Trump had just marked Globalization began hundreds meant that many American workers
his first year as American president. of years ago. Yet, over the last five had lost their jobs.
He surprised many people when decades it has dramatically speeded If elected, Mr. Trump promised
he won the presidential election. A up. Globalization is the process by to bring back the “lost jobs”. Import
successful businessman and televi- which the world is becoming more tariffs are one way of doing this.
sion personality, he had never been and more interconnected. Now, Another is lowering the amount of
a politician before. Mr. Trump was goods, or items, made in factories corporation tax. This is the tax that
the first American president to at- are transported all around the world. companies pay on the profits they
tend Davos for 18 years. As a busi- People travel to, and live and work make. Mr. Trump claimed that pre-
nessman, he had never been invited. in, different countries. Larger com- viously signed complicated trade
Currently, India is the world’s panies are international and employ agreements were unfair. They ben-
fastest growing economy. Mr. Modi people in many other nations. efitted other countries more than
planned to talk about the advantages Easy movement of people, mon- the U.S. These agreements, he said,
of globalization. After he became ey, goods, and services increases the would have to be ended or renegoti-
the American president, Mr. Trump speed of globalization. Mr. Modi ated. Mr. Trump described this pro-
has frequently threatened to put said that governments should lower cess as “America first”.
taxes (or tariffs) on goods imported trade barriers so that this process can During his speech, Mr. Trump
into the U.S. Imposing these types continue. Trade agreements remove explained how America’s economy
of tariffs is often described as “pro- barriers to further globalization and was improving. He urged the busi-
tectionism”. This is the opposite of “easy movement”. Import tariffs nessmen in the audience to set up
globalization. Therefore, the two and non-tariff barriers block, hinder in the U.S., or expand their ex-
keynote speakers were expected to or slow it down. Tariffs are taxes, or isting operations. Mr. Trump de-
outline the importance of two op- extra costs. Non-tariff barriers are clared that he was willing to sign
posing ideas. “paperwork” or complicated rules new trade agreements, but insisted
Before talking about globaliza- and regulations. If no barriers ex- that they must be fair. He ended
tion, Mr. Modi said that there were ist, it is known as “free trade”. Not by saying “America first but not
two threats facing the world. One everyone thinks that globalization is America alone”  