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Junior consultant

 Create and manage original articles on various topics related to information

technology, computer science, software and management.
 Content Verification and proofreading
 Developing technical academic documents including research proposals, case studies,
review and journal papers.
 Design and implement technical solutions customized to meet client needs
 Execute client projects within timelines
 Carry out assignments focused on helping customers
 Develop learning algorithm, material & pedagogy
 Handle quality assurance learning content & questions bank

Content Developer

1. Creating high quality original academic computer science and aptitude content for
competitive exams such as BANK,PSC and SSC
2. Creating good quality question bank for assessment, ensuring uniqueness of the questions in
the bank
3. Validating and proofreading academic content.
4. Reviewing and improving existing academic content.
5. Developing assessment strategies for courses.
6. Analysing the syllabus and question pattern of different competitive examinations.

Assistant Professor

1. Develop and implement innovative instructional methods.

2. Guide, lead and mentor students in research projects.
3. Evaluate, monitor and mentor student academic progress.
4. Create, innovate and implement career-enhancement programs and activities.
5. Supervise and support teaching assistants.
6. Participate in departmental and college activities
7. Assess, review and evaluate student activities and progress.
8. Assist and support senior professors in their day-to-day tasks and functions.

Graduate Aprrentice

 Refined and improved existing documentation system by developing automation

software for document generation.
 Developing Software for supporting and assisting research work of scientists.
 Prepared work report and user manual for the software developed.
 Additional Responsibilities : Hardware support, System administration