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Penetration-Graded Asphalt Cement AASHTO Designation: M 20-70 (2004) 1. SCOPE 14 ‘This specification covers the following five penetration grades of asphalt binder for use in highway construction: 40 to 50, 60 to 70, 85 to 190, 120 to 150, and 200 to 300, For asphalt binders grated by viscosity, see AASHTO M 226. 12 “The values stated in SI units are tobe regarded as the standard MANUFACTURE 24 Asphalt binder shall be prepared by the refining of emide petroleum by suitable methods. 3. PROPERTIES a4 ‘The axphait binder shall be homogeneous, free from water, and shall not foam when heated to 1758 G47), 32. ‘The various grades of asphalt binder shall conform ta the requirements given in Table I Table 1—Requirements for Asphalt Binder ae 200-300 Nin Max Min Nex Fexnnaa COAL IaE Ss 30 70 x0 Fuh pine, Clee Ope. Cap °C CP) 2 7 es sn Destiny 29°C 07,8 ein ‘0 ‘Sih cee, paced ao mo Thiotnoven es 32 ean (a HMC, ‘tour Ls casting pent oS om les Pesaeaion of side perce et eg ss “ “ » Doct feeibeat °C C77, Semin Mm Spot (wen ad a speci wit? ‘Sens naphi sten epaive fe des ‘Nap ayn eet pet yee Nepave ie aes eps ayes sehen parent yee Nepave ie des "Thea of et psc Whe «apt, Ge gine al dia wither nad rapa wer he mph sla Bc Bopane™ ‘Nicoesvet ibe adie cae comenee wot orton msn nthe ces fhe sie sen te neeomane fone be ee 4a. METHODS OF SAMPLING AND TESTING ‘Sampling and testing of asphalt binder shall be in accordance with the following standard methods of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials: = 40, Sampling ‘T4, Solubility in Bituminous Materials ‘Ts, Flash Point T49, Penetration TSI, Ductilty T55, Water T 102, Spot Test 1179, Thin-Film Oven Test