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1-0000 Assets H Assets

1-1000 Current Assets H Assets
1-1100 Cash In Bank Bank
1-1200 Petty Cash Bank
1-1300 Account Receivable Account Receivable
1-1400 Allowance for Doubtful Debt Account Receivable
1-1500 Marchendise Inventory Other Current Assets
1-1600 Store Suplies Other Current Assets
1-1700 Prepaid Insurance Other Current Assets
1-1800 Prepaid Rent Other Current Assets
1-1900 Prepaid Tax Other Current Assets
1-2000 Fixed Assets H Assets
1-2100 Equipment at Cost Fixed Assets
1-2110 Equipment Accum Dep Fixed Assets
2-0000 Liabilites H Liabilites
2-1000 Current Liabilites H Liabilites
2-1100 Account Payable Account Payable
2-1200 Expense Payable Other Current Liabilites
2-1300 Income Tax Payable Other Current Liabilites
2-1400 PPN Payable Other Current Liabilites
2-1500 PPN Outcome Other Current Liabilites
2-1600 PPN Income Other Current Liabilites
2-2000 Long Term Liebilites H Liabilites
2-2100 Bank BCA Loan Long Term Liebilites
3-0000 Equity H Equity
3-1100 Ruchdina Capital Equity
3-1200 Ruchdina Drawing Equity
3-1300 Income Summary Equity
4-0000 Revenues H Income
4-1100 Sales Income
4-1200 Sales Return Income
4-1300 Sales Discount Income
4-1400 Freight Collected Income
5-0000 Cost Of Goods Sold Cost Of Goods Sold
5-1100 Cost Of Goods Sold Cost Of Goods Sold
5-1200 Freight Paid Cost Of Goods Sold
5-1300 Purchase Discount Cost Of Goods Sold
6-0000 Operating Expenses H Expenses
6-1000 Advertising Expenses Expenses
6-1100 Telephone & Electric Expenses Expenses
6-1200 Store Suplies Expenses Expenses
6-1300 Bad Dabts Expenses Expenses
6-1400 Depreciation Expenses Expenses
6-1500 Insurance Expenses Expenses
6-1600 Rent Expenses Expenses
6-1700 Wages & Salaries Expenses
6-1800 Other Operating Expenses Expenses
7-0000 Other Revenues and GainsH Other Income
7-1100 Interest Revenue Other Income
8-0000 Other Expenses and LossesH Other Expenses
8-1100 Interesr Expenses Other Expenses
8-1200 Bank and Service Charge Other Expenses
8-1300 Income Tax Expenses Other Expenses-