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A newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing news, information, and

advertising, usually printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as newsprint.

General-interest newspapers typically publish stories on local and national political

events and personalities, crime, business, entertainment, society and sports. Most
traditional papers also feature an editorial page containing editorials written by an editor
and columns that express the personal opinions of writers. Other features include display
and classified advertising, comics, and inserts from local merchants.

The newspaper is typically funded by paid subscriptions and advertising.

A wide variety of material has been published in newspapers, including editorial

opinions, criticism, persuasion and op-eds; obituaries; entertainment features such as
crosswords, sudoku and horoscopes; weather news and forecasts; advice, food and other
columns; reviews of movies, plays and restaurants; classified ads; display ads, editorial
cartoons and comic strips.


Newspapers typically meet four criteria:[3][4]

• Publicity: Its contents are reasonably accessible to the public.

• Periodicity: It is published at regular intervals.
• Currency: Its information is up to date.
• Universality: It covers a range of topics.

Gazettes and bulletins

Before the invention of newspapers in the early 17th century, official government
bulletins were circulated at times in some centralized empires.

The Newspaper and its uses

Newspapers are the cheapest medium of information today. Also they are easily available to everybody.
Newspapers are an important means of educating people. One of the fruits of the development of science is
the Newspaper. This field has grown fast. It links the whole world. Those who read newspapers become
well-informed about current affairs.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Reading the Newspaper

There are many advantages and disadvantages of reading the newspaper. Newspapers are
one of the traditional mediums used by businesses, both big and small alike. People read
newspaper to find out information, news, and what going on around there world.
However, there are many pro and con about reading the newspaper.

The advantages of reading the newspaper are good in many ways. For instance, you can
increase you neologies by reading the newspaper. You can also find information around
world. In addition, many people buy newspaper just to read the advertisement from the
restaurants, movies, subway and discount stores. However, reading the newspaper has
become a habit for most families. It has something for everyone. For example, you can
reach certain segments of your market by placing your advertisement in different sections
of the paper such as sports, crosswords, news, comics, classifieds, etc.

The disadvantages of reading the newspaper show that it is wasting of time by reading
the nonsense article. In addition, people who making the newspaper they wasting the
papers company and killing more trees. Moreover, you have no assurance that every
person who receives the newspaper will read your advertisement. They may not read the
section you advertised in, or they may simply have skipped the page because it contained
little or nothing else of interest and which is wasting of papers.

Different people have different opinion of reading the newspaper. Some people would
read the newspaper, because they like, and they would find some interesting articles to
read or something else. Other people would not read, maybe they don’t know how to read
or they would just get a newspaper and look at the pictures.

In conclusion, I am more likely to be advantages of reading the newspaper, because when

I get newspaper from subway and start to read it I learn something, which increases my
neologies. Reading the newspaper can help people in many ways. For instance, it can
help people known the today news, sports score, crosswords, comics, etc.

What you will produce:

What you will produce A newspaper containing Stories Pictures Headlines about things
which interest you and your group. It will give you a chance to practice and learn about
desk top publishing

What you might include:

What you might include Stories and articles about Sports and sport stars – is there a new
haircut to write about Pop music – who is at number !?? School news – what is the latest
gossip? Dates – what is happening ( any events or parties) Advertisements – could you
raise money by selling space? Cartoons or jokes – but in the best possible taste

Newspapers have undergone many design changes over the years to make them more
attractive to the reader.

Modular Design Modular design is based on the ideas of Piet Mondrian, and uses a set of
modules on the page. The page is built with modules, or rectangular units, which fit
together to form a larger rectangle.
Each story, including text, headline, artwork, photography, and other elements, is
contained within a single module One module usually stands out. This module contains
the lead story. Lines and boxes are often used to mark out the modules.

Headlines generally consist of two parts, a primary and a secondary.

The primary head captures the reader’s attention….

The secondary headline adds information found in the story.

There are three main ways to lay out a headline

1. Hammer 2. Kicker 4. Wicket

Hammer: A hammer consists of the primary on top of the secondary.

Wicket: A wicket consists of two or more lines of secondary over the primary. Secondary

Kicker: A kicker consists of one line of secondary on top of the primary. Five centimeters
of rain don’t dampen festivities Reign andamp; Rain