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Nicolas Floc'h – Glaz

ROMA Publications 2018 ISBN 9789492811165 Acqn 28657
Hb 21x26cm 426pp col ills £46.50

Glaz is a Breton word used to describe a colour between green and blue, the colour of water.
Since childhood, Nicolas Floc'h has developed a passion for the ocean and devoted his life and
work to encapsulating and conveying the infinite riches and aspects of its reality. This voluminous
monograph, published after his exhibition at Fonds regional d'art contemporain Bretagne, covers
an oeuvre of sculpture, photography, and various conceptual works, consequently organised in
themes like 'Invisible Architecture', 'Productive Structures', 'Natural Habitats', 'Painting',
'Functional', and 'Recycling'. A major part of the book is dedicated to underwater photographs of
artificial reefs in France, Portugal, and Japan, as well as specific seascapes taken by Floc'h
during a scientific expedition on the Tara Pacific in Japan.

Julian Charriere - An Invitation To Disappear

ROMA Publications 2018 ISBN 9789492811264 Acqn 28808
Pb 24x30cm 104pp col ills £27.50

Conceptual artist Julian Charriere bridges the realms of environmental science and cultural
history. His projects often stem from fieldwork in remote locations with acute geophysical
identities. Charriere's new work traces the historical and geographical path between Mount
Tambora in Indonesia, which erupted in 1815, and the Alps. It follows the entangled threads of
climate devastation, monocultural farming, and an imaginary in which apocalyptic ecological
threats find poetic utterance in the aesthetic of the sublime. The book documenting the work is
published with the dystopic installations of the work at Kunsthalle Mainz, on Mauvoisin Dam, and
at Musee de Bagnes.

Diego Tonus - The President's Hammers

ROMA Publications 2018 ISBN 9789492811271 Acqn 28890
Pb 17x24cm 304pp col ills £33

Within his artistic practice, Diego Tonus focuses on reproduction as a tool of investigation to
question control systems and power structures by transforming images, objects, and collective
experiences, revealing their underlying structures of codification and normativity. This book deals
with issues arising from the silence of the original gavels used by the heads of commissions of
emancipatory and revolutionary groups. He investigated their controversial nature as objects
belonging to socio-democratic groups, which in turn led to a detailed remaking of these peculiar
objects through drawing, carving, and varnishing, to exhibit them for the first time outside the

BRUD, Aditya Mandayam - The Ooze

ROMA Publications 2018 ISBN 9789492811288 Acqn 28899
Pb 12x17cm 144pp £16

'The Ooze' is the twelfth publication in Kunstverein Munchen's 'Companion' series, and
corresponds to a mid-career retrospective by Brud (Aditya Mandayam and Ada Pola). Brud
examines the cultural, political, and technological histories of sight (primarily through linguistic
and musicological modes) in order to expose the hidden structural and ideological precursors to
contemporary communication. Designed by Julie Peeters, the book contains a compendium of
texts in English by Mandayam, reproduced from various sources, in addition to new texts about
Brud (in English, German, and Polish) by Chris Fitzpatrick, Kees van Gelder, Andrea Liu, and
Michal Novotny.