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Thames Discovery Programme

Foreshore Forum with the Royal
Archaeological Institute
13 – 14 October 2018

Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building, University College London,

Saturday, 13 October 2018
1000 Registration Tea/Coffee

1045 FROGs and the Foreshore - Eliott Wragg Chair

1045 Eliott Wragg TDP Welcome and Year in Review

1115 Martin Hatton FROG Interpreting the Archaeology of the Greenwich Foreshore

1135 Melvyn Dresner FROG City Foreshore

1230 Lunch

1330 Enabling Londoners - Helen Johnston Chair

1330 Helen Johnston TDP Older Londoners Project Update

1355 Joshua Frost TDP Tideway Engaging with Younger People Project

1420 Theresa O’ Mahony FROG/Enabled Archaeology Foundation Enabled
Archaeology and the TDP
1440 Break

1510 Greater London - Josh Frost Chair

1510 Stella Bickelman MOLA Archaeological Investigations at Tideway

1530 Sadie Watson MOLA Who were Roman Londoners?

1550 Team 2100

1610 Stuart Wyatt Museum of London Finds and the Portable Antiquities Scheme

1630 Jane Sidell Historic England 2018 FROG Awards!

1700 Birthday Party!
Sunday, 14 October
1030 Registration Tea/Coffee

1100 Further Research Outside Greater London? - Helen Johnston Chair

1100 Suzanne Taylor FROG Glory is like a circle in the water’: Archaeology and
Performance at Bankside’s First Tudor Playhouse - The Rose!

1115 Samantha Brummage FROG The Colne Valley in Prehistory: Finding Narrative in
a Lesser-Known River Landscape

1130 Claire Millington FROG When the Facts Change: Finding Officers’ Households at
Roman Forts

1145 Damian Goodburn MOLA Archaeological Evidence for Change in Tidal Levels on
the Thames, an Update

1205 Jon Cotton Former Museum of London The Golden Age of Thames Antiquarians
1230 Lunch

1330 Tides Around These Islands - Josh Frost Chair

1330 Gustav Milne and Stephanie Ostrich CITiZAN Turning the Tide? Three Years of
Community Archaeology on the English Coast Abstract requested.

1355 Martin Bell University of Reading Intertidal Archaeology in the Severn Estuary
and the Study of Prehistoric Routeways: Linking Wetland and Dry Land

1420 Tom Dawson SCAPE Trust Capturing the Past: A History of Archaeology on
1445 Break

1515 A World Beyond our (Fore)Shores - Eliott Wragg Chair

1515 Jose Manuel Mates Luque Arqueocean Intertidal Archaeology in Biscay: First
Results for an Ongoing Project

1540 Sarah Miller Florida Public Archaeology Network Citizan Science in the Sunshine
State: FPAN’s Programs in Training and Mobilizing Volunteers

1605 Mark Beattie-Edwards Nautical Archaeology Society The Underwater World

1630 Closing Remarks

1700 Finish

Generously supported by Team 2100