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UAL Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance and Production

Task 1: Logic User Guide - Notes

Through group and individual sessions you have been
introduced to the principles of music sequencing, using the
software Logic X.

You have created a podcast and a number of musical pieces in

order to gain experience of a range of applications on offer.

Create a user guide that demonstrates some of the processes

you have undertaken. When completing the Logic user guide
you should consider the following:

- How do you start a new song/project?

- What are software instruments?
- Why is it important to understand the following: musical notes; the loop function;
effects; tools; automation?
- What is the process of recording with a microphone?
- How might you have used EQ or low cut filters on one of your projects?
- How and why have you changed the tempo of your track?
- What did you take into account when mixing your track?
- How do you bounce your track?
- How do you safely save you work?

The user guide should initially be created using Microsoft Word or an

equivalent package. It will eventually be uploaded to a ‘wix’ website.

There is no word count but the finished document should be at least 4


(To take a ‘screen-shot’ from Logic press ‘shift-command-4’)

Miskin Music Technology 1

UAL Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance and Production

Task 2: Group Evaluation (audio recording)

Record your group in conversation after having prepared some notes on the following

- What was the purpose of the project?

- How did you plan your project? Did you all agree on the chosen podcast topic?
- If you were to do the project again, how might you change your process?
- Why do you think it is important to plan ahead for any recording sessions?
- What skills/talents did each member of your group bring to the sessions?
- Did you work with any other musician? How effective was there involvement?
- What problems did you encounter? Did you have to do anything again?

Task 3: Research

Complete a written assignment that answers:

What research did you undertake? How was this used?

All of your research, with referencing if applicable, should be

written up and presented.

Each part of the research should have clear indication as to

how and where it was used within the podcast.

Analyse the credibility of each part of the research and

suggest how effective it was in widening your understanding
of the chosen area of study.

Miskin Music Technology 2