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I have created a pipeline in task piping

 Switch to the Drawings and Reports task
 Create new folder and rename it to be ‘Packages’
 Create ‘Piping Isometric Drawings by Query’ and rename it to be

 right click on ‘Pipe_Isometric_Tra’’
 select Setup and in the filter field select More…

 Right-click-mouse ‘Pipe_Isometric_Tra’ and Save Package  Name the package ‘ISO_TRA’ and save it in the ‘Isometric(By Query)’ . select the style ‘Iso_Pipeline’ Step-3.  and pick the Pipelines filter under Catalog Filters -> Default Filters -> SP3D Object Filters -> Piping  In the Style field.

select Setup  Select More… in the filter field on the setup dialog  and pick the All filter under Plant Filters  Select More… in Packages field  And select the ‘ISO_TRA’ package .  Create new folder and rename it to be ‘Drawings’  Right-click ‘Drawings’. select New… and add a new ‘Drawing by Query Manager’  Rename it to be ‘Isometric Drawings By Query Manager’  Right-clik-mouse ‘Isometric Drawings By Query Manager’.Step-4.

Step-5  Right-click-mouse ‘Isometric Drawings By Query Manager’ and Pick Run Query.xml . Please check the filter in the package’ I have checked ‘ISO_TRA’ package in directory. and open Package. but shown error ‘The filter defined in the package was not found.

xml <package pkgid="ISO_TRA"> <pkginfo foldername="ISO_TRA"> <categories> <type><![CDATA[ortho]]></type> <type><![CDATA[dwgbyquery]]></type> <type><![CDATA[generic]]></type> . Picture for Filter code Package.

</categories> <progid progid="DataForPackages.cSnapInPackageData"> <name><![CDATA[ISO_TRA]]></name> <description><![CDATA[]]></description> <tab><![CDATA[Isometrics (by Query)]]></tab> </progid> </pkginfo> <snapin clsid="{5ADC9A82-49EA-49B7-AF54-91F58BD04197}"> <snapindata> <Columns> <dp pk="P1" explicit="1"> <value><![CDATA[Default By Query Name Rule]]></value> <list><![CDATA[Default Drawing Name Rule Default By Query Name Rule Default Report Name Rule]]></list> </dp> <pco type="10" clsid="{EE7959AC-D3C7-4107- 9B41-989F8FC92FD7}"/> <pco type="11" clsid="{CB6D7FA5-9331-4043- AA19-312E36215CCC}"/> <pco type="6" clsid="{DF687839-A138-4AA0-AE36- B9918277732F}"/> <pco type="4" readonly="0" clsid="{3A42BA04- 565E-4583-84BB-331CBA6C7DE7}"></pco> <pco type="5" readonly="0" clsid="{CA482E01- C4F0-4199-9B33-EA2E70B607C3}"></pco> <pco type="3" clsid="{F12B154D-D565-48D1-AE06- 2FECF4D8A9A7}"> <dp pk="Parent Notes" explicit="1" readonly="1"> <ch><![CDATA[Parent Notes]]></ch> <tab><![CDATA[Notes]]></tab> <value><![CDATA[]]></value> </dp> <dp pk="Notes" explicit="1" readonly="0"> <ch><![CDATA[Notes]]></ch> <tab><![CDATA[Notes]]></tab> <value><![CDATA[]]></value> </dp> .

dll]]></dwgtypemodule> <extradata> <data> <snapin> <frompackage><! [CDATA[pipingiso]]></frompackage> </snapin> </data> </extradata> <relationships> <rel> <name><![CDATA[filter]]></name> <data><![CDATA[Catalog Filters\Default Filters\SP3D Object Filters\Object Types\Piping\Pipelines]]></data> </rel> <rel> <name><![CDATA[isostyle]]></name> <data><![CDATA[Iso_Pipeline]]></data> </rel> </relationships> </snapindata> </snapin> </package> . </pco> <pco type="1" clsid="{1C925166-77F7-4268-9120- A9E80E52E6B2}"/> </Columns> <name><![CDATA[Pipe_Isometric_Tra]]></name> <path><! [CDATA[\SP3DTrain_Plant\Packages\Pipe_Isometric_Tra]]></path> <modifiable><![CDATA[true]]></modifiable> <dwgtypemodule><! [CDATA[PipingIso.