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Address again but more address
Phone: ​1-800 me
E-Mail: ​fake@gmail

OATI - Software Developer Intern (May 2018 - August 2018)
● Testing APIs by creating automated collection runs in Postman.
● Creating JSON payloads programmatically to facilitate data flow.
● Optimizing/Refactoring old C# code to improve performance and readability.
● Daily meetings with a team to communicate our current progress and goals.
● Designing and reviewing database table schemas for multiple projects.
*​Work references available upon request.

Languages : Java, C#, C++, SQL, Python, C
Tools : Visual Studio, Android Studio, Oracle DBMS, SQL Server, Linux/Windows environment, Git, Team
Foundation Server, Emacs, Entity Framework, Eclipse, Postman, ASP.NET, PyCharm, Excel
Communication : Through my experience working in teams I am proficient at concise and relevant
Leadership : Wonderful track record for team and project management.

University of Minnesota, Duluth
Bachelor’s of Computer Science (Mathematic minor), December 2018, GPA: 3.3 / 4.0

CourseWork : Database Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence,

Networks, Security, Data Structures and Algorithms, Public Speaking, Application design, Discrete
Mathematics, Vectors and Matrices.

Rideshare Android Application :
● Worked with team of 4 to create an app based off of a local Facebook page “UMD Rideshare”.
● Worked with SQL, XML, Java, and Javascript.
● Agile style development.
● App included its own log in, facebook sign in, in app chat, ability to create rides with details, and
request rides which then allowed you to chat with ride creator.
Calculation Optimization :
● Given an existing project that took 4 hours to run, I was tasked with getting it under a minute. I
eventually got it to 2.5 seconds. This was done by:
● Fixing queries so they retrieved data from relevant columns only, rather than all columns.
● Converting data transfer to database from using Entity Framework LINQ and instead using bulk
● Created indices in relevant database tables.
● Identifying redundant program logic and replacing it.