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Opening Remarks by Riyan Benny Sukmara

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Good Evening ladies and gentleman.

My name is Riyan Benny Sukmara and I am the Chief Officer of Indonesian Cultural Days

It is my very great honor to standing here, to welcome you this evening at Indonesian Cultural
Days 2018.

And very big welcome I will dedicate to the distinguished guest :

- Deputy Head Office of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, Mr. Siswadi.
- The representative of The Ministry of Tourism of Republic Indonesia, Mrs. Sofia
- President of National Central University, Prof. Jou Jing-Yang
- Vice Dean of Office of International Affair, Prof. Tso Ren, Wu
- Head of Indonesian Student Association of Taiwan, Mr. L. Tri Wijaya
- Head of Indonesian Student Association of NCU, Mr. Hanas Subakti
- All NCU’s Professors
- And all Representative of Indonesian Student Associations around Taiwan

Before I take you to see the Wonderful of Indonesia, I also will say thank you to :
- Our valuable sponsors, Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, Office of International Affair
NCU, Indomie, Telkomsel and NIHAO Indonesia.
- Our media partners,, Good News from Indonesia, INTAI Magazine, and
World Indonesian Student Association.

- And the best Our event partner, Student Ambassador of NCU

We are very grateful for all your great support to this event.

And also I welcoming to the all of great guests and students tonight from the Middle East,
Europe, Africa, West Asia, East Asia and our neighbor South East Asia.

And very great Thank you, I will say to all of ICD 2018 Committees member, thank you for
your hard works and me very proud all of you.

Indonesian Cultural Days is an annual event at NCU held by Indonesian Student

Association who members come from the different island and parts of Indonesia. This
event intended for introducing the Culture Diversity of Indonesia to the people in Taiwan,
especially around NCU.

We perform many kinds of Traditional Dances, Songs, and Legend stories of Indonesia.
Yesterday we already finish our 1st agenda, that is Culture parade walk around NCU. Tonight
we proudly present to all of you one of the thousand legend stories of Indonesia. That
is The Great Story of Toba Lake. Toba Lake is the biggest lake where located in North
Sumatra Indonesia, this lake has very nice landscapes and cultures from Batak Tribe.

Finally, I will say thank you to all of you for coming here and I hope you can enjoy the shows
and performances.

Thank You.
Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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