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Owning a car is important, since it provide the only opportunity for travelling long distances
due to lack of public transport. The importance of this project comes from the increase needs
for cars in people life. This leads to a great competition among investors to open cars
showrooms. In our project we choose Nissan Car Showroom which is located in Al-Bireh city.
In this project, we will analyze the building from four aspects: Architectural, Structural,
Mechanical and Environmental. The architectural aspect is classified as the biggest challenge
in the design stage, because it connect the functional relationship between other aspects and
between the building parts. The structural aspect importance comes from the high loads of cars
in this building. In general, the importance of these aspects is to provide the highest degree of
performance which making the customers more comfortable.

The project will be dealt based on a specific methodology, which is summarized in a double
loop: analysis and evaluation. In our project, all the systems used in the building will be
analyzed using simulation programs, and the results will be evaluated based on a comparative
approach with case studies, standards and recommendations for such projects. Finally, the
obtained results will be taken as a case for the next graduation project in the next semester.