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Table of Contents:

S. No. Title Page No.

1. Background Information
 Curriculum Vitae ( A longer version of Resume )

2. Vision ( Visualized Destination )

 Aspiring description of desired achievements in future.
 A foresight into set of aimed experiences and accomplishments.
 Long View of upcoming plans (Big Picture).
Goals and Objectives ( Path )
 A Road map of transformational initiatives for lasting impacts.
 Short term and Long term targets.

3. Teaching Philosophy
 A Guiding Instinct: providing clear vision, focus, stability,
continuity and long-term guidance.
 Result: Opportunity to nurture and polish the effectiveness and
quality of teaching.
 Cherishment and Satisfaction: Realization of personal as well as
professional rewards of teaching profession.
 Spread the message: Means of conveying the my teaching values,
practiced beliefs and goals to the broader audience (The Greater

4. Career Ladder ( A Journey Upward )

 Experiences: Past, Present
 Targeted Position: Future

5. Professional Identity (Insight into Coherent Professional Image)

 Defining self- identity by common attributes, attitudes, ideas,
values, beliefs, knowledge, skills, experiences of my profession.
 Birth & Survival Story: Risks and challenges so far, solutions and
overcoming experiences.
 People's Eye: Emergence as a professional in the field.
 Self perception in professional context.
6. A Touch of Reflective Writing
(Showcasing willingness to engage in constant self-appraisal and
 Selected: 3 Best Reflections

8. New Ventures ( Taking on Fresh Endeavors )

 Tasks & Change: Undertaking different progressive choices.

9. Lessons Learnt
 Conclusive remarks and careful consideration of overall

10. References
My Teaching Vision :
" 1I have a dream...!!!"

I want to be a teacher leader for my students. A stimulating

catalyst for productive change .

I want my students to reach their full potential, continually

honing their skills and talent.

I want to open my own preschool in interior

Sindh, Mirpurkhas i.e. my hometown where I will be living
after my marriage. This school would be a perfect blend of
religious and contemporary education.

I see the upcoming generation of my future students

emerging as competent, confident, self relying individuals
who are ready to face the world.

Martin Luther King speech quoted
My Smart Goals for Future Path:
" 2Helping students find a path to purpose is one of the noblest aspects
of teaching."

I am clear I have calculated To attain To prepare a To complete

about my the time, money professional statistical report professional
desire to and effort it training and about the training in a
excel as an would cost me. expertise and latest demographics of couple of
educator. skills required for the locality years.
the materialization where the school
I have to of my dream. is to be opened
To be able accumulate To achieve
as well as the
to develop enough capital experience in
and polish and resources to The short term goal relevant field
competitors and
myself make my dream is to initiate my for another
inside out. come true. mission by using the couple of
resources and years.
premises I have at To map out and
To prepare a my disposal and ask plan the design
To gather I visualize my
team of sincere some talented strategy,
maximum dream to
staff members friends to give a educational
knowledge and materialize
sharing same hand until I am in a philosophy,
experience with stability in
vision and position to hire more curriculum etc. 5 years time
about my field
passion. staff. insha'Allah.

Vicki Zakrzewski, Educator
Teaching Philosophy:

 Here I agree with Sidney Hook's opinion that the teacher is what actually makes a teaching
philosophy. She is the one who should be able to excel in all four domains of knowledge
whether it be content knowledge or pedagogical knowledge or management knowledge or
social-emotional knowledge.
 A Teacher should also be the role-model for her students.
 She should have a strong perception to glimpse the inner potentials of the students an to
unleash them constructively without crushing them or shunning them.
 She is willing to self reflect and overcome the deficit by opting for constant development and
self appraisal.
 She is someone so focused on students' choice that she is willing to tailor the box for them
instead of forcing them to fit in that box.
 She is willing to adapt to modern trends and give up conventional ones for the sake of
advancement and betterment of the quality of education.
 She is a co-partner in learning and never regards herself as a 'know-it-all'. She is a vigorous
researcher and a persevering person.
 She keeps in touch with latest researches and implications in the field of Education and
implements the continuing models of Teacher development where ever necessary to emerge as
a successful and praiseworthy educator cherishing her profession as a passion.
Career Ladder (Past, Present and Future)

Article and
Academic Writing
Skill for international
Development Media Companies.
Volunteer Program Montessori &
Experience : Trainee: IBA ECED Trainee
Arabic Science
Mentoring 2017-present
Faculty Head
Blogger/ Poetry
& Content
Science Student Current: Teaching
Home Tutor 2013- present Science
2011- 2013 Practice and
2009-2010 Educator
and Arabic
Pace Public
School, Karachi
3My Professional Identity

 From an aspiring young artist to top achiever in school and from a

computer science student to a university dropout then from a freelance
writer to an early childhood education trainee, I have indeed come a
long way.
 As it is often said that you don't know it until you do it and you don't do
it until you have a motive to do it. So, I never thought to enter this
particular field until I got an inclination to impart what I have learned so
far not only through conventional methods but through life lessons. To
share it with others and to shape the young minds of future Muslim
Ummah . This could not be possible without formal training and gaining
experience myself and that is how some what I got enrolled in this
program. I aspire to become a leader for the ones who look upon me as
a role model and I want to leave positive energy in my wake for them to
be encouraged and keep moving forth.

Rosalyn Carter
A Touch of Reflective Writing

Teaching Philosophy or Philosophy of Education

Reflection 1:
Step 1: Description - What happened?
I experienced a gradual change in attitude in my science students. Half way towards the
semester, they became obviously passive in lessons. Looking bored stiff, didn't seem
interested in the class. Started overlooking important tasks and homework

Step 2: Interpretation - Why did it happen so?

While working in science department I planned interesting ice breaker activities to mark
the beginning of a new session. I planned the lessons thoroughly and students seem to
enjoy and looked forward to them. However, it gradually became apparent that they
were becoming bored and fed up. They started zoning out during lessons and wouldn't
complete tasks on time. I realized that it was due to those conventional methods of
learning that leads to passivity of learners. Whenever we had fun inducing, constructive
activities that allowed room for active participation and creative input on students' part,
they loved it. On the other hand, traditional methods of lecture delivery, lesson reading
and dictating question/answers were hindering their intellectual and creative growth.
They were being bulldozed into learning through already set-upon rules and they
weren't liking it one bit.

Step 3: Contemplation - What might it mean?

I figure that normally students like objective assessments like MCQs, one word answers,
fill in the blanks, etc and the human mind grasps pictorial and graphic symbols more
quickly than mere words so the picture description questions can also sharpen the
minds. Also, scientific reasoning and critical thinking should be developed in students
through logical questioning and reasoning practice. For instance, rather than lengthy
answers for conventional questions they would prefer a simple objective type
E.g.: What makes the boy come back to Earth after every jump he takes?


Step 4: Outcome - What are the implications for my practice?

I proposed an arrangement of a science exhibition/ fair and group presentation at the
end of each lesson. Also a daily question of the day was to be posted on science bulletin
board and answers were to be delivered till recess time. Some weightage was given to
these questions and they were all selected from the lesson areas that students had
already covered. A daily 5-10 minutes were given to assess them through thought-
provoking questions / worksheets / quizzes at the start of each period. This was all to
reinforce and test the previously learnt knowledge. One class was solely dedicated to
active group discussions / practical application of science concepts and library time to
enhance their skills in an unconventional way. That is, in a way which is quite different
from the subjective or theoretical learning. These measures imply great deal of benefits
for the intellectual progress of students:

 They become more energetic in class. A great positive change is witnessed in their
 They become more focused and active participants in the lessons, grasping all the
important details, not wanting to miss out on anything as they will be assessed
 Every project based activity and scientific reasoning method enhanced their
logical thinking and made them think outside of the box.
 Science fairs and presentations helped them revise the core concepts and
practically implementing them enriching their sense of exploration and depth of
 Group discussions and extended reading in library time broadened their
knowledge and helped them develop public speaking skills, sense of team work,
sharing, tolerance and rapport among the class members.

Overall, reflecting upon my previous method of teaching and then amending it

according to the students' requirement helped me become a better teacher and
polished my students further.

Reflection 2:
Step 1: Description - What happened?
I have some pressing issues at hand nowadays, the most concerning of which is my
upcoming observation test of Montessori diploma course that I am enrolled in at
London Montessori International. The week before this one was the most hectic one as
we had to complete our modular album of the last Montessori subject and necessarily
get it certified before the observation test. Almost four days consecutively, I burned the
midnight oil; completing my presentation file to get it checked and certified. It was like
nightmare. Then immediately after the file certification, presentations and viva practice
and finally the observation test, will come two midterms and presentation scheduled to
be on the same day. I cannot prepare for it as I had planned to do so and I am likely to
end up rushing through everything in order to get done with it.

Step 2: Interpretation - Why did it happen so?

I was initially quite satisfied with the deadline and was looking forward to preparing well
and scoring good at the both the exams and presentation but afterwards, a sudden turn
of events and lack of timing led our teacher to issue a closer date for observation. This is
quite unexpected and now I have no choice but to focus and give my all for the
observation test first as this will determine our training approval in schools.

Step 3: Contemplation - What might it mean?

As I think about it from the beginning, I realize the fact that I have studied the resource
material and articles provided for the preparation of ECED courses' midterm exams in
the start but not specially for exam perspective. That is why in the last moments, when I
should be just revising them all, it seems like I am memorizing it. All things are mixing up
in my mind. The topics which I have so naturally presented in front of the whole class
and discussed in class activity groups, and abut which I have actively participated and
given answers to in the class and have understood the concepts of, those topics are all
entangled and mixed up now in my mind. This is all due to fact that however much you
study in the beginning and middle, if you don't review it or revise it in the end then you
are likely to forget all about it.

Step 4: Outcome - What are the implications for my practice?

I also understand now that even though multitasking is admirable skill but even while
multitasking the focus on all tasks cannot be universal. You got to be wavering from one
task to another or at the very least you may become good at first task while excelling at
the second and may fail at the third. We have to set realistic goals and should not push
ourselves beyond limits because once the reigns are broken, self control vanishes.

Conclusive Self Reflection on Reflective Writing

Practice in Teacher Development
Throughout semester reflective writing practice was made a part of our teacher
development course. It gave us a chance to integrate our understanding of core
concepts related to teacher development and implementation of those concepts,
experiences related to daily life scenarios, dealing with issues related to ECED class
room context and overcoming the challenges that stand in our path towards
productivity and enhancement. It was expected that each student would submit a
collection of 8 reflections from which 3 best should be hand-picked for our teacher-
portfolio assignment. However, due to some reasons I got delayed in submission. I also
faced a little challenge while choosing the topics to write about.

Now as I sit here in my seat, contemplating about what made this assignment
challenging and interesting at the same time, I come up with several ideas and
explanations that are very reflective of what happened and why. I realize that the most
challenging of tasks is to analyze one's own behavior and deeds critically, to dissect
them, review them, then add your own thoughts and comment on your own strengths
and weaknesses. Then to try and overcome them in future to become better and better.
No doubt this is the key towards one's constant development, nevertheless it still
requires patience, diligence and a willingness to change for the better, for the greater
good. As I was a late admission, I missed out on some very good introductory lectures
about reflection and couldn't start writing my collection right away. Even when I started
writing, I was behind schedule. So it got delayed and delayed until inevitably I had to
complete it belatedly.

When we read a book first time, it gives us a simple meaning, if we read the same
content a second time it will make us read and interpret between the lines as well. This
way a whole new meaning is unveiled. Similarly, reflective practice gives us an
opportunity to read between the lines and review an already happened incident from
the beginning to give us better understanding of what actually happened and what will
it entail. I end this interesting assignment on the note that nobody can make you reflect
unless you are willing to do it yourself. Learning and experiencing something is not
enough unless you are willing to explore it further and further to reconsider the events
that occurred. Stimulation is not complete without a response, if we are stimulated by
events and thoughts, we have to respond and analyze as well. Every time the lens of
spectacles is wiped clean, it gives us a fresh perspective of things.
New Ventures:

 Above picture is a snapshot of my personal blog, I post entries occasionally here

at my leisure.

 This snapshot is from Dubai based signage business site, I wrote publicity
content for their website.
Lessons Learnt:

 I have enjoyed immensely working on this project . I must say it was an eye-
opening experience as I took a journey back and forth along the years of my
growing up and becoming aware of my strengths and areas of improvement and
becoming singularly focused on my vision, setting goals or it, mapping out my
destined path to achieve it and listing down all relevant content related to my
field of teaching. I have read somewhere that:

"The best way to predict a future is to create it."

So, here was the first step towards gathering, shaping and designing our very own
future and it was a great motivational push that we all need one way or another,
sooner or later.

Quote by Abraham Lincoln

 Martin Luther King speech quoted

 Vicki Zakrzewski, Educator
 Rosalyn Carter
 Quote by Abraham Lincoln
 Google images