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407 Witchcraft Music by Cy Coleman Med. Swing Fé G#7 Lyric by Carolyn Leigh Those fin gers in my air That ly, come - ith = er stare Gui? Cisus Fiua™ (F7) i OL that stripe my coneacence bare, switch = eft Bima” Er? And Tye got mo defense. for it The heat is too in tee for it Aye G7) : C7 What god ed en eae ee tae a ee (Cisus, Eu! ‘ra f So a ~ stich = ane at ae cua a Bul E7 though 1 koow ifs att ya =o, Am Fa Amie Fa Am When you a ~ rouse the need nme, My heart says, "Yes, inedend” in me, Gu & Gui ct a ate ee a a 1 would mt a, Gui" Cisus (c?) FS (Gui7_C7_) ‘Cause there's monic = er with than you Head splayed in2 tor B may bein 4); solos in {2057 Money Masco. Rend 8 Money Mie CoandNotibe Muse Co, Ine. Th Amanat 866 Mary Mase Ca and Naa Mae ata ination! Copp Sse, Rs Reseed Used y Pe,