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Opening Statement of Councilmember Grosso

Chairperson, Committee on Education
Committee on Education and Committee of the Whole
Joint Public Roundtable on the B22-776, District of Columbia Education Research
Advisory Board and Collaborative Establishment Amendment Act of 2018
September 18, 2018

Thank you, Chairman Mendelson.

Since our hearing on the Education Research Collaborative Bill, the Education Committee has
met with a number of researchers, community members, and education experts about this bill
in order to find a common ground that ensure the tenets of good research and independence.

Our intention has always been to mark up this bill on September 24th.

Through many conversations and back and forth with your office, I believe we have a deal in
place that would ensure the autonomy of this entity but foster collaboration with the agencies.

I have never hidden my position from anyone and when asked, I’ve shared the outline of the
mark up.

For some time now, the Executive was looking at working with Urban Institute on a similar idea
and it just happened that those plans came to light when this bill was announced.

I had hoped that the hearing would spur caution in the Executive to allow the legislative
process to play out. Doing so would show a united front in depoliticizing education.

Unfortunately, we’ve learned that the Executive has continued those plans with Urban.

We are here today to see where those plans are, how far along they are, and what impact they
could have on the legislation we’ve been working on. I look forward to hearing an update from
the parties invited.

My hope is that the Executive and Urban would pause their plans to allow the legislative
process to play out and the RFP process in the bill drafted to take place.

Thank you, Chairman Mendelson.


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