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Tournament Arena

My tips have to do with the Tournament Arena. In order to earn lots of KC the best games are Dogbeards Bathtub Battles, WhizKinz, Switcherooz, SuperModelz, and Chef Challenge. Avoid doing Bowling and Farming Frenzy if your goal is to raise the bank account - they are time consuming and don’t yield much for prizes. For Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles I just click on place randomly til I find a layout I like. Also be sure to use the extra tools (parrot is my favorite!) when they are available to find your opponent’s ships faster. For Supermodelz I have found that it’s not always the outfit that matches best that wins - often times using unique items will earn you points with the judges! And with Chef’s Challenge - pay attention when a judge says he/she doesn’t like a certain food and don’t use it again.

Webkinz Supermodelz

For Webkinz Supermodels in the Tournament Arena: To win at this game all you need to know is the judges. What their tastes are, what items they like…that kind of stuff. The more you play the game the better you get to know the judges. Sometimes I even take notes. Here’s some of what I wrote downChef Gazpacho likes the Red Ball Cap Wacky likes the yellow tank top and bubble vest Ms. Birdy likes the sparkly pink bow Plumpy likes the red bow and the red and green shirt Plumpy also likes the striped polo shirt Persephone likes the daisy hairclip Tabby Von Meow loves the yellow tank top But Dogbeard HATES the yellow tank top

And last but not least everybody loves the jean vest


Goober-likes jeans, doesnt like the sparkley bow doesnt like cargo pants, likes the flower bow. Jerry- likes white jeans,likes cargo pants Wacky- loves jeans, loves the Terquise blouse, loves purple t- shirt, loves the crop top jacket. Plumpy- Loves the bubble vest, likes pirate pants. Dogbeard- hates the bubble vest, loves the Red and green striped shirt, like pink heart bow Persephone- hates the red t-shirt, loves the blue bow. Remember everybody likes the Jean vest, Tiara, Green layered tee, and yoga pants.


To win at this game all you need to know is the judges. What their tastes are, what items they like...that kind of stuff. The more you play the game the better you get to know the judges. Sometimes I even take notes. Here's some of what I wrote downChef Gazpacho likes the Red Ball Cap Wacky likes the yellow tank top and bubble vest Ms. Birdy likes the sparkly pink bow Plumpy likes the red bow and the red and green shirt Plumpy also likes the striped polo shirt Persephone likes the daisy hairclip Tabby Von Meow loves the yellow tank top But Dogbeard HATES the yellow tank top And last but not least everybody loves the jean vest

Quizzy’s Whiz-Kinz

Also in the tournament arena if you go to Quizzy’s Whiz-Kinz and find an opponent. Play the game and then when u r done (whether u win or lose) and press rematch and then exit out of the game right away. Then go one down to Rock Paper Scissors and find an opponent. If u do it right then u will automatically win and u will keep win and the winnings will stack up. Leave it there for a long time and u will win thousands.

Webkinz Chef Challenge

Tabby V. Meow- likes popsicles, doesnt like milk, doesnt like sunflower seeds, likes apples, likes watermelon, likes rice, like peppermints. Quizzy- likes ice cream, likes oatmeal,doesnt like brownies Ms. Birdy- doesnt like toffee, doesnt like sunflowe seeds, likes apples , likes cheese Goober- doesnt like peppermints, doesnt like pancakes. Dr. Quack- likes watermelon, doesnt like fishsticks, doesnt like peppermints Chef Gazpacho- doesnt like blueberry cheesecake, doesnt like strawberries, likes chocolate, likes popcorn chocolate and coke Monkey- doesn’t like blueberry cheesecake,likes strawberries, doesnt like ice cream, likes chocolate milkshakes, doesn’t like apples. Fluffington- doesn’t like popcorn, likes peanuts and strawberries, apples, doesnt like cream soda, likes watermelon and jelo, doesnt like cherries, likes bread, likes chocolate cake, likes honey, doesnt like peppermints, doesnt like candy apples, doesnt like pink lemonade.

Cash Cow – Tournament Arena

if u you finish first you get a speed bonus. be careful where you click it takes away points.

Wacky Zingoz- Tournament Arena

when you hit the zingo hit it at the top so it goes higher and farther. just make sure you dont have too much power then it will flip into the ground that will be a short pass like in the 200 area. make sure you dont hit it so low it bounces off the ground that will be in the 300 zone. one other tip listen for the sound it help to tell if you are going to flip into the ground when you are in the air. if it doesnt go up in the air and it slides across the screen it will be in the 20- 300 zone. One last tip it takes some prastice for all the games you play. i hope this helps you in you quest for more money and i really hope i get the black cat i have been searching every where for one and they are all sold out


I recomend going to Quizzy’s and answering the calender questions from the past years. I also recomend doing the hard version of cash cow and PICNIC. And when you play Tile Towers play the classic version. When you play Quizzy’s Word Mixup try to do the bonus word. Always try to do word with high point letters like ZEN or TOXIC. They normally earn a butt load of KC. And if you want a great Curio Shop tip to get Arte to tell you when he has sale and what time he has rare items. You need to buy an item(it does not have to beb expensive) and tip him 100KC . You wil see changes in what he say to you when you arrive. I really deserve this webkinz because i dont have one I play on my friends and it would mean the world to me if I got one. Plus, it would give me more time to figure out great tips and cheats. MUCH LOVE

Go-Go Googles

Lets start with Googles. First thing switch the googles from pink to white by hitting the space bar when you start. (this one goes higher) Then for the first 4 levels you can easily hit flowers at least two times before any of the buzzerflies show up. There are 4-5 letters in each of the levels in the first 7 levels.

Try to stay at the center by the tree, I usually rock back and forth so that I can be in the right direction when the buzzerfly shows up. That should help you get levels. Some myths broken. You can have buzzerflies on the trees and spell googles and get the trophy. you can miss letters and still get the trophies. The higher the levels the more likely you will get the trophys, yes that is true, but it is much harder when you have two and three buzzerflies going in at a time. Just keep on playing it is random and it can happen the first time you play googles. Another tip when your white one is in the air, you can double click on it and it will go even higher. One more before I go, If you drag your mouse downward you will make your google go down, so if you think a buzzerfly or letter is coming or just want to be ready you can send you google back to start again.

Also, in Go Go Googles in the arcade, u need to use the white google. And don’t forget that the more flowers or whatever they are, u get the more letters will appear. But don’t forget that as the levels rack up, the faster the butterfly things will come at you so be ready.

GoGo Googles - still trying to get a trophy. i can get to level 8 or 9. i usually just jump whenever a buzzerfly comes out or when the letters are out. you can press the space bar and switch googles. i like the white one he can jump farther and faster i think. i usually press the mouse button right after i hit a buzzerfly in the later levels because the white google goes up too high and i think this helps him come down faster.

My best game tips are for go go googles - when you go up to try to get the butterflies use the first goggle that it gives you to try to get the flowers way at the top use the 2nd google when your not getting the flowers way at the top the use the first google.

Cash Cow

Cash Cow

I only play the first three levels. I know that it is not a lot of money, but it is more likely to get you a trophy. This is also a random level thing to get a trophy, but more people get it this way. Pick a color, doesn’t matter which, for example blue, click all the yellow and pink ones until you have between 24 abd 35 maybe more blues together. then click it. I have gotten two trophies on one level by doing this trick at least two times before I go to the next level. It is a random level thing and the amount really varies. Myths broken: It is random, but it is easier if you only have three colors to work with so higher levels will get you a trophy also, but it is common enought at first three levels. Also it is not true that you need to get exactly 100 points to get a trophy. They don’t add up. For cash cow and for googles you have equal chances of getting trophies, but get more money if you place on the arena.


So far i've earned my cash cow trophy. it took a lot of tries on the first 3 levels only. if i didn't get it by level 4, i would just stop and start over because they add the color green and it makes it too hard to get 100 points exactly. so i just get a lot of one color (it varies i would say around 7 or 8 rows of mostly one color) by elimanating as many of the other 2 colors i can. then clear the big stack that you saved - you are shooting for exactly 100 pts. when you see the numbers and sometimes its 10 or something when you have a lot of tiles together, that really 110 pts keep trying. you'll get it eventually and then you can have as many of these trophies as you want.:)

At the begining of each level look and see which color there is the most of, if it is green DONT CLICK ON ANY GREEN! same thing with pink or blue or yellow or any color. Keep clicking on other groups but not the green, soon you will have accumulated a big group of green, when the group of green is nearly touching the top click on it, you will get a lot of kinzcash, and the money in the truck will go up a lot. And sometimes you get a trophy, thats how i got mine. i just used green as an example.

Color Storm

My tip is for Color Storm. I play this game every day and usually get around 100KC for each game. Try to make horizontal rows of blocks rather than vertical. This gives you

more time to try to see where you want to add a falling block. It also helps when the cloud ramdomly drops blocks. If you've been saving a space for a particular block and the cloud drops another color, you've been wasting your time and the blocks. Next, try to keep the edges clear. For some reason, it likes to drop blocks near the edge and that builds to the bottom fast. If you get a block dropped on one side of the game and need it on the other, it usually won't go clear across. Don't bother trying. Just use it to build on the side it drops on. I try to keep the board pretty much divided in half and play each half by itself. It one drops near the center, you can take it either way easily though. Try to fill in all the holes with odd blocks that you can't use. It's a shame to end the game with holes that could have been stuffed and maybe you could have then made more matches.

Operation Gumball

Operation Gumball. I only get to level 9 or so, never won a trophy, but I work it like this for the first levels of only 3 i start off with putting 121 in the first, see what I get, next 343, see again, 565 see again and 787 and 090. If I get a green or red ball in the first one (121) I know green means one of the # is in the right spot. and so forth I go down the line. You can use a # you know for sure is not in it to help place your numbers. Remember for the first 9 levels they only use the number once. So it makes it easier to eliminate. I usually try to write down 0-9 on a piece of paper also and cross them off as I find they are wrong, it helps keep track of what I actually need.

Candy Bash 2

no trophy yet, still aiming at this one. ive made it to level 10 or 11 i try to focus only on breaking the candy boxes. i click with the mouse (it seems easier to me then the space bar and arrows) i continuously click the mouse button the whole time. And move back and forth everywhere shooting beans all the time. concentrate on on hitting the boxes and move on to the next one. if you want to catch the falling candy thats fine, especially in the early rounds but in the later rounds forget about it and just break all the boxes. the cat brings pears for extra try, firecracker to break all visible boxes on the screen, taco for extra pts, big bean for really big beans which breakthe boxes easier, and the chili pepper which you can just click and hold the

mouse button to continuously firered hot beans. supposedly he will bring a random trophy can't wait until i get that

Bounce N Burst

Bounce and Burst with pictures. There are 20 different levels. If you complete all levels, you win a trophy. The rules are Livingston the Lion flings feathers at the bubbles, tickling them (that’s why the laughter), and they burst from laughter. Big bubbles burst into two medium sized bubbles, The medium sized bubbles burst into 2 small bubbles. So, when you have a large bubble, it works out to 7 different bubbles (1 large, 2 medium, 4 small). The screens that you play work like this:

Level 1 screen is the same as 13 & 19. Level 2 screen is the same as 8, 14. Level 3 screen is the same as 9 & 15. Level 4 screen is the same as 10 & 16. Level 5 screen is the same as 11 & 17. Level 6 screen is the same as 12 & 18.

(one large bubble-total bubbles 7) (1 large & 1 medium bubble-total 10) (2 large-total of 14) (2 large & 2 medium bubbles total 17) (3 large-total 21) (3 large & 1 medium bubble for total of 24)

Screen 20 has 4 large bubbles totaling 28 (it typically is similar to your screen 2) The levels are not in order they appear, I label them 1 through 6 just to help keep them straight. On the first level, there are 6 shelves you can break. Each one will yield 10 points, for total of 60 points. break the two shelves on the left first, and then try to isolate the bubbles in the left half of the screen. Keeping the bottom shelves can cause small, medium and large bubbles to get trapped.

Level 2 has three horizontal shelves that can be burst (darker lines and larger markings) and 2 that cannot be broken. This will yield 30 points if you burst all 3. The unbreakable shelves are above the center horizontal point of the screen. This means that the large bubbles can easily bounce below the shelves and the medium bubbles also bounce below the shelves (once they have hit the ground once). On this one, I normally stand just to the left of the small left shelf and burst from there (that seems to be the best vantage to be safest the longest. Bursting one of the small shelves sometimes will protect one side of the screen from large bubbles coming into it from the bottom. if you break the bottom left shelf, you can more safely stand on the right hand side of the screen and try to take care of the bubbles that are bouncing above the right unbreakable shelf.

Level 3 has 2 shelves that can be burst (in the center) and 2 that are unbreakable (on the edges). The unbreakable shelves are below the horizontal center, which means that large bubbles will typically bounce over them. Medium bubbles can go under the shelves, but are more likely to go over them. I typically stand in about the same position the lion is in the picture above but on the right), and burst the bubbles there.

Level 4 is almost the same as level 3. There are 2 shelves that can be burst, and 4 shelves that can’t (2 stacked on top of each other). The large bubbles will usually bounce over the fixed shelves and the medium can go above or below. The picture shows that The large bubbles will sometimes go under the vertical breakable shelves, which can cause a lot of problems. So try to I break the shelves as soon as you can, just to keep them from being a problem.

Levels 5 and 6 are almost the same. The difference is that level 5 has higher steps than level 6, and level 6 also adds a another shelf. With the lower steps in level 6, the small bubbles can jump from one half of the screen to the other. This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. With the lower stairs, you might be able to stand on one side and let the smaller bubbles bounce to you. One thing to note about the stairs is that when you start to climb up or down the stairs, your feather shooting ability might be decreased (where you need to shoot a feather up and you cannot do it

Also, you do not need to climb down the stairs – you can jump across and fall into the other part.

If you are trying to get a trophy is just work on one large bubble at a time. Burst the large one, go after the medium ones, then burst the two small ones, then burst the second medium one, then burst the final two small ones. So, burst all 7 bubbles from one large one before moving to another one. When trying to burst the small ones, you have to time the bubbles bounce, get underneath it, shoot up a feather, then get out of the way (I normally sidestep from the same direction I came). If two small bubbles are bouncing together, you can quickly burst them both with two quick taps of the spacebar when you get underneath the bubbles ascent). Another tip is to not shoot up any feathers unless you are sure you will pop something.

Since you cannot shoot a feather until the feather either bursts a bubble or hits the top of the screen
I hope this works for everyone.

Polar Plunge

Play the course a lot of times until you familarize yourself with the course. Then when you go to play it again you will know where all the obstacles are. there are 2 or 3 igloos in the game that you can hit and not die, they are near the end, and one is on a hill.

Zingoz Pop

i have a zingos pop trophy by finishing all 30 levels (phew!) it does take awhile to finish. i found that i like the rainbow ball power the best. it seems to really be helpful in the later levels you have to take the time to practice aiming and then really concentrating on the best way to clear the level.

The game is ZINGOZ pop! I'm only doing levels 1-7, just so I have enough time to put all of the screenshots up. It's really hard to explain what to do, so I've taken screen shots of levels 1-7, I have the pictures I edited, showing the best groups to aim for, tips, and tricks, and I also have the PLAIN pictures, incase you JUST want to know what the level looks like! My FIRST tip: Pick the BOWLING BALL- I find myself in ALOT of instances that I desperately need ALOT of bubbles moved, VERY quickly, a bowling ball helps LOADS. Ny SECOND tip:When a bubble is sparkling, really quickly try to finish the color combos,(3 or higher) because it will give you the ball you chose(hopefully the bowling ball!) My THIRD tip:Knocking down bubbles that are holding different colored bubbles up, knocks them and the ones UNDER them down! So try clearing a path on the sides so you can hit the center and win quicker! My FOURTH tip:Don't forget you can BOUNCE the bubble off of the sides, so you don't get stuck will all of the bubbles on 1 row! I circled all of the good groups to attack, and it's obviously shown in order, first the bottom rows, then the next, etc. When I add extra tips, they will normally be in a different color.


Here is a tip for the Wacky Bingoz. Lets just face it, you can't win this one there has to be a trick. Well here it is. The trading cards give you coupons a lot. That is bingoz coupons, also once in a while they give them in the daily events instead of the extra ball. We figured it out, you need to have at least 85 of these coupons in order to hit the $1000 one along with the extra ball in order to make sure that all the numbers are posted on the card. Last time my friend actually had 91 coupons and hit the $1000 Bingoz after only using 49 of them. Get all your friends to send them your coupons, send them some Great food recipes as a thank you, start saving and saving. Good Luck.

Charms Forest

Okay- ever since I’ve gotten a charm for my webkinz bracelet– I have been searching and searching for an ONLINE chamr. After collecting a WHOLE lot of data– I have found out this. Which charms in Which Forest: (Note, that these charms arent ONLY in the one category, they are normally in 2!) *Creepy Eyeball– *Celestal *Ocean *Fruit *Food *Magic ————————-Glitery Pink *Celestial *Ocean

*The Lemon And the Strawberry are the only fruits in this one. *The DRUM is the only musical one. *Food *Weather ————————— Fountain– *Celestial *The Seahorse is the only one in this. *ALl of the fruit. *Music *Boating(of COURSE!) *magic *weather ———— Rainbow– *Celestial *The DOUBLE NOTE music charm is the only one in this. *Ice Cream Cone is the only one in this one. *Boating *Magic *Weather Also, I’ve found, after 20 keys, that most of the fairies with the keys are towards the ENDS of the map.

General Tips

The best of all gaming training and tips that i found came from antigonus http://Ant.igon.us and also the forum at webkinzinsider.com there is video, screenshots, etc. that will really help you improve your games if you want to. this has helped me with polor plunge, zacky's quest, operation gumball, etc. great in detail training. also as a side note ive learned how to get the highest score on quizzy's blast when its offered on hourly activities.

this is to shoot as far right or left only when there is a +5 on either the top right or left quarter. this way the it doesn't matter how much power it has. it will always shoot right above the line.


I recomend going to Quizzy's and answering the qustions from years past. And to get more KC you have to play the hard version of Cash Cow and Picnic. Also, play the classic version of Tile Towers. When you play Quizzy's Word Game try to do the bonus word and try making words with high point letters like ZEN and TOXIC. Always try to end the word with the letter in the middle. And if you want Curio Shop tips to get Arte to tell you when he is going to have sales and carry rare items LISTEN UP! You need to buy something every day and tip him 100KC. you will know that this is woking by what he says to you when you arrive. I really deserve this because I don't have a webkinz. I play on my friends, but if I had my own I could figure out more cheats and tips.