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A10 restore factory value


1. Log in to the device using the console port

2. Use reset to restore factory values

Login: reset

Password: serial-number on the A10 device

Do you want to reset admin password to default?[y/n]: y

Do you want to reset enable password to default?[y/n]: y

Do you want to erase startup config?[y/n]: y

3. Login with default account password, system-reset reset startup-config

Login: admin

Password: a10

A10> en

A10# config

A10(config)# system-reset

[yes/no]: yes

carry out

A10 - Thunder initial setup - management access

You can manage and access A10 products in two ways, "CLI" and "Web GUI".
Management access

CLI SSH access to MGMT port, Console access to Console port, etc.

WebUI HTTPS access to MGMT port, etc.

" " is assigned to the MGMT port as the initial IP address .

The initial user name is " admin ", the initial password is " a10 ", and the enable password is not set yet.

◆ A10 - Basic operation

◇ To log in with CLI, enter the user name "admin" password "a10".

Welcome to Thunder

Thunder login: admin

Password: ***

◇ To enter privileged mode, enter " enable ". Password is not set.

Thunder> enable
password: ← just enter "Enter key" without entering anything.

Thunder #

◇ To enter the configuration mode, enter " config terminal ".

Thunder # config terminal

Thunder (config) #

◇ To save the configuration, enter " write memory "

Thunder # write memory

◆ A10 - Thunder initialization (default config state)

To fully initialize Thunder's configuration, enter " system-reset " in config mode .

Thunder (config) # system-reset

Do you want to reboot the system after the system Reset? [Yes / no]: yes

Proceed to reset System to its default configuration [yes / no]: yes

Please wait ....

  System has been successfully set to its default configuration.

  Rebooting AX ...

Since not all information such as logs disappears, also input " clear log " and " clear audit ".

◆ A10 - Basic command

A10 command Description

show running-config Referencing currently running configuration
show startup-config Reference of currently saved configuration
shutdown Command to shut down Thunder
reboot Command to restart Thunder
reload Command to restart Thunder's process

◆ A10 - Example of executing backup / restore of config

In A10 configuration itself, you can get setting information with show running-config, but if you want to

get not only config but also the certificate private key, AfleX setting etc., you can set config with

thebackup system command as follows Get it. To restore , use the restore command.

◆ Example of executing a configuration backup (Backup of config, AfleX, certificate, secret key, etc.)

# backup system use-mgmt-port tftp: //

◆ Example of executing the configuration restore (restoring information acquired by the backup system command)

(config) # restore use-mgmt-port tftp: //

Backup and restoration is easier to understand if it is in GUI environment. To do this, select "System" →
"Maintenance" → "Backup" → "System". Then the next screen is displayed, so you can download the

backup file to your PC. * It is the screen of the old version.

To restore, select "System" → "Maintenance" → "Restore" → "System". ※ Older version screen.

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