European Ultra Luxury

“...his evocative scents”

The Premiere Villeroy & Boch Catalogue
Prastara Blue featured full-page, inside back cover; the only non-European product included in the premiere catalogue of Europe’s 400 year old luxury firm, Villeroy & Boch.

Bergdorf Goodman:
Spring catalogue 1998.

The News from Milano!
Prastara, the featured fragrance in a full page style section cover story on the world’s top fragrances of ancient pedigree.
September 1998

Douglas Hopkins in Italy: the rare success of an American fragrance line in Europe.

Front & Center
at Bergdorf Goodman.

The Geometry of Aromas from

A to Z.

In spirit of the new age, in the name of the letter or the mathematic formula, in clear or colored bottles, here is the essence of autumn. From A to Z are words in essence of what goes deep to the soul, a book of primordal sensations. He began from ‘A’ (pronounced oh-say), this perfume of Douglas Hopkins,to the arrival at the ‘Z’ of Zazou. A sweet touch accented by the freshest notes imaginable.

Bergdorf Goodman Catalogue: “Rare, provocative, rich and warm...”

Vogue: “Get This.”

“Super Romantic”

Sweden’s leading women’s magazine:
“What is a bouquet of flowers compared to having a perfume named after you? If you ever pass by Bergdorf Goodman in New York you can find the exclusive Åse Extrait. Really, an authentic Swedish woman inspired perfume designer Douglas Hopkins to create this powdery-soft, spicey-floral scent, 6 ml for $134. Exclusive is even the Prastara created for Louis XIV, very similair to CK1. Maybe a coincidence that Calvin’s ex-wife Kelly is a steady customer.”

“Made for a king, but women love it...”
November 1997


In a 1996 review Prastara rates as a “truly exotic indulgence” over four international brands.

Photograph by Douglas Hopkins

“Finer Things.”
The Douglas Hopkins treatment bar is singled out as the favorite for American Express Platinum card users.

Bergdorf Goodman

American Spa magazine: “...luxurious line of mud for the skin.”

W Beauty Flash
“jewel in the crown...of mud masks”

Fashion Wire Daily

Beauty Buzz
Mad Over Mud
by Catherine Brophy

FWD March 29, 2000 - Millionaire’s Mud: “What do you mean I can’t have another $845 bottle?” screamed one Bergdorf customer, angry she could not buy a third Douglas Hopkins’ Botaenica Dual-Mud Kit. What’s being touted as “the world’s most expensive skin treatment” sold out four days after its introduction to Bergdorf Goodman’s Beauty Emporium. Why so hot? The kit is made up of the “Deep Sea Mud Mask,” which contains an ounce of an extremely scarce supply of volcanic mud from the Arctic Ocean, retrieved by Hopkins, a volcanologist, on a recent research expedition. Volcanic mud is a very complicated stew of 75 to 80 different minerals, formed when water on the earth’s surface is drawn deep into the geothermal layers and “pressure-cooked” under extreme heat, creating a mineral-enriched muck found nowhere else on the planet. Hopkins, who also designs luxury perfumes and colognes, is planning to offer 10 geothermal muds by the end of 2000 from various locations, including Hungary, the South Pacific, the Ukraine and Japan. “This victory crystallized my decision to move the company in the direction of offering more muds,” says Hopkins. “This also makes us the only company in the world offering an extended line of geothermal products.” The company has retained one remaining Dual-Mud Kit for charity auction on the web.

“...classic and clean”

Japan. Felissimo!

Photographs & Covers by

Douglas Hopkins


discovers our “bottles made of

laboratory-quality rubberized safety glass.”

It was Roxanne in reverse, with a Russian twist: Oksana Katsuro fell in love with Douglas Hopkins while translating his letters to her friend Irina. Douglas had met Irina online—she was living in Obninsk, Russia, he in New York City. But after a few months of unsuccessful online wooing by Douglas, Irina fell for an in-town Russian man—so Oksana sent Douglas her own message asking him to stay in touch. “She said she wanted to practice English,” Douglas says. “I sent her an e-mail back and her response was the most beautiful letter — very soulful, intelligent, insightful and honest.” Six months after Oksana’s first e-mail to him, Douglas flew to Russia to meet her in person, intending to propose. She accepted and came to New York four months later to marry him, dismissing the age difference between them with a Russian proverb: “A good husband can look like a crocodile and smell like a goat.” Douglas has no idea what that means, but he has a lifetime to find out.