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Massey University Politics Society

C/o , Club Secretary

By hand

6 August 2018


Thank you for raising your concerns about the potential security risk and possible protest
relating to your event with Don Brash on campus on the 8th August and the club’s ability to
ensure your members, guests, and students and staff attending are safe before, during and after the
events conclusion.

Having considered that matter further following your meeting with our security team this
morning and having become aware of the concerns of some staff and students, including
some social media posts that suggest there will be protest and possibly violent protest, I have
decided to cancel the booking.

I acknowledge and thank you and your club committee for the steps you have taken to advise
Massey of this event but I am not satisfied that the proposed use of the venue would not
adversely affect Massey’s operation, security or reputation, or that of its staff and members
of the public

Yours sincerely
File notes re cancellation of venue for Politics Soc booking 8 August

Monday 6 August

VC made a decision to cancel the venue booking for the meeting scheduled by MPS for a discussion
with Don Brash.

I attempted to ring MUSA ( GM) at approx. 3.50pm with the intention of advising him of
our decision and to ask for his support in relation to contact details for the students and to ask if he
wanted to be involved in the planned conversation to let the student know. He didn’t answer his
phone and I didn’t leave a message.

I instead via cell phone and she was off campus but gave me the names of the students
they had meet with earlier that day and advised she would contact to get full names and
contact details.

emailed me first names for the three students and an email address for but as
it was now passed 4pm and I thought they might be off campus I call on his cell phone.

I explained to that the VC had decided that due to the volume of social media coverage
regarding protest and potentially violent protests as well as concerns that were being raised
regarding the event via email she had reluctantly decided that we could not host the meeting on
campus and that I was calling him to try and provide as much time as possible for them to find an
alternative venue in town. I offered to meet with him face to face if he was available and on campus
and he wasn’t so we agreed to meet the next morning at 8.30. was going to try and
contact his other committee members but confirmed either way he’s be able to attend. Gave him
directions and let him know I’d give him written notification of the venue cancellation when we met.

Tuesday 7th

and I meet with and 2 other students ( and

Thanks them for coming, acknowledge and thanked them for having brought the possible
demonstration to our attention and for being proactive in approaching us and acknowledged that
that in conjunction with the volume of email traffic starting to come into the university had made it
necessary for Jan to make a decision prior to the schedule meeting with police and the second
meeting scheduled with them. Talk about options for them relocating the meetings to town and
asked if they had been able to progress the search for alternative venues as they had discussed with
the day before. They said that finances constrained them from booking an alternative
venue and said that the University may be able to help with that. I raised the possibility of
them approaching the National Party or ACT party offices and hosting it there but they said they
were worried they’d face the same challenges there regarding control or protestor and were also
worried that it might make the number of students attending less and “not be worth Don’s time
attending” offered to call them on cell phone if he thought of any other venues
they might approach and I talk to them about contacting to decide if they were going to go
ahead with the scheduled meeting with her at 12.

The advised they would go off to make a decision regarding cancelling versus re-locating and when
asked about how they would go about letting Don know about the change of venue they advised
that they had already alerted him to the fact the Massey booking may be cancelled following their
meeting the previous day.

By around 11am they had posted a cancellation on FB so I didn’t make any further contact.
Case notes

Politics Club - Don Brash visit

Saturday 4 August 2018, 4.46pm

, Secretary of the Political Club emailed the Campus operations Service Desk.

See attached.

Monday 6 August 2018, 8.06am

(Campus Operations Service desk) forwards email to (Campus
Operations Manager) and (Team Leader, Security and Traffic).

See attached.

Monday 6 August 2018, 8.13am

forwarded the email to (Deputy Registrar, Operations).

See attached.

Monday 6 August 2018, 8.13am

confirmed with by phone that she and will be meeting with the Political Club,
Police will be invited and they will be reviewing the social media posts.

Monday 6 August 2018, 8.48am

contacted Massey Constable to invite him to the meeting with the Political Club.
advised that he was on leave, but would contact his Sergeant who might be able to attend.
rang back to confirm that no one was available. Agreed to meet at 8.30am on Tuesday 7 August
with and

Monday 6 August 2018, noon

and met with and in ’s office.

thanked the Political Club for advising of their concerned. The group noted that approx. 10
people had confirmed but not likely to be more than 20 attendees. Estimated no more than half
dozen individuals making concerning posts on social media.

Political Club provided the link to their social media page.
advised that if the University has concerned regarding the event that it reserves the right
to cancel; this was followed by a brief discussion regarding options for an off campus venues if

Discussed potential security arrangements i.e.

• Protestors would be allowed to protest so long as they did not intimidate others and did not
cause injury and or damage to people or property.
• Security would maintain a discrete distance and only intervene if Protestors did not adhere
to the above.
• Discussed location of the event and noted that there might be other more appropriate
locations on campus.
• Briefly noted emergency egress routes and position of CCTV.

noted that she and were meeting with the Campus Constable the following morning
at 8.30am. Group agreed to reconvene at noon the next day to agree final plans.

Monday 6 August 2018, 1:30pm

meet with Security Team ( and to discuss and plan for the visit.

Discussed following:

• A reminder that protestors are allowed to protest outside SSLB but not allowed to enter
• Guards to maintain at a discrete distance and only intervene if people or property are in
• One guard to be positioned inside SSLB others on the outside at a distance
• CCTV will monitor SSLB concourse entry

Monday 6 August 2018, 3.56am

received call from confirming that VC has made the decision to cancel.

phoned and asked him to email the contact details for the Political Club so
that could call and advise them.

Tuesday 7 August 8.30am

and had meeting with Massey Constable to discuss Facebook posts.

Confirmed that VC had already made decision to cancel.

Tuesday 7 August 11.24am

unsuccessfully attempted to contact Political Club to cancel meeting. Club representatives
arrived at 12:00pm. confirmed with and that in light of
cancellation no need to proceed with the planned meeting.
Campus Operations Manager