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Proposal Questions

Banff National Park
Bison Reintroduction
Bison Media Proposal Form

Contact Information
Production/Project Name:
Organization/Production House Name:
Date of Proposal Submitted:
Requested date(s) of production (when do you want to film/ interview/ receive media assets):
Project timeline:
Production start date:
Deadline for Parks Canada content:
Final product in market date:
Duration of product in market:
Contact information: email:
Contact Name:
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Proposal Summary
Thank you for your interest in the bison reintroduction to Banff National Park. We receive
numerous proposals for media projects related to the return of bison to Banff National Park. The
following questionnaire will help us understand the goals of your project, the scope of your
proposed work and determine, if any, the level of Parks Canada involvement for your proposal.
Please note that our review process is rigorous to determine the best alignment with internal
goals for the reintroduction and not all projects will receive Parks Canada support.

 This process is separate from the standard media process. All other media
requests must be approved through the standard process.
 This process does not preclude film permit application requirements.

1. Please summarize your project.

2. What are you asking for from Parks Canada (ex: interview, photos, collaboration,
location access, staff support etc)

3. Tell us about your organization and respond to additional prompts below:
a. Have you done any projects in a similar genre? If so, please provide examples.
b. Are you collaborating with any partners to develop this project?
c. Please provide examples of your past work, even if from a different genre or
d. What is your storytelling style for this project?
e. Are you using any innovative tools or approaches to tell this story?

4. Please detail your distribution plan and respond to the specific prompts below
a. In what geographic location will your project be made available?
b. Through what medium (on-line, TV, event etc.) will your target market see your
c. Who is your audience? (age, geographic location, interests etc).
d. How will you promote your final product?
e. What is the reach of your social media channels? What is the engagement on a
typical post?
f. Do you have any multipliers to extend the reach of this project through your
distribution channels? If so, please list.

5. How will your project benefit Parks Canada and the bison reintroduction project?

6. Describe how your project will tell the overarching bison reintroduction story? What is the
scope of your narrative?

7. Is there an opportunity for Parks Canada to partner on this project? If so, how?

8. Is there an opportunity for Parks Canada to share this content on our social channels?

9. Is there an opportunity for Parks Canada to license of all or part of your product (photos,
video etc) for use in Parks Canada outreach initiatives?

Next Steps

 We will review and evaluate your proposal
 Within 3 weeks we will respond to inform you if Parks Canada has approved involvement
for your project, and what support we will be able to offer.