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BATCH SALIMBAY—Scavenger hunt outline

Lakas Atenista Recruitment Process

S.Y. 2018-2019
1st Semester

Station/Location Task Materials Needed Number of People

required/Task of
Pre-Scav Hunt The Residents are None Kidnapping/Briefing
going to separate the Procedure:
Location: ADDU Applicants to Four All residents should
Gazebo (4) groups with four assist in the
(4) members each. separating the 3
identified applicants
Since, there are 19 of by asking them to
them 3 of them will accompany some of
be kidnapped and the residents to
held as a prize to be assist in “something”
won upon arrival at
the 2nd Station. The other 16
applicants will only
The following are the know after the
possible kidnapped kidnapping.
Likewise, the
 Abpi; residents must
 Malicay; explain to the other
16 applicants that
they will win 1 of the
Mechanics on the 3 kidnapped if they
awarding of reach the 2nd station
additional member: first.
The 1st two teams
that will reach the Confiscation of
2nd station will be Money:
awarded with the The residents shall
member— check and take all
correspondingly. 1 the money from the
person per team will residents. The money
be added only. will be released only
in specific stations.
1st Station “CBL Memo” Copy of the LA 4 Residents
Location: ADDU The applicants will CBL.
Gazebo memorize in 1 resident per group
verbatim the
following: Releasing of Money
to group:
Article 8; Section 1 Php 100 only

of the LA CBL
Clue to next
Article 9; Section 4 Station:
of the LA CBL Resident shall hand
to the groups the
The applicants shall clue leading to 2nd
divide the Station (SM Ecoland
paragraphs amongst parking lot by Uniqlo
themselves and must look for Plate number
recite it to a resident DU 6058)
in verbatim.

2nd Station “Brain Teaser” None 2-3 Residents

Location: SM The Applicants shall Releasing of

Ecoland Parking solve the brain Kidnapped
Lot by Uniqlo teasers in 3 levels: Applicants:
Easy—10 problems 1st place—Abpi;
required; 2nd place—Malicay;
Moderate— 3 3rd place—Banosan
problems required;
Hard—2 problems Releasing of Money
required to Group:
Php 100 only

To complete this Clue to next

challenge the Station: Residents
applicants have to shall hand to the
solve the required groups the clue
number of brain leading to 3rd station
teasers. (Davao City Hall)


3rd Station “Kiki Challenge” None 2 Residents

Location: Davao The Applicants shall Releasing of Money

City Hall convince 2 to Group:
bystanders to do the Php 250 only
Kiki Dance Challenge
with them. Clue to next
station: Residents
All applicants must shall hand to the
dance, except for 1 groups the clue
who will take a video leading to the 4th
of them. station (Marfori

Botanical Garden)
They will dance only
the chorus portion of RESIDENTS:
the song. 1.)
To complete this
challenge the
applicants must
show the video to the
residents found in
the station.
4th Station “Condiments Pong” Gatorade 4 Residents
Location: Marfori In order to complete Toyo Releasing of Money:
Botanical Garden this challenge, the Water Php 250 only
applicants must Ketchup
shoot the ping pong Cups Clue to next
ball in to the cup and Ping pong balls station: Residents
take a shot. Marker shall hand to the
Plastic Shot glass groups the clue
There shall be 10 leading to the 5th
cups filled with At least 1 Foldable station (Victoria Food
random condiments. Table Court)

After shooting, RESIDENTS:

whichever cup the 1.)
balls falls in, they 2.)
must drink it. 3.)
Applicants shall take
turns shooting.
5th Station “Hidden Picture” Ballpens/Pencils 2 Residents

Location: Victoria The applicants will Releasing of Money:

Food Court look for items hidden Php 80 only
within the picture.
Clue to next
To complete, the station: Residents
applicants shall shall hand to the
show their completed groups the clue
pictures to the leading to the 6th
attending residents. station (GMALL The
3 Rounds:
Medium 1.)
Hard 2.)

6th Station “Sponge Cup” Large Toyo Bottle 3 Residents

The applicants shall Large Suka Bottle
Location: GMALL be given 1 sponge per 2 Sponges Releasing of Money:
the PEAK team. 12 Plastic cups Php 40 only

They must transfer Clue to next

the contents of Cup station: Residents
A to the Cup B using shall hand to the
the sponge. groups the clue
leading to the 7th
They must reach a station (Magsaysay
specific level of Park)
content in Cup B.
To complete this 1.)
challenge, the 2.)
applicants must 3.)
show the residents
that they reached the
marked line Cup B.

After filling up the

cup to the required
amount, the
applicants have to
buy a box of “MOISHI
MANJU” and shall
present them to the

7th Station “Pop the Balloon” None 3 Residents

Location: The Applicants have Releasing of Money:

Magsaysay Park to pop 5 balloons Php 120 for fare
among themselves. Php 150 for Ukay
Ukay shopping.
1.) The
applicants Clue to next
shall have to station:
line up; The residents will
2.) The 1st in line instruct the
will be the applicants to proceed
person where to Uyanguren and
the balloon purchase the
will be following:
popped; 1 headgear
3.) The 2nd in line 1 top
shall pop the 1 bottom
balloon using
his/her hips; The theme of the
4.) After popping outfit is “Vacation”
the balloon,
the 1st in line After which, they will
shall proceed make one of the male
to the back of applicants wear the
the line, so on purchased items and
and so forth. proceed to the final
station (8thth Station
To complete this (ADDU D-Building)
task, the applicants

have to pop all 5
balloons and show
such pieces to the RESIDENTS:
residents. 1.)

8th Station (FINAL “Name the Paper All residents of LA

STATION) Lawyer/Applicant” will be present to
Location: ADDU
D-Building The applicants are
given a piece of paper
and are told the
enumerate all the
Full names (First
name-Last name) of
the following:
 Lawyers
Visited (3)
 Applicants
Awarding of Winners and Dinner

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