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Virtual Issue: Overview
Nursing Burnout
Virtual Issue: Workplace Conflict
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Virtual Issue: Who reads INR articles, and why?
Virtual Issue: Nurse Migration
The prevention of infectious diseasesContribute
and their consequences: still a policy priority for nurses
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International Nursing Review is a key resource for nurses world-wide. Articles are
encouraged that reflect the ICN’s five key values: flexibility, inclusiveness, partnership,
and visionary leadership.  Authors are encouraged to identify the relevance
of local issues for the global community and to describe their work and to document their
experience and Overview
research in the following areas:

• International and governmental developments that affect nursing and healthcare
Society Information
• Regulation of the profession, health and human resource development, workplace
• Ethics, patient safety Contribute
• The impact of globalisation and technology
Editorial Board Author Guidelines
• Primary healthcare, leadership, nursing documentation
• Innovations in practice, health services management, education and social policy
News Open Access
• Changes needed in nursing curricula to practice in future healthcare environments
• Activities of colleagues across the
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• Health professionals meetings, seminars and courses

 • ICN programmes
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Aims and Scope
International Nursing Review (INR) is the official journal of the International Council of
Nurses (ICN). It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that focuses predominantly on
nursing and health policy issues of relevance to nurses. INR welcomes original articles that
help to forward ICN’s global mission by representing nursing, advancing the profession
and shaping health policy. ICN also contributes to the ongoing development of nursing
internationally with its regular section on International Perspectives. The diverse
international readership of INR is located in more than 130 countries*. Published both in
hard copy and online, INR is a key resource for nurses and health policy makers worldwide.
INR encourages unsolicited original manuscripts where nurses describe the policy
relevance of their work and document their experience and research. Authors are
encouraged to develop a ‘global intelligence’ on nursing and to address INR’s diverse
audience by exploring beyond local or national interests to the more general, global
application of the principles underlying their work. Background information on the local
arrangements for nursing and health care in a country also provides useful context for this
global readership. Policy concerns of this journal are as follows: regulation of the
profession, workplace issues, innovations in practice, patient safety, quality improvement 24.7.2018
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education, ethics, nurses’ and midwives’ work-life experiences, and the impact of
globalization and technology on nursing and health and social policy.
*Each copy is also published in Spanish, courtesy of the National Nursing Association of 

Spain. 3,811 institutions in developing countries also receive INR through HINARI (Health
InterNetwork for the Access to Research Initiative) or INASP (International Network for the
Availability of Scientific Publications) at a free or reduced rate.

international nursing review, nursing practice, regulation, education, nursing, collaborative
practice, health care, models of care, nursing research, health promotion, leadership,
socio-economic welfare, ethics

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The Official Journal of the International Council of Nurses

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Virtual Issue: Nursing Burnout
Society Information
Virtual Issue: Workplace Conflict
Virtual Issue: Policy & Policy Development
Virtual Issue: Who reads INR articles, and why?
Virtual Issue: Nurse Migration
The prevention Author
infectious diseases andGuidelines
their consequences: still a policy priority for
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