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io Enterprise Evaluation:

Prepared For:

Corporate Customer Co.
Evaluation Overview and Corporate Customer Co. will dedicate team members who will manage the
Evaluation jointly, working closely in the validation of the objectives that are outlined in following
sections. The joint project team will conduct the following activities:

●​ ​Strategic Planning Session:​ Representatives from Corporate Customer Co. and will meet to discuss and mutually agree on the strategic approach of the
Evaluation, the resources required for its success, scheduling of the necessary resources, and
to ensure that expectations are clearly and accurately understood by both organizations.

●​ ​Evaluation Kick-off & Training:​ In preparation for the Evaluation activities, an initial kick-off
meeting will be conducted during the first day of the testing period. The focus will be on training
the Corporate Customer Co. team on how to get setup and started with the product. Follow-up
sessions will be determined and conducted by the mutual agreement of the core teams.

● ​Evaluation Check in Calls: ​These calls will happen once a week throughout the course of
the testing period with the Corporate Customer Co. champions. will prepare a
weekly activity summary report tracking participant progress and metrics. The goals of these
check ins are to understand the progress that participants each week and to identify people that
any extra help.

● ​Evaluation Milestone, Quantitative metrics:​ This meeting will be held at the 14-day
milestone. During this meeting, the Corporate Customer Co. and project team
will review product output and volume metrics captured through the first two-thirds of the testing
period. The project team will review and discuss how well the various defined requirements are
being met thus-far through the Evaluation period.

● ​Evaluation Wrap-up, Qualitative Feedback and Decision:​ This meeting will be held on day
21, at the conclusion of the Evaluation period. The Corporate Customer Co. team is expected to
come to this meeting with qualitative feedback from evaluation participants on their experience
with the tool. The Corporate Customer Co. team will be expected to make a recommendation on
how they would like to continue using beyond the evaluation. The project team will work to support the Corporate Customer Co. buying process
should they decide to move forward. welcomes the inclusion of Corporate
Customer Co. executives and anticipates including executive members as
appropriate during this Evaluation process.

Objectives and Deliverables


Corporate Customer Co. & agree that this Evaluation will be delivered within
the following parameters:

1. will provide to Corporate Customer Co. a no-risk (unpaid) 21 Business
days VIP Evaluation period.
2. Corporate Customer Co. will announce the objectives of the evaluation to all of their
Users who will be participating.
3. During this period, will provide to Corporate Customer Co. resources
equal to a full Enterprise Plan subscription including product kick-off, onboarding, and
training support.
4. will set up the team account provided the list of users from Corporate
Customer Co.
5. Upon a successful evaluation, Corporate Customer Co. has the right to purchase an
Enterprise plan (as described in page 7 below).


Corporate Customer Co. & agree that the following objectives must be met
over the course of the evaluation to make a buying decision regarding as a
company-wide tool:
● Prove ROI based upon quantitative usage and metrics
● Measure qualitative satisfaction based upon usage and adoption
● Provide sales and support resources to enable success for Users
● Openness regarding current Enterprise roadmap, as well as willingness to evaluate new
product and feature feedback

Corporate Customer Co.
● Expectation that all trial participants will, at a minimum, confirm their initial connections,
set user preferences, and participate in completing the customized “practice” tests.
● Expectation that Users will set up a minimum of 10 tests - these can be practice and or
real tests.
● Corporate Customer Co. sponsors (Champion Carl & Executive Ed) will champion the
trial internally to encourage and enforce participation of their teams.


Upon completion of the evaluation, the following outputs will be provided to the Corporate
Customer Co. team to make a buying decision and measure the above Objectives:

1. Quantitative Data:​ Evaluation Summary will present insights into adoption & usage of
the technology by the Corporate Customer Co. team including:
○ # and % of Users who have connected to the product
○ # and % of Users that have completed set up for all 5/5 “initial settings”
○ # and % of Users that have executed ≥1 tests
○ # and % of Users that have executed ≥3 tests
○ # and % of Users that have passed the 10-test milestone
○ Breakdown on testing on the team and individual level:
■ Tests initiated versus potential tests (individual level)
■ Volume of tests scheduled (team and individual level)
■ Hours Saved (team level)
○ ROI Calculations using actual Corporate Customer Co. data
2. Qualitative Data: ​Post-Evaluation survey feedback results, including:
○ How clear was the initial account set-up and training?
○ How informative was the kick-off/on-boarding session?
○ How easy was it to fit the solution into your workflow?
○ How much time would you save by using the solution as a part
of your every-day workflow?
○ If Corporate Customer Co. purchases you a license, how often
would you use it?
○ Are there any missing features that would have made your experience using even better?
○ Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience with
■ (*Note: Specific survey questions are fully customizable to fit Corporate
Customer Co’s. specific qualitative requirements)

Pre- Evaluation Activities

Status Date Activity Corporate
Completed owner Customer Co.

Not Yet Immediate Is an NDA required to enter Account Executive Legal Lilian
Completed 1st Steps into an official Evaluation?

Not Yet Immediate Security Review: Is official Account Executive Champion Carl +
Completed 1st Steps sign-off from Corporate + Sales Engineer Security Sam
Customer Co’s Security & IT
team? If yes, begin InfoSec
process immediately.

Not Yet ≥1 month Finalization of all trial Account Executive Champion Carl
Completed prior to participants & names, email
kick-off addresses, and locations
provided to

Not Yet ≥1 month Establish the specific date for Account Executive Champion Carl
Completed prior to the kick-off session (or
kick-off session​s​ if multiple time-zones
or differentiated job functions)

Not Yet ≥2 weeks Internal announcement by Account Executive Champion Carl
Completed prior to Corporate Customer Co to the
kick-off trial participants

Not Yet ≥2 weeks Internal calendar invites sent Account Executive N/A
Completed prior to out for the kick-off session(s) -
kick-off In person (preferable) or via
live screen-share session.

Not Yet 1 day prior to Create Sales Engineer N/A
Completed kick-off Enterprise Plan account in our
internal systems prior to the
kick-off session(s)

Evaluation Schedule + Activities

Status Date Activity Corporate
Completed owner Customer Co.

Not Yet (Day 1) Evaluation Kick-Off Meeting: Sales Engineer Champion Carl
Completed Live in Person or via

Not Yet (Day 1) “Enterprise Sales Engineer N/A
Completed environment” made available
for Testing & Evaluation

Evaluation Period: ​21 days

Not Yet Enterprise Continued outreach and Sales Engineer + N/A
Completed Support support to trial participants. Account Executive
provided Practice simulation emails
throughout sent.

Not Yet (Day 7) Evaluation Milestone #1 Sales Engineer + Champion Carl
Completed (Check-in on initial adoption Account Executive
& key engagement indicators)

Not Yet (Day 14) Evaluation Milestone #2 Account Executive Champion Carl +
Completed (Quantitative Metrics) + Sales Engineer Executive Ed
+ VP Sales

Not Yet (Day 21) Evaluation Wrap-up Meeting Account Executive Champion Carl +
Completed (Qualitative feedback & + Sales Engineer Executive Ed
Buying decision) + VP Sales

Post-Evaluation Activities

Activity Criteria & Process Corporate
owner Customer Co.

Business Describe what specific technical deliverables Account Executive Champion Carl
Decision and metrics will be required for business

Commercial Describe the process for pricing approval, Account Executive Executive Ed
Decision budget assignment, and commercial sign-off?

Paper Describe each of the Legal, Finance, and Account Executive Legal Lilian
Processes Procurement processes that will be required
for this purchase?

Costs of Evaluation
Indicative License & Support Pricing:
Free Evaluation Period
All cost of the license and support incurred for this Evaluation will be paid by
There is no cost to Corporate Customer Co. for the evaluation.

Post-Evaluation: Enterprise Plan
Terms: Upfront Annual, Invoice

Item Description Annual Price

Plan Tier Enterprise Plan $59​*​ / user / month

Customer Licenses 100 users $5,900 / month

Total Price Commencement Date: (Eval End Date + 1) $70,800 / year

*​All pricing assumes Annual-upfront billing terms

Enterprise plan includes …
● Enterprise-grade security
● Custom terms and SLAs
● Reporting and analytics
● Dedicated account management and training support
● Unlimited product usage for all users
● Single invoicing
● Full customization and branding

Primary Contact Information
Corporate Customer Co. Primary Points of Contact:

Name: Champion Carl
Phone: 123-456-7890 Primary Point of Contact:

Name: Account Executive

Phone: 234-567-8910