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Közép Emelt
 A vizsgázó személye, életrajza,
életének fontos állomásai
 Családi élet, családi kapcsolatok A család szerepe az egyén és a társadalom
 A családi élet mindennapjai, otthoni Családi munkamegosztás, szerepek a
teendők családban, generációk együttélése
 Személyes tervek

         
The family and the individual
ID to prove one’s identity
date/ place of birth to be born birth certificate male / female to be brought
up well-brought up/ spoilt child
a new-born baby  an infant  a toddler  a teenager/adolescent  a grown-up/ a young adult
 a middle-aged person  a pensioner (a retired person)
temporary/ permanent address
marital status: married/ divorced/ separated/ single/ newlywed/widow to be married to
to start a family nuclear/extended family distant relatives
family gathering/reunion family tradition
full name first name surname maiden nam CV
step parents foster parents to adopt an orphan
an only child half-brother… the in-laws cousin nephew/ niece
to get on well to spend quality time with to confide in to be on friendly terms with to be
fond of to quarrel, to have a row/ an argument
kindergarten primary secondary school
secondary technical school vocational school learn a trade
boarding school hostel
to be good/ bad at… to be talented to specialize in a subject
to go on to higher education to be admitted to/ get into university
to apply for/ to obtain a grant/ scholarship
University of Medicine/ Economics/ Technology/ Arts and Sciences
Faculty of Law/ Sciences
Academy of Fine Arts/ Applied Arts
Teacher Training College College of Trade and Catering/ of Foreign Trade
qualification to qualify as a doctor/ as a teacher
household chores
to make the bed/ to air the rooms/ to empty the rubbish/ to sweep and mop the floor/ to tidy up
the flat/ to hoover the carpets / to lay or to clear the table/ to load and unload the washing
machine/ to hang the washing out to dry/ to do the ironing/ to have green fingers/ to mow the
lawn/ to water the plants…

free-time activities
to hang out/ to have a chat/ to go out/ to have an evening out/ to go for a walk/
to walk the dog/ to give a party
to do sports/ crosswords/ gymnastics/ judo
to go camping/ swimming/ bowling/ to the cinema/ the theatre
to play a musical instrument/ cards/ boardgames/ chess/ computer games
to sleep in