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HWD Feed Processing

Processing of HWD feed shall commence on 11.03.2015. The following procedure may be followed

1. Feed Preparation
a) T/587 to be put on circulation today
b) Feed tank temperature to be maintained at around 75 deg C

2. T/591, which is presently empty may be used for storage of HWD wax
3. In absence of empty Foots oil tank for HWD Foots oil, available tank space may be utilised for
the same

4. Change over
a) Stop PWD feed and introduce HWD from T/587. The same HWD pump being used for
circulation may be used
b) Adjust temperature and dilutions profile as indicated below (Point no. 5)
c) Check the rundown wax sample physically every hour
d) Divert deoiled wax rundown to T/591 after 4 to 6 hours of introduction of feed after
conforming complete removal of PWD wax from the system. This is to be done by physical
verification and lab testing. Foots oil rundown will continue to the PWD foots oil tank as no
separate tank is available due to ullage constraint
e) Increase steaming frequency in the filters as per requirement

5. Parameters for HWD Processing
The following parameters may be maintained during HWD processing for convenient operation:

a) Temperature Profile:

Pre-cooler outlet: 58-60 deg C
1st Feed Scraper Chiller outlet: 34 deg C
2nd Feed Scraper Chiller outlet: 22 deg C
3rd Feed Scraper Chiller outlet: 12 deg C

b) Dilution Profile:

Initial dilution: 25%
Final dilution: 30%
Total dilution: 260-270%

c) Cake wash in the Primary filters may be kept at higher side, preferably 22 m3/hr plus

All other conditions will remain similar to the PWD case.

The process of change over from PWD to HWD feed will start at 8.00 AM on tomorrow
morning (11.03.15).
1) For collection of HWD Wax & Foots Oil samples for sending to IIP, Dehradun, sample
pot/containers shall be provided by QC department. Shri K.K. Das, DQCM may be
contacted in this regard. The samples may be collected from the rundown line to avoid
contamination with the existing products in the tanks.