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Engraving and Scoring Price List

Scores are produced on a price-per-page basis, plus a one-off set up & formatting fee, dependent on the instrumental/vocal
layout and, in some cases, the length of the piece. There is also a price for the cost of producing an additional copy of a score.

Instrumental and vocal parts can be prepared from a piece for individual players and singers in your ensemble. These are also
produced on a price-per-page basis, but the cost of additional copies of any part is smaller.

Prices are exclusive of mailing and shipping costs - please see the Postage Rates page for this

Price for One Price for Individual Part Price for Additional
Type of Score Price for One Additional Score
Full Score Preparation Parts

300 bars/measures or less -

£20.00 each
Large Ensemble (30 or more staves) £15.00 per page £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
more than 300 bars/measures
- £22.50 each
300 bars/measures or less -
£15.00 each
Large Ensemble (16-29 staves) £12.50 per page £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
more than 300 bars/measures
- £20.00 each
300 bars/measures or less -
£10.00 each
Medium Ensemble (10-15 staves) £10.00 per page £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
more than 300 bars/measures
- £15.00 each
300 bars/measures or less -
£10.00 each
£10.00 per
Chamber Ensemble (up to 9 staves) £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
more than 300 bars/measures
- £15.00 each
Piano Trio £12.50 per page £10.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Two Piano Duo £12.50 per page £10.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Instrumental Solo with Piano
£12.50 per page £10.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Piano Solo £10.00 per page £7.50 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Standard Choir (SATB) with Piano
£12.50 per page £10.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Standard Choir (SATB) - No
£10.00 per page £10.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Vocal Solo with Piano Accompaniment £12.50 per page £10.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Single Stave Instrumental Solo (not a part
£10.00 per page £7.50 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
extracted from a larger work)
Lead Sheet £10.00 per page £7.50 each n/a n/a
Rock/Jazz/Pop Combo (8 or more staves) £12.50 per page £15.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Rock/Jazz/Pop Combo (2-7 staves) £10.00 per page £10.00 each £2.00 per page £1.00 per page
Exam/Test/Quiz Layouts £6.00 per page n/a n/a n/a

Amendments and revisions requested after the agreed initial scoring process is completed will be charged at £26.00 per hour.

Arranging and Transcription Price List

Please insert your text here.

Category Project Type Fee Per Bar of Music

From: To:
A Any Work A Layout up to 6 Players £3.65
B Any Work A Layout up to 7-14 Players £4.24
C Any Work A Layout up to 15-27 Players £5.46
D Any Work A Layout up to 28-60 Players £6.06
A Layout of 60+ Players in a Conventional Layout (e.g.
E Any Work £7.30
Symphony Orchestra
A Layout of 60+ Players in a Compound Layout (e.g.
F Any Work £7.88
Symphony Orchestra + Choir)
G - Jingles,
Signature Tunes, Any Work Any Layout 100% Extra
Radio or TV Idents etc.
Transcription From
H Any Layout By Negotiation, based on £26.00
I Other Other By Negotiation

All original arrangements are my copyright. Please note that, by working on your projects, SPMS is not providing you with any
copyright authority or clearance for the music. It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary licences or copyright clearance
for the performance of music, in the arrangements you request, from the holder of the original copyright.

I am often asked to transcribe music from an audio recording in order to produce a printed, scored version. Please
bear in mind that this is a two-stage process - the actual listening and transcribing of the music from the
recording itself, followed by the work to produce a printed score. This can be a lengthy process - even a three
or four minute song/piece can take a number of hours to accurately transcribe from an audio recording. The
final cost will therefore be more expensive than the production of scores from handwritten music or midi files.
Derek Williams' Services
Fees Schedule
Composing, Arranging & Orchestration | Conducting, Producing & Recording
Terms & Conditions
Score Arranging, Orchestration, Transcription
Electronic Arranging, Orchestration, Transcription, Scoring
Conducting, Producing, Recording

Derek Williams’ Portfolio includes samples of work in these fields.

Terms and Conditions
1. The below rates are a guideline. For larger commissions, a fixed fee can be negotiated.
2. Rates for commissions include jingles, films, television, recordings and special events
3. For high profile commissions, a zero fee or reduced fee can be negotiated in exchange for producer’s points, royalties, mechanical copyright,
and/or other revenue streams.
4. Credits for roles such as “Arranger, Producer” applicable for film, video, documentary and other moving image media shall be clearly visible
immediately beneath that of Composer and of appropriate prominence.
5. Some works submitted for arranging attract copyright royalties
6. The Intellectual Property of all commissions remains with the Composer.
7. Any creative contribution over and above orchestration, shall attract an additional agreed amount
8. Compressed samples of ongoing work may be viewed in progress at mutually convenient times.
9. The finished commission will be surrendered to the client upon receipt of all moneys owing.
10. Payment terms are 1/3 of the total in advance, 1/3 on completion of half the work, and the final 1/3 when completed to the client’s satisfaction.
11. All credit cards are acceptable.
12. There is no charge for travel unless it exceeds 60 minutes duration per day, or involves special transportation costs.
13. Consultation is generally free, provided that it directly relates to the commission.


Fees for royalty free music are generally calculated at double the Orchestration and Arranging rates below.

Score Arranging, Orchestration, Transcription

 rates are per vertical bar/measure or part thereof
 over 30 lines is negotiable on pro rata of six lines
CURRENCY: UK Euro* USA* Australia*

LINES: £ € $ $
1 – 6 lines: 4.00 5.00 7.00 6.50

7 - 12 lines: 7.00 9.00 12.00 11.50

13 - 18 lines: 9.50 12.00 15.50 15.00

19 - 24 lines: 12.50 15.50 20.00 19.50

25 - 30 lines: 15.50 19.50 25.00 24.00

* subject to exchange rates (based on fees recommended by MAGA )

How to calculate line usage
 Piano consisting of three staves: left hand, right hand, chords, vocal line and lyric line equals five lines.
 Guitar consisting of chords and notation/rhythm slashes equals two lines.
 Drums equal one line.
 Percussion equals one line for each instrument staff.
 Harp and Celesta equals two lines.
 Brass and Woodwind equals one line per instrument, even when block written.
 Choral equals one line for each vocal part, even when block form.
 Lyrics equal one line.
 A typical cabaret arrangement consisting of four rhythm and three front lines would amount to 12 lines, therefore attracting the 7-12 vertical
bar/measure rate.

Electronic Arranging, Orchestration, Transcription, Scoring

Two alternative methods are available for calculating Electronic Arranging fees:
1. CASUAL HIRE: Charged by the hour/day:

MINIMUM FEE (UK*): 3 hour call /+ hours /day

Electronic Programming: £ £ £

Casual rates: 170 55 500

2. FIXED FEE: Charged as below, per duration of completed music, Arranged,

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered:

MINIMUM FEE (UK*): 3 minutes /+ min.


Solo instrument: 120 30

Quartet: 380 85

Big Band: 1200 250

Chamber Orchestra: 1500 300

Symphony/Film Orchestra: 2000 400

other lineups and durations negotiable pro rata


Conversion factor: £ x 1.56 £ x 1.18 £ x 1.70

(subject to exchange rates)

Conducting, Producing, Recording

MINIMUM FEE (UK*): 3 hour call /+ hours /day

SERVICE: £ £ £
Conducting: 170 55 500

Producing: 190 60 600

Engineering (private studio): 100 40 550

other durations negotiable pro rata


Conversion factor: £ x 1.56 £ x 1.18 £ x 1.70

(subject to exchange rates)


Payment may be made by cheque, bank transfer, or securely online using any major credit card

Cost Estimate for

Arrangements and Orchestrations
(up to 100 measures)
Lanny Meyers Todd Sullivan
up to 6 staves $600 $300
7 to 12 staves $1,200 $600
over 12 staves $1,700 $1,000

Email with y

Commissions, arrangements, and orchestration:

$50-$300 per minute of music
Lessons: $25-$40 per lesson
Formatting, Typesetting and Technical Services:
$30 per hour or by the project

When it comes to your music, you should settle for nothing but the absolute best!

Bottomless Cup Music takes great pride in its ability to produce music that is pristine, easy to read, and tailored to each
client's taste. We work directly with clients to customize their music to fit their personal style in all details small and large. We
are easily reachable throughout the process to answer questions and to give our expert advice as needed. We realize there are
many music preparation companies out there that offer lower rates than BCM. But we guarantee that our rates reflect our
commitment to upholding the highest standards of professional looking music through personal interaction, second-person
proofing, and music tailored to each individual.

Base rates are listed below, but all clients will be given an estimate for each project before work begins. Rates for music
preparation are by the page rather than by the hour in order to provide a more accurate estimate for the client and to avoid
underestimation of the project time. All other services are entirely dependent on what the client needs and therefore will be
given an estimate upon discussion of the project.

All music preparation and projects include one set of revisions for the finished product.

All parts are posted online as PDFs. Clients will receive a user name and password for a personalized page to host their finished
work. Access to this page can be given to band members to make part distribution more efficient. Parts will remain online for
one year and can serve as back up storage easily accessible at anytime from any computer. Printed parts are also available but
for an additional fee based on the project.

All projects include a complimentary mp3 of a computer playback of the project upon request.

A 15% discount is given to returning clients for every new client referred.

Services are payable by cash, check, or PayPal.


Base rate starts at $20 per finished score page

- Average score page holds 8-12 bars
- Base rate includes 5 instruments in a score
- Rate increases $1 per additional instrument
- Part extraction is included in the rate
- Rate can increase due to density of music and legibility of handwritten music
- Client has option of Helsinki, Opus, Inkpen, or Reprise font for notation


Base rate starts at $20 per finished page

- Base rate includes 1 transposition; additional transpositions are available for 25% of the cost of the original transposition
- Rate can increase due to density of music
- Transposition will follow exact spacing of original music unless otherwise requested (i.e. if original music is 3 pages,
transposition will be 3 pages unless otherwise requested)
- All lyrics (including foreign languages) will be included in transposition
- Handwritten notes including IPA markings can be included in transposition by request at no extra charge


Rates vary based on transcription

Base rate for a small group recording starts at $50 a score page

- Average score page is approximately 12 measures

- Base rate includes 1 melody line (horn or voice) and 1 rhythm section/piano part
- Rate increases with complexity of music & additional instrumentation

For other transcriptions, please contact us for an estimate


Rates vary by project; please contact us for an estimate

Bottomless Cup Music Services


Our skilled copyists will copy your handwritten music into a clean, easy to read, typed score with parts. Your music will be
meticulously copied, proofed, and cleaned for optimal reading. Consideration is taken into font size, text size, measure and note
spacing, page turns, and part length. Your finished work will then be available online for your band members to download and
practice before the rehearsal or gig. A complimentary mp3 of the copied work computer playback is available on request.

Rates start at $20 a score page.


BCM has extensive experience working with singers to place music in keys best suited for their voice. Our copyists will take
your music, recopy it to look exactly like the original sheet music (including lyrics in multiple languages and written in IPA
markings) and then transpose it into the new key. Extensive proofing is then done to ensure proper spacing is maintained and
to eliminate unwanted double flats or sharps due to the transposition process. A complimentary mp3 of the computer playback
in the new key is available on request.

Rates start at $20 a page.


BCM is happy to transcribe specific versions of songs into a full score or lead sheet version to suit your needs. This can be of
particular help to vocalists who need specific repertoire for auditions and festivals that is no longer in print as well as for
musicians who compose original music, but lack the necessary education on how to write it out for band members.

Rates start at $50 a score page.


Piano reductions of orchestral music can be extremely useful for those accompanying vocal performances. BCM can easily
reduce larger scores down to a single grand staff adjusting the part when necessary to accommodate the pianist. Likewise, we
can reduce a work for large ensemble of any instrumentation into a smaller group making sure to maintain all melodies and
overall aesthetic while adapting the new instrumentation. A score and parts will be available for download along with a
complimentary mp3 of the computer playback of the reduction upon request.

Please contact us for an estimate.


Vocalists and instrumentalists can request horn and string arrangements of their original or licensed works. We will adhere to
specifications concerning style, length, instrumental range and form. We can also take your original or licensed arrangements
and orchestrate them for a larger ensemble. This means we will keep your original melodic lines and composition or
arrangement, but flush out the voicings into the larger requested instrumentation. Parts and score are then made available
online and a computer playback mp3 is also available on request.

Please contact us for an estimate.

Library Clean-Up

As professional working instrumentalists, our staff has often encountered the disorganization many pop music and chamber
groups face when it comes to their band libraries. Music is often handwritten and full of confusing rehearsal notes. This makes
performance especially hard for substitute members of the band who are often called to the gig with no rehearsals. BCM can
organize and clean band libraries by copying all music into computer notated parts following a format & layout that remains
consistent from tune to tune and checking the parts against the band's recordings for accuracy and unwritten changes. We can
catalog and organize tunes by number so that the leader need only to call a tune by it's number which is easily located in the
members' book, saving time on the bandstand. The complete package would include full and/or condensed scores for the
musical director and/or band leader and parts organized by number for each members' book.

Please contact us for an estimate.

Educational Materials

With years of experience in the music classroom, our staff understands the lack of resources teachers face. BCMcan help
teachers by preparing customized warm-up and technique sheets that focus on the problems of that particular band, chorus, or
chamber group. We can also provide customized parts for repertoire that does not accommodate a band or ensemble with an
unbalanced or unconventional instrumentation, be it copying the melody of a spring concert piece into the saxes from the
trumpet part for a year the trumpet section is not particularly strong, or a simple arrangement of a holiday song for an odd
small ensemble such as flute, tuba, and guitar. We can also recreate missing or damaged parts from out-of-print scores for
those teachers wishing to clean up and up-date their libraries.

Please contact us for an estimate.

Special Projects

BCM is available to help directors of special projects such as tribute concerts or musical reviews to organize and prepare the
music for efficient rehearsals or sight read performances. We can also help pop groups and other bands organize their music
into a manageable library for their band members by preparing lead sheets and folders for upcoming rehearsals and

Please contact us for an estimate.

New Work Commissions

Our talented staff of composers are available for commission. Specializing in jazz, you can commission BCM to write a new
work for your ensemble of any size or level. We will tailor the work to highlight your strongest players, and go easy on your less
experienced sections. You can request instrumental ranges, time length, style, and any other specifications needed. You will
then have exclusive performance rights to that song for one year.

Please contact us for an estimate.

Notes about our rates

 All payment for our services is due in advance (prepaid)

 You will be billed in Euros. Please use this currency converter for all other currencies quoted, it does provide approximations only. If paying by
bank transfer, kindly ensure payment is sent in Euro to our bank account.
 If you require shipping of your project on CD by mail/courier instead of internet delivery, the fee is €35 EUR.

 Rush service may be available for an additional fee (2x the standard price), depending on our current project schedule. Please contact us for
more details and to check availability.
Once payment is received, your project is scheduled. Your project turnaround time varies, depending on both the quantity of other ongoing projects, and
how much time we require to perfect your order. Our turnaround time is usually longer than that at most other online studios; a testament to our exceptional
time and quality commitment on every project. Turnaround normally varies from between 2 to 5 weeks. Please feel free to contact us for a turnaround

 The music composition includes writing musical notation and instrumentation. Other skills include extended techniques such as improvisation,
musical montage, preparing instruments, using non-traditional instruments, and other methods of sound production. You will receive your composition in
digital file format (MIDI) or sheet music (Score).
 The music orchestration refers to writing or adapting music for an orchestra or musical ensemble. Orchestration may closely follows, the
original piece of music or may tends to change significant aspects of the original piece of music. It rather depends from your wish and desire. Considering the
written above, please be more specific when ordering this service.
 The music arrangement refers to preparing and adapting an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form. An
arrangement may include re-harmonization, paraphrasing, and/or development of a composition, so that it fully represents the melodic, harmonic, and
rhythmic structure. It also involves adding compositional techniques, such as new thematic material for introductions, transitions, or modulations, and
endings... Arranging is the art of giving an existing melody musical variety. This service includes midi-to-wav sample conversion up to 10 instruments. Each
additional ordered instrument will be charged €5.
 The music editing includes tuning of false recordings to the right pitch and tonality. Also our digital audio editor may advice you to select the
best recorded tracks from your session. This service includes editing up to 2 (instruments/vocals). Each additional ordered instrument/vocal will be charged
 The music montage includes editing of not rhythmic recordings. Besides this, the source sound material can be processed by other methods of
treatment, like grouping, moving, cutting and pasting of sound phrases. This service includes montage up to 10 instruments. Each additional ordered
instrument will be charged €5.
 Midi-to-wav sample conversion includes proper rate/bit conversion according to the project requirements, exporting midi-to-wav with proper
sample change from the licensed samples libraries that studio can offer, altering the dynamics if it is needed and delivery in WAV format to the client. This
service includes midi-to-wav conversion up to 3 instruments. Each additional ordered instrument will be charged €5.


Arrangements and Transcriptions

If you are interested in having a previously composed work arranged for soloist, chamber, or full concert ensemble, I
will work with you to create a version that holds true to the original intent of the piece while also being innovative and
creating a work that suits your performance needs. Clients must provide proof of any work not in the public domain
that is to be arranged before any work can begin.

Essentially, our collaboration will work like this:

1. You and I will discuss the project in detail (including cost, instrumentation, length, etc.)

2. Once we have come to an agreement, I will send you an Invoice and a Contract of Service.

3. You will sign both the invoice and Contract of Service and submit them back to me with the down payment. If you are
using works not in the public domain for a work for the Competitive Arts, you must also submit rights to me with the
invoice, contract, and down payment. All materials must be submitted by April 1st for a show to be performed the
following fall.

4. Once I have received all of these components, I will begin working on your show.

5. As I finish each movement or segment, I will submit them to you for approval.

6. At this time, if you would like to make any changes, we can work together to fit your performance goals. Edits to
correct design errors will be done free of charge.

7. If you are happy with the movement, I will submit to you final copies of the score, parts, and mp3 files of reference
recordings. All will be submitted electronically unless you request hard copies (additional $25 charge). This process will
be the same for all movements. NOTE: Concert works will be submitted in hard-copy form free of charge.

8. Once these final copies have been submitted, any other edits besides minor tweaks will incur and additional fee
based on the time to complete the edits.

9. Once the project is complete, you will have until the specified payment date to submit the remainder of the payment.
There will be an additional charge for late payments (See "Terms and Conditions" below).

Maybe you’re here because you’re asking the question - what do music arrangements cost?
Rates vary. What do you have now, and what would you like to achieve?
Is a lead sheet available? If not, then a transcription will be done first, billed at $50/hour. Most client material can be
transcribed within an hour or two.
Is the arrangement that you’re looking for a lead sheet, with a single line, chords, melody and lyrics? Use the calculator
below. Rates are based on the Musicians Union rate sheet for orchestrators and arrangers.
Looking for something more? Have a band, or need sheet music arrangements? Please use our small ensemble cost
calculator, or our large ensemble cost calculator.
Discount rates are available for independent projects and other special need situations. Please talk to your arranger
- See more at:

Soloist instrument/voice $100-$500 $100-$500
Small band/combo $250-$750 $250-$750
Vocal group/ensemble $750-$1000 $750-$1000
Vocal group w/band $1000-$3000 $1000-$3000

In addition to recording and mixing, there are many other things to be aware of
when creating a budget for a recording project. Below are some more examples of
various expenses that you need to think about, like Music Arranging, hiring
Musicians and Producers, Mastering, Packaging and Manufacturing, etc.

Music Arranging fees will vary greatly depending on the instrumentation and
complexity of the songs. Below is a guide based on past arrangements from DKS

Small band/combo $100-$300 $100-$200
$100-$300 $100-$200
Vocal group
$200-$400 $200-$350

*these examples are for printed charts accompanying the arrangement. They
are not typesetting fees for past arrangements. (For example a Vocal group w/band
arrangement and accompanying printed charts may cost $400-$750.)

Midi Trax are background accompaniments created in a computer and made

from provided sheet music or a provided demonstration tape. The cost is usually
based on how many instruments need to be sequenced into the computer. Below are
some examples:


Keyboard/Synth $50-$100 $50-$100
Piano/bass/drums $100-$200 $100-$200
Full MIDI back-up $200-$400 $200-$400

Sequenced Arrangements are one of the hardest things to budget for.

Because of their nature, they are the easiest to edit. Editing takes time and costs
money, therefore the best thing to do is to know what you're after before you begin.
Give the arranger examples on tape or CD of what you are interested in rather that
just explaining that you want a "jazzy kind of thing". Your terminology and the
arranger's could be and are probably completely different, therefore either know
what you want or know your arranger's style. Custom sequence arrangements will
cost between $200 & $500 per song at DKS Productions.

Hiring Professional Musicians can be the most expensive part of recording an

album, but if you cut corners in this area it can become even more costly in the
editing and mixing stage. The average rate starts at $50 per hour, yet some
musicians with known album credits can get $100-$200 per song. Below is one

4 Piece Studio Band - 10 songs recorded in 8 hours

(Piano/Bass/Drums/Guitar) per musician $400 x 4 = $1600

Experienced Producers will tell you that using your Uncle Ted to play drums,
because he'll do it for free and save you $400, will cost you more than that during
editing and mixing as you try to clean up the tracks. Sometimes it can
cost much more because the artist decides it isn't happening and now needs to re-
record the tracks with the drummer the Producer recommended in the first place.
(Sorry Uncle Ted)

Other costs such as Editing and Mastering vary greatly depending on what is
needed and the hourly rate of the studio. Below are some typical editing and
mastering fees at DKS Productions:

Per Song Editing: $50-$200 (misc. repairs, pitch correction, etc.)

Mastering: $100-$300 (10-15 songs)

There have been many articles written about Mastering and DKS Productions
offers this service to all their clients. Yet if budget allows, it is always a good idea
to have a different set of ears than that of the mix engineer to make the necessary
adjustments to your final master. A commercial mastering house makes these
adjustments everyday and although it can be expensive, it can be the best
investment in your whole project. Prices can range from $500-$1000.

Graphic Art & Design can be handled by the manufacturer or can be done by
the artist of your choice. We recommend finding someone with a lot of experience
and choosing an artist you feel comfortable working with. Communication is
everything at this stage, and the wrong choice can cost you more money, and hold
up the release of your project. See the DKS Productions graphics price list for
detailed costs of our design packages. Examples below:

Custom cover art $80-$1000

Cassette graphics package $170-$250
CD graphics package $270-$500
CD & cassette package $370-$600

Producers fees will vary depending on the experience and credits the
producer has. You can expect to pay $250-$500 per song or a 2.5%-10%
commission on all sales made from the production. Some producers charge less up
front and more commission, others just the opposite. DKS Productions will work
with independent artists on an individual contract basis. Please inquire for more

Typical Producer fees: $2000-$5000 (10-15songs)

Manufacturing costs vary depending on the number of units being

duplicated. We recommend looking at a DiscMakers catalog, as it is very thorough
in its pricing. There are ways of cutting costs, but for the most part expect to pay
under $1 per cassette under $2 per CD for your first run of 1000 units.

A Recording Budget is offered at DKS Productions free of charge to serious

inquiries only. You must be able to answer all of the questions listed above in order
to receive an accurate estimate. A good rule of thumb once you have an estimate to
work with, is to have funds available for 150% of the recording budget. In our
experience many projects come in around 25% over budget.

How much does it cost to record an album? With DKS Productions it could
cost $3000 or it could cost $30,000. For a better estimate, give us a call and let's get