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Living Grace Ministry Special Edition June 2017

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Travel.......................................... 2

Residency Application................. 2

North Amer/AR Blessings ........... 3

Miracle Business………………………..3

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What’s a Win for LGM ................ 5

Special Edition to recap June 2017 What’s a Win for Vickie.……...…...5

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I (Vickie) made a trip to Arkansas June 16-July 4. (This may be the last
trip for a while, if my residency application gets into the Nica Migracion
Prayer Reqeusts:
system quickly!!!) It was a very fruitful trip, in every way imaginable…
securing resources, sharing about the ministry with individuals and • Health & Safety for Min-
istry Staff & family
churches, gaining new prayer partners, and refreshing me physically and
spiritually. God’s hand was over every detail and word and encounter. • Continued Obedience &
seeking God’s will in eve-
Praising Him for His Sovereignty and Faithfulness!!
ry decision
This newsletter will have articles covering all that happened and give a • Financial Support &
little insight as to what it all means to our ministry as a whole, and me, in Stewardship
particular. We pray that you join us in praising God for His blessings to • A growing walk with God
us, in the ‘good’ times and the ‘challenges’. We want you to feel God at for every person who
work right a long with us. comes through the doors
of Living Grace Ministry
I hope you enjoy reading some of little articles and can see things from House
our perspective here in a third-culture country. You learn to look at and
• Continual praises for our
feel things totally differently from being in the states. I love how God awesome God and King!
grows me more in my faith and trust in Him through each experience.
I’m nothing special, just available and willing. And very blessed to serve.
Weather report- • for the women who are
‘Winter’ (six months of possible rain) runs from May to November. After the dry growing in their Walk
‘Summer’ season of NO rain for 6 months, it is a welcome relief! The temps will with the King!
average 80s-90s during the day and 70s-80s overnight. These are the temps • God’s provision for each
inside and out, so we still sweat, but it’s much better than the triple digits of of us in classes & ministry
March and April. Rain will become more frequent as we pass through these
• Network of fellow mis-
months and Sept/Oct/Nov can be quite stormy and flood. But we are always so
sionaries in Leon
thankful for the nourishing rain!
I’d love to see all of God’s world that He has so lovingly created, but I am not a good traveler. I suffer from motion
sickness and sometimes find a travel day (trip to airport, sitting in airport, flights, lugging around bags, etc.) grueling.
As I get older, I wish for a travel companion for these trips. (one day Sofi and Victoria will be able to travel with me!)
Traveling makes me reflect on how ‘man’ has put boundaries all over this earth. Each country has their own rules
and regulations about who can enter, for what purposes, how long they can stay, etc. Different countries can make it
difficult to visit or live within their borders. Some of the processes are for our protection, but it sure gets tiresome
dealing with it.
Traveling is also very expensive, especially for us living in the lowest of income brackets. God shows His grace with
donations for plane tickets, etc., through others. But it is a shame that a trip for me to AR (or IN to visit family) costs
$1,000 each time. Oh how we could bless many people with that money, instead of the airlines!!!
But the trips to the states are beneficial in sharing about Living Grace Ministry and what God is doing here in Leon
through classes and relationships. The trips also allow me to speak to new people about partnering with us in Prayer
and support. There are precious items that we can only get in the states, so it’s nice that I can carry them back down
to Nica with me on the plane. And it can be refreshing to me to visit with friends and loved ones.
Bouncing between the two cultures messes with my head and heart sometimes. I miss my little family (Sofi and Vic-
toria), my co-workers and the ladies in classes, when I’m in the states. The luxuries that are part of visiting the states
are sometimes welcome, but often feel foreign to me now. I’m thankful for technology that allows me to video chat
with my girls while on my trip. It keeps me grounded in what my life is now. I’m thankful that God allows me to be a
part of more than one culture and that He has given me a ‘home’ in Nica where He has planted me.

Travel Benefit

Another benefit of traveling Residency Application

to the states is that I can I have been collecting documents to file with the ‘Migracion’ department of
bring some of the ladies’ Nica to receive Temporary Residence Status. (this does not change my US
handmade items up to citizenship in any way.) Having this status will be a big benefit for me. I will
show and sell. not have to return to the states every 3 months any longer (at a cost of
$1,000 per trip). I will be able to have a bank account here in Nica. (this
LGM has booth #15 at will help decrease the international ATM fees I now have to pay.) I will be
Abundant Treasures Flea able to put things like utilities in my own name. And there are other, per-
Market in Rogers to show a sonal benefits.
small portion of our items. Working with two different governments to get documents, get them au-
We do a lot of custom or- thenticated in one language, translated, authenticated in the second lan-
ders and get them back to guage, health reports, Interpol background check, etc., can be interesting,
the states, too. frustrating and costly. But it will well be worth it. I’m thankful for my
home church in AR for paying the legal fees for me. And I’m thankful for a
Personal shipping and han- Nica registered NGO to ‘sponsor’ my request for this temporary (1-2 years,
dling with each order!!!! renewable) residency.
In 2 years, I will be eligible to receive Social Security from the states, and at
that time, I can apply for a 5 year, renewable residency as a pensioner.
2 More paperwork, but again, worth it all, and a blessing!
Co-Op House God’s Vision
North American/Arkansas Blessings
God has brought us a dream of
June’s trip to AR was not as heavily scheduled as usual, but still chocked full of blessings!!
During the 18 days (2 of which included 13 hours of travel time each) of the trip, and a having a separate location,
couple of days of no scheduled activities, Vickie was blessed to experience many things: (currently referred to as the Co-Op
• 36 scheduled meetings (of varying lengths and purposes) House). Please pray with us!!!!
• 9 surprise encounters in stores and restaurants
• Numerous hugs during church services LGM and other partners will assist
• 2 opportunities to share about LGM with a new church partner financially in getting the location
• 37 meals in 31 different restaurants, 1 home cooked, plus meals in my host home
secured and operational. The goal
• 4 carloads of donated supplies
• $ gifts to allow for purchasing very special items to carry back to Nica is for the Co-Op House to be self-
• 4 special orders for items for the Nica ladies to make and send up supporting through income from
• 1 chance to sit with, and pray over, a friend during her chemo treatment teaching specialized classes for a
• Many, many in-person prayers over me, the girls, and the ministry
small fee and selling handmade
• Well taken care of by my dear friend and host, Nana Ruth Mulvania!
• Use of a car (named Barnabas) from the Richard and Alice Janes for the whole time items from the included storefront.
• Numerous naps and quiet time and an awesome massage!! This location will allow for skills
Truly, a very blessed time. I was refreshed in many ways.
classes to be taught 6 days a week,
which will open up a whole new

Miracle Business realm of skills (including basic Eng-

lish classes). It will also allow more
Directing a non-profit, especially a ministry, is sometimes difficult for many rea- teachers to earn a small salary
sons. One of those responsibilities that wears me down is stretching the financ- from teaching each class.
es every month.
LGM will continue to teach basic
In the western culture, low funds can be viewed as a sign of failure, miss-
management, etc. It can be hard to shake that mind-set when working in God’s skills classes on Tuesdays and
Kingdom, which by the way, is upside down to the rest of the world. There is a Thursdays.
tendency to want to handle it all in a worldly manner… ask continually for mon-
Another benefit, is that it allows
ey, ‘market’ the ministry, support the ministry by your own private means, hoard
for Living Grace House to be more
what you have on hand, rely on ‘business plans’ to exist…
available for Bible Study Classes
I believe that God wants us to be good stewards of what He provides, for sure.
throughout the week.
But He also wants to provide for us Himself, to show His love, sovereignty and
faithfulness. To grow our faith and trust in Him. To be amazed all the time at We have a written, detailed pro-
how He does take care of us. (And I’m glad that I don’t grow tired of being posal that we would love to share
amazed at Him.) There is a balance there that He will direct us to. He also wants with anyone interested in sup-
to involve others in His work by having them come along side us financially.
porting this special endeavor.
We are a small, focused ministry, doing what God calls us to do, no more and no Please contact Vickie to be put in
less. KISS is God’s way of saying to me “Keep It Simple Sister”. He allows us to
touch with Veronica Torres and
walk the walk that we tell the ladies in our classes to walk. We use the talents
Issayana Greene, who are the Co-
that God has given us to help provide for ourselves, while trusting in Him for
everything. They see our struggles, but they also see our praises to Him, and Directors of the Co-Op.
trust in Him, in all circumstances.
One day I was beating myself up for not being able to make the money in my
hand go far enough. God clearly told me that I have no power over that. HE is
the one in the MIRACLE BUSINESS. Praise Him for His faithfulness!!!!!!
Board of Directors
LGM Business News
Vickie Cline, Director Living Grace Ministry started in
Leon Nicaragua Leon Nicaragua in January 2014.

Cathy Krupka, LGM was incorporated as a non-

Rogers AR profit organization in May of
Zandra Mangrum Living Grace Ministry is regis-
Garfield AR
tered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3)
Oliver Martinez We are proud to represent God’s
Ft Worth TX plan of salvation as we minister “How can they go if they are not
to the people of Leon Nicaragua sent? How beautiful are the feet
Beth Sevey and surrounding areas. that bring the Good News.”
Bentonville AR Romans 10:15

Nica Co-Director
Veronica Torres “Concern yourself with the depth of your ministry
and God will take care of the breadth.”
Nica Assistant
Sofia Roque

US Vol Admin Asst

US Vol Mdsg Asst

The Girls...
Sofi is still working hard at school on Saturdays (which allows Victoria
and I to have Mimi and Me time!) She studies a lot, when Victoria per-
She is also still diligent with her personal Bible Study and excited about
our joint Bible Study.
She is reaching out to other young mothers and we are excited to see
how God works in this support group/Bible Study. What an impact He
can make on these little families!
Victoria is turning 2 1/2 years old in July. She has grown so much,
physically and intellectually. We cannot believe where she comes up
with some of the things that she says and does. She is busy trying eve-
rything she sees us ‘taller’ people doing. It’s fun to watch her problem
solve things. How wondrous God makes our individual brains!!! She is
talking up a storm. She’s bi-lingual, often in the same sentence, but
4 makes sense. She loves to help in every way.
How blessed I am to be their Mom and Mimi!!!! Thank You Lord!
What is a Win for Living Grace Ministry???
I was asked in one of my meetings what I consider a Win for Living Grace Ministry… Hmmmm…
Spiritually, it would be helping individuals find a Salvation relationship with Christ, grow through Disci-
pleship, equip for Evangelism, empower as Prayer Warriors, as they nurture, teach and minister to their
families and circles of influence.
Through the Skills Classes: Discover God’s gifts, gain self-confidence, pleasure, provide for their families
through selling/giving the items the make. Training teachers to multiply the classes and opportunities.
Through the Bible Studies: Discover and study God’s Word. Learn it, love it, follow it, share it. Fellow-
ship with other Believers. Sharing each other’s burdens and joys. Training teachers to multiply the clas-
ses in their communities.
In other words, a Win for Living Grace Ministry cannot always be measured in numbers (nickels and nos-
es, as some Baptists say). We are here to live and love among the ladies and do everyday life with them.
To show them that God is here for them every minute of every day. When we feel Him and when we
have to go on Faith that He is in control. It’s about relationships; vertical and horizontal, personal and
group, with each other and with God. That’s a Win!

What’s a Win for Vickie Personally???

I continually pray over this question. Especially, as it relates to the fact that our walk with God is not a
straight line (like we think in our minds). He has all sorts of twists and turns, hills and valleys planned
for us, and I want to stay sensitive to His ever changing guidance for my life.
I am so very thankful for my personal relationship with Jesus as my Savior. And I am thankful for the
people over the years who have shown me how to allow Him to be Lord of my life, too. What a new
depth that relationship takes on!
A Win for me is every moment that I can see Personal Growth in my life.
Spiritually, He speaks to me through devotions, in-depth Bible Studies, discussions, books, challenges
to my ‘comfort zone’ in all areas. A deeper trust (that comes through experiencing those not-so-feel-
good moments in our lives). A stronger faith (that comes from seeing over and over again that He
proves Himself steadfast in my life). The fact that HE seeks a relationship with ME, and He will go as
deep as I will allow. I cannot earn any of it. It’s totally Grace.
Emotionally, I am a big chicken. I’m afraid to be hurt like so many times in the past. I tend to guard my
heart from vulnerability. But those are the times that I struggle. God wants me to put all of me out
there for Him to use in the lives of others. I can trust Him to be there to hold my heart and my hand
when needed. He has allowed me to open my heart wider than I ever have before by bringing Sofi and
Victoria to me as family.
Culturally, to see the world and all of the people as one huge family. Cousins, brothers and sisters,
whatever the closeness of relationship, we are all His Children. I love how He reveals that to me. Win!

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