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Lesson Plan


Year Level/ Age Range: Year 7 (12-13 years old)

Date when teaching is taking place: 11th September 2018
Number of students you are teaching: 24
Estimated duration of the activity: 30-40 minutes
Location of Teaching: Classroom


Learning Area: English-

Topic of teaching: Novel Study- Mosquito Advertising by Kate Hunter
Critical Thinking Strategy: Evaluating and Analysing


Identify and explore ideas and viewpoints about events, issues and characters represented
in texts draw from different historical social and cultural context (ACELT1619).


Students analyse the advertising strategies used in the Parfizz advertisement in relation to
the context of the novel.

ASPECTS TO ADDRESS in writing specific learning outcomes for students

WHO the students

CONDITIONS being involved in class discussion and working collaboratively in a group.
ACTION explore, discuss and describe the various features of the novel
CONTENT Can analyse and evaluate the various advertising techniques used in the Parfizz
LEVEL use discussion, group work, analytical and writing techniques



Review various advertising techniques discussed throughout current health unit and review relevant
sections of the novel.

Students seated in table groups
Teacher standing at front of the classroom
All students have access to book.

Mosquito Advertising Book
Slideshow guiding the activity


Process Resources Time

INTRODUCTION o Mosquito 10-15
Advertising Class minutes
o Students will read Chapter 11 of Mosquito set
Advertising as a class.
- Students will volunteer to read aloud.
- Teacher will take the opportunity to read aloud
to the class.
DEVELOPMENT o Mosquito 20
Advertising minutes
Students will watch the Mosquito Advertising- Rude Class set
Reindeer Commercial and analyse its features as a class. o Access to
YouTube and
o As a class we will specifically look at the target board to view
audience and how this is known in the it on.
advertisement. o Students
o The affects of the advertisement being an English
animation- does this work why/why not? books
o Is it suitable for the audience that Mosquito
Advertising intended it to be for?

Individually students will answer the following questions in

their English books:

1. What different advertising techniques were used

throughout this advertisement? List and explain
each technique.

2. Do you think that the animation aspect of this

advertisement is appealing? Explain why/why not?

3. Consider the characteristics of Joel and the

advertisement that he designed. Is there a link
between the advertisement he designed and his
personality? Explain.

4. What elements would you add to this

advertisement and why?

During this time the teacher will assist students with their
thinking by going around to all students.

With questions such as 2 and 4 the teacher will make a

conscious effort to question students thinking, having them
consider some of the advertising techniques learnt about
throughout the unit of work. Students will be asked to think
about target audience, visuals, colour, special effects and
purpose of the advertisement.

CONCLUSION o Student English 10

books minutes
Students will be divided into groups of 4-5 students and will
share their answers with their group. The purpose of this is
to have students’ further critique various elements of the
advertisement designed in the story, as well as use their
knowledge of advertising to further improve this
Appendix 3- Self-evaluation Journal Reflection

1. This lesson incorporated an effective critical thinking strategy.

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree

2. Can you identify examples where students demonstrated critical thinking in

relation to the novel throughout the lesson?

o When students were asked to analyse and determine how they may change
elements of this advertisement.
o Students made comparison about the depiction of the advertisement from book to
video. Student pointed out that some elements were described differently. eg.
students said that the colouring of the Parfizz was different.
o Students had to critically analyse the personalities traits of character Joel. Using
these traits they had to determine if this influenced the outcome of the ‘Rude
Reindeer’ advertisement.
o Students considered why the animation feature of this advertisement was enticing.
Student discussion was centred around comparing the difference between using
animation and real-life. Many of the students considered that in the novel these
characters did not have access to real-life actors/actresses therefore they had to
use the resources they had available, which was the MAC and the artistic skills of
Clementine. Critical thinking was demonstrated here as students considered
various aspects of book in practical terms.

3. The lesson provided adequate instructions that explained the critical

thinking strategy I was trying to implement.

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree

4. Do you think your lesson went according plan? What was something
unexpected that happened?

o Students enjoyed viewing the video as it was an opportunity for them to critique
and evaluate the book.
o Most students were able to make connections between some of the advertising
work that we did, and this came through in their answers. Those that were able to
do this managed to evaluate the advertisements discussed in the novel well,
highlighting potential improvements of the advertisements.
o I provided a lot of guidance to students in relation to the question. We went
through each question and went through some potential answers. For some
students this assisted them with answering the questions, while others did not
seem to get involved and therefore struggled to answer the questions.
o Some students struggled to answer questions in depth and did not explain their
answers clearly. I think that this part of the task required further clarification.
Though the questions prompted a broader answer some students did not take this
on board and their answers were basic.
o I was surprised that many of the students liked the advertisement and struggled to
suggest ways to make changes. Maybe if I suggested strategies this would have
assisted students thinking.
5. How could you improve the way in which you implemented this strategy in
the lesson today?

o I think that some students who had difficulty in answering these questions could
have been further supported with their answers. Once students were working I
could have invited a small group of students on the floor to help them seek further
clarification. We may have even worked through each question together.
o I think that the group discussion section at the end of the task could have gone for
longer. Students were excited to hear their peers’ ideas and I feel as though the
lesson did not give them adequate time to explore this.
o If I was to do this task again I would consider the structure of my questions to
enable more depth in students answers. I think that some of my questions limited
student thinking and did not provide them with the opportunity to analyse and
answer the question to their full potential.