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1. John : I’m not very happy because she doesn’t help me E.

E. Had we had a ladder, we could have got over the wall.

George : But ... .
A. I’ll be very happy if she helps me 11. I had no map; that’s why I got lost. If I_ a map, I _ all right.
B. I’ll be very happy if she helped me A. have—will be D. had had - would have been
C. I’d be very happy if she helped me B. had - would be E. had - would have been
D. I’d be very happy if she helps me C. had had — would be
E. I’d have been very happy if she had helped me
12. ”Why did you throw away those newspapers ? I hadn't
2. If you … about personal financial planning, you could’ve finished with them."
spent your money wisely. "I'm sorry. If I _ you were still reading them I_them
A. had known away."
B. knew A. knew - would not throw
C. have known B. know - won't throw
D. know C. had known — would not have thrown
E. could know D. had not known — would have thrown
E. hadn't known — wouldn‘t have thrown
3. Had you treated your maid better, she … 13. He would watch television if he did not have much
A. wouldn't have ran away homework, means .
B. wouldn't have run away A. He has much homework but he watches television.
C. would run away B. He didn't have much homework so he didn't watch
D. will run away television.
E. wouldn’t run away C. He doan't have much homework so he watches
4. Santi would lend us the history book if she had it. It television.
means_. D. He has much homework, that’s why he does not
A. Santi has a history book watch television.
B. Santi had a history book E. He had much homework, that's why he didn't watdi
C. Santi doesn’t have a history book television.
D. Santi didn’t have a history book 14. If Rina had come to the party, she would have met Rudy;
E. Santi will lend us her history book means _ .
A. Rina came to the party and met Rudy.
5. Jakarta is a long distance from Jogja; We can visit Ancol B. Rina comes to the party and meet’s Rudy.
everyday. We can say : If Jakarta—from Jogja, we _ Ancol C. Rina didn't come to the party so she didn't meet Rudy.
everyday. D. Rina didn't mme to the party but she met Rudy.
A. were near — could visit E. Rina does not come to the party so she does not meet
B. is near — can visit Rudy.
C. was not near - could visit 15. This golden ring is very expensive, that’s why I don’t buy
D. was very long distance — would visit it.
E. were very long distance — could Visit A. If it were not cheap, I would buy it.
B. If it was not expensive, I would buy it.
6. Siti : Were I a president, I’d try to help the poor to get fee C. If it had been expensive, I would have bought it.
education. D. If it were not very expensive, I would buy it.
Meta : That’s good. E. If it is very expensive, I will buy it.
From the dialogue we may conclude that Siti _ a 16. If it_, we would have a picnic on the beach.
president. A. dosn't rain
A. is not D. were not B. didn't rain
B. was not E. had not been C. hadn‘t rain
C. won’t be D. wouldn‘t rain
E. won't rain
7. If he had much money, he _ a new car. 17. “IfI had a car, I would teach you how to drive," means _ .
A. would have bought D. would buy A. I have a Gr so I teach you how to drive.
B. will have bought E. bought B. I didn't have a car that’s why. I didn‘t teach you how
C. will buy to drive.
8. If he _ me tonight, I'll have enough money for the tickets. C. I had a Gr so I thought you how to drive.
A. pays D. would pay D. I don‘t have a car that's why; I don't teach you how
B. paid E. had paid to drive.
C. will pay E. I don't teach you but I have a car.
18. I am not millionaire that's why I don’t take a trip around
9. If you’d like to meet the President, I _it. the world.
A. will arrange A. If I was millionaire, I would take a trip around the
B. would arranged world.
C. will have arranged B. Were I not a millionaire, I would take a trip around the
D. would have arranged world.
E. would have been arranged C. If only I were millionaire, I would take a trip around the
10. We have no ladder so we can't get over the wall. D. If I am a millionaire, I will take a trip around the world.
A. If we have a ladder, we couldn't get over the wall. E. If I had been a millionaire, I would have taken a trip
B. If we had no ladder, we could get over the wall. around the world.
C. If we had had a ladder, we could have got over the wall.
D. If we had a ladder, we could get over the wall.
19. “I wouldn‘t have repaired the radio unless it had been (E) fierce protests are being made by parents of the
broken," means _ students of the International School
A. The radio is broken so I repair it. 5. “Last night a thief broke into my brother's house.'
B. The radio is not broken that’s why I don't it. 'Really'? What____ from the house?'
C. I didn't repair the radio beause it was not broken. (A) he took (C) was being taken
D. I repair the radio because it was broken. e. was taken
E. I repaired the radio because it was broken. (B) was to take (D) was taking
20. Tery : You didn‘t forget your appointment did you ? 6. “What time will the delayed plane depart?'
George: _, I might have forgotten it “They say that it____by airport officer soon.
A. If Tom hadn't reminded me A. will announce
B. Had Tom reminded me B. is to announce
C. IfTom didn't reminded me C. to be announced
D. When tom didn't remind me D. announces
E. Even if tom reminded me E. will be announced
7. Where are the song lyrics we're going to give to the
Passive voice members of the choir?
1. They are building a new house "Oh, they_____”
2. King George built that castle a. are copying
3. People drink tea in England b. Are being copied
4. Too much drinking causes accidents c. To copy
5. A millionaire has bought this island d. To be copied
6. Two actors will give the diplomas e. Copying
7. Jack has installed a new computer software. 8. I thought lunch is ready
8. I’ve been driving a car through the rain for an hour Don’t worry, It……… now
9. Your children will have been playing paintball in my back A. is preparing
yard for more than two hours by the time you pick them B. prepares
up. C. being prepared
10. We can see the lake from our window D. prepared
11. The police must find the criminal. E. be prepared
12. Does your mum pick you up? 9. When will the debate contest take place this years?'
13. Does the police officer catch the thief? I’ll let you know later as it_______
14. Children cannot open these bottles easily. a. has not scheduled yet
15. The government built a road right outside her front door. b. has been scheduled
c. has to schedule
1. They are building a new ring road around the city. d. has been scheduling
The passive form of the above sentence is.... e. has not been scheduled yet
The new ring road________· 10. “I couldn't find the office janitor in the pantry this
(A) ls built morning'
(B) builds 'oh, he____by his supervisor for the damage of
(C) be building some electrical cleaning tools.'
(D) was building a) to question
(E) is being built b. was being questioned
2. The editor edits the article. c. to be questioned
The passive form of the above sentence is “The d. was questioned
article ______by the editor,' e. was to be questioned
(A) edits (C) be editing E. is edited 11. I’m sure you love the dog offered to you by the
B) edited (D) is being edited vetenarian yesterday.'
3. When we go to work, the baby sitter will look after 'Yes, l regret l refused it, but when I went back to him,
our baby. it____
we can also say that when we go to work,_____ by a. had been taken (D) had to be taken
the baby sister. (B) had taken (E) had to take
(A) our baby will be looking after (C) had to have taken
(B) our baby will be looked after
(C) our baby look after 12. It is a rule that only students bringing their identity
(D) our baby looked after card______to enter the examination room,
(E) our baby is looking after (A) to be admitted (D) to admit
4. Parents of the students of the International School (B) are admitting e. are admitted
made fierce protests because of their suddenly (C) they are admitted
increased school fee. The passive form of the above 13. "I need the report immediately, so why don't you use
sentence is __________because their suddenly your laptop computer?"
increased school fee. “I can’t, the battery.... “
(A) fierce protests have been made by parents of a. is charging d. changed
the students of the International School b. to be charged e. is being charged
(B) fierce protests were made by parents of the· c. is to charge
students of the International School 14. More government policies related to People's
(C) fierce protest made by parents of the students welfare______ to help people who have suffered
of t International School because of the drastic oil price hike.
(D) fierce protests will be made by parents of the a. are to be implemented D. to be implemented
students the International School b. implement E. Are implementing
c. are to implement
15. Hasn't Anita submitted her report yet'!" Won't
"I don't think so. It______ . " Wouldn't
(A) be printing (d) being printed 3. Would you mind buying two loaves of bread on your way
(B) is printing (e) to be printed home? (Polite request) (Correct)
C is being printed Could you
16. The director wanted the orders ______ by sale Will you
department last week Would you
a. were delivered Would you mind
b. was delivered 4. Would you mind if I borrowed your dictionary for an hour
c. to be delivered or so? (Polite request) (Correct)
d. to deliver borrowed
e. being delivered will borrow
17. The teacher always asks the homework______by the would borrow
students at home. 5. Would you mind if I didn't come to your party? (Asking for
(A) is made (C) to make (E) being made permission) (Correct)
(B) is making m d. to be made didn't
18. The government_____solar energy for public use won't
despite the high cost of production wouldn't
a. has developed 6. Mrs. Redding, could you lend me two hundred dollars till
b. has been developed next week, please? (Polite request) (Correct)
c. will be developed can't you
d. will developed could you
e. was developed do you mind
1. You're in an English class and you would like to borrow would you mind
another student's pen. You say: 7. Would you mind not smoking here? I have a headache.
__ you lend me your pen, please? (Polite request) (Correct)
Can/Do you mind/Would you mind not to smoke
not smoke
2. Your colleague is going out to get lunch and you'd like him no smoking
/ her to get something for you. You start your request: not smoking
Could you __ me a favour? 8. Betty, can you help me with this grammar exercise, please?
Do/ give/make (Informal request) (Correct)
can you
3. You could also ask your colleague: Would you mind __ me can't you
a sandwich when you're out? won't you
Get/ getting/ to get do you mind

4. You are a parent with two children. They want to go out,

but you want them to do their homework first. You say:
I'd __ you to do your homework first.
Like/ need/ want

5. Your colleague asks to open the window, saying:

Do you mind if I __ the window?
Open/ opening/ would open

6. Another student in your class asks to share your textbook,

saying ''Can I share your textbook?'' You agree and say:
No problem!/Not at all!/ No way!

7. A customer buys a lot from you and wants a bigger

discount. You want to keep the customer happy but you need
your boss to agree. You say:
I'll __ what I can do.
Ask/ know/see
8. Your colleague wants you to help with an urgent problem,
but you can't. You say:
I'm __ I can't help you there.
Afraid/ sure/ worried

1. May I speak to Mr. Smith, please? (Formal polite request)

Would you mind if
2. Could you open the window, please? It's hot in here. (Polite
request) (Correct)