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Customer Web Application (Client Side) Web Application (Server Side) CBS Web Service EKYC (NSDL/UIDAI)

Enter Aadhaar Number

Perform client side validations 1. Prepare request data for CBS service. Check for existing customer
and Captcha
2. Invoke CBS service to perform de-dup and if found, send customer

No Yes
Show Error Data Valid?

Enter Customer ID and Prompt customer to enter Yes No

"Customer ID" Existing Customer?

Check Customer ID with the Customer

ID received from previous CBS reqest.
If matched, marshal data received from
the previous CBS request

Prepare request data for UIDAI service and

invoke OTP generation request

Send OTP to customer's registered

mobile number

Enter OTP received Prepare encrypted data as per Prepare request data for EKYC service and Perform OTP authentication and
from UIDAI UIDAI guidelines invoke EKYC Details service

Marshal Data received from UIDAI

Enter additional data Prepare customer and account data for Create Customer and Account and return
required for account customer and account creation. Invoke CBS Customer ID and Account Number
opening service for customer and account creation

Display "Customer ID" and "Account Number" Marshal data to be displayed to the customer
to the customer