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Life Cycle Management

Reliable maintenance and service

Safe operation and maintenance

Shipowners and shipping companies - Power supplies, UPS uninteruptable

with advanced vessels require high power supplies AC and DC supply
reliability and aviodence of - Steering gears. Winch and crane
distruptions or shutdown in operation. systems
- Main switchboard, instruments and
Our offer: measuring systems
Siemens Marine Solutions LCM covers - Automation, alarm, monitoring and
the maritime industry and is part of our report systems
standby and maintenance programme. - Spare parts
Our aim is to support purchasing,
operations and maintenance personnel Services:
with the aid of our infrastructure, which - Service and maintenance agreements
can be on hand for shipping companies - 24 hours standby and technical support
and shipyards worldwide. - Service carried out by competent
engineers on site
Our service department consists of about - Remote diagnostics and monitoring
100 engineers, 25 with special know- - Thermography and vibration
how in ship systems. measurement
- Upgrades/expansions and new systems
On call 24 hours a day - Workshop for operation and
We offer spare parts, service, telephone maintenance personnel
support, upgrades and new systems as
per the lists below. Your advantages:
- Access to a worldwide service provider
Systems and equipment: - Help with preventive maintenance
- Diesel Electric Propulsion systems, DEP - Higher competence among your own
- Automation systems with PLS and personnel, increasing reliability
operating panels - Collaboration on improvements for the
- Standard and special motors as well as future
- Starters, frequency converters and soft Siemens Marine Solutions LCM is part of
starters Siemens’ global network, which enables
- DC drives for variable speed DC-motors us to provide services in many of the
- Generators with main switchboard and world’s most important harbours within
Power Management System a short time.

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Siemens Marine Solutions

Life Cycle Management

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